Black Desert Ban Waves Starting Today

Black Desert Online will be banning cheaters and exploiters in waves starting today with suspensions being permanent.

Greetings Adventurers,

While the vast majority of the community consists of honest players, some users did resort to cheating by using bots and hacking tools. This kind of behavior is a violation of our Terms of Use and not tolerated by us. After an investigation phase, where we made sure to collect all required details, we will now start banning those individuals on a bigger scale.

Starting today we will ban bot and cheating tool users in waves.

Banning waves will take place in regular intervals and we will continue banning as long as we find cheaters.

There is no coming back for convicted cheaters. Bans are permanent.

We also want to thank everyone who participated in our Hacker Hunting Initiative so far.
Please keep it up! The video evidence provided by you has been invaluable to our investigations


  • Amodin

    Good. Finally a company that’s taking a hard line stance against cheaters.

    Bioware, you should check out that Daum post, take notes, then apply it to your game.

    • EricMucuso

      Note Blizzard also started this as well with Overwatch.

      • Amodin

        Blizzard – a company that I don’t care for either.

        • Thomas Knapp

          So, it only counts if it’s a company you like then?

        • Fred Garvin

  • Fred Garvin


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