GW2 Bandit Bounties Events Part 2 Guide

A guide to the Bandit events added as part of the Current Events achievement on June 14, 2016 patch.

Getting Started

If you havn’t done the Bandit Bounty events Part 1 introduced a month ago, you should do that as this set of events continues from the first. Regardless, I don’t believe it is required to complete the Part 1 achievements to continue with Part 2 achievements but you won’t get the mail that contains the item to spawn the Bandit Executioner and won’t get the achievement for it.

The new achievements introduced in this patch involve you taking down 5 new bandit bounties, killing an executioner that spawns after the bounty event, and taking down posters.

If you done the prior bandit bounty events, you should get a mail when you login today, which enclose it a Bandit Death mark token. Carrying this will cause the Bandit Executioner to spawn and trap you (and anyone else with the Dearth Mark) inside a bauble once you kill any of the Bandit Bounties.


Bandit Achievements

There are three hidden achievements for this round of events. As usual, they can be found under General –> Current Events. These achievements will not show up until you do them.

Stay of Execution – 10 AP

Fast achievement worth 10 AP points and rewards you with the Bandit Death Mark exotic accessory which you can select stats.


All you need to do is kill the Legendary Bandit Executioner that spawns and traps you in after you killed a Bandit Bounty target. The Executioner only spawns if you have the Bandit Death Mark item in your inventory from the mail but other players can spawn it if they have the item. You will only get the achievement if you have the Death Mark item in your inventory.

  • If you deleted the Bandit Death Mark item from the mail you might be to get it from the bandit bags that drops off bandit mobs

The bauble around the Executioner is to prevent you from entering or leave it but you bypass this by using blink/mesmer portals. Alternatively, you can simply damage him at ranged from outside the bauble as well.


Long Arm of the Light II – 10 AP

You will need to kill 5 new Bounty targets introduced with this patch. Much like the bandit bounty targets from Part I, they all have a ~10 minute respawn timer.


Lenner the Eagle-Eyed – Gendarran Fields

  • SW of Talajian Waypoint [&BIwBAAA=]


Temvay the Arrogant – Kessex Hills

  • NE of Viathan Waypoint [&BBAAAAA=]


Varre the Underhanded – Kessex Hills

  • South of Delanian Waypoint [&BAgAAAA=]


Ulssen the Anvil – Harathi Hinterlands

  • West of Arcallion Waypoint [&BMMAAAA=]


Ezal the Quick – Harathi Hinterlands

  • SE of Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint [&BKgAAAA=]


Informed Politics – 11 AP

There are 20 Posted Messages you need to interact with for this achievement. This achievement rewards you with 1x Unidentified Dye, 1x Sheet of Smooth Paper, and 3x Sheets of Coarse Paper.


1. Divinity’s Reach: Western Commons


2. Divinity’s Reach: Eastern Commons


3. Divinity’s Reach: Rurikton


4. Divinity’s Reach: Ossan Quarter


5. Divinity’s Reach: Lyssa High Road

  • Go from Palace Waypoint


6. Divinity Reach; Salma District (Home)


7. Queensdale: Shire of Beetletun


8. Queensdale: Shire of Beetletun


9. Queensdale: Shire of Beetletun


10. Queensdale: Village of Shaemoor


11. Queensdale: Township of Claypool


12. Kessex Hills: Triskellion Vale


13. Kessex Hills: Viathan’s Arm


14. Kessex Hills: Wizard’s Fief


15. Kessex Hills: Darkwound Defile


16. Gendarran Fields: Ascalon Settlement


17. Gendarran Fields: Ascalon Settlement


18. Gendarran Fields: Nebo Terrace


19. Gendarran Fields: Cornucopian Fields


20. Harathi Hintelands: Arca Lake


  • Hawks

    Engineer’s [Elixir S] gets through the bubble too.

    What’s the new music from, raids? I’ve never heard it before, but I don’t raid so that’s just a guess.

    • CreatorBurden

      The music isnt new, its from Living Story season 1, during the Marionette boss fight, specifically.

      • Hawks

        Ahhhh I missed a lot of LS1, that’s why I didn’t recognize it thanks!

      • shodannet

        The songs for that fight are one of the best they’ve done so far

    • Doghouse

      Hmm. Tried to blink out of the shield a couple of hours ago and merely bounced. Have ANet perchance fixed an exploit that they missed?

      • Blinking out doesn’t work but blinking in works.

    • Asinha

      Guildmate says they recognise it from the clockwork marionette fight from Scarlet Living Story in Lornar’s Pass.

  • CreatorBurden

    Number 4 and 5 of the Informed Politics achieve are the same screenshot, and race is entirely irrelevant for home instances. You can go into any home instance on any character. I got that part of it on my asura.

