Dark vs Light Event SWTOR

SWTOR Dark Vs Light Event Checklist

A checklist for the different tier requirements in the Dark Vs Light event.

DvL Character: DvL character is any new character created on or after June 28 after Game Update 4.6. They are the only character eligible for the Dark vs Light event and none of the event parts can be done on older character. DvL characters have a special icon on the character select screen.

  • The event ends sometime this fall (no specific date given so you have a few months to complete this).



Heroic Level


No Objective Requirement
1 The Story Begins Bring a DvL character to Level 25


  • 5 bound Dark vs Light Packs
  • “The Heroic Victor” title

Legacy Level


No Objective Requirement
1 The Story Continues Bring a DvL character to Level 50
2 Flashpoint Responder

Complete the following story flashpoints

  • Esseles, Taral V, Maelstrom Prison if Republic
  • Black Talon, Boarding Party, Foundry if Empire


  • 10 bound Dark vs Light Packs
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Helm, Chest and Legs
  • Shade Stalker Runt Mini-Pet
  • “The Destined Victor” title


Valiant Level


No Objective Requirement
1 Revan Complete the Shadow of Revan on a DvL character (Level 55+)
2 Outlander

Complete Chapter 1-9 in Knights of Fallen Empire on a DvL character (Level 60+)

3 Home Sweet Home Complete the intro mission for Galactic Strongholds on a DvL character (Level 10+)


  • 10 bound Dark vs Light Packs
  • Victor’s Trailblazer Bike Mount
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Belt and Bracer
  • “The Valiant Victor” title


Champion  Level


You will need to make a new DvL character to complete some of the faction specific Tactical Flashpoints

No Objective Requirement
1 Alliance Commander Complete Chapter 1-16 in Knights of Fallen Empire on a DvL character
2 Building Alliances

Complete 5 Alliance recruitment missions on a DvL character

3 Valor Take a DvL character to valor 5 via PvP
4 Flashpoint Expert

Complete the following Flashpoints in tactical or solo mode on your DvL character

  • Hammer Station

  • Cademimu

  • The Red Reaper

  • The Battle of Ilum

  • Kuat Drive Yards

  • Korriban Incursion (either the Empire and Republic version)

  • Battle of Rishi

  • Athiss

  • Taral V (Republic only)

  • Boarding Party (Empire only)

  • Directive 7

  • Czerka Corporate Labs

  • Depths of Manaan

  • Assault on Tython (either the Empire and Republic version)

  • Mandalorian Raiders

  • Maelstrom Prison (Republic only)

  • The Foundry (Empire only)

  • The False Emperor

  • Czerka Core Meltdown

  • Legacy of the Rakata

  • Blood Hunt


  • 15 bound Dark vs Light Packs
  • Victorious Trailblazer’s Armor Set
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Gloves and Boots
  • “The Champion Victor” title


Eternal Level


No Objective Requirement
1 Republic Icon Reach Level 65 with any Republic DvL Character
2 Imperial icon

Reach Level 65 with any Empire DvL Character

3 Eternal Contender Complete round 5 of Eternal Championship with a DvL character


  • 15 bound Dark vs Light Packs
  • The merciless Darth Hexid Companion or the courageous Master Ranos Companion
  • “The Eternal Victor” title


Legendary Level


No Objective Requirement
1 Gree Slayer Defeat 50 Gree droids during the Gree event with DvL character (June 8-15, August 23-30, and October 18-25). (Level 65)
2 Living Plague

Defeat 50 Rakghouls during the Rakghoul Resurgence event with DvL character (Level 20+)

3 Plaguebearer Infect 5 other players with your DvL character during the Rakghoul Resurgence event (Level 20+)
4 Manhunter Complete three Bounty Contracts on your DvL character durign the Bounty Contract Week (Level 15+)
5 Dreaded News Defeat 50 NPCs in Oricon on your DvL character (Level 55+)
6 Giant Killer

Defeat 5 World Bosses on your DvL character

  • The Rogue Cartel Warbot on Quesh
  • Snowblind on Hoth
  • The Primal Destroyer on Belsavis
  • Ulgo Siegebreaker on Alderaan
  • The Worldbreaker Monolith on Ziost
7 Dragonslayer

Defeat the following operation bosses (any mode) on your DvL character

  • Karagga the Unyielding in Karagga’s Palace
  • Operator IX in Terror From Beyond
  • Sparky in Ravagers
  • Gate Commander Draxus in Dread Fortress
  • Titan 6 in Scum and Villainy
8 Eternal Champion Complete Round 10 of Eternal Championship with a DvL character
9 Flashpoint Master

Complete every Hardmode Flashpoint on your DvL Character

  • Assault on Tython (both the Empire and Republic version)
  • Athiss
  • Battle of Ilum
  • Battle of Rishi
  • Blood Hunt
  • Boarding Party
  • Cademimu
  • Czerka Core Meltdown
  • Czerka Corporate Labs
  • Depths of Manaan
  • Directive 7
  • Hammer Station
  • Kaon Under Siege
  • Korriban Incursion (both the Empire and Republic version)
  • Legacy of the Rakata
  • Lost Island
  • Maelstrom Prison
  • Mandalorian Raiders
  • Taral V
  • The Black Talon
  • The Esseles
  • The False Emperor
  • The Foundry
  • The Red Reaper
10 Ace Starfighter Complete 5 Galactic Starfighter matches on your DvL character.
11 Warzone Veteran Complete 15 warzones on your DvL character
12 Zoist Complete the Zoist storyline on your DvL character (Level 55+)
13 Alliance Hero Reach level 50 on 8 DvL characters, each corresponding to the 8 classes ingame
14 Crafting Virtuoso

Reach 550 on the following crafting skills with your DvL character

  • Armormech
  • Armstech
  • Artifice
  • Biochem
  • Cybertech
  • Synthweaving
15 Merciless Reach Dark V Alignment on a DvL character by making Dark side choices
16 Righteous Reach Light V Alignment on a DvL character by making Light side choices
17 The Collector

