SWTOR Celebration Cantina 2016 Code and Speeder

Here are the Cantina Code and speeder from today’s Star Wars Celebration Cantina 2016.

The code is CelebrationCantina16, you just click the Redeem Code option when you go to your account page at swtor.com and enter that code. You will need to then relog or switch servers to get the mail with the Korrealis Reagent speeder.

There are some login issues currently preventing some players from logging into the website/game.

  • Michael


  • Tomazu

    nice, but login is still down for me…

  • R315r4z0r

    The login issues are apparently related to 8-digit security keys (physical and old security app.)

    The new app has a 6-digit key, and that seems to be working fine. (As well as having no key at all)

    • David

      How… ironic.

    • Michael

      Ya. I have the digi key. No go

    • Tomazu

      thx, switched to the 6-digit app, worked

      • Ladishana

        How did you switch? I have the physical security key. How can I remove that and switch to new one? Can’t login to my account on swtor.com.

        • Tomazu

          when logging in on swtor.com, just leave key empty and on next page you will be asked to insert security key – below there is something “lost your key”, which will send you a code so you can remove the old key

    • Ladishana

      How to you remove the old key if you can’t login to the website even??

    • Ta’hiri

      I have 3 accounts. One with the old pre-2015 key and 2 with the newer version. None of them work for me. All won’t let me login “Invalid Session”. So, I think “some work, some don’t” and they need to fix whatever service issues they have.

  • Владислав Рассказов

    please write code

    • It is in the post and bolded, please make an effort to read

      • xking5v


      • Ta’hiri

        Awesome response Dulfy. We love you!!!

      • Estranged


      • Dr_Nex

        Wut is da code


  • Konoha the Wiper

    who else was at the cantina tour

  • Justin Suduu

    someone share key ?

    • revan1337

      The code is CelebrationCantina16, just like the post says…

      • Dr_Nex


  • JB1987

    does anyone know if there’s any new information, talks with the devs, or any new content that’s been talked about at the London cantina tour? or have all the devs been keeping quiet about anything.

    • Darth Twinge

      I see they added this to the website…


      • Johnny Wright

        Seems that details will be released Soon (TM) but if it was at the cantina tour we would have seen a post here about it. Sigh.

      • JB1987

        you know, the sad part in all of this was that i kept telling myself to not hold out for anything exciting, and yet i kind of wished for a hint at a new operation, or maybe even some new cool feature.

        • Secundum

          They already said new ops aren’t coming anytime soon.

  • Wait, no dyes? Really? Ugh.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    It is been a long time since last reward, right? or did I miss any?

    • This would be the latest one in a while. Only thing is that this is just a lame reskin of a mount that’s been in the game since day 1, and does not include anything but the mount (no dye/XP boost).

  • jaydog

    To be honest im glad i read this…because i was getting mad with the fact that i couldnt log into the game/website….glad to see its just not me

    • Darth Twinge

      From the AskEASupport twitter account:

      “EA is currently experiencing an outage. EA games, services & support may be impacted. We’re working to resolve as fast as possible.”

      “Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA at this time. Stay tuned here for news and updates.”

      • Michael

        I hope they figure it out soon. i have raids in a couple of hours

        • Secundum

          Expect them to be canceled. This kind of thing never gets sorted out quick.

      • fff

        Wow! there is really nothing they add, that they don’t fkc up. Nothing, not a single thing!

  • Michael

    If you have a security key that is older then 2015 you can un bind it to your account an get back in game. to do that go to the website an don’t enter your security code. click lost security key. they will give you a one time code to un bind your security key

    • Orlin

      Is that the reason some can’t login to the game?

      • Jaydenz

        For me that was the problem, then I solved removing SK

        • Orlin

          I followed the instructions to do so but I do not see the option to remove my security key.

          • Jaydenz

            you tried log without type security key?

            • Orlin


              • Jaydenz

                u received the one time code?

              • Orlin

                I can’t get that far.

              • Jaydenz

                well, u cant access ur mail to get code? so idk what do, maybe contact support in this case

              • Orlin

                I have access to my mail, just not with the game. I login with and without the SK but I can’t even get the option to remove the SK.

