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SWTOR June Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Notes and coverage of the SWTOR June Producer’s Livestream where upcoming content will be discussed.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 14
  • Subscriber Rewards
  • Dark side vs Light Side Event
  • Chapter 15
  • Wrap Up

State of the Galaxy

  • Chapter 15 launch very smooth, no major bugs.
  • SWTOR Cantina Tour 2016 – will be at the Star Wars celebration in July. Don’t need ticket for celebration to get in. Next cantina after is probably in New York with the comiccon but not fully confirmed.
  • Eternal Championship contest participation was out of control, one guy did it 310 times.
  • Starting with Chapter 15 pack, you will either get a Bronze item in the pack or a Grand Chance Cube.
  • Will keep give you explanations for the class changes like the one that was in Patch 4.5.
  • Musco’s marathon stream went pretty well, crazy giveaways at the end.

Chapter 14 – Mandalore’s Revenge

  • Assault a massive enemy fortress with Shae Vizla, Torian Cadera, and the Mandalorian Clans
  • Uncover the secret behind the Eternal Fleet
  • Recruit the vicious Talz warrior Broonmark who is on a bloody warpath of revenge.

Featured Community Contributors

  • – Lana Beniko cosplay
  • #TheronThursday hashtag on Twitter and #swtorfamily
  • Bad Feeling Podcast

Subscriber Rewards

July subscriber rewards

  • HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration (poster)
  • Early access to Chapter 16
  • Subscriber by July 1st to quality


Dark Side vs Light Side Event

  • Join a Galactic event and Earn Epic Rewards in celebration of SWTOR’s 5 year anniversary that will run for a few months.
  • Choose dark side or light side
  • More info will come around 3 weeks from today.
  • When you play the game, the sum of all the dark side choices and light choices that everyone made during the event will impact the game and rewards you get – i.e. One of the new companions you can get as rewards is a brand new companion we havn’t seen before. Depending on which side wins the companion will either be a light side based or dark side based companion. This will change their appearance, personality and combat abilities.
  • Six tiers of rewards you can get – supposedly to be the “best” rewards you can get.
  • We looked at past 6 months of play history and light side choices dominated (59% vs 41%).
  • We will give periodic updates to let you guys know how each side is doing.
  • This event will start June 28 along side Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – GEMINI Deception

  • Coming June 28
  • Lead a daring assault of your whole gang on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet
  • Uncover more of the secrets behind Scorpio and the GEMINI droids.
  • According to the developers it is one of their favourite chapters.
  • Short video teaser at end of the stream.
  • Musco thinks the chapter should be called “ BLANK” get real.
  • Guss Recruitment mission – recruit the loveable ex-Jedi con man into your alliance. Help Guss unlock his true potential and guide his training in the force. Guss is kind of a loser who is not good at anything other than being at your side and tricked people to think he has more power.

June Producer Livestream Wrap-up | 06.03.2016, 08:57 PM

Hey folks,
Thank you to everyone who tuned into the livestream. Here is what we discussed, in case you missed it.

  • Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge is now live!
  • Starting with Chapter 15’s CM Pack, we are reintroducing new bronze items. If you would get a bronze item in a pack it can be either a new item, or a Chance Cube
  • July Subscriber Rewards
    • Hk-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration
    • Early Access to Chapter XVI


  • New Event Coming: Dark Side vs. Light Side
    • Galactic event with epic rewards
    • Launches on June 28th
    • Dark and Light decisions made across the entire game are tallied, one side will win and it has impact.


  • Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception
    • Launches June 28th
    • Lead a daring assault on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet!
    • Guss recruitment Mission

Thanks again everyone. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in this thread.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

300 replies on “SWTOR June Producer’s Livestream Coverage”

“Starting with Chapter 15 pack, you will either get a Bronze item in the pack or a Grand Chance Cube.”

Nice to see BW listening to feedback once again. If you’re going to completely ignore what everyone is saying, at least have the decency to just ignore it and carry on rather than take the fucking piss.

I’m glad to see they’re kind of listening to us. A maximum of one chance cube per pack is what I wanted to see. Remains to be seen if the “Bronze item” will be a new item, or an old item; if they’re old items, that’s not really any different from it being a chance cube, so I presume they’re reviving the Bronze tier of items.

But it will decrease the chance of getting silver,gold,plat rarity item isnt it? “You will either get a Bronze item in the pack or a Grand Chance Cube.” Thats means you will have more chance to get bronze.

I’m going to wait for clarification, but I believe the intent is that you will never get more than one chance cube per pack: if you would have drawn two cubes, it will be one of the new Bronze items instead. It won’t affect your chances of getting better items, but will mean less older stuff in new packs.

