Black Desert Cooking Life Skill Guide

A guide to cooking in Black Desert Online with all the available cooking recipes. Updated July 7, 2016. 


July 7 Update 

Added the following recipes

  • Teff Bread
  • Freekeh Snake Stew
  • Fig Pie
  • Pistachio Fried Rice
  • Teff Sandwich
  • Date Palm Wine
  • Couscous
  • Grilled Scorpion
  • King of Jungle Hamburg
  • Valencian Special
  • Hunter’s Salad
  • Steamed Whale Meat
  • Whale Meat Salad

Getting Started

Why Cooking?

Cooking is an essential Life skill in Black Desert Online that not only enhance other Life Skills but also greatly improve your PvE/PvP experience with a whole array of foods to enhance your combat abilities.

Cooking is relatively easy to pick up and many of its ingredients can be used interchangeably so there is usually no need to chase down a specific material that might be hard to obtain.

Complementary Life Skills

Cooking associates tightly with Farming and Fishing. While you might be able to get by with purchasing ingredients off the Marketplace, it is much more reliable to get them yourself, especially if you are thinking of mass production.

Fishing is mostly self-explanatory but for Farming you can consult the guide here.

Cooking Setup

To get started on cooking all you need a Cooking Utensil purchased from a Chef (use the NPC window and select the cooking button to locate the closest chef). The basic one you can purchase from the vendors will do for now but as you level up in cooking you may want to look into better cooking utensils you can make from Tool Workshops in cities. The better ones will have higher durability, allowing you to craft more in an AFK cooking session and have faster crafting speeds.


Ingredient Interchangeability & Quality

The great thing about cooking is that in most cases you can interchange ingredients as long they are of the similar type. This means that if a recipe calls for grain you can put in potato or corn and it will just work the same. If it calls for fruits apple or grapes or any other fruits will work identically. You can interchange ingredients in the same recipe as well. If a recipe calls for 4 apples for example, you can put in 2 apples and 2 grapes instead.

Additionally, something to note is that ingredients have three tiers of quality. There is the normal quality which is what most recipes are based on. However, there are also High Quality and Special/Top Quality ingredients that are surrounded by a green and blue border respectively. What this means is that you can use less of the higher quality ingredients in a recipe. The general rules are

  • 1 High Quality ingredient (green) = 3 normal quality
  • 1 Special Quality ingredient (blue) = 5 normal quality


So if a recipe calls for 5 potatoes for example, you can either put in 5 normal quality potatoes or 2 High Quality potatoes or 1 Special potato.

Continuous Production

The last basic feature to mentionis the Continuous Production button on your cooking utensil. All you need to do is put ingredients enough to make 1 batch of the food and then click on Continuous Production. This will allow the cooking utensil to continuously produce the food until it run out of ingredients. However, certain other things can also stop production such as running out of durability on the cooking utensil or running out of energy.


Leveling Cooking

Beginner to Apprentice

From Beginner to Apprentice you should be focused on making Beers for your workers. The recipe is as follows

  • 5x Grain (Barley, Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato, Wheat)
  • 6x Mineral Water (purchased from cooking vendor)
  • 2x Leavening Agent (purchased from cooking vendor)
  • 1x Sugar (purchased from cooking vendor)

Apprentice to Skilled

Starting at Apprentice 1, you start doing some of the cooking dailies in Velia and Olvia to raise your cooking skills (see below). Some of them won’t fully unlock until you reach Skilled.

Making Beer is still a decent way to raise your cooking levels but you might want to start thinking about making Tea with Fine Scent for the Milk Tea/Sute Tea that you will be able to make once you hit Skilled in cooking. I went over the details of Tea with Fine Scent over at this guide but I will also list the recipe below for reference.

  • 4x Flower (Sunflower/Tulip/Rose)
  • 4x Fruits (Apple/Strawberry/Grape/Cherry/Pear/Banana/Pineapple)
  • 7x Mineral Water (purchased from cooking vendor)
  • 3x Cooking Honey

Skilled to Professional

Starting at Skilled 1, you can make Milk Tea/Sute Tea so hopefully you have stockpiled a bunch from the Apprentice levels for use. Once again, the details for making these two teas are covered here but for reference the recipes are as follows.

