SWTOR Next Expansion Could be Named KOTET

According to a panel list from Star Wars Celebration, the next expansion could be named SWTOR: KOTET.

Redditor Sakowenteta spotted this on the Star Wars Celebration exhibitor list. It listed SWTOR as Star Wars the Old Republic KOTET. Could be a misspelling of KOTFE or the abbreviation of the next expansion.

You can view that page here:


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was literally gonna scroll down and write that and lo and behold. xD
i guess we’ll really be taking that eternal throne >.>

or alternatively somebody else is gonna take it before us. herp. maybe thexan is still alive. who even knows >_<

I’m still gunning for a secretly alive Thexan. If Maul can live with his injuries, #sexybaldprince can too.

Haha that be great I mean he doesn’t even cut him in half just across the stomach and that gear is what he went to war in it has to have atleast some armoring against lightsaber s enough to lighten the blow and get medical attention especially with bacta and advanced stuff and come on if valkorian could keep the outlander alive with a saber through the gut then the son even more so he could have kept alive. I mean I totally thought he was still alive even after watching the trailer and when he wasn’t I was like what??? I mean I’ve seen force users survive far worse and live. Would be cool if he was alive but again all depends on how the story goes and what the writers want to do.

Might be an expansion, might be the new Star Wars MMO we know is in development. In this picture, it looks like it’s called KOTET Galaxy. However, that’s just unfortunate spacing on the part of whoever’s window this is. The names of these things are just separated like the other words are, so there’s likely Star Wars Battlefront, Death Star, Star Wars The Old Republic: KOTET, and Galaxy of Hero’s Mobile.

In this case, it’s not quite as likely that it’s the new MMO, but it certainly could be.

It’s been in development for at least a year, if not two. I don’t remember where I found the info — shouldn’t be hard to find though. I don’t recall finding any information about the game itself, just a statement that there is an unannounced Star Wars MMO from EA (probably BW though I don’t know if it was stated) in development.

There’s no way EA is sinking millions into a new MMO with how subpar SWTOR’s been doing. Especially when publishers finally realized MMOs aren’t an automatic money.

We can probably expect a Star Wars MOBA or Overwatch knockoff sometime soon, though.

Actually, there’s mentions of an unannounced EA MMO in development as far back as 2011… though they claim they have “many interesting projects incubating at the Redwood Shores campus” so who knows. That’s not what I had seen, though…

Without a link or any kind of proof you are just talking out of your ass. It is irresponsible to just throw out claims, your are just spreading rumors at this point.

Aww, is it ‘irresponsible’? Are your feelings hurt? You only care because you realize there’s a POSSIBILITY that I’m right. If you don’t care enough to look it up, that’s fine. Time will prove me right.

It’s not about how much money it’s making now, it’s about how much a new game could make in the first few years.
SWTOR has recouped the production costs and is making money, but MMOs profits do dwindle over time. The way to get profits up is to spend money to create a new game.

That, and also, they now have much more experience than last time, and can start right, without making half as many mistakes as last time (like choosing a buggy, piece-of-crap engine and trying to tweak it).

lol to all these people claiming you (idnewton) got it wrong, you need to keep up. The hints of a new star wars mmo game has been hinted for years, Last year Sony put out a job recruitment up looking for lead designers and such and last but not least they revealed this at there EA (whatever it was)

expect to see more at Star wars event

The game by Visceral will be at best an open world RPG. Probably funded by all the cartel pack purchases in this game. Needless to say it won’t be 1/50th as in depth as this game. Not praise anything but the budget and resources to make SWTOR is beyond what any future model of a game will ever approach. Just the voice acting alone has set records that will never be beaten any time soon.

a ton of voice acting though doesn’t mean it’s deep. SWTRO’s a good game don’t get me wrong but it’s also not exactly a deep game

“the budget and resources to make SWTOR is beyond what any future model of a game will ever approach”

The marketing campaign for SWTOR was pretty overboard. Given the game we got, I imagine a large portion of their budget went on that.

