GW2 White Mantle Outfit, Glider and Focused Solar Logging Tool

Today’s Gemstore update brought in the White Mantle Outfit for 700 gems, White Mantle Glider for 400 gems and the Focused Solar Logging Tool for 1000 gems.

White Mantle Outfit (700 gems)

Dye Pattern















White Mantle Glider (400 gems)

Focused Solar Logging Tool (1000 gems)

  • katbirdseat

    My Charr needs a pope hat. Other than that, it’s not the worst outfit I’ve seen, but that Boob Window is pretty atrocious.

    • JSWhite

      Boob window.

    • Gardenia

      In fashion terminology, this “boob window” is known as a “keyhole”. Lol 🙂

      • katbirdseat

        bah, fashion. Sweatshirts and Pajama pants forever!!! but still, the more you know x3

    • Lirabelle

      The window is weird, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me as much as the under-boob in the human female T3 cultural armor. All I can think about when I see it is how uncomfortable that would be getting sand up in there running through the desert.

  • Ast1000004

    Those outfit(yay .-.) textures look bad. Bonus random boob window, while I can’t get it on my male chars.

  • Headspiner

    there should really be a logging and foraging tool taht has benefits like the watchwork mining tool

    • Reptile

      tbh, there should never have been a mining tool that has the benefits of the watchwork mining tool…..

      • DarkSpirit

        And that’s why I have only bought the watchwork mining tool. 🙂

  • mrh

    Am I the only one that likes to have an actual animation on my characters mining, chopping, gathering the materials?

    • Anonymous

      I do too, just not at that price. 500gems and I’ll do it. Not 1k.

      • mrh

        I settled for 800 gems each for molten tool sale.

      • KJ

        I think you misread mrh =p

    • Alot

      My main determinate is animation length. I got 2 sets of really old endless forging stuff. They actually seem shorter then the default gathering animations.

      That and the clockwork mining pick – which has probably financed half my gem items -.-

    • guest

      thars why I stopped using the wasp-thing on all characters(except elementalist because it fits a little bit). switched to the thunder-logging axe instead but sadly not before I bought the shadow one to find out it felt incredibly boring after a few hours.

  • Sixshot

    uh…. wow…. looks like they’re running out of ideas for the gathering tools. I mean, I like the Skritt ones but… the cosmo mining, and now this…. wow…. level of terribad: over 9000.

    • Archi

      also super weird that the character animation is for foraging but it’s a logging tool

  • Archi

    even if i’m still disappointing that they keep making gliders and outfits, i do really appreciate that the white mantle theme is becoming so prominent in the game now

    but seriously though, will they ever listen to the players and turn existing backpacks like spinal blades and light of dwayna into gliders???

  • Alot

    You should read the official post for the white mantle outfits. It contains more current lore then the last 3 living world events. That and the term “Genuine Replicas” -.-

    • nadrian3k

      that genially made me laugh.

  • Ellie

    Another big, bulky outfit with a butt-cape (on the side this time) yay. -_-

  • nadrian3k

    At least this time they are decent … at least by my expectations.

  • Mike O’Tryin’

    Wearing a White Mantle Outfit in Tyria, let alone Kryta, is as great an idea, as wearing a WW2 Nazi Uniform in Germany, or the Capital, to be precise. Who thought this was a good idea? If this would fit the lore in any way, you d have guards jumping and attacking you once you enter Divinity’s Reach wearing it.

    • hardy83

      Not like most GW2 players even know the lore behind the White Mantle, since most of them haven’t played GW1 and the main lore on them in GW2 is locked behind raid content.

      So to them, it’s just another outfit.

    • Zalashiji Heckroth

      Considering you could also get this costume in GW1 as well as the Shining Blade costume, it’s not completely out of bounds.

      Considering the Shining Blade; that’d be like dressing up as an SS Officer, while the White Mantle would be the equivalent of Hitler or some other higher rank

      • Peter Tredici

        Ugh, sorry, maybe it’s just me, but that’s super confusing to me.

        First off the White Mantle are a weird blend of religious fanatics and militant forces so they could be considered a strange blend of Aztec Nazis. And when you say the Shining blade is like an SS officer you’ll have to clarify which SS (since you mentioned Hitler recently one would think you meant the German SS of WWII, the Schutzstaffel, which would imply that the White Mantle and the Shining Blade were on the same team! But they’re not, the Shining Blade was formed in guerrilla-like opposition to the White Mantle. Their relationship is more like the Rebel Alliance and the Empire.The King’s musketeers and The Cardinal’s Musketeers.)

        Hitler also isn’t a rank, Fuhrer is, and that’s also the tippy-top of the gigantic buttholes’ uber pyramid.

        If you meant the American Secret Service then, yes, that is pretty much exactly what they’ve become, but we don’t’ call them “officers,” we call them “members.”

        I agree that this is a stupid outfit to wear lore-wise (well, not if they let you play someone other than the heroic do-gooder all the time, but that would require a more complex narrative than Guild Wars 2 appears willing to attempt), but by all means, let’s make Kryta great again.

        • Peter Tredici

          Actually, @joshuaselvan:disqus ‘s right, and so is @EvonGnashblade:
          Reading Gnashblade’s blurb does make it make more sense. I mean if there’s money to be made, that conniving…er industrious charr will always be there to collect some coin. Now I just have to wonder if (one assumes) orphan quaggan and captive dredge are paid well to make everything…

        • Zalashiji Heckroth

          >Hitler also isn’t a rank, Fuhrer is, and that’s also the tippy-top of the gigantic buttholes’ uber pyramid.

          A bit nitpicky because you knew what I meant, Hitler was the Fuhrer and the only one, I could have said Fuhrer or Hitler and still mean the same person.

          I’ll take back what I said regardless because I did confuse the Shining Blade to be on the same side as the White Mantle, you are right.

          • Peter Tredici

            Sorry, I did go a bit overboard on that, and that was uncool of me. I also agree with you that the lore gets thrown to the side quite often when it gets in the way of the merch….

    • Lirabelle

      We already had Aetherblade armor skins long before this, and the original Guild Wars also had their own White Mantle outfit so they already had a precedent.

      Also, this had been requested in the official forums repeatedly.

      Also, this will make anyone happy that likes to pretend their character is actually evil.

    • Andrew McCunn


      (just in case somebody doesn’t get what this is from and decides i’m actually being 100% super serious neo nazi or some bullshit)

    • dickballs

      Nerd fight!

  • Adelas

    Why does it have a booooooooooooob hooooooooollle *sob*

  • Alexandra Lahabiel Vitošková

    Why doesn’t it look as cool as the GW1 White Mantle costume…. This is just…. ugh… ugh. ugh. UGH. T_T

  • minion_condi_necro

    Oh look more outfits. Another pass from me. At this point I’m looking for ANYTHING new that is transmutable that I can mix and match with, ANYTHING. Just another one-size-fits-all again and again, I’m bored quite frankly.

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