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SWTOR Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 4.6, scheduled to arrive after maintenance on June 28 from 5 to 9 am PDT.



  • Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception! Lead a daring assault on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet! Players subscribed on June 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other Subscribers on June 30th.
  • New Event: Dark vs. Light! Join a galactic event and choose between the dark side and the light side to earn epic rewards in celebration of SWTOR’s 5-year anniversary!
  • New Character Perks! Portable Cargo Hold, Portable Legacy Cargo Hold, and Companion Gift use time reduction – see below for full details!
  • Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: The Relics of the Gree Event is back! From June 28th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST to July 5th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST, Black Bisectors are called upon to lend a hand!
  • Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins July 12th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST and ends July 19th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST.


  • New Character Perk: Portable Cargo Hold! Summon a Portable Cargo Hold droid to your current location that provides access to your ship’s Cargo Hold. The cooldown can be reduced by upgrading the droid (down to 30 minutes). This perk is purchasable in the Legacy UI.
  • New Character Perk: Portable Legacy Cargo Hold! Summon a Portable Legacy Cargo Hold droid to your current location that provides Legacy Cargo Hold access. The cooldown can be reduced by upgrading the droid (down to 30 minutes). This perk is purchasable in the Legacy UI.
  • New Character Perk: Companion Gift Cast Time Reduction! Reduce the use time of Companion Gifts by 20% per level (up to 60%). This perk is purchasable in the Legacy UI.
  • Achievements have been added for attaining Level 65 and max level Crew Skills. These Achievements will not be granted retroactively until Game Update 4.7.
  • The Organa Castle Quick Travel Point now unlocks when players discover its location.
  • The House Alde Library Quick Travel Point now unlocks when players discover the location.
  • Outfit preview now correctly displays unified colors.

Flashpoints + Operations

False Emperor

  • Fixed an issue where Prototype A-15 and Prototype B-16 would periodically be able to kill players in one shot despite following the mechanics of the fight correctly.

Items + Economy

  • Sniper’s Ambush visual effect now lines up properly with the Arvanite Professional Sniper Rifle and the Revanite Field Tech Sniper Rifles.

Missions + NPCs

  • Experience gained from the following Missions now scales with the Player’s level:
    • Down with the Queen
    • Chaos at the Droid Factory
    • Marked Man
    • Dark Science
    • A Family Concern
    • Atypical Tactics
    • Introduction to Warzones
    • Introduction to Starfighter
  • Ashara will no longer use melee attacks from ranged after using her leap ability.
  • All Companion DPS execution abilities have been normalized to have a 20 second cooldown.
  • Companions no longer fire crowd control abilities at targets that have Boss immunity.
  • Fixed the typo in all “Preventive Measure” Companion abilities.
  • Skadge can now only equip one melee weapon.
  • The Sith Inquisitor Mission “Preparations” now awards the item “Kallig’s Countenance.” This is a new version of the item that is moddable and Legacy-bound. Existing version of the items have not been updated.
  • The phase to the Mission “[Heroic 2+] Rock Eaters” no longer allows players who are on the incorrect Mission step into the area.

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126 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes”

Just a question, is anyone else having problems seeing weapon animations (ex. Lighsaber blades, blaster bolts, explosive rounds.) I recently upgraded to windows 10, so would this be apart of the problem?

I tried upgrading to windows 10 and the game would just hang at the main loading screen on startup. uninstalled windows 10 and all was fine again.

I had a problem like that when I upgraded. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, it worked fine.

They were both getting tech power from stats rather than Force, so their abilities were weaker in comparison to other companions. Supposedly a fix was in the works.

New Event: Dark vs. Light! Join a galactic event and choose between the dark side and the light side to earn epic rewards in celebration of SWTOR’s 5-year anniversary!

I’m sorry, are you shitting me? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here. Your 5-year anniversary is more than five months away.

Its just a ploy to make us think its an anniversary celebration eventhough it is not, just to make us play it more.

Well, if it’s a celebration, something’s wrong with me; I don’t feel very “celebrative”…

This is just an event to keep people occupied because the Season 2 of the storyline won’t start until the fall.

What’s wrong with summoning Bowdaar? I got him after completing EC but never used him. I unsubbed so I don’t really play anymore. Just curious what the issue is.

