SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion coming Fall 2016

Incase you missed it from the Star Wars Celebration livestream, Knights of the Eternal Throne (KotET) is confirmed as the next expansion coming in Fall 2016.

Only a teaser pic is shown at this time, with a website that doesn’t have much more just yet. http://www.swtor.com/eternal-throne


More info from Bioware

Today, during an EA Star Wars™ “Meet the Makers” panel at Star Wars Celebration in London, James Ohlen, Director of Design for BioWare helped celebrate the game’s upcoming 5-year anniversary, revealing a brand new digital expansion coming this fall, Knights of the Eternal Throne. The all new expansion adds more of BioWare’s trademark cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features in one of the largest updates the team has made since the game launched 5 years ago in 2011!

BioWare also announced that beginning today, all players can prepare for the new expansion by playing Chapter 1 of the prequel story in Knights of the Fallen Empire, now for free: www.swtor.com/fallen-empire/free-trial.

Finally, the team released an infographic, compiling some of the community’s most impressive feats over the last five years as well as a new 5-year Celebration trailer here: www.swtor.com/swtor5.

Stay tuned for more details about Knights of the Eternal Throne: www.swtor.com/eternal-throne.

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More info from Comicbook.com

EA announced the next expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic Saturday evening at Star Wars Celebration Europe. During the EA Games panel at the convention in London, England, Knights of the Eternal Throne was announced, a major expansion for the game here in its fifth anniversary year.

Eternal Throne is a direct sequel to the current expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire,which brought the deep solo gameplay and BioWare’s signature storytelling to the game in a significant way. While it will be playable on its own (you don’t have to play "Fallen Empire" to do so), anyone who purchases Eternal Throne will have access to Fallen Empire, and game director James Ohlen highly recommends fans do, just to fully experience the story. He was excited to make the announcement at Celebration.

"It was really important to make the announcement here. Celebration is, for fans, the biggest Star Wars event of the year outside of the release of a movie. Knights of the Fallen Empire was last year – it’s been a long time since we’ve talked about the next thing," Ohlen told Comicbook.com in an interview about the expansion.

While the full announcement of the expansion, which will include some major details (and spoilers to Fallen Empire) will come later, they wanted to tease it at this event, to let fans know something new was coming around the end of this year.

"It has some of the same characters, a lot of new characters," Ohlen promised. He also said they learned a lot from Fallen Empire, and are using that to inform Eternal Throne. "We’re making the story more epic, and choices more impactful than we have in the past."

Of course, The Old Republic is still an MMO, and Ohlen said there will be "a lot of great co-op and multiplayer challenges" included in Eternal Throne. The story focus is there, similar to Fallen Empire, but they redoubled their efforts to make the expansion attractive for their loyal subscriber base as well.

Ohlen realizes that there were things that "worked and hadn’t worked" in The Old Republic, and that’s where the focus on these new "Knights" expansions turned back to making you feel like you’re the hero going through the journey.

"The old Knights of the Old Republic games were so popular because they made you into the ‘Luke Skywalker’ of the game, giving you a band of friends you’d love to go on a galactic adventure with in real life," Ohlen acknowledged. "We want to continue that with Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne, giving you that feeling and the story twists." And yes, they’ve been using the word "Knights" in the title of these expansions on purpose, Ohlen admitted with a chuckle.

"It’s a brand new, epic story, with some exciting co-op content to it," Ohlen said in summary. The final chapter of Fallen Empire hits in a couple of weeks, and you can play the full sixteen-chapter game expansion start to finish then. "It really feels like the spiritual successor to the Knights of the Old Republic series." Fans who want to give it a try can try the first chapter of Fallen Empire for free, as well.

Knights of the Eternal Throne will ship as an expansion for The Old Republic by the end of Fall 2016.

  • Deshik

    Anything interesting shown or said?

    • JB1987

      nope. just only the picture above, and them saying that its coming out this fall, probably after the light side/dark side event. more or less, i think they just ended most of the group content in this game.

    • Seph

      Nothing was said what so ever. Nothing.

  • Darth Álru

    Ok, so Senya will survive season 1…))

    • Darth Yaoi

      Maybe we’ll be lucky and Lana won’t

      • Darth Álru

        Lana is love, why would anyone wish death to her?)

  • Seph

    So why should anyone stay subscribed from now till fall? Why??? The regrind “event”???

    • PVW

      We’re talking about what… maybe 60 or 90 days of no new content… in what MMO is that a long time?

      • Seph

        Interesting words you chose… “in what MMO is that a long time”. None. But It’s been a hell of a lot longer than that. Outside of a pvp map in spring, this game hasn’t seen new MMO content since what, 2014? This half hour a month crap isn’t cutting it.

        • Raiffynn

          yet its new content each month….. and yes, still technically a MMO.

          • John Dullebawn III

            I dont consider 30 minutes of content that I can mash 1 attack to complete new content no matter what the story is, this is labeled as a MMO not a RPG.

        • PVW

          New chapter every month including new voice work, story elements and several new hunting areas and even a couple scripted fight sequences (hundreds of hours of dev work if not thousands) may not meet your “refined” definition of “new mmo content” but it actually is. I’m not saying I’m a happy customer either, but pretending things don’t exist or aren’t happening because you have a different dictionary doesn’t work.

  • Firnon Zodd

    “Coming in Fall 2016” Riiiight…

  • bio suck

    shit as always pay pay pay pay idiots for nothing

  • KShrike

    If they went back to a focus on raids, flashpoints, and pvp, I would be so happy…

    But I’m willing to guess it’s just gonna be a level 70 cap, everything scaled up, no new raids, we’re a single player MMO now, so screw group content.

    • Akari

      Who cares new MMO content? We will have new cartel market items!! Kappa

      • KShrike

        Which is what 90% of the dev time goes to anyway.

        Well, at least FFXIV caters to my raiding desires.

        • John Dullebawn III

          as a dejected SWTOR raider I have been seriously looking at starting FFXIV for my raiding needs. This next xpac KOTET will decide if I stay or move over to FFXIV

    • Paulo Gomes

      The ONLY way I see them returning to group content is if Blizzard goes that way too in the near future. BW always copies what Blizzard does, right or wrong. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up…

  • Georgi Valchev

    They just won’t let it die gracefully. Gotta milk every last single drop.

  • David Daniels

    I can’t wait for the new content to come out.

  • Dk-io

    No cinematic ? =(

  • Akari

    Will be new MMO content after 1,5 year?

    • Marrks

      everytime they put something new you people only keep complaining, you need a thick juicy cock and shut the fuck up, if you don’t like the game just walk away

      • Vendrine

        It’s been 20 months since we got proper ops, and i didn’t hear people complaining until those ops got stale.

        • Andhros

          People started complaining fairly quickly. Excusing bugs/glitches which were appropriate, people complained about the lack of group finder and lack of NiM.

          As far as staleness goes many comments had already been posted after only a month and vitriol was flying around the 3-6 month mark.

        • Trumpcat

          What? I was complaining the moment they announced no multiplayer content with KOTFE. Then when they did their first big dev video after KOTFE’s release and announced there is no multiplayer content planned for the near future I unsubbed. But I was complaining and still am. And many others. You can’t accuse us in lack of whining.

          • Vendrine

            You’ve mistaken my point. I was saying that we as raiders dont complain when new ops are released, but when we suffer a drought of no new ops. This was in response to Markks, who said that we would complain when we get new ops.

            • John Dullebawn III

              This has been proven over and over, we had many major bugs that lasted for months hell some of them for over a year. Maybe a few pussies complained but as a raider community we were happy with what they delivered and understood that there will always be issues. On the other hand all you ever head from PVP’rs are complaints about over powered classes. On the whole the raider community is not all that hard to please.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Well, you weren’t paying attention then. I was HERE in this Forum complaining when the “Great Raider vs Casual War” erupted. That’s pre-KotFE mind you…

      • Akari

        Sorry, no 1,5 year, but 2 years.
        I gave much money for this game, I have the right to criticize these guys. this is MMORPG and no RPG, tell me please, what is this great MMO content after Shadow of Revan release? One new warzone? Revamp old ops and fp? When you are blind ignorant who will pay for nothing, you can, but i will criticize, because I love star wars and i do not want let die this game and game comunity.

        • Marrks

          I ended my sub after Shadow of Revan because of non pve content, for kotfe I bought a 2 months sub code waiting the game to have some good pve stuff but nothing so I¡m keeping pref till new ops and so, I have around 15 toons so pvp weeklies participation doesn’t affect me, the only thing I really miss is the endless wallet, cred cap should be raise since everything cost 1mil creds on these days. So the point is you really didn’t have to stay subbed for this long, unless you are an RP shitter and need the sub emotes.. 😛

      • Kaelin

        They will have nothing to compain about if they will just walk away. They want to think they are doing something cool by whining about the game

        • Matt

          Nah it’s more the straight 2 years I spent on this being my sole form of entertainment… I guarantee Iv spent more time, money, effort and love on this game as a server first raid lead, a GM and someone who genuinely tried to help make this community better… Iv seen and experienced everything this game offers.. The real fans are hurt by the lies and lack of things to do buddy.. I walked away and uninstalled a year ago but my love for this game and perhaps dumbness is why I’m here…

          • Kaelin

            Don`t get me wrong, that game can use some new story driven Dread War level operations and flashpoints since we got 2 new pvp maps. But people whining about absolutely EVERYTHING (new story, gifts no one is obligated to give, the way companions playing an actual role in story after they themselves wanted companions to matter), its not even funny anymore, its annoying and it looks like they can`t live without imagine reasons to start bullsh*tting the game. You know all that whining makes them look like they are drug-addicted, they get that they want, but it only ends up with them wanting more and they have withdrawal pains if they did not get twice more of that drug. They will never be happy. But they can`t do one simple thing to help themselves – stop bothering themselves with that game, it will make things much easier for eveyone.

            That game do not deserve such bullsh*t.

          • John Dullebawn III

            Amen another person that gets it

      • Paulo Gomes

        Please don’t project onto other people your own sexual preferences…

        As for stfu… Make me. Or you can just “Block User” to anyone you think should stfu… Your choice. Might get better results that way…

        • Marrks

          do I have to explain the dick joke?
          block user is for whinners and quitters, I wouldn’t see the reality.
          I never said I was married to the game, I don’t love every aspect of the game, I really enjoy GSF for example but I hate crafting, I know people that love crafting and even get a lot of profit from it, etc.
          Don’t come here with those generic answers

      • John Dullebawn III

        you are a perfect representation of these new players that have no idea what we are even truly discussing. Go back to your 13th chapter and your combat support droid that allows you to mash your “main” attack, you know that only attack you ever use? And leave this convo to the big boys.

        • Marrks

          I play before the game went f2p, fuck off

    • Vos_L

      Where have you been? KOTFE came out last October and has had periodic updates every 4-6 weeks since then.

      • Akari

        Tell me story about new MMO content.

        • frag971

          SWTOR definitely told a story.

          • Devian

            Once upon a time there was a MMO-content, but we recenlty made changes =)

            • KShrike

              Once upon a time we had 2.0, a fantastic patch where every few months a new raid tier was released, with another daily planet, with more patches later that released a nightmare tier. They also released huge updates like Stronghold, Galactic Starfighter, and 4v4 arenas.

              Then they spent 6 months prepping for shadow of revan, and said “Guys, we promise to not do this to you again, having all this time with no content” then they went and tripled the time and still released fucking nothing. The end.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Omg… Thank you, thank you! SOMEONE still remembers the FUCKING FACTS!

              • Marrks

                GSF was a major introduction to the game and yet was forgotten by players in weeks because of the bad “rewards”, people don’t play is fun, they take as a job to get a reward but hello is a videogame. They could release I don’t know pazaak or swoop races which players have been asking for since beta but if you play it 1 month and then get rid of it because of bad rewards what’s the point?

              • KShrike

                Only real reason I didn’t play GSF was because my toaster couldn’t run it very well, but ran 8 man raids just fine. I avoided 16 mans like the plague because of this. The framerate would actually constitute to a DPS loss, even if I maxed the GCD buffer.

          • Edohiguma

            Levels 1-50 only. 50 to 55 was okay-ish, but already too limited with only 2 stories. Since then, however, it’s just swamp gas.

      • Kaelin

        I think that person is talking about operations, flashpoints and warzones – group content

        • BrianDavion

          and in fairness we HAVE gotten new warzones.

          • Kaelin

            Don’t you get it? The more they give the more whining we will have. Whining is a mainstream in Swtor community. You are uncool and the most despised person if you will not whine about everything

            • BrianDavion

              I think the whining in this case is justified. people who like group content have every reason to feel absolutely let down with the last years worth of content

            • John Dullebawn III

              Not true for most of us raider’s, even with the bugs and other issues we praised the team when they were doing good work. As a raider and yes in all fairness SWTOR did push their raid content back when I joined, I have every right to complain when they turn their backs on us.

