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SWTOR Chapter 14 Story and Recruitment Guide

A guide to the story and conversation choices in Chapter 14 Mandalore’s Revenge


Story Cutscenes

Bounty Hunter Perspective


Inquisitor Perspective


Conversation Choices

  • Chapter Start
Trigger: Scorpio explaining about GEMINI captains
  1. Explain Scorpio
  2. Is this why you joined us? – Scorpio approves
  3. I knew we couldn’t trust you – Scoripo disapproves
Trigger: Scorpio asks you to retrieve the template from Darvannis
  1. You help us, we help you?
  2. Lets talk about this factory – Scorpio approves
  3. If you fail, you’re finished – Scorpio disapproves
  •   Head to Darvannis
Trigger: Shae Vizla talking about hitting Zakuul back
  1. Glad to have you on our side – Shae Vizla appreciates that
  2. Why risk your forces here?
  3. (BH Only) We’ll get them. For Mandalore – Shae Vizla approves
  4. I’ve never liked your kind – Shae Vizla disapproves
(Non-BH) Trigger on meeting Torian
  1. Let’s go to war then – Torian approves
  2. I should be in command – Torian disapproves
  3. I don’t need “protection.”
BH Only Trigger: Seeing Torian
  1. It’s blasted good to see you! – Torian approve
  2. (Romance only) I’ve missed you! – Torian approves
  3. Been a while, kid.
  4. Never could get rid of you. – Torian disapproves
  • Reprogram Perimeter Guns: 0/3
  • Bonus: Mandalorian War Party: Locate Anti-walker Ordnance, Locate Mandalorian EMP Grenade, Locate Mandalorian Communications Equipment. Locating these things will help you fight in the battles ahead. They are all inside the container in the NW corner.
  • Destroy Zakuul Walkers 0/3


Trigger: Torian talking about soldiers inside the firing zone
  1. We have to try to save them – Torian disapproves, +100 LS
  2. This is your call – Torian approves
  3. Fire the guns. Sacrifice them – +100 DS
  • Return to the camp
Trigger: Shaze Vizla says not bad out there
  1. We must strike again soon – Torian approves
  2. All that talk about droids
  3. Your battle plan was a mess – Torian disapproves
Non-BH Trigger: Torian talking about a rough party
  1. Celebrate (differ based on class) – Torian approves
  2. Tell me about yourself first
  3. I’m in no mood to celebrate
Romanced BH Only Trigger: Torian says he is not leaving you ever again.
  1. Same here – Torian missed you
  2. Are you all right? – Torian missed you (resumes romance)
  3. We need to let each other go – Torian is disappointed
BH Only Trigger: Torian asks if you are okay
  1. Better, having you aboard
  2. I’m not sure anymore
  3. Let’s get to the party
  • Get to the Zakuul Tactical Post
  • Bonus: Movement Data Retrieval: Recover Target Tracking Data: 0/8
  • Seal the Armory
  • Destroy Droids at the Armory
  • Defeat the Skytrooper Base Commander
  • Deactivate the Perimeter Sensor
Trigger: Lana saying the arrangement with clans may not last long
  1. I think they’re trustworthy – Lana disapproves
  2. What do you propose?
  3. Agreed. They’re dangerous – Lana approves
BH Only Trigger: Lana saying the arrangement with clans may not last long
  1. Don’t worry about the clans
  2. Agreed. They’re dangerous – Lana approves
  3. Watch your tone – Lana disapproves
  • Return to the Camp
Trigger: Shae Vizla says talking about keep her people together
  1. That’s what leadership means – Shae Vizla appreciates that
  2. I know the feeling
  3. If you can’t handle it, leave – Shae Vizla disapproves
Trigger: Shae Vizla says wish we had more detailed scans
  1. Here. My people sent intel. +100 LS
  2. Here. As a show of good faith. +100 LS
  3. It’s a pity. +100 DS
  • Locate GEMINI Prime
  • Bonus: Factory Recall. Defeat Newly Manufactured Skytroopers or Shut Down Factory Lines 0/30
  • Defeat ZT-001D
Trigger: Torian says he overheard Lana
  1. Why didn’t you say something?
  2. She doesn’t understand us/Lana may have a point/I believe you – Torian approves
  3. Warriors are dangerous, too. – Torian disapproves
  • Locate GEMINI Prime
Trigger: Scorpio tells you to remove the unit
  1. She’s not a copy, is she?
  2. Tell me more, GEMINI – Scorpio disapproves
  3. Working on it – Scorpio approves
Trigger: GEMINI Prime talking to you
  1. I mean you no harm – Scorpio approves
  2. Try to make this fast
  3. Shut up. [Remove forcibly] – Scorpio disapproves
  • Cutscene back to Mandalore camp
Trigger: Shae Vizla says Zakuul won’t be enough for the Mandalorians
  1. You could help Zakuul rebuild
  2. You need to convince them – Shae Vizla will remember that, +50 LS
  3. Then target the Empire/Republic –+50 DS
Trigger: Shae Vizla says it has to be worth it
  1. It’ll be worth it
  2. Let me help you rebuild +50 LS
  3. Clearly, Mandalore is weak – Shaze Vizla will remember that, +50 DS
Trigger: Torian joining your alliance
  1. Glad to have you aboard – Torian appreciates that
  2. What about your clan?
  3. You’ll be treated as a spy – Torian disapproves
BH Only Trigger: Torian joining your alliance
  1. (Romance) You never left my heart – Torian approves
  2. Let’s get to work – Torian approves
  3. Wait till you meet the crew
  4. This is bigger than before
  • Return to Alliance Base
Trigger: Scorpio says it will be able to use the template to locate all the GEMINI units
  1. That’s a huge advantage – Scorpio approves
  2. Can you sabotage them? – Scorpio approves
  3. That’s not enough – Scorpio disapproves, Lana approves
Trigger: Theron says about boarding the ships the plug Prime into Captain’s chair
  1. Risky, but it could work – Theron/Senya approves
  2. It’s not that simple – Lana approves
  3. Nice. Hit him where it hurts – Lana disapproves
Trigger: Scorpio says it has completed analysis of the GEMINI communication
  1. That was fast. Good work – Scorpio approves
  2. What did you learn?
  3. That seemed almost too easy – Scorpio disapproves

