Alliance Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Revenge Alliance Pack Preview

SWTOR Revenge Alliance Pack preview. This pack was released on June 1, 2016 with Game Update 4.5.



Wasteland Raider’s Armor Set – Silver


Duststorm Survivor’s Armor Set – Silver


Wicked Huntress Armor Set – Gold


Commander Vizla’s Armor Set – Gold



Defiant Vented Lightsaber – Platinum


Defiant Vented Dualsaber – Platinum


Indomitable Raider’s Sniper Rifle – Silver


Savage Raider’s Dual-Edged Vibrosword – Silver


Merciless Raider’s Vibrosword – Silver



Vectron Enforcer – Gold (Flourish)


Frontline Gapillian – Gold


Roche Champion – Silver


Scorched Chemilizard – Silver



Companion: Annihilator T4-1D – Gold


Color Crystal: Imperial Crimson – Silver


Pet: Underworld Miniprobe – Silver


Pet: Pale Skarkla – Silver


Weapon Tuning & Decorations

Damaged Weapon Tuning



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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I neeeeeed to know about the decorations! Lol I can’t buy the pack until I get home from work and I love me some new decos!

I have no pictures, but there’s a Mandalorian floor tile (a tile with the Mando logo), Mando flag, factory ceiling lights and a few others.

Wasteland Raider armor is on point, other than that I agree with you. Worst being Shae Vizla’s and I’m a HUGE Shae Vizla fan.

I am just at this point that I can always find something I am gonna be happy wearig on a non-force user no matter the class, light or heavy-looking. The only thing i long for is proper outfits for Jedi classes, like from kotor 2.

Other than the Wastlelander all is pretty much dreck. Nothing to waste the CC on this month, just gonna continue to let them build.

what the fuck dude, what shit is this? i thought Shae’s armor set will look good when i saw it on preview, but seeing this…i’m so pissed off, Torian’s armor is fine, duststorm armor, i wont even talk about it, but screw the helmet, the mounts are shitty as well, nothing special about them, there already better ones been in a game,that cross guard lightsaber looks decent, but the sound of it sucks and about that tuning, like WHAT? Did they run out of ideas already? Its so shit i cant even describe, ofc u say if u dont like it then dont buy it, but hey nigga i was waiting for a decent items like months already, cant u get me something good huh?

torian’s armor is fine without a helmet, that’s what i meant, the duststorm is shit, a mistake happened when i was writing/adding this comment, but really guys, how could the cm developers be so lazy?

Rule of swtor: Every armor chest that looks good from the front shall always have a big dumb thing attached to the back.

Not every one and when it’s a jetpack it needs to be there. If you mean the weird bug wings on Shae’s new armor I think it’s supposed to be a cape with a cutout for the jetpack. It just looks stiff in the preview window like all other capes do.

So you get the damage weapon tuning and stick it in your platinum cross saber for the full kylo effect…
well played BW

Your idea of playing SWTOR is beeing Darth Vader? (Kylo, or whatever.) Pay for it!

There is nothing wrong that BioWare is thinking that way.
Everybody who can’t invent his own character should be punished by BioWare going at their wallets.


You could think so, but no, the damage weapon tuning is just the lightsaber giving little “poof”s of black smoke and some sparks. Not giving you the Kylo Ren look. I bet it’s in the next pack. Giving two good things in one pack… why would anyone buy the next one then?

I don’t see the character title “Supercommando” listed on here. Is that still in the pack or did they remove it?

Bioware already made a million with this pack, that will keep Musco in M&M’s for a long time

I can’t stand the way those newer lights sabers are being held. Who the hell holds the sword in the middle of the hilt. Evidently none of Biowares designers ever held a sword of any kind. Just look at movies Kylo Ren and than compare to this ****. There are some properly held swords in this game. All are very old…

One thing you have to consider is a light saber is not a sword. The blade has no weight and so you may hold the hilt in the middle to get the weight centered right.

Well, if you hold it that way you’ll have problem (not enough space) while adding second hand for heavier, two handed, swing. It’s common sense.