              • Kaelin

                You people whine about everything everytime even in themes that have nothing to do with gameplay.

          • Darth-Robin

            yeah when we got those both were broken, in the rishi arena you get stuck and bam dead, the stairs in odessen were also killing you and more
            and after 3 years we got 2 new maps woohoo big deal…….

          • *WARZONE (NOT PLURAL)

      • MasterKast

        kotfe is no where close to an mmo content. its a single player story update

      • Darth-Robin

        he wasnt talking about single player crap but MULTI PLAYER content
        and no star fortresses and eternal championship doesnt count

        • John Dullebawn III

          yea Star Fortress Heroic mode is a single player joke at any rate

      • KShrike


        • Edohiguma

          And worse, we can’t even bring other people into our story instance. I mean, what the fuck was Bioware drinking when they decided that?

      • John Dullebawn III

        yea every 4-6 weeks we get 30 to 60 mins of “new” content my 8 yo neice can complete.

  • Ülo

    Will be delayed this fall.

  • fidothegran

    Here we go again…. inb4 the guy in the teaser is Revan

    • Truly Deceptive

      Don’t be ridiculous; it’s OBVIOUSLY Kephess.

      • Darth-Robin

        its always kephess!

  • It’s boring now

    Best way to play this game now is to unsub then wait for the entire expansion to be released a year or more later then resub and complete it in less than a week.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      That’s my plan

    • frag971

      Yap, once KOTET’s release date is known i sub one week before that, complete KOTFE and enjoy KOTET right away, then unsub until the next expanion XD

    • Teddybomber87

      Yep unsub..mom they can’t work without money so no expansion

      • John Dullebawn III

        then maybe they get the “hint” and the next Star Wars MMO is worth subbing full time for?

    • Mathew Chilton

      That’s exactly what I do. I unsub, come back every 6 months for 1 month, then unsub again. And 3 weeks of that month is spent pvping, the “content” is done in a week, easy.

    • KShrike

      Currently waiting until the final “chapter” releases in August to play the rest of KOTFE. Paying 15, then cancelling. I only want and expect it to last a month (and probably significantly less)

    • Paulo Gomes


  • Team Happy Poop

    Unsub you scrubs. Us rich folk who drop hundreds or even thousands a month are the ones who keep this game alive. Sub fees are petty compared to us whales. Plus we got all the cool shit……and the credits. You mad bro?

    • John Dullebawn III

      lol nope not mad, just wondering why a rich stud like your self is playing an mmo and not out parting it up with all the females?

  • Wildstar>>>SWTOR

    27 people go to swtor.com because of this, and the login server for both the game and the website crashes? Fucking Bioware man….

    • Лев Сафаров

      I cant login too.

  • solofate

    wow amazing I had to find out from here instead of their twitter account that others are having the same problem damn bw -_-

  • Mer Vila

    no cantina linky stuffy?

  • Darth-Robin

    hmm guess ill wait a little while longer till second season of shit story is released.
    still no new flashpoints, operations. for shame

  • kungfuwoot

    I just get so tried of Bioware’s non-shalont attitude about their own product & weak/ lazy content we get though.

    It’s been like guess we should release something before the natives get restless.

    It get’s so old guys. You’d think that some of the people who might still be lucky enough to still work there actually try even a little to give us some decent content ulike what the pass couple of yrs we’ve gotten.

    A little bit of effort can go a long way. Just sayin’…

    • Lithari

      I quite enjoy the content they bring out, sure the pvp is rubbish, boring, predictable, the GSF was well, rubbish to say the least and this is coming from a space sim lover, if their GSF was more like Tie Fighter, but in the SWTOR timeline, it would be FASTLY superior and if it had story battles likes Tie Fighter did or like how Freespace and Freespace 2 did it, those games were awesome.

      Overall, Bioware stories have always been fun to experience, the only thing that sucks, are the endings of the story, where they say our choices matter, but to only see the final choice to mean anything to the story or its conclusion. for example Mass Effect 3, all our choices in ME1 and ME2 and even throughout ME3 did little to the overall outcome of the story and the only choice that defined which en……colour we got was the last choice.

      The same thing applies to Life is Strange done by DONTNOD, i know, its not Bioware, but the story overall was good, but the ending left a very sour taste in my mouth which rendered the game a play once, since all choices made throughout the 5 episodes were rendered pointless by the last choice in the game.

      • Edohiguma

        Can’t even use a joystick in GSF.

  • Purewitz

    SWTOR might as well just repackage the base game and the expansions (Rise of the Hutt Cartel to Chapter 16 of Fallen Empire.) as an offline game for 60 bucks and sell Knights of the Eternal Throne as a DLC Expansion. All Flashpoints and Operation could be made single player too. I guess they could still have an optional online mode for everyone that still wants to pve co-op (FPs and OPs) or pvp (Warzones and Arenas) as well.

    • KShrike

      You’re not wrong, though.

    • Edohiguma

      Just do it like Mass Effect 3 had it. Offline single player campaign, with team mission online. Or like GTA.

    • Hunterr

      I really hope if they ever do give up on the mmo aspect they do this. I’d rebuy a single player version for 60$ if it included all content and had all cm items unlocked.

      Then if they decide to keep supporting the single player version they could do more paid expansions.

  • Guest

    Yup, I am diffently done now. I held on all year hoping things would change. Guess not…

    • Guest


  • Qarran

    This is really good news. Whisper Qarran or Yolie on the Harbinger server for an invite to Epic. Will get the guild going again, and get in there and complete the new solo content.

  • Mathew Chilton


  • Lithari

    What was you expecting? a MMO with no story, no emotional thought processes at all? Sure, i think they should just make the game single player or have it all entirely offline and to have a subscription for more content, i would go for that and allow a co-op type of experience that scales in challenge with the amount of players in the game.

    But i would love more story, more emotional interaction, it makes it all worth doing…..worth risking my character’s life for, i mean all the other mmos so far, never makes me feel like i am risking anything to save the universe or world or whatever….this swtor game however does, not that they make it actually matter on our choices, but thats always a bioware thing, epic story, but ultimately our choices mean jack, except the select few choices, which ultimately get decided for us by the story.

    • KShrike

      Have you ever done the Dread Ops content? Hell, how about the entirety of Hutt Cartel? Starting from Explosive Conflicts, there was an ongoing story about the dread masters and catching them. You had to complete the raids to do them, and every patch you’d get closer to finding them and then it all ends in a climax at their fortress.

      Are you that naive to think that there can’t be story in raids? Have you looked at FFXIV’s binding coil? That storytelling is lightyears above the Dread Ops in terms of depth, and it ended with the best climax against Bahamut, the dragon in the trailer that caused the cataclysm which was the entire game’s premise.

      Now I’ve played every Bioware game. I have faith that they can do something even better for ops, but are you meaning to tell me you don’t expect Bioware to tell a good story with operations? Dread Ops is just a fraction of their potential. They could do so much more! Don’t get selfish for a solo game that you must pay like $180 annually to follow through.

      • Edohiguma

        The Dread Masters part was great. But now they gave us some super powerful force user with daddy issues. Fucking hell, even Kylo Ren is a more interesting character than the emperor’s offspring.

      • Dk-io

        The Star Wars series is strong when we talk about emotional things even more when it really have influence on dark or light side of yourself and i not talking about SWTOR, i really really miss emotional impact, KOTFE reaches something closer, but still .. not enough

      • Paulo Gomes

        That’s a distinction I would really like people to make and understand: Ops ARE story. I’ts just GROUP story, as opposed to single player story.

        Not only does that happen in the Dread Masters bit, you had to kill one Dread master prior to that in Darvannis… Had to go up against Kephess as well ( that damned Kephess, the trying times I had…). That’s STORY CONTENT girls and boys. If you did Oricon and did not finish the Ops… Well, I’m really sorry to break it to you, but you didn’t do ALL of Oricon.

        And raiders NEVER said they didn’t want more story, that’s another misconception. Ops without story are things like the Monolith in Ziost. You guys tell me how many times raiders go down there to do that…

        • Andhros

          Everything before KotFE was potentially group content (my group just finished through SoR, so whatever bugs you ran into either didn’t affect us, or were patched) The planet quests, heroics and flashpoints all had dialogue to reflect who responded and how many were in the group. KotFE didn’t allow each other in the story mode which was my biggest disappointment.

          Unfortunately this whole thing always devolves into Group vs Solo. People had conniptions over the GSI combat droid allowing people to play the FPs solo in SoR just one time. It got worse when expanded to all current FPs and repeatable. This of course reinforced the notion that Raiders really just wanted more content for them and screw the casuals.

          Honestly I had high hopes after SoR that KotFE would continue bridging that gap when it launched. Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 both felt like they could be a good compromise. Outlander gets this done on his own, whereas, people not destined to receive the Emperor’s soul had to group together to flee to Odessan, and work with the outlander. The only way I see ops coming back in a big way is if they have a workaround for the solo/casuals to enjoy the story without necessarily experiencing the gameplay.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Not gonna happen. Ops are never going to return in a big way. And yes, that’s just my personal opinion, I don’t REALLY know the future. Hey, if they do come back I’ll be thrilled to do it. but I don’t think they will.

            The game’s been dumbed down so hard it will be a painful experience for some people to actually have to go through an Op. It started in 3.0, and it’s been done to the point where you can do ALL the story mashing your “1” button and let the comp kill most of the mobs.

            There’s no learning curve. I see what they tried to do, they tried to make the game accessible for everyone. That’s a good intention, but it’s anathema to higher end Endgame content.

            And yes, I know all about people’s “I play for a limited amount of time, I have 35678 children and work 67 hours a day” routine… I’m 43, married, with 3 kids and playing since launch. I can do ANY content with ANY class, except Scoundrel Scraper and Focus Guardian (but I’m working on the Guardian lol). Do I excel at all those classes? Hell no. But I won’t be “carried” through an Op, I tell you that. Most people I know playing TODAY can’t even play their main class!

            This is the game we have, and the game we’re going to continue having. Pitty it’s the ONLY Star Wars MMO (MSO???) out there…

            • Andhros

              I couldn’t play my main anymore. Although I am gonna blame that on Bioware having completely changed the watchmen sentinel class and not on the Raid staling. Tbh I wasn’t a “lifeblood” kind of raider anyway. I played through each operation up through Oricon 1 time for SM and 2 times for HM and then I was done. I maybe went through it 1 time with each new toon, but I never tried any of the ops released after that, don’t even know how many were released.

              Totally know where your coming from on difficulty and learning. I learned very quickly that knights/warriors were for dps, troopers/bh were for tanks, conselors/inquisitors were for heals, and smug/agents…were…for story. Frankly that was another thing that puzzled me about KotFE. everything was instanced so it should have been easier to set a difficulty for the chapters, but they left it at lcd.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Watchman is a LOT better these days. You know, my first was a Watchman Sentinel, or a Watchwoman Twi’lek as I like to call her lol. I’s not as glorious as it used to be (off-healer Sentinel anyone remembers?) but it’s way better than in 3.0. I had to go Combat for a while but these days I returned to Watchman. And I’m enjoying it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c108cb5ac156793d4f52600a299300473c8d68173aee066806a4755fa09d52b.jpg

              • Andhros

                May have to try again, although really not looking forward to having to look up min/maxing and proper rotation. I miss off-healing, I also miss the short range force leap, too. I was actually looking forward to 1-button, I think you called it, the force leap killing all like an acrobatic Yoda.(in a type 3 body)

            • John Dullebawn III

              There is such a huge gap in pre 3.0 and post 3.0 gameplay content, from 1.* to the end of 2.* days if you completed your story and ran the FP’s you were op ready and actually understood your main class because the game play forced you to. Most players today do not understand gcd, , proper rotation, how to use procs or even understand or know that they have certain procs, ect. ect. I just feel that this game went too dumbed down to ever come back to a game that both casual and hardcores can enjoy like it used to be. And yes I do fell that in the 1.* and 2.* days even if you were causal you were more than capable of finishing all content including sm operations and even hm if you were willing to be carried just a little bit.

              • Saevus

                I agree that the game feels dumbed down, but I played a very minimal amount back in 2.X having quite literally reached Dromund Kaas before quitting but I remember it quite well, I came back to SWTOR when it had just broken into the 4.0 phase so I didn’t have much to adjust since I pretty much never learned my class. BW could’ve done a much better job by keeping the same level of difficulty to force players to learn their rotations and such. Their pandering toward casuals such as myself, in my opinion, crippled players pretty hard when they actually threw you into fps and/or ops tied with the expansions. I find the storylines of these expansions, ops, and fps interesting, I would love if they introduce more fps and ops but the comments here have me doubtful. Sadly, I also have a hard time playing my Mara effectively due to the easymoding of SWTOR. But to some relief, I at least look up guides on how to be a proper DPS Mara looking through guides (Albeit, understanding the guides are a bit difficult due to dat veteran player terminology and pandering towards hardcore/ish players)

        • John Dullebawn III

          Amen brother, the days of Ops story telling are long gone atm. Even the different groups of people that you would run those ops with made every story in ops a bit different. Some people call running an op multiple times in different difficulty’s grinding maybe it is in a certain way, however to me it was getting the newest high level shiny to kick the shit out of the newest boss in nim or hm mode, and feel like I finally completed the current story. Also in the good old days by the time you did defeat the nim or even hm op, the new xpac was just around the corner, then we get the new top level shiny to beat the newest boss and complete that story lol, not a lot of down time. This is the only reason I am a sub yet, hoping there will be a day that I can unleash my many alts on the newest evil boss lol.