Companion Recruitment: The Last of His Kind

  • Prerequisite: Complete any prior recruitment missions from Hylo Visz, complete Chapter 14


  • Search for the missing diplomat
  • Investigate the Motorcade Site
    • Click on the speeder that is interactable, and in the cutscenes chose [Search the Vehicles] –> [Read Datapad] –> [Piece Together the Events]


  • Search for Survivors (click on the bowcaster)
    • Read through all the options and then [Pierce Together the Events]


  • Follow the Trail
  • Speak to the Courier (relog or switch instances if you are unable to see the courier)


  • Pursue the Attacker
  • Investigate the Wreck
    • Read through all the options and then [Pierce Together the Events]
  • Confront the Assilant
    • If you picked the attack option or the second option to settle things peacefully, beware that several options following them will allow you to kill Broonmark and not have him as one of your companions. Some of these are obvious (like Kill Broonmark) but others convo choices are not so if you wish to keep Broonmark don’t pick the first two options.
    • Picking the option to let him kill Gryyzak will allow him to become your companion. I don’t believe there is a way to keep Gryyak and Broonmark both alive. So you will need to make a choice.
    • If you made a bad choice and want to keep Broonmark, just exit the instance and reset the mission. You will need to redo everything but thankfully it is short.


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189 replies on “SWTOR Chapter 14 Story and Recruitment Guide”

Always nice having a heads up so I don’t have to keep hitting the Escape key to redo convos. Thanks for posting!

Why? She has to deal with her people and they trust her to lead them. You get Torian who is a veteran of the GCW and a trusted scout to Vizla.

The alliance with her is shaky because Mandalorians fuck shit up. Why would she join you when her people need a leader?

Never goign to happen.

I wish Akaavi would be there. I never cared about Torian. I know hes has fans. But for me he was always that boring guy…

Yes. I also wonder if they will change her weapon too. Pre-KOTFE Torian had a Techstaff and I think she did too. Will she also be switched to a sniper rifle? Not exactly a game breaking issue but I find it irritating nonetheless.

IMO they should redo the companion equipment/proficiency system. Tech classes should be allowed to use guns and blades, while Force classes should be allowed to use sabers and Force powers.

Some of these changes seemed more like lore corrections to me. Torian and Aric both had sniper rifles in their backstory, but then used a different weapon in what seemed to be an attempt to balance the legacy systems companion bonuses.

I think you’re exactly right. Others, though, like Yuun and SCORPIO, didn’t need their weapons changed, so there must be another reason why it was done.

actually scorpio used a blaster rifle when you meet her in the class story so to me it makes sense to make her having a ranged weapon

Everyone who uses Techstaff has had their weapon changed. I think Techstaff is getting phased out completely as a weapon option, since players cannot use them. Probably techblades too, but since they are almost always visually identical to vibroblades, there’s no real loss. Maybe it’s part of a behind-the-scenes coding clean-up.

They should just remove the stupid restrictions. Tech- and vibro staffs and blades should be two weapon categories. Blades and staffs. Done. It was a stupid idea from the beginning, and BioWare is too stubburn to do the right thing.

with the nerfs to powertech, i feel i could delete mine. and the change on torian’s weapon is enough for me to delete my mercenary because of disgust, cause i built torian around. the change on jorgan’s weapon was sad, but ok, understandable, he still kept his range anyway.. now it’s different for torian.. well, im glad i never started kotfe on my merc, and i won’t now.

