SWTOR Max Character Slots to be expanded to 50

SWTOR is considering expanding the max amount of character slots to 50 to accommodate the Dark vs Light event.

Maximum Character Slots Per Server | 06.28.2016, 03:07 PM

Hey folks!

One of the questions that came out of the Dark vs. Light Event announcement was the current maximum character limits per server. There are some players who have all 40 slots filled, and were concerned about participating in the event.

I wanted to let you know that we are actively testing right now the possibility of increasing that maximum by 10. That would mean that a subscriber could have a server maximum of 50 characters. We are exploring if this is a safe change to make and I am hopeful that I will have an answer about this today.

As soon as I have any other information I will pass it on. I wanted to make sure you all knew that this was in process. There is no guarantees this change will happen, we need to make sure it won’t cause any issues!


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I managed to subscribe in time to play mandalore’s revenge during early acces but I am not eligible to play gemini deception? WTH?

10 more slots whoopie doo

You still have to pay to unlock them.
Bioware/EA Level Legendary of Microtransactions.

Yep… Not to mention, your Legacy still gets to sit the “Epidiotic Event” out… Yay BW…

Well, see, this is simple. They just have to calculate the number of accounts that have been dead a year or so, cancel them, and parse out new slots from those. They know which side of the bread their butter is on.

I’m just kidding of course, but … it’s not like these servers are groaning under the weight of all the traffic on them, is it?

Character limits don’t have to do with traffic — those accounts would still be logged into a character anyway. It’s data storage, so they’re probably trying to gauge if they have enough space to accommodate the number of accounts that will take advantage of the extra space, and see if it’s possible.

I’m sure if EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT had 40 characters right now, it’d be problematic. But they don’t.

Ha ha ha I was just kidding. I think I might have even mentioned that. Because, DUH. Anyway.

They could reduce the “Global character limit” to maybe 100, and increase it to 50 “per server”.. i would never have more than 1 or 2 characters on servers i dont play on regularly, but i really enjoy having the opportunity to play through the story again and again.. without having to resort to deleting characters.

and i dont think deleting inactive accounts/characters would be a good idea – it would most likely cause an uproar. But that said, they could reset the f2p characters names, that havent been online for X amount of days, making it available for players who actually do play – that way, if you return to the game, and noone has picked the name in the meantime, you could just re-make the name on the character.

it has been done in a lot of other games with great success and almost applause from the community/players.

Well, i have never been f2p, even though i have played since beta and all that, so i dont know if they might already have such a system in.

But back to the subject – i havent felt ANY difference on serverlagg og anything the last few times they increased the maximum amount of character slots allowed – so i dont see how it should affect us this time.
But i DO understand the need to stress-test this kind of thing – it is hardly something you would be able to pull back, once you let it loose.

I would say that the ppl that allready have 40 and cant delete one or more have a huge problem and needs to come back to reality

anyone that has 50 toons is playing this at starbucks in there underwear telling everyone thier a big deal

id say thats more your style dude and i hate fucking starbucks so no. I play sto not this broken mess of a game

I’m not sure that I would admit to playing STO and complain about the state of any other game / developer. Pretty sure STO was f’d up for many months this year because Cryptic couldn’t figure out how to stop one script kiddie from DDOS-ing their server, which was shared with Neverwinter, the main target.

in comparison if i had to choose i would choose sto anyday over tor lolz. Sto isnt perfect either but in comparison lolz give me a break

Kinda wonder if this is BW’s idea to placate the critics who destroyed their precious event… or perhaps it’s to drive attention away from that disaster to something else, as in: hey, look, we’re listening to you guys, we’re good, pay us more…. whatever the case, it reeks of a lame damage control attempt.

It really doesnt seem like an entertaining event..
“Do all the things you have already done a lot of times, but you HAVE to start from scratch. And you have to do it over, and over, and over again”.. and “you have to lvl 8 different characters to lvl 50 withing the run of the event”.. and “2 characters have to be leveled to lvl 65, 1 on each side”.. And in addition to this, we have a time limit, witch i think i read somewhere was sometime untill the 1st of august or something like that? only about a month, to lvl 8 characters, and all that – and what, will the event return next year? if it is supposed to affect the next expansion, that would surely mean that this is a one-time-thing..

I am NOT spending my summer holidays playing repetetively through the class stories jut to get 7-800 achievement points and some vanity items.. i want it, but it should not be in the summer, and not at such a limited time period.

Nothing seems “new” and especially not any kind of “exciting”..

i REALLY hope the rewards are worth it.

That’s the trick – they are not worth all that effort. You are getting titles you most likely won’t use, armor that you won’t need (it gives XP bonus and you need to level to max to gather all the pieces) and last but not least, you are getting gambling packs with items and pieces of armor that you can’t sell or exchange with others to complete a set. I won’t even bother mentioning the companions because they are just generic decorative companions who most likely won’t have a single line of dialog to exchange with you, much like Nico Okarr.

Yet they’ll still make subscribers pay 600cc for every slot over 12… How generous of them. Please take more of my money for something I should already have included. How nice of you to make an event that requires you to make 8 new characters for certain achievements. And look character slots are on sale!!! just 450cc per. What a coincidence.

EA’s entire philosophy around SWTOR is, “LET IT GO about the bugs and 30 minutes worth of new chapters a month, man! Keep buying Cartel Coins so we can all stroke our dicks ever more briskly!”

hhahaha /smh 50 slots jesus christ might as well plug yourself into the matrix while your at

My GM has like 35, but she really only plays 3 lol I hardly manage the 9 toons I have, forget 30 more.

It’s mostly a PVP thing. For a long time, leveling PVP was much better
than max level PVP, so PVP players would end up with lots of characters.

This is a ridiculous idea and an even more ridiculous “fix” for people who already had several level capped characters prior to this “event”. It was bad enough that they increased it to 40 to begin with. But before I went Preferred status I did have 22 characters. I never really played all of them so I vendor trashed everything in their cargo holds and sold off all bound items and companion gear. Now down to 8 characters which is more manageable. On the plus side when I sold off all their stuff I made about 90 million or so from all the crap they had lol

I have 13 characters, 4-5 of which are newish characters I never did much with. The remaining 8-9 I need a spreadsheet (OK it’s just a text file but spreadsheet sounds cooler) on one of the side monitors to keep track of – i.e. what crew skills they have, what categories of garbage I store in their bank.

I cannot imagine what having 50 characters is like.

It will be a good change for people who wants to complete all event tasks and don’t want to delete any of their characters because they don’t have character slots

But if they do not make them free extra slots for subs, Than the subs that depend on there stipend or ever once and a while buying cartel. That will take forever and still would mess over the subs. I may be quitting for now till this is ether sorted out or lets us now if the slots are going to cost or not.

i have 30 characters on 1 server but i have found that if you r using a computer like vista it cant take more than 19 characters, that’s why i upgraded mine 2 a games computer with 8TB ram nd now i’ve found u lose some features from the game if u keep moving up with even more characters

most of my characters r still waiting in the character screen as they have completed all of the expansions except 4 KotFE nd KotET since most of their loved 1’s havent returned 2 the galaxy at large, so i keep designing new characters 2 better their class story nd chage their story endings

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