    • Paulo Gomes

      This game makes you feel like you’re risking your character’s life? Oh well, if I may be so bold as to ask EXACTLY WHERE that happens? Because as things are right now I can have my comp kill EVERYTHING while I’m drooling over my keyboard…

      • Kaelin

        How many MMO you know with SWTOR level story content?

        • Paulo Gomes

          None. But that doesn’t really answer my question. The story may be great (and I’m not saying it is), but if the playing is dumbed down to the point of boredom, what’s the point?

          • Kaelin

            Play WoW then, people are telling its super-puper-amazing and going crazy about that crap

            • Paulo Gomes

              I would, if it had lightsabers and no panda crap…

              • Kaelin

                Damn you! I wanted to write something rude, but your comment just made my day

              • Paulo Gomes


    • Kaelin

      People just want to pvp (read “want to ruin non pvp-ers game time like retards, because they can be cool only in game”) and kill mobs without reason, to lvlup and be 1 of mils to have shiny thing from an epic boss – thats that most mmo’s are about.

  • KShrike

    You guys don’t understand us who complain.

    SWTOR’s combat system is genius, even if you can say “oh but it’s inspired from WoW”. SWTOR’s class system and spec system is genius. Every single spec rotation is extremely fun to play, and pushing DPS in this game to down a nightmare mode boss is extremely fun. Dueling in this game is extremely fun. Fighting in PvP is extremely fun.

    But we’re talking about $15 a month. For $15, we are paying for 3 things. Server uptime, dev wages, and new content. Games like Final Fantasy XIV? New Story, new raid tier, two new dungeons, and new miscellaneous content every patch (4 months).

    “But you can play this game free to play”
    We can’t raid or pvp if we do so, and those two features are the lifeblood of an MMO. We *have* to pay $15 monthly for what I would consider a $5 value, due to a very lacking amount of new content being released. I do not want to get willingly ripped off. I play this game *maybe* bi-yearly now. I fucking miss raiding and pvp in this game, there was a very unique flair to it.

    I sit here on the side missing SWTOR so much, but there’s nothing left for me to play. No new raids, no new flashpoints, I could sub for a month or two for nostalgia, but I already did that when they scaled the raids up in 4.0, and then I was done.

    You’re getting ripped off *and* you’re encouraging them to rip you off even further. You shit on the hardcore players who are the backbone of the game, then complain when you have nobody to play with because all the daily players are gone.

    If this new expansion is not a return to content releases, and just the same solo shit they’ve wasted a year doing, mark my words this game will definitely die.

    • Vendrine

      I agree, 100%. It truly is a shame that this game is a mere shadow of what it once was. Three years ago we had new MMO content coming out constantly, and this game had reached its peak. Now it’s a game only fueled by off and on subs who either hope for improvements or are casual/new. This game can hardly call itself an MMORPG anymore.

      • Edohiguma

        You have to be super casual to enjoy this. I’m now playing casual because my guild’s gone and I’m just not happy with this. It’s just dull, repetitive, with absolutely nothing new.

        Just wait, Revan might come back. Again. That’s the level of creativity I’m expecting now.

        • KShrike

          Riding a Kephess no less.

        • Darth Darth Binks

          A cyborg robo-Revan twice-reborn, a la Maul in CW cartoon.

          With HK parts.

    • Edohiguma

      Absolutely agreed. I’ve not even finished KOTFE. My main is stuck in the Firebrand chapter (I hate Firebrand, I never used her on my IAs, I don’t want her on my team in KOTFE) and my BH is stuck in chapter 3. I have not and will not bring another character into this sluggish trope fest where decision don’t matter at all.

      Yeah, great, I can go back and grind the old heroic missions. Why would I do that? For the Alliance system? Okay. That system does what exactly? Seriously, what’s the benefit from getting those guys up to max? So that I can buy some ugly ass speeders?

      Oh, yeah, I can get a ton of companions. Lovely. An army of companions, but I can only use a handful of them at any given time anyway, so what’s the point?

      The way from 1 to 50 was awesome. 8 stories! Now it’s one cliche laden trope fest for everybody. It’s now the McDonald’s of MMORPGs.

      In those days I was in a guild on Jedi Covenant. We did PvP, we did leveling, we did operations and flashpoints. Lots of fun. The guild no longer exists, everybody left, went back to WoW or on to other games. And none of the dozens of people in that guild will come back to one single player “expansion” after the other.

      Can’t even do the KOTFE chapters with other people. That’s just utterly dumb.

      As for KOTFE, the only reason to play it is the story. Once. If you can stomach the tripe they call “writing” for it. KOTFE is on the level of the most atrocious NJO garbage in old canon (now luckily no longer canon.) You don’t get anything from it that is worth mentioning.

      Gear? Get out. In the last double XP event I wanted to see how fast I can hit 65. I ran an inquisitor and did every single quest I could find. I hit 65 on Tatooine (still chapter 1 of the original storyline) and my inquisitor was completely in 208 gear, with some 216 pieces at that point. It’s just ludicrous. Any gear you get in KOTFE is already outdated by the time you get there.

      The level sync I don’t care about either way. There is nothing on lower level planets that can endanger a 65, even with sync. The only difference is that, instead of one-shotting everything, I have to hit mobs 2 or 3 times at 65. The heroics are not challenging at all. It’s a faceroll session, nothing else. You have to be really bad to fail at them.

      However, the thing that pissed me off most is that they fucked us with the companions. Before 4.0 it took quite some time to get max affection with all companions. I went ahead and did it for the presence bonus. I was really happy when all my companions, in all 8 classes, were max level, because that took me a long time to get there.

      Running on my inquisitor for the double XP event? Khem Val was level 20 in affection (or whatever it’s called now) at the second fucking planet! Plus, companions that were level 10 in the old system (max) are level 10 in the new system still, and level 10 is not max. So they fucked us hard with that one.

    • Aleksander Larsen

      i agree whit the part u say is fun etc. but when it comes to price its not expensive and f2p is more a “taste of the real thing” than an actualy viable playstyle. and when it coems to solo content i just love it. we already got so mouch co-op stuff (and i dont mind more) but dont make it like SOR where u NEED to do a flashpoint or even the ops (wich u dont need but is advised to do in order to get full story)

      over all i think kotfe is genius and if kotet is even half as good im sold! but ye i might be alone on it and i know its an mmo but i dont want them to go like in certan other mmos where they add raids all the time. reason cus that is that i dont like beeing forced to play with others and ofc its an mmo but still i like to be able to choose to do story alone or with friends and get the same experience and not felt forced into doing a raid or fp in order to get the most out of it.

      and becuase of this im sure imma get alot of hate saying ohh go play a singleplayer etc. but i love the multiplayer aspect including the one in SOR but multiplayer stuff always feels like a small grind for me cus you must rely on so many things you cant controll such as raid tacs dps getting a grp in the first place and so on.(this dont mean i dont enjoy it it means i don’t prefer it.) and therefor having raids/flashpoitns or even stuff such as starfortress that dont NEED to be done but is advsed to, is annoying in my PERSONAL opinion.

      but as a diehard SW fan as myself anything with the SW title in it im gonna eat up and so is it with many others. and i dont play swtor for the mmo part (although its a cool aspect) i play cus its SW and i love it. wich is y raids i feel like should be more like ravangers where its a side track thing that is fun and is a proper raid but its not needed for the story and singleplayer stuff. so goes with every other MP stuff such as heroics or FPs

      this is all MY PERSONAL opinion thou and i know loads of ppl dont agree. but ye in short i dont play swtor for the mmo or the raids (althou they are fun and i do em ocationaly) i play cus the story and the fact its SW. so for me kotfe was/is amazballz and i hope the find a way to please everyone when it comes to kotet 😛


        Episodic releases left the story fragmented, and quite frankly it felt very underwhelming for the writers they have on staff.

        • KShrike

          There were parts of the first 9 chapters that, to me, felt rushed as all hell. The pacing was off, the twists were too many, and none of it made any meaningful impression. I was barely able to stomach getting a second toon through it. And people are worshipping it as a paragon of MMO brilliance.

    • R315r4z0r

      One minor correction: You aren’t paying for dev wages. You’re paying EA. And based on the success the game has, EA continues to fund BW Austin to continue this project.

      • KShrike

        Fair’s fair. You’re right. Though what I said wasn’t exactly misleading.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Raiding and PvP is the lifeblood of SOME players in MMORPGs, but not all. I rarely PvP and actively dislike it in most cases, as it rarely has any real benefit beyond padding a K/D ratio. I prefer the roleplaying, story and social aspects of MMORPGs.

      But I feel the true lifeblood of a good MMORPG is the community, in creating an environment that allows all kinds of players the opportunity to explore, contribute and enjoy their time online. Be it raiding, crafting, roleplaying, PvP, quests or just shooting the shit in General Chats, you the player should feel like you are the main character of your own story or series.

      • John Dullebawn III

        I think the issue most players are having, especially the few long time players that are left is how much this game changed over the years from a game we loved with tons of content in all aspects, pvp, op’s, fp’s, storyline, exploration, crafting and your story quests to this “story driven” single player game its becoming. The killer for me was the Light vs. Dark Side event. This “new” event is just rehashing everything most of us did on many many alts already. And now they are just adding single player chapters. So we wait a month for an hour of new single player game play. The proof is in the subscriber numbers, the longer they take this new road the less subs they have, and the less long time die hard players they have. I am personally waiting till this new xpac comes out to see if anything changes. If not they will lose another 4+ year player. Makes me sad to see such a great game that I enjoyed so much I created 23 lvl 65 alts to a game I really no longer care for.

        • GiftoftheMagi

          Summer is historically a down point for MMORPG populations and gaming in general. The event seems (to me) to be trying to do two things:

          1.) Pad the numbers for Celebration so Bioware and EA can brag about how many “characters” are in the game. Note not PLAYERS, but characters. Which they did.
          2.) Try to get more people into normally quiet zones for all the newer players that joined this year, and to toss a bone to said new players who aren’t sitting on an average of 55-62% completion on all Collection items (like I am).

          The event is super-grindy. It ignores the story (one of their biggest selling points) in an effort to get more players into areas usually dead this time of year. But the rewards are not exactly worth it, especially for older players and it conflicts with the REASON summer is a down-time: we have shit to do. We have families, vacations, holidays and summer jobs to do. Free time is at a premium and many of us would rather be outside.

          …and then Pokemon Go! dropped and nuked the idea of staying home this summer….

    • Ben Gimson

      Agreed. I moved to an RP server due to an utter lack of anything to do. If this wasn’t Star Wars I’d have just quit years ago :/

    • Agnnetha

      I feel the exact same way about swtor now. I WAS. a full time player of this game. The aproach they are going now is so disappointing all i hear or see now is more gambling packs and the shitty casuals praising bioware for more story. Which we don’t want. The servers over in EU are slowly dying and ive had enough so unsubbed 2 months ago. Never think about swtor or have that temptation to log in anymore.

      • Darth Darth Binks

        But you do comment here.

        • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

          i comment too…coming back to see what happens doesn’t really make you a player….

          • Darth Darth Binks

            But you do comment here.

            • Harold

              Be happy he’s here. Otherwise you’d have nothing to complain about

              • Darth Darth Binks

                Complain? Moi? You got it all wrong, friend.

      • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

        i liquify all of my bank and give away about 90m to friends before i leave it 😛
        F2p is not possible with weekly passes at some millions and escrow at 350k

        • KShrike

          escrow is the main reason why I don’t even try to f2p raid, not the damn weekly passes. It’s impossible with the repair bills alone.

          I tried it for like a week. I hated it. I was forced to daily cap before each raid. I absolutely did not have time, and therefore spending $15 was supposed to save you time from playing the endgame, which is almost anti the whole purpose of subbing.

          • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

            unfortunatelly there is absolutely no endgame in that crap. No matter how much i love star wars title, i ll never go back to a game that barely has a story line anymore(meaning different for each professsion).

    • Paulo Gomes

      This is so much true.

      I cannot tell you how many times I login to the game, only to stare at my toons at selection screen and then log off again.


      I want to play, but there’s nothing there! No new content. All my friends are gone. All the guilds I was in that did stuff are gone. The only reason I have to play is the story.