I like Torian and all, but geez, several classes are really getting a lot more love and attention than others. The smuggler has only just recently grabbed their first old companion back… meanwhile, the Trooper has at least encountered all but one of theirs. Here’s a story all about Mandos, and not a word about one of the Mando companions of a class that’s barely seen any of their old companions back.

even jedi knight and consular only got 1 of their comp back while imp side who always gets favored has nearly all if not most back

Yeah, Imps have definitely gotten the love this go-round. Though that just means we get more Pubs in Season 2 of KotFE.

Yeah, just double-checked. All the Imp-classes get three old companions back (except the Inquisitor, who has two plus a proxy).

All the Pub-side classes have one companion each, except for the Trooper, who has three (and met a fourth). And the Smuggler waited the longest to get any.

And then there’s the fact that two of the recruitable companions are dark-side only, while there are no light-side only companions. There’s definitely a very, very strong leaning this season.

Probably means Troopers will be the last to get their female love interest back…(I don’t really know…just seems like that would be how you “balance” it).

2nd to last. I am calling Ashara(Sith Inq) as the last to return since her goodbye letter says she is taking your fleet and power base and flying into uncharted space.

Wasn’t it a big part of her story that she wasn’t a part of them anymore, or at least didn’t follow them?

They are definitely struggling with reintroducing romance-able characters. Catman, Vette are Torian are the only they have added so far.

I think it’s that they want the Romanceable characters to be a little more “special” and basically get a chapter of their own. However the first several chapters of KotFE were to establish the new(ish) companions first, which kind of handicapped things for romanceable characters later in the season.

I just wish they were doing a little bit more. Aric Jorgan and it looks like Torian get extra conversation(s) if they were romanced, but Vette didn’t get anything (unless I missed something)? Come on, that’s just wrong.

On the plus side, season two will probably be all about bringing back more old companions…unless they introduce some more new ones, but I suspect that will be kept to a minimum moving forward…I mean you’ve got a small army to choose from already now.

I don’t understand why Akaavi wasn’t in this story for republic players instead of Torian, the way they did Pierce and M1..?

Well, Pierce and M1 were “Alliance Alert” recruits, not “Chapter/storyline” recruits. Like I said, they want the romanceable companions to be chapter/storyline recruits.

Also, from what I recall of Akaavi’s story…she didn’t really consider herself Mandalorian anymore by the time all was said and done. Still living by their tenets, but not really a part of them anymore.

I see what your saying.

However, we have already had the opportunity to kill one of two romance characters. Their death scenes are identical (I am assuming that was a programming short cut). So I think they could have done Akaavi for Republic, and actually saved some time.
As far as her back story, as Torian says, “When Madalore calls . . .”
Anyway, I hope they have a cool play for her and Gus. I felt like Bowdaar’s reintroduction was kind of weak, particularly considering they could have reused all the voice work they had on file.
Just my opinion.

That song… so nostalgic… And how cool would be a game like Republic Commando but with mandalorians?

You can keep both the Wookie and Broonmark alive, but it may just be a Sith Warrior thing. I mostly made comments about how he is my clan and he should stop being stupid and rejoin me.

Does the wookie (Gryyzak) join you if you take out Broonmark? I just played it as the Warrior and kept both alive (including getting a life debt from the wookie) but Hylo said that I did the exact opposite of what she asked.

I got the same thing. I think Hylo Visa will only be happy if Broonmark is dead. I might kill him with the other characters, but my SW needs his entire crew back.

The Wookiee isn’t a companion at all. I killed Broonie and got a life debt, but no companion.


So it’s gotta be keeping Broonmark alive that gets Hylo so pissy because I did get the life debt as well.

Oh well, it’s a minor oops on Bioware’s part then.

got the comp, but sith warrior still has a hidden achiev. need to “decline his services” or what to get the achiev?

You got me there BioWare.

Before I was: Broonmark, who want’s Broonmark?
When he was laying dead on the floor: What? I don’t get Broonmark?

For me, if I select the DS or LS option for “Trigger: Shae Vizla says Zakuul won’t be enough for the Mandalorians” then I do not get the “Trigger: Shae Vizla says it has to be worth it” conversation at all.

Scorpio sends a message in the end of the chapter. I wonder if it always have the same text or depends on your choices

Thank you for your time. Yeah, the same for me, figured they are the same.
She looked like a hidden rapist 🙂 But seriously, I was sure she is plotting something the moment I saw Gemini Prime for the first time.

I got a wee bit suspicious in the final scene in the war room.

I’m anticipating getting railroaded into a trap in the next chapter.