Milk Tea

  • 2x Tea with Fine Scent
  • 2x Grain Flour (Barley, Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato, Wheat)
  • 3x Milk
  • 3x Cooking Honey

Sute Tea

  • 2x Tea with Fine Scent
  • 2x Butter (shake milk & sugar at 1:1 ratio)
  • 3x Milk
  • 1x Salt (purchased from cooking vendor).


Doing the cooking dailies mentioned below will give you a nice chunk of cooking XP per day but otherwise it is a slow road from here on out. Make whatever you feel like/need.

Cooking Dailies

Olvia Dailies

Olvia dailies unlock as you get to Beginner 10 in cooking and they are much easier to do than the Velia ones. However you do need to unlock the final one with 200 Amity with Nadia Rowen.


Everyone Loves Cheese

  • Make 2x Cheese by Drying Milk in Simple Processing

Rewards: 40 Contribution XP, Recover 3 Energy, Cooking XP. Choice of 3x Milk or Egg

A Glass of Beer

  • Make 5x Beer (5 Grain, 6 Mineral Water, 2 Leavening Agent, 1 Sugar)

Rewards: 70 Contribution XP, Recover 5 Energy, Cooking XP, Cool Draft Beer. Choice of 5x Onion, Garlic, Hot Pepper, or Pepper.

Good Snack

  • Make 3x Boiled Eggs (3 Eggs, 6 Mineral Water, 1 Salt, 1 Cooking Wine)

Rewards: 70 Contribution XP, Recover 5 Energy, Cooking XP. Choice of 10x Onion, Garlic, Hot Pepper, or Pepper.

A Poultry Dish (unlock with 200 Amity)

  • Make 1x Fried Bird  (7x Chicken Meat, 4 Grain Flour, 2 Eggs, 3 Pepper)

Rewards: 120 Contribution XP, Recover 5 Energy, Cooking XP. Choice of 10x Strawberry or Grape.

Velia Dailies

Velia Cooking dailies start to get unlocked once you get cooking Apprentice 1 but two of the later ones require Skilled 1 and Skilled 6 to complete. The dailies are from Shelley in the bottom floor of the building to the left of Igor Bartali. You must complete the quest Do You Remember How to Cook? from Shelley first to unlock them.


Memory in Your Hands #1

Make 5 Fish Filet Salads

  • 2x Fish or 4x Dried Fish
  • 3x Onions
  • 2x Cheese (Drying Milk)
  • 2x Dressing (1x Olive Oil, 1x Mineral Water, 1x Egg, 2x Salt)

Rewards: 70 Contrib XP, Choice of 5x Milk, Pork, Egg, Potato.

Memory in Your Hands #2

Make 5 Fruit Wine

  • 5x Fruits (Apple/Strawberry/Grape/Cherry/Pear/Banana/Pineapple)
  • 1x Exotic Herbal Wine (3x Dough, 1x Essence of Liquor, 5x Mineral Water, 2x Leavening Agent)
  • 2x Mineral Water
  • 3x Essence of Liquor (1x Flour, 1x Fruit, 1x Leavening Agent)

Rewards: 70 Contrib XP, Choice of 5x Milk, Pork, Egg, Potato.

Memory In Your Hands #3 – Skilled 1

Make 5 Ham Sandwich

  • 2x Grilled Sausage (6x Meat, 1x Onion, 2x Pepper, 2x Salt)
  • 2x Soft Bread (6x Dough, 2x Leavening Agent, 2x Egg, 3x Milk)
  • 5x Vegetable (Cabbage, Paprika, Pumpkin, Tomato, Olive)
  • 4x Egg

Rewards: 70 Contrib XP, Choice of 10x Milk, Pork, Egg, Potato.

Memory in Your Hands #4 – Skilled 6

Make 2 Serendia Special

  • 1x Ham Sandwitch
  • 1x Meat Pie (4x Meat, 6x Dough, 2x Sugar, 2x Olive Oil)
  • 1x Beehive Cookie (4x Dough, 6x Cooking Honey, 2x Egg, 4x Milk)
  • 2x Boiled Bird Eggs (3x Egg, 6x Mineral Water, 1x Cooking Wine, 1x Salt)
  • 2x Fruit Wine

Rewards: 70 Contrib XP, Choice of 10x Milk, Pork, Egg, Potato.

Cooking Ingredients

Cooking Ingredients can be classified into several families that can be interchanged in a recipe.

Seed Vendor

You can purchase most seeds from the Marketplace but incase there are seeds unavailable you can purchase some from the seed vendor in Calpheon, Ahr. She has the most complete seed collection out of any seed vendor. These seeds need to be planted in your garden/farm.

