GW2 Legendary Armor Collection & Crafting Guide

A guide to the GW2 Legendary Armor Collection and Crafting. Last Updated June 21, 2016.  


Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor

To unlock this collection, you will need to kill a raid boss in any of the 3 raid wings. Finishing it will reward you with 5 AP and a set of Ascended armor (Experimental Armor).


Infused Living Crystal


  • Raid Wing: 1
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: Yes

First you need to acquire a Living Crystal from the hidden Earth Elemental in Tangled Depths. This is the same earth elemental guarding that Whitebear’s Pride II Strongbox. If you forgot how to get to it, consult this guide. Killing the earth elemental (soloable, might be easier with two players) will grant you the Living Crystal in your inventory if you have unlocked the collection.


Once you have the Living Crystal, go kill Vale Guardian or find a cleared instance and interact with the destroyed Pylons in the Vale Guardian fight area (a dialogue window will pop up) to obtained the Infused version of the Living Crystal.

Infused Soul Mirror


  • Raid Wing: 1
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

You will find Burnisher Kengo in Northwatch of Auric Basin – [&BN0HAAA=]. He might not always be there if there are events running so check back later if he is not there. Talking to him will give you the Soul Mirror.


Once you have the Soul Mirror, you need to be part of a raid that is willing to do the spectral torch run. This is after clearing Vale Guardian, there will be a couple ghost events you need to finish and clear before encountering a Spectral Torch right before the part where your raid need to glide off. One person need to carry this torch all the way to the area right before Gorseval without dropping it or getting downed. Then you can interact with the final lit torch right before Gorseval to get the Infused Soul Mirror.


Auric Energy Crystal


  • Raid Wing: 1
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Once you defeated Vale Guardian, you can loot the Energy Crystal from the boss chest.


With the Energy Crystal in hand, go to the Inner Chamber in Auric Basin. You need to have done parts of the HoT personal story that allow you access to the Inner Chamber. You can drop down the hole in the middle of Tarir city and then take the portal to Inner Chamber. Approaching the Inner Chamber central platform with the Energy Crystal in your inventory will grant you the Auric Energy Crystal.


Spirit Weave


  • Raid Wing: 1
  • Time gated: Yes (5 weeks)
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

You can get Spirit Threads from Gorseval’s chest once you have defeated him. With the Spirit Thread in your inventory, you need to do the Chak Gerent meta event in Tangled Depths and once you kill one of the Gerent, it will transform your Spirit Thread to Energized Spirit Thread.


The Chak Gerent meta event occurs every 2 hrs at 30 minutes past the hour near Ley Line Confluence Waypoint – [&BPUHAAA=]. Use the map timer to see when the Chak Gerent is up. There is a Chak Gerent in each of the 4 lanes. You don’t need to succeed at the Chak Gerent meta event to get the transformation, as long you manage to kill a Gerent. To do this fast you can tag all 4 Chak Gerents in the meta event.


You can only get 1 Spirit Thread a week so it will take you 5 weeks to get 5 Energized Spirit Threads. Once you have all 5 you can double click on them to make a Spirit Weave.

Coagulated Ectoplasm


  • Raid Wing: 1, 2, 3
  • Time gated: Yes (RNG)
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: Yes

You need to get 10 Ectoplasmic Residues from the various loot chests in all 3 wings. They are not guaranteed drops from the chests and the chests you need are on a weekly reset so it make take a few weeks to get all. Once you have all 10 Ectoplasm Residues you can double click them and have them to form a Coagulated Ectoplasm.


There are 4 chests in Spirit Vale.

The first chest is by the Brazier right before Gorseval, you need to do the spectral torch run to unlock the chest. This chest cannnot be obtained in a cleared instance.


The second chest is right by the first one, use the bouncing mushroom to get up and then glide over to the chest.


The third chest can be obtained by gliding off from the second chest and then drop off the platform.


The fourth chest is after Sabetha, right before the portal to wing 2.


Core of Flame


  • Raid Wing: 1
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Loot this off the boss chest from Sabetha the Saboteur.

Arcane Dust


  • Raid Wing: 2
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Loot the Bloodstone Powder off Matthias’s boss chest.