Agreed. There is no way this works out so well for the player. Prepare for the “It’s a trap!” scenario.

I wonder if that “other thing” Valkorian had to tend to when he left in Chapter 12…was Scorpio? If she’s on a constant path of self improvement, wouldn’t becoming the conduit for one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy be tempting? Hmmmm….

Or it will be “PC, I’m your father…” … I know, I know! Sorry, couldn’t help myself

shorter and shorter story missions. And now we have to wait a lifetime for the next short shit story. Question myself why the hell i bother being a sub on this game.

Can’t blame you, i’ve lost my interest in the Game awhile back after Chapter 10 cause it just showed that BioWare lacks the developers to release enough content to make it worth subbing every month for €14,99 or €180 a year. Sorry but 30-60min of new Story content a month ain’t worth the asking price and i like how all the die hards are defending this trash, if any other game did that people would jump right on them for it.

Before you jump on my ass let me tell you that i’ve did nearly everything in the Game and haven’t played much of it due to the lack of fresh content, i got 18 level 65’s that i leveled up none of that level 60 purchase trash. Did all Ops on all difficulty settings same goes with Flashpoints and Heroics have 70% of the achievements earned and have been subbed since December 2011 until May of 2016.

I really love the old republic timeline but just feel the lack of content and polish since the founders at BioWare left, they did manage to get the flare back once awhile but most of the time it was a hit and miss.

I think they’re short-staffed tbh. The drip-feeding of story just seems like something they came up with to compensate for the lack of manpower to develop more, which will be down to EA relying on Star Wars hype to make money for them.

While that is definitely a possibility, I think they are testing this drip-feed to see if it makes more money than a standard expansion pack. They, in theory, would bolster sustained subscription numbers, as well as intermittent highs for popular characters/themes. In addition “all you have to do is subscribe” makes this an extremely attractive impulse buy after the end of the season.

Maybe. But part of me needs to pretend that the devs behind this game actually give a shit and don’t think like that.

Guess we’ll never know either way :/

If I am right, which is pure conjecture, I think the devs do think that this is BS. I would say you can blame this on EA who are producing these games now.

Well, but that’s not very interesting for long time players. In theory what you say may bring more money in, but does it not destroy the fabric of the game? While they’re testing this new method, whole guilds are leaving because there’s no new repeatable content. Because story in itself is non-repeatable. Unless of course you roll more toons to repeat it, though I can hardly imagine a more depressing scenario…

And what happens is that this method of delivering the expansion is anti-climatic. I would compare it to Disney making “The Force Awakens” and selling tickets for people to see it in small 15-20 mnts episodes for months instead of the full movie lol…

And what happens when this expansion is done? We’ve had almost a 2 year period where no repeatable Endgame content has been delivered, except a few pvp maps, the Star Fortresses and the Eternal Championship… And please lets not talk about that…

It’s short man, it’s short. I’ve championed this game for so long, even my gaming friends say I’m retarded for playing this… Got 2 of them to rejoin recently, they ran away from this like from the plague itself…

Without seeing their metrics and board meetings we are just burning time til next month… and the following month.

I wouldn’t say anti-climatic. Television, Comics and other serials have been running strong for far too many decades to say that this is an ineffective medium for delivering content that everyone could enjoy. And this has been much closer to a TV show/comic book than a fractured movie.

Only problem I have with the difficulty is that it doesn’t respond to stats so much as levels. I recently rolled a new toon and made it til around KotFE in woefully inadequate gear(simply forgot to upgrade). Would have been neat if they could have a way to affect it per character, but they don’t.

I am honestly more curious what happens at the end of the season. They did add a new PvP map now, but I think that an optimal time to release a new raid map would be during the interseason. If they are needing the story to sell subscriptions then come September there will be a catastrophic crash due to the lack of new content what they due from there might let us know how successful this method was in their estimation.

“Television, Comics and other serials have been running strong for far too many decades to say that this is an ineffective medium for delivering content that everyone could enjoy”

True; however, watching a tv show doesn’t require a monthly sub, and for those who do pay a subscription to get whatever channels they want don’t get JUST that half-hour episode of . Those shows are also one episode a week, whereas we’re getting one short ‘episode’ a month and nothing else.

I can’t personally see it working, and based on queue times across two servers (TRE and Prog) + the general widespread comments across social media and in-game chat I don’t think it’s a strategy that’s working. The people sticking around are either new and thus have more to do (via vanilla content) or stay because it’s SW and they’re invested in the franchise.

Story is the most interesting thing for me but even I’m worried that BW are squeezing the life out of the game with the ever-worsening cash shop and their current game-plan.

Fair value is difficult to find universally. Since the subscription already holds benefits(or at least lifts punishments) and offers “bonuses” in addition to attachment a solid player base seems to have formed.

