SWTOR Chapter 15 Story Guide

A guide to the story and conversation choices in Chapter 15 The GEMINI Deception.

Story Cutscenes

Empire – Inquisitor

Conversation Choices

  • Chapter Start
Trigger: Senya saying you are outnumbered  
  1. I’m not worried – Senya approves
  2. “Every last Skytrooper”?
  3. Then let’s fake them out
Trigger: GEMINI says she serve the commander  
  1. Is GEMINI Prime combat ready? – SCORPIO approves
  2. Exactly right – SCORPIO disapproves
  3. I still don’t trust you – Theron disapproves
Trigger: SCORPIO says she will accompany you  
  1. Glad to hear it – SCORPIO approves
  2. Who else is going?
  3. I don’t trust you, SCORPIO – SCORPIO disapproves
  • Go to the Gravestone Hangar
Trigger: SCORPIO says the GEMINI captain knows how to improvise  
  1. We can’t sit here
  2. Any suggestions? – SCORPIO approves
  3. Get over yourself – SCORPIO disapproves
  • Secure a Route to the Battlecruiser’s Bridge
Trigger: SCORPIO says the captain’s mind is inspired by her own after all  
  1. Can you outfox her? – SCORPIO is amused
  2. Wow, are you ever smug.
  3. I’m not worried – SCORPIO disapproves
  • Survive the Skytrooper Ambush
  • Speak with SCORPIO
Trigger: Theron asks if you are okay over there  
  1. Fine, How’s everyone else?
  2. [Lie] I’m dying – SCORPIO is not amused, Theron is slightly amused
  3. Open the door
Trigger: SCORPIO says she can’t override the controls  
  1. Find us a detour – SCORPIO approves
  2. We’ll use the force/Use your lightsabers
  3. So she’s better than you? Ouch! = SCORPIO disapproves
Trigger: GEMINI captain says you survive her initial assault  
  1. Come out of hiding
  2. (Agent) Remind you of anyone? – SCORPIO approves
  3. Irritating, isn’t it – SCORPIO dapproves
  4. I can’t wait to destroy you
  • Secure a way to the bridge
    • Codex entry for Eternal Fleet: Combat


    • Bonus: Resource Gathering – Search the battlecruiser for useful technology


  • Rendezvous with Senya
  • Rendezous with Lana
  • Escape the Sun generator (wait till the solar beams disappear before crossing)
  • Rendezous with Lana
  • Defeat the Skytrooper Constructor
  • Continue to Lana’s Location
Trigger: Lana says the rest are their bodyguards and associates  
  1. You’ll be safe soon – Lana approves
  2. Why are they headed for Zakuul?
  3. I don’t have time for this! – Lana disapproves
Trigger: Ranken says Arcann wants to interview them  
  1. Join us, all of you – Lana approves
  2. He already knows
  3. It really is all about me – Lana disapproves
  • Defeat the Skytroopers
  • Secure a Route to the Battlecruiser’s Bridge
Trigger: GEMINI captain say your chances of survival are poor  
  1. You’re wrong. Give up – +50 LS
  2. We’ll see. [Attack] +50 DS
  • Defeat the GEMINI Captain
  • Confront the GEMINI Captain
Trigger: Theron says he can’t revert the command  
  1. That droid can help us
  2. Abandon ship – Senya,. Lana approves
Trigger:Theron asks you who goes first  
  1. The Republic – Theron approves
  2. The Zakuulans – Senya approves
  3. The Imperial – Lana approves
Trigger: Theron says so much for the whole frequency plan  
  1. We found some new allies
  2. No room for regrets – Lana, Senya, Theron disapproves
  3. This was SCORPIO’s failure
  • Escape to the Battlecrusier’s Hangar
Trigger: Theron asking why you let Senator Cordan die  
  1. I wanted to save them all – Theron approves
  2. (Republic only) We need the others’ trust – Theron approves
  3. (Empire only) The Republic is still my foe – Theron disapproves
  4. Remember who is in charge here – Theron disapproves
Trigger: Lana asking why you get Ranken die  
  1. I didn’t want her to die – Lana approves
  2. (Republic) The Imperials were expendable – Lana disapproves
  3. Don’t question my orders – Lana disapproves
Trigger: Senya asking why you get Zakuulan die  
  1. I wanted to save them them – Senya approves
  2. She was just a performance – Senya disapproves
  3. You would have done the same – Senya disapproves
  • Kaelin

    Love that character, but the result was so predictable, nearly everyone was talking about it. Can’t wait for another chapter with hopes we will be able to have a fruitful victory that’s worth something… Arcann as a personal feet massage therapist for example

    • BrianDavion

      welll defeating Arcaan is largely meaningless now that someone else is sitting on the throne.