Then head to Inner Chamber of Auric Basin again and do the Sanctum Scramble adventure. You don’t need to win at the adventure but the chest you need is at the end of it and the abilities the adventure give you help you get it quicker. The chest will give you the Powdered Aurilium which you can combine with the Bloodstone Powder to form the Arcane Dust.


Mushroom Medley


  • Raid Wing: 2
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

First you need the Noxious Mushroom Cap from defeating Slothasor.


Then go to Tangled Depths and do the Mushroom Emperor event. You need to take a left from Order of Whispers waypoint and drop down the hole. You will see the Mushroom Emperor, which is pretty tough and require 2-3 people at least to kill. Killing it will grant you the Mushroom Emperor Gills.


Once you have those two, find Orrian Truffle and Sawgill Mushroom from your bank or buy them from the TP. Double click any of them to form the Mushroom Medley.

Giant Beehive


  • Raid Wing: 2
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: Yes

To the left of the Bandit Trio Camp there is a big tree with stairs winding up around it. At the very top of the stairs, look up and you will spot a Giant Beehive. Use ranged attacks to damage it and it will drop down below. Interact with it to get the collectible item.


Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters


  • Raid Wing: 2
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

After you defeat Matthias, walk to one of the four fountains in the room and interact with it. It will give you a dialog box and allow you to get the item. If you leave the instance after defeating Matthias, you will not be able to interact with the fountain until you kill Matthias again.


Spirit Quest Tonic


  • Raid Wing: 2
  • Time gated: No

Combined all 4 items from above (Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, Giant Beehive, Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters) by double clicking on any of them when you have them in your inventory.

Bloodstone Fragment


  • Raid Wing: 2
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Loot it from the boss chest after defeating Matthias.

Bloodstone Battery (Charged)


  • Raid Wing: 3
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Loot Bloodstone Battery (Empty) from the chest after defeating McLeod the Silent. Once you have that item in your inventory, travel to Rata Novus area of Tangled Depths – [&BAMIAAA=]. If that waypoint is contested, go north and then east from Leyline Confluence waypoint and follow the path. You will see a socket you can interact and then get it charged.


Soul of the Keep


  • Raid Wing: 3
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Loot a Stone Soul from the boss chest after defeating Keep Construct. Once you have the item in your inventory, go to Tangled Depths and find a Chak Slinger/Lobber that slings goop. Stand in the goop and click on the Stone Soul in your inventory and you will get Soul of the Keep.


Tormented Aurillium


  • Raid Wing: 3
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

You need to get the Polished Aurillum from Scavenger Rakatin, who is a Faction Provisioner in Westwatch of Auric Basin. To buy stuff from him you need to give him one of these items. The Polished Aurillium only costs 1 Provisioner Token.

  • Rampager’s Krait Battleaxe
  • Rampager’s Krait Shooter
  • Rampager’s Krait Ward
  • Rampager’s Gladiator Legplates
  • Rampager’s Noble Pants
  • Rampager’s Masquerade Leggings


To get the Polished Aurillium to Tormented Aurillium, you just need to run through the Twisted Castle maze with it in your inventory and randomly while either killing mobs or going through the maze doors you will get the collection popup.

  • If you don’t get a popup, try clicking on the item in your inventory while inside the Twisted Maze area.

Spirit Strings


  • Raid Wing: 3
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Buy the Itzel Spirit Poison from the Itzel vendor right at entrance to Verdant Brink for 100 Airship Parts.


When this item is in your inventory, you need to click it and get a 15 min duration buff. While this buff is active, you need to kill the Keep Construct and loot the boss chest  to get the Spirit Strings (if you killed Keep Construct already this week and therefore not eligible for boss loot, you need to wait for the weekly reset). Besure to reapply this buff immediately after every wipe as applying it during the fight doesn’t seem to work according to some players.

Blood-Infused Ectoplasm


  • Raid Wing: 3
  • Time gated: Yes (RNG)
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

This ectoplasm can be looted off as a random drop from the 3 chests inside the Twisted Castle maze. The drop rate isn’t that high so it may take you a few weeks to obtain it.


White Mantle Ritual Goblet


  • Raid Wing: 3
  • Time gated: No
  • Can be done in a cleared instance: No

Looted off Xera boss chest after defeating her.

Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor

Unlocked after completing Envoy Armor I. Info taken from Energyslam on reddit. Finishing it will reward you with 5 AP and another set of Ascended armor. Note that this collection cannot be finished until Arenanet adds in more in a future update.

  • You only need to make one Crystalline Heart, it will remain in your inventory and you just need to click it at certain spots to acquire other items for the collection.


Crystalline Heart


Make 100 Crystalline Ingots (500 Armorsmith, Artificer, Huntsman, Leatherworker, Tailor, Weaponsmith) and trade it in with the Master Armorsmith, Tailor or Leatherworker in Lion’s Arch.. For each Crystalline Ingot you will need.


You can acquire the various items as follows

Amalgamated Gemstore can be acquired in several ways

  • Daily chests for meta events in all the HoT maps give it as one of the choices, so you can get 4x a day this way
  • You can mystic forge 1x Pile of Crystalline dues and three 3x Crests, Doubloons, Black Diamond, Freshwater Pearl, Maguuma Burl, Maguuma Lily, or Orbs
    • Example: 1x Crystalline Dust, 3x Gold Doubloon, 3x Ebony Orb, Platinum Doubloons.
  • Alternate mystic forge recipe is 5x Ectoplasm and three 25x Crests, Doubloons, Black Diamond, Freshwater Pearl, Maguuma Burl, Maguuma Lily, or Orbs

Vine Heart


Double click the Crystalline Heart in your inventory once you have finished the Octovine event in Tarir (once all 4 Octovines are killed).


Burning Heart


Double click the Crystalline Heart in your inventory once you arrive at the end of Volcanic Fractal (any difficult). Scale 6, 19, 28, 46, 52, 63, 72, 87, 92.

Frozen Heart


Double click the Crystalline Heart in your inventory once you arrive at the end of Snowblind Fractal (any difficulty). Scale 5, 16, 27, 37, 51, 74, 86.

Windy Heart


Find a Legendary wyvern in Verdant Brink (Nighttime Verdant Brink has the Legendary Wyvern and the Wyvern Patriarch  up in the canopy you can use for this) and click your spam click your Crystalline Heart once the wyvern does its gusting attack (it will stand up and flap its wings).


Sodden Heart


Double click the Crystalline Heart in your inventory once you arrive at the end of Aquatic Ruins Fractal (any difficulty). Scale 3, 18, 26, 42, 61, 76

Ley-Infused Heart


Stand on the bottom most rock under Platform 5 after finishing the Mouth of Mordrem meta event in Dragon Stand and click on the Crystalline Heart.


Cultivated Heart


Double click the Crystalline Heart high up in the Great Tree in Tangled Depths. The easiest way to reach this is via the Order of Whispers waypoint. There are a bunch of updrafts in the big clearing just south of the waypoint that you can use to get up to the Great Tree.


One of the ways I reach the updrafts is via a big tree just south of the waypoint with a small hole opening in the middle. You need to glide to the tree and then carefully go up to the hole. Run through the hole in the tree and then jump immediately after the hole, there is an updraft that will carry you up.


You will want to traverse through the updrafts to get to the entrance of the Great Tree high above. Then take a left after reaching it and you will arrive at a clearing with some flax and wyverns. Click on your Crystalline Heart in your inventory and the collection should update.


Making Legendary Armor

To make the Legendary Armor, you need to take a piece of the Refined Armor from the second collection and combine it with three other gifts. Since this is per piece, you will need six sets of 3 gifts for the entire armor set for a single armor weight.

Gift of Prosperity, Prowess, and Dedication recipes currently do not work yet as they are not yet enabled.

Gift of Prosperity

If you don’t have the recipes for the Gifts, you need to buy them from Miyani near the Mystic Forge for 10g each.

Place the following in the Mystic Forge to make Gift of Prosperity.