Find and locate all 5 new Datacrons on your DvL character

  • Ilum
  • Makeb
  • Nar Shadaa
  • Oricon
  • Voss
18 Big Earner Each 1 million credits on a DvL character
19 Big Spender Purchase the Stronghold Decoration Datacron: Dark vs Light” from Gwhirrye Nekor in the Alliance Camp Headquarters for 1 million credits on your DvL Character.
20 Ruthless Efficiency Unlock the HK-51 Companion on your DvL companion (can use the legacy unlock feature)


  • 30 bound Dark vs Light Pack
  • Victor’s Titan Turret Tank Mount
  • Victorious Titan’s Armor Set
  • “The Legendary Victor” title


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339 replies on “SWTOR Dark Vs Light Event Checklist”

Thanks Dulfy. Maybe I missed the answer somewhere but can one have a character all dark side and another all light side and levle them at same time- will the darl and light side choices cancel each other out ? My understanding is that get either the dark or light sided companion – Is that th3e case > can we only have one of the 2 ?

They have said it will be tracked in the Legacy so there will be achievements to follow to make sure you get it all.

“Unlock the HK-51 Companion on your DvS companion”
While I know what you really mean Dulfy, you might want to correct that to avoid some confusion. ;D

Let’s say I finished Chapters 1-9 (KotFE) to complete Valiant Level. Do I need a new Char to do Chapters 1-16 to complete Champion Level?

I hope you know to get this companion to the lightside (assuming more people do it lightside, which i highly doubt) you will likely HAVE to do ALL the stuff in the event, including pvp and its shitty GSF….just so you know.

GSF is only required if you’re going for the (completely insane) Legendary tier. Companions are on Champion tier. And really, 5 GSF matches is a puny requirement compared many other objectives in Legendary tier.

Yeah, I know this “event” sucks. But since we know lots of people are going to participate anyway, I can still root for getting a chiss companion out of it.

i just hope the comps could be customized, Sith would with my theme better but just a Force user comp which head could wear a helmet would be great:D i was hoping for Scourge a long the way but these could do fine.

This is amazing! Might I suggest you use a spoiler for the flashpoint lists? They are just so long, I believe everything would be clearer if they were hidden. Great guide anyway 😀

So, if you go for Valiant and Champion status, then Legendary, are you screwed because you started the chapters prior to the Ziost story line?

Always fancied doing a Scoundrel – so full light side and I can get up to Eternal level easily on 1 char. Summit to do over the summer 🙂

So just to be clear you can get all the rewards except for legendary by leveling one toon on each faction? Don’t really want to level 8 toons to 50 again and I’m trying to preserve my sanity.

The fact that you HAVE to do GSF crap makes this event completely useless and an utter failure.

The GSF and PVP in general is utterly shit and to be honest should be removed from the game entirely, but i know there are alot of players that seem to cater to this primitive competition crap….hence why its in there.

Why put it as a requirement to do this event? because the GSF thing i tried it, it sucked…..royally, pure pvp = dullsville.

So, i will do as much as i can in this event, but the fact that to do it ALL, you HAVE to do pvp and GSF…….such a shame bioware is alienating the pve’ers like this.

5 warzone matches and 5 gsf matches that you don’t even have to win

somebody call the waaaahmbulance, Lithari’s crying in the comments section

Your response kinda proves Lithari’s point. Why would anyone use their precious free time doing content they don’t like and that is full of immature and abusive people?

Why not give people different ways to accomplish things?

1. i neither pvp or gsf in swtor atm so you don’t have to worry about me calling you out there
2. these achievements are there for a specific purpose; BW wants you to dip your toes in and try the mode and maybe if you like it you’ll stick around. it is, at worst, two and a half hours worth of ‘work’ to get these achievements cleared- calling that alienation when the PvE you need to clear is every single flashpoint on two difficulties, several raids and world bosses and a fat stack of story chapters is a bad joke

“full of immature and abusive people” because ops and flashpoints aren’t…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh god, sorry, I couldnt keep a straight face.

How about why would they make us do things we’ve already done if we have a level 65 of every class and done all those prior things already? I know, to get us to spend money are cartel stuff like exp buff tokens, more character slots… etc.

Likewise you shouldnt have to do all the ops. For me that is far more painful – and its harder to get groups – worse than rolling 8 characters. Been playing since before launch, did eternity vault twice and that was enough ops.

So before I try for the highest level, the light dark level 5, does it work if you run dip missions?, can you team up for echamp, also I thought it said in patch notes gree is up now?.

Question: Assuming I do everything up to and including the Eternal Level and qualify for the companion, do I get that companion just on the 2 DvL alts or all my alts?



Titles – These are tied to the Achievement and therefore are unlocked for each character in the Legacy.

Dark vs. Light Packs and Pioneer Armor Set – These will be delivered via in-game mail to the character who completes the final objective in that event level.

End of event Cosmetic Rewards – Things like the Companion and the vehicles will come at the end of the event and will be delivered to every character on the account, similar to the monthly sub rewards.

Another question: Is it necessary to complete all previous levels to work on a higher level? Like could I do the stuff for the Eternal Level (and more importantly get the rewards for it) without doing, say, the Champion Level?

Yes you can complete the achievements towards a higher level while not completed a lower level but you will not be rewarded for the higher level without already doing the lower one. if that doesnt make sense then an example: I create a toon and level it to 65 and then do all the achievements for legendary without leveling a 2nd imp/rep toon to 65 (requirement for eternal) I will not be awarded legendary until after leveling 2nd imp/rep toon. however I will not have to repeat all the legendary achievements to get awarded legendary level. (it is advised however that you do it in order as no one has tested this to make sure it doesnt glitch)

This is great news, gonna get the guild going again on this note. If you are all interested whisper Qarran in game on the Harbinger for an invite. Guild is dead right now but its all good, we have each other. Thanks Bioware, keep up the good work, you have my money.

Guild name is or not so Epic in my case right now.

