Black Desert Beauty Album Guide & Event

Daum has posted a guide to the new Beauty Album added this patch as well as an event promoting it.

Beauty Album Event

Greetings Adventurers,

This week we are excited to debut the new Beauty Album and to kick off this new feature we are hosting few events.

1.Show your Beauty!

Starting today players can purchase an Appearance Change Coupon (7 Days) for 1 Loyalty. Note: This is a one time purchase per account.

  • Start:July 6th (After Maintenance)
  • End: July 20th (After Maintenance)

2.Best of the Best

The Beauty Album allows you to share your character customization in game, based on that we’re going to run a beauty contest where the votes will be the amount of download and likes from the community. Everything will happen in game.

  • Start:July 6th (After Maintenance)
  • End: July 20th (End of day)


  1. For 2 weeks players will be able to use the Beauty Album to upload their character customization
  2. Others players will be able to vote (Like) for the best but also download the template.
  3. After 2 weeks we will pick the Top 5 Likes and Top 5  Download per class per server as our winners.
  4. Duplicated entries/participants will be excluded.
  5. One time winning per account only.
  6. If a player X wins based on the Top 5 likes but is also in the Top 5 Download his second entry will not be taken in consideration. We will simply pick one extra winner from the Top download.


  • Random Dye Box*10 + 1*Appearance coupon (30 days)

Beauty Album Guide

Welcome our newest sharing feature, the Beauty Album! Through the Beauty Album, you can save, manage, and share your character customizations. You can take a snapshot of your character directly and organize the screenshots in albums (folders), If you want, you can also register it to the gallery and share it with other explorers, which means you can download and apply customizations created by other explorers!

★ STEP 01. Copy Your Character to the Album!

Press ESC in the game to find the “Beauty Album” menu. Click the icon to open a large window which shows your own folder where you can save your character’s current appearance.

Now, look at the top right corner of the screen and you will find the “Save Current Appearance” button. Click this button to switch to the camera mode. You can get your character within the focus and take a picture.


<Click the Save Current Appearance button to switch to the camera mode!>

Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to move the screen itself, and press Ctrl to activate the mouse cursor to drag and move the focus to wherever you would like.

If you managed to place your character in a nice scene, push Enter to take a picture.


The pictures you take will be uploaded to your album directly. Just put in the title and some descriptions when you save them.

You can upload pictures to different categories depending on the theme.

You can also take these screenshots from the customization screen. The procedure is the same, and you don’t need to connect to the game to use the Beauty Album.

★ STEP 02. Register Your Character to the Gallery!

The pictures you took can be registered in the gallery for the whole world to see.

Everyone can see your picture once you register it to the gallery, but you can also choose which pictures you want to register in a folder, so there’s no need to worry.

You can choose to register to the gallery when you save your picture, and you can also choose to post some pictures from the folder view. You have the power to choose when and what you want to show the world. Your gallery, your way.


★ STEP 03. Apply the Customization Files from the Gallery to Your Character!

The best thing about the Beauty Album is that you can apply someone else’s customization work to your character directly from the album.

You don’t need to go through the rigorous procedure of downloading and moving the file to the right folder.

You can browse the pictures uploaded by other explorers on the Gallery tab in the Beauty Album. If you find a work you like that is suitable for your character’s class, bring the cursor over the picture and click the “Apply” button to register that work to your customization library.

Please remember that you can only apply customizations either through the customization screen or Beauty Shop (F4 key) screen!


If somebody applies your customization file to his or her character, your work will gain a download count. Works with the most download counts will be featured in the “Download Ranking” tab.

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