Black Desert Maid Costume and Pet Appearance Coupon Guide

A quick guide to the newly added maid costume and the pet appearance exchange coupon.


Maid Costume

You will find the maid costumes in the Costume section of Pearl Shop. They are called the Venecil Dress for female classes and the Karki Suit for male classes. They cost 2200 Pearls each (~$20 USD).


The Male costume is a two piece while the female costume is a 4 piece. You must equip all pieces of the costumes for the special function to activate. The special function is that when you are using a storage, you can click on the new Processing button which only shows up if you have all pieces of the costume equipped. This opens up your processing window and allow you to process items directly from the storage. The finished product will still go into your inventory but you don’t have to carry the preprocessed materials in your inventory, allowing you to AFK process longer before you eventually become overweight.

  • Costume will also give you a slight buff to processing, allowing it to succeeding more (not a huge deal now that processing doesn’t cost anymore energy)
  • Storage Containers do not work, you must physically visit a storage.


Pet Appearance Change Coupon

You can purchase this for either 250 Pearls under pet or 1400 Loyalty under Loyalties.

How this works is that once you have the Coupon, right click it from the Pearl Inventory and it will open up a new interface with all the pets you have. Each pet will have several difference appearances you can change to, depending on their breed (some cats have up to 16 appearances). You can browse through them and once you find an appearance you like, click on the change button.

  • You can have any appearance for that breed, regardless of the tier of the pet.


The possible appearances you can change are as follows. Images taken from here.




Cats are a bit different and have a wide range of appearances you can change them into.






Wild Animals




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