GW2 Electromagnetic Ascender Toy in Gemstore

The Electromagnetic Ascender toy is now available in the gemstore for 250 gems. It basically make your character float in air and disappears when you enter combat/glide.


Here is how it looks when used with the Electromagnetic Descender glider on an Asura.

  • writinwater

    ok, another movement toy……and about as useful as the flying carpet (except if you hate your ears )
    Easy to keep my gems this way^^

  • Lockheart

    Anet’s dedication to making sure you don’t waste your gems is getting out of hand.

  • FrycoN

    seriusly why only damn gliders and toys…

  • Otakusensei

    I like it.

  • Lucifer Succube

    toy speed run ?

  • Lucifer Succube

    toy buff speed 25% or 30% or 50% ?

    • Sagiso 鷺草

      There is no speed boost.

  • Alot

    I feel that the toy should have had the user tilting back a little pit more (as opposed to leaning forward while gliding) and that one leg should have been further down then the other (as if skating).

    I feel its a wasted opportunity though. These things could have been implemented as class specific (gem) animations to enhance how your character looks with speed boosts or super speed.

    • Ares Zax

      Agreed on the first point. They should have used the travel animation from the Magic Carpet, imo. More fitting. Still, I think this toy should make a good complement for anyone who bought the Electromagnetic Glider.

    • Damonwex

      While i never bothered with toys before. I bought this one cuz when i use this one it looks like i’m using my spinal blade backpack to glide through. It’s not much but i’ll take it since they don’t seem to wanna release a glider to spinal blades. Now at least i can pretend lol
      P.s agree about the forward tilt it’s too much i’d have like to see something like Magneto used to float in X-men.

    • Timóteo André

      You just made me realize how much wasted potential anet has on the gem store. T.T

  • AR Guy

    cant use in wvw, when i double click on it, nothing happens…. wtf

    • Tsar CUBE

      Toys don’t work in WvW because a toy from the executioner set was used to imbalance chasing and running, it gave a tremendous speed advantage to anyone using it, so they banned all toys from WvW.

  • shodannet

    I hope that means they’ll release a SAB cloud to ride on

  • Jubinibi

    Wish they would have chosen the same pose that is used for levitation in World of Warcraft or Rift.

  • Ellie

    Why don’t they add something worth buying to the toy section like
    I don’t know maybe another dance book with maybe gw1 dances, now that’s something I’d actually buy.

  • Teerack

    I foresee some white mantle npc’s using this having learned a lot from the mursatt >:D

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