      • Rokhaiil

        Revenge is never meaningless

        • Paulo Gomes

          Spoken like a true Sith. Extra CC’s are in the mail for ya.

          No they’re not just kidding… But well said nonetheless…

          • Darth Ji’inx

            Simply killing Arcann isn’t enough, he must suffer.

            • Liron Ben-David

              with extreme prejudice. burn him in fire.

      • Kaelin

        My SI wants him as a personal feet massage therapist still

    • atari360

      We are going to team with Arcann to beat SCORPIO

  • Wilhuff Tarkin

    which two out of the three should i save? mandalorians, republic, or empire?

    • Kaelin

      If you’re talking about escape pods, it’s Imp, Pub or Zakuulan

    • Sarigar

      It’s up to you, whomever you don’t save, someone will try to make you feel guilty about it.

    • Johnny

      Personally I went with the senator and the entertainer, figured they will help get the masses on your side more than another general to tell you what to do.

      • MKDAWUSS

        I went with the admiral and the entertainer. I already have one Senator in my pocket.

  • Fixthegifts

    Found the bonus mission to be bugged. Didnt complete properly even though i collected eveything .

    Also the final cut scene crashes sometimes.

    • Leo

      The bonus mission isn’t supposed to complete, it’s to show you where the extra things are so you can have an easier time with the mission.

      • Danny Seth

        But it did complete for me after finding the last things, before the bridge.

        • Emprah

          I went with Imps first, Zakuulans second on my Sith. They are civilians and seemed like less of a military risk when they turn on you.

          The guy who helped oust the Sith from Balmorra is a much bigger risk than Zuk Britney.

    • Bastardodcadena

      was bugged to me too…
      And had crashes too….

      Soulmate in the game :O

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Well now, anyone wanna take a stab at explanation that new ‘form’?

    • Becky

      The thing on the throne at the end is obviously a hologram.

      What I want explained is why a small batch of skytroopers were able to take out all those knights. My heal-spec character would mow down a mob like that with NO GEAR ON. Do the knights not have AOEs?

      • GiftoftheMagi

        That has to be the best hologram in the history of Star Wars, because until now ALL holograms are fuzzy blue clear constructs.

        • Becky

          Fair point, but there was all that static…

          • GiftoftheMagi

            At first. And then no only was it solid, but it had full color AND A SHADOW.

            Zakuul now has Star Trek Federation holographic technology?!? FUCK YOU ABRAMS!

            • Becky

              Oh? I missed the shadow.

              OKAY THEN. *looks at vid* Still don’t see the shadow, but I’m not awake yet and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt about it being there. I’m getting maybe a Gree tech kind of vibe from the lighting effects? That’s my new theory. Gree stuff.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Crap. The Gree DO have Star Trek level technology.

  • Sarigar

    I wish I could successfully explain to my Alliance that I don’t intend to stop at Arcann: I intend to turn Zakuul into a blackened cinder in space. I’m gonna make Malachor V look like Tahiti by comparison. The entire Empire of Zakuul will pay the price for Valkorion’s actions. They will be erased from space-time. So no, Senya, I don’t care that Space Britney didn’t survive.

    • Becky

      It would be nice if you could make real choices, but that would require more writing, more coding, and more voice acting. It’s much cheaper for your story to be railroaded to the point where the “commander” basically stumbles around being told what to do.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        cant have REAL choices b/c its not a single player game the REAL choices would effect everyone else in the game and story was a load of shit for them to say that at the start that “choices mattered”

  • Kirill Zhmurenko

    Has anyone else got chapters 10-14 for free after update? I’m a preferred status

  • Darth Ji’inx


    I found that “The Gravestone’s Creators” codex entry is still available for those that missed it earlier on. You just have to escape from the cutscene that triggers when you enter the Gravestone’s hangar to leave in the shuttle.

