Black Desert June 1 Pearl Shop Update

Black Desert Online Pearl Shop Update for the June 1 Game Update. This update brings in two set of furnitures, horse armor, and stable/worker lodging expansion.

Horse Armor/Wagon Cover



Thunderstruck Maple Furniture Set 2500 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Bed 500 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Bookshelf 300 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Sofa 400 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Chair 400 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Table 400 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Dining Table 300 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Wardrobe 300 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Drawers 200 Pearls
Thunderstruck Maple Bedside Table 200 Pearls
Keplan Marble Decorated Furniture Set 2500 Pearls
Keplan Marble Decorated Bed 500 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Bookshelf 300 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Sofa 400 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Chair 300 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Table 400 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Dining Table 300 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Wardrobe 300 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Drawers 200 Pearls
Keplan Marable Decorated Beside Table 200 Pearls

Stable Expansion/Worker Lodging

These expansions allow you to add up to 10 addition stable expansions and up to 3 extra worker lodgings without having to spend any contribution.


  • jay

    Not really happy with the worker / stable change. I don’t like the direction this could be heading for the shop. Probably just paranoid, but you know

    • Dakit

      No, you are right, more and more pay for convenience, brings the game closer to pay to win. It is probably only a matter of time really. Smaller Asian MMO’s tend to move this way eventually. Not that Western games don’t either, but usually the Asian ones move their quicker.

    • Kodiak

      The thing I’ve always liked about this game as “pay 2 win” as it gets over in Korea, it’s still not super “pay 2 win” like you see in other similar titles where they sell a ton of actual power and you have to buy just to stay competitive.

    • Forte

      Don’t see any harm with this, easily countered with CP points that are plenty if you quest regularly. Things like the LT nuisance and pets on the other hand would’ve been a dealbreaker to even load this game if I wasn’t prepared to pay cash – simply because I enjoy it so much so far. But for alts, forget it.

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