I think that the true “test” will come in August when they end the season. Based on testimonials I see a lot of people are waiting til August and only subbing for that month. Coupled with an aggressive marketing push we could see SWTORs “Black Friday” or not.

I was actually reading an article discussing how the trend had switched away from enticing “whales/hardcores” and had shifted to monetizing the casual base intermittently. This seems more like a logical derivation of a path, which may see more companies follow suit in the future depending on its success.

Sidenote: Heard some scuttlebutt that EA is looking into console MMOs. Maybe SWTOR resources are being diverted for that purpose, although I don’t know if SWTOR is the target or even portable to console.

5-10 minutes of gameplay content a month is not worth 15 bucks its just not

BioWare has given us brilliant products like KOTOR, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. All titles who are praised for their deep story and lore. I refuse to believe they just lost that touch,

The BW label used to be a mark of quality. “I can buy this game I’ve never heard of, because BW made it and so it will be good.”

Now, for me, it’s a warning label instead, telling me if I buy this and enjoy it it’s going to cost me through the nose to enjoy it fully. Likewise, though, I hope it’s EA’s influence and not that BW has just died.

Latest Dragon Age was pretty good. The sneak peeks of Andromeda looks amazing(hopefully sock knock offable at E3). The dlc has been released much later and was quite reasonably priced.

Meh, latest Dragon Age had too much filler content for my liking. Much of the game involved grinding tedious fetch and carry quests. ME3 and DA:I were just lacking something imo. They felt generic, whereas DA:O and ME1 felt unique and different.

Suppose time will tell.

Don’t stop there mate: Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights (the 1st one, the second was rubbish), Jade Empire ( I LOVED Jade Empire).

Sadly, the company you speak of is not the same. That company was butchered and squandered by EA, which is their normal way of taking smaller studios, cannibalizing their human resources (or alienating those that can’t/won’t be assimilated) and moving on to another project. Shame really, the only SP-RPG I can think of that casts a shadow on BW is Obsidian’s Elder Scrolls series. Other than that top quality gaming all around…

that was the old bioware who delivered that, since EA took over however they stopped making great games that many love

stop living in denial and accept

there is no more “bioware” EA buys these companies and they gut them like fishes to the bone then use the companys nameplate to blame them when shit goes bad. Simcity is the best example of this. Look how badly they destroyed simcity then they blame all the devs fire them then shut down that company. Fuck ea do not give them a penny. EA’s concern is the cartel market first above everything else buy those gambling packs so you can stand on the fleet with nothing to do looking cool thats thier idea of tor lol

LS option was bugged for my SW. Told Broonmark to make peace, then he just says “Peace, Sith?” and the conversations ends abruptly. Repeating yields the same result.

I really think it would make sense to put Akaavi in there, somehow. Making it a double comp pack like Gault and Vette. Even more so since Smugglers aren’t getting much love with their comps. What is it now, only Bowdaar right?

I mean, I like Torian, but he’s a bit softer than Akaavi. A Mando Combo would be much nicer. Oh well, maybe they’ll milk it… Sorry, do it in Season 2… *yawn*

even alert mission of Akaavi explain what she thinks about new mando would be ok… or something,….

Does anyone remember when the previous Mandalore, the black guy in gold armour, got killed? Did they mention that in the story somewhere?

Unless someone was joking, I think they said he got killed holding off Zakuul so the other mandalorians could escape….

I’m pretty sure there was a codex entry or something pertaining to that. He was overwhelmed by Skytroopers so that others could escape, and because he was killed by droids, he wouldn’t be honored in their history and songs.

This is an example where the lore is just stupid. He makes a stand by himself against impossible odds to rescue his clan, but since they were droids there is no honor? That is just outright retarded. Whoever wrote that must have been watching klingons while high,

That is indeed pretty ridiculous. You would think he would be sung about if not about how he killed the droids then about how he saved his clan keeping it alive single handedly. He loved it so much that he was willing to give up his own honor that was to die in glorious battle for them. He died to droids so they could live. That sacrifice is something that should be praised and honored. To think that someone would be willing to give up glory in death for a mandalorian is a big big deal.

You can’t really call the lore stupid for going according to how their culture works. That clan will remember him and likely have a verbal history of what he did even if its not recorded in the history books. The Mandalorian culture has its rules and traditions that they follow even when it does something like this.