Knights of the Eternal Throne, where you take up the mantle as said knight and help the new Emperor hunt down the remnants of the Republic and Empire, to bring peace to the Galaxy again.

If they don’t know how to write “Galaxy of Heroes”, they probably don’t know about KOTFE either.

-Да ты поторопись, у нас сейчас обед! Котлетки!
-С макарошками?
-С пюрешкой, с пюрешкой!

Read the same thing, tho it’s just a piece of meat and not a burger in mine. Guess the next expansion will be more fleshed out than kotfe was…

You’re all wrong:

Knight of the Eternal Throne, where you get to play EXACTLY the same expansion as KotFE, except this time you get to roll a lv 1 Knight of Zakuul and play EVERYTHING again from the perspective of the Eternal Empire…

And just like your beloved KotFE companions you won’t be able to change your appearance. This freed up so much time for the devs. :p

Well we have a few options

Those Seers or whatever they were could be a form of Force DPS class. Overwatch Officers could be skilled a bit like Smugglers, but campaign would be like a police story. You already have Knights. Maybe a hardcore pet class focused on droids? A Gladiator-class focused on non-lightsaber melee weapons?

Damn… You know what? Even trying to make fun of these devs I manage to be more creative than them… How screwed up is THAT???

Well, in their defense, coming up with ideas and implementing them successfully ARE two *very* different things. Tons of things would need to be rewritten, from fleet passes to class distinction to default character dropoff zone (ie: right now it’s your starter world’s shuttle on your fleet, iirc, but third-faction characters would have a new fleet). We can’t necessarily say they haven’t *had* these ideas, they’ve just been understandably shot down out of practicality. We see what we theorize about, but we only see what they PUBLISH. If we saw *their brainstorming discussions, we might not think as lowly of them. We’d probably still think VERY LOWLY of them, just not QUITE as much as now.

It’ll be interesting to see how they let you play as HK — that could open a whole new window of opportunities… for them to utterly ruin.

Interesting point of view. Yeah, i get that they might just be out of resources to actually do new stuff, but patience is at an all time low right now, from different corners of the game. We’ll just have to see where this goes… In 2017 EA lose their right to exploit the Star Wars brand, unless they renew that. Time will tell…

Looks like the page has since been changed. Looks like on of EA execs lazy nephew interns messed up.

.as related to the game

Kickoff Of Tacky EA Trick?
Knights Ordained To Expose Tits?
Knifing On The Exposed Thorax?
Knights Of The Ensuing Triviality?
Kingpins Of The Ensorcelling Trap

.other closely regarded possibilities

Kotex Over The Enlarged Tuchus
Ketchup On Tasty Exported Taters
Kingdom Of Trannies Excited Turrets
Kickboxing On Tables Except on Tours
Kayaking Over The Exaggerated Terrain

(pardon the ‘french’ in case its not allowed or frowned upon)

OMFG!!! I literally exploded with laughter… Knights Ordained To Expose Tits… Epic man, just… fucking epic…

*nods* we just have to try and Keep a sense Of humor, regardless of how Thoughtless they are of their player base even when Enterprising such great failures as this new event and even if they indeed may very well be a bunch of Twits.

(one more for the road there in ‘Caps’)

First series of tests to see if you are eligible to be trained:

Physical Test: Popping off a bra one handed while doing a handstand.

Force Test: Doing the one handed handstand and using only the force to pop off the bra.

So far, I have mastered the Chuck Norris Finger Bang Of Doom (aka making a finger gun, pointing at a woman and saying “BOOYAH”, causing the bra to explode off their chest). Unfortunately, it also often causes pregnancy as well.

I have also mastered the Joey Quick Twist (aka a flick of the wrist can instantly undo any button anywhere).

*tips his hat to GiftoftheMagi*

*whispers to the master beside him* “The force is strong in one”

Who do I have to sacrifice to the EA overlords for them to give SWTOR the support and funding it needs to be a functioning game =(

you have to prove to them it’d make them more more then just delivering us an hour of new content a month and random packs.