              • Jaydenz

                thats weird, all ppl I know that had this problem use SK and had to remove on website

              • Jaydenz

                Cartel Market is off too, so, looks like thats not only SK, can be a general problem, I’m logged in game because I did before problem

    • Kaelin

      I can`t even log in the site. And I don`t see an option “lost security key” while trying to log in.

      • Michael

        don’t enter your security key when it asks, follow the steps

        • Kaelin

          Don`t you think I have not tried? No other options is popping

          • Orlin

            Even I haven’t gotten that option.

            • Michael

              its in type. its not very obvious

          • Ladishana

            Same issue for me…can’t even get far enough to login without key or say I’ve lost key.

          • Ruu’san Kaldar


          • Michael

            i think it was in blue type and not very obvious at first

        • Kaelin

          working now for some reason, will try it

    • Michael

      just don’t log out after words. i did an cant get back in. never tried the new security key so maybe assign a new one first

  • Jaydenz

    I had login problem too, but I solved. I had to remove my Security Key from account and phone then reinstall app + associate on account

  • Jonathan Parker

    Is anyone else having problems logging in right now? My game just froze in a loading screen, so I forced quit and now I can’t log in on the game or the website.

    • Deshik

      Yes we all do

    • Jaydenz

      My guildies are and I had this problem too, mine was Security Key, idk what was their problem

    • Secundum

      Everyone is. It’s been like this for two hours.

  • Rob Johnson

    can the mobile SK, handle two accounts?

    • Secundum


      • Rob Johnson

        thanks didn’t think so, looks like I’m sticking out the outage.

  • Ladishana

    Ok, just managed to get the option on the website after trying to login with security key. Didn’t work, then it had me choose pictures to prove I was not a robot. At that point, right under the box where you should type your key in it says ‘lost my key’ or something or something like that. Then you choose to get a one time password…get it from your e-mail…then copy/paste it in back on the website…then choose to remove your security key. That worked, and I am now logged into the game.

    • Secundum

      Thing is, you can only ever remove a key once…Is losing your key really worth not waiting a couple of hours for them to fix it?

      • Michael

        there was an option to link with an old key. so I’m hoping its reversible. ive had this digikey for 5 years so I’m assuming the battery will die eventually

        • Secundum

          It’s not reversible. It’s the reason I stuck with the physical copy instead of going digital.

      • Perchance

        You can remove a key more than once. I’ve done it 3 times now (broken/lost mobile app on the phone)

        • Secundum

          Not physical ones.

      • Unoshi

        Like perchance said. Removed mine twice. Second one just few days ago

  • x-x

    Any new information from the Cantina?
    Or just nothing like from the Celebration?

    Code accepted, but still no mount in th email…

    • ST

      Did you get the message that the code was accepted? Otherwise you’d need to enable cookies.



    • xzy

      Wow, claiming a mount with a code is causing login problems. I can’t imagine how shitty their coding must be.

      • DOUGMARY

        no man im triting to log for 4 hours ago and i cant WHAT DA FUCK IS GOING ON THE TWITTER ACCOUNT SAYS NOTHING!

        • Today is most definitely *not* Star Wars Day. That’s May 4th, that’s… very well-established, too. Today would be Patience Day if not for you. Maybe instead of trying the same thing for four hours, take some time to level up your brain — maybe go outside, socialize with Pokemon Go players… have a nice meal… y’know… normal-person stuff?

        • Ninja_9

          Because a code given to a few thousand people, is now all over the net. All of whom were trying to log in at the same time.

    • Fred Garvin
      • Evonro Starsider

        i read this saw the baby and fell out of my chair laughing #fuckyeah

    • Perchance

      The old mobile security key app isnt working any more, those with an 8-digit code can not log in. Go to the play store, and download the newer one, which should be a 6 digit code and you should be able to log in. Those with physical security keys are also said to have been affected, in which case you would need to remove the security key outright until BioWare fixes the issue.

      • Andahlya Valeska

        I have a physical security key, and it was indeed a pain to finally get it to log me in but it is doable.. just need a lot of patience. lol >_<

  • Beasthuntt


  • Александр Востриков

    What code? I dont see anything, and cant login in acc or client.