      At 24 level 65 toons, it quickly went from epic to tedious.

      And then… The Epidiotic event. Lame rewards for grinding the game AGAIN… But this time on a timer. And a chance to use my toons out the window, plunged into hyperspace. THAT really pissed me off…

      I’ve seen a SW MMO die once before. If we complain it’s not because we think the game sucks. It’s because we think the game could be awesome. For EVERYONE! Not just for the raiders, the pvp’ers or the casuals. The veterans or the new players. For all of us.

      Please understand that. Thank you.

      • Nessaja

        *I cannot tell you how many times I login to the game, only to stare at my toons at selection screen and then log off again.*

        Doing that for past few months like 3 times in a week.

    • Exactly, i was Subscribed to SWTOR from December 2011 until May of 2016 and no more. There were months with zero new content except for new Cartel Market items being added leaving me to repeat the same shit i’ve already played through on multiple characters.

      When you have 16 level 65 characters and went through all their class content and did every Ops, Heroic, Flashpoint on all difficulty settings and obtained 71% of the achievements in the Game and pay $15 per month and a little extra on Cartel Coins and don’t receive any content at months of a time or shit thats only 20-60mins long *cough* KotfE you do ask yourself why you even bother playing this Game, if it didn’t have the Star Wars name it would of been dead.

      If any other Game charged $15 for Story Content that only last 20-60mins it would get bashed to death, perfect example was Fallout 4’s Automatron which was only $10 and lasted way longer then any of the individual chapters released for SWTOR: KotfE.

    • branmakmuffin

      If you pay $15 for something you feel is worth $5, you are an idiot.

      • KShrike

        Uhh, hence why I’m not paying it right now?
        I mean, it WAS worth it back in 2.x when content was actually coming out. It was kind of worth it to pay for a month to play the scaled up raids. But then yeah, obviously any sane man would stop.


      I am not sure if there is still existing post, but one of most popular gaming sites like IGN, GameSpot and others (not sure which one) posted a review of 2011 SWTOR and added that after very first month of SWTOR release, the game has lost over 400k ppl which was a disaster, concluding all living server players online statistics I can only see the game right now has only around 20k ppl playing it, or less, but bioware is hiding these statistics since they dont want to downgrade this game “populiarity” and comparing to for example Neverwinter, Neverwinter has even x8-10 times more playerbase at this moment then SWTOR.

    • slimj091

      I gladly shit on hardcore try hards. They are the cancer of MMO’s and the sooner that they vanish the better the genre will be.

      “mark my words this game will die” Said by every try hard nerd since the beginning of the genre when something happened that they did not like. Get a job, and move out of your mother’s house. You’ll have less time to be a whiny little cunt on the Internet.

      • KShrike

        Players like you are the real cancer. Your straw man arguments and scare tactics drive the normies against us, when all any player needs to do to get good is spend five minutes in front of a dummy, then join a learning static for the current hard mode. You justify bad play, then get angry at us for being at a place that’s very easily obtainable for any other player.

        Yeah, nightmare raids are hard. Hard mode raids are hard. But it’s also not hard to get to the skill floor required to clear a hard mode raid. But every time you shit on the hardcore players, you scare any other players from trying to reach their potential. Then later Bioware will say “oh but only 1% of our playerbase can’t clear content, better end group content” even though those stats are not even close to true when actually counting the number of players who are actively attempting raids. They rope in statistics like players who aren’t even fucking max level or hell, haven’t been subbed since 2011.

        You’re the cancer. Not us.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Some people like to play checkers, others like to play chess. That’s fine, as long as they don’t inhibit each other from playing. If a checkers player doesn’t want me to use the board for playing chess, who’s the cancer here???

      • Paulo Gomes

        Yeah sure! Because mashing my “1” key across the entire game is a lot more exciting than learning to actually play a class.

        The game is so much better now, since my comp does all the heavy lifting as I proceed to destroy that keyboard button located at the upper left.

        Occasionally I do a faceroll across all keys, to come up with different “rotations”, and to try something different, and it’s great!

        Now I can enjoy the cinematic story just like my own private Star Wars movie, instead of worrying about actual playing.

        Just in case you didn’t notice, I am being as ironic as I can. Why are we the cancer? Do we interrupt your easy mode experience of the game? Do we demand you to play Ops? Or are you a terrified little girl that secretly wishes he could go up with the big boys but is just too scared to do it?

        Seriously, explain WHY we are the cancer. We never criticised people that don’t want to do Ops. We never interfered with THEIR playing experience. We just want material for OUR playing experience. There’s always going to be story, we don’t want that taken away from ANYBODY.

        So you see, the REAL cancer in the game are people like YOU, underachiever.

        Don’t hate us because we can actually play and want material to flaunt our chops mate.

  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    I am HOPING to god that they release new actual M M O content with this next expansion. And I am HOPING to god that they release a new class. it’s been 5 and a half years. No new class. The LEAST they could do is give us a new spec for each class.

    • Ben Fuller

      You will NEVER see a new class in this game. They have done away with original class stories so creating lvl 1-50 content for it would have to go then your left with no story but the kotfe crap and no explanation of your character role in the universe. Not to mention they would have to do 2 1 for rep 1 for I’m pretty unless they add a new faction that allows you to remain neutral

      • Risqu’e

        Yeah, if they added a class it would have to work like the deathknight in wow. Instant level 65 Zakuul Knight or Voss Mystic or something like that which could defect to either faction…

  • Joe Biela

    New Ops Please

  • JB1987


    scroll down a bit and there will be the highlights of the cantina event in london.

  • Senya Tirall

    Senya with a saber pike? Yes, please.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Didn’t someone catch this title a while back in a post? So it looks like MAYBE you’ll get to play the Zakuul side…and if so, maybe this means we will have a two-sided story again, much like the Republic vs Empire.

    • anonymouse

      Nope. It’s still Outlander vs Zakuul. Though some characters will change and some “roles” will change aswell.

      • Galemcaedus

        I’m guessing your inside source has confirmed this to you?

        • Darth Darth Binks

          It is easy to guess based on their level of involvement with the game so far. Which is to say, they are making a “one size fits all” story and cutting corners to get away with as little development as they can. Multiple endings? Class specific stories? We can only dream.

        • anonymouse

          I’m guessing I’ve read datamined (But confirmed as it’s coming straight from the game files in the live client) info freely available on Reddit and you didn’t. I’m not spoiling who dies and who survives or which choices will matter in the season finale and which won’t. I don’t really care if you believe my words or not, just wait a couple of weeks and see for yourself.

          • Emprah

            Care to make a link? I am kind of not wanting to shifht through the shitpile that is reddit.

            • anonymouse

              Go on TorCommunity, they have the rough .xml files. It’s a pita to read, but every dialogue and ramification of dialogue wheel choices are there.

    • Darth Darth Binks

      Unlikely. None of their story delivered what could have been assumed based on their bombastic marketing. None of the choices you make in the story really matter, it all comes down more or less to the same conclusion.

  • Matt

    Bored and dissapointed.. Let her sink boys! Stop getting our hopes up for nothing :/ 8 people in a closet won’t deliver a great xpac…

    • Darth Darth Binks

      Sadly, this is true. What they should really do is release a new operation, *right now*. I love the game and I would be sad to see it go, but their KotFE “story”, for some reason, feels much weaker than the vanilla story. I don’t know how I would describe it best. It doesn’t have enough “presence”? “Substance”? Pre-KotFE, I would spend one or two days doing the story missions *and* sidequests on one planet. I would be completely immersed in the experience. Now, you can finish vanilla story quests on one planet in a matter of hours, and you quickly overlevel and overpower everything. Similar with KotFE “chapters”. It just doesn’t have *weight*.

      • Emprah

        Its because the old stories had a faction thematic feeling, this one is just missing that.

        • Darth Darth Binks

          It’s not only that, but gameplay combined with the story itself. With stories being different for different classes. Eight different stories, which you progressed through while having a moderately engaging gameplay, instead of the current easy mode.

    • Mujushin

      jesus all you fucks ever do is complain lmao.

      • slimj091

        One day when they are old enough to have sexual relations with other human beings they will be less filled with e-rage. You just have to be patient.

  • Yallida

    More solo content… No way who could know 😉 Wonder how much it will be cost…?

  • Universo
  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    prepare yourself. The “only solo,single,one person only and alone” mmo is on the way….
    With all those efforts to provide new story, they could really provide some really new content as raids etc.
    Continue pay 15 per month for less than half hour story crap….
    bb swtor

  • UUhö

    I expected nothing from SWTOR at this event, and BioWare delivered!

    • Terry G Roberts


    • KShrike

      I believe you may have found the secret to true happiness 😛

    • adsfmovie


    • Darthmanwe

      Something my former guildmaster kept saying.

      “I expect nothing from Bİoware, and they still manage to disappoint me at every turn.”

      Needless to say, we disbanded a year ago.

  • DerpDude

    Hmm ? “Major expansion” or just a digital turd like the rest of the stuff has been ?

  • Kplz

    All I have to say is Legion pre patch in 2 days.

  • Hcng Kcng

    “…with some exciting co-op content to it…” let me guess, 3 new Star Fortresses?

    • Paulo Gomes

      Actually, I think the Star Fortresses were a great idea that BW didn’t explore.

      Let me explain. I happen to play RIFT. Not very much, but I log in from time to time. In RIFT they have… well, rifts(duuuuuh!!!) that open up and small invasions start, coming from another world. These are events that you can automatically group up to repel the invasion.

      See where I’m going with this??? Just how cool would it be if the Eternal Empire launched random incursions into the Old Republic? We already have the Star Fortresses orbiting around planets! AND it would be a great idea to introduce group content that you needn’t have to wait around for Group Finder or anything like that.

      damn, I’m moving to Austin, Texas and applying for a dev job… lol

      • gumplepeg

        Eh, the dev team would tell you: This is a nice idea. We’ll put it on the wall of crazy. (Now fuck off, your ideas causes work, working is a complicated task we don’t like.)

      • Darth Twinge

        And for that matter, why didn’t they just use the star fortress map to make an OP? They could have just said that one was more difficult and required more people because it was over a more important planet like Zakuul or DK or Coruscant…. Surely this would have been easy compared to dishing out a completely new OP map from scratch and might have calmed a lot of people down.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        youll honestly do a better job them but the downfall is your have the janitors/devs hating you for making them look like what they are lol

  • SWTOR is dying after KOTFE

    GG, more like Knights of the Fallen Empire 2, so good that I left this garbage after new expansion came out, which led me to insane disappointment.

  • Stuart Johnson

    Whine whine whine whine. If you don’t like the game stop playing it and leave to those of us who do. Stop whining, like spoiled children.

    • Biower pls

      Hmm. Looks like you have chronic problems dealing with the fact that there are opinions that differ from your own. I can tell you’re going to have a hard time on the internet. Keep your bicarbonate handy.

    • FinxundPingyn

      Oh, Mr. Whiteknight, just because you can’t imagine things to be better?

      I guess you could get a little bit deeper into the butts of the dev team if you try harder.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      i suggest you go over massivelyop where the rest of the fanbois are and are hyping this pos as best they can youll fit in well there.

      • slimj091

        As opposed to being here where it’s the same ten people with too much free time on their hands bashing every bit of news about the game? Yep… you really have this site on lock down.

        • John Dullebawn III

          just not sure what news has been good lately besides some decent looking sabers and weapon tuning’s. These new chapters are no more story driven than the orig class quests were and back then we got new PVP, FP, OP and crafting content on a regular basis. Now we wait 4 to 5 weeks for 30 minutes worth of simplistic questing. Then they add this “New Content” called Light Vs Dark LMAO, all the same shit I did on all my alts, just labeling old content as a new feature. Basically what they did is turn their back to alot of us long time players. This game was pushed as a raid intensive experience, so alot of us spent a lot of money and a lot of time making multiple alts to clear content. Now I can set my main offensive ability to 1 on my Logitech G13 and let my companion do all the heavy lifting. Also back when they delivered harder content as far as story line and operations, both hard cores and casual gamers could finish the full story line including the operation(s) that were included in the storyline, HM/NIM for hardcores and SM for casuals. So there was no real reason for all this dumbing down, when you completed the new xpac you actually felt like you completed something in this game. It just feels like they took a nice MMO that had a good difficulty level for most gamers (it is no eve online, but it was also a good challange) and turned it into a very easy RPG. just my opinion as a long time player though.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          funny because i dont even need to visit the site posts get sent to my phone. Bashing uh no thats my opionion just like what you posted is yours and and what stuart posted is his

    • BrianDavion

      a lot of people have stopped playing. and those who have are kinda sad. a lot of us loved SWTOR. but it’s going to a place we cannot follow… it’s breaking our hearts! 🙂

    • Paulo Gomes

      I would love to be a spoiled child.

      First, it would mean I was A LOT younger than I actually am.

