Black Desert Ninja Awakening Teaser

Black Desert Korea has posted the Awakening Teaser video for the Ninja, with a sneak peak at the Kunoichi Awakening.

Both the Ninja class and its awakening can be expected later this year for NA/EU servers.


  • O’Dim

    What was the move the ninja did at the very end? He just sort of put his sword back in it’s sheath, ever so slowly, while everything around him continued to get hit and die.

    • Ray Conroy

      hey moved so fast he was able to sheath his sword before his hits hit them, cooooool.

  • Fred Garvin

    First the Force was sleeping. Now ninjas. Why is everyone so tired?

  • Zchu TheKitty

    Kunoichi Awakened is just like Tira From Soul Caliber! I love it!!!

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