One of my oldest complaints! Tython Forcemaster’s lightsaber grip looks unusable from close up but from farther away the proportions are quite good and the hand position is the best of all lightsabers in game!

BW actually said previously, when everyone was begging for a cross saber, that they “couldn’t do it” because there would be a clipping issue through your characters arm with the animations. Grabbing the hilt lower is obviously a compromise to bypass this limitation

Didn’t know that. But thing is, it’s not only this one saber. It is a continuous issue. Take a look at Tempted Apprentice or Unstable Arbiter.

The annihilator droid is full troll. It is so small compared to body size 2 characters. It looks cool then you get up close and the paint is very dull and flat. I wanted it so bad but now I have to rethink it because of this.

I can’t find someone who has one out at the moment but they are similar in size. Here is a powered down annihilator comparison. The legs spread out and it does get a bit taller but still under my characters height.

There will be a third most likely. The unstable was the blade this one is the hilt. I’m sure another will appear combining both parts.

Yeah, I thought it was lame it didn’t have an unstable blade since the inspiration for this and the unstable arbiter’s was obviously Kylo Ren’s saber.

The Rebels series has one that is not unstable.

My guess would be that they will add a unstabletuning, probably with the next pack that you can put into the crossguard saber.

I got one and have chosen to sell it, I have seen the video and and not 100% keen on the activation sound so I may as well sell it, I will see what they start going for at the weekend though.

Not sure what the percentage drop rate is for the new saber but I got one from the 2nd pack I opened after buying a supercrate.

Not really. My sub runs out on the 4th and I’ll have the credit cap of 350k so I may hold on to it until i decide to come back.

I’m not sure, but you could probably sell it for millions before your sub runs out and you would be able to hold onto the credits even if you end up with the 350k cap after getting them. I’d look into that if I were you.

…soo did everyone try the chicken? I thought the chicken was lovely!

Dulfy, not trying to step on any toes but the Announcements widgets is still dated for back in April. Just a fyi….

You should see the armor on a Body Type 3 Male XD
Maybe also on Type 4 (I’m afraid to even try that) XP

Giraffe neck on that wasteland raider armour set on the female body type……… there is certainly something wrong with it the male bodytype looks fine the female is just woah

im still getting more “grand” chance cubes than actual pack items.
guess this is the last pack I open until they do something about these odds or change them…and ppl are saying that the new saber sounds like crap …just like the unstable arbiter one I was too stupid to keep and bind on my account.
the Tempted Apprentice’s Lightsaber had awesome sounds and its silver and the new amazing platinums the unstable one and the crossguard ones are terrible. I was so happy when I got the unstable one and when I equipped it all my enthusiasm went away. What a waste. Whats the point of having a nice lightsaber that sounds like a metal detector?
The vizla torso looks nice but I didn’t get it T_T. At least I got the tie fighter mount for consolation only to realize that its blaster bolts are … YELLOW! FFS bioware .
I have completely lost interest in these things. Oh yeah some of them look nice only to disappoint you when you get them . Showing of the items was never my thing so until these packs start to actually deserve the money i’ll stop right here. I learned my lesson after being scammed so many times.
Kind of makes me scared about mass effect Andromeda. And I haven’t got inquisition yet cause I waited for the price to go down. They got to realize that what they do here affects the rest of their products.

Ok my little mini-review:

Armor: This is the best area of the pack. All four armors are at least decent and look great. Maybe the weakest is the Commander Vizla set with the weird little cloth ‘wings’ on the jetpack, but I really like the design and flow of the rest. Lots of possibilities here. Excellent grade.

Weapons: And next to it is the weakest section of the pack. A sniper rifle that should have been in the last pack and looks like it could crumple if you sneezed too hard, a pair of rather decent looking vibroblades WITH LASER SIGHTS?!? WTF?!? And the Vented sabers…as Platnium items. I am NOT a fan of the vented design, for several reasons not including that the look is crap IMHO, but making them both ultra-rare drops AND ultra-expensive to unlock is a kick in the nads to fans who DO like them. Considering the popularity of the recent film, why would you make them so hard and expensive to get? I give this section a failing grade and a very good reason NOT to buy the pack.