  • Carrot Seed
  • Garlic Seed
  • Grape Seed
  • Hot Pepper Seed
  • Olive Seed
  • Onion Seed
  • Pepper Seed
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Strawberry Seed
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Wheat Seed



Aloe previously was a pain to gather pre-Mediah but with Mediah has become widely available. Infact there is an Aloe node right now Ahto Farm in Mediah where you can send your workers to gather it.


Cooking Honey

Cooking Honey can be obtained exclusively from the Alejandro Farm node near Heidel.



Eggs are a byproduct of Chicken Meat nodes. There are two nodes in Bartali and Finto farm not far from Velia. You can also get them as rewards from Velia cooking dailies and some Olvia cooking dailies.


Milk is obtained by milking cows. You can find cows west of Olvia, Falres Dirt Farm east of Calpheon and in Bain Farmland south of Calpheon. There are dailies by each of the farm for milking cows that will reward you with 10 milk each as well. Additionally, you can get milk by turning in one of the cooking byproducts.



  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Potato
  • Sweet Potato
  • Wheat

Out of the grain family, Potato can be gathered by workers at the Bartali Farm, Loggia Farm or the Finto Farm nodes all close to Velia.


Wheat can be found in Northern Wheat Plantation (east of Calpheon), Costa Farm, and Moretti Plantation south of Heidel.


Barley can be found in Northern Wheat Plantation while Corn can be found in Toscani Farm a bit further from Velia.


Sweet Potato can be found in Shuri Farm in Mediah.


Farming wise, all have seeds taking up 1 garden slot except for Corn which take up 2 slots.

Fish vs Seafood

Fish and Seafood are not interchangeable in a recipe. If a recipe calls for fish, you cannot substitute seafood and vice versa.

Seafoods includes the following

  • Cuttlefish, Squid, Terrapin, Jellyfish, Crawfish, Crab, Octopus, Starfish, Shellfish, Seahorse

If you are looking to fish up seafood while AFK fishing, you need to uncheck the throwaway useless items button or all the seafood will be thrown out.

You can dry fish/seafood via Drying under the processing (L) menu. Dried fish/seafood won’t expire but it will take twice as much in the recipe. So if a recipe calls for 1x fish, you will need to put 2x dried fish.


  • Rose
  • Sunflower
  • Tulip

For flowers the easiest to acquire are Sunflowers as you can mass produce them on a farm. Rose and Tulips can also be gathered manually from Northern Wheat Plantation.


  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Pear
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry

Out of the Fruit family, the easiest to obtain are Grapes and Strawberry. Apples can be only picked off Apple Trees in the wild and the rest are solely from a special vendor in Capheon (Milano Belucci).

Grapes can be gathered from the Casta Farm node just east of Olvia. Farm wise grapes take up 2 garden slots so it is not the best for farming. Strawberry would be a better choice since it only takes up 1 slot.


Meat/Bird Meat/Reptile Meat

For cooking, meat are divided into three categories: regular meat, bird meat, reptile meat. They can’t be interchanged with each other so you cannot use bird meat when a recipe asks for regular meat.

Regular Meat

  • Deer, Lamb, Fox, Rhino, Pork, Beef, Raccoon, Weasel, Bear, Wolf.

Lamb, Pork, Fox and Wolf Meat are usually the easiest to acquire. Lamb can be acquired from the sheep in Lynch Ranch while pork can be acquired from the boars around Northern Wheat Plantation.Fox and Wolf meat can be obtained from the area east of Olvia. Pork is also one of the reward choices from the cooking dailies in Velia.


Bird Meat

  • Kuku Bird, Flamingo, Chicken Meat

The easiest to acquire is Chicken Meat. There are nodes for it at both Bartali and Finto Farm near Velia. Your workers at the Chicken Meat node will also produce Eggs, which is in high demand.


Reptile Meat

  • Lizard, Worm, Waragon, Cheetah Dragon Meat

Lizards can be found in the swamps around Glish. Waragon can be found underground near Northern Wheat Plantation. Cheetah Dragons are found in Mediah.


Spices here includes Garlic, Onion, Pepper, Hot Pepper, and Cinnamon. With the exception of Cinnamon, which is a Mediah addition, the other spices cannot be obtained from nodes and must be acquired from farming/gardening. Olvia cooking dailies do reward them as well but you are limited to 15/day.

