GW2 Privateer Weapon Skins Gallery

Gallery of the new Privateer Weapon Skins available from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist on the June 14 Patch.

Note: These weapons are account bound and not tradeable. You can no longer buy them on the Trading Post.

Privateer Axe


Privateer Dagger


Privateer Focus


Privateer Greatsword


Privateer Hammer


Privateer Longbow


Privateer Mace


Privateer Pistol


Privateer Rifle


Privateer Scepter


Privateer Shield


Privateer Short Bow


Privateer Staff


Privateer Sword


Privateer Torch


Privateer Warhorn


  • ChiruYES

    Scepter looks like a magic wand!

    • Colosso

      Harry Potter cosplayers coming to GW2 Style in 3, 2, 1 …

  • Alot

    Shield looks like it would make for an epic upper half to a dining room chair.

  • Waffles_Of_Doom

    I’m gonna be so broke after my game finishes patching xD

    • The greed is strong

      Account bound according to the patch notes. Can’t buy them with gold. Have to buy gems and black lion keys, gg anet.

      • Alot

        With the 2-gold-for-dailies and generally rising prices, the price of these black lion weapons were getting laughably low when compared to anything else. It was probably a move to retain the black lion weapons’ worth.
        Which may one day upset me – if they ever bring out a set with over a single weapon I want to obtain.

  • mrh

    Another steam punk set, not my thing, but many will be happy.

  • Sorean


    They look great,but just not my style. I prefer more magical weapon sets.

    Not complaining btw,they try to please everyone. I just hope that the next set is more fantasy-ish than this one

    • minion_condi_necro

      Yea I’m pleased with how the skin looks. But tell me… how do I get one? 10$ to gamble?130g per 5 keys to gamble? Aight lemme go fetch some money to have a less than 5% chance at getting one. Sounds great :/

  • Halvora

    A hammer actually looking like a hammer…and oh, that warhorn. So sassy. XD

  • Allvaldr

    This is a bullshit move from Anet. No matter if I like them, not getting a single fucking BL skin anymore.

  • FrycoN

    more garbage every patch

  • Damonwex

    Who the fuck designs these stupid weapons??? I wonder if these morons have ever seen a real greatsword. For the love of god when the hilt is longer than the blade it’s called a spear not a fucking greatsword! Every single GS skin they release except a few has a stubby little blade and giant fucking hilt. It’s the other way around you morons!!!
    P.s other weapons are shit too but this is the one thing that infuriates me the most.

    • Jesus Christ man.

    • Zhaife

      it’s calm down time

    • Knight_ldr

      Actually for balance issues extremely long swords had either, longer then usual hilts to compensate (better weight distribution, since you put main hand at the guard and other hand at the pommel or close to it) or heavier then normal pommels. Seeing how further increasing the weight was not a good idea longer hilts make more sense.

      For starters, greatswords in GW2 are about 50% longer then they should be and would be somewhere between crippling to carry to suicidal to use.

      That great sword there? It makes much more sense then several others with tiny hilts or hand and a half hilts, *those* are “unreal”.

      • Damonwex

        Yes i know greatswords have long hilts that’s basic physics. I don’t have a problem with that. My problem is with hilt being longer than the the blade which NOT realistic at all in a real world sense or a fantasy sense. You will NEVER find a greatsword which has a longer or equal hilt than it’s blade in real world because not only will it be impossible to balance but it negates one of the greatest advantages of the greatsword, which is it’s reach.

        • Knight_ldr

          But the hilt is half the length of the blade thou?

          • Damonwex

            no man look at the cutting part of the blade it’s only a little longer than the hilt. However this blade is ok compared to the greatswords like machined GS or pearl great sword

    • Juke

      Jeez, people take things way too seriously in a game.

    • Tarreth

      Son, I do enjoy your Righterous Fury over fantasy eyecandy. Please, do a sequel.

      • Damonwex

        So glad that my words brought you such joy! now kindly go fuck yourself you patronizing motherfucker.

  • RKC

    I definitely getting the Hammer!

  • wild wind

    Really anet? shitty design and account bound? how fucked up can your company be at this point?