      Second, it would mean I was actually getting spoiled by all the epic content delivered into the game.

      Alas, none of those premisses are true.

    • KShrike

      Oh, I’m sorry for invading your anti-criticism safe space and circlejerk! Is there anything we can do to make it up for your autistic ass?

  • kirk

    More Single player cinematic story? Oh BOY! just what i wanted from an MMO.

    • VeloStarXXX88

      Lol, its like SWTOR is becoming an Dragon Age Inquisition, which basically was solo-MMORPG

      • kirk

        eh let m have it, the games been going down in a flaming ball of garbage for the past 18 months. glad i stopped subbing long before. i’ll let the ignorant keep subbing for SP content from an MMO, and Musco will keep getting fat off them.

        • slimj091

          Sure. People are ignorant for preferring what you don’t like. Get over yourself.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        and they want you to pay 15 bucks a month for it to! imagine dragon age doing that lol but there seems to be enough reliable lemmnings to fall for this shit

        • It’s boring now

          Nope. 15 bucks a year. Subscribe once per year for a month. Knock out all shitty content they put out in that time. Unsubscribe. Wait another year. 15 bucks a month is cheaper than paying 180 for that whole year of waiting.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            thats the way the smart people do it lol

    • Asepatz Nupsenpepel

      Last time they added group content was even worse (the new Warzone).

    • baddog

      So the reason is to have a guild why? To do raids, if no raids, adios guilds.

      I already seeing top guys in our guild saying good bye, I can honestly say I have not been playing and just selling inventory. Not complaining found another game much better and a true mmo.

  • Xandrar

    Yes. If we can’t have Kotor 3 than we take more Single player cinematic stories. Thank you 🙂 I love it 🙂

  • Emprah

    There won’t be more raids. Just accept that this is a story based game and either have fun with that or move on.

  • I wish they would take some time to fix some bugs. I swear every patch the equipment preview window gets a little more broken. 1h blaster anims for female characters have been broken since launch. I log in yesterday and there’s a naked Skadge standing in my Stronghold’s bar guarding a door.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Omg… It seems Skadge wants to do the nasty with you… Be afraid. Be VERY afraid…

      • Skadge

        Bend over, Runt!

    • King of America

      sure that’s a bug? Skadge has needs too.


    So that leak was legit…

    • Harold

      It wasn’t even a real leak. They literally forgot that it was on the website until someone reminded them of it so they took it off.

  • rory lustermans

    All i see here are people complaining no new group content, no new
    flashpoints or raids an nu new warzone. All the complains are about this game
    becoming a single player story driven game with no new MMO content. And you
    know what? who cares? Yes some new group content would be amazing but ever
    since i started playing back in 2011 and finishing the first class story i was
    kind of das that there was no real end game content and i just whished you
    could continue on you own story. I’ve always wanted Knights of the Old Republic
    III but instead I and many others got an MMO, which was great but it did not
    have that same KotOR feeling to it, most of the class stories were great so
    many took this game for what it was an MMORPG and we enjoyed the content the
    game gave us but still hoped that maybe someday in the near future BioWare
    would do a sequel to Knights of the Old Republic and still many do. SWtOR
    didn’t disappoint me on the story level and i liked the mmo aspects like raids
    and flashpoints but when i heard when Knights of the Fallen Empire was
    announced and it would be a story driven expansion i was so happy, they wanted
    to bring back the storytelling KotOR gave us back in 2003 and 2004 and i was so
    happy that finally, finally we got something what deserved to be called the
    spiritual successor to the original KotOR and when I finally got to play KotFE I
    thought it was great and BioWare really delivered, and yes of course some
    chapters were better then others and some even felt like filler but I just love
    the way how they brought back the story aspect into the game the very first
    reason why I even considered SWtOR in the first place. I do get it that people
    who are really into playing MMO’s they feel like they don’t get anything MMO
    related only some Flashpoints (StarFortresses) and they really, really want new
    group content. And to be fare yes those people also deserve content like that
    and BioWare cant just turn a MMORPG into a single player RPG but this is what
    people have been asking for for YEARS ever since KOTOR III was canceled back in
    2006 (correct me if I’m wrong) and many people hoped that Swtor would bring
    them that and many were disappointed that they did an MMO which was something no
    one really asked for. So for many of those people, including me, this feels
    like BioWare has finally heard us and has answered that with continuing the
    game on a more story focused way instead of MMO which I just personally really
    like and it feels like we finally get what we deserved in the first place and I
    love that they wish to continue with that. And again this is still an MMO so
    yes they really do need to focus on more group content as well.

    • Donald Drumpf

      I started to read and then I realized you either are

      1) Non English speaker
      2) English speaker, but uneducated
      3) Lazy
      4) Potentially have a learning disorder

      Edit it so I don’t have an aneurysm and I’ll give it another shot.

      • Chris S

        As a non-native speaker, the guy was perfectly understandable. Maybe YOU have a learning disorder if you’re getting an aneurysm just from reading that.

        Oh and by the way, how many languages do YOU speak?

        • Donald

          Perhaps I could have given a better effort to deciphering that mess. I’d rather just tell him to fix it before reading it. I do have a learning disorder, but it doesn’t prevent me from writing my thoughts in a readable fashion. The aneurysm statement was hyperbole. Learning disorders don’t cause aneurysms FYI.

          I speak one language, correctly.

      • rory lustermans

        1) Not a native English speaker.
        2) Educated.
        3) Lazy.
        4) and I do have a learning disorder.

        I edited it so you dont have a aneurysm and I do hope you give it a shot.

        • Donald Drumpf

          Thank you. I agree with everything you said.

    • BrianDavion

      given all the complaints plenty of people apparently care about the lack of end game content

    • It’s boring now

      Have you ever heard of a paragraph?

    • baddog

      The problem with Bioware is they never balance any new content. It is either PVP, RPG, MMO only.

      They should with every new expansion have at least two new OPS, three FP’s, 1 or 2 PVP maps and the story line.

      I just believe they are OCD and can only concentrate on one.

      • Nightraze

        It makes sense at face value for them to throw in content for FP’s, OPS, etc, for each expansion but you hit the nail on the head with the first sentence. They struggle to balance what they already have. I think it makes more sense for them to work with what they got and just try to improve it rather than feed us buggy content on a regular basis.

    • Darth Stoffer

      “. So for many, including myself, Knights of the Eternal Empire felt like BioWare has finally heard our prayers and answered.”

      Like you already knew what cards behind his expansion were folded

  • Glen Viraj

    I get that the person looking at us is Senya but who the hell is the one who’s using the force???

    • Paulo Gomes

      It’s obviously Jar Jar…

      • ConcernedGuest

        Honestly, no , it can only be REVAN THE IMMORTAL … now the fourth? … or fifth incarnation of this revenant-like force user? muahahahahaha

    • Risqu’e

      Valkorian in Koths body?

    • Glen Viraj

      so much of speculation….. I wish that they at least told some details of the picture -_-

    • nauticaa

      I’m hoping it’s Thexan. That he didn’t actually die like everyone thought.

    • Abmong

      If you look at a larger image of the painting you can make out he/she has extremely long hair! Like buttocks length. Put’s me in mind of a StarWars version of Shang Tsung… que the music :p


  • Kubrickian

    The issue is that SWTOR started out being a fully functioning MMO and now wants to be an RPG. All the folks still around who came here from WoW to raid probably need to see the writing on the wall.

    • KShrike

      It’s worse because they’re like “sorry about not making KOTOR 3 instead! Here! It’s ‘more like KOTOR’ now! You wanna come back? Oh, you’re not coming back because it’s an MMO? That’s fine… uh…. we’re gonna keep going this direction anyway and fuck our playerbase backbone who subbed for an MMO!”

    • GiftoftheMagi

      It started as a RPG. It was advertised as a MMORPG. Note the RPG in there. The PvP/”Raid” content was basic at the start and added to later.

  • Doot Doot

    Shut down the game. Re-purpose Bioware Austin for Star Wars RPGs. It’s clear that’s what they want. Putting it in MMO form just leaves all the great parts of a singleplayer RPG out:
    1) Difficulty: whether you want it challenging or not KotFE and most likely KotET will force the very easy difficulty on you
    2) In-depth side missions: Literally none past vanilla SWTOR
    3) Interactive Companions: We have 20+ companions yet none of them you can go up to and talk to, no companion quests, and not a whole lot more development going on with them. All except the ones in the story are useless and even then most of those companions are just kind of there.
    4) Exploration: Not a whole lot going on in that department
    5) Variety: In KotFE? Lol even kneeling to Valkorion pretty much puts you on the same exact path as resisting.

    I’m sure I am missing more, but if this is the direction the game is going then it would be better to just make Star Wars RPG’s instead of an “MMO” at BWAustin. Get a new engine, and focus on making an RPG could probably yield a fairly good Star Wars game.

    • Doot Doot

      Unless the Developers can actually show they want to flesh out the multiplayer experience and make it fun instead of tedious.

    • GiftoftheMagi

      I don’t want to even think about how much it’s going to cost to hire 20+ professional voice actors and do the minimum 4-6 hours of dialogue required to do that.

      • Darkredwing

        I figured that was why they introduced the “classic” conversation styles in KoTFE so they didn’t have to have a ton of voice acting, I would still prefer voice acting but some sort of development with the companion stable would’ve been nice.

        Also if they are unwelling/unable to develop companions with or without VA then I rather not have the extra companions at all.

        • Guest

          All those companions are useless. You can’t use more then 7 at a time anyway. I didn’t even bother with the Star Fortress comps for anyone other than my main.

      • ZapTheSheep

        Funny thing is, out of those 20-some companions, less than half speak Basic.

  • Sorrai

    I’m looking forward to seeing what new goodies they’ll be putting out in the new expansion.

    When I read some of the criticisms posted here much of the tone seems very melodramatic and blown out of proportion. It gives me pause to consider the plight of game developers who must constantly contend with a never-ending stream of vitriol posted by people who are accustomed to melodrama. To save my sanity I have to dismiss them by assuming they are probably young and immature and still have a lot of life lessons to learn. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for all of you who insist on posting incessant criticism with nothing positive or constructive to say, be advised your words have about as much value as a credit spammer. You do nothing to improve the quality of the game.

    All I ask is for some people to please be more constructive with their feedback. Thank you to those rare few people who post valid criticisms and support them with thoughtful feedback. It elevates your opinion and makes reading these threads much more tolerable.

    A few people seem to take issue with SWTOR’s identity as an MMO or an RPG rather than accept that it is both. As a loyal player who has been playing SWTOR regularly since launch I can say with ease that I’m comfortable with this concept. Many of us who play SWTOR also played KoTOR. The new expansions are a welcome addition to the game and celebrate some of Bioware’s most memorable and groundbreaking work from the earlier days. Yet, you have some silly people denouncing the entire game because the new PVP warzone “sucks”. You have others who grimly proclaim that there will “never” be another new Operation in SWTOR. Ever (only Sith deal in absolutes, right?). Then, of course, there is everyone’s favorite troll: the MMO Doomsday Prophet, who can not resist making their proclamations that “the game is dead”.

    No, SWTOR is far from dead. With some luck it may be around for many years to come and continue to offer many fun and unique elements for its fans to enjoy. Every MMO is a living, breathing game that is in a constant state of evolution. The game WILL morph and change over the course of its life span. It will go in directions that you will genuinely love and enjoy and it may also go in directions that will hold little interest to you. I sometimes wonder how many players actually grasp that concept.

    For now, SWTOR’s focus is on story. I’m cool with that. I enjoy stories. When the story is over I’ll have fun playing Galactic Starfighter, decorating my strongholds, participating in a role play event, fly some of the original space missions in between PvP matches, play a new class story, go datacron hunting, join a group to take down a world boss, work on my achievements to earn some exclusive titles and/or decorations, scour the GTN for that ultra rare bargain, hang out with some guildies and attempt an Operation on hard mode, explore the massive world the game has to offer and marvel at it’s beauty and design and the occasional easter egg.

    We do not know what’s in store for SWTOR in the long term, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to be reading yet another stupid rant from some troll a year or two from now bashing the the Devs for “wasting” their time by adding new Operations, Warzones or, heavens forbid, new content for Galactic Starfighter.

    • Yusefudo

      No need for that drama idd if you don’t like it don’t play it

    • Ben Gimson

      “new goodies”

      CM packs. Don’t expect many goodies from actually playing the expansion :/

  • AshlaBoga

    I think that is Senya facing towards us. If that’s Senya who is she about to fight?

    • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

      I have a weird feeling, Us? 😛

      • Darthmanwe

        I’m going to state the obvious.


        • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

          You are probably correct, I believe Vaylin will be the next big baddo, then Scorpio.. xD

  • That’s nice. Where the hell is our MMO content? You know Ops, FPs, Warzones, etc.

  • Don Loco

    “We’re making the story more epic, and choices more impactful than we have in the past.”