160 members strong, mostly alts 🙂

Hello all I was wondering if the requirements for doing the eternal championship is solo only or does solo + count as well.

just out of curiosity. the story flashpoints. do they HAVE to be completed in tactical mode, or can they be completed in solo mode? yes, I know some don’t have solo mode available, I’m asking about the ones that do

I believe the 3 faction specific ones can be done solo or tactical or heroic. I don’t think it differentiates. Then you do some again on tactical, and again on heroic.

I’m pretty sure Boarding Party and the Foundry (and their republic equivalents) don’t have a solo-version though. At least the guy at the entrance only offers up the tactical version, and it doesn’t seem to be like Kaon/Lost Island where the tactical version is easy to solo.

Heck, you have to do every single flashpoint? Twice? Good Lord, for the sake of my sanity I will skip that. Why not just say complete 10 random flashpoints, I think that would serve that purpose just fine.

Thanks Dulfy. Maybe I missed the answer somewhere but can one have a
character all dark side and another all light side and levle them at
same time- will the darl and light side choices cancel each other out ?
My understanding is that get either the dark or light sided companion –
Is that the case > can we only have one of the 2 ?

the companion is based on EVERYONES choices COMBINED. It is not based solely on your own characters choices. Everyone will get the same companion at the end of the event as a result

Thank you. Is the companion server related ? ie. could one get a light side one on one server and dark side one on another server ? That would then pose another question that if one then transferred a toon from one server to another- presumably then the commanion would change.
I guess it is more likely to be account related.

Ah, I think I am not alone then in missing that. Some friends had said that there was to be something listed to see the overall ratio of dark to light of all players choices , but they thought it had nothing to do with the companion one gets on one’s own account and that was more linked to one personal overall choices in account ie I could get a light side one and a friend a dark side one. What you say makes sense then if there is to something on web showing the community’s most favoured choice- dark or light.
I hope more choose light then – I much prefer the look of that companion 🙂

With the amount of time I have to play, this would literally take me a year, possibly more, to complete. ::sigh::

I’ve been wondering if this will be an annual summer event. It’s seems like a lot to do in a few months.

DvS? Probably should fix that typo and the same typo on the Datacrons page… or you could be like bioware and fix it in… idk… say… 1-12 months? “no guarantees” lawl.

whoops. personally i am going to get eternal level on my main server and my back up server but im not going to bother going for legendary. in my opinion its going to take too much time and effort to be worth the rewards but im happy enough with the other rewards since thats gonna take ALOT less time.

I don’t think you really need to do Eternal on two servers; the companion award (the main reason to) is account-wide, and most of the other rewards can be unlocked in Collections. Also, it reads like the DL packs will only get delivered ONCE account-wide, even if you reach that tier on a different legacy again (I could be wrong about that).

Christ… Well, I’d better start no-lifing pretty hard, since they refuse to include retroactive unlocks. Seriously, 90% of this is just repeating what most of us have done since the beginning of this game. Veterans are getting a real “fuck you” from Bioware with this event.

Are the level requirements cumulative, like I have to attain Eternal as a prerequisite for Legendary? What happens if you “skip” a level but complete the requirements for the higher-ranked level (i.e. I meet all requirements for the Eternal level but I am missing one for the Champion level)?

as already posted (please read comments first before asking same questions) —> Yes you can complete the achievements towards a higher level while not
completed a lower level but you will not be rewarded for the higher
level without already doing the lower one. if that doesnt make sense
then an example: I create a toon and level it to 65 and then do all the
achievements for legendary without leveling a 2nd imp/rep toon to 65
(requirement for eternal) I will not be awarded legendary until after
leveling 2nd imp/rep toon. however I will not have to repeat all the
legendary achievements to get awarded legendary level. (it is advised
however that you do it in order as no one has tested this to make sure
it doesnt glitch)

I’ve never done much – or any, really, if you don’t count GSF – PvP, so that make me feel better about that requirement. Thanks!

I got my first set of 5 packs. Was pretty disappointed lol. 2x Orange-Red crystal, 2x Reliquary Vase deco and a Hyrotii Racer mount.

Second set wasn’t any better. Couple decos you can buy off the CM 2x Revan upper then a bunch of supplementary boxes and old mounts from year two.

I’ve also heard more then one person complain that the white crystals weren’t unlocking in collections. I have yet to hear of anyone hitting the jackpot with a new saber or armor set.

I assume I only get the dark vs light pack once? Not for every toon I level for this event when I reach an objection?

The official event text reads like you only get the packs once per account, but I haven’t confirmed that.

That is a good question though. I don’t want to roll 25 on another server at the moment but may have to do it at some point to see.

If someone with more free time than me could confirm this, I would be eternally grateful, until I forget.

Clarifying that – seems like you can reach the same tier on a different Legacy, and you’ll get all the other rewards, just not the DL packs.

I’m broken in the head? Your broke in the head. You even said “I might be wrong!” after you have him the “info”.

I’m sorry that you got mad because you didn’t trouble to read my replies properly; not my problem, though!

Packs should be BoL, not BoP. It’s really retarded, what am I going to do if I get the tuning? Use it on my useless character I created for the Event? It’s not even unlockable in the collection! I don’t know why they would chose to make every item we get BoP, most of us will probably never play these characters again or they will get delete. Oh and you have to get every single pack on ONE character or else it decreases your chance of completing an armor set. I really think they should do something about this.

They stated that the pack items were unlockable in Collections; is that not true for the tunings?

When they released tunings they said it wouldn’t be unlockable in the Collection, I don’t think this will change for these tunings.

Oh, right. I didn’t remember that. Thanks!

The exact text from the rewards blog is: “A few extra details on the packs -the armor sets come in three separate
boxes, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Supplementary. Each item that you
earn from a Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Pack is Bind on Pickup, so they
cannot be sold. However, these items do unlock in collections similar to
other pack items.”

My reading of that is that they are only talking about the armour items when they say BoP (because they also say unlocks in Collections, which tunings can’t do). Grasping at straws, probably.

So likely they won’t be BoL, but I’ll hold on to any I get on the off-chance that they eventually do make tunings unlockable (they have said they were looking into that).