Even in real life there’re are cultures and religions that do this kind of thing, so its hard to call their lore stupid without calling some of our own the same. Either way I actually think its kind of cool that Bioware did its home work on Mandalorian culture and applied it correctly.

i dont think is stupid i think is under-rated by bioware… there a lot of missing codex in the game

Codex>Lore>”The Fall of Mandalore the Vindicated”

“Firsthand account from Ralia of Clan Lok: The Skytroopers surrounded us. Two dozen, blasters aimed at our heads. We had already begun our death roar. And then Mandalore the Vindicated cut through them, scattering their metal parts. He ordered us to rejoin the clan and leave the Skytroopers to him. But the droids had called for backup; suddenly, dozens were swarming him. Mandalore dismantled them two at a time with a war cry like thunder. They kept coming, waves and waves, till we could no longer see him. I started to charge forward, but Droga stopped me. “He’s already gone.” He was Ardus Lok. My brother, our Mand’alor. And he fell to machines. He will not be honored. I pray to Kad Ha’rangir this pointless war will end soon.”

Awww, that sux. He fell to Skytroopers? It couldn’t at least have been Arcann or Vaylin that took him out but frikkin dime a dozen skytroopers!

Yeah, but it still feels like Bioware did him dirty though. The man who wanted the Mandalorians to not be the lapdogs of the Empire but more of an equal partner and they gave him a dishonorable death by his own peoples standards.

According to dialogue from this chapter there is no dishonor in dying by machines. So it wasn’t honorable or dishonorable. It’s just a stacked fight to the death.

If you do Chapter 14 on a Bounty Hunter, Shae Vizla briefly mentions the death of the previous Mandalore, in explaining how she became the new one. She doesn’t talk about exactly when it happens, however.

What is the loot from Gryyzak’s speeder for? I wanted to return it to him and it just disappeared from my inventory. And Gryyzak did not even mention that my character basically stole from him.

I chose an option that didn’t require killing the Wookie and allowed me to keep Broonmark and Hylo still acted as if I let Brronmark make a rug out of her friend. Why?

um, so, when do we get chapter 15? i thought they said that both 14 and 15 were to come out in June at the same time. was there a date change?

it was a few weeks ago, and i dont remember where. if they said it was later in the month, then questioned answered. might be on the 14th, during the EA play conference, since it lands on a tuesday.

they have announced a twitch livestream that will be today with information about it, you can check it out.

They are still on the same 4-week cycle, next chapter releases june 26th.

Memorial day pushed chapter 14 to wedenesday and into June.

Them going on about 2 CHAPTERS IN JUNE WHOHOO !!! is just PR spin about a scheduling coincidence.

If I had to guess, I’d say barring them not being able to meet deadlines we are going to get:
8-29: 4.6: Chapter 15 Guss.

7-26: 4.7: Chapter 16, Zenith and/or Skadge/Rusk
8-11 or (more likely) 8-23: HK Bonus chapter for those subbed continuously from jan 11th til Aug 11th.

They have an extra alliance alert from pushing back Eternal Championship/Bowdaar alert. So we may get 2 in one month, we may get one with HK bonus chapter, or they might just push one back into season 2.

I think Khem will eventually be back, but only for the Inquisitor. There are a few companions that, for class story reasons, would be unlikely to ally with other classes (Scourge, Khem Val, Evil Jaesa); I think those companions will be returned to their classes eventually, when it makes sense to do so, and it can be made to work.

Narratively, bringing back any of the three I mentioned now is not a great plan, because they all possess experience and/or abilities that could drastically alter the course of the KOTFE story. I’d like them back, but not if it requires even more handwaving than the story already includes.

It appears that only the Sith Warrior can keep Broonmark and not kill the Wookie, though even saving the Wookie and keeping Broonmark makes Hylo yell at you for whatever reason…

Anyone have any idea why I am my computer is patching and installing (forever) again? I literally ran this chapter two hours ago and then logged out.

So non-SW’s are *ABSOLUTELY* forced to eat 150 DS points and get yelled at by Hylo Visz in order to recruit Broonmark. I suppose from a pure story standpoint it makes SOME sense. Broonmark isn’t the stupid beast he might appear, and it’s hard to fault him if he’d rather die than live in a way that’s so alien to everything he believes. Nonetheless, while I’ll do it for completionism’s sake, I’m not going to be happy about it.

I have to agree with a lot of what’s being said about EA’s stifling Bioware. They fired almost all of Bioware’s story writing team, and now, as much as half of all new news centers entirely around “buy more cartel packs so we can stroke our (rhymes with sticks) ever more briskly.” And as much as I like the storyline, releasing a half hour’s worth of it once a month, in such small bite-sized pieces, is neither fun nor funny.

You can recruit him without picking the first DS option by picking the right options. But unless you are a sith warrior you have to let him kill the wookie in the end or you will end up having to kill him.

Yeah as the game gets older it shows more and more how short staffed they are. They have re-used a ton of assets that were planned for other things before the mass firings, and that helped mask their lack of staff for a while.
The expansion planned for release around the time hutt cartel was supposed to have 8 class arcs on bothawui and ziost for example. Assets for it are still in the game files, and they reused ziost and reused some of bothawui with the rakghoul event. The revan arc as I understand it was part of the original dev plan and KOTFE is really the first time they dont have stuff from the original dev team to work with.