    As ‘impactful’ as they have been thus far, I am underwhelmed and then some. This dreck I’ve got to see.

    • While KotfE Story was alright i still lost my faith in BioWare Austin telling a good story after they fucked up Revan with the Expansion. By all Accounts he should be the one to beat the Emperor, no one else. Sure the Characters you play as can help him out but i think Revan should have the honors to finish what he has started.

      • Ben Gimson

        They fucked up his voice. They fucked up his lines. They fucked up his personality. They fucked up the lore by coming up with some weak-as-fuck Voldemort-style soul-splitting plot rather than something original.

        SoR was ToR’s lowest point story-wise. It was painful :/

        • Paulo Gomes

          They should have left Revan alone. That expansion was the proof that inspiration runs low in that Austin office. It was a total disrespect to one of the finest games I had the joy of playing, and a disrespect to one of the greatest moments in RPG history, when you took off that mask and realised YOU were Revan.

          One of the things that made me such a Star Wars fan was that things were very well lined out. There was an explication, a reasonable explanation behind every myth, every abnormal thing.

          To this day I still don’t have an explanation for why AND how Revan was split into 2 different personalities. It makes NO sense, how one could “gain” a body, while the other one stayed as a Force ghost. The Flashpoints were great, in one you saved Revan, in the other you finally killed him. THAT was a good explanation; SoR was NOT.

          But if that wasn’t enough, they did the ultimate sin: they turned killing Revan into a Daily. The most boring, senseless, stupid thing they could do.

          Ironically, SoR was only a fraction of what was to come…

          • Shawn Hargrave

            LOL yeah couldnt i beleive that either a daily to kill revan that revan fight was fun but it would have been so much better with hk 51 helping him but overall yeah the ending was was so stupid. I find it hilarious how this emperor in this time is the most powerful entity in the universe and is like a god where people are puppets to him but yet he needs people to do his bidding? /smh well as long as theres stupid people theres going to be stupid devs to give it to them sadly

            they shoould really take a que from sto that game does story and lore hardcore sure sto has its issues but nothing like this

          • Ben Gimson

            Yep, agreed. I didn’t even mind Revan coming back. I thought they nailed their canon portrayal of him. I mean, he was voiced by Kyle-motherfucking-Katarn! Him coming back was actually exciting, even when I heard his new voice at the end of the Rakata Prime flashpoint. I was a little miffed they’d changed that, but I thought, hey, it’s something I can deal with.

            Then SoR started, and the further I got into it the more I realised just how many better fan-fics I’ve read surrounding post-kotor 2 Revan. I can say hand on heart that I could have easily written a better and more believable plot, especially with such a potent character to drive it.

            And the dialogue… Christ on a bike :S

      • Abmong

        Yep that would’ve been a much better resolution for his story than to see him turn into the whiny little SOB he became. Wasted opportunity and a waste of a perfectly good character. Same with Darth Malgus really. As much as I like Marr, Malgus would’ve been just as goo if not better in practically the same role. How much better would it have been to have Malgus as the new Sith Emperor leading a more pragmatic Empire allying with thr Reps to fight against Valkorian. Revan could also have still been alive to help find/activate a new starforge and build a new army/fleet to fight Zakuul. So at the climate we could have had The alliance’s Infinite fleet versus Zakuul’s Eternal Fleet. Man the writing team should’ve just given up and hired us instead :p

        • Honestly, i think why the Revan Story sucked in SoR was because it wasn’t written by Drew Karpyshyn, the guy that wrote the Story for Kotor 1 and the original flashpoints that had Revan in it.

          • Abmong

            Sucks when the same writers are not allowed to take their story to it’s conclusion. To be honest I didn’t like any of Revan’s story after Kotor, even if Karpyshyn wrote for some of the early Swtor scenes. Having Revan be captured and Tortured by The Emperor after his epic journey in Kotor just didn’t seem epic… He didn’t even find out the true nature of the Emperor before he died. Talk about unfulfilling end to his character, no satisfying payoffs.

      • Adam

        While specific examples elude my memory, back when TOR first launched, the devs seemed to really resent the character of Revan and his impact on Star Wars. This is probably due to even before launch fans were clamoring for his return. and after it came out, Revans character, beaten twice and killed in the story by a mid level team, still over shadowed pretty much everything else the devs came out with. Hell they had the Revanites in the game who were forest dwelling Sith rejects brought together by their fanboy ism of Revan.

        So then you have The aply named Shadow of Revan, about a character who has cast his shadow over everything the Devs had made. And then they throw a completely senseless plot involving his soul being split and essentially turning him into a zombie with zero charisma who for some reason is able to assemble a army of zealots to resurrect then oddly enough kill again the big bad of the whole story only to completely fail and allow the big bad to escape and kill billions. They turned Revan from badass genius, savant of the force to be a weak willed, moronic failure of everything he stood for. SOR wasn’t a expansion so much as it was a character assassination by devs who resented a work they would never be able to live up to.

  • Akari

    I love uncritical fans of SWTOR. Two years no new MMO content? Who cares?! SWTOR is great game and have very good story and have good story and……and have good story. Why is this game great? Because it’s Star Wars and all what is star wars is great.

    I know, many people want KOTOR and they love KOTOR, but this game is officially MMORPG and no RPG! MMORPG, yes need story, but need too new MMO content (ops, fp, wz…).
    I payed much money for pizza, i want pizza and no hamburger!

    • Darth-Robin

      thats the sole reason why those idiots give this game a free pass on all the bullshit it does
      becuz its star wars
      hands down if this wasnt star wars, it would have been shutdown in less then a month after launch

      • Not quite that fast, but yeah within 1,5years or close. Wish you nice gaming wherever that is 🙂

        Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any

    • Abmong

      It’s more because BW realizes a lot of people now play SWTOR as a single player game with a side of pvp. So their using the game as a platform to release story driven content to satisfy fans of KOTOR as you say. From the start SWTOR was billed as a successor to KOTOR so BW is trying to fulfill that demand with the story chapters.

      Truth is Dungeon/Raid grind just ain’t as popular as they once were, so they figured why put in the effort creating/balancing raids and rewards if most people will only go through it once if at all? Most people haven’t the time or the inclination to find/build a coordinated raid group these days, GF PUGs half the time fail raids and that just wastes everybody’s time. The dungeon MMO fad/ is practically dead IMO.

      BW is just trying to move with the times. They probably looked a the play stats and saw most people played through the main quest story but stopped playing after so BW thought they better focus on giving players more story to keep them playing. BW probably figured better to use all their finite resources to focus on advancing the story than to spread the team add bits here and there but never go anywhere. Unfortunately for
      you my friend you just happen to be in the minority who likes raid pizzas, the majority are more casual
      players who prefer story burgers with pvp french fries.

      • Darth-Robin

        but but i like my raid pizzas with story burgers and pvp french fries with a side dish of flashpoint mayonaise 🙂

      • Akari

        Probably yes, that majority players wants only story, but is it sad, that people want only story in MMORPG game and they will pay much money for this. But bioware can be fair and say us, that they not plan new ops and fp in next year. We are only minority, when we leave game, they cant lost much money

      • Akari

        I thought. pizza = MMORPG no ops, fp and hamburger = RPG no story 🙂

      • kirk

        raiding in general isn’t dead for MMO’s its far from it. many MMO’s have tons of raiders still.. Just not Swtor because its been 21 months and Not a Single Peep or side boob, or anything that even remotely looks like an operation is coming from the skeleton crew left on this game. Just because you’re bad at group content, or that you are currently playing a game the developers dont give a damn about Group content, doesn’t mean its dead just because your opinion says so. Its quite opposite. Group content is what People love these days and what majority of games go for, thats why so many online games and MP game(s) and experiences are coming out. Like i said raiding in general is still going very strong in many different games, Just not this game, in which the developers abandoned all hope for any group content nearly 2 years ago.

        • “coming from the skeleton crew left on this game.” <– Well said & Sad, But True.. Wish you nice gaming wherever that is & this post what u made need to be posted on weekly Basis to Swtor's Official Forums. Eaware's Community Managers not removing Forum Posts & we can't remove our own posts. I guess they love to fill the forums up heh.

          Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

      • Michael

        Ops aren’t as popular as they once were because ops arent what they once were. My hard mode group has been going strong for 2 years despite the lack of content. And it’s very easy to put a group together for anything else. Why don’t they make new ops? Cause its much easier to make a small arena map and call it a “new pvp”

    • Ben Gimson

      “Why is this game great? Because it’s Star Wars and all what is star wars is great.”

      No, it’s -survived- because it’s Star Wars. I can’t think of another IP that could get away with what swtor gets away and still remain profitable.

      • Darthmanwe

        SWG survived with 15k subs until SWTOR killed it.

        SWTOR will survive until another SW MMO kills it.

        This is a proven rule ( albeit sample size only one but….)

        Only a SW MMO can kill another SW MMO.

        • Ben Gimson

          Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

          • I actually do hope that & happy when it’s another Company than is EA’s Lapdog team. Then EA’s Half Blind & Greedy execs see what happened. Though they still might not understand, but good anyways.

            • Ben Gimson

              Yeah but another SW MMO won’t be made until swtor is out of the way. EA are a giant; they can bully their way around the industry almost unhindered, because they have money. Money talks, as they say.

              I agree with the sentiment though. I’ll be very happy when they ditch this game and we see a third SW MMO (hopefully made by a company that at least tries to infuse some quality into their ‘products’). Right now I’d be happy just to be able to play SWG again. Never felt so immersed in the Star Wars universe as when I was playing in that world.

    • Fred Garvin

      I award you 100 points for being able to correctly name SWTOR’s group content unlike most ppl here who think SWTOR has raids and dungeons.

      I also award you a bonus 20 points for knowing that pizza is king and nobody wants hamburger when they pay for pizza. Nobody!

  • ZapTheSheep

    meh. Dumba$$es that buy Eternal Throne get Fallen Empire for free… so they basically just told me to wait to buy a one month sub again until the end of next year. Then, I might have enough content to hold my interest for a week or two.

    • Abmong

      That moment when you feel like Greedo…

    • Brak the Twi’lek

      they are just playing with words. All you have to do is sub. You get everything that has been released so far.

  • Abmong

    So Senya is holding a Lightsabre Pike in this KotET art… Does that mean we can finally get them? :p Plz make it so, me assassin is aching for one.

  • K-Man

    SWTOR was great up until ROTHC…. went downhill quickly from there.

    The vanilla story-lines are amazing but thats basically it.

    • Kaliyaa

      So when Di$ney dissolved LucasArts. Yeah, that sounds about right.

      • John Lund

        Yup. Their influence is like a cancer.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Oricon was GREAT. Still my favourite piece of story in this game. And RotHC wasn’t bad, the problem was that mobs were too dense and had quick respawn times, which made going about your business a nightmare.

      • Fred Garvin

        Agreed. Easily my favorite part of the game. Fondly remember going there a little too early, hearing the ominous loading music, and promptly getting my ass handed to me as soon as I left the base…lol.

        • Whitedragon

          I ran oricon solo at level 48

          • NunyadangbusinessDOS

            You’re so cool. We all wish we could have epeens that large.

            • Whitedragon


      • Whitedragon

        Wouldn’t mind a challenge now and then

        • Paulo Gomes

          Yeah, but the first iteration of Makeb wasn’t really challenging, just boring (fights-wise). You did have a couple fights that were more challenging in the expansion, and that was a welcome change.

          Oricon was great. Soloing the Heroic was a challenge, and even the dailies were great. I still do it from time to time, to rekindle old memories…

          • Whitedragon

            Makeb was so easy I ran it without a companion

          • Well said and me 2 🙂 Wish you nice gaming wherever that is 🙂

            Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

    • Rip

      ROTHC wasn’t that great. Makeb is a cluster fuck and annoying, but at least it came with end game content.

    • Darth-Robin

      hehehe anyone remember how makeb first came out.

      like for reall i think i actually died a few times since battling 1 group of mobs and suddenly aggroed like 20 more, it actually was rediculous but felt in line with the story since the whole merc army was bought by the hutts

      i would say up towards oricon then the story went downhill

      • Whitedragon

        It was easy I ran it without companion at level 48

    • Brak the Twi’lek

      what ever became of isotope 5

  • Zenahk

    In other words, prepare for season two of KotFE
    No new ops, maybe one new dungeon, just storytelling

    • RIP

      Aka the death of SWTOR which is approaching quickly, the game as it is only survives on the CM and hype for the new movies.

      • Exactly.. Soo darn sad how it went into this.. Soo imagined many times how much better would’ve come if some other company made Swtor.. Like Square Enix.. At least wouldn’t have been Greedy & Half Blind EA’s Lapdoggies 🙂 Wish you nice gaming 🙂

        Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay
        Simplification time
        Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification
        continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I
        many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

    • Brak the Twi’lek

      another year of subbing ($150+) for what is basically a 16 hour DLC (more than half of which are cut-scenes). As they say, Fool me twice!