Cinnamon can be acquired from the Kasula Farm node right next to Tarif.



  • Cabbage
  • Olive
  • Paprika
  • Pumpkin
  • Tomato

Olive, Paprika, and Pumpkin can be acquired from nodes. Olive can be acquired from Wale Farm node just north of Olvia while Paprika can be acquired from Northern Wheat Plantation. Pumpkins are acquired from Alejandro Farm and Costa Farm west of Heidel.


Olive/Paprika/Pumpkin/Tomato can all be grown on a farm as well. All except for Pumpkin takes up 2 garden spaces.

Simple Cooking

Much like Simple Alchemy, Simple Cooking allow you to make Grain Juices that act as HP potions. The top tier grain juices you can make is even better than the best HP potion you can make and they weigh a lot less.

You do not need to use a cooking utensil to use Simple Cooking. It can be done with the Production Activity window (L). All it needs is 3 Grain and 1 Mineral Water for every Grain Juice you want to make. Since you cannot split stacks in Simple Cooking, you just move your character when you want to stop or it will go on until you are over the weight limit. It no longer cost energy to do Simple Cooking so energy issues are no longer a concern.


To make better grain juices, you can either place 3 of the lower tier grain juice into simple cooking to make 1 higher tier or use the mass production method where you can 30 of the lower tier grain juice and 1 sugar to make 10 of the higher tier.

Icon Name Effect
grainjuice Grain Juice Heals HP +75
concentratedgrainjuice Concentrated Grain Juice Heals HP+125
hqgrainjuice Highly Concentrated Grain Juice Heals HP+200
refinedgrainjuice Refined Grain Juice Heals HP+275


Intermediate Ingredients

Icon Name Skill Ingredients
butter Butter   Shake Salt with Cream
cheese Cheese   Drying Milk
cream Cream   Shake Milk with Sugar
dough Dough   Shake Flour with Mineral Water
dressing Dressing Beginner 1 1x Olive Oil
1x Mineral Water
1x Egg
2x Salt
essenceofliquor Essence of Liquor Beginner 1 1x Flour
1x Fruits
1x Leavening Agent
flour Flour   Grinding any type of grain
redsauce Red Sauce Beginner 1 1x Base Sauce
2x Sugar
1x Meat
2x Mineral Water
vinegar Vinegar Beginner 1 1x Grain
1x Fruits
1x Leavening Agent
1x Sugar
whitesauce White Sauce Beginner 1 1x Base Sauce
1x Milk
1x Fruits
2x Cooking Wine

Cooking Byproducts

Much like alchemy, cooking produces byproducts you can turn in for milk, beer, coins, cooking XP or contribution points. There are 5 different kinds of byproducts that you can hand in to NPCs around Heidel.

dishwithmoreingredients Dish with More Ingredients Exchange 2 for 1 Beer
dishwithweirdtexture Dish with Weird Texture Exchange 5 for 3000 Coins
takeoutfood Taken Out Food Exchange 5 for Cooking XP
stronglyseasoneddish Strongly Seasoned Dish Exchange 3 for 1 Milk
dishwithpoor Dish with Poorly Prepared Ingredients Exchange 5 for Contribution XP

Experience Gain

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
steamedbird Steamed Bird Apprentice 1 5x Bird Meat
3x Vegetables
2x Vinegar
2x Essence of Liquor
2x Salt
Combat XP Increase +3% for 60 min
meatcroquette Meat Croquette Apprentice 1 8x Meat
5x Flour
2x Egg
2x Cheese
4x Deep Frying Oil
Combat XP Increase +5% for 90 min
milktea Milk Tea Skilled 1 2x Tea with Fine Scent
2x Flour
3x Milk
3x Cooking Honey
Combat XP Increase +8% for 90 min
assortedsidedishes Assorted Side Dishes Apprentice 6 1x Fried Bird
1x Seafood
3x Cheese
5x Fruits
Life EXP +5% for 90 min
sutetea Sute Tea Skilled 1 2x Tea with Fine Scent
2x Butter
3x Milk
1x Salt
Life EXP +8% for 90 min
whalemeatsalad Whale Meat Salad Skilled 1 1x Blue Whale Meat
6x Vegetables
2x Dressing
3x Egg
4x Pepper
Life EXP +10/15% for 75/90 min.