    • Stella

      She has it right up there in the post you are making a comment on. But here:


      • Александр Востриков

        Im think that code should be as a link. Thanks:))

        • Ninja_9

          It would only link to SWTOR.com, you would still have to copy & paste the code yourself. F*ck me, how lazy can you get!?

          • guest

            Last years “cantina codes” were links like http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/1m5xu9. Valid for 5 uses and everyone who used it got their own new code to share with others.

            So a bit confusion is understandable.

            • Ninja_9

              The code is CelebrationCantina16. > You just click the Redeem Code option > when you go to your account page at swtor.com > and enter that code.

              Please, explain to me how that is difficult or confusing?!?

  • Aleksander Larsen

    wired this login stuff, cus i was playin the game like literly in-game just half an hour go then i loged out to check some stuff on my account but can’t log in >_>

  • Pristroai

    Is there any other redeem code around?

    • Noomi

      You are trolling right?

    • Fred Garvin

      Don’t listen to the haters. i found you another code: UNINSTALLSWTORANDPLAYPOKEMONGO.

  • Estranged

    The system is fine, just redeemed my code. Thank you.

    • Александр Востриков

      What code?!

      • For fuck’s sake, people, do you not read the blog posts? What’s the point of clicking if you don’t?

        “The code is >>>>>> CelebrationCantina16 <<<<<<, you just click the Redeem Code option when you go to your account page at swtor.com and enter that code. You will need to then relog or switch servers to get the mail with the Korrealis Reagent speeder."

        • Александр Востриков

          lol fuck, im very stupid. Sorry :)) but im think that code should be as a link. Thanks:))

          • Ninja_9

            Right, because it is so hard to open the page to SWTOR yourself.

  • quark
    • EyesOfGehenna .

      The cake is a lie!



    • Александр Востриков

      Try again, I can.

  • Jep Fareborn

    OMFG the Lag in Fleet will be so intense with this new Tub mount everywhere! ;p

    • LOL, you actually think people will use it? XD

  • Phillip Chappell

    look like login issue is fixed knock on wood

    • David

      Works for me, physical key

  • Nick

    Do all of your characters get the rewards?

    • Yes, the lame speeder is awarded to all characters on your account.

  • alceleniel

    Thanks Dulfy and thanks Bioware *I* appreciate that 😛

  • Havik79

    Aww man it’s just a stupid mount, no xp boost or dyes like the last ones.
    Tight ass gits.

    • guest

      Part of me is glad that it’s only the speeder; this means I don’t have to create another 400+ throwaway chars just to get that one insanely rare decoration.

      • Unoshi

        All of previous cantina crates contained the same rare decoration, if this box had the same rare deco and you hadnt had the deco by now, creating new toons would only increase your chance given that you had another crate that increases the chances of getting the deco instead of 1 box.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Hey folks, it’s a free speeder for your account. A free speeder. That Dulfy had to work to make available for all of us to have. So how about some appriciation.

    • Ninja_9

      Not that I’m not, but the only “work” needed, was getting the code from somebody that was there.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        So who else did it? Dulfy runs a site that covers several MMOs, with information, updates and guides, which requires quite a bit of work. VIdeos are made, images, links, etc. Research done. AND on top of what is likely quite a bit of work each day, a page for a freebie speeder that you would have to go to an event to get. So you don’t have to do anything but open your browser.

        But Dulfy did. Made a page, did a series of screenshots and set them up on TOR-Fashion, and made a link to them and put up the code. And maybe was even at the event itself so had to pay to get in. Even if not, that a bit of work for us to just click a link and do about a minute of typing. For a freebie speeder.

        I write this mainly as an aside for those complaining that it’s “just a mount”. Yeah, it is just a mount. A mount you could not get otherwise. A mount every character you make can have forever. Not top of the line but for free what do you expect? At worst it’s decor for a SH. At best it’s a great little starter for a new player.

        • Bobfish

          Everyone appreciates Dulfy. The discontent is at BioWare, not Dulfy.

        • Dilemmas

          Got it off Reddit first, actually. But yeah, Dulfy is great.