  • 1x Gift of Craftsmanship (purchased for 50 Provisioner Tokens from any of the Provisioner Vendors).
    • This is a timegate and you need to hand in a specific piece of rare crafted armor to each Provisioner in exchange for 1 token.
    • If you do it everyday and skip the expensive apothecary crafted rares, it will take you about a month to collect enough for an armor set.
  • 15x Mystic Clovers
    • 1x Obsidian Shard, 1x Mystic Coin, 1x Glob of Ectoplasm, 6x Philosopher’s Stone In Mystic Forge
    • 10x Obsidian Shard, 10x Mystic Coin, 10x Glob of Ectoplasm, 10x Mystic Crystal in Mystic Forge
    • The amount of Clovers you get from the recipes above is random.
  • 1x Gift of Condensed Magic
    • 1x Gift of Blood (100x Vial of Powerful Blood, 250x Vial of Potent Blood, 50x Vial of Thick Blood, 50x Vial of Blood). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
    • 1x Gift of Venom (100x Powerful Venom Sac, 250x Potent Venom Sac, 50x Full Venom Sac, 50x Venom Sac). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
    • 1x Gift of Totems (100x Elaborate Totem, 250 Intricate Totem, 50x Engraved Totem, 50x Totem). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
    • 1x Gift of Dust (100x Pile of Crystalline Dust, 250x Pile of Incandescent Dust, 50x Pile of Luminous Dust, 50x Pile of Radiant Dust). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
  • 1x Gift of Condensed Might
    • 1x Gift of Claws (100x Vicious Claw, 250x Large Claw, 50x Sharp Claw, 50x Claw). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
    • 1x Gift of Scales (100x Armored Scale, 250x Large Scale, 50x Smooth Scale, 50x Scale). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
    • 1x Gift of Bones (100x Ancient Bone, 250x Large Bone, 50x Heavy Bone, 50x Bone). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.
    • 1x Gift of Fangs (100x Vicious Fang, 250x Large Fang, 50x Sharp Fang, 50x Fang). Crafted by Artificer/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 400.

Gift of Prowess

Place the following in the Mystic Forge for Gift of Prowess.

Gift of Dedication

Place the following in the Mystic Forge for Gift of Dedication

  • 5x Auric Ingots (drop from Noxious Pods or Exalted Chests in Tarir). Also can be crafted with 30x Pile of Auric Dust and 30x Auric Silver. The recipe for Artificer Huntsman, Weaponsmith, and Scribe 400 is unlocked after buying and consuming any of the weapon core recipes from the vendor in Tarir (250-500 Lump of Aurillium).
  • 5x Reclaimed Metal Plates (obtained by salvaging rare Reclaimed weapons)
  • 5x Chak Eggs (obtained by doing the Chak Gerent meta event in Tangled Depths. You get 1 per meta event).
  • 1x Gift of the Pact (purchased with 250 of each HoT Map currency, not available yet).

Total Materials

Here are the total materials for a full set of armor for a single armor weight. Refresh the page and the prices will update.

Time Gated Component Time (average)
300 Provisioner Token 25-30 days
150 Legendary Insights 4 months (if you can clear all 3 wings)
Account Bound Materials  
90 Mystic Clovers  
300 Spirit Shards  
300 Obsidian Shards  
30 Auric Ingots  
30 Reclaimed Metal Plates  
30 Chak Eggs  
1500 of each HoT Map Currency  
6 Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy  
Purchasable Materials  
600 Vial of Powerful Blood
1500 Vial of Potent Blood
300 Vial of Thick Blood
300 Vial of Blood
600 Powerful Venom Sac
1500 Potent Venom Sac
300 Full Venom Sac
300 Venom Sac
600 Elaborate Totem
1500 Intricate Totem
300 Engraved Totem
300 Totem
600 Pile of Crystalline Dust
1500 Pile of Incandescent Dust
300 Pile of Luminous Dust
300 Pile of Radiant Dust
600 Vicious Claw
1500 Large Claw
300 Sharp Claw
300 Claw
600 Armored Scale
1500 Large Scale
300 Smooth Scale
300 Scale
600 Ancient Bone
1500 Large Bone
300 Heavy Bone
300 Bone
600 Vicious Fang
1500 Large Fang
300 Sharp Fang
300 Fang


Note that due to feedback from players, the female version of Charr and Asura armor will be made identical to the male version in a later patch,

Thanks for voting and commenting. We’ve read through everything you’ve posted here.