      • Darthmanwe

        Dude, do what I did 2 days ago. I waited until last chapter was in range, subbed 2 days ago, and played thru chapters in two days with one char. I’ve plans to play with one more char, opposite faction, and then I’ll do ch16 with both.

        ANd only had to pay one month of sub, and only had to deal with this game about 15 days at a year.


    • Darthmanwe

      Previously on SWTOR:

      “We fucked up bad.”

      “No we fucked up even worse.”

      “You are wrong, we fucked up the most.”

      “Shepard-Commander, save us.”

      “My name is not She–”

      “Shh, just accept it.”

      • Turtle Ackerman

        That Mass Effect reference was definetely the best comment so far. Sadly most people here wont even know the name “Shepard”.

  • Narik Ashtar

    “redoubled their efforts”

  • Demios

    Am I the only one who would like the option for KotET to have my toons be the villan everyone wants dead for once? Playing Empire didn’t really feel like it counted as technically your the hero of the Empire. I want to be the villan, I want both sides to want me dead. Make whatever companions I have had the end of KotFE question if I’m going mad or if I can be redeem. Leave me with only an inner circle of people who will die at my side.

  • Me

    Anyone think that with the Lightsaber Pike they may make a New Class somewhere down the line…
    Just Asking I have not proof of it and I don’t think people would be against it.

    • Guest

      I doubt we will ever see a new class. They have said several times that it would be too hard to incorporate a new class into the starting storyline. Then when asked about a class starting at like lvl 60 they just kinda avoid it with another answer.
      Starting at lvl 65 would be a perfect way to do it. I don’t play WOW but I believe a Death Knight starts at lvl 50, so its not like it’s never been done before.

      • Whitedragon

        That’s a creepy answer

      • Paulo Ferreira

        Hard or not it can be done they just don’t want to spend the money or extra time to do so because there are many ways to address how to add new classes one way could be to simply add a new discipline/advanced class to each of the current classes. Which would offer a new useable weapon and abilities that can be used by each of the current classes without having to add an entirely new class. So there are more then one way to address this and no matter how hard it can be done other MMOs do it including WoW an MMO Swtor was clearly inspired by and clearly mimics in many ways.

    • Turtle Ackerman

      I honestly dont think any new classes will come out anytime soon.
      The game would need more followers again and the team would need to be bigger.
      At the moment their just trying to bring enough content anyway. Releasing a new class would just be too difficult. They mentioned before that the balancing is just too difficult and fragile.

  • trigovai

    Soo.. You can actually buy KotET or it will be subs only like KotFE? And if you can buy it will you get all the previous expansions?

    • Brak the Twi’lek

      no buying of kotfe… when you sub, you have access to it and everything that came before it.

      edit: disregard what I just said. didn’t read your comment properly.

  • Neg Sani

    I want SWTOR to get back to the Empire vs. Republic not this “we’re all one faction united” nonsense.

    • Brak the Twi’lek

      But but but but then they’ll have to start developing more than one story again..don’t you see?

      • Darthmanwe

        Let me squash any dreams right away.

        SWTOR team is about three tenth of what it was five years ago. They can barely push out one story update every 2 months, can’t fix bugs, can’t do any sort of class balance.

        And you expect them to go back to Rep vs. Imp?

        Yea, come over here mate. We got this bittersweet drug called ‘Reality’ that will make you feel worse at first, but it will be better in time.

        • Brak the Twi’lek

          well, too bad our subscription fee is not three tenth of what it was 5 years ago.

          • Haha indeed well said 😀 Espesially knowing how often Current new High School Graduated Swtor Dev / Tech team creates Bugs & Don’t Understand the Term of Hotfix Patching. Also still keeping many Half Dead Servers laying around.. Not Giving us much wanted Cross-Server Gameplay or Que, but Cross-Server Gameplay in a way that can see ppl from some linked server everywhere would be better than just inside instance.

            Ok must not start remembering all 100 features what we still lack in late 2016 or how outdated the Game-Engine is x) Wish you nice gaming o/ Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time
            Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification
            continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I
            many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

      • Heheheee well said 😀 Would be too much of a Effort for many High School Graduated Coders @Swtor’s Eaware crew.. x)

        Wish u nice gaming wherever that is o/

        Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time
        Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification
        continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I
        many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

    • Turtle Ackerman

      Im gonna spoiler a late book here, so if you anyone is actually reading them, stop reading this comment now.

      Later in the books, the New Republic and Empire also unite against a new enemy. Or several.
      Star Wars goes beyond the damn movies, people.

  • Trent Gashi

    I really loved this game, from level 1-50 and through to the dread wars.

    We had 8 unique class stories, side quests, ops, fps and of course the story telling that did make it feel like we were in our own story but at the same time do group content if that is what we wanted, playing fps as you went. The end game content perhaps could have been better but I’m not a hard core raider so I can’t really comment….for me it was enough to keep me entertained.

    I remember when learning your class was part of the enjoyment, hell Valis on my JK kicked my backside many a time until I learnt his mechanics but that was all part of the fun, taking him down made me feel I had accomplished something…..like a real Jedi. Now my comp can do the whole thing on their own and my toon needs to be……there.

    We then got two lazy expacs that abandoned alot of the good things that made me love this game including a really ham fisted Revan story that was badly executed. The premise of empire vs Republic, one of the a staples of the SW universe was removed and that was the point I started to not love the game any more.

    Then KoTFE and things got worse, 1 story with zero repeatability and choices that actually matter very little. No real MMO content which means my guild is barely alive, grouping up for content is pointless unless it’s running old content.

    I subbed for the release of KoTFE and then unsubbed and will remain unsubbed until KoTFE is finished and I can play the rest of the content for $15. I no longer run any ops or fps as my guildies are no longer around, using group finder was painful as many of the new players didn’t know the mechanics and did not want to even learn…..just hit everything with a light sabre…. so gave up on that.

    I hate to be one of “those guys” but I have fallen out of love with the game and I don’t want to but the direction it’s going in has made it impossible to play it like I used to. This is sad as I’ve played since 2011 and I have poured a lot of emotional and financial investment into my toons who are just…..there….doing nothing.

    I won’t judge the new expacs until it comes out but from what I read above its not looking good. It’s sad but true and that really is a shame as this game used to be my go to game.

    • Paulo Ferreira

      Exactly they got lazy and greedy and now it’s about about how to make most money with least amount of effort for them not what’s best for loyal fanbase and MMO itself period. That is why they have stripped a lot of what made Swtor a great MMORPG to begin with simply to make their jobs easier and to maximize profits. Everything you mentioned is exactly what made Swtor originally one of the top 5 mmorpgs to begin with unlike its current state.

  • GM Jackie

    I really loved SW TOR when it was Star Wars game, where we had everything we like in that universe: Galactic Republic, (Sith) Empire, Vader-like Sith Lord toon, Emperor or Maul-like Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Knights, Han Solo-like Smugler and Daer Side and Light Side. Now it is just MMO game in Spece. Empire and Republic means nothing, Dark and Light Side means nothing (and it’s Marr and Seatele Shan tells You that), Class means nothing (everything is done as one story). I don’t feel like in Star Wars game. My Sith acts exacly like Jedi.

    • Turtle Ackerman

      If you think that Star Wars is all about light and darkside, you clearly have never read anything from the Expanded Universe.

    • Dace Hawke

      Dude, the story is WAY better now that it has been streamlined. The individual class stories were great, but KotFE is just amazing.

    • Well said m8 & Sad But True 🙁 Metallica <3

      Wish you nice gaming wherever that be o/

      Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time
      Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification
      continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I
      many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

  • Joe Larsson

    Just need to know Raids, yes or no?

    • Rip

      No. No money to be made there the target audience is gone why make meaningful content when they can keep the casuals subbing for monthly DLC’s and stupid packs with Kylo Ren want to be outfits and other various junk. It’s sad how many of us want new raids and they say they listen but they don’t at all. Morale of the story is if you want a game with raiding and class balancing and pvp updates SWTOR is not the game for you anymore.

      • Truly Deceptive


      • Turtle Ackerman

        People dont even know and yet you get answers like these.
        We actually dont know if there will be raids.
        I honestly dont think they would ignore raids at all. But aside from profit, if 90% of people want story at the moment, there is indeed no reason for them to make raids. Not only will that provide less profit, but less happy gamers anyway.
        And by the way, Bioware made some of the best games out there (Mass Effect e.g).

        • Trololz.. 😀 🙁 Eaware y made ME series, but 3rd one good.. Not so much & will see what kind of Wrech ME:A is going to be. Hoping not ofc & since Many
          Veteran Devs have left Eaware building it’s hard to expect good one. Wish you nice gaming o/

          Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time Subber since launch. Not long though if Gameplay simplification continues & Mmo Veterans who want new Mmo Content not having any. I many others who leave by the end of this year if not having any.

    • Whitedragon

      Noooo raids 4 u

  • I’ve been in away mission for about 2 months.
    Can someone please briefly explain what’s up with the new dark/light characters and how does that work ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Michael

      There’s a lengthy guide here on dulfy. Best to just read that

      • Can you link it please ?
        I did read something but it wasn’t about what I needed to know, probably another article.

    • Guest

      To do the Dark vs Light event you have to start new characters. Along the way when you complete certain tiers (like get to level 25) you gat rewards. At the end of the event provided you get to the second from last tier you get one of two new comps. The comp you get is decided by if more people chose light or dark side choices during the event, nor your particular choice but the combined total of everyone playing. You may choose all dark but if more people choose light you get the light comp.

      • Unfortunately I already created all my characters. The ones I want to play through story line again with are already created & stocked on gear, so I will not making new ones. Now, if I have a level 1 created long ago and start to play the story, I guess that doesn’t count, does it ?

        • NunyadangbusinessDOS

          Nope…only ones created specifically during the event period.

        • Bulba

          It won’t count unless you male a new char, though if it’s low level you might as well delete and start again

    • Whitedragon

      Don’t listen to creepy guest

  • Emmanuel1

    lol still no raids and class fixes XD

  • Beruhl

    Where is the data mine info? 😀

  • LeagueofZac

    This is just pathetic, like i saw in comments below they just keep casuals subbing and buying stupid reskins packs to make some money they dont give a fuck for the game since a few years ago. If you want your fucking storytelling make a fucking KOTOR3 with a really good story and role game not this garbage. It was a generic MMO at the start like all the other but we all sw fans came here just to feel we are playing on the star wars universe but pls dont try to convert a MMO in an ARPG single player pissing in the face all base subs who started this game at launch. They make me laugh so hard with this “Of course, The Old Republic is still an MMO” hahaha try again pls. The best thing they can really do for sw fans is let this game die and make a new sw mmo or sandbox game (ofc without bioware or EA PLS)

    • Whitedragon

      That’s what they might be doing. Secret project…Shhh.

    • tyahoo

      Why a kotor3 when you have thousands of gameplay hours and excelent story? You are just one more the will complaim about everything. dont you?

      • LeagueofZac

        Because it’s supposed to be A MMORPG not an ARPG single player dude, you cant convert a MMO into an rpg after 3 or 4 years of the game release. Thousands of gameplay hours? ROFL pls you will be lucky if you complete the whole history in 3 or 4 days (playing like a casual). And yes i will complain about what i think is wrong, if they keep doin shit i will continue complaining despite im not a sub anymore.

        • Turtle Ackerman

          Its quite funny to read through all of these comments.It IS an MMO, but it IS a storytelling mmo. Its a game where you play and meat other people and from time to time you will play with these people when you feel like it.
          Not everyone enjoys grinding MMOs á la WoW so much. I enjoy the story, and I enjoy doing a flashpoint or some PvP with the same character I use in my story. Its just that simple. Damn, I even enjoy the marketing system.
          Sure, there might be better marketing systems out there, there might be better Dungeons/Flashpoint and PvP Games out there.
          But I dont see a game so far that brings me this close to my character, while still letting me enjoy the other stuff too.
          You guys are just too subjective and stubborn to see things from different perspectives. KotFE was a good way in the direction this game is meant to go.
          WIth it, this game isnt trying to be just another MMO anymore, but actually shows what it excels at.
          Not everyone enjoys it, but enough people do. Get over it.

          • LeagueofZac

            There are multiple mmo styles, it has not to be a grinding mmo like black desert for example, that is not the point. I am criticizing the lack of mmo content and that is real, u can be a fanboy but u know the only content coming in near future is more trash story-single player. If you enjoy doing the same raids/flashpoints from the last 3 or 4 years ago then wow congraz and same with the pvp they just added 1 new wz and 1 arena in like…4 years? amazing hard work for a game which had one of the biggest budgets in the history of the videogames. Finally, you are right in one thing: not everyone enjoys it, but no enought people do, that’s why half EU/USA servers are empty and the other half is just light population who keep buying cartel market reskins packs, which is actually the new game content.