Combat Abilities


Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
aloecookie Aloe Cookie Beginner 6 5x Aloe
7x Dough
3x Cooking Honey
4x Sugar
All accuracy +4 for 30 min
steamedfish Steamed Fish Beginner 6 1x Fish (2x Dried Fish)
2x Garlic
2x Salt
3x Mineral Water
All accuracy +4 for 30 min
steamedseafood Steamed Seafood Apprentice 1 2x Seafood (4x Dried Seafood)
3x Hot Pepper
6x Mineral Water
2x Salt
All accuracy +6 for 60 min


Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
boiledbirdeggs Boiled Bird Eggs Beginner 6 3x Egg
6x Mineral Water
1x Cooking Wine
1x Salt
All AP +1 for 30 min
grilledsausage Grilled Sausage Beginner 6 6x Meat
1x Onion
2x Pepper
2x Salt
All AP +1 for 30 min
stirfriedmeat Stir-Fried Meat Apprentice 1 7x Meat
2x Base Sauce
2x Onion
3x Hot Pepper
All AP +2 for 60 min
darkpudding Dark Pudding Skilled 1 1x Oatmeal
1x Pickled Vegetables
5x Bird Meat
7x Deer/Sheep/Goat/Cow/Pig Blood
All AP +3
Damage against humans +2 for 90 mins
hamsandwich Ham Sandwich Skilled 1 2x Soft Bread
2x Grilled Sausage
5x Vegetables
4x Egg
All AP +3
Accuracy +8 for 90 min

Attack Speed

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
seafoodgrilledwithbutter Seafood Grilled with Butter Beginner 6 1x Seafood
3x Butter
2x Salt
1x Olive Oil
Attack Speed Rank +1 for 30 min
smokedfishsteak Smoked Fish Steak Apprentice 1 2x Fish (4x Dried Fish)
1x Olive Oil
2x Salt
Attack Speed Rank +1 for 60 min

Casting Speed

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
stirfriedseafood Stir-Fried Seafood Beginner 6 1x Seafood (2x Dried Seafood)
4x Vegetables
2x White Sauce
2x Hot Pepper
Casting Speed Rank +1 for 30 min
seafoodpasta Seafood Pasta Apprentice 1 2x Seafood (4x Dried Seafood)
5x Dough
3x Cooking Wine
3x Garlic
Casting Speed Rank +1 for 60 min

Critical Damage/Stun Resist

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
kingofjungle King of Jungle Hamburg Professional 1 4x Teff Bread
3x Pickled Vegetables
4x Lion Meat
3x Nutmeg
Stun Resistance +3%, Critial Damage +20% for 110 minutes

Critical Hit

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
meatsoup Meat Soup Beginner 6 5x Meat
1x Pepper
2x Cream
4x Mineral Water
Critical Hit Rate +1 for 30 min
fishsoup Fish Soup Apprentice 1 1x Fish
3x Flour
2x Cream
6x Mineral Water
Critical Hit Rate +1 for 60 min

Damage Reduction/Evasion

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
honeywine Honey Wine Apprentice 1 3x Cooking Honey
2x Essence of Liquor
2x Sugar
6x Mineral Water
All damage reduction +2 for 60 min
omelet Omelet Apprentice 1 5x Grains
2x Olive Oil
5x Egg
2x Salt
All damage reduction +2 for 60 min
leanmeatsalad Lean Meat Salad Apprentice 6 8x Meat
2x Vinegar
3x Pepper
4x Dressing
All damage reduction +3
HP recovery +5 for 90 mins
grilledscorpion Grilled Scorpion Skilled 1 3x Scorpion Meat
2x Butter
3x Nutmeg
3x Hot Pepper
Monster damage reduction +10 for 90 min
datepalmwine Date Palm Wine Apprentice 6 5x Dates
2x Essence of Liquor
1x Sugar
4x Leavening Agent
+4 Evasion
steamwhalemeat Steamed Whale Meat Skilled 1 1x Blue Whale Meat
1x Honey Wine
4x Garlic
2x Salt
6x Mineral Water
All damage reduction +2/3
+8 Evasion for 75/90 min.