Among people who expressed a clear preference for one of the options, about 230 people prefer to make the change, versus about 40 who prefer to leave it as is. We’ll make the change.

We’re also going to work on cleaning up the Charr tail clipping. And then our focus has to be on shipping the full legendary set.

Thanks everyone!

Experimental Armor (Precursor I armor)


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113 replies on “GW2 Legendary Armor Collection & Crafting Guide”

Oh waw..those costs….and i am not talking about just the gold cost. And this is just the FIRST tier. I really hope for people that are willing to undergo this massive farm, that the final skin is worth it.

The precursor armor is only around 180 gold on total, that’s why the legendary part is expensive, in total, the armor is cheaper than one of the HoT legendary weapon (2700 gold for armor vs 3300 for HoT legendary)

Sry for the late reply. I stated “not talking about just gold” 🙂 Hope this clears things out. Gold is easy shit in this game. Hell..people buy thousands from botters anyway. Means nothing. Time wasted is the key to any mmo.

I despise the first collection since raising is designed to be hated. I mean fuck that goddamn thing! But my uncontrollable and unrelenting ocd is making me want the best items, and since I’d rather cut my balls off with a butter knife than play the raid, I guess I’ll be quitting g gw2. Is there someway I could convince anet to give it to me or something?

I hate raiding as well like the majority. I hope anet will keep on their philosophy to make items available in more than one way. Maybe they will create casual version of raids or something. But for now it will be available only for those 5% hardcore elitist jerks who do raid.

In my opinion, what makes raids elitist in most games is the constant gear rush needed to be efficient in raid.

In GW2, you were already capped with ascended equipment before raids were released and you basically just have to know the rather simple strategies and play properly.

So I would not call that elitist, but it is one of the rare pve activities that reward players based on the quality of their gameplay.

It is elitist when groups of players reject your admittance into the group because, in their minds, you aren’t spec’d exactly as they feel you must be. Granted there is some need to have certain things in order to survive the encounter. However demanding that a person change their entire character to fit what they believe is necessary, and require knowing every minute detail of the raid
encounter without being given the chance to learn it through experiencing it is very much so elitist. Everyone has to start at the beginning at some point. Amazing how fast people forget they were a noob once too.

That’s not the case with all players though. And it’s not specific to raids, as you’ll have similar elitism for dungeons/fractals/pvp/etc.

Anyway, nobody will require you to know every minute detail of the raid. But knowing the 4-5 mechanisms of the fight is obviously mandatory.

Indeed elitism exist in dungeons/fractals/pvp etc. but it is very rare compared to raids because those game modes can be done in casual way.

obviously you should be given time to learn it but it is expected that you run optimal gear to make the encounter faster and easier. this mindset is everywhere in the game whether it be dungeons,fractals or wvw there is always optimal gear which you should be using to help your team server etc

I’ve been with easily 100 raid squads, if not closer to 120-130. Not once have I been kicked for any reason. I’ve had literally one group ever request that I ping my gear, and they advertised in LFG that this would be the case so I expected it. The only negative experiences I’ve had were with people on VOIP who were rude, but even then it’s been rare and tbh most of the stuff they were saying was true, just said in a rude way. The vast majority were understanding and patient.

I think you have some kind of problem with raids and are attributing your negative feelings to flaws in the people who run them and/or the raids themselves. Maybe you rolled in with a really wacky build, and they were hesitant about whether you’d be able to pull your weight. Or maybe you went in with high toughness and weren’t planning on tanking, which actually wrecks the mechanics for the entire group (this is an objective fact on VG for example). Or maybe you had some bad experience with rude people and wrote off the whole thing.

I’m really hoping it’s not just you ASSUMING it’s this elitist club without having given it a fair shot.

I am sorry but I just got taken in by a pretty decent raid group and I have to tell you I used to think the way you do about it being elitist. After running with this guild for a couple weeks I have learned 2 things. 1 is that my game and ability to play has increased. 2. It’s very simple. Go watch the boss encounter videos on youtube. Familiarize yourself with the mechanics so you know what to expect when to expect it and what to do about it. Then find a group willing to take you into raid once you know what its about and you shouldn’t have very many problems. The requirement for certain builds and classes will also be answered during your watching the raid videos on youtube. Good day to you.

