GW2 Ley-Line Anomaly Current Event Guide

A guide to the Ley-Line Anomaly current event added with June 28 patch.


Getting Started

If you have completed the previous episodes, you should have gotten a mail from Ela Makkay, talking to her will give you the Ley Line Researched achievement and a Ley-Infused Lodestone.


Double Clicking on the Ley-Infused Lodestone will tell you on which map the next event will be (Gendarran Fields –> Timberline Falls –> Iron Marches)


  • Gendarran Fields
  • Timberline Falls
  • Iron Marches

You can buy more Ley-Infused Lodestone from her in exchange for Pile of Putrid Essence, Corrupted Lodestone, Crystal Lodestone, Destroyer Lodestone, and Mordrem Lodestone at a 1:1 ratio.


Event Mechanics

This event has a 2 hr respawn time and occurs 20 minutes past the hour. It will rotate maps so it will occur in the same map every 6 hrs. For EST it is every even hour, for PST it is every odd hour. For UTC it is every even hour.

  • Gendarran Fields –> Timberline Falls –> Iron Marches –> Repeat

After the timer, a big Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly will spawn in one of the three maps indicated by your Ley-Infused Lodestone. It will star running with a breakbar. Until you break that breakbar, it is invulnerable and will not stop.


Coalescences will spawn elsewhere in the map along the path that the Ley-Line Anomaly will run. They appear as crossed swords on the map and must be killed before the Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly reaches it if you want that achievement.

  • A separate group must be formed to hunt down these Coalescences as they spawn. They spawn whenever the Anomaly starts running.


Once you break that breakbar, it will stop and anomaly fragments will spawn around it. Stop them from reaching and powering up the legendary anomaly by killing them. You have a minute of this and then the Anomaly becomes vulnerable, allowing you to damage 25% of his HP before the Anomaly becomes invulnerable again and start running. Repeat this 4 times to kill it.


This event rewards 1 Mystic Coins and some other loots (rare, junk that sells for 50s) once per day, so it is worth doing them daily if you need the Mystic Coins.


Spawn Locations

I am being told that there are multiple spawn locations & paths, so these spawn locations/paths may not be the same for your map.

Gendarran Fields

  • Ley Line Anomaly spawns east of Povern Shore waypoint – [&BOQAAAA=]


Timberline Falls

  • Ley Line Anomaly spawns at Valance Tutory Waypoint- [&BEwCAAA=]
  • Ley Line Anomaly spawns west of Gentle River Waypoint – [&BFACAAA=]


Iron Marches

  • Ley Line Anomaly spawns at Hellion Waypoint- [&BOYBAAA=]



Ley Line Researched – 1 AP, 5000 Karma

  • Granted automatically when you talk to Ela Makkay


Anomaly Sighted – 1 AP


Granted automatically when you do the Ley-Line Anomaly event.

Dispersed Anomaly – 25 AP


Basically don’t let the Ley-Line Anomaly absorb any of the coalescences when you have broken its breakbar. The coalescence spawn elsewhere in the map and you just need a group that find them and kill them before the Legendary Anomaly reaches it to get the achievement. They appear as crossed swords icon on the map.

Anomalous Results – 10 AP, 500 Luck


Disperse 10 Ley-Line Anomalies (i.e. do the event 10 times)

Anomalies of the World – 5 AP, 3 Teleport to Friend


Do the anomaly event in all 3 zones.

New Achievements for Old Events

They have added 6 new achievements for some old events at Blazeridge Steppes and new events in Mount Maelstrom and Snowden Drifts. You cannot advance on achievements for both Consortium and Priority at the same time if they are at the same location since you now get a buff declaring which supporter you are.

  • When doing these events with few players, it is very important to cull the population of Inquest golems and place less emphasis on dropping the ley energy into the collectors. The NPCs themselves will retrieve the ley energy if you can keep the Inquest at bay.

Flinnz’s Retirement – 3 AP, 25 silver


  • Stop the Inquest from capturing the ley-line-coalesences in Blazeridge Steppes  3 times by helping the Consortium. Need to turn in at least 1 ley-line energy to the Consortium collector.
  • Flinnz’s event starts every 15 minutes at The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint-  [&BPkBAAA=]

Keadin’s Study – 3 AP, 2500 karma


  • Stop the Inquest from capturing the ley-line-coalesences in Blazeridge Steppes 3 times by helping the Priory. Need to turn in at least 1 ley-line energy to the Priory collector.
  • Keadin’s event starts every 15 minutes at Refuge Sanctum Waypoint – [&BAUCAAA=]

Garen’s Defense – 3 AP, 2500 karma


  • The Mount Maelstrom events are new but they function identical to the Blazeridge Steppes ones. Need to turn in at least 1 ley-line energy to the Priory collector for this achievement.
  • Garen will start off from his camp SE of Ashen Waypoint – [&BM4CAAA=] every 15 minutes.