After doing everything to recruit him he doesn’t switch over to the section of the companion list where you all your companions are summoned from. Mine is at level 12 and Bowdaar is at my Alliance base on Odessen, but I can’t summon him.

Had it happen to 3 of my toons yesterday. However before 4.5 the toons I recruited him on worked just fine. The last patch fucked it up.

So no item extraction fix. No guild window fix. No summoning Bowdaar Fix. What the hell is wrong with these people.

Honestly, just not having to put up with Gus for a little while longer is the brightest spot in all of this.

Another shit update. Bah. Sub until HK-55 Chapter since I’ve been subbed the duration then unsubbed and done until they decide group content > single player rpg with 15$ a month downloadable DLC scripted event linear hallway shit.

I fucking love how they absolutely know and are completely aware of the fact that no one wants the short cast time when giving gifts to companions. It makes no sense, and since we have no fucking many of them now (turning in large quantities of Alliance packs and such), it’s really annoying. They know this, and they don’t just fix it by reducing the timer or getting rid of it, they make us fucking buy it. Bioware really needs to figure out that quality of life updates shouldn’t be linked to fucking microtransactions, whether we can buy them with credits or not.

I guarantee BW (hopefully) thought this would be a good QoL update. Then some thieving piece of shit from EA thought, “We could make that into a CC purchase.”

EA is probably the culprit.

They usually are. EA, Activision, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft is bad enough on their own, it’s all shit. Microtransactions are the way of the future, because it’s worked too well in so many games. It’s bad enough that anyone who speaks out against them just gets “Just don’t buy them” in return, even from players. People are fucking stupid nowadays, so they don’t understand that if we stop buying them, they’ll stop putting them in games.

And yet the romance companion gifts remain bugged but here you go you shit eating lemmings, have a cc purchasable companion gift cast time reduction instead. Vintage EA/BW. :p

And to rub salt into the wound, you have to buy it per character. After all, why make it a Legacy unlock when you can milk players for every character they have?

OMG Can I JUST get credit for my Trooper having completed their Chapter 3 story arc?? Enough with the frills, can I have basic functionality as advertised?

class story not required. you could just do planetary missions, solo-flash points (mandalorian raiders would be perfect for the dark side achievements.), or heroics. more or less, you can get your trooper to lvl 50 with only doing story missions between starter planet to the end of coruscant to get your ship.

“New Event”

They’ve really got some balls calling that substitution for content a ‘new event’…

“The Sith Inquisitor Mission “Preparations” now awards the item “Kallig’s
Countenance.” This is a new version of the item that is moddable and
Legacy-bound. Existing version of the items have not been updated.” Why wouldn’t they update existing versions of it? I already have to SIs!! FFS

Sounds great!! No worries. The fact my smuggler still does not have access to 2V-R8, DR. Oggurobb is still bitching about Broonmark every time I turn in, or the fact that my sub monthly reward still comes 15 days after resub can wait to be fixed after more of this cool shit is developed and typos get fixed.

Still no Comp audio fixes, Getting real tired of hearing Rusk when I am using Scourge in Tank or heal mode.

Agreed. I actually rolled a new evil JK recently to plague the galaxy with Scourge at my side. But hearing him say “you’re alright” in Rusks increasingly annoying voice has forced me to bench the dude for the time being. Has the problem been there from the very beginning of 4.0? If that is the case I could imagine they haven’t got any “Heal-lines” from the voice actor. That wouldn’t explain the issue while he is in tank stance, though…

The worst case might be Imperial Agent. MOST of my comps sound like Kalyio, in fact I’ve werdly grown fond of my “transsexual” Vector looool…

Depends on the comp I guess. I like Kaliyo’s voice, has this cocky I don’t take sh*t from anyone ring to it. But when Rusk opens his mouth to speak it sounds like he’s simultaneously trying to crush an eight-ball between his buttcheaks.

And to answer your question, yes it has been here since the very start of 4.0.

And speaking of annoyances, it has been reported as fixed by BW at least on one occasion. Seems they can’t even be sure as to when their bugs are fixed or not…

Then we probably shouldn’t hold our breaths. The agent Ch. 10 screw-up was fixed… 3 times iirc. I’m guessing they tried to fix the voices, didn’t work, so they thought: screw it, on to more pressing matters, like reskins!!!
On that matter, my afformentioned Dashade is a mute, he actually says nothing whatsoever, at any time. They couldn’t have broken the ship droid this way instead?