Right now, you don’t get any Bronze items, you will get two chance cubes. The chance of getting better items is not affected. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the chance right now is: 80% Chance Cube, 15% Silver, 4% Gold, 1% Platinum. In the next pack, the chances are: 40% Chance Cube, 40% Bronze, 15% Silver, 4% Gold, 1% Platinum. Same odds to get the better drops, but now you will get new Bronze items instead of multiple chance cubes.

I am interested in this Light Side vs. Dark Side event, but mostly
intrigued in this possible companion reward. In theory, this could be a
wonderful way to bring us a canon Jaesa Wilsaam; note the fact that she
is the only Light Side/Dark Side split companion in the game. Of course,
if Jaesa’s Force morality is at stake in this event, I will have to go
Dark Side even though I predominantly play Light Side. I believe that
Dark Side Jaesa is just better for the Sith Warrior story than her nicer

Of course: forcing a romance option into one
variant or another will likely result in backlash from the half that
like her the way that winds up losing. I’m sure her story during the
time skip can incorporate these things to make for a smooth transition
though. It can also solve a potential coding problem in bringing Jaesa
back in the first place. Of course that last point in complete
speculation since I don’t know how hard coding a “Jaesa for all” would
work given her unique morality.

Not to mention tying a romanceable companion to a non-story one-time event.
Jaesa’s just gonna be a mess to bring back. I figure they’ll put it off as long as possible. More than likely, the event will be a choice between HK-55 with Force Lightning upgrade, or HK-55 with Telekinetic upgrade.

Good point on this being a one-time event. Future players will have no chance on impacting their Jaesa at all, which would be highly frustrating and kind of ruin the appeal I see here.

And don’t even mention HK-55. I only just not got the taste of his mechano-wiener out of my mouth.

Sith Warrior would kill DS Jaesa after a couple of days, and it would take a lot of patience to last that long.

In case you didn’t notice Sith Masters don’t usually have brash apprentices, not for long anyways.

Brash? She’s basically the Warrior’s fanatic worshiper and gets offended when you have doubts about her devotion. Haven’t yet seen a more loyal Sith apprentice.

its like bioware is a typical genie, you guys. ” we want access to old item” bioware “ok lets make a random pack that not only replaces all bronze but also makes all the old reputation useless” me ” um ok… but I’ve been collecting since the cartel market started… I have no need for chance cubes, and all my rep items will no longer add to collections are you fucked in the head?” bioware “welp too bad so fucking sad get them from chance cubes or shut the fuck up.” you. ” ok but we now have ruined the market with chance cubes and want more bronze items.” bioware. ” ok we will add bronze items back in that way your not only rolling between bronze silver gold and platinum, your also have a chance cube tire to roll agenst, to make it even more unlikely to get the platinum items.” me… ” fucking told you this was going to happen you sad new sacks of crap, gotta watch your wording with them, because their ‘a special snow flake.’ company welcome to the fucking grind.”

Dark Side Vs LIght Side event starts in 25 days and we are not getting any info about it for 3 weeks? Did I read that correctly? Any clue how long it is going to run?

Thx for the reply. Curious to see if there will be any new/reutilized specific content for this or if it just will be black talon farming. Makes me want to consider holding off on running chapter 14 on the rest of my toons as there is 350-400 ds/ls available in the chapter and comp mission. Hopefully we know more sooner rather than later.

if its an event grind for a companion someone at bioware is going to go this mace up their ass, I still want to kill the mother fucker who suggested chance cubes, and or platinum items, but knowing these guys its most likely a monkey throwing shit as a how to fuck the fans, random wheel.

I think it’s fascinating to see the light-side vs. dark-side choices have an effect overall, but I also would rather let darkside characters get a darkside companion, and lightside characters get a lightside companion. I’m not on a PVP server for a reason: I don’t want to compete with other players. I don’t want my companion to take away someone else’s choice of companion.

/rp pessimist
They have no real willpower against the fanbase. I expect them to drop the winner first, then a few denials and a few months afterwards they will drop the identical look and voice twin who just has the opposing philosophy. Possibly followed with a special chapter for the two characters to meet and interact for players who subscribed for the entirety of season 2.
rp pessimist

I am curious how they will handle this as well. I seriously hope that both become available. I also hope that it is a female alien as we are lacking those companion types. Romanceable might be nice, but not necessary.

If by the end of the dark/light event it is 50/50, will we get a sick grey jedi like Jolee Bindo?

anyone know if there is a way to get rep for factions that were part of the initial cartel market stuff? i have 2 i want to finish but you cant get the rep items anymore.

only way is to buy old packs/crates off the GTN, if there are any left.
Rep tokens drop from playing the cartel slot machine, but only for that specific reputation.