    • Billy O’Mace

      but wait…there is more!

  • As someone who makes most of their income from trading black lion skins (on a small scale), this move by anet is really a crappy move. I understand why they did it, (to incentivize people to buy black lion keys) but its going to piss off a whole load of people, and make it generally less likely for people to go for full sets. Anet just lost a whole lot of brownie points from me.

  • Sarah

    Would like to say to all those complaining of a ‘shitty design’, that is of coarse a matter of opinion. I think this is the best BL weapon set in a long time, very steam punk (unlike their other attempts).

    • Lirabelle

      Not my favorite set, but I completely agree with your sentiment.

  • Suffie

    wish i could preview them in game but i can just look at the box -.-

    • Boogie

      Go to the bank -> wardrobe -> weapons -> type Privateer and preview them 🙂

  • Harold Jackson

    Shitty and account bound. GG Assnet.

    Shows how bad they are, Dulfy didn’t bother with previews.

  • Scottie

    Pistol and hammer look awesome. Hopeful re: shield, but I’ll have to preview it in game. A lot of the others look nice. Bows and mace seem to be the only ugly ones.

    Odd choice to make them account bound. I’d figure they’d come out ahead with people buying them to sell.

  • mrh

    So I guess I’m the only one that likes the change. I’ve wanted this for a long time, now there is an actual point to getting the tickets instead of just buying them cheap on trading post. There are many ways to get keys in game, but with all this outrage I’m sure they are going to go back to trade-able skins.

    • minion_condi_necro

      The reason it’s an outrage is the rng factor. Compared to the 100g people used to pay, buying keys and hoping to get a skin is just ridiculous. Right now the gem market is so expensive, it would take probably 500g average just to get one of these from a black lion chest opening. Either that or a good 10$ per skin.

      • narg

        you DONT get skin ticket with black lion key, you will get scrap, and you need 10 scraps for single ticket, I get sometimes 2 scraps from chest, but its usually every second chest per scrap, sou you need 8 or 10 KEYS to get ticket for skin

        • Meta Synaptic

          Do a pvp or wvw reward track, you can definitely get a key more often than once a week, probably several every 12 hours depending on the track.

          • Doublemint Dave

            Name one repeatable reward track that gives you a key. The amount of keys you can reliably get from reward tracks probably isn’t even enough for one weapon and then it’s back to hoping for random drops in order to get a chance for yet another random drop from the chest. It’s like a bad joke.

            Plus, BL skins are a huge part of the economy. Removing them kills yet another legitimate revenue stream for people. I get they wanna make money, but the consumer should always come first and this does nothing for the consumer even if the price stays at 1 ticket forever.

            • Meta Synaptic

              I really hope that people weren’t seriously relying on ticket drops from blc as a ‘revenue stream’. If you were suggesting that the revenue is from flipping vanity skins on the tp, well, I won’t be too sorry to see that revenue option dry up.

        • concot

          You can get keys from pvp reward tracks, map completion, and personal or living story.

        • Jason .

          You can get both scraps and full tickets. They’re far less common, but in the 60 or so keys I’ve used, I’ve received a few full tickets in addition to a pile of scraps.

  • Me

    I have to agree with most people… Making it account bound is bullshit. If you make it account bound, at least have a decency and make a price for specific/random BL weapon in gems. If the only way to obtain a weapon is through random drop out of box, that can be bought only for gems (meaning the key), its pretty much highway to hell for a game.
    Its gonna eventually lead to gw2 evaluating players by the amount of money in their wallet instead of their skills, since gems will rise in price even more (right now they are twice as much then they were 3-4 months ago) and will become impossible to get for gold. Therefore BL weapons will be obtainable pretty much only for RL money. (… and trust me BL key/week farm will eventually get destroyed).
    And that my friends is the way how to destroy your stable community (AKA worst than ESO model).

    So if you ever wanted to rebel, now is the time, do not let your beloved game be destroyed by greed of its creators!

    • minion_condi_necro

      I’ve stopped playing the game for ages now because of the market instability. This is only making it worse. Highway to hell indeed, this game’s in-game market is crashing badly due to lack of new content that provides meaningful gold/materials rewards, not to mention the ridiculous gem prices right now.