Right now everything you get for Light vs Dark packs is bugged and doesn’t count in your collection, they’re going to fix this hopefully and I hope they do make tunings unlockable, they’re probably rare and i’d like to get more than 1 or 2.

I got 2 polesabers in my sorc. Should I stick them up my ass or what? I cant even equip in order to unlock.

If they’re BoP, do they automatically appear in Collections?

Failing that, I guess equipping them on a companion that can use them should probably unlock them, IF your class has one.

Be careful using legacy weapons to swap tunings. I lost a Damage tuning doing that. Had to get a ticket made and have them check the account and then they sent it to me, but…yea, items can “disappear” in that process.

Stupid items are BoP, and there goes my sorc and gets 2 pole sabers I cant even equip in order to unlock…. Fuck you BW!

Xalek will be able to equip them. If you are running through story that is. If not once you recruit him in KotFE you can unlock them.

Definitely not if char is on the same legacy/server. Probably not (but unconfirmed) across account.

Valor 5 is a lot quicker, just 2 or 3 matches. He’s talking about the “Warzone Veteran” achievement needed for the highest tier. Haven’t actually checked it in game to see if it’s 5 or 15 games, but either way it shouldn’t matter unless you go for the highest level rewards.

after 1 warzone which was a loss for me i was valor 3 so 2 warzone matches should get you to valor 5, 3 if you are short on some points

and i was talking about valor not warzones since numo was asking if warzones gives valor points. 🙂

No, because only one of the two companions is being released – the same one for everyone (based on the *GLOBAL* total of LS/DS choices of every character that participates). That’s the whole point of the event, and the reason why they can’t make it retroactive no matter how many partitions are started.

Ah, damn, sorry I misread the part, thought it meant everyone gets theirs deoending on their own choices. Was actually happy that they changed it to that, well bummer…

Whilst this event has plenty of issues, I will say I’ve enjoyed seeing so many players (new and old) on the early worlds. Even if plenty of people were just complaining about the event/packs!

There were hundreds in multiple instances on Ord Mantell last night.
Good to see but plenty ‘choke’ points for missions/bonus completions.

They’ve mentioned the companion and speeders will be send to all your characters in the mail, just like the other reward mails you get on every new character (around 40 mails now if you’ve been playing since launch)

I am at 46 mails on a new toon :). Probably with the event mail and the new cantina event (assuming we get a code again) and subscriber rewards I’ll be over 50 when summer ends.

So has anyone else ran into the “bug?” Where you can’t complete the stronghold mission because you already own all the strongholds? Normally you can pick up the mission and just go to one of your strongholds and it completes, but I did that and I still have the mission. Do you have to do it on another server? I’m not doing that, I have too many resources (credits, legacy gear, mats) that I can use to make it easier on my server to abandon it for this “event”.

used to be an issue. the only problem i’ve noticed still happens is if you visit all your strongholds on a toon before picking up the quest it doesn’t register. but it has worked for me by going to a stronghold that the toon has not been to before.

Yes…but you have to swap instances a few times or log out of the character and back in a few times, eventually it triggers. Took me a few tries on my latest toon to get it to work.

The awards from the event are given to all characters within the Legacy. The stuff from the packs can be unlocked like other cartel market stuff.

Its in collections and is unlocked on the character. You will still have to pay CCs to unlock it for your legacy.

I’m I bit confused on the legendary requirement 13 “alliance hero.” Does that mean we need 8 DS v LS toons to complete this?

Why not? It takes 10 hours per 50. Once you get the XP armor it cuts it down even more, and you don’t even have to keep the characters you can delete them. You also have until October, which is heaps of time to casually level.

I don’t think he’s talking about double bladed saber staffs, I think he’s talking about the ones the Knights of Zakul have. So, no.

A couple thing i discovered while playing last night:

“Ruthless Efficiency” It isnt about unlocking HK-51. You get the achievement after you kill 50 enemies with HK-51.

“Big Earner” You can cheat this. Go on your main character and mail 1,000,000 credits to your new DvsL character and they will get the achievement.

Sorry guys. I hate Chiss with blue hair, and her haircut is horrible too. I will go full dark side on all 8 toons.

Hmm, the Chiss uses two sabers though, and so many pre-existing female force users have saberstaffs, so she seems better. Besides Chiss is way more novel than another Akavi.

If you have Niko Ocarr’s Holocommunicator thing you can do it on 5 level one alts to satisfy the 5 alliance alerts requirement.

Sounds like a bug. Wish I was subbed then just so I could have him for crew skills sake as I probably won’t even bother completing past obtaining your ship on any of these characters.

No. You can fulfill all the requirements of the Eternal section, but you won’t get the reward till any of the lower tier is not achieved. (Musco stated this in the Q&A)

Pretty much stuck behind Champion CH16 KOTFE before we can advance but you can tick off the other achievements we can do right now though.

Question: Can you complete a requirement for a level before you finished the level or levels prior?

Like say you do the Black Talon before you hit level 25?

So what other kind of stuff are ppl looting from the packs? Are the armors complete sets or in upper/lower/supp?

They are upper/lower/supp. I got Sateles upper (I already have it unlocked), Sith Recluse supp, some seekers upper, expertise imp red crystal, and a mount iraki or something. It’s frustrating to get items that you have unlocked, it’s like getting 1less item, you can’t do anything with it, it’s just trash.

They really didn’t think this reward system through. I think a rep system with tokens would have worked better. Lvl 25 unlocks a tier lvl 59 unlocks a tier and so on and use your tokens to buy the items in the tier that you could use, instead of giving me Sateles gear that I already have.

honestly what did happen to that reputation vendor idea? that sounds alot better then this random items in a pack. :/

The rep vendors “died” after Yavin. I guess with no new dailes they figured the was no reason to do it anymore. It would have worked so much better. I got the Makra Ragnos set, Revans mask, Nihilus mask, and a couple nice mounts from the cartel rep vendor. Those vendors are proof that they could made it work that way.

I got garbage my first round. 🙁 Grats to those who have gotten something worth the grind again.