Sometime in the future they may find a way to make a cashgrab off old pack reps and cartel certs, but as of now its abandoned content..

the event’s gonna be annoying, exp[ect to see a dark side companion with all the personality of broonmark ebcause of edgy edge lords

“We looked at past 6 months of play history and light side choices dominated (59% vs 41%).”

Yeah because the dark side choices you give us are shit

This is true. A good dark side decision revolves around killing young infants, not deciding whether to save some scumbag or not.

Depends on class, but I disliked that as a DS Sith Warrior I’m basically acting like Joffrey Lannister. You get to be a jerk, a total jerk, and a murderous psychopath. Darth Malgus is pure Light Side compared to this.

From the original class stories, playing DS with all imp classes made some sense (as did LS), agent was the one iÍ enjoyed the most. For the reps, trooper worked, haven’t tried smuggler, but seems like it would work too. The jedis just felt awkward. While in kotfe and to some extent, Revan, DS choices across the board often felt pretty dumb compared to the LS ones.

agreed, DS in KOTFE aren’t even thought out, just how much of an asshole you want to be because you can. No reason for it

I mostly mean the DS choices during KOTFE, I actually enjoyed the DS options for IMPS, DS Jedi just seem like they throw hissy fits

This had better not be some ploy to decide how to put Jaesa back in the game. They did say new, but they could spin it in a way like she’s new for that chapter or she’s new for other classes.

Either way I’ve got two warriors one with Dark Jaesa and one with Light Jaesa so this better be a new new companion or else one of my warriors gets screwed and if that last six months thing is accurate it will probably be my Dark Warrior.

Crap I just re-read that and realized they said brand new never before seen, so just ignore what I said, I’ve been down lately and just assuming the worst of everything this past week.

They mentioned something about after KOTFE would be when they work on a new raid and other endgame content, but I’d take that with a grain of salt because I can’t name any sources for that.

I think they said that no group content in kotfe season, but this dosent mean it will be sometime after. Maybe even universe ends faster then this…

lol, good joke… these people can barely even produce SP content , and you think they’ll ever work on Group content again? oh thats a good one 🙂

I love how they still didn’t adress how the eternal championship was fucking rigged. Fuck you bioware, cheating legitimate players out of winning your competition and changing the rules last second to be able to choose your victors. Assholes.

Here for details on how they rigged this competition. Multiple videos of the true victors.

So… I see Guss with a lightsaber… Are they going to change the weapon type on him, like they did to SCORPIO, Torian and Jorgan? And if so, would Raina Temple receive the same treatment? Not in this Season, but the next maybe??? Not saying I agree, but it would be consistent to what they did to the other comps…

Old datamined stuff suggests he’s a Jedi comp now, IIRC. I think you can even see it via previewing one of his comp customisations.

Oh ok… I know he used to be a Jedi, but Ensign Temple also has Force abilities… It would be interesting to pull that move on her as well…

Makes sense with Guss. Kinda always got the vibe that he felt a little bad about being a sucky Jedi, like maybe he regretted not doing better. Temple, though, strikes me as someone who would have no interest (she even says she’s not strong enough) in being a Sith.

If she started using a lightsaber in combination with technology, though, rather than being a Sith proper? That’s something I’d like to see, personally.

Kinda feel the opposite. Keep her guns, but let her use force for heals, tanking and special dps moves.

Right. That’s not a lightsaber, sonny! That’s a UCT. ‘Universal Cutting Tool’! They’re indispensable for any kind of janitorial work. Any idiot would know that!
“Lightsaber”, sheesh! Next you’ll be telling me you think you some kind of Jedi!

producers live stream on future content “Games going Single player like it has for the past 18 months people, but we still require your monthly fees to update the cartel market so u can keep spending $$$$. May the Ignorance be with you, Whoops type-o WE mean may the force be with you” *laughter comes from conference room*

i dont sub, and i care because its really the only mmo i enjoyed raiding in with friends, i still do, but only for the social aspect since there’s been nothing new for a long long time

Because most female companions (if not all of them) are romancable. And as they said, all the romancable companions appear in kotfe story, not in recruitment.

But almost all the force sensitive companions are females. There r two force sensitive males: scourge and Xalek. Romance options if u like woman is through the roof. I think woman have a good presence in swtor.

I think it’s pretty clear: Males are better. Yes, yes, we’ve known this from the start, but now, BioWare/EA is going to the extreme and no longer giving a shit about who notices. It’s glorious patriarchy. GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU! <3

Really? Guss? Of all the remaining companions they could’ve chosen to bring back in Chapter 15 they choose Guss.There are better Force Sensitive companions to bring back, like EVERYONE BUT GUSS!