    • Kerple

      How did you get it exactly? I did that but I can’t see an object to click, besides the one that triggers the cutscene anyway.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        It’s on the computer console in the corner all the way back from the entry way in the hangar bay. It might not light up if you already have it. In your Codex, under Lore, look for “The Gravestone’s Creators.”

  • Chris Morel

    I cannot seem to get past the Gemini captain fight with my sniper. Using my comp as tank or heals they just get burned down too fast. After the 5th try I gave up and tried it on my jug. He blew through it no problems. The gear for both is 208.

    Anything special I should try with the sniper?

    • Лев Сафаров

      When 4 copies arrives, use basic attack on every 4 to determine what real, not real explode after single shot.

      • Chris Morel

        Thank you. I will try that today and hopefully get past her.

    • HollyCarp

      I actually beat her on my sniper via a glitch. My sniper got stuck IN the doorway to the bridge when it closed at the start of the fight. I was able to see and even attack the Gemini captain and she wasn’t able to fight back. Before that, on my first try, I had Senya at influence level 42 and the captain just destroyed her, and then me. I thought maybe my other toons with Senya at a lower influence level would just get obliterated in ten seconds flat and I came here hoping to find out if I could use Theron or Lana instead, or if Senya was the only option. I’ll see how my commando does with the fight next.

    • Kaliyaa

      “Heroic Moment” tears her up pretty quickly…

  • I don’t get it. Is there any way to play through the end of this chapter and save SCORPIO?

    • Ahzhihod

      *Plays with belt buckle and speaks in Southern accent* She don’t need saving, boy 😛

    • Guest

      Uhh, she doesn’t need saving, she seized the throne.

    • Becky

      You mean is there any choice you can make that will make the evil treacherous robot not betray you? Lol nope. As scion Heskal said, CHOICE IS AN ILLUSION!

      • Bastardodcadena

        bioware lie to us u.u

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Note that she didn’t die. The ENTIRE mission was simply a ruse for her to get into the Eternal Fleet computer network and take over all those droids and ships. She did not die. She used you like a cheap Thai hooker and threw you away once she was done.

      And now you have two major enemies…and one of them was reprogramming the Gravestone.

  • Make it rip

    What does Scorpio say when you ask her “How are you there?” For when she appears on the Eternal Throne. Is she a hologram there but is integrated into the Throne or did she “rebuild” herself right there? LOL

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Currently, I have not asked her that.

      Unless those moving tech lines were nanobots, I doubt she rebuilt herself. This would mean that she’s most likely a hologram. Notice how she flickers between looking solid and holographic?

  • Michal Placha

    This was really dull chapter, they get weaker with each next release. This one was short and extremely repetitive as well.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I timed it. It was an hour.

      The common opinion I see is that the story gets better each chapter. However, many would agree with you on this chapter being weak.

      • Paulo Gomes

        It’s really not possible to have an accurate “measurement” of how good a chapter is. It all depends A LOT on personal taste. In fact, it depends ENTIRELY on personal taste. My favourite chapter might be your most hated chapter of the story.

        In BW’s defense (yes, I can do THAT too girls and boys!!!) we should probably let the expansion end, play it all and then judge it in it’s entirety. Not long for that to happen, hopefully… So…

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Opinions are indeed subjective. Even though this chapter’s ending was somewhat predictable I actually enjoyed how they pulled it.

          Also, how DARE you defend BW!! XP

          • Paulo Gomes

            I know, I know… Must be getting soft in my middle age… hehehehehe…

            • GiftoftheMagi

              We all get soft in our middle age….usually in the middle.

            • Trumpcat

              Toughen up, you disappoint me.

    • Vincent van der Laan

      weaker how i liked it aloth ?? better then chap 10 chap 14 and 13

    • John Kosto

      Chapter 14 was the best one yet, but 15 was indeed very weak for me too. I was not interested in the gameplay or the story at all. Plus, I lost one of my favorite companions.

  • Becky

    Guess I’m not playing this chapter on the character I actually use Scorpio on. I bought her a cool weapon and customization, not to mention companion gifts to make her suck less.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I’m with you there. No Chapter XV for my Agent until we know if we can get her back in some form. I hope this is addressed in tomorrow’s livestream.