HP Recovery/Max HP

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
friedvegetables Fried Vegetables Beginner 6 4x Vegetables
4x Dough
2x Egg
6x Deep Frying Oil
HP recovery +2 for 30 min
friedbird Fried Bird Apprentice 1 7x Bird Meat
4x Flour
2x Egg
3x Pepper
HP recovery +5 for 60 min
meatstew Meat Stew Beginner 6 5x Meat
2x Flour
2x Cooking Wine
3x Mineral Water
Max HP +30 for 30 min
steak Steak Apprentice 1 8x Meat
2x Salt
2x Garlic
2x Red Sauce
Max HP +60 for 60 min
cheesegratin Cheese Gratin Apprentice 1 1x Grilled Sausage
5x Dough
4x Vegetables
3x Cheese
3x Red Sauce
Max HP +70
Attack Speed +1 for 90 mins

MP Recovery/Max MP

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
fruitjuice Fruit Juice Beginner 6 4x Fruits
3x Sugar
5x Mineral Water
1x Salt
Max MP +30 for 30 min
teawithfinescent Tea with Fine Scent Apprentice 1 4x Flowers
4x Fruits
7x Mineral Water
3x Cooking Honey
Max MP +50 for 60 min
fruitpie Fruit Pie Apprentice 6 6x Dough
6x Fruits
3x Cream
4x Sugar
Max MP +70
Casting Speed Rank +1 for 90 mins
fruitpudding Fruit Pudding Beginner 6 5x Fruits
1x Cream
3x Milk
2x Sugar
MP recovery +2 for 30 min
fruitandvegetablesalad Fruit and Vegetable Salad Apprentice 1 4x Fruits
4x Vegetables
2x Vinegar
4x Cooking Wine
MP Recovery +5 for 60 min


Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
lizardkebab Lizard Kebab Beginner 6 6x Reptile Meat
2x Red Sauce
3x Onion
7x Grains
Max Stamina +100 for 30 min
softbread Soft Bread Beginner 6 6x Dough
2x Leavening Agent
2x Egg
3x Milk
Max Stamina +100 for 30 min
desertdumpling Desert Dumpling Apprentice 1 6x Reptile Meat
6x Dough
1x Cinnamon
2x Olive Oil
Max Stamina +200 for 60 min
meatpie Meat Pie Apprentice 1 4x Meat
6x Dough
2x Sugar
2x Olive Oil
Max Stamina +200 for 60 min

Life Skills

Fishing Speed Rank

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
exoticherbalwine Exotic Herbal Wine Beginner 1 3x Dough
1x Essence of Liquor
5x Mineral Water
2x Leavening Agent
Fishing Speed Rank +1 for 30 min
aloeyogurt Aloe Yogurt Beginner 6 5x Aloe
2x Milk
3x Sugar
3x Leavening Agent
Fishing Speed Rank +1 for 30 min
fruitwine Fruit Wine Apprentice 1 1x Exotic Herbal Wine
5x Fruits
3x Essence of Liquor
2x Mineral Water
Fishing Speed Rank +1 for 60 min


Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
grainsoup Grain Soup Beginner 1 6x Grain
3x Mineral Water
3x Cooking Wine
1x Salt
Gathering Speed Rank +1 for 30 min
pickledvegetables Pickled Vegetables Apprentice 1 8x Vegetables
4x Vinegar
2x Leavening Agent
2x Sugar
Gathering Speed Rank +1 for 60 min
figpie Fig Pie Apprentice 1 5x Fig
3x Dough
3x Sugar
2x Olive Oil
Chance of obtaining resources by gathering +3% for 60 min.
pistachiofriedrice Pistachio Fried Rice Apprentice 6 4x Pistachio
6x Teff
2x Cinnamon
2x Salt
Processing success chance +3% for 90 min.
couscous Couscous Skilled 6 1x Freekeh Snake Stew
6x Dough
3x Nutmeg
4x Vegetables
Processing success chance +5% for 110 min.

Horse HP

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
hqcarrotjuice High-Quality Carrot Juice Beginner 1 1x High-Quality Carrot
3x Flour
3x Sugar
4x Mineral Water
Restore +200 Horse HP
specialcarrotjuice Special Carrot Juice Beginner 6 1x Special Carrot
3x Flour
3x Sugar
4x Mineral Water
Restore +300 Horse HP

Movement Speed

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
friedfish Fried Fish Apprentice 1 1x Fish (2x Dried Fish)
3x Flour
2x Deep Frying Oil
Movement Speed Rank +1 for 30 min
fishfiletsalad Fish Filet Salad Apprentice 1 2x Fish (4x Dried Fish)
2x Dressing
3x Onion
2x Cheese
Movement Speed Rank +1 for 60 min
meatsandwich Meat Sandwich Apprentice 6 1x Soft Bread
7x Meat
6x Vegetable
3x Cheese
Movement Speed Rank +1, Max Endurance +200 for 90 min