Mounts: Not much going on here. Two reskinned older mounts, a weird uber-elephant with armor….and a flying ship turret. Ok…. Meh grade, it’s ok but nothing worth very noting.

Misc: The crystal is ok. The white-red look is a bit different and would make good blaster colors. The pets are…ok. I like droid pets over animal ones and while nothing new, nice to have a new probe to follow you around or use as decor. The real prize is the droid Companion. VERY nice. While not as big as the regular in-game versions or MT-4X, it makes a decent substitute for military looks outside of Trooper class.

Tuning: I don’t get this one. Sparks, fires, sound effects….so you want to make the weapon look crappy? I think it would look better on vibroblades than weapons or sabers, but unless you want a really battle damaged look, I don’t see the appeal.

Decorations: Honestly a kinda bland selection. Great if you want a Mandy-focused Stronghold, but not very useful otherwise. The tent is awesome but HUGE and needs both a big spot and natural terrain to make it work. Why are the displayed and mounted lightsabers having active blades?!? The hell?

Overall…it’s an ok pack. Better than the previous one but not that exciting. I recommend getting the armors if you can and the Companion, but only buy the packs themselves if you’re ok with cash. Otherwise, just save and hit the GTN on Saturday.

A sniper rifle is a fragile precise weapon. No problem with that. It’s not like a mace or some kind of club, like the rude stuff Jedi use. You don’t beat the hell out of your enemy with the rifle.

Never seen a Barrett M82A1 50 cal “Anti-Material” rifle before, have you 😉 You could beat a moose to death with it.

Most military-grade sniper rifles are actually extremely durable, since snipers often have to get into difficult areas for a shot, by themselves and in rough terrain. A fragile weapon is useless if you have to hike 10 miles of dense jungle or arctic terrain and then it refuses to fire at a moment’s notice. The Tarisian models in game have a far better and more realistic look to them.

This rifle looks…cheap. A few thin tubes with a set of small boxes attached and a laser sight, because laser sights on long range weapons make sense (sic). If it is your thing, that’s fine. I’m going by my personal opinion and general plausibility of the weapon in question.

Do you really need to ask why they are hard to obtain? because if you only get one in a 100 packs, you’ll need to buy 100 packs if you want one. If there was one in ten you’d only have to buy 10. They knew people really want them, so making it one in 1000 is the logical thing to do. Remember: Bioware gets that dictated by EA: EA does everything for money.

Ah, but are you the one that has to buy the 100 crates? Can you buy them? Or is it simply easier to skip them and go direct to the GTN? Or skip the weapon altogether disappointed but nowhere near invested enough to make the effort?

The real logical thing to do is to remember that in marketing and sales, there is a consumer breaking point, when the supply does not meet the demand. Thus if you put (or seemingly put) the desired item out of reach, the consumer moves on and buys nothing. They have to believe they have a reasonable chance to get what they want in a Hypercube, or nothing happens. Needing to drop $1-300 USD just to get a single saber in a video game is silly.

And for those who are trying to sell them for 80-100 million credits in the GTN? Piss off. I know we got a few billionaires thanks to a little cheap a while back, and I really do hope every single one of you lose your accounts somehow. The in-game market is badly out of whack, to the point that I have heard a few rumors about price fixing to control it. Thanks, guys.

You can go to the GTN but only if someone else bought the 100 packs to get it who then decided to sell it.

Exactly. And thanks to the absurdly rare drop rate, players put up insane prices. So now only the most hardcore grinders and long term players can afford it…but you also hit a weird point of diminishing returns. In this game, you only have to get one of them, and then you have it forever. Once the few that CAN buy it have one, the rest sit in limbo forever.

Works if you’re going for the ‘badass war hero who doesn’t have time to fix his/her weapon because he/she is too busy being badass’ vibe 😛

Works for smugglers and maybe BH too just in general. Heck maybe for a more lonegunsman jedi. A lot of characters in Swtor lore were fix it themselves type rogues. I could see Han, Zayne Carrick, or Cade Skywalker running around with a damaged weapon.