Don’t forget the final Inquisitor quest regarding Ashara… How many times was THAT fixed? People could NOT complete the romance with Ashara, actually preventing them from doing KotFE with an ongoing relationship…

The shit… oooops, SHIP droid… I remember when people brought him out pre 4.0 for fights… I would say: “you know it’s called the SHIP droid for a reason…” looooooool…

Mr. Copperfist with 3 skills xDD
Although I did let one class off at having him out: the smuggler. Hoth is, sry, was in those days quite a long time to wait for your heal comp.

Oh you’re right there, that’s one thing I like about 4.0: no more waiting around for your healer to appear…

Oh, the horror of being “forced” to not use Scourge. How the hell do you even manage to cope? Life must be such a trial for you.

Yeah, its been there the whole time. It is odd that he has no tank lines, I mean he was a tank/dps to begin with.

Sure of course, we can bulk give stuff that Qyzen and Blizz need on their missions, but bulk give gifts no of course not, why do that when they can make is pay for quicker gift giving.

Still no fix to Romance gifts, but they make it so you can use companion gifts faster. I’m guessing they have no intention on ever fixing it.

I keep submitting a bug report on this every Monday without fail. I’m hoping if enough people continually submit a bug report once a week they will fix it

“Achievements have been added for attaining Level 65 and max level Crew Skills. These Achievements will not be granted retroactively until Game Update 4.7”

So, are they making some of the DS/ LS Event stuff retroactive for the veterans, after all?

‘So, are they making some of the DS/ LS Event stuff retroactive for the veterans, after all?’

There are no achievements for lvl 550 yet in the game, they will add those as I understand. It doesn’t mean you don’t mean this achiev retroactively fulfills the LS/DS requirements alone. I hope I am wrong, but unfortunately this is not a confirmation just yet on skipping the most grindy part. My fear is that they code it in a way, that the work done only on the participating (new) toons with the proper icon will count. Even if you get this achiev with old toons, it won’t skip it.

I just hope my current achievements don’t get deleted because of the “Epidiotic Event” (I’ve decided that’s what I’m gonna call it, Epic in it’s idiocy). I could care less for the “event’s” Achievements, but since I decided not to participate I don’t want to have to do it all again, just because BW thinks I should. After all, I leveled an extra Jugg just to get Ligth-Side Jaesa… And the nice people at BW took that cheevo away from me…

I wouldn’t mind having that tank mount, especially because it is prolly gonna be very rare 😉
But it is worth all that effort? I don’t think so. What really gets me is how they advertise all those flashy armors you can get out of those packs. I can already here the cries on the forums that those armors weren’t accurately labeled as ultra rares xDD

Well, I’ve already dished the Epidiotic Event enough on the other post, the one with over a thousand comments… But yeah, it’s really not worth the effort, unless you’re addicted to grinding… But hey, to each his own I guess…

The mount doesn’t concern me. I’ll just get it when they add a recolored version in a later Cartel Pack. Because you know it’s going to happen. Most of the current rewards for this Event are just reskinned older armor models.

I hear you. That’s what kills me. Most of the achievements are already in the Legacy system. They just re-added them all again, only under Events and with the added nomenclature of the event version of the achievement. If they had just made it so you could do the event with existing toons, they wouldn’t be drinking so much vitriol right now. It would be so easy to retroactively award them to people who’ve already done it. I see a lot of people saying “so, you just want them to give it to you for not doing it?” That’s the whole point…we did do it already…twice. Once before and most of them fucking again after they added the Legacy system. What, they think the third times the charm or something, I wonder? Hahaha. BW has definitely reaped what it’s sowed this past year. Makes me sad.

I wish they had just brought back the Nar shadaa nightlife event again and updated the rewards for it, gree, and some of the other events with these rewards instead.

Hummmm… Yeah??? Losing half an hour giving gifts to comps is NOT my idea of a good time ingame, I tell you that…

it doesn’t force you to spend a half an hour giving gifts to comps. that’s your choice.

So, I max out my Crystals, go to the Fleet, get 99 gifts to give my comps… And then slowly give them at intervals to them? While I could be using my comps at a higher level of Influence? That’s like getting a whole set of BiS gear and not using it man! Lol, of course I’m not FORCED to do it… But I better, if I want better comps, right?

