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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales June 28 – July 5

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales June 28 – July 5


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45 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales June 28 – July 5”

Additional Character Slot — 450 CC -25% Discount, That’s disappointing, guess I will delete some characters.

Of course, they had to offset the price from the character slot sale.
They’re laughing in their offices right now.
“We gave them a 25% discount on the slots, but we increased the price of the crate! Let’s hope they don’t notice!”

I hoped for maybe -50% for char slot, but 25%, well, not too much i think, greed makes it here too.

Wait, let me get this straight. Are you bitching about BioWare being greedy because the character slot is only 25% off? Do you not see the irony in this?

I know it is not a correct use of the word “irony” but most people get what I was saying. You accuse them of being greedy by only having a 25% discount, when you are in fact being greedy by saying you want a bigger discount.

I know word irony, i was about other word. They had more discount before, and more people here said 25% low. What problem?

Dear “Guest.” You sir are an idiot for defending Bioware, again. I’m starting to assume that you may be an angry fanboy, or one of the devs in secret, who is really sick of getting called out on BS.

I bought the 6300 CC GEMINI Pack Hypercrate. Not too happy about the unannounced price increase, but I got more new stuff than the previous packs (not just Bronzes either). I also got the companion’s contract and a Defiant Vented Lightsaber O.O
Do I keep it or sell it?…idk :/

Lol. Increased the cost of the Barbie pack.

“Here’s an event – regrind the game please”…. *kicks you in the balls* …… “And here’s your price increase”.

What in God’s name made they think increase the price of the packs would be a good idea considering 90% of the time you get shit from them to begin with? I swear, these guys never seize to amaze me. Bioware Logic is at an all time high!

The people that consistently buy packs will continue to do so at the inflated prices. But basically what it’s a sign of is an ever decreasing player base. They need to increase revenue from the few remaining players to make up for the shortfalls.

There was a great disturbance in the internets…. like a million voices suddenly QQ at once.
Additional character slot sale— you were our only hope!
25% is a sale…. from a certain point of view :/
we thought we had a deal!?
that’s not a deal it’s a space-taxation!

we pray they alter this further…

Talk about QQ. 25% off is a sale from EVERY point of view. Just because you don’t think it is enough of a discount doesn’t mean it’s not a sale.

Well done Bioware, well done indeed. Let me quote a famous historical character, Edmund Blackadder the Second, as a response to this week’s sales:

“Here is a purse of monies… which I am not going to give to you.”

They kind of low balled it. I expected it to be really cheap like the transfers were. Apparently not this time around.

Well, I WAS planning on trying out this event.

I was even going to subscribe, for the first time, in order to increase my character count.

I was going to purchase additional character slots so I could get 8 new toons to level 50.

I was certain that given the scope of the event and the demands for our participation that the “sale” on unlocking additional character slots would be AT LEAST 50% off (which was the case only a few months ago). I was hoping they might even go as low as 250CCs, a not unreasonable expectation in order to accommodate long time players and subscribers who have filled their character allotment.

The discount now a measly 25% is, for me, the final disappointment and a second slap in the face. The disdainful backhand of a strike already stinging from a so-called “event” that lazily offers only a glorified scavenger hunt that is merely a rehash of the existing game.

I am a customer. I have already invested money and a great deal of my time in this game. I WANT to spend MORE of my money making purchases that will add to my further enjoyment playing this game. However, for this event, the compensation for players for the investment of our time and money is simply NOT worth the cost.

As a result of their callous and miserly niggling BW/EA have lost another potential subscriber who would have invested more money in their product and added to their player-base through involvement and participation in what should have been a fun event. Instead it serves as an exemplary reminder just how out of touch, or worse, indifferent the makers of this game are to its community.

The event isnt quite what i was hoping for either.
BUT do you know what 450 cc amounts to? about $4
You cant even come out of a fast food restaurant for that. And you’ll get a lot more entertainment value out of rolling a new character than anything else you can get for $4. If not, than I gotta tell ya, you are playing the wrong game.

Those reasons stated above are my personal reasons for not subscribing/participating in this event.

I’m sure everyone has differing thresholds and expectations for participation.

However, reading the many comments about this event here and on the main SWoTR forums, I don’t think I’m alone in my profound disappointment.

As I said, 50% is a reasonable expectation. We had a 50% discount (at 300CCs) back in February, before this event was announced. Given the requirements for this event the same level of discount could have been provided and that would have gone a LONG way to balm the umbrage that many are experiencing over what is legitimately perceived as insult added to injury.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but (while I can only speak for myself, I again feel I’m not alone in my position) not everyone can afford a subscription and the associated costs.

I play this game for 3 reasons. First, it’s Star Wars. Second, it’s Bioware. Third, it’s free with the option to invest money into the game when I am able to do so which I have certainly done and have never taken issue over.