I think the percentage of raiders is fairly high in GW2, I think a rep confirmed this once. Just because you do not like raiding, does not make eveyone a jerk that does raid 😉

raiders arent elitists they just want people to put the same effort in as they are if you decide to raid its up to you to pull your own weight which means having good dps and not dying all the time and knowing mechanics. this in no way is elitist behavior

I want those SAB Tribulation skins but I had the urge to smash key board the last time I tried that.

But I’m not here complaining about that am I.

It’s a cosmetic item which at best gives a QoL benefit over ascended year.

end game is end game. if everything was easy and could be bought with money there would be no point in playing the game

Crystalline heart, when 1 Thaumanova Reactor breakdown just isn’t enough.

Only thing I’m dubious of is the Gift of Prosperity required for each armor piece. Pretty sure this puts the cost of legendary armor way above the cost of a legendary weapon. And on a side point, I’m pretty sure I looted a Coagulated Ectoplasm from the bunny chest at the end of the first event in wing 3 – which leaves me with the impression that Coagulated Ectoplasm might drop from small chests in any wing.

It’s not a skillcheck at all. Once you defeated the boss once you have proven all you needed to prove skill-wise. The hardest is always going to be that first time you defeated the boss. Any and all subsequent victory of the same add very little to brag about except that you have access to a lot of time and are well connected in the raid circle.

It seems to add to a lot since everyone is complaining about it. On my behalf I have found decent people to raid with, made friends and have more of a reason to still play the game so I wouldn’t say that’s little.

2700 gold total is nothing. you do realise that all those mats are for the final legendary armor right

wow, i haven’t played GW2 for a long while and looking at this only confirms it. Those insane farms are nothing more than make players purchase mats for real money -.- lol

Do you even realize that legendary gear is just cosmetic and small improvement in QoL? You are not getting ANY advantage in combat. So one is making you to farm or buy anything to keep in line with other. It just an option for people who have to much gold and want to have prestigious items. Same goes with permanent bank, merchant and other merchants.
Or you was just trolling here?

Yeah, charging for basic inventory slots is just laughable. I’m not trolling, it’s just my opinion.

The first tier of the precursor armor cost almost nothing, it’s just about completing the first collection. The second one only has the Crystalline Ingots plus the 6 things we don’t know about yet.

That table with all those mats is NOT for the precursor, but the final Legendary Armor.

You were clearly trolling, not just stating your opinion as you said. I Left many other MMO’s, maybe just like you, but I don’t write silly comments like “Glad I sold my account.” because statements like these have zero worth or meanings..

Both the statement and the money had worth at least for some so yes I stand correct.

So to lazy to make a new gift of might/magic so now we are stuck with needing 600 instead of 300 of each t6 material? (would still be 600 more total than weapon).

At least the LI’s make it somewhat worthy. The price is pretty cheap, I wonder if the missing components will be more expensive to make this actually prestigious? Right now it doesn’t even cost as much as a single legendary weapon to make the entire armor set.

That’s island 5, glide down below it and double click the heart.
I didn’t actually do it, someone else posted it on Reddit.

If i’m downed during KC fight, I’m still getting the Spirit String after victory if someone ress me? What about if I die but my squad defeat him while I’m dead?

man i hate this finally get good female armor for charr and they are gonna change it to male. >.>

Wow, that’s a ridiculous amount of things need to be done.. not sure if I ever finish this armor..
Question..s.. completing the first collection gives you a full armor set or just one piece? Is the first collection new skin already or is is just ascendet armor skin?

Might want to add that the Itzel Spirit Poison is removed when you get downed, so you need to reapply it midfight if that happens. And if you’re downed/dead when it finishes then you won’t get the strings, but if you make a ticket A-net seem like they are willing to give the strings to you if you ask them in support.

The chests in Twisted Castle don’t disappear after the event so why did you write that it can’t be done in a cleared instance?

I’ve a question (sorry if it’s already specified somewhere, I’m posting this rather late). When you speak to one of the crafting masters, does it lock you into the armor type that matches said crafting master? E.g, say I unlock part II by speaking to the Armorsmith, does that make me lock myself into crafting the Heavy set?