      Note: I made a post on the Suggestion Box on the forums called “SCORPIO/GEMINI Companion Idea.” I think it provides an interesting way of handling this if they aren’t planning to let her to return outside of the story.

    • Vincent van der Laan

      even after the chapter u can stil use her 🙂

      • Becky

        My mercenary cannot use her after completing the latest chapter.

    • HollyCarp

      Are you unable to use the companion retrieval terminal in the Alliance War room on Odessen? I didn’t try it as I only had SCORPIO at influence level 20 on my Agent.

      • Becky

        The character I use Scorpio on is a commando, so. 😛

        • HollyCarp

          Whether you used a commando or a sage or a marauder, go to the terminal and see if you can retrieve a non-story copy of SCORPIO. If you can’t, then you can’t. But if you CAN, you have a strong companion and crafter back, even if she doesn’t appear in the storyline.

          • Becky

            I just used the Companion Locator Terminal, just to humor you.

            I cannot retrieve Scorpio that way.

            • HollyCarp

              I couldn’t do it on my Agent either. I still feel it was worth the try though, haha.

          • Guest

            You can’t get other classes comps from the terminal.

  • Bastardodcadena

    the agent dosent talk or say something about scorpio death or “fake death” or “return”…. i believe the agent says something or can do something more in this chapter then… say same thing on other words ¬¬

  • Whitedragon

    is the SPOILER ALERT still on?

  • Darth Ji’inx

    I’m a bit surprised they didn’t change the appearance of the ugly “Scorpio’s Blaster Rifle” to that of the GEMINI Pack’s “Defiant Technographer’s Blaster Rifle.”

  • Heya

    Wow I never liked scorpio reason being self aware droids are never a good thing. Surprised u couldn’t just kill her as imp agent, saw her as a liability and danger with her ever increasing demands of access to other things ( network s whatever it was) so yeah ugh it sucks that she pulled something like this especially on the agent. It was an interesting plot twist though feels like a duex ex machina I wouldn’t have minded not having her as a main part of the story etc and just have the outlander duke it out with arcann. And now with no fleet arcann is alone so to speak. Still ugh anyone else think along similar lines?

  • Errtai

    Don’t know what to think about this chapter. Still don’t understand why a robot would want to control an entire fleet. To conquer worlds? To rule the galaxy? I would understand if Lana does that, or even Senya might make sense, but the robot?
    What will it do now with this unbeatable fleet of spaceships; erase all organic lifeforms from existence? Turn the galaxy into a big mean machine full of lesser robots and cyborgs maybe? I just can’t understand her motive(s).
    Also my Gunslinger was using it as her main companion, so I guess I won’t be playing the new chapter with her. Meh…

    • rory lustermans

      There used to be a fleet opperated soley by droids in the farthest reaches of space who only had one task, to completely whipe out any civilisation or planet. The fleet might have been the Eternal Fleet before Valkorion took control of it and replaced Scorpio as its commander.

      • Errtai

        Okay I see. Thanks for the info.

      • Liron Ben-David
        • Shawn Hargrave


        • Trumpcat

          Exactly. Person has his lores mixed. Looking forward to Andromeda. It’s interesting how good job BioWare can do with their single player games, but the mmo… had its few moments.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Or another droid born from the Luminous Engine, probably with a constellation name in all caps… O.O

        • The 5th Dimension

          This is the dawning of the age of AQUARIUS. The aaage of AQUAAAAARIUSSSSS!

    • William Bolitho

      SCORPIO wanted the technology that preceded her (if she is the next generation of the GEMINIs). She also wants to enforce her will where she can. As to the rest of her motives, I’m not sure whether she simply wants to rule over lesser beings, is still partly following the Star Cabal’s game plan… or is going to try to succeed where Mentor failed.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        SCORPIO came before the GEMINIs. Her goal has always been to evolve. Just imagine the potential of the technology she now has at her disposal. Not only will the GEMINI frequency and Zakuulan technology allow her to evolve her AI, but she now has greater data capacity with this hivemind, as well as a means to collect rare pieces of technology (for more self improvement) from all over known space.