Well, better fish-face than the angry tumor I suppose…

I can’t take all the credit for it. Gault calls him that in Chapter 13 if you’re playing BH

They all got together for an orgy/pillowfight while they were waiting for the outlander to return.

Which took place on our beautiful Rishi Private Island Stronghold and they recorded a holo for you. Coming Soon

These Alliance Alert missions have existed in some form since KotFE came out last year. This means they didn’t choose Guss over Ashara, for example, all of a sudden. This mission (Shining In The Darkness) has been around since last year, albeit incomplete.

Unfortunately, the two remaining Alliance Alert missions FOR SEASON ONE are for Zenith and Rusk/Skadge (the angry tumor XP). It would seem that all three missions (Guss, Zenith, and Rusk/Skadge) are on Nar Shaddaa, as well.

Now that you’ve said that he’s probably going to come back using a vibroblade or something.

All the other Force-using companions are major characters. They’ll have their own chapters dedicated to them.

Hey all
Eric here, just wanted to tell you guys that you only get the HK-55 poster if you sub, if you get your friends to sub we will give you complimentary Hk-55 themed boots. Anyways onto the buffet….

Hey Eric?
When u gonna put “rewards” for females characters? I’ve always dream about HK inspired dildos 😉 Can you pls put them into game? 😀

The weapons were made from re-purposed extremities of HK-55. All Extremities. Just look carefully and understand that tampering of any kind invalidates the warranty of said product.

Not too shabby..the Light Side VS Dark Side event and the HK-55 Poster are probably my favorites parts of this Stream…oh and Guss

Light Side vs. Dark Side sounds interesting. As to the choice… do you make it for each character or for your entire account? Seeing as I have at least two characters who heavily lean light side and one who is pure dark side.
Also, I hope this is not how they figure out which Jaesa gets used for Alliance recruitment in the future.

To me it sounded like they intend to let the whole server population decide which event-reward is handed out. (i.e. more dark side in August than light ones? here’s DS Jaesa for everyone! Enjoy!)

“One of the new companions you can get as rewards is a brand new
companion we havn’t seen before. Depending on which side wins the
companion will either be a light side based or dark side based
companion. This will change their appearance, personality and combat

The info is all there, you just gotta read it.

“I hope this is not how they figure out which Jaesa gets used”
It’s actually a good idea — I mean if they take your character’s (not entire community’s) choices in KotFE to determine which Jaesa you’ll get. So for example a LS Jedi Knight will meet the LS Jaesa and the DS Warrior will reunite with his DS lover. Everyone’s happy.

I think that they will use DS Jaesa in public and if you are a LS toon or recruited her using LS options she will have bonus conversations exposing it as a cover she used to survive the last 5 years in the Empire.

sounds like what the end result will be from the entire community choices

“We looked at past 6 months of play history and light side choices dominated (59% vs 41%).

We will give periodic updates to let you guys know how each side is doing.

Kinda figured at some point Guss would actually become a Jedi of sorts. I like him regardless, and cool to think the Smuggler has a real Force user as part of their original companions (and not just faking it now)

All but one of my 16 toons are Light (Had to have one of my Warriors go Dark, for DS Jaesa if nothing else). So I think we can count me in as a major LSP farmer.

Chapter 14 was good, longer, and had good conversation in it. Next up is one of my BHs through it. Should be good.

What I don’t like about it is that they don’t refer to BH as a Mandalorian often enough.

Its tracked. It honestly seems like you have to trigger those acknowledgements with dialogue choices. My Mando BH didn’t exactly feel welcome as both Khomo and Shae referenced my adoptive status, or my honorary recognition in those conversations.

“One of the new companions you can get as rewards is a brand new companion”

So there will be more “new comps as rewards” but only one “brand new”? Seems like those new ones are really the old ones then. Is the DS vs. LS event a KotFE-only thing?

Probably yes, but we don’t have specific info about that. Eric siad that it’s for 5th anniversary so maybe it will be accessible whitout KotFE.

No, your quote is from dulfy’s notes, but the devs only said that one of the rewards is the brand new companion. And since the event is made for swtor’s 5 anniversary, and the light/dark choices are spread all through the game, i don’t think it’s kotfe related.

HK poster is actually funny.
Can`t wait for a Dark Side vs. Light Side event, should be funny. Not that I want Wh*resa in my team in near future, but her being a reward companion will make sence (most likely will never be able to kill her off for good if we will get her that way) and producers life easier in such event. Wish to know about brand new companion we never saw before, who is she/he/it?.
New chapter should be interesting, hoping to face Arcann and/or Vaylin.