Pet Food

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
goodfeed Good Feed Apprentice 1 6x Meat
1x Fish (2 Dried Fish)
3x Mineral Water
4x Flour
+40 Satiety
organicfeed Organic Feed Apprentice 6 2x Oatmeal
5x Meat
4x Bird Meat
2x Fish (4x Dried Fish)
+70 Satiety

Weight Limit

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
seafoodmushroomsalad Seafood Mushroom Salad Beginner 6 1x Seafood (2x Dried Seafood)
1x Mushroom
2x Dressing
Weight Limit +20LT for 30 min
meatpasta Meat Pasta Apprentice 1 5x Meat
4x Dough
3x Pepper
2x Garlic
Weight Limit +40LT for 60 min
beehivecookie Beehive Cookie Apprentice 6 4x Dough
6x Cooking Honey
2x Egg
4x Milk
Weight Limit +50LT,
Fishing Speed Rank +1 for 90 min

Worker Stamina

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
beer Beer Beginner 1 5x Grain
6x Mineral Water
1x Sugar
2x Leavening Agent
Restore +2 worker stamina
fishfiletchip Fish Filet Chip Apprentice 1 2x Dried Fish
3x White Sauce
7x Flour
2x Salt
Restore +5 worker stamina
freekehsnake Freekeh Snake Stew Apprentice 1 6x Freekeh
5x Mineral Water
3x Snake Meat
2x Star Anise
Restore +5 worker stamina
oatmeal Oatmeal Apprentice 1 9x Flour
3x Milk
3x Onion
2x Cooking Honey
Restore +5 worker stamina
cheesepie Cheese Pie Apprentice 6 4x Dough
7x Cheese
3x Butter
3x Egg
Restore +7 worker stamina


Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
stirfriedvege Stir-Fried Vegetables Beginner 6 5x Vegetables
2x Hot Pepper
2x Olive Oil
1x Salt
Jump Height increase for 30 min
teffbread Teff Bread Beginner 6 5x Teff Flour
3x Mineral Water
2x Salt
2x Leavening Agent
Cookng/Alchemy Time –3% for 30 min.
teffsandwich Teff Sandwich Professional 1 1x Teff Bread
1x Grilled Scorpion
1x Freekeh Snake Stew
3x Red Sauce
Cookng/Alchemy Time –5% for 110 min.
pickledfish Pickled Fish Apprentice 1 1x Fish (2x Dried Fish)
2x Vinegar
4x Salt
2x Leavening Agent
Amity Gain +5% for 60 min
borscht Borscht Apprentice 1 7x Fragrant Jerky
3x Milk
1x Cinnamon
2x Mineral Water
Max Energy +10 for 60 min
huntersalad Hunter’s Salad Apprentice 1 1x Soft Whale Meat/Crocodile Meat
2x Vinegar
2x Dressing
5x Garlic
+1000 Hunting Damage for 5 mins


These specials require multiple food to make but grant you various buffs.

Icon Name Skill Ingredients Effect
balenosspecial Balenos Special Skilled 6 1x Cheese Gratin
1x Meat Croquette
1x Smoked Fish Steak
2x Stir-Fried Vegetables
2x Beer
Movement Speed Rank +2
Fishing Speed Rank +2
Gathering Speed Rank +2
for 90 mins
calpheonspecial Calpheon Special Skilled 6 2x Soft Bread
1x Milk Tea
1x Fish Filet Salad
1x Cheese Pie
1x Meat Pasta
All Damage Reduction +5
Max HP +100
HP Recovery +5
for 90 min
knightcombatrations Knight Combat Rations Skilled 6 1x Dark Pudding
1x Ham Sandwich
1x Meat Croquette
1x Fruit Wine
All Attack +5
Extra Damage Against Human +5
All Damage Reduction +5
for 120 min
mediahspecial Mediah Special Skilled 6 1x Dark Pudding
1x Oatmeal
2x Grilled Sausage
1x Lean Meat Salad
2x Exotic Herbal Wine
All AP+5
Attack Speed +1Casting Speed +1 for 90 min
serendiaspecial Serendia Special Skilled 6 1x Ham Sandwich
1x Meat Pie
1x Beehive Cookie
2x Boiled Bird Eggs
2x Fruit Wine
All AP +5
All Accuracy +10
Critical Hit +1 for 90 min
valencianspecial Valencian Special Professional 6 1x Teff Sandwitch
1x King of Jungle Hamburg
1x Couscous
2x Fig Pie
2x Date Palms
Nullifying All Resistance +4%Resistance against all debuffs +4%
All Evasion +6
12% decrease of damage from monsters

Cooking Enhancements

There are several items that can enhance your cooking experience. Make sure you are using the Sute Tea you are making for that 8% more cooking XP. This will stack with the clothes and costumes for a total of 33% more cooking XP.