Lookit people, it’s almost certainly a typo/oversight, possibly by someone whose native language isn’t English (so it might mean “KotFE” in their language)…

Hey, I want a real StarWars MMO as much as everyone now, but it should go without saying that I don’t want EA and the third-rate farm team that was once BioWare to get within a country light-year of it, yaknow….

Bioware isn’t that horrible, the just don’t give a shit about this game. I would hope its mostly just the fault of EA, I hate EA so much.. They are kings of fucking you with no lube when it comes to selling your the exact same shit game every single year. Didn;t take them long to figure out they could appeal to the same type of people that buy packs of magic cards with the Cartel Market either.

Since the first season was introduced with an expansion and some time having passed since then, it’s not strange to think that season 2 will also come with a new expansion.

We usually call those “Content Patches”. KotFE was just a really over-hyped content patch, hence the reason nobody had to pay for it.

E and F are practically next to each other on the keyboard, so this is clearly a typo, what I find more interesting is no one checked for typos. Even I re-read this comment I’m typing to make sure I don’t have any typos when I post it.

If our character’s actually get to control the throne and the fleet, that would be the end of the story. I’m expecting it’ll just be destroyed instead.

Not if Scorpio or whoever created her and the Gemini steal the fleet. Just having a throne and ruling/destroying Zakuul would be a good starting point.

True, but then it’s a case of ‘why is the king/emperor/top-dog going out doing his/her own dirty work?’.

Now, if our character decided to go on some quest of exploration after the Zakuul stuff is settled, that could work and would make more sense to me. That said, I do think it was just a typo 😛

i would expect us to maybe defeat Arcann and Vailyn, but then Valkorion returns and destroys it. That has been my expectations since i first played the first 9 chapters, and he hasnt really given up the true reason behind him manifesting himself in your mind.
We dont yet know why he left, but we were hinted that he would definitely return. And it was hinted, that he might not be on our side, when he returns.

Nevermind it was already mentioned too. xD I’m just slow.
It does seem to be the most sensible possibility at the moment though.

When the players get new operations, flashpoints etc, – there is a history of whining about not getting more story content.
When the players get new story content, there is a history of whining about not getting new end-game content.

They have even tried giving us both at the same time – which resulted in players finding new stuff to whine about – PVP and such mostly.

In the end, what players have whined the LEAST about, was the lack of operations and end-game stuff, when we recieve story-content – meaning that MOST players want the story stuff more than any of the other type of content, and SWTOR was a story-based game to begin with and will most likely stay that way, with story-mission being the priority, and group-content being a side-thing.

There just aint no way to please the gamers, but they have actually found the best version out of all of them – and they have recieved feedback backing that statement – which most likely will mean, that we will not be getting much more end-game content, compared to the story-content.

They have already teased us with the “team working on new end-game content” and i believe they let that slip in one of their latest livestreams hinting to an upcomming operation..

so it will most likely come – but not in any amount near as big as we got when the game was new, and they started giving us 1 operation after the other, untill we had 9.

story is the focus, and i guess it will stay that way, as that is what MOST of the players want.

Your logic is flawed.

When did we get Operations separated from story content? Even Flashpoints are usually accompanied with story, the most recent example being the Flashpoints leading up to SoR.

If you think Operations are not story content, may I remind they ARE a part of story as well. If not, did you finish Oricon without doing the Ops? If you did you didn’t really finish Oricon…

I actually liked the way they preped SoR with the option to “kill” Revan either by doing the Dailies OR joining an Ops group to have a go at him… That’s story too…

I won’t go into the “story versus rainding” debate again. You may have a point, people do want more story. I’m fine with that.

What I will go into is that story, by it’s very nature, is non-repeatable content. Tell me: what do you do with your Endgame level toons once you finish the monthly chapter? You either switch to ANOTHER toon to do the same chapter, or basically have to redo stuff you’ve done a million times, as far as Endgame is concerned.