Please change the Blood-Infused Ectoplasm rng fact, it’s the only item I’m missing from a collection which should reward skill in raid, i got all items in the first week and that ectoplasm can’t be the reason I can’t complete this achievement…I mean, now I have to wait another week for a chance (not a certainty!!!) to complete my first tier armor, it just shouldn’t be this way…

Collection II: The Windy Heart can be obtained from the wyvern spawning after a successful Dragon’s Stand at the Tiger spot as well. And the Mouth of Mordremoth does not need to be defeated to obtain the Ley-Infused heart.

That armor is ugly as fucking shit foreal, wow who in the hell would want to wear trash gear like that?

Vol II Windy Heart – you can get from Legendary Wyvern in Auric Basin near Mossheart Walk after meat event.

precursors look bad. Heavy set is kinda decent but others…. not worth the time and the grind… And still no legendary armor skins revealed yet 1 year later

Is there any source on the Gift of the Pact item that it requires 250 of each map currency? I cannot find any source on this..

So, 4 months for 1 set if you do all 3 wings completely every week.
That is harsh.. even for the average raider.. let alone people like me who do 2-3 wings per month at best.. I’ll just expect legendary armor isn’t for people like me

I honestly think they need to be changed to fit the race. I’m no Charr anatomy expert but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the same thing as it is on humans. I just don’t see a giant anthropomorphic cat having armour to support human-like boobs. As for Asura… oh my god the light armour isn’t good.
I’m pretty excited to see the legendary medium armour, based on these precursors I HOPE that the dragon head moves or breathes fire, maybe even snake around the body in the final version seeing as the belt already looks like a snake body. Looks like a pretty darn good opportunity there.

Though these are armour I will NEVER be able to acquire simply because I don’t do raids, and even if I wanted to do them (which I’ll be honest, I do want to) I will have absolutely no one to do them with. Guess it sucks for all of those who have no friends huh.

It would be nice for those that just can’t do the raid to be able to unlock a reward path in WvW and PvE by completing all the Raid achievements. That would give you all but two of the items you need for the Envoy armor set. And yes I’m sure allot of people would be salty about non Raiders being able to obtain legendary armor. But if the reward tracks just gave you a chest in the end that gave you some kind of currency to buy what you needed, then it may be a fair trade. It is possible with enough dedication to complete the raids if you get the right group of friends that are willing to keep getting their butts kicked until you figure it out. Otherwise there are the groups selling raids. Not saying I approve of that method or if its even legal in Anets eyes. But it is there.

I have to agree. I am the hybrid player that enjoys both WvW and PvE equally. I don’t want to be restricted to just one game type. If I want to make legendary armor in any reasonable amount of time I would have to forget about WvW entirely. The same wasn’t true when I made The Bifrost. I farmed nearly three-quarters of the materials I needed from WvW. With the exception of mystic coins and the Gift of Zhaitan. (This was before reward tracks) Now with this strict crafting path, I am stuffed into the ‘PvE only’ box for the next few months.

Or even a different legendary armor for whatever type of player you are. We have players that only PvP, or WvW, PvE. And Raids are really tough. And if you don’t have so many of the legendary tokens no one wants to party with you even though you do understand the mechanics.

@dulfy:disqus You can get the Blood-Infused Ectoplasm in a cleared instance even if you haven’t killed anything that week (tested in completly cleared w3).

Should update, Gift of the Pact has been made available (despite the mystic forge recipe remains disabled) and Envoy Armor II collection has new tasks too.

Should update, all hearts beside the last are know.
Raid 2 has 5 hearts:
1. Anywhere inside.
2. Activate before Cairn. Survive without missing a green field.
3. Survive Mursaat Overseer while being protected at least once.
4. Defeat the wimp and get caught in his blast (so you need to not do the push mechanic for one round).
5. Defeat Deimos without dying.

All hearts require activation before the fight, not after!

Do i need HoT masteries for any of the vendors or at all for legendary armor?
If so which ones?

Dulfy you should update this site 😉
–> Gift of Prosperity, Prowess, and Dedication recipes currently do not work yet as they are not yet enabled. <–

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