The original dev team did a great job with the content and a terrible job with the finances and game launch (especially having 100s of dead servers), which led to the bankruptcy that allowed EA to absorb it. Now that EA’s in charge they do a terrible job with content and great job making money. They could have a staff that is proper for an MMO that could produce enough new group content to keep everyone happy and still break even, but in EA’s mind that would mean less money for them. They might actually make MORE money if they could actually keep more players happy, but tell them that.

It is kind of sad to say, but the game surviving basically depends on the cartel market whales continually blowing their money gambling on a chance at the newest cosmetic shiny. As someone with a family and a mortgage and a budget I can’t fathom blowing 60 bucks a pop for hypercrates for cosmetic stuff. But the fact is that there are enough people willing to do that to make EA heavily invested in that area, and that influences heavily what type of content we get. So cartel market whales are keeping the game alive, but they are also killing the experience for alot of people by allowing EA to make money without giving subs any actual MMO content.

My beef with the story-driven content is that they arent getting the best use of their assets and that they could do both group content and story if they had better synergy. They make new environments like asylum, odessen wilds, and use them once or twice. They blow a couple million on a blur trailer that no one who is not already familiar with the game ever saw (and are doing it again for season 2). How about you spend some of that money on hiring more people to give us a new ops? I know its “marketing money”, but a new Star Wars movie every year for the forseeable future should be all the marketing they will ever need.

Oh well. End old man rant, cue white knights.

Just a point, if Bioware Austin is so short staffed, why did Edmonton have them create the second DAI DLC rather than hand it off to Montreal?

Descent was pretty good too. Design was beautiful and we finally got dwarf lore.

It’s just a thought.

welcome to tor according to the fanbois the ones left the game is killing wow and has 2.1 million subs and all this lolz.

I’m curious as to where you got that information about a recent layoff at Bioware? I know they had one in 2013, which resulted in writers being cut. And then EA cutting staff in Canada, ont directly impacting staffing levels in Bioware. Haven’t heard a whole lot about cuts this year or last.

Did anyone else notice a new dialogue with Dr. Oggurobb after recruiting Broonmark? I did some weekly heroics after the recruitment mission and when I went back Dr. Oggurobb to hand in some supply crates he had a new dialogue. I don’t remember the specifics but he warned me something about Broonmark’s nature.

I really enjoyed this and the prior chapter (given, I am a little biased since it’s about Mandalorians). The addition of some of Jesse Harlin’s musical score from the Republic Commando games made it all the more enjoyable.

My only beef with the entire thing stems from me leveling up Torian’s influence, so I could have a level 50 melee comp for use in the Eternal Championship (boss 6 is a lot easier with a melee comp), only to have them switch him to a ranged companion. What in the absolute shit, Bioware?

I feel you. I had the same problem on my Merc, aggravated by the fact that my Torian used the Cathar Warstaff with the Mandalorian Clansman armor, which I was really fond of…

Really Really annoying that they are gradually forcing all force user comps to melee and tech user comps to ranged since I prefer to choose my class comps when considering whose influence to raise.

Would be nice if all comps could do both and we could toggle. Not that hard to mirror abilities and insert some existing animations. Would be cool to have a companion as a concealment op or tactics VG type dps. Xalek should be able to use force lightning/storm from ranged for example. Taking gear away from comps was a good choice but in the process they destroyed their uniqueness, and allowing a ranged/melee option would go a ways to restoring some variety with companions.

Xalek is a great example, because he WAS a ranged companion that used a melee weapon. So it IS possible to do what you say, and stop messing around with comp’s abilities.

i understand chapter 15 is due out this month also. so we get one more chapter in jully and hk-55 chapter in august? we knowaything bout 15 or 15? And side question i have to let my sub run for for bout 2 days due getting double charge for something wil i still get hk55 chapter when resub in a couple days?

Can’t say much about chapter content, but your dates should be right: chapter 15 mid-late June, 16 sometime in July and HK bonus mid-late Aug.
As I understand it you have to be subbed continuously from Jan 11 – Aug 16 to get the HK chapter so no breaks, even for a day it would seem.

yea..lucky i get double charge whewn i least something like that to happen. tor wasnt the only thing effected but to it was important…

Mandalorian chapter was very weak. Lots of grind-run, little cut scenes/story, taking advantage of nostalgia with very old tunes. KotFE is probably best played in a single-run.

There is a way to keep Gryyzak alive, recruit Broonmark, and take no LS or DS points, but it may only be possible for the Sith Warrior:

Hylo will still be mad at you, but you get a life-debt from the senator and the renewed loyalty of Broonmark. Win-win!

