SWTOR Guss Tuno Recruitment Mission Delayed

SWTOR Guss Tuno recruitment mission has been delayed and will not come with patch 4.6 tomorrow.

Guss Tuno is at it again… | 06.27.2016, 02:57 PM

Guss Tuno carried out an overly-elaborate con job to convince the galaxy that his recruitment mission would go live with Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception (4.6). But as with most of Guss’s con jobs, this caper has failed spectacularly. Guss Tuno’s recruitment mission has thus been delayed and will be made available in a future update.

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37 replies on “SWTOR Guss Tuno Recruitment Mission Delayed”

me too, and the announcements comes right before early access too, must have discovered something at the last minute

Sigh. Really hope EA/Bioware/whoever gives the SWTOR team enough developers to actually continue making content in a timely manner for the next expansion.

What they mean to say is no one thought to test the new chapter and recruitment mission with the patch until now. :p

sigh… At least the announcement made me laugh due to the humour in it instead of me going “lol another fail”.

Totally agree. Look at it this way, it may give us something to do between “major” updates. Also better for it to be delayed then for it to be bugged.

LULZ the quality we expect from bioware, they didn’t get their shit done. And when we get it it’s still bugged like hell.

Hopefully they include the option to use a sledgehammer to turn his stupid ugly face into pulp.
Worst companion in the game.

Oh well, I guess I can forgive him this time, but if Guss Tanno does this to me again, I will have him deep fried and fed to rakghouls!!!!!

Does anyone remember the last time content was released without something going wrong or being delayed at the last minute? I don’t.

As I recall the same thing happened with Bowdaar. This pattern suggests that future missions surrounding the remaining Smuggler companions will also be delayed at the last minute.

*raises his hand* Guss is easily one of the funnest companions. Rumor has it he is a full fledged jedi now, as long as they dont change his personality and its just skills and story for him between ziost and kotfe im all for that as well.

Now THAT would be funny! I…was not his biggest fan honestly. Yes he had good humor. At first. But as the story progressed he started to annoying. To me, he’s a lot like Vette but without as interesting a backstory or personailty.

Since I know that it was Guss’s voice I heard talking to Blizz during the “Little Boss” recruitment run, YES, I want him back. Him and his “I’m a Jedi” battle cry.

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