That’s probably the only weapon tuning I’d want on my assault cannon or anything for that matter. The lightning one sounds good, but having lightning on the barrel of my cannon is not that interesting, even on the sabers and swords it stays near the hilt so its not like you get a cool looking lightning sword.

At least with this tuning it gives the weapon character, especially on the cannons since the sparks and smoke seem to be more defined? can’t think of a better word right now. Its probably due to the size of the cannon, either way its a better tuning for commando’s in my opinion.

The unstable lightsaber, the lightning tuning, both look also damaged.

If you don’t like the damaged tuning, don’t use it! Sell it to poeople like me who like it!

I’m assuming they hoped people would think it makes the lightsaber look unstable to go with the vented lightsaber. Well… could have worked!

Eric here. I would like to thank everyone for the constant feedback and assure you that we are listening.

Eric, any chance for the unstable vented ls to be scaled to fit smaller body sizes? And please… KotOR 2 Jedi robes. after so many years. <3

Eric here again, of course, but only if you buy more hypercrates, and remember tell all your friends to sub. This will surely get me the money I need to buy my third Tesla and maybe a new Lambo, my old one is a month old, eww!!! Anyways on to the buffet…
-Eric Musco
Your beloved Swtor Developer

Hope you guys consider making a Kell Dragon mount some day 😉
The Gapillian is cute though.

i understand that you guys got mouths to feed and the suits will always be the suits but… cant you do something about them odds (and those dang lightsaber and blaster sounds, i feel like you guys have never listened to the movies sounds effects)? I dont know about how much an average person makes in the US but for me getting a hypercrate every month is a bit too much ( i can afford more but it feels like im throwing my money away cause i aint getting much out of them) , just think that the complete DA inquisition pack in origin now costs 39,90 euros , an awesome game along with its dlc’s just for 39,90 euros and then think how much a hypercrate costs… its unrealistic. These packs are way more worse than the old ones (the RNG was a lot nicer in the past , trust me i wasted lots of money on these things) but the price is still the same (purely based on my own experience and the hateful RNG of these packs that just sadisticly enjoys torturing me).
What im trying to say is… is the gamer in your hearts ok with this? nah you dont have to answer that…i know your boss is watching…
As for the artistic sense of those items in these packs…you must have seen the mods ppl make for free for games like skyrim and fallout3,nv,4 and most of them are amateurs while you guys are pro’s … and think that in order to get a full gold set it will probably cost us the price of a full AAA game… somethings wrong there. And im still paying for sub… i mean yeah you gotta make money but…would it kill you to ,i dont know , increase the quality of all the items? not just the platinum / gold ones without asking for more money?
Am i being being irrational here?
And i have heard the “we are listening …” line so many times that it makes me wonder at what exactly are you listening? You are indeed listeing but my moneys keep being wasted on crappy packs with poor RNG.
No offence man i have no idea how difficult your job is but seeing others doing it for free and being very good at it im wondering how come you guys cant make my jaw drop like amateurs do in other games for free.
Not that everything sucks but im not impressed. Every once and a while you do something awesome but that happens rarely. I assume its the business side of the issue that makes things complecated and i wanna have faith in your ability to provide us with good content and be able to respond to bugs faster , specificly those that cost us money.

Well then for a start most if not all helmets on body type 1 always look like they are out of proportion to the head, the only one that I have came across that looks right is Shae Vizla’s original armour released in the cartel market.

I am sure you are. How the new class changes came in without any testing, and how I have reported at over 2 years ago (in a bug report and recently again) how the star forager belt on male body type 3 does not work correctly. I.e how the belt has the cylinder goes half up the back at about a 70 degree angle as well as that part of the armour being attached to the arm of body type 3 males and swings through the body of the character.

Sure it is not something that affects game play perse but have a bit of pride in you work people and fix these kind of things when you get it mentioned to you in bug reports and not called out on how slack you are with things being fixed in the game.

