Black Desert Treasure Hunter Event Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Online Treasure Hunter event which grant you two furniture and a title.

Getting Started

  • Event Duration: This event will run from June 29 to July 20, 2016. So you have 20 something days to complete it. It is fairly quick as well so only take an hour or so to finish it. You can only do these event quests once per family.
  • Level Requirement: I don’t believe there is a level requirement to participate in. Getting to L55 is ideal so you can use camels for faster travel in the desert but horses/running will do fine.
  • Time: I recommend you travel in the desert during the day time (7am to 10 pm) as you only need Purified Water to cure the sunstroke. Otherwise you will need to make Star Anise Tea (simple cooking: Purified Water + Star Anise) which are a bit harder to make.


First you will need to make sure you have 20-30 Purified Water. Go to any material vendor (use the NPC button to the left of your mini map to find one) and buy Empty Bottles to fill it. This will fill them as Bottle of River Water which you can then use the Thinning option in Simple Processing to make them into Purified Water.

You won’t need to use Purified Water until you get to the desert area in Valencia, rest of Valencia is safe to travel. When you are in the desert at daytime you will get a debuff called Sunstroke which lasts for 10 mins and tick down your health every few seconds and you will waste tons of health pots to keep your health up unless you remove the debuff with Purified Water. This debuff comes back every few minutes so you will need to keep a stock of Purified Water. During the night time you get a similar debuff called Hypothermia that requires Star Anise Tea to remove.


Once you are set with 20-30 Purified Water and at least 7500 silver (need to to buy the shovels), head east from Altinova. You will head east until you get to Sand Grain Bazaar. This route is mostly safe except for some centaurs you can outrun on your horse.

Traveling to Ibellab Oasis


Once you are at Sand Grain Bazaar, if you are L55 and have started your Black Spirit Valencia quest you can get a camel via a quest from the Stable Keeper. Otherwise you will journey with your horse which is much slower as horses cannot sprint in the desert and receive a 50% speed penalty.

From Sand Grain Bazaar, you want to head east and this will throw you into the desert. You cannot use your maps or minimaps here so you have to locate yourself visually. Generally what I do is steer east and south until I get past the rocky formation here and then steer east and north. You want to head to the Ibellab Oasis which looks like an oasis with trees and stuff. Along the path you may encounter two nodes (Pilgrim’s Haven and Abstinence) but it is also easy to miss them.


It is easy to get lost in the desert, which is why I insisted on bringing 20-30 Purified Water incase you get lost. Once you make it to the Oasis you can no longer get Sunstroke/Hypothermia so it is a safe haven.

You need to talk to Marzana inside a big tent on the southern edge of Oasis. He will offer you two quests at first: Marzana and the Magic Lamp and Marzana and the Magic Carpet.



To complete these two quests you will need to purchase 150 Shovels from Farisa the material vendor near the tent. Each shovel costs 50 silver so that is where your 7500 silver comes in. Put them on your hotbar since you will need to use them 150 times.


Travel a bit outside the oasis into the desert and you can start shoveling by clicking the shovel on your hotbar. Shoveling costs energy and raise your gathering skills and you can get Sharp/Hard Crystal Shards from them if you are lucky. Each shovel action consumes a shovel and you are guaranteed at least 1 Black Scarab per dig. In addition you may get Bag of Muddy Water you can process to Purified Water, Violet/Blue crystals and Vanadium Ore/Shards.


You will need 150 Black Scarabs for the two quests so keep shoveling until you get 150 of them. This is as fun as gathering river water and you will need to keep an eye on Sunstroke.

Turn In & Third Quest

Once you gathered 150 Black Scarabs, you can turn in 100 of them to Daraia the blacksmith for the Magic Lamp furniture and 50 to Ashim for the Magic Carpet furniture.


Go back to Marzana and he will give you a third and final quest. This is a simple quest where you just have to talk to Shuriar the Trade Manager nearby and it will reward you with 10x Purified Water, 10x Star Anise Tea, and 2x Desert Tent Tool for sandstorms.


In addition you will get the I can show you the world title.


You get two furniture from doing the two event quests.

Magic Lamp

  • 100 Interior Points
  • Give you max of 4 random buffs that lasts for 2 hr each.
  • The buff component can be used 30 times.



Magic Carpet

  • 300 Interior Points



  • IslaRose

    You can also buy shovels in Altinova, etc. from the Material goods vendor. Also may be worthwhile to pack a tent (Altinova Stable Master) if you don’t have Star Anise Tea (if you’ll be out there after dark).

  • Arckange

    Thank you so much for this guide, it is super useful!

  • Nadiir

    The scarab isnt guaranteed.. 50 shovels in and not a single scarad. RNG as always. >.<

  • Denive

    Thank you <3

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