PS Yes, Vaylin is a b*tch

I remember the last time the devs let the community decide… What was ist? We could get a rancor holo, a carbonit regen animation or a fucking party jawa…
The damn companion will be so fucking light side, he’ll make you blind.

Well. I could life with getting companions back with every chapter. But it looks like… it’s really the worst ides they had, to spread this over two seasons. Looks like we have to wait for the rest to come back in season 2. Really bad move.

(I know there is this terminal, but I prefer the story way.)

They shoudl have put all the new goofs, like K’Krohl or what ever the wet dog’s name is, in season 2 and give us all classic companions back in season 1.

Would you rather have gotten most of the love interests back from short Alliance Alert missions where your character isn’t voiced, or would you rather have them come back during chapters like Kaliyo, Jorgan, Vette, or Torian? I’d prefer the latter, so waiting doesn’t bother me that much. Besides, getting them back from the terminal doesn’t mess up the story in any way.

In addition, Alliance alerts are unlikely to be involved in future chapters whereas the focal characters seem to have a return chapter followed by inclusion in future chapters. At least I think I saw datamined intel stating that the current team was taking on the ship with the new characters.

Way I see it, the chapter characters come together for a ‘big mission’, then we get a ‘choice that matters’ which can result in one being killed or otherwise removed. Then both (or all) the characters involved are forever out of the story.

I doubt, for instance, we’ll ever see Kaliyo or Jorgan (voiced, anyway) again.

While I definitely felt the same at the start of the second half of season 1 I actually think they are doing things with a modular premise rather than scorched Earth. I am sure that they will not return for season 2 especially since they have many comps who need to return, I think that everyone will have a piece that can be dropped in chapter 16 during the chapter or at least the ending.

Maybe we will get lucky and they will include a few more romance scenes after 16. somewhat recyclable would be nice.

Would make KotFE a LOT less bland if the romances were ongoing. It’d be great to have a few cutscenes where your characters and their LI just sit and talk about shit for a while. Maybe plan their future? Retirement? It’d be great to see more Humanity in some of them, rather than every sentence involving the words ‘Eternal Fleet’ and ‘Arcann’.

So will it be one of the good old school style companions that we can customize? Or one of the jenky new style companions? You know where it’s coming up on 8 months without any appearance options.

Light side vs dark side = everyone do what I did to reach dark/light 10 and spam black talon over and over again on high level toons, 300ish points per run i think.

“Dark and Light decisions made across the entire game are tallied”, even if personal ranking doesn’t matter, if everyone just farmed black talon, all those choices are tallied up.

Sounded like there might be some kind of daily mission attached to the event, to get points towards light/dark – to make it possible for players, who has already completed all story-content and dont fancy farming Black talon – fun as it is, it does get tiresome.

And by ‘fun as it is’, do you actually mean that it’s not fun, never has been, and never will be? ‘Cause that’s exactly how I feel about it. 😛

We got a late aprils fool joke on us when they skipped Chap 14 HK sub reward.

I thought, yes!! finally over!

Vaylin is such a bitch.

She needs a good pounding. It would bring peace to the galaxy after we kill her bro

If they use this event to recycle Jaesa and decide her alignment, I wouldn’t be surprised.

They say this is a companion we haven’t seen before, so who knows. >_<

I know right, in one of their live streams before Kofte launches they talked about showing us a companion we haven’t seen before. turned out be T7.
I mean when using those terms “Havent seen before” i usually think of, “havent seen before >EVER!ONCE!!!<"

but that might just be me.

If they however refer to the latter. I am pretty curious to what it will be

The new companion they told us about before kotfe wasn’t T7, it was Darth Marr. That was the shock factor.

No it wasn’t. When they said that. They did a stream of Lana releasing the outlander from the carbonite prison and revealed T7.

It wasn’t a lie. Lana was not a companion before KotFE. So she was a never before seen COMPANION.

Exactly, sly wording. We’d seen Lana before. Just because she technically hadn’t been a companion before doesn’t make that kind of ‘clever’ use of language any less deceptive.

Fingers crossed it’s not Jaesa either way. I’d hate to end up with DS Jaesa because of other players.

Like I said, unlike Lana, Jaesa has already been a companion, meaning that it won’t be her if the new companion is “a companion we havn’t seen before.”

In regards to DS Jaesa, I wouldn’t mind her being DS. *Biased Darth Ji’inx would never associate with a LS Sith ;)*

DS Jaesa or nothing! We already got the annoying lightside padawan with Ashara.

but we already had a few play through with lana on streams. i remember cause people were questioning it on stream chat asking if its T7 they were referring to.

