Black Desert Castle Sieges Official Launch July 17

Black Desert Online Castle Sieges will officially launch on July 17 and all guilds that participated in the rehearsal events will get their rewards today after the maintenance.

Greetings Adventurers,

Many of you have been participating in the “Node Wars Rehearsal Events” in which your creative use of gameplay mechanics helped us evaluate and improve these systems. We’re excited to announce that your hard work has paid off with the official deployment of Castle Sieges starting on the 17th of July – 2016.

As we bring the rehearsal to a close the following changes will come into effect:

Full Node/Castle Reset

All currently owned nodes, castles, and taxes associated with these areas will be reset following the end of the rehearsal on the July 13th during the server maintenance.

Valencia will be temporarily excluded from this upcoming round of Sieges. Our team is working closely with Pearl Abyss to ensure the valuable feedback from these rehearsals can be applied to this newly released content. We will include the scheduled release date in a future announcement.

Event Rewards

All eligible guilds will be receiving their rewards based on level of participation in the node war rehearsal event . Guild leaders can expect to find these funds deposited within their guild banks at the conclusion of server maintenance July 13th.

Guilds that have shown steadfast dedication to helping assess these systems by participating in both node war rehearsals will be eligible for the maximum reward of silver.

The rewards categories will be as follows:

  • Rewards for Rehearsal I: 30M Silver
  • Rewards for Rehearsal II: 50M Silver
  • Rewards for participation in Rehearsal I & II: Additional 20M Silver
  • Maximum combined reward total: 100M Silver

We look forward to seeing all of you out on the battlefields as we watch the ensuing mayhem, creative strategies, and hard fought victories as you battle for your guilds claim to own a piece of Black Desert Online!


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