Black Desert Class Awakening Not Coming Soon to NA/EU

The class awakening system for Black Desert Online won’t be coming anytime soon to NA/EU due to balance issues.

To shed some light about the situation and the spam around it. Few weeks ago we said that we wanted to release all the awakenings all at once. That is still our plans so far. There are no silence around this, mostly maybe a “let’s not repeat ourselves everytime someone new ask for it”.

Now, this is mostly due to the fact that releasing only a part of it might create some unbalance in the actual PvP system. Your concerns are based on the PvE yes, but that doesn’t mean PvP will not be impacted by it.

On top of that there are 2 things to notice, first not all classes have their awakening skill ready to be released, this is not a matter of “this new class has an issue let’s try to fix it”, it can only be solved by waiting, would it be ok for them to wait ? Would it be if we were playing a class without awakening when everybody has its own ?

Second point is that, as you saw in many patch notes, we keep changing monsters/boss stats in our version of the game, meaning our client is different than the KR one and that also we’re trying to adapt the game.

There is actually no reason to be afraid of something that isn’t garanty to happen. Awakening won’t be coming soon no, and it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to grind properly in Valencia.

Edit: And the lock happened mostly because it turned into an “ok but repetitive post to just spamming for attention”. If you want an answer, better tag and wait for us to read the whole thing, if there is spam, we’ll lock then read after.


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5 replies on “Black Desert Class Awakening Not Coming Soon to NA/EU”

Ohhh come on!, first the new class now this, this version is getting stuck behind more and more…

Kinda reminds you of the shit storm called ArcheAge doesn’t it? Hope this game doesn’t turn out that way…

first, please spell “guarantee” right.

Now that we have got the anal retentive point taken care of lets get real about these delays. EVERYONE needs to chill on the dev’s. This is a classic case of being protected from ourselves. Having a tantrum over content not being released as planned is infantile. Ranting is not going to speed the process in anyway. There is plenty the game has to offer to keep us ALL EXTREMELY busy while the dev’s come up with a viable solution with benefits for ALL.

I am not the only grateful being for this. A BIG THANKS goes out to the dev’s for all they are doing. Keep it up, we are all here waiting. Some of us even patiently. I like my food cooked when i eat it so if the dev’s need to send awakening back to the oven to finish cooking, so be it. It can turn out nothing but tasty.

Thanks Devs PLEASE keep us posted.

“anyway” and “any way” have two different applications and meanings.

Now that I’ve gotten that anal retentive point taken care of, lets follow that comparison of a gaming studio to a restaurant. Patience is a virtue but there is a point where patience becomes too generous.

If you pay for a meal and it doesn’t come for 15-20min. many waitresses apologize at this point… Its usually not a big deal though. It was a slight delay. Those with little patience and upset can be a bit rude (depends on the situation ofcourse). However, if you wait an hour and don’t recieve the meal the customer has been too generously patient.

In this scenario the publisher is like the restaurant 3 hours later without an apology and rather an excuse.

This is so stupid… do you know for a fact that new classes without awakened weapons will stop being developed? Do we have to wait years for the developement cycle of new classes to end so all balancing checks out?

This a a crap excuse. If they just cant meet the deadline say so. No more lies from BDO is what people really want.

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