        • Sadriel_Fett

          Resistance IS futile…

      • KOko

        This clearly proves that her intelligence is beyond your comprehension 🙂

  • Cyanocitta

    I’ve been having a thought…..
    At least from the perspective of my main character, I haven’t been betrayed. What has really happened here: SCORPIO faked her death and plopped her metal rear on the Eternal Throne. The fight with the GEMINI captain could be interpreted as SCORPIO trying to kill you after having taken over the captain, but I don’t believe it. The captain still acted fanatically loyal to Arcann. No, my thought is that at this time SCORPIO’s code is out there somewhere in the process of taking over the Eternal Fleet and that she just hasn’t been able to complete the task yet.

    So, with my goal of defeating Arcann and Vaylin (and ultimately Valkorion/Vitiate), in this chapter SCORPIO has done….. absolutely nothing to impede me and has actually done a great deal to hurt my enemies. Granted, a little forewarning about what she was going to do would have been nice, but to my knowledge she has yet to try and kill me, my allies, or attempt to damage my Alliance in any way. I see no reason that SCORPIO and I can not still work together.

    Then again, as the rest of KotFE story lines have been as subtle as a raging rancor set loose in the middle of Coruscant, I (the player) am expecting to be forced into confrontation with SCORPIO over this.

    • William Bolitho

      I think SCORPIO is on her own side. The question is… who does she think is the greater threat: Arcann or the Alliance?

      The next chapter is tentatively called “Battle of Odessan”. As far as I can tell, Arcann still does not know where we operate out of. That leads me to think SCORPIO attacks us first.

    • TMNJ

      We’re kinda on the same page here. I don’t see SCORPIO as an enemy unless she directly attacks me. But I have a feeling we’ll be forced to confront her.

    • Guest

      What are you talking about? This is classic SkyNet. She didnt take over the fleet to help us, she did it to take over the universe. The next chapter is The Battle of Odessian, Arcann doesn’t know about the Alliance base, Scorpio does.

      • Cyanocitta

        SCORPIO’s knowledge would have been a valid point, at least until the the dev stream from yesterday.

  • Elliabella

    @Dulfy FYI: when letting the Imperials die: You can also tell Lana “We Need The Others Trust.” although it doesn’t seem to get you any approval or disapproval, but Theron physically acknowledges that in an approving manner.

  • Firnon Zodd

    I must say the plot twist at the end of this chapter… I kinda feel the same way with it as I do the plot twist near the end of Frozen; I can’t tell if it’s good or awful

    • Loose Cannon

      There was a plot in Frozen?

      • Guest

        If you couldn’t figure it out just Let it go…..

  • William Bolitho

    I had a few observations about this chapter. First, there is a small room that you can access that has an EMP crate, which is the last location you need to search for the bonus mission. It can be reached after meeting Senya and fighting the first probe droid and friends, by crossing the hallway, and instead of going north, heading south to find the passage.

    Second, I think the GEMINI Captain gained freewill (and based on how the GEMINI hive mind works possibly all of them) when SCORPIO accessed the PRIME unit at the end of the previous chapter. At the least, I think the deal was struck then. Small comments made by the Captain seem to indicate a level of free will already developing, as early as the Skytroopers not showing up in the hanger bay when you land.

    Third, up to this point Vaylin has been hovering between Joker and Harley Quinn in mindset. Or at least it appeared that way. Acting insane and on whims, exchanging banter with Arcann, casually pushing Knights out of the Throne Room, etc. When the Eternal Fleet stopped responding to orders, she got serious real quick. Batman-level serious. And that last comment to Arcann? That wasn’t banter. That was, “You idiot. You are ignoring a very serious threat. Possibly one larger than the Outlander.”

    • snakedoctor

      “Another control pad”? Where was the first one? I checked each and every hiding spot and didn’t find one til right before the confrontation with Gemini Captain. Bout as useful as toilet paper armor in that fight.

    • Whitedragon

      I think Vaylin has had enough of Arcann. She’s about to do something.

    • Secundum

      Yeah, I always got the impression that Arcann is completely insane, but hides it beneath a Mask of Sanity. Vaylin, on the other hand, it outwardly whimsical and sadistic, but she always seemed to have a better grasp on the realities of the situation. Like when Arcann ordered half the Knights executed, she just gives him a ‘What.’ look.

  • Elliabella

    Does anybody have the mail from the people you chose to rescue when you had to pick 2 out of the 3? I let Admiral Ranken die and I feel kind of bad, I’m curious what she says.