The good thing about this pack is that so many trying to get that vented lightsaber. Because of that everything else will be dirt cheap on GTN 🙂
Bring it on…

I tried two packs, since I had my monthly CC sitting around with nothing to do. Got three chance cubes out of the pair of them. And we all know what comes in chance cubes.

Honestly, having chance cubes in packs is just an insult, but buying a pack and having NOTHING from THAT PACK in it? That’s straight fucked up.

I had four chances to get something from the revenge packs I bought, and got one.

Chance cubes are whatever and all, but they should be sold individually, and not used as fodder to pad out the chances that people who don’t buy extra cartel cash won’t get a chance at SOMETHING.

If only because that also kind of fucks the people who DO spend extra money on cartel cash.

Agree. I will be OK if every pack would have:
1. Companion gift
2. Jawa scrap
3. One new deco
4. One other random thing from new collection
5. Chance cube (I honestly like them but not then you get nothing from new collection)

which armor is she wearing in min 1:40 of the video? it looks a lot like arcann’s but it isn’t in any cartel pack

Hey Dulfy, is it possible for you to show the Droid companion’s size in comparison to one of your characters? If it is as big as I think it is, I will be very happy.

It’s not very big; it is shorter than a Type 2 male. Wider, but it’s not at all like the hulking Colicoid guard droids you’ve seen in the world.

I really hate the timer. Want to buy stuff at the GTN.

On the other hand… it’s better to wait a week, till prices drop.

This was the most disappointing hypercrate yet. Out of 30 packs, I got 38 chance cubes. Worse, the stuff I got from the chance cubes was more interesting than what I got from the packs. I used to happily buy two crates every release, but they’ve managed to put a damper on my buying enthusiasm. I have no problem spending the money, but when the payoff is mostly old items, it’s just not very much fun.

I get the math… guess I don’t get why you advertise one thing, and get something else, say… something you already had, cause you bought it before

i opened up 60 and got 4 gold items no platinum and a plethora of “grand” chance cubes. And yes i got most of the silver stuff. i remember that i almost filled a whole page of my cargo hold with the chance cubes i got. The decorations have absolutely no value for me since i dont really care about the character houses. i got the yavin house just cause i like the view. put a mail post , standard and legacy cargo bays , gtn and item mod bench and the jawas so i dont have to run to the fleet everytime i need some extra mats. everything else is wasted on me. I wish the decorations were on different kind of packs so that anyone interested in them could have better chances of getting them plus me whos interested in guns blades and armor could have better odds for them. i know i can sell them and i make good money selling them and then go buy the sutff i need, but its such a chore to just sit there on the gtn window and selling stuff and checking prices all the time.

I typically get around 30 Cubes from a Hypercrate. So far, I’ve always made at least a million from the mostly Bronze Cube drops, so I don’t mind too much. This time, I got more Silver items from Cubes than I usually do.

I got a Bowcaster Grek from a chance cube, so I think I can recoup some cash from that, at least. The other stuff may or may not pay off. Slicer’s Table is worth some money, couple other things that are worth a mil or so.

Today I got a Imperial Command Center, a Swamp Rancor and a Conquerer saber. Can’t complain on that.

This was the first crate I’ve bought since they nerfed them. I think I got 40 cubes 🙁 I used to buy at least 2 crates every time, but I really don’t feel like getting a bunch of stuff I already had. Those cubes really suck.

Hmm, so that’s the same as gold rarity was before. I hope they lowered the costs for Bronze/Silver/Gold but I doubt they would do it.

Ok I can confirm that. Unlock is the same as Gold, it just drops a lot rarer than a Gold.

They already said that all costs will stay the same. The platinum rarity is only there to show it’s rarer than others. It keeps gold prices in all aspects.

Got 3-4 crossguard lightsabers. Need a few set-pieces of the new Shae Vizla armor though. 🙂

3 pics in 3 different locations is not proof. You can move it. 1 pic with all 3 in the same location is a little more like proof, but that is what photoshop is for.