I am not whinging about subscribing or paying for the game, as I said I WANT to and this event seemed like the perfect time to do so and if BW/EA had just gone that little bit further in regards to the character slot unlock sale, given a bit more accommodation to their customers, both potential (after all this event was intended to attract NEW paying subscribers, correct?) and habitual then they would have earned themselves another subscriber (and I’m confident in stating potentially many more).

Instead, even though that cool new t-shirt I want to buy has a “25% Sale!” tag, it’s still outside my desired price range, so I’ll just continue to wear the awesome shirt I’ve already bought and paid for and save my money for a better deal.

How many characters do you need? 12 is not enough of you to participate in the event and complete all tiers of rewards except from the last? You need over 9000 characters?

How many characters do I need? 8 new characters to complete the Legendary achievement “Alliance Hero” which is to get 1 of each class to level 50.

I don’t know where you got 12 from, but in order to finish a significant part of this event we need to purchase at least 8 NEW character slots. After putting so much time, effort, and money into just one Legacy I will never start another, no matter what the event, or it’s rewards, may be.

At 450CCs for $4.99 that’s 3600CCs for a total of $39.92 and that’s on top of the subscription cost.

What’s the difference between two subscribers paying slightly less with a similar discount to one offered mere months ago (when it wasn’t needed) and only one subscriber paying slightly more at the currently offered sale (when it IS)? Around $50.

So by NOT giving us the discount that I, and apparently many others expected, instead of making almost $120 from two subscribers BW/EA are only making $70 from a single subscriber.

By being just a little bit more accommodating to their customer base BW/EA would have almost doubled their money during this event!

And no, I DON’T want 9000 characters… I want 9001 because IT’S OVER 9000!!!

Great mathematical analysis, BUT:

1. If, according to what you said, you were thinking of becoming a subscriber for the first time, ever, then you get a total of 12 FREE slots for characters, which is substantially more than the 3 you get as a preferred player. Not sure how much more simple I can make it for you. That means that you will have 9 NEW ones, which you can easily level to 50. Even if you have somehow already completed these 12 slots because you used to be a subscriber, then:

2. You can always level a Jedi Sage to 50, then delete that character. Level a Sith Warrior to level 50, then delete that character. Level a Jedi Knight character to level 50, then delete that character, and so forth.
There are literally 8! (=40320) different sequences that you can follow, and at the end you will get your Legendary achievement. OR:

3. If you level a character to level 65 and complete ALL the achievements that Bioware wants you to complete for that retarded last tier of awards (the Legendary one yes), then that means that you need to do every single Flashpoint, every single story mission, every secondary mission (SOR, Ziost, KOTFE, etc) and a lot more. Some pvp, some operations, a lot of crafting etc etc. By the end of that, you will have so much money in game credits, that you can buy the character slots from the GTN.

So, you have many options as you can see. The easiest one is number 2 I’d say.

I love that you accuse them of being miserly when you are the very example of it. You are a freeloader, you have never payed for a subscription to play this game and are now bitching about a discount for something that you DO NOT need to complete the event. They are first and foremost a company that’s sole purpose is to make money. The purpose of the F2P model is to entice people like you to pay to play. Go ahead and quit, they don’t need your occasional CC purchases. Delete your account and free up space on your server so those that want 50 slots can have them.


All I wanted to do was express dissatisfaction over a short sighted and poorly considered decision that fell just short of being a perfect situation for all parties involved.

The amount of money I’ve put into this game by purchasing CCs, to become a Prefered player and unlock QoL items (like extra bank and inventory space, ship features, etc), before the expansions came out is akin to buying a few standalone non-subscription requiring game titles. Biding my time because I was not terribly interested in the expansions offered before now does NOT make me a “free-loader!” Does someone replaying a console game because they enjoy it without purchasing new expansions or downloadable content make them a “free-loader?”

Of course BW/EA want to make money and increase their subscriber numbers. I WANT to spend money making purchases that will increase my enjoyment of their product. But as I said before, in my estimation of THIS situation, the benefits are simply not worth the cost.

And not once did I say anything about quitting. Opting out of an event is a far cry from deleting my account. I still enjoy the game as I play it. I just won’t be participating in THIS event.

And guess what? If you got your wish and I, along with all the other F2P/Pref “free-loaders” not currently subscribing to the game, deleted their accounts or left the game you’d be right back to a few years ago where BW/EA had to go F2P or shut down the game and then they’d be deleting YOUR account. Permanently.

You truly have no idea what you are talking about. You are ignoring the fact that subscribers have 12 slots and you only really need 1. Even if you have bought slots as a preferred you will still have slots if you subscribe. As a preferred you have 3 I believe, if you had bought 9 to give you 12, guess what? When you sub you would have 21. With the xp nerf that preferred and F2P have the only way to do 8 characters without wasteing a ton of time, is to be a sub. So sub already and get your 9 slots.

We all know you were never planning on subbing anyway, you are just mad that you can’t get a bigger discount.

Dear “Guest,” you sir are an idiot for defending Bioware. That is all I have to say.

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