Do we have to complete all the flashpoint for the pubs and the empire for Flashpoint Expert ? Or just one side

Just one side. But, there are the faction specific HM’s(i.e. esseles, black talon) that do need to be completed.

You’ll get them either way since you need 4 pub 50’s anyways. and one 65. + You got until like October to do all of it.

I keep having people tell me that I need to complete a class story at least once. I don’t see where it says this and I’ve completed Valiant so far without finishing a class story and I don’t see anything for the ones I have left that require it. Did this info get put out at some point to make people think its a requirement or is it actually one and I’m just not seeing it? All I see for story content that we need to do is SoR, KotFE and Ziost.

It is 50 enemies with HK, got that before I even left the starter planet, haha. I suppose if you can’t pay the credits to unlock him and use him you’ll have to do the part hunting.

I don’t see anywhere either, and I have Valiant too. Working on Eternal now since Champion wont be available until post CH16 is released. Also ticking off most of the legendary level as I go too.

That is correct I did story pub side just to get my 2nd chapter title and then started SoR. I only did the class imp side to DK to pick up the ship. Running tactical fp’s, pvp and other fun stuff to get in the level range to start KotFE.

I did find that rakghouls on Taris pub side counted towards the achievement for killing them. Not sure if that is a bug or not.

lol, thanks for verifying what I already thought. The Rakghoulds thing is funny too, since I got credit killing the Mobs in Chapter 12 of KotFE:) Must be a bug but I’ll take it:)

So if you want one of the companions you’ll have to first make 2 new characters and take at least 1 of them through to 65 doing everything up to legendary tier, and the other new character has to at least do it’s faction aligned flashpoints, so both factions flashpoints have been done. But even if you do all of this which is a bloody chore for veteran players, you may not even get the companion you want because it’s based on every player in the game’s light and dark side alignment. And there’s not even a way to see which way it’s going before you decide to go through with all of it, you’ll just simply find out later if it was a waste of time or not, that’s assuming of course that you only really want 1 of the new companions.
There’s also no information regarding these companions, what will they be like compared to the other companions in the game? Will you be able to have conversations with them at all, pre-expansions vanilla style meaningful convos, or will they be generic NPCs like the new ones are that simply say a one liner or two when you click on them? And will these new companions appear in the story at all?

Unless I misunderstood the guide, I think the Ruthless Efficiency achievement for Legendary is to kill enemies, 50 I think, with HK not just unlock the companion. Didn’t know about it until I saw the achievement after killing enemies while on Tython.

About the LvD Packs and armors: They are bound TO YOUR CHARACTER ONLY. Not Legacy. You cannot trade or sell the packs or the stuff in them. Also, ALL ARMOR SETS ARE GIVEN IN PARTS (Upper, Lower, Supplementary). Thus you could get one part of a set, and may never get the other two parts to complete it. Worse, you can’t trade or get the spare parts from others.

And since you can only get each level once, this means you have a limited amount of chances to complete a set or you might as well toss the items. And if you already HAVE the items, you cannot sell them to those that would want them, or even give them away. Add in that half the rewards are exp boosters…yeah the rewards for this event is not that great.

May be I got something wrong, but I`m unable to take Home Sweet Home quest. Do I have to complete Heroic and Legacy Levels to be able to take that quest? Its LvsD 11 level Imp character

Hello Kaelin,
Do you mean, you have to complete those tiers first? No, I picked up the stronghold quest and went to the stronghold and achieved the Home Sweet Home Achievement and I didn’t even complete the Heroic tier. You can do things out of order and it’s tracked in the legacy achievements in the events section. While you can do the tasks for the tiers out of order, to qualify for the rewards for each tier, each tier needs to be complete. If that makes sense. Lets say you have Eternal Tier complete, but the previous tiers aren’t, so you won’t qualify, the previous tiers as well would need to be completer to qualify for the rewards.

For some reason I`m unable to take quest, never had that problem before the event.
I`ve unlocked all stronghold before the event, my event character was 11 level, that never traveled in stronghold before

Hey Kaelin,
If I may ask, what level are you? And are you talking about the Stronghold quests, or getting the Home Sweet Home Achievement? IIRC, I think you need to be level 15 to start the stronghold quests. I also noted some players mentioning if you have a Stronghold, if you go to your stronghold, don’t just go to your stronghold and stand, you need to take a few steps into the Stronghold and you’ll get the achievement.

The few shared Flashpoints for the Legacy and Champion tiers, do you need to do those twice, or if you do them once, will it be tracked to both?

“DvL character is any new character created on or after June 28 after Game Update 4.6. They are the only character eligible for the Dark vs Light event and none of the event parts can be done on older character. DvL characters have a special icon on the character select screen.”
So a start at 60 character would work? Sweet!

There is something that really should be made known for anyone going for legendary. Unless it is bugged or they are going to fix it, the Ziost quest is still only available after SoR but before you start KotFE. On my first character to 65, this didn’t cross my mind so I skipped it as I figured I’d do it on the 65 on the other side. Now, I’m doing my Rep alt and the 4 FP’s again so I can do all of SoR again so that I can do Ziost.

Anyways, knowing that the quest is not available until after ALL of SoR (also forgot about the 4 FP’s for that) and that you lose access to it if you start KotFE is pretty important.

Except that when you start KotFE, there is a huge button that pops up informing you that you will no longer be able to access your old class quest or any Shadow of Revan content… You even have to confirm twice.

I meant for this guide, not the game. I don’t expect the game to tell me anything at this point. And yes there is a pop up that I am extremely insensitive too after clicking it over 30 times now, but I see no problem with a reminder to everyone else doing this event.

Can i make multiple new characters on the same server and get each of them rewards for reaching level 25?

Having trouble with Eternal level atm, finished a 65 rep AND imp toon (got the achievements for it), as well as reaching valor 5… Yet you need another achievement to unlock eternal level, listed as “Champion”. Hidden 0 point achievement or bug? Any thoughts?