Loonaloo’s Paycheck – 3 AP, 25 silver


  • Need to turn in at least 1 ley-line energy to the Consortium collector for this achievement.
  • Loonaloo will start off from his camp SW of Murkvale Waypoint – [&BMcCAAA=] every 15 mins

Shana’s Ambition – 3 AP, 25 Silver


  • Snowden Drift events function identical to Blazeridge/Mount Maelstrom events. Need to turn in at least 1 ley-line energy to the Consortium collector for this achievement.
  • Shana will start from her camp south of Lornar’s Waypoint – [&BLQAAAA=]

Fiona’s Stockpile – 3 AP, 2500 Karma


  • Need to turn in at least 1 ley-line energy to the Priory collector for this achievement.
  • Fiona will start from her camp right next to Scholar’s Clef Waypoint – [&BLcAAAA=]

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42 replies on “GW2 Ley-Line Anomaly Current Event Guide”

Is there even any point to buying more than 1? (For example, is it like the Bandit Marks of Death where you need to have one in your inventory in order to be eligible for the rewards?)

The event spawns the Anomaly- but it also spawns three sub-events that the anomaly walks to. These are marked on the map with crossed swords for the enemies, and 6 coalescences spawn at each. These are what you kill before he arrives there to get the 25 point achievement.

The path you showed on Timberline Falls is not the same one mine followed, so there are probably multiple paths.

They just tell you the location of the next big event. (which of three zones it will be in)

Hey how does one start with the previous events? Just gotten back into Gw2 and did not get any mail. THanks

You need to kill dragon minions (of any dragon, so risen, branded, destroyers, icebrood) to get an unidentified lodestone. Bring that to Ela Makkay and you can get started.

For anyone interested, this seems to be the schedule for BST (UTC +1):

01:20 – Timberline Falls
03:20 – Iron Marches
05:20 – Gendarran Fields
07:20 – Timberline Falls
09:20 – Iron Marches
11:20 – Gendarran Fields
13:20 – Timberline Falls
15:20 – Iron Marches
17:20 – Gendarran Fields
19:20 – Timberline Falls
21:20 – Iron Marches
23:20 – Gendarran Fields

For the New Achievements for Old Events if folk would understand get ONE leyline for achieve and then concentrate on Inquest and the rest is easy peasy…. Why folk are not getting this is beyond me. I figured it out early on…

Has anyone been able to do the Kaedin achievement?
I just keep getting idiots who don’t focus on the golems or pick up the energy if it’s too close to the Inquest!

The location the NPCs (both Consortium and Priory) goes to is random each time. The location closest to the Priory camp in Blazeridge is the most difficult one for both factions because the Inquest collector is quite close, meaning there’s not as much time for people to kill the golems before they get back to their camp. It’s easier at the other 2 locations. (The one to the NW is the easiest, with long running distances.)

I have 2 out of 3 of Kaedin’s. Just remind players at the arrival to the location to only get 1 crystal and then focus on the golems 🙂

Out of the 3 runs I did with her since the update, we failed once, and I think it has been the closest location. (Though another time we succeeded on the same location, so keep trying.)

IMO, you need to rush ley crystals until the anomoly is right next to the good side, then kill golems. Don’t solely focus killing golems, othewrise the ley crystals keep spawning near them making your job needlessly difficult.

Yes. When you deliver crystals it pulls towards that side. When inquest mobs deliver crystals it pulls closer to them that’s why it snowballs at the end from looking ok to being finished fast. If the anomaly gets too close to inquest you wont have time to kill the tiny fast golems and they will overwhelm you.

Did this yesterday, delivered crystals until the anomaly was standing at the collection point, and only then went off to kill golems, and the runs became quite easy 😀

I also noticed in general that the dynamic scaling actually makes it way easier to do this event with fewer people. At least most of my failed runs were with a lot of folks, and most of the “massacring golems on their spawn point” runs were with just a few people.

Timberline Falls ley line event seems really glitchy. Both times I’ve run it, the boss kept teleporting ahead a “kilometer”, it’s really annoying. The other 2 locations I tried didn’t have this issue.

It’s intended. If you haven’t noticed, from time to time, while he runs, he drops a few aoe’s on the ground. Among those AOE’s there’s one that makes u jump to the boss. The whole “teleport a km” is intended considering they added those things.

Ah so that’s what those are 😀 I only tried it once, but that leap was terrifying 😀 I thought I would die from the fall damage.

But for some reason the anomaly doesn’t jump so far ahead for the other maps, a lot less frustrating even with just running.

I think they made this to get around potential terrain spots bugging the NPC while running. Some maps have lower chances because they are flatter. Timberline falls is filled with rivers, small hills..climbs…pits and so on.

This way they turned a potential bug into something they consider fun. If you have wings they work while in air.

Just saw this anomaly thing in gendarran field. I am really amazed to see an NPC as interactive as this. After fighting for a while it started running across the map. Coolest boss ever.

there is hidden achi not listed here: thwart the inquest (dont allow inquest get single ley-line magic) 10 AP + tome of tyrian mastery

I don’t have the Ley Line Researched achievement…I have Ley Line Research and Ley Line “Researched” achievements however…can I still get this achievement?

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