You can only wear one of the clothes. It goes into your armor slot.

  • Cook’s Clothes – Cooking XP +10%, requires Cooking Skilled 10 to wear. This is rewarded once you reach Professional in Cooking.
  • Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes – Movement Speed +1 and Cooking time decreases by 1s. Crafted in the Costume Mill (9x Cotton Fabric, 10x Powder of Earth, 15x Black Stone Powder)


The Canape costume from the Pearl Store will give you 15% Cooking XP and decrease your cooking time by 2s. This is a set effect so you have to wear all 3 pieces of the Canape costume to get the effect.


Alchemy Stones

If you happen to get the Alchemy Stone of Life, they will decrease your cooking time. The % decrease depends on the tier of alchemy stone with the top tier giving you a 25% decrease (more realistically you are looking at the most 11% as the top tier ones are extremely hard to obtain).


By Dulfy

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43 replies on “Black Desert Cooking Life Skill Guide”

First table in the “simple cooking” section, typo “gain” instead of grain 🙂 excellent guide so far though as usual.

Thanks for keeping up with the guides for this game! It’s great how you gather everything useful into one clear, easy to read page, so I don’t have to have 2-10 pages opened at the same time like on some other BDO sites for recipes etc.

This guide says nothing about chaining 3000 beer crafts to fast level to pro 7 to pass the most amazing woman in the world.

with the pet feed you can make it with 1 dried fish aslong as its of a higher quality than what is required i.e good feed, one dried green fish and organic feed, one dried blue fish

The list of materials to make Couscous needs a slight correction. Couscous can only be made with Teff Dough. Potato, Wheat, Corn, Barley or Sweet Potato Dough won’t work. Having it listed simply as “dough” infers the latter versions.

There’s no cooking dailies past Velia, for instance in Calpheon? I am at Pro 9 and the EXP I get from Olvia and Velia is really not worth the time anymore except for some contribution.

Just wondering if you were going to update cooking? Lots has changed since your last update. I hope you do, and thank you!!

How do you change the number of ingredients in the recipe in accordance to it’s tier (green, blue) if the number of white ingredient required is 1?

In the “Simple Cooking” section, you could add Star Anise Tea. Star Anise Mushrooms and Purified Water.

You can also find free Grapes just outside of Velia coming from the direction of Logia Farm/the dueling arena. About a dozen vines in two rows.

I can’t seem to trigger the daily cooking quest. I have the amity and am Apprentice 10 but Nadia only offers the waterpark quest. What am I doing wrong?

There’s a little mistake in the Assorted Side Dishes recipe. It uses 2 Seafood, not 1, though with Professional 6 I get around 40% success with just 1 seafood or its dried equivalent.

At Artisan 6, it took 2 coconut to make Coconut Pasta–one did not work. Recipe: 2 coconut, 2 onion, 5 dough, 4 garlic, 1 white sauce

Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich = 1 rainbow button mushroom, 1 soft bread, 2 cream, 2 onions, 4 olive oil (at artisan 6 cooking)

Would love to see a “Total ingredients required” for the Olvia and Velia daily quests so we could use it as a shopping list for getting all the basic materials needed and then simply craft everything in one go, and then go deliver everything in one delivery trip 🙂

Not important because nobody would care, but game info about “Steak” says “Max HP+50” for 60 minutes while in your guide it says +60HP, which is wrong…
Anyways, great guides! They always help me :d

when i tried to make Meat Croquette it told me it failed due to insufficient skill level, but im an apprentice level 3. maybe the skill level should be apprentice 6

Either the Velia Dailies have been taken away, or they are level-capped. I’m Cooking Professional 10 and just found out about these dailies, yet when I talked to Shelley there were no quests available for me – neither the dailies nor the “Do You Remember How To Cook?” quest.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check it when I’m home. Seems like I have to reset it to “All” after every update.

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