My guess is hidden achievement for valor rank 50, but… oh well let me level up the 6 other classes first 😛

Maybe the hidden achievement is Valiant and this is just how they choose to make you complete the prior tier first?

It is clearly listed in the 50 point achievement as “Dark vs Light: Champion”, why would it have anything to do with the previous tier?

like a placeholder saying in order to get Champion you need these 3 things AND Valiant. Obviously i don’t know why its there. i’m just making a guess:)

Just found out in the forums that indeed it is *implicit* that you need to have the previous tier to unlock the next one, so that confirms what you were saying.
Dunno if you still have a hidden valor 50 achievement under there or not though, cant know for sure until chapter XVI is released 🙂

You cannot finish the Eternal tier yet as Chapter 16 is not released yet. Chapter 16 is required to be finished in order to get to Eternal tier. You need to have finished all other tiers first.

maybe read it a bit better mate, it says you need to complete champion tier before you can complete eternal tier

Possible typo in #12 of Legendary. Isn’t it Ziost rather than Zoist? Or is that some in-joke that the cool kids are making?

I’ll add:
“Unlock the HK-51 Companion on your DvL companion”
it think it should be Unlock the HK-51 Companion on your DvL >>character<<
Never unlocked a companion for my companion.

Rly? That Victorious Pioneer Armor doesn’t have an Armoring slot? Wow, BioWare really fucked the rewards up at every possible level. What a giant letdown.

The Victorious Pioneer Armor is the one and only thing I think they did mostly right about this event. The armor is meant to help you level characters from 1-50 faster. In this sense it is a masterful and long desired arrival. Lets look at the pros and cons.

Cons: Ugly as sin
Belt and bracers bugged first week of launch
Non-moddable armoring slot (though personally I prefer it this way)

Pros: BoL
Wearable at Lv. 1
Lv. 1 +50% Xp (before guild bonus, booster, 2xExp weeks)
LV. 1-50 armor rating 128
Lv. 1 each part of the armor has 51 Endurance and either 49 Mastery or 49 Presence

With only 3 of the pieces I was a god at Lv 1 and that hasn’t changed on any sub 50 characters. Leveling is my least enjoyed part of the game so this is the shmoo for me. The thing I would most like to have changed is the presence stat, I would have preferred all mastery.

It doesn’t NEED an armoring slot, lol. You put mods and enhancements in it, and the built in armoring slot remains the equivalent of a purple armoring of your level.

Nope, that is nit 100% correct, the armor rating does not change after lvl 50, I think it is around 124 rating. The gear you get for doing Shadow of Revan is better.

Yeah, but for purposes of the event, only two characters need to hit 65, and you can still wear the 124 gear, I did on my second toon.

It would just have been convenient to be able to wear it all the way to 65 so you can spend your crystals on the lvl 65 gear sooner.

Victorious Trailblazer’s Armor Set , Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set …so were are the pics? i try to google but i find nothing…

Victorious Trailblazer is the only set that’s currently been released. Both the Pioneer and Titan armors come after the event.

So I need to level 8 new characters up to level 50 to complete this? Some of these achievements are pretty BS tbh, especially the bit about forcing you to start a new character…

If i’m only going for Eternal Level (no way i’m doing 8 new alts) i’m better doing 1 Republic character and one Sith character to ensure i’ll get one of the new companions?

There’s only one companion for everyone; which one gets released depends on the global light/dark choices made by all DvL toons (which is the whole point of the event).

Currently Dark is very slightly ahead, so Darth Hexid or whatever her name is winning.

Thanks, but will only the aligned toons get one i.e if dark wins only your dark aligned DvL toons will get Hexid?

All your toons across your account get the companion, as long as you’ve reached the Eternal tier.

So as long as i’ve reached the eternal tier with 1 toon the rest of my toons will get the comp no matter their alignment.
Sorry to be a pain i find this all so bloody vague.

You are 100% correct! And yes, it is super vague.

Also, because it’s not immediately clear – the tiers are in order, you have to complete each of the lower tiers below Eternal (but it doesn’t matter if you do one of the higher level achievements before you’ve reached that tier, they still get counted)

Oh, and I guess I should point out the companion doesn’t get released until after the event finishes, in case you didn’t realise.

Are the rewards legacy-wide? Or is it per character that happens to unlock the reward? I made 2 toons (1 imp, 1 pub) and I reached level 25 on both, but I only got a reward box for my pub toon and nothing for my imp…seems like a glitch?

No. What part of “You get rewards for each tier only once” did you not inverts and? It’s like any other reward that is awarded in the achievements.

How did you take that away from what Steen posted? That’s the exact opposite of what they said.

Please tell me I’m not the only one getting no rewards from the DvL Event on a second character?

No, you are not the only one. This is how it is intended. You can get rewards only once per account for each tier. Thus you won’t get the first tier rewards 8 times after reaching lvl 25 with all new toons during this event. Only after the first occurrence.

This is kind of true but not completely. You can get the rewards once per “legacy” per tier. I’ve already farmed the level 25 rewards on 3 servers just to see if I could get anything else unlocked in my account collections. Not, much luck yet, but I did get some decent crystals and the Volatile Conqueror’s Saberstaff

yes, because all Cartel Market unlocks, which is most of your collections, are account wide, not just server wide.

It isn’t bugged. If you completed that achievement level then you will receive the pet via in-game mail AFTER the event is complete sometime around October or November.

I wonder if this will really change that much. I think most people will do a light pub and dark imp to get the lvl 65 and light V and dark V achievements so those characters are basically a wash. So it really depends on those who don’t go for the final tier of rewards. This, the xp bonus gear that doesn’t change armor rating after lvl 50, and the whole reward system that should have been legacy bound token based shows that BioWare really didn’t think this through at all.