        • Karl A

          Sounds like you want some Dulfy ***** mate, relax and don’t take this stuff so hard..

        • Ninja_9

          To those complaining it is “just a mount”: Everyone in that video paid £35+$45+ to get in to the main event. Then had to queue for an hour+ to get a wristband for the show. Then had to queue again to get in to the show. Then all they got, was a speeder: What are you crying about, FFS.

          • Unoshi

            But “Everyone” should have known by now what the crates contain, a mount. and rarely any new information is being given at cantina tours. They all knew if not most of them so that they decide to go, shouldn’t complain if cantina has lack of new information or goodies.

            The ones that are complaining like i got 20 ugly mounts sitting in my mailbox. you knew what it looked like before entering the code. the fact that they still redeemed it and then complain its an ugly mount, thats just plain stupid.

            Yes those speeders in previous cantina crates i dislike them either but i wont complain oh ugly mount in my mail cause i choose to redeem. You guys sound like the women who sued a cigarette company cause her husband died of long cancer because he was smoking their brand since he was 14. But hey lets blame others for something we choose to do yourself.

            On topic to what GiftoftheMagi said, the majority on here loves what dulfy does if not the entire community here. Most just use this blog to voice their opinion whether its a self entitled QQ or valid ones. Most come here cause they are F2P/Preff and cant post on Swtor anyhow.

            Besides not all that BW post is easy accessible. Some of the things they post arent being linked on any other social media and not even on their front page of Swtor. So pretty much sure people appreciate greatly what she does.

          • GiftoftheMagi

            ^ This is my point in a shiny nutshell.

          • moonbroth

            You didn’t have to have a Celebration ticket to attend the Cantina event. You got two free drinks worth about £9.00 at London prices, and a t-shirt, and a poster, and 450 CC just for attending. So get the facts straight.

    • Ben Gimson

      Pretty sure everybody appreciates what Dulfy does for the community.

    • dfbirdg

      When I create a character I have about 10 to 20 free speeders in my mailbox. All of them ugly.
      Thank you BioWare for free stuff that is made ugly on purpose, so nobody really uses it, keep the Cartel Market running!

  • anonymouse

    Better than the tampons mounts we had last year.

    • Qnrad

      But u get some bonus with mounts, now it’s only mount

      • anonymouse

        I’d rather have a free Korrealis to park next to my Baron than go around with a pink tampon in Tulak armor.

        • Zachary Williams

          I’d rather have another shot at a black/black dye module than an ugly free speeder.

          • anonymouse

            You still can duh. The 2015 crates still spawn for new characters.

            • They do, yes, but you can never have enough of them. Still can take quite a while to get one on a new character. Would’ve loved, for example, to have the same crates but with a chance at White/White dyes instead.

    • Fred Garvin

      I liked those speeders. Some of them had nice details like the one that was colored like Luke’s XWing and even had a small R2 unit on the front of it.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Thanks for the code, Dulfy!

  • The Natoorat

    Thanks Dulfy!

  • Deshik

    Is kotet going to be standalone too?

  • Melissa Mason

    Thanks for sharing the code Dulfy!

  • dracul

    Cantina Q&A ??? No this time ?

  • GuestJawa86

    Thanks for the code Dulfy!

  • Christopher Ford

    thanks dulfy you the best

  • Evonro Starsider

    soo… no goodies other than the speeder? oh well still great that dulfy went out of the way to find and post it.

  • Beto Pani Rivera

    Thx Dulfy!!!

  • Luis Rosado

    Geez you whiny punks, its a free speeder!

    • Beasthuntt

      Agreed. I said something about this code on the fleet and the first comment was, “It’s just a speeder not the other boxes”.

      Good gravy. These kids are annoying these days.

  • Paulo Gomes


    C’mon guys, it’s a freaking gift. Grill BW for what they are doing wrong, if it applies. Don’t grill them for giving you a present.

    What did you expect? Wings of the Architect? Oh I’m afraid you actually have to do group content for that one…

    Thx Dulfy, great work, as usual.