That’s not the answer either, in my modest opinion. Truth is, a BALANCE must be reached in order to have a successful game. A bit of story, a bit of repeatable Endgame content, be it pve or pvp. We don’t have that atm. And by the look of things we may not have it in the near future…

You completely missed the point. i never said that operations werent included in the story element – but when people whine about not having enough story, they dont ask for operations-story.

ALL flashpoints and ALL operations have some (however short it might be). Sidestories counts towards the complete story as well. That is not what i was pointing out.

What i was pointing out was, that what the players desire, is mostly story-content, compared to how much they want repeatable end-game content. That is based on the factual reports, and experience over the time the game has been out, not on “logic” or “theory”.

The players want more story, and thats why we are mainly getting story now.

That said, i did point out that they intend to put in more repeatable end-game content, they kinda revealed and hinted at that at one of the latest livestreams.

Personally i like all aspects, but it has been very evident, that it is hard for the game to be brilliant at all fronts – therefore story has become their main concern, as it was actually always supposed to be – all the group-content we get, can be viewed as a bonus.

thats what i have experienced since the game launched back in late 2011, and i must say, i like the game much better now, than when they were giving us 1 operation after the other.

That said, i too wanna see how the story-element of the next group-content turns out – i always liked the story-elements in the old operations.

Perhaps. Time is the best judge of all, we’ll see how it goes. I’d rather be wrong than right, because if I am right it means the game will go through hard times… If I’m wrong… Well, it will keep thriving…

I just can’t forget something my grandma used to tell me years and years ago: sometimes what you want isn’t what you need…

I hope the game Will keep thriving as Well, i have spent so Many hours on it the past 4, almost 5 years, and i still enjoy the ocasional new character playthrough the whole story over a couple of Months.

My grandma always told me something along the Lines of: “get your fat ass outside”

I usually say this myself: “its a good thing to keep hoping for the Best, but never stop preparing for the worst. You have to make due with what you get, when it is out of your cobtrol”

I love people who claim the players are mostly only looking for story. While ignoring the mass public outcry for more ops a new pvp. There’s always one or two you find on the forums but i cant recall the last time i’ve seen anyone in game call for more story. I certainly don’t know or play with any. Everyone i know is looking for more endgame content despite the fact we’re in the “minority.” I’m not saying that my viewpoint is true. I’m just saying everyone i know in the game, or have had conversation with, and read comments of minus swtor devs and fanbois/whiteknights.

That being said is the argument not mute? The only good thing to come out of this event has been the resounding silence of most fanbois. Most of those who argue for more story have already realized this is not more story. This is swtors 3rd push to grind the same old story. This is them trying even less an barely appeasing anyone for thier lack of content.

They really went too far with the “Epidiotic Event” (that’s just my official denomination for the abortion). If any proof was needed, the fact that they are trying to increase max number of chars per server NOW is proof enough for me. It WAS half-assed, and poorly planned.

The truth is that even “1” button mashers, as I affectionately like to call them, have been around the game a few times. “Casuals” have 16 plus toons too! Hell, they have to, how else would they keep playing if they don’t raid or pvp? lol…

My personal experience ingame is pretty much like yours. Even story driven people are realising that there is a lack of Endgame content. Granted, more recent players might be still raving about the existing content, and I don’t blame them. I would be too, as I was at the very start.

But my original question stands: what do you do with your toons once you finish the monthly chapter? Seriously, I want to know! Because I don’t really do much. And I used to be a VERY active player…

Pvp is all i do with them. I only have enough time for my one hard mode grp so that covers one toon. I pvp that one an 2 more. Then I’m bored with swtor for the week. Nothing new but re skinned leveling

Don’t you “redo stuff you’ve done a million times” in endgame ops ? Yes, you do. And I prefer repeating stuff alone rather than depending many issues that prevent you from actually completing an Op. A storyline has bugs that get quick fixed. Endgame is a mess that sometime gets reorganized into a different mess (i.e. old skill tree vs. current line) and a lot more things can go wrong: the other players, split second of unsync, a little lag,etc,etc. I also don’t like getting ripped of top equipment I fairly got.Look at STO: you can use high end items form years ago and they are still viable today in the endgame. In SWTOR, you grind-repeat. I’d like endgame content when I’ll be able to use the items I have, not just to be considered trash just to get a new set of more ugly items.