Looks like the answer is no. Another decoration that you can’t use in a guild stronghold. *sigh*

My checklist is much shorter:

– Sub in August to play through Chapter 16 on main.
– Unsub and go back to other games.

idk about anyone else but apart from he time sink to achieve legendary level its gonna be difficult to get flash point master, some of those HMFP’s are really hard or buggy (sometimes both)

So to get eternal lvl do I have to create 8 new classes? Or can I just create 1 for pub and 1 for empire?( someone told me I have to get 8 DS vs LS to lvl 50)

Oh good cause I was not sure if I even felt the eternal was worth 2 more toons at 65(I already have al 8 classes at 65 so doing another 2 was not high up on things I wanted to do list.) but I kind of want the mount and the companion.anyone know if we only get one of the comps or both?

At this time, it looks like we’re only getting one. Depending on which alignment wins in the end.

Do we have any idea what the Victorious Titan’s armor set will look like? Not sure I want to go through the effort if it’s not worth it.

Ruthless Efficiency : the achievement is for killing 50 mobs with hk-51. i dont think it matters if you use legacy unlock or acquire it by finding all the parts.

Dulfy, need to update the Living Plague. 50 Rakghouls CAN be killed on Tairs and count for the Achievement. My friend and I have tested this out and they do count.

On Shadowlands, my Sage Jatora Ch’Mella killed Rakghouls on Taris for a bonus quest and go the achievement as well.

Is this EAware’s way of saying ” screw you old players, we only care now about new subs who wouldn’t complain about the fact that they are being rewarded for doing what is basically old content”

Well finally hit Valiant got my 4th Hyrotii Racer and 5th box of Revan upper. Have yet to see a single piece of gear or mount I don’t already have unlocked across my legacy. Which really sucks as I still have a ton of gear and mounts missing from my collections.

I really wish they would toss me a bone here. I did get 2x Jedi Library, 1x Revanite Zealot and 1x Oriconian Stalk decoration. But outside those 4 decos and the xp armor this has just been a huge disappointment.

And yes I know this is my own fault for giving in and doing the event. But I thought that Chiss companion would make a good replacement for Ashara. As it is it will probably be like the KotFE companions and completely stuck at default appearance.

They really screwd this reward system up. At least they could have made it so you don’t get multiple copies of the same armor. It’s like getting trash.

Yes that is it exactly. You want really screwed up I tried my luck on another server and hit 25. First pack I opened Hyrotii Racer.

I give up finishing the last chapter to get the companion and going to pick up another game for a bit.

Does any know if you can use a lvl 60 token on a new character to still get the light vs dark benefits?

the companion you get, when do you get it and can you use it on all characters once you get it?

Yes it’s supposed to be in the in game mail to all your characters. Along with the pet and mount(s) at some point once the contest ends.

As you complete the tier you get an in game mail with the Packs and the armor pieces whose anme i forgot (the ones with the XP bonus).
Everything else, the other armor, the mounts, pet and companion, will be sent to all your charachters (not only the DvL) after the event is over.

Oh it’s spelled incorrectly, i tried to find it using “search” in browser but i could find “Ziost” because it is spelled “Zoist”


Does the legendary achievement count as well if the 8 differnt classes I make during dvl event are in different servers?

has anyone noticed that the normal achievement for getting all characters to 65 reset, also all the crafting max was reset too, wtf?? any word if this will be getting fixed

So do my current characters not count towards this event? IE I have to re-level all 8 classes? Also is there an end date to the event?

– They don’t
– You do if you want the top tier. Only need to level two if you settle for the “eternal” tier that grants the companion.
– No end date announced, but it will not end before october 25th.

thanks for the reply. re-level 2 characters isnt so bad(i do have some advance classes left) however no way in hell i’m re-leveling all 8 class. thanks again for all the info.

Some of these aren’t being granted. I just completed the third level, and I haven’t seen anything about the pet or the mount yet. All I’ve gotten so far is the titles, armor pieces, and DvL packs.

just to make sure as I read this again, you actually need to do all levels in order to get into the higher ones with the companion? you 65 on both factions + Eternal championship is enough?

Yes, to complete eternal level you have to fully comlete heroic, legacy, valiant & champion.

The chiss is AMAZING and the dark comp looks yet like another Akaavi Spar :
Let’s go for the light side to get it!

Advice for anyone greedy for a lot of packs to open:
– complete everything possible now except for 1 achievement (currently completing chapter XVI for example).
– complete 3 first tiers on a new server so you can actually open the 25 packs given by the 3 first tiers (that’s essentially leveling up one character to 65 and playing SoR, Ziost and some chapters);
– transfer on that new server one of your characters from your original server so you get all “annoying” achievements transferred in before completing chapter XVI (world bosses, all 8 classes to lvl 50, crafting, and so on);
– when you’re ready, complete chapter XVI and open the 60 packs from the last 3 tiers that got unlocked 🙂
Don’t forget to “lock away” one character with the achievements undone if you want to repeat the operation on another server 🙂

Please be sure to check your Flashpoints list in the DvL Achievements. The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint is not unlocking. I tried it on both factions with a new DvL character. Every other Flashpoint has been successfully unlocked except that one.

There’s a bug in Manaan where you don’t get the achievement if the boss is killed by the fire. You can avoid the bug making sure the boss is outside the fire when he dies.
It is very annoying though, even knowing this I still missed the HM achievement last night when the boss had about 5k health left and a fire spawned right on top of him.

Actually you are wrong I had that bug but managed to get the achievement after running it three times. Each time the fire was used so it’s just a bug plain and simple it has nothing to do with the fire.

Actually, I am not. If the boss is killed by the fire, you won’t get the achievement. If the boss is killed by a player, you will get the achievement.
If you kill the boss while in the fire, you can still get the killing blow, but there is a bigger chance the fire will kill the boss, as it normally does more damage than you do. So you’ll only get the achievement if you’re lucky (in 3 tries in your case). If you kill it outside the fire, you’re 100% guaranteed to get the achievement.

It’s a bit more complicated than that. I ran that FP for exactly ten times (6x solo and 4x tactical) until I got the achievement.
I had to do a couple of things to succeed:
– Before killing the final boss, all adds had to be eliminated first
– Boss had to die outside of the fire
– I was in solo mode and had to send the droid away and set the comp to passive when the boss was low on HP

Try using the diplomacy mission skill,it gives dark/light side points depending on the missions you do,that’s how I’ve grinded it.