And it is just f**king mega to break out that Level 50 Dashade in that uber-evil customization, hover over his icon and see him touching the 100k life. Gives me goosebumps every time xD

I get it, and understand, but I don’t see why complain about it. it’s like complaining about it takes too much time to max lvl a new character if you try to do it all in one session.

Well, because leveling a character is ACTUAL playing. And if you give the gifts at timed intervals it’s STILL going to take the SAME amount of time it takes to do it all in one clean swoop… WITHOUT the added benefits.

And if you’re a crafter, like me… Oh trust me, you WANT to give those gifts to your comps a.s.a.p.

Just trust me on that one lol…

I actually like this perk, because I usually level my comps to 30 with level 1 Gifts, that’s roughly 2000 clicks and cutting the time it takes to do that by 60 % is nice. I wasn’t bitching about it, though, as I did always choose to sit there and click a button 2000 times, albeit rarely in one session xD

The thing is, if you level your first comp, e.g. Vette on a Jugg, the moment you get her to level 30 (cost: approx. 460 K) and then just keep her with you while doing what you do, she’ll hit 45, or even 50 by the time you’re done with SoR, depending on how much you left out. That’s just a bargain I can never pass up.

I wonder when they will plan adding into game old dread master stuffs, wings of architect mount etc….

Never, please never. Who ever is left raiding or working towards raiding will leave for good. There would be 0 reason to go into nim, though there isnt really much anyway. Good toliet read though

“adding into game” You do know that those items you listed are already in the game, right? If you want them so badly, go get them.
I don’t pve, and i want at least the wings mount to stay exclusive, because there’s very little in this game that still is.

Really? U said so u don’t do pve, so please stop to be a smartass, cause u’re writing shits. Tokens are gone, vendor who’s exchanging tokens for gear is gone… Maybe those wings are still here, not sure about them

They are, and it wouldn’t go down well with the raiding community that’s left in the game if they became “available” out of Ops, trust me on that one…

He probably meant weapons and armors that are impossible to get now.
I’d rather have the Obroan old stuff. Specially the Professional sniper rifle, the ‘cannon’ rifle and the double giant barrel pistol.

I’m all for that, stuff that simply is unobtainable should be made obtainable. Like the armors they put at the Vendor in the Fleet, BtL. Stuff like the Vendetta armor, which I had, but this way everybody gets to have it, even if they joined the game recently…

A vendor that, if rumors are true, is being taken out of the game soon. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The info on this is apparantly datamined, so the reasoning is still uncertain. However, willl there be any answer to your why from Biowhyyyyyy that would truly satisfy you?

Lol, you have a point there… It just seems they’re hellbent on pissing people off, I really don’t get what they’re trying to do. I really don’t. I’m a raider and I keep playing the forsaken game… I’m a pretty patient person, but I’m at the end of my rope…

Agreed. When I first read the info on this flashy thingy they’re labeling an event, I thought: are you trying to get rid of us? Do you want us to leave?
The thing is, there is actually merit to that thought. I don’t know how old you are, but myself and most raiders I’m on the road with, are 25+, I would even say around half are 30+. And we, as a generation, aren’t comfortable or anywhere near happy with the new microtransaction-generation and want no part of it. Therefore, one could claim that we are in fact a world apart form the favored customer of todays gaming industry…

That’s my opinion too. I’m 43, and I want no part of this micro-transaction thing either. In fact I don’t spend money on CC’s, I just use the ones I (used to) get from subscribing. I don’t think they want us around, no. And I’ll oblige them when I find something to suit my gaming needs…

If ever there will be a game to once again suit our generations gaming needs, good friend…

I don’t mind the optional micro-transactions, but what bothers me is that that’s ALL we get. Sure, there’s a few QoL additions to the game, but nothing that’s really new or merits the recognition. So tired of the same old stuff, day in and day out. These chapters are pathetic. This is not the quality of content (barely even merits being called content, frankly) that we want, yet it’s all we get.

I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about their ‘focus on story’ when that’s absolutely all they can give us. After 2 playthroughs, it loses its value entirely. And now they shove a grandiose ‘new event’ at us as if it’s this groundbreaking thing, when it’s nothing more than a simple way of saying, “Hey, we know you love the game, so now you get to play through it a total of 8 (EIGHT) more times if you want a chance at some old sh!t. Yes, you heard us right: 8. More. Times.”