Unless he took the time to move all the contents of bay 3 it’s probably on 2-3 different character’s storage/inventory. Considering one has 4 bays and another 5.

Doesn’t matter.
I can ‘shop you 20 Xguard Saber into one cargo hold.

If using Photoshop… why just put 3 images next to another?

I only saw double-digit millions for the saberstaff on Ebon Hawk last night. Didn’t even see sabers.

as i havent got bought alot pack with the chance cube in itt i have a question. is it rare to get three gold from chance cubes from a hypercrate?

Rare? Not really. I normally score 2-3 Golds. However, the Golds are rarely items I want, need or sell well.

Yes. I’ve got 3 gold items from the last two packs. 2 hypercrates of this pack, 4 of the last.

O, just saw cross saber for 105 and 104 mil, someone who said this will be more then 100 mil was right, but i hope soon will drop.

lol. Is this your first time buying items from GTN?

It will be always crazy prices at start if someone crazy enough to pay that. It will drop trust me. Question is when not if. Could take a week or more.

I know whats gtn, just saying person who said will be <100 mil was right. Im not in hurry, maybe when 40 mil. But since arbiter unstable lightsaber now ~20 mil this one could be somewhat similar too someday, maybe in the end of month.

For sure there is going to be third revision with hilt and blade. Just a gut feeling as they are milking these sabers for all they can.

This packs now seems like 1 super cool item and items to fill free space. About 3rd lightsaber with both this things, personally me dont want it as well as i dont want unstable arbiter. Unstable its for reckless characters and i have non to fit it. But this defiant vented lightsaber have stable blade and looks like made normal, not from scraps or cracked crystal. (:

Prices will start dropping between tomorrow and Saturday. Then depending on the rarity will fluctuate. I do see people already offering to buy for 100mil on fleet.

Well they can try but i just bought it moment ago for 15mil 🙂 (other are still listed for 80m+)

And dual version is down to 12m and many are selling. I think it will go down even more since it looks ugly.

kinda funny i saw those single sabers on the gtn for 69 mil cheapest while the fugly ass saberstaff version is up for 10 mil 😛

I wound up getting all of it, then selling the Helmet, Feet and Gloves as they all looked like doodoo on an actual toon. The chest turned out nice though…lol.

That’s kind of how I felt with mine, too. Got several decent items, but geez, those frakkin’ Chance Cubes.

yeah got a hypercrate and 20 out of 30 of the packs where just double chance cubes and jawa junk. Think bioware know the game has lost significant players and are making a last effort to make as much money. The in game credit inflation was probably done on purpose to make it so people feel they have to spend real money to avoid it and since they try to ban anyone who buys from gold sellers it makes it impossible for most to even think of getting any of this stuff without spending real money. Like how they pretty much force you to sub since every item you need to play unsubbed are always set above the escrow limit making it so real money is needed one way or another unlocks or not. starting to feel like a trap

Anyone on Ebon Hawk have a Wicked Huntress Upper box they would trade for Commander Vizla Upper box? Trying to complete the Vaylin-ish set for a friend as a surprise.

Come on guys put some of these hypercrates to the GTN in progenitor 😀 My credits are ready

Credit inflation on Prog is out of control. Great server but too many industrious players with too many credits.
It’s hard to pick up new CC items for credits these days.

Just checked the GTN. 45million for the new hypercrate lol. Are those ppl crazy or what? These new hypercrates worth maximum 20-25million. I remember that the first pack that contained Chance cube was 15-18million and its increased with every new pack. Good old days when hypercrates were 5-10million lol 😀

This is awesome! CC broke this month but it really doesn’t matter. With the exception of the sabers most everything else is super cheap. To those peeps who say zero day buys are a bad idea, I grin in your general direction and thank you for not buying my stuffs. Woo-hoo!!!

Super cheap? I don’t know. I got the Duststorm armor set for 10k, and I see the Wasteland raider listed under 100k and that’s about it. I don’t sleep on credits so a gold set for 4-10 mil isn’t that cheap to me. Good for you though.