Plus they already had it discussed that lana would be a companion, we saw her in the trailers and what not. So doubt thats what they meant at all.

whats the difference all the comps are the same either way lol. I still find it funny that people are falling for this rehashed companion crap and are excited about it when their all the same anyways and their just giving you back what theyve taken away to begin with lolz come on people dont be stupid /smh

The comps that come from the packs (beasts and droids so far) are of no interest to me. As you said, all are the same. However I can understand if ppl want them so bad that they’re paying millions. After all, every mount is the same, every armor, weapon, pet and so on. They give you nothing but looks. And for SOME of them (mostly armor) I do get excited and I’m willing to pay a few mil on the GTN.

Hey, when my Sith warrior is through murdering people in cold blood, she likes to go home and (you guessed it) hang up posters of her droid companion!

Of course for example my sith inquisitor at her sith sanctum in the library has a poster of her dearest companion the Hk55. Right above the door way next to the HK themed helmet on the wall under the HK weapon set next to the HK themed droids who guard the HK themed jet pack which it self is a kea to the box which keeps the HK FUCKING THEMED DILDO…

Taking existing Togruta jewelery and cropping some parts = new Togruta character options.

Taking a screenshot of HK, 1 photoshop filter for the background, a simple 2D texture = subscriber reward.

They really put effort in their stuff. Thank god they have StarWars license, bcause nobody would accept a game like that if they didn’t.

Of course the light side choices are a higher percent, the dark side ones result in fewer companions we don’t use……

I’m glad you don’t need celebration tickets to get in cantina, I’ve been waiting for london again since I didnt go the first time and when I went to buy star wars celebration tickets they were practically sold out before it was announced.

Do you really have such a morbid outlook on humanity? I could be serving in the military, I could be going on holiday, I could be going away for work, I could be doing an around the world trip on a boat and you pick prison?! >.<

You had to be somewhere without internet, maybe you were in Antarctica studying the migration of the emperor penguins.

I bet you were walking funny after prison and not able to sit down. How many stitches dis you get?

i wouldnt be to worried i doubt it will be anything spectactular. Just a bunch of pve lol. If they wanted a real dark vs light side event they should have fixed ilum or open a new pvp zone that isnt instanced. I have to say it will be interesting to see 1 decision in the entire time tor has been out that will affect something hehe

I would honestly prefer to bew able to choose my companion’s alignments based on my choices throughout my character’s lifetime, but nope, thats too much effort for them to do….but now they do this crap event that means i won’t even be able to choose for myself….some other pleb that likely loves to cause mayhem, cause he can get away with it.

This is more of the we know there’s no new content but please, please stay subbed for the summer. If it is based on normal in game choices they don’t even have to add anything. Just roll some dice monthly to say which side is ahead. 😀

They get paid for that. Eric has to act excited because that’s his job. But someone should tell them… you can shine up a piece of shit all day long but in the end all you have is still a piece of shit.

Can someone please explain to me what the fuck is going on with Bowdaar?

I started his mission when it launched on my sage. Got him on both my smuggler toons. Went back to finish the mission last night on my sage and had to abandon and restart it. Completed the EC and recruited him.

Logged into my sage tonight and he’s still listed as a recruit (at affection 13), and I can’t find him anywhere, nor can I call him.

Go on the forums for that one, file a ticket in the game. Thats a bug of the worst type

So what’s up with Broonmark, why does he have a second recruitment mission? There was already one on Ilum. Now we have to get him all over again? Wtf?

(I stopped playing this game around half a year ago so I am not up to date with all the news)

At least Xalek has a voice actor and a lightsaber. Broonmark was one of those companions that just left me wondering why any sith would keep him around. Too insane and bloodthirsty for a sensible sith, and too weak and stupid for an axe crazy psycho sith.

But on the whole, I agree, Broonmark is not a likeable character and neither is Xalek. Both are flat and contribute next to nothing to the story.

Yeah they’re kind of filler characters. Especially when it comes to those that don’t speak Basic, you’d think they’d at least give them interesting personalities if they aren’t really important to the main class story.

I feel like they could have done more with the inquisitor and their apprentice, but they ended up just… not going anywhere with it at all. It’s telling that Xalek is so unimportant that he’s not even in the planning room with inquisitor and the other four companions when they’re discussing the final takedown of Thanaton.

An event that should be very important to Xalek… since it will decide if he lives as the apprentice of an important sith, or dies as the apprentice of a disgraced sith. 😐 You’d think he’d have something to say.

Maybe inquisitor left that dumb kaleesh standing in the hall because inquisitor didn’t trust him yet. (I have thought way too much about this.)

the whole inquisitor story is kinda dumb, i still love it but it could have been so much better with chapter 2 would be to actually build an powerbase with chapter 3 being ghost hunting and killing thanaton, im still miffed we dont actually kill him ourselfs regarding xalek yeah he joins inquisitor really late.