      • Jason .

        How is it crashing? I’ve been playing for only a year but am active in the market and while there are fluctuations they don’t seem to be indicating any kind of crash, hyper devaluation or hyper inflation.

        • Shaggy

          every time theres a slight change in something, people whine about how the economy “has been going downhill for years now” and “its definitely going to crash”, etc.
          it never does, and its still MILES ahead of most MMO economies (im looking at you, oh ‘great’ world of warcraft, with your painfully pathetic excuse for an economy). even if it was in some kind of danger, anet has an entire team dedicated to keeping an eye on it, so they wouldnt let it get irreversibly damaged.

          if they did make some kind of blunder, theyd fix it.

    • Phobia256

      That is exactly my sentiment. I would be totally cool with making them account-bound if it wasn’t tied to a fucking lottery. They should just sell tickets in the gemstore for 200-300 gems and everyone would be happy. Right now it takes you like 20 BLCK’s to get a complete ticket. Which is a total of 1800 gems :@

    • hardy83

      I always find that no matter what company, or what business mandate a company stands by, once they get a taste of the “sweet sweet” RNG gambling from RNG boxes, they have to have more.

      This is ANet testing the wasters, and that gave them a taste. Expect a lot more of this in the future now.

  • Knight_ldr


    The scepter is both a wand and a flute, I may get it just because of that XD

    • Ares Zax

      I thought it was a conductor’s baton! XD

  • Alastor999

    These weapon skins look like a cross with brass instruments… for the fact that Anet claims these skins are “special” somehow… they better play music and/or have a musical note animation whenever a weapon skill is used to justify that “special” status.

    • Knight_ldr

      If you can play the dagger like a flute, as a Power Ranger fan, I will be compelled to buy it!

    • Tannaz Pourboghrat

      They remind me of brass instruments too – the warhorn definitely like a trumpet. I can even see some woodwind in them as well, like a saxophone or flute with all the keys 🙂

  • Фролов Денис

    Oh, look. Weapons that actually look like weapons! What a rare happening

  • Korey Garabed

    I actually like these ones, they got kinda of a steampunk setting.

    • HadesClutch

      They look like reskins of another set which names elude me right now.

      • Phobia256


    • Tannaz Pourboghrat

      Yeah, that’s why I like them too 🙂

  • Skobie

    I was just about to say how we finally get some great looking weapons and then I see account bound . Seriously what …the…HELL

    • Tsar CUBE

      I foresee sales of keys dropping.

    • Tannaz Pourboghrat

      I feel the same way. I don’t find it fair to make something achievable only based on rare probable chance – I heard it is really hard getting scraps from chests, let alone getting a key which if bought is super expensive. That’s just plain gamble and putting faith into that sucks up our wallets. We are all designers here…so anet, please let us design our characters the way we want to. These privateer skins would solve the missing puzzle pieces on my revenant. <3 At least, if not make the weapon tradeable, make it so that tickets can be more easily achieved by a doable event or something of the like…best I can think of to meet halfway.

  • Lockheart

    Pretty sure they are going to flip the economy. Make the skins account bound but the keys tradeable.

  • Karen

    is nobody commenting how short that rifle is

    • Shiun

      I would just consider it a blunderbuss since this is pirate themed.

      • Karen

        I guess most rifles in the game behave like such shotguns, so sure. But as a fan of pirates, these are all terrible.

  • Bryan Turner

    I managed to get enough scraps yesterday to get the Great Sword skin, if you hide the helmet and do some creative dyeing with the Mad Scientist out fit you can get something Steam Punkish/Final Fantasy looking.

    • Tannaz Pourboghrat

      Yesss, very much like Final Fantasy. I was thinking that same thing earlier today ^-^

  • Nick Peterson

    well back in the day all skins were account bound

  • Shaggy

    these are real nice, and the one-ticket price tag, even 4 months later, is just as nice.

    • narg

      Coz its accbound, you cant sell it

      • Shaggy

        i never sold them anyway

      • Shaggy

        i only bought the ones i actually wanted to use, and i very rarely buy/farm keys.

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