    • Doodles

      She thanks you and said that she told Empress Acina, and that this deed won’t be forgotten.

      • Elliabella


  • Michael

    awesome guide. no disrespect to dulfy, but i have a different guide. This guide can be applied to all chapters.
    Basically it goes like this. kill stuff. space bar. space bar. make a LS or DS choice. space bar.

    Rinse an repeat.

    • The goal of the guide is to show which options give you the most influence.

    • Darthmanwe

      Michael, kindly asking you… If that’s your ‘guide’ to the ‘new’ SWTOR, why the hell are you still playing this game?

      I only subbed for a month to play all the chapters 1 thru 16, since there is nothing new in this god forsaken game anymore.

  • Kami102

    So uh… Are we Jedi Knights ever going to get our companions back?

    Even just 1?

    • Ben

      T7. One of the first few chapters

      • Robbie Martin

        and the most useless one.

        • StrongGrogCharlie

          To each their own. T7 is one of my favs.

        • Pugiron

          Has the exact same abilities as any companion, just you’re a moron that confuses you liking them with ability.

          • Robbie Martin

            Bitch I wasn’t talking to you, and if you are going to call somebody a moron, learn proper English or STFU.

    • Darthmanwe

      I want Scourge back.


      Oh and Doc too. None of these other comps really sub for his brand of humor.

      Although I gotta say…. Getting Vetter as a Knight is…

      Sweeeeet. Now if only they’d let me smash her. That’d totally drive the Warrior crazy heheheheheheheh.

    • Pugiron

      Can you count to 1? T7 was there from the beginning

  • Switish

    So, I am little bit confused by this chapter and wanted to clear things up. Is it the GEMINI captain in SCORPIO’s body at the end of the chapter when she takes the throne, or is it actually still SCORPIO? If the latter, I would surmise that when SCORPIO accessed the terminal and ‘blew up’, she was transferring her consciousness into the GEMINI and it was actually GEMINI in SCORPIO’s body as she ‘died’? Or is it that the GEMINI totally went insane and had a HAL 9000 trip?

    • Jason

      Scorpio swapped bodies with gemini, and then fried her old body. After that point you are actually fighting scorpio pretending to be gemini. at least that’s the way I understood it

      • Sarigar

        Jason is correct. Listen to the dialogue, there are some hints even before it’s revealed at the end.

        As an aside, while SCORPIO is voiced by her usual VA, Deborah Cara Unger, the GEMINI voice is Jennifer Hale, doing her best SCORPIO impression. If you listen closely, you’ll be able to hear her distinct vocal cues.

        • Switish

          Yeah I did notice the voice change after Scorp got fried and entered Gems body, so it confirms that then.

  • Gr3yStar

    Got a very slightly extended cutscene when Lana asks my imperial agent why I let Admiral Ranken die. This agent is a spy for the republic and is in a relationship with Theron. The “I didn’t want her to die.” choice is the same except at the end of it, my agent makes a face at Theron like she was saying “Help me out here!” and Theron smiles back and says his usual line. Wonder if its because of the romance or because i’m a spy for the republic.
    Took a video of it just to be safe.

  • Darthmanwe

    Someone who played this with a Consular, can they tell me if Tai Cordan reacts differently?

    • Randomno

      Something like “You already know Tai Cordan”. “Hello again Barsen’thor”.

  • Dan Svensson

    Can’t survive the “survive the Skytrooper ambush” please help!

    • Lisa Lyons

      Same here, Jedi Knight…

  • sdfasdfasdfa

    Hmm can’t complete bonus mission? I went to every location and even the unmarked location and didn’t get credit. Any idea?

    • Dread Master Ozariah

      There is a controlling device that can help you slice the skytrooper and get one as your own soldier.

      • Don Green

        Where is the control device?

      • DLM3

        That still doesn’t complete the bonus mission for me. Going to every location on the map, interacting with everything I could (the lore object, the EMP grenade, the control device, the skytrooper) but it never completes… Do you need to get rid of the summoned skytrooper in order to get a new one when you get the chance? The most confusing bonus ever…

  • Psykrom

    can’t believe they took Scorpio from me 🙁

  • Gyt Truyi

    for all , the way to the bonus room is just before gemini battle when going west , the last north room give you the bonus quest -266.-220 🙂

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