Considering that this is the only ongoing and official Star Wars ‘MMORPG’, it baffles me that this game is being managed so poorly. EA has managed a new level of disgust in the pit of my stomach. /EndRant

The armor is available as crafted version, at least as long there are crafters around that can still make them. The wings are never gonna happen. And rightly so. BW recently attempted to release a rancor mount in one of the packs that resembled one of the pvp-rancors. The community went berserk, the rancor was tanken out of the pack. I don’t think BW is going to try anything like that again anytime soon^^

Precisely. I was going to mention the Rancor. And it wasn’t even EXACTLY the same Rancor, it was a reskin… So yeah, I don’t think BW want ANOTHER shitstorm on their hands right now…

The “shitstorm” is what i meant by don’t make the wings mount not exclusive to pve. I just couldn’t find the right words, so yes, +1 to you and this conversation. 🙂

the rancor mount wasnt going to be put in a pack it was put in as a rare drop from the eternal championship and they DID put it in, i got one last week.

Oh yes it was going to be put in a pack. I commented on that thread right here on Dulfy. They pulled it out UNANNOUNCED after the shitstorm. I don’t know about the one from the Eternal Championship, might be the same one, i don’t have one.

You’re talking about the dread forged rancor resin correct? It was data mined never confirmed to come from a pack and it was not removed from the game it drops in the eternal championship.

We’re both saying the same thing here: it was meant to be in a pack, content datamined (every other single piece that was datamined ended up the pack), posted on Dulfy, ensuing shitstorm (they DO read social media you know, they’ve admitted to it), BW removes Rancor from the pack, drops it in EC.

I do miss the old days. When every single cool, sweet, amazing thing you wanted to have in the game was acquired by doing something in the game, not throwing money at it…

Oh, but people don’t want to group up for Ops or anything for that matter. It takes too much effort. They want to do it all alone. Which is kinda funny for me, because all I wanna do is group up and do challenging stuff.

Of course, if you prioritise solo stuff you have to give people rewards for doing it solo… So now you get rare drops for doing stuff alone… Which is fine, if it was NEW stuff, not stuff that used to be rewarded from GROUP content…

Why, to do solo stuff I don’t need to pay a sub, or login to TOR… I can just put Skyrim on and be done with it…

We could go on and on at this subject, been there many times. The reality is, those days are gone and probably not just form this game. We’re relics from a forgotten era.

And this relic has to hit the road now. Nice chatting with you, Paulo. See you on the other side, brother!!

New Character Perk: Companion Gift Cast Time Reduction! Reduce the use time of Companion Gifts by 20% per level (up to 60%). This perk is purchasable in the Legacy UI.

Wow, instead of just reducing a cool down in a regular patch like normal people do, it’s a perk that you can buy. fucking wow.

cargo perks: something between 1.000.000 – 3.000.000 for each perk. And they’re not legacy wide, only for the current char

3M for skipping a few seconds of travel time to stronghold? 3M * 16 toons…? This is a bad money sink. No, just no…

Hmmm, I remember the mount while riding started out as per character. Here’s to hoping they change it.

Let’s hope to that. But with recent changes to economy and nerfing heroics, I’m not hopeful. At least stronghold is well decorated and pleasant 🙂

There has been some inflation between the release of those perks, but there’s no way I’m paying that for Expediency. If it reduced the time to instant (like deco’s) and was account-wide, sure. But this wouldn’t be the first perk that’s not nearly worth it.

Apparently its all heroic missions, credit rewards USED to scale up with level, for example my level 65 toons could make literally 250K in credits alone just by doing two planets worth of heroics, but now those credits got nerfed down by at least 10K apiece so a 17K Heroic is now 7K in credits, but the Experience Gain is still scaling up with level. which to be honest is actually good

Outfit preview is still bugged. Doesn’t show the dyes of my armor at all.
Only if you try to preview a dye from your inventory it is shown.
I have no hop that they get the their shit preview ever done.

Unbelievable. The amount of companion gifts needed is tremendous. The time it takes to give them to a companion is ridiculous. So lets charge people to fix it. Wait a minute i paid my sub for the last 5 years. Guess that dosent count???

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