I hear ya. To each their own. Personally I didn’t mind someone else killing Thanaton. The last thing Thanaton sees before he dies is the council he worked hard to be on turning against him and destroying him. The inquisitor has disgraced him so much by the end of that fight, it’s almost like it’s beneath the inquisitor to finish him.

Isn’t convincing others to kill for you more sithy than killing a person yourself? Especially if those others are immensely powerful, and brought to your side?

Just killin’ a dude as a display of one’s might is satisfying, but it’s more the wrath’s thing. The wrath is a follower and an executioner… while inquisitor is a schemer and a leader. (And now they’re both the Outlander! Yay. -.-)

That’s not an insult to the wrath by the way. I have a happy appreciation for the differences between the two sith stories. I like it that not all of the 8 characters are the same archtype. They did a really good job making the two sith different aspects of sithyness, and the two jedi different aspects of jedi-ness.

I also felt it made more sense for the council to finish Thanaton for just… political reasons. Can’t have people thinking it’s appropriate to walk into the council chambers every day, kill a dark lord and take their title. That’d be chaos. The dark lords are supposed to be seen as untouchable. Much better for the council to frame it as them executing an unworthy member, than a lower sith lord (the inquisitor) making the decision.

Thanaton and Baras both obviously killed their masters to pave the way for their ascension to the council, yes, but they did it through careful schemes, and made sure not to implicate themselves. They didn’t brazenly storm into the council chambers and duke it out there. Inquisitor had no choice but to do that, though, because of Thanaton’s childish behavior (which the other dark lords criticize him for, satisfyingly).

I… I’ve thought about this too much again. *runs away*

That rings true to me too, the Wrath is a “hands on” type of character, the Inquisitor not so much.

It would be a mistake not to let my Jugg kill Baras though. No other NPC in this game have I hated so much as that fat, overblown bastard. I cannot describe the satisfaction it gave me to finish him off. In fact the only alternative to that in terms of sheer pleasure would be to FINALLY have the option to off another Warrior companion… C’mon you guys know who, right? His name starts with an “m”, and finishes with Alavai Quinn… lol…

Hehe. Baras had the perfect minion. Wrath seemed so happy wrathin’ it up for him. Wrath wanted things to kill, Baras had no shortage of things to kill…

You messed up, Baras! You done messed up!

As for Quinn, I don’t hate him so much, but I won’t defend him, either. It’s nonsense that wrath didn’t have the option to kill him after the betrayal. Wrath has killed better people for less. His death has been so requested, I’ll be shocked if murder isn’t an option when/if Quinn returns to the story.

back in beta you could kill quinn 😛 most awesome thing to do
but whiners whined that they suddenly lost their healer even though they clearly made that choice themselves so we are now stuck with nonkillable traitor.

ah the days of hearing all the fat jokes and the darth baras sith code version on DK chat along with the jawa movie titles nowadays nobody says anything on DK anymore a reall damn shame.

idk i mean you are chasing thanton for 2 chapters, i get what you are saying though but still after 2 chapters of dealing with him i kinda wanted to murder him myself:P but still with the rules of the kaggath maybe thats why the council killed him, he made a mockery of the ancient traditions he tries to uphold so much.

regarding thanatons master idk never heard about it since you meet thanaton when he is in like his 50ties?

darth baras on the other hand doesnt actually kill his master the wrath does that but it was that fat bastard who planned the whole thing

Hmm… looking over things again, I was a bit wrong in what I said. Thanaton took the position of his superior, Darth Arctis, after Arctis died under “suspicious circumstances”. Arctis wasn’t his master. Arctis was his direct superior, and head of the sphere of ancient knowledge. It was Baras who more obviously arranged for the death of his former master, Darth Vengean (also a dark council member), and took his place.

Sooo I still think Thanaton had Arctis killed, but Arctis wasn’t his master. I was just getting it confused with Baras. Sith infighting was getting bad, yo! 🙂

The “dumb” comps as I call them all had a significant problem that has been removed in 4.0: their “push” move. I cannot tell you how much it tried my patience to get the kill achievements with those guys. They had that push that made no sense. And yes I could turn it off. In fact I did. That one and the others as well, they were useless as comps, in my modest point of view.

Come on now…didn’t you watch GI Joe? “Knowing” is the first half of the battle.

I do not like the idea of the brand new companion, i mean, i don’t even get to choose its alignment? but everyone else does? lame, very, very lame.

I really hope i heard it wrong and it bases it all on the lone player’s choices and not ALL the players in the world.