Repeat The Esseles (Pub) or The Black Talon (Imp) flashpoints a couple of times. Using a stealth capable toon speeds things up.

I’ve just made a horrible mistake and deleted ingame mail with 5 pieces of Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set. Is there any posibility to reclaim it? 🙁

So in the game it says that you have to complete the Champion level in addition to the Eternal level to unlock the new companion, but here it says that you just do the Eternal. Did I miss something?

You need to complete Champion in order to be granted the Eternal level rewards. You always have to complete the preceding level(s).

One thing… I completed valiant level, but never got this mount as a reward. Anyone else or is it just me?

Received 10 packs, just cheap crystals with power or endurance stats, XP boots for social and FP, two mounts. Even one mount and two crystals were repeated. Amazing…

So… there’s no early access to the 16th chapter of KotFE right? I haven’t seen any confirmation, but I assume not, and people are just doing everything from the levels past Champion to prep for it, right?

hi….everyone script that objectives for the “Legendary Level” (among many others…) are: flashpointmaster and that you must have 8 chars on lvl50.
But when I look into the legacy system I found in the “legandary level” chapter an achievement (which shows the reward for the “Legandary Level –
as described, but there is it not a goal to quit flashpointmaster or to get 8 chars to lvl50)
That confuses me…

The requirement to complete Flashpoint Master was left out by accident. They are fixing it with the next patch. And you always have to do the preceding levels. Legendary requires all preceding levels (eternal, champion, valiant, etc.)

I can’t imagine who would do all of the Legendary stuff. I know someone will, but it’s crazy.

The levels before that are all you need to get the XP set and the companion. So just one Republic character and one Imperial character.

The XP gear will make going through the story rather painless, but I don’t know about SOR and KOTFE, they probably aren’t something you’ll do more than twice.

I think I have about a dozen guildies who already have everything done for legend except chapter XVI. Considering how much time is still left in the event, it doesn’t require that much crazyness to get all of it done before the end. The leveling is a bit of a pain, but ~60 hours (for the 6 classes you didn’t do for Eternal) over 16 weeks isn’t that extreme. It does help a lot to have a good guild, that makes getting all the ops/hm fps/world bosses pretty much trivial.

I’m sure many casual players who just play a few evenings a month won’t get anywhere near it, but then again it is called Legendary tier, not Supercasual tier 🙂

Oh, and I agree running through SOR and KOTFE 8 times would be painful, but fortunately that’s not a requirement. You only need to do that once, get one other character to 65 (which you can be by the time you finish chapter one), and get the others to 50. No need to complete the story on all of them, let alone doing KOTFE.

You dont gotta run SoR and KOTFE 8 times only once its the classes to 50 tgat is 8 times aka once with each class

HK-51 Achievement for Legendary Tier is actually “Defeat 50 enemies with HK-51 as your companion”…doesn’t have anything to do with unlocking him, other than the fact you have to do that to use him obviously. 🙂

After assuming the reward packs would give nothing more than trash I was a very happy Sith when in my first 5 packs I got a nice rug for my Stronghold and Satele Shan’s chest piece. Very happy I joined this event now.

Having only to complete the last chapter for completion of Legend status we are now finding that if completed all hm fp it is not being noted in the legend list. I know the hm fp was missing from legend list but now- it seems if done all hm fp then one is not getting the credit for it

Dev note now says it ought to be fixed in next patch. Hope so as I was holding off doing very last chapter but having read that gone ahead and done it.

why am i not getting the Victorious Trailblazer’s Armor Set, mount and pet when completed the requirements for them?

From the page of SWTOR:

does anyone know if it is possible to do all the flashpoints solo or are only some of them soloable. I tried to do hammer station solo last night and I could not get it to work. Was just trying to get the low level ones done for this dark light event. Thanks for the help in advance if anyone knows.

Has anyone had a bug in the tactical FP achievement for DvsL that says “missing Details Data” it should be the Tactical Fp Manaan

As for the Xp Armor Set it comes in a box if your a sub when you get the rewards and not all the flash points are solo wish they where make getting them bit faster when you us GF your getting a tac and when you q for if you lucky you get a good group or in my cause players for get new players and drop cause no space bar and just wish the game let you see who is and who’s not space baring make for lot less QQ rage

Will DvL characters be deleted from the servers after the event, or will they become ‘normal’ characters after the event?

Awesome, thanks. And the boosted character you get free for subbing doesn’t count for the “get a rebel to level 65” right? (which sucks)

Yes, to doing them out of order, but to qualify for the rewards you still need to have all the prior ranks completed.

The requirements are misleading. Dulfy failed to stress that they don’t check the complete box for for a level unless you have the previous level. I learnt it the hard way last night. Thought i could skip champion and go eternal, busted my ass for most of 3 days trying to get 2 toons to 65. Ignored flashpoints and pvp. I have just finished just a few hrs before 5.0 early access…just to realize i wont get Eternal without the champion level. Colossal waste of my time. Why they would make champion level more tedious than eternal, I have no idea. Just when I though bioware couldn’t shit on me anymore.

Thats not Dulfy’s fault though, as well as the fact that the achievements in game specifically mention the previous tier’s achievement. I apologies that you spent that much time for nothing but its certainly not Dulfy’s fault.

I’m in the same boat as Brak.

No it’s not Dulfy’s fault. It’s Bioware’s as the achievement itself stated 1 Rep, 1 Imp, Kill Lanos. Then another box called … ‘Champion’. Champion what? It had no text to say ‘you must clear the previous tier to earn Champion, which makes this actually a 4th requirement.

It might not be Dulfy’s fault, but this is the risk you run as a fan website on reporting accurately. Sabotaged when Bioware can’t even do it… but this F’d me over completely too and I’m already unsubbed as I will not tolerate every C running around with a Chiss B when I did everything that was clearly explained to me via the achievement tab, and cross checking on the net I had done it.

So don’t even comment on those in our position for not trying. F you.

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