    • Thanks corrected 🙂

    • Eric Rada

      Thank goodness! I don’t have a human lol

  • Serena myr

    do encoded orders still drop?

    • Serena myr

      Oh just got one, so yes they do.

      • Eric Rada

        And they pop up new locations

  • RKC

    So wait, so what if no one got the mark to spawn the Legendary bandit? I mean you only get one from the mail and nowhere else?

    • MattStriker

      They can be looted from the bounty targets. My personal anecdotal experience was one death mark per 4 dead bounty champions, roughly.

  • Day

    Dulfy, I think you wrote “Long arm of the Flight” instead of “Light”. I wrote “think” because it’s morning and I didn’t have my coffee yet. #grammarnazi

  • Ardenwolfe

    Bless you for these guides!

  • Alot

    I told you all that Lord Caudecus would be the white mantle’s equivalent of HoT’s Faolain.

    Said it the moment that all of Kryta’s bandits turned out to be white mantle. Restating it now that the white mantle propaganda is backing Caudecus for king and will be smugly gloating about his public declaration of the fact whenever it inevitably happens – and for the next 3 unrelated dulfy articles after the event.


    • nadrian3k

      So basically the Trump fiasco campaign made itself into Guild Wars 2.

      Kryta needed more walls to be honest. #makekrytagreatagain

      • hardy83

        Like a wall along Mexico in the real world, a wall in GW2 would probably be a massive failure (see GW1)

        • Name

          The Tengu seem to be doing fine at keeping us all out of their home with a massive wall.

        • Alot

          You see, the problem with the Ascalonian wall was that it wasn’t big enough.


          • hardy83

            Yeah. It needed to be bigger and titan/magic proof.

  • nicoper

    Do I need to get a bunch of encoded orders to do this? I haven’t really been active during the last few events, although I’ve done some of the ley-line stuff and killed one of the bandit dudes.
    I did get the bandit death mark in a mail though.

    • A.

      Nope, you just have to kill them

  • Kuro-

    I deleted the mark and I haven’t been able to get the executioner achievement without it :/ anyone knows how to get another one?

    • Anon

      Beg anet via support to get you a new one

      • Eth

        You can drop those things, even if you already have the achievement. I’m not sure ALL the ways of dropping them but those “bandit bags” that you get on bandits and SW drops. i got like 3 from them.

      • Kuro-

        Yep I read on wiki you could get dropped from bandit coin purse so I did a bit of chest farm and after 50 bags got one xD I was ready to send anet e-mail already xD

    • Henriette Roggeman

      Executioner might spawn even if only one person has the mark

      • Kuro-

        Yeah it spawns but if you don’t have mark on you you don’t get achiv 🙂

  • Long arm of the Light II
    I went to get started on this today, got encoded message from a low level bandit, but it was one that led to the previous bounties. Killed bandits all over, including one of the new bosses, but no new bounty message has been given.

    It might be the new encoded orders (if that is indeed how the new bounties start) are only dropped by bandits in higher level areas like Hirathi Hinterlands, and the new orders don’t drop if you have already handed in one of the old orders that day.

    If this is the case (as it seems to be) then I can’t say I am impressed, especially since you cannot start the achievement until you hand in the first encoded message, or whatever it is that triggers the achievement to start. It means I will have to wait 22 hours to get another chance at starting it.

    • Anon

      You don’t need any orders. Just go to the locations and kill stuff

      • Hrm,. I was sure I hit the bandit guy, but maybe I didn’t hit enough to have credit. Will try again. Good news if this is the case.

  • Raizel

    Do I still need an encoded order like previous event before heading to a target?

    • Eric Rada

      You’ll need an encoded order that gives a location of a new bandit leader, however you don’t need it. If you have the death mark, just go to one of the locations marked in this guide and kill the bandit leader and he’ll pop up.

  • Pupax

    Now that people are out of Bandit Death mark tokens, the extra bosses do not spawn, so it will be near impossible to get the achievement done. Guess I should have been faster….

  • MattStriker

    Another method of getting into the bubble that works in many of the possible fight locations is to slide down a slope into it.

  • aimasira

    what you will ever do without these guides 😛

    • EXPLOOSION-kun

      i did all these things, without a guide 😛

  • zozolove11

    i cannot get the damn mask :((((

  • Ben Dye

    6. Divinity Reach; Salma District (Home) isn’t there. I’m looking right at it and it disappeared?

  • IsleofSkye82

    There’s also a third Posted Message in the Ascalon Settlement in Gendarran Fields: Right as you go in the main gate, turn left and it’s on the wall next to you.

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