cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales June 14 – 21

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales June 14 – 21


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I’m liking these deco sales they’ve been having, I’ve no use for the bed, but a wall GTN terminal would make it so I can just chill in my stronghold when searching the GTN.

Also first? is that still a thing?

Looks like we are getting a 50% discount everytime a pack is about to be removed.
1 more point for those who are patient enough.

Quite the opposite..
Not only will the discount on the pack reduce the price, but it’s generally lower than in the first few weeks after the release of the pack.

Although i must add that the Items do have a change to get expensive AFTER the discount, since there is no (proper) way to obtain them anymore.

With the release of the next chapter, maybe. Nobody knows until some dataminer finds something or BioWare posts something on Twitter.

Should be. Looking at the collections tab under packs you see 3 more packs. One of them named HK so that will be in August. There is only 2 main chapters left so i’d say that the next is coming with the new chapter at the end of June

Zero of those employee are actually playing the game. Unless its the story. It shows when the PvP lead or whomever streams..

I’m not entirely sure, but it seems like he’s aboard Satele’s or one of the Jedis’ or Bounty Hunter’s ship.

That picture is pretty much spot on.
I mean…the place where the QA guy should be isn’t even there.

And the beta tester too. Since they are the only ones with strategic placement of tissues near their desks.

But you can see both of the beta tester’s hands. Musco is trying to freeze in place and not be seen.

The beta tester is guilty, however. He ignoring SWTOR on his middle screen and playing some smart phone app game on his right screen.

They don’t do SWTOR anymore. So far, the only datamining I’ve seen recently has been done by SWTOR Hamster on TORCommunity.

That’s good to hear 🙂
I’ve seen your pack previews, but I mentioned SWTOR Hamster because he(?) posts more info.

Will your site be shunned by SWTOR devs if you post more datamined info?

whats the point of data mining for stuff when not even the developers produce any decent content or cosmetics. Rip Swtor 2011-2014

game is dead for progression raiders… so Rip idiots who still pay for a game producing Single player content.

Mass Effect, Kotor, Bioshock, Fallout, Witcher, The Last of Us, Elder Scrolls, Dark Scrolls etc.

Oh you mean like those games? Progression raiders are mostly jerks anyway. I could care less what they want. (That being said, Pvpers are still the worst scum out there.)

Swtor was made for the story (one that is made alot better than most MMOs). If you don’t like that, just play a different game that tailors to your needs.

no it wasnt swtor was made to be an mmo but is now trying to be a single player kotor 3 and failing miserably.Raiders/pvpers are the bread and butter playerbase of any mmo tor sacrificed them to take away companions and give them back as new content which lolz a lot of stupid people fell for.

What exactly is your problem? Love to complain? Don`t like don`t play, no one is forcing you.

what is your problem? cant handle different opinions? this is a discussion forum not the carebears for tor forum. If you cant handle different views i suggest you leave the internet.

No, I just envy people who have so much free time to discuss games in which so much things isn’t pleasant to them

Oh my ive really upset another carebear who cant take criticism and defends thier golden turd lol. Fyi i dont need to even visit dulfy unlike the stupid care bears i know how to use tchnology and have posts sent to my phone. I lol at people who have time to sit here and rage and defend this turd and dont make it easy for themselves /smh

You realise that as you’re spouting profanity and insulting of being stupid, you’re proving the guy’s point that the kind of players you’re talking about are toxic for the community, right?

you do realize i dont play tor? Im not concerned about the “community” b/c all thats left are rp’ers amd not much else. What im concerned about is incomepetent developers relying on stupid people falling for their lazyness. insulting of bieng stupid are you borat?

So, you’re bitching for the sake of bitching then… How exactly does that make you better than the “incompetent” developers, eh? Who’s really stupid in this situation? The person who spelt “incompetent” as “incomepetent” maybe?

says the person bitching. Are you a dev that why your so upset? id say the person who defends a game that shits on its playerbase and defending it is the real stupid one.

It’s not trying to be Kotor 3, and It’s not failing. In fact, many of my friends who left the game came back for KOTFE; because adding more story is what the community wanted. Star Wars is all about story content. Raiders/Pvpers are the weakest link of any Mmo, especially Swtor which focuses on character development. They introduce a hostile environment which discourages people from playing the game. Hell, hardcore Pvpers tend to just be trash-talking kids with anger issues most of the time. I can’t explain how that can be good, can you?

As for the companion thing, that interested no one. People were intrigued by the new story, not that. If you believe that, then you’re the idiot. I don’t even know why you’re commenting on a SWTOR forum to dis it, It’s underhanded and immature. By the looks of your grammar, I’d say you’re just some whiny kid who couldn’t make it past chapter 1. So you have to keep commenting on how much you don’t like the game to feel better.

Spoken like a true fanboi. An mmo needs to be more then story and tor is trying to be kotor 3 and charge people 15$ who are stupid enough to fall for it i.e you. To give up your raiding community and pvp commuinty for story and rehashed comps is a joke whats imature is you cant seem to understand this is a discussion forum good or bad on tor this isnt a fluff site for carebears to prop tor up. You sound more furious then anyone lol. Ill comment either way if you dont like it /shrug i aint going anywhere

the game is an MMO, not a SP game. to only produce SP content for an MMO is the dumbest idea in the world. hence why so many people have quit the game.

You never said I couldn’t list SP games. The fact of the matter is, people really, really, like Solo player games. In fact, that content is what makes Swtor my favorite Mmo in the first place. More story=more potential for your character to grow. If it’s such a bad idea more and more people wouldn’t be returning/joining the game again.

Not to mention, people quit Mmos alot, and It’s never really because of the story. Alot of people left Wow because of the whole Panda thing for example.

yeah 4 years ago when it was fun and something new. but it takes them 2+ years to put out 1 or 2 pvp maps. i grew tired of PVP long time ago when it was only the same small handful of maps in rotation. and as Progression no longer exist in the game and hasn’t for 18+ months, i’ve had no reason to sub. i still raid twice a week with friends though to help. People are gouging for ops passes because they know not many raiders sub anymore.

Please remove the grand chance cubes… BTW, did anyone else notice how the double bladed vented saber only has vents on one side? Made me change my mind when I went to buy one.

If you want Bioware to see your opinion I would suggest you post it on the official forums. Not a sub? Then here’s their response:

On their last livestream, they said the new packs will have NEW Bronze items. This means some of the Bronze items will actually be from this new pack O.O

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