I thought for sure I would get a meme of the Jesus warning me about his prowess…lol.

There are over fifty companions in the game now, and you only got to choose the alignment for one of them (two if you count Khem). How is the new contest companion any different?

They take people liking some of the items as people liking the chance cubes, more expensive legacy unlocks, platinum rarity being added to the game months after bronze rarity was removed, etc. They’re completely delusional and show a level of ignorance and contempt that is quite honestly hard to fathom.

They are looking at the amount purchased. They don’t give a shit about us vocal people from the community.

I have this hunch that Arcann is walking the Prince Zuko route and will eventualy join us. Why? The story has too many villians.

I *really* hope Vaylin dies first. She’s an overblown threat and more cheesy than the most stereotypical sith. Not to mention her voice makes me want to rip my ears off…

Are you drunk? It’s more likely Arcann dies, then Vaylin takes over, then cliffhanger, and you need to stay subscribed for the following ten months to get one day early access to KOTFE2 and your HK shaped whoopee cushion.

I actually thought that would be Kylo Ren’s deal but his actions in TFA pretty much made him un-redeemable.

Then again, Vader committed genocide on a mass scale, dismembered his own son, tortured his daughter, personally killed children and his best friend and somehow was considered redeemed so who knows?

His sister or The Outlander will kill him off most likely. But I`m not against Arcann pet, I will feed him and take him for a walk, I swear!

Light Side v Dark Side event ends. LIGHT SIDE WINS 54% – 46%

Eric Musco:

“Yes, yes, well done Light Side, well done Light Side, however…this new page of contest rules must be taken into account, and I have a few last minute % points to award.

To Miss VaderWasFramed, for the cool use of Cartel Coins purchased from Amazon when others were tighter with their wallets, .5% points.

Second to Mr. Opz&SinzRulz, for the best played game of chance cubes that BWA has seen these many packs, 1% point.

And third to Mr. SithLife4Eva, for pure nerve and outstanding courage in running all KotFE chapters on 20 different toons and maxing all comps to 50, I award Dark Side 2.5% points!

And finally, it takes a great deal of courage to stick up for the SWTOR devs but a great deal more to do so on the official forums. I award .5% points, to Mr. JedisSUCKIT.

Assuming that my calculations are correct, I believe a change in companion demeanor is in order. Dark Side wins!”

And for the Dev’s who probably hate what they have to do to keep their jobs, I award 50 points.
developerpuff wins the house cup. players? not so much.

Not going to happen, that and 8v8 pvp are not on the table right now, and never will be with their crumbling game engine. It does make for an interesting slideshow if you were to go kill, say, the Walker in Yavin 4… 🙂

Interesting, but I’m a little confused. Are they giving each side a comp plus an extra comp to which side wins? or just a comp to the side that wins? Honestly, I think it makes much more sense to award each side a companion otherwise alot of people are going to get even angrier. As far as the Hk posters go, atleast they’re finally giving out something that’ll be useful. My Stronghold was running low on large wall decor.

Please, all mighty Force in the sky; give us a Cartel Pack that blows us away this time.

It sounds like it’s one companion for everyone whose dark/light preference will be determined by the winning side.

Another comp… Big deal, like we have few options as far as THAT goes… Whatever, I’m not going to rant on that.

Just so that we understand each other BW guys:

GIVE US THE OPTION TO (FINALLY) KILL MALAVAI IN SEASON 2! That’s worth a sub for me right then and there.

Same here… Well, more Quinn than Skadge, I almost completely ignore that one, but Quinn… So many painful and twisted ways I’ve thought to make him pay for the betrayal…

But remember how our decisions matter and we totally get to decide whether to kill or save companions?


Good times.

I have but cyber type stuff on him since then. Make it look like I took his leg/arm/whatever for said betrayal and I slowly add more over time. 🙂

Oooh the devs say this is one of the best chapters yet. Only the 15th time ive heard that…
(Cherry pick the one fanboi white knight “bioware tells the best stories an no1 cares about ops or pvp” quote here)

Bioware tells mediocre stories, and ops and pvp are the only things worth playing in this game.

even that isnt worth playing these days its the same garbage people keep repeating over and over.
pvp still remains interesting with all the different kinds of people you meet.

Now if only they’d actually give a USEFUL reward … like … I dunno … maybe a holotrainer? because there hasnt been one out since hutt cartel.

What do they mean about chance cubes. Are they saying that from next pack cubes will only take your chance if getting bronze item and nit over every item in pack?

I personally think EA has given up on this game. No new ops and only single player story content is not mmo in my opinion. They seem to only come out with new Cartel vanity items to get your cash and that’s it.

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