Sorry, I meant if Hylo is supposed to have the same dialogue even if you recruit both Broonmark and Gryzaak.

Well that’s a shame you basically have to go darksided if you want Broonmark, oh well he is a psycho-path, and he would’ve clashed with Jedi Knight anyway

first companion I did not take…I would not be able to respect myself in the morning…besides he was a homicidal maniac

I think the warrior if choosing light side, might recruit him and save the wookie – but it is bugged, when picking the light side choice, the conversation stops and you start over if you start it up again.
Tried several times, same thing happened with Broonmark commenting someting about “sith.. peace..?” and then ending the conversation, resetting it.

sound plausible that he might be able to make peace with the wookie, and join you – making both Hylo happy, and adding him as a companion.

i know for sure, that you can force him to let the wookie live and get him as a companion as a sith warrior, when choosing neutral choises – but hylo still scolded me, as if i had let him kill the wookie.
But as i stated above – if the lightside choice for warriors gets fixed, you might be able to recruit him AND make hylo happy.. dont know, untill its fixed i guess.

I submitted a ticket asking if this was a bug, turns out it’s not: Gryyzak just lies to you about joining and takes off.

Yea, i submitted a ticket about both things. The light side choice stopping the conversation is indeed a bug, but the other neutral ending isnt.

They ensured me that the light side choice ending the conversation prematurely is a bug.
At the same time, they told me that the neutral Way, forcing him to submission while savning the wookie, Ending with hylo scolding you, is not a bug

I figured it out for saving the Cookie. When you have Broomnark beaten and submitted you need to do the following…

1) Exit out and head to fleet. You will go to the bar and see the ERPers.

2) complete one round of ERP preferably as the sex assigned to you at birth.

3) then you will hit the purple play button to return to broomnark

4) the Cookie and broomnark will both be shaven for you to have both join you due to embarrassment

Just want to let everyone know that even though though you can choose to convince Broonmark kill Gryyzak if you play as a warrior, Gryyzak will not join your alliance. I submitted a ticket asking if this was a bug, turns out it’s not: Gryyzak just lies to you about joining and takes off.

So… Finally did this chapter on my female BH that used to have a relationship with Torian. It was great, I rekindled that love candle with Bieber… Sorry, Torian. But because she got “entangled” with Koth prior (yes I know he’s lame, but I wanted to do something different) there’s an extra bit of conversation with the Kothster at the very end of the chapter, in the room where the Companion reclaiming thingy is. So if you kept him at the end of the Firebrand chapter you can now break his heart, which was weirdly satisfying for me… lol!

Just so that you guys know, I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else.

Yea, there are videos of it on Youtube, has been ever since the first returning “spouse” came. A little hint, if you are married to Jorgan as a female trooper, and still decides to kill him later, there is a small dfference in his death, unique not just to the trooper, but to the trooper female w/ romance.

Anyone notice a Mandalorian named “Mynock” standing around near the entrance as you leave the Mando camp on Darvannis? Excluding the helmet, he’s wearing Shae Vizla’s old armor, dyed black/black. Is there a story here? O.o

xD The black armour is probably because he’s taking after his name- Mynock is the SW version of a bat (mynockmano7o7o7). If I recall correctly, there is a heroic mission on one of the planets that involves that guy.

Mynocks are also like gremlins because they chew up wires.

I’ll have to check that out. However, even if it’s the same guy, it would be different armor since Shae’s wasn’t in game yet.

Actually he is based off a maker of Star Wars helmets who goes by the handle Mynock’s Den. He made a replica of Arcann’s mask for the Dev team so they in turn immortalized him as his favorite class type, a Mando. Check out (Lionsdendc on Etsy, Lion’s DEn Studio on Facebook. He was also a guest judge at last years NYCC SWTOR Cantina costume contest.

Anyone know what armor she is wearing in first video? also, if the person who made it could tell me what numbers she used in appreciate designer I would appreciate that also : ) thanks

Just an observation: On the “Return to Alliance Base” the Trigger: Scorpio says it will be able to use the template to locate all the GEMINI units, Option 2 says Scorpio approves, but it’s actually Theron.

Just to let anyone who would like to know, you CAN keep both Broonmark AND Gryyzakk if your are a Warrior. You just have to pick the NON-alignment convo options, but the ones to calm him down and to remind him that he belongs to ‘your” clan. I know this is a bit late but hey, better late than never! lol

No he’s just a character that never appears again. But Hylo doesn’t get mad, and Doc Hutt does not keep on reminding you that Broonmark will be guarded by him 24/7.

Do you remember with options did you choose? No matter what I do Hylo is mad at me, even when both the wookie and Broonmark are alive.

Well, the mission is to retrieve Gryyzak, so…
Maybe next time we can meet Broonmark in better situation.

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