True. The gold sets are still up there but still better than some past sets. The tunings are wayy better than the last. Got two for 1.5 mill each, got 3 complete sets of both silver armor sets for less than 200k all together (saves CC’s). New crystals and pets for only 5k each. I’m sure the gold armors will settle in a week and hold for a few more but all in all not a bad start for a few days in on a newly released pack. The Defiant Vented dualsaber is already down to 4 mill on JC (it’s ugly, should have been vented on both sides). Oh wells. Typical really for a pack release. Overall I’m happy. Prolly get MOST everything with a round or two of heroics. Still feel sorry for those that do them without a stealth class. Must be hell.

You know you get a tidy sum of credits for doing bonus quests right? If you’re stealthing past the bonuses, you shouldn’t be feeling sorry for anyone but yourself XD

I’m calling it now I buy 10 crates and don’t get a single lightsaber but my friend buys four and gets three. Lucky bastard.

You bough 10 hypercrate ?!! Anyway, with 10 hypercrate you sure have enough value to trade or buy one anyway lol.

Bro, thats like $500 worth. There has to have been a better way…
About $100-$150 worth of credits from the credit farmers would have bought a vented saber on the GTN…

This. Koala kredits is reliable, I used to purchase from them for TSW. Better than with stupid RNG

Lol! People are buying hypercrates (30packs) and no platinum items, you need to be really lucky to get it from just 10 packs

Brought 30 boxes .
Didnt get any useful item or saber.
How the hell i am?
Am i super bad luck brian spirit????

This is why I stopped buying crates when they got rid of reputation. I could somewhat justify it when I could still get something cool from the vendors. But overall my luck is complete crap and it is way cheaper to just buy off the GTN.

I got the supplementary armour pieces pack for wicked huntress for 100k someone must be raging out there for making that mistake and me insta buying it. I was soo lucky.

If the Annihilator hits the 2-3 million range in the next week I might pick one up. Still don’t like the over all look but there is that chance at a customization. Right now I think QO-77 looks way better so can’t justify 4.5 to 10 million for a maybe.

I’m sure it will with patience. On Begeren Colony, I’ve found with all the cartel pack companions that if you wait until just the right moment they drop to the lowest value – about 2.5 mil – usually about a week before the next pack comes out. ( but i check every day anyways.) Once the following pack comes out, they start going up in price again because there becomes less of that companion on the GTN and everyone is posting the newer one.

So. just logged onto swtor after 3 weeks, and saw they finally released the Cross Guard, and im loading my game up now. so whats the deal. it took me awhile to get the unstable ones. is this new one the same as the first single unstable hilt. like 100 mil? or what, please tell me its not rediculous and un obtainable if you dont have 100 bucks or hell 30 to spend on crates, i get maybe 1k cc a month, and usually buy stuff with creds in game, so whats my chances of getting this saber, specially if i make it my #1 priority , i got lots of rare stuff to trade/sell. and creds can be farmed, but i am not spending 100mil lol A. cause i cant get that much, and B. its too much. and its plain wrong if they don’t make it available to people. they should of just put another version on the cartel market to buy,cause theyl stil make money, i understand why they don’t at first but after the next pack comes out they should put it on there for 500 to 1000 cc

There is a very good chance they will create one in the future with the crossguard and the unstable blade (or so I keep hearing), so the price on this one will likely plummet as a result the way the unstable arbiter blade plummeted upon the release of this one.

The unstable blade went down well before the cross-guard was revealed, on account of it being in more than one pack.

Wicked Huntress with a stupid full cape, not similar to what Valyn’s cape. Wasted so much creds on these

got the wasteland raider set for less then 200k
best purchase since the jetpack on the back actually works with the bounty hunter out of combat heal.

You can really tell the QA for this stuff is dropping. the Wasteland set should never have been released with such a crappy helmet specifically the part that covers the neck and the Commander Vizla armor’s helmet the lower jaw moves as you speak. These are glaring problems that any decent QA would spot in a heart beat.

Yup. I’ve always seen a wall between QA and the programmers. As well as customer service. (Not just with swtor)

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