You CANNOT repeat single-player story. PERIOD. You can roll another toon and play it AGAIN, but you cannot redo it with the SAME toon. By repeating stuff alone you must be talking about Dailies and stuff like that… Single-player story is NOT REPEATABLE, I must stress this point, because people have different toons and think they’re replaying the story… They’re not, they’re playing the story with different toons. Big difference…

And you never really repeat Ops EXACTLY, it’s always different. Just by the fact that you play with different people, different classes makes it interesting.

Endgame is sometimes a mess, yes. That’s a good point. But it’s only a good point because devs take too long to correct bugs that are perfectly normal in an MMO! A story bug? Oh that gets fixed pronto, an Ops bug? Yeah right…

Getting ripped off in Ops is something I think BW should do something about, too many people are setting up Ops just to rip off PUG players. I don’t PUG, in fact in don’t do that many Ops right now, but if I do I do it with a guild or people I already know.

And guilds are mostly dead. If you find one that does HM/NIMs at least 3 times a week on Red Eclipse feel free to tell me. I have 8 chars HM ready (FullAug+220-224) and 4 more viable.

Right back at you buddy… If YOU find a progression guild that does that, YOU let me know looooool… I’m on TRE as well, and all the cool raiding guilds I was in are gone from the game. That’s ALL of them, not most of them or some of them. All my longtime gaming buddies have moved on to other things, namely TESO… These days I mostly do solo content as well, and I log in to the game less and less frequently…

So what would be the general reason for all good guilds being gone ?

It’s not the KOTFE, because most of them were gone since before. It’s not something very specific (like bad leadership) because those are just some random cases.

I remember how guilds were on the Black Hole era of the game: you could practically find a guild for any purpose. Nowdays every guild is saying it’s social but the members in it have a clear anti-social behavior, and most of them do mostly spam activities (nowdays it’s conquest) instead of ops.

Either way the fanbase whines, you’re absolutely correct. Find me one example of a game where the fanbase doesn’t constantly whine that something is wrong.

That was kinda the main point, so yea 🙂 the fanbase always want for more – which is human nature

*Knights of the* will probably be a safe bet, as it has been the short for all the “KOT” titels so far.

My guess would be maybe:
— Eternal Throne (already mentioned several times)
— Endless Terror
— Extra Terrestrials (E.T.)
— End Times
— Extra Title (might just be a temporary name?)
— Whatever, its just a title, doesnt mean anything in the end..
in the end, the “Fallen Empire” title doesnt make much sense.. are we “knight of the fallen empire” only if we are imperials, or is it talking about the republic as an “empire” as well, or are we not actually the “knights” from the title in the end…
I think it was simply just a “nice sounding name” so “screw the logic or meaning behind it”..
And that could be the case with the upcomming title as well.

Actually if someone will call my Smuggler or Inquisitor “Knight” i will just laugh in their face..

Still they already answered that WHOLE story created for only one class. Jedi Knight.

Please not End Times. Matt Ward will ruin SWTOR using that too, even though he’s from a different company and never had anything to do with Star Wars before.

Knights of the Eternally unanswered in game Ticket if their customer service is anything to go by!

I heard it was going to be about the gree returning to conquer the galaxy. After completing their “testing” on Ilum they have found that all the Galaxy does is fight each other even when there is no reason (charge the pylon). It’s going to be called Knights Of The Everlasting Xenoanalyst.

You bunch of sissies. What is a MMO? A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously in the same instance (or world).[1] MMOs usually feature a huge, persistent open world, although some games differ.

So wait, the game is a MMO. It qualifies as one. Quit trying to bitch about it and say is hsould be something else.

Oh wait. What is a RPG? A role-playing game (RPG and sometimes roleplaying game[1][2]) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting or through a process of structured decision-making or character development.[3] Actions taken within many games succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines

OMG, so this game really is a MMO RPG? Holy shit!

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