    • Cream

      You don’t need to do group content, just pay one of the tryhards to carry you through

      • Unoshi

        which still req a group, hence group content

    • What? No, we want the crates like last year. Now it’s just a reskin of a super lame mount, unlike previously where it was at least its own model. #FreeDyes

      • Unoshi

        you mean all the other mounts wasn’t a reskin of the first cantina mount? Lets face it, had we gotten that people would sill complain how lame it was.

        • I really don’t give a damn about the mount, to be honest. I liked the crates. And what I meant was that the cantina mounts were their own model, and not a reskin of something already in the game prior.

          • Becky

            Credits fall from the sky. Just go buy some dyes.

            • Yeah… because white/white and black/black dyes don’t cost that much, right? Not like it’s gonna be $20 USD for a single, one-use dye. Oh, wait…

              • Becky

                Does your server have none on the GTN?

              • For 15+Mil? Yeah… no. I have a LOT of characters 😛

              • Luis Rosado

                Get a job, space hippie. Complaining about free stuff is about as useful as a solar powered flashlight.

  • Randor

    Hey Dulfy! Thanks a bunch for the link. Do you know if they announced anything about new OPs in the Community Cantina? I can’t hold my raid team together any longer if there isn’t going to be new OPs for 2+ years.

    • Not a single mention of it, from what I saw 😛

      • Randor

        Thanks for the response. Was that at the actual cantina, or the EA panel? Because I watched the EA panel and there was only mention of KOTET. Musco said they would stream the cantina event ( which was after the ea panel), but it never happened.

        • DarthAnonymous

          Randor I was there and took the chance to speak to Eric Musco and Ben Irving as much as possible.

          Do not worry. The reason for the apparent lack of info is community expectation.

          If they say “X” is happening on “Y” date and then a delay occurs they then get all of the negative reactions and uproar. Safer to stay silent.

          This does not mean that their silence relates to lack of listening to us or lack of any forward planning.

          I am stopping short of giving specific quotes but you can take this information any way you please…

          but I looked them in the eye and heard what they had to say and I believe and trust in the future of this game once more.

        • moonbroth

          There wasn’t any organised/public Q&A at the cantina. So you didn’t miss anything.

    • New Ops? In SW:TOR? Now that’s what I call a good joke :D.

  • Eric Nelson

    I just tried the code and I haven’t gotten an email about it.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      You’ll get it in the mail when you log in, as should every character you make or have from now on.

  • Team Valor !

    Dulfy Do pokemon go guides ! please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GiftoftheMagi

    The REAL question is: when will they let us install speakers on our mounts, and play our own tones in-game?

    • Guest

      That is part of the Hutt Cartel Skiffs flourish. It’s great in the Rak tunnels, the confined space makes it louder. Ever since they added the dyes and the GSF paint jobs I’ve wished they would do that for mounts. But no, then they couldn’t desk in them and call them new.

    • Michael

      This same question was asked at the cantina tour to a dev during a private Q&A. To paraphrase the dev basically said they hear us. They know what the community wants. All mounts will have speakers an you will be able to blast your own “tones” long before another operation. And all future ops will be released through the cartel market. Subscriptions are up. choices matter

  • Guest

    There was a douche bag on the fleet yesterday saying “Use the code (his referral code) and get a free mount.” I said “He’s lying, that his referral code.” To which he responded in a whisper “Us it and I’ll give you the mount code.” I typed in the code in genchat and he put me on ignore. nice to see the community work together.

    • Rip

      Welcome to swtor. The community is a shitshow these days at every level.

  • Rogov

    Anybody else can’t get their One-Time Password? I can’t login into game or site.

  • Dom

    I can’t find the code

  • Dr_Nex

    Wut is da code dum az


  • CT Delta

    CelebrationCantina 16

    There you go.

  • Captain R

    Anyone knows if we will recieve all 4 Korrealis for this one code? Or it will be separate code for each mount?

  • Raijen

    This code is still working for me.

  • Ville

    This code no longer seems to work.

    • Lannavo

      probably because we are know 2017

  • Kaputelephant

    Tried at the moment: Not working. Drop back to the Code Redemption.

    • John-Xavier Terry

      I was getting the same thing

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