GW2 Envoy Armor and Wing 3 Raid Rewards Gallery

GW2 Envoy Armor and Wing 3 Raid Rewards gallery.[toc]

Envoy Armor

This is the precursor to the Legendary armor.

Light Armor


Medium Armor


Heavy Armor


Wing 3 Weapons & Accessories

Xera Backpiece – 600 Magnetite Shards


Keep Construct Torch – 600 Magnetite Shards


Xera Scepter – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Axe – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Gladius (Sword) – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Hammer – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Rifle – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Rod (Scepter) – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Seax (Dagger) – 600 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Staff – 600 Magnetite Shards


Mini McLeod the Silent – 300 Magnetite Shards


Mini Keep Construct – 300 Magnetite Shards


Mini Xera – 300 Magnetite Shards


White Mantle Portal Device (similar to Mesmer portal, 30 min CD) – 1000 Magnetite Shards


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41 replies on “GW2 Envoy Armor and Wing 3 Raid Rewards Gallery”

Okaaaaay, grinding Raid achievements give a kind of…lame precursor. Do you get all three sets or have to do it all over again for another set?

Haven’t done raids myself, but I’m pretty certain that making it will only give you one set for the armor weight you’ve selected.

But yeah, I agree. The Medium female in particular looks like a reskin of several pieces from other armor sets.

Finally they make a female medium outfit that doesn’t look like a crappy trench coat and it’s the hardest one to obtain in-game… GG

You’re joking, right? Cover her damn kidneys and it’s just another trench coat. I honestly cant understand why they insist on making these retarded battle skirts and long coats that no one wants and have no place . I was crazy excited when I saw triumphant medium armor when it was long thought to be the precursor for the legendary, but this is just beyond sad. One of the most dysfunctional and shitty-looking armors I’ve seen in any game in a very long time.

If the legendary version is gonna be anything remotely close to that design, they might as well not bother as far as I’m concerned.

The Greatsword is already obtainable in Salvation Pass, along with a bunch of other White Mantle weapon skins. These new skins were the ones that were missing to complete the set (well, “complete”, since this one is characteristically and unsurprisingly lacking the underwater weapons as well).

This is great! It means I can avoid raids completely 🙂 I was waiting for the legendary armor. I knew how it will be, but had hope against reason. Obviously the female armor is “sexy” and revealing, while the male one is all covered up. Because of course everyone in this world is a str8 male. There are no gay men, no str8 women… nope. Just str8 men.
So the usual bullshit from game designers, which is something anet managed to avoid at first, somewhat, is now their direction. And has been for a while. I suppose the new teams, and new designers are simply this incompetent and unintelligent. Oh well.

As usual, thank you for the guides Dulfy. Far far more reliable and helpful than what anet is doing 🙂

sorry i am confused

are you complaining about skimpy women armor or are you complaining about no skimpy man armor

i think they’re both legit criticisms, mind, we need some beefcake, i just wanna make sure

Wish people would stop assuming that all gay people and all women are all one hivemind and all like the same things. Tbh that is what is even more offensive imo

These are just the T1 precursors. If you did bother to check how experimental weapons are related to legendary weapons, you would notice the difference. (Boob armor is bad either way)

And it’s mostly the same people working on it, even some old GW1 devs are back on the team if you bothered to research. And Collin did approve and create many awful ideas for the game while he was directing it, so direction issues aren’t new. Love how people that talk condescendingly or acting like smartasses believe that all they say is right just because they say so.

I like the tops for light and medium, heavy is eh overall, and the pants for medium are disappointing. The light pants ARE FUCKING BEYOND DISAPPONTING! Not only do they, like all the precursor armore, follow standard tired stereotypes for the armors, but it’s super ugly even for that!

why do most of the light armors especially male be all butt capes, this one in particularly is huge :/….why didn’t they make something more in the lines of obsidian armor from GW1 that i loved…i’m really dissapointed hoped this will give me something to do, now i just don’t want it….great….just a thought, what about cultural themed legendary armor, that would be a lot more awesome than this

Great light and medium armor if you want woman who look naked or men that look like woman. The light pants are woefully dissapointing – but then all light pants are woefully dissapointing. The light shoes are the most interesting addition though. I’ve been trying to make my reaper look like it’s wearing heavy armor for ages. Glorious greaves are good but the shoes cover so much leg that they may make some skimpy pants look like heavy armor.

The medium armor is normal. Medium pants actually look good. Unfortunately it looks like the long cape attached to the medium chest is terrible. So yea. Enjoy your sub par dragon-hunter shoulders and gloves and (if you male) pointy shoes.

The heavy armor actually has some nice pieces. Chest piece is tight fitting and detailed. The pants are tight fitting, have the 3rd smallest butt flap of all the heavy pants I can remember and are detailed despite having a small butt flap – which vanilla small butt flap pants aren’t.

Now if I could just get a pug group which made it past Sab I could get on with the wing 2 and 3 achievement items -.-

Im so glad this armor is not shining or anything like that cose with weapon and fractal/pvp backpiece u will look like a damn christmas tree

Just add that to ad infinitum, the snowing shoulders from Wintersday, the pixel auras from SAB infusions, the ghost fire from raid infusions, the rare auric glow gem and the bee swarm effect from the rare chat garant gem – and dual equip the moot.

People will still be able to kill you in pvp and wvw – but they won’t know what they just killed -.-

For me the medium female armor looks very much like the tier 2 norn race armor… Like very very much!

So is this the reward for tier 1 or tier 2 of the collection? I don’t know if tier 2 is available or not, but it’s in the Collections panel

*sigh* No legendary armor for my charrs and asuras. It’s only the 1st tier of precursor, but seriously stupid looking, as both charr and asura females have bras on them. It’s a huge disappointment so far. For something that takes that much time and effort to get, they could have at least put a tad bit more effort into making them look good on the non-humanoid races! HUGE let down.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that thought only the legs was the precursor in the light armor pic…I mean…it looks out of place.

Damn,I just realized I’m looking like a hater in almost every post. I swear I’m not a hater!

i was kinda worried about how the armor looked, but then i saw that they were precursors, no lie there are parts of this armor that would look amazing when combined with other sets

hahaha yes for real what the hell are they thinking with those, i mean a few are ok but literally every dam bottom that would be decent has one that makes the whole set totally shit

Part of me is relieved to dislike the armors so I don’t feel like I have to schedule my life around a game; the other point can’t believe how clunky and awful those look. And the final version isn’t going to be a big departure in appearance. Really just seeking the luxury of stat changes because those are begging for a re-skin even more than ascended. I don’t get it. They can make great looking armor. Why are those such rubbish? .

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