            • Turtle Ackerman

              The story isnt actually so trash. Thats propably the one thing Bioware CAN do right, and thats okay. I get that people want more raid content and they are not doing it, but the problem is that most of the actual population don’t WANT raid content. So for them its something that has to be put aside for more story content which most people are here for.
              I mean, the only people you see complaining are raiders really. People who like story, or people who like PvPing, rarely complain anymore (unless they also want raid content, but you get what I mean). It IS business, and well, I dont think you can blaim then that much for wanting to make money.
              Im not really fanboying, just looking at things from different perspectives.
              And, there are still alot of new people coming to the game, and I am fairly new too (I completed one class story completetely and leveld a few side characters basically) and here is what I see:
              It is practically close to impossible to even really get to know OPs at all since there are so few people still in for that thing. So, I couldnt do the old OPs even when I want to, as I could rarely get a team together that would actually have the patience to teach me.
              Thats also a big part which I think is holding SWTOR back Community wise atm

              • infamous

                Eternal Empire is pretty crap bad guy plot. Almost as bad as the Vong in EU. They have also gave the RP servers a middle finger by removing the server tags. EAWare are just a terrible company. I hope Disney gives the licence to someone that can treat it with more respect.

              • Well said & Sad, But True :/ Wish you good weekend and rest of the year. Here’s to hoping that Eaware gives us proper Grp & Mmo Content. Also Finally would Fix big Bugs like Chat Bar Deactivation & Chat Tab Deactivation. Frustrating ones they are. Espesially when typing something fast to Ops team & Chat Bar Deactivates. Then all sorts of Windows start popping up and wayyy less fun if being Healer or Tank 🙁

                Many have reported that. Kind Regards: Unfortunately still on this Gameplay Simplification time Subber since launch.

      • Mathew Chilton

        Kotor are great rpgs and most importantly. Challenging. The story ish swtor is good, if you can stay awake through the combat dumbed down for 10 year old

        • “The story ish swtor is good, if you can stay awake through the combat dumbed down for 10 year old” <– What i've been saying ever since Heavy Watering Down started from around 3.0, Then Big time at 4.0 & now even more at 5.0..

          I actually thought in mid 2016 that Swtor's Eaware crew can't put in more Hand Helding / Watering Down Combat.. Oh Boy oh Dear Gizmo from Gremlins movies "love those movies" How i Was wrong.. 😮 🙁

    • claude1864

      Star Wars Galaxies 2 (real sandbox) with real simulator space combat, not crappy console rail job space combat

      • LeagueofZac

        yeah a new galaxies would be a dream come true but it wont happen ….

        • Indeed. Blind & Greedy EA will make sure that SW Franchise on Gaming side will remain crappy as long as they have the saying :/

      • Bingobob

        I’d rather play Star Wars Galaxies Legends Emu, than this themepark nonsense

        • Well said and 110% agree 🙂 Emu is pretty stable atm. and team been working 10x years with it 🙂

        • Oh yes.. SWG Over this Star Wars Dress Up Cartoon Gfx whatever.. Definitely hasn’t been Mmo for a while now thanks to Devs doing bad changes.

          For me Years long Sub’s Automatic Renewal Cancellation happens before
          December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star
          Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris
          Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 &
          Freelancer Fan <3 Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 &
          2.0 mod <3

          Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

      • Indeed.. SWG <3 Until SOE Ruined it ofc. Shame that now EA has the rights to SW License with Disney..Would be nice if some Company like Cd Projekt "Would Be weird Right, but maybe Crazy Good :P" make New Star Wars Sandbox Mmo.. That would have Proper Open Space Combat, Speeder Racing & Whole a looot of Careers to choose from like was in SWG <3 Remember to watch Arrow's DCU Crossover ep. today, but don't watch if didn't see Flash Crossover ep. yesterday 😛

        For me Years long Sub's Automatic Renewal Cancellation happens before December's Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i've backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan <3 Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

        Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

    • Dace Hawke

      I love the game, the story is extremely engaging.

      • Don’t get too Hooked up as lately been some Duh moments in there.. Mom & Daughter Feud, Big Bad Villain fella gets Redeemed after being Defeated on Watered Down Final Encounter & then joins to small “Alliance”.. Oh Momma what else.. Eaware hasn’t been upto it’s history with Storytelling when it comes to Swtor. Sure Swtor’s storylines like some Class Stories have been enjoyable, but after 3.0 came.. Duh.. Wtf happened to Swtor’s Eaware Devs crew.. Writers.. Must’ve been Thunderstruck & then Brainstorms around the Austin Texas Office..

        Strange how Swtor’s Eaware Crew managed to make on of Biggest mistakes in Vid Gaming history by choosing Poor Outdated & Glitchy HeroEngine as Swtor’s Game-Engine. So much holding it back with great features coming to it :/ Yes now they improved Gfx for 5.0 patch, but really doesn’t help with lack of Mmo content. Also EW keep Advertising CM which makes Swtor even more of Star Wars Dress Up adventure with Recolored Items. Sad that many Blind Sheepies pay real dime for them.

        Some good storylines in some Other Mmo’s out there. Some to be mentioned would be: Star Trek Online, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn & Guild Wars 2. Good notes from some.. FF XIV: The World of Eorzea is Rich in Lore & many Smaller Side tasks “some call them quests” feel surprisingly rewarding 🙂 Guild Wars 2: One of the GW2’s more interesting story driven mechanics is its dynamic Task system where they aren’t always readily available in one
        spot & must be Found elsewhere in the World.

        Anyone looking for an extremely polished MMORPG with an excellent story should definitely give Guild Wars 2 a shot 🙂 Star Trek Online: Similar to Neverwinter, Star Trek Online features a Foundry system where Players can create their own Storylines & Missions, which ensures there’s always something to do in STO 🙂 Star Trek Franchise Fans will find a lot to like in Star Trek Online, especially since STO
        is filled with Hardcore Trekkies 🙂 Enjoy Gaming in Whatever Game that is 🙂

        For me Years long Sub’s Automatic Renewal Cancellation happens before December’s Charge Date. Cause then Heading to ESO & esp. to Star Citizen that i’ve backed with 130€ & happy to support great Chris Roberts & Cloud Imperium Games 🙂 Huge WC3, Wing Commander 4 & Freelancer Fan <3 Freelancer was golden esp. with Crossfire 1.0 & 2.0 mod <3

        Wish u nice gaming in whatever game that is 🙂

    • infamous

      They have really never cared for the game. And have made horrible decisions right up to it’s creation. Best thing we can hope for is the decade licence that EA has expires. And we get a Star Wars game akin to SWG but improved.

      • Brad Moutoux

        I fucking hated SWG. I played the game, was able to get nowhere and it was fucking Sim City.

        • infamous

          It’s a sandbox. it’s open and gives you more freedom to do anything you want. Not sure what you mean you got nowhere? You’re suppose go out and look for things to do. SWTOR on the other hand holds your hand like a child and telling you what to do (limiting what you can choose) aka another rail theme park. The only thing missing was story, but I could cope without cinematic scenes that you will skip after you seen them. It’s nothing like Sim City. And the speeders/bikes and space combat was far better than anything that crappy engine SWTOR uses could ever dish out. That and bounty hunters actually HUNT bountys. In this game all you can do is play the same crappy H2 and dailies from 5 years ago.

      • Yeah hope so.. Living the Dream.. o/ Even Square Enix would’ve done better work with Star Wars Mmo than Bioware “Currently Eaware sry” did. Swtor’s founder crew that is and they’re not around anymore as Greedy and Half Blind EA removed them after Good old Early days of Swtor. Square Enix been doing well with their Final Fantasy Mmorpg and i’ve loved Square Enix for yeaaars.

    • Perfectly said 🙂 Sad but true yes.. :/ Bad job @Bioware now known as Eaware.

  • TheCulprit

    “We’re making the story more epic, and choices more impactful than we have in the past.”

    I’ve heard that before…

    • SimonSays

      Bioware Buzz words. Hear them for Mass Effect all the time.

      • Brad Moutoux

        So you are saying you were able to keep Kaiden and Ashley?

  • Jack Manson

    let’s take in account here that:

    First of all, if you want a good MMO with a good endgame, it existed allready for years and is called WoW (and even that has been getting less and less subs)
    Second, it is EA, don’t expect to much from them.
    Third, allmost everyone that has something to say here admits that they don’t play the game anymore so why are you even bothering talking about this game? Just keep your mind with the games you do play and don’t go talking crap about a game you haven’t played in years.
    Fouth, if you really, really, really want a good MMO game with flashpoints, operations and so one, go develop it your self. If you can’t then accept what people make for ya, cause you can’t do a better job.

    Also, it’s star wars, and star wars is about storytelling. The sole purpose of star wars is making a story that sells. Yes, it was stupid to even make a MMO of this game, cause you can’t incorporate enough MMO traits into a game about a thing that is solely based on storytelling.

    And last but not least, I’ve played this game from the beginning(the very first day), and let’s be honest, people have been more social the past 2 years on this game than they’ve ever been before and nowadays you can actually play the game and complete missions on planets whereas some time ago you couldn’t because some baka of the opposite faction was constantly killing you whenever you got out of the spaceport.

    side note: from the beginning onwards, i never even felt like you had to play this game with others, and when i felt you had to, it was in the storytelling. The flashpoints and operations were no real fun and took way too long, making them boring as hell. The raids and dungeons in WoW were more fun then the MMO traits in this game. So I actually see this game (and it is) more of a openworld multiplayer version of KOTOR 3 than an MMO.

    And now, let’s go back to more pressing and serious concerns like economics, education, bullshit earthly wars and the fact that right this instant, i’m hungry.

  • cuddles

    this game being a mmo really hold it back from greatness

    • GameEntity

      It makes perfect sense for Star Wars to have an MMORPG out there, but this one, in my opinion, just didn’t do what it was supposed to do.

      • HighBrow

        I played SWTOR from launch until my static ops team couldn’t stomach the massive amount of bugs in the game anymore. I still dip back into the game now and then, and you know what? Most of those bugs are STILL in the game today. Bugs are the worst part of this game and if the developers can’t be bothered to fix bugs, the game will never be able to attract people.

      • True that 🙂 :/

  • StealthMarmot

    Well that was a whole lot of nothing said.

    “We want to make it more like KOTOR…”

    KOTOR was almost 13 years ago, you can officially stop trying to ride its coat tails. Seriously if I see any more HK stuff I might go actually nuts. (Though the HK optional chapter was brilliant)

    I have 10 Max level characters. Kindly make leveling them less redundant. Shadow of Revan had a glimpse of that with callback missions that each different class played. Do more of that.

    Also, make more strongholds that require a guild. The Guild Flagship is actually brilliant because unlocking all of it requires a guild working together. That is a great way to increase cohesion and give players in a guild a real goal. Make things like Guild Bases where rooms can be assigned to guild members and they can customize their rooms. Make Guild specific decorations that can only be unlocked through guild achievements. Make the bases have modular rooms that can be swapped out to give different layouts. Decorations are nice, but they are just deciding what flair to put on a base. Every Stronghold still looks 90% the same once unlocked.

    Let players have a bit more control over things, allow them to actually build, not just slap some stickers on things.

    Oh and one more specific thing, make it so you can have attackable dummies in a stronghold for fucks sake.

    I still play SWTOR because I am in an RP guild who is awesome. Please, give the guild and us more tools and we will make our own fun.

    • Viilax

      The Hk chapter was easily the most fun I’ve had out of the game in some time. I loved KOTFE, but there were some elements of it that were less than desirable.

    • I assume that u’ve posted these Guild based Suggestions to Swtor’s Suggestions Box @Official forums ? 🙂 5.0 Ruins Pvp alot & simplifies Content & Gameplay once again :/ Eaware really going towards Pay 2 Win path & Pushing out Many Old Supporters that joined Pre 3.0 :/ Pushing away with Crap upcoming Pvp changes for example. Mean that those who still remain after 1st Singleplayer Expansion Called Kotfe came. If next Singleplayer Expansion called Kotet requires u to Finish 1st SP Expansion with more than 1x Legacy member then i know many who Unsub & me Included. 4+ Years Sub here.

      Remember to post these Suggestions to Suggestions Box Forum 🙂 Put good easy to catch Topic so Community Manager(s) Notice it & deliver it to Developers. Y it’s frustrating that it always comes to Community Manager to take them further.. Though ofc Devs don’t have time to receive Suggestions, but just feels crap when many good idea’s are set on trusting Community Managers to Bring them forward. It often comes to Quantiy for the Winner Suggestions.. :/ Wish you nice gaming wherever that is 🙂

  • Darklord

    Guilds are a waste of time especially across time zones and considering hardly anyone is on now,

    sync leveling is rubbish and has since it came into the game though the chapters were good the constant up down with healing and damage changes made me almost quit.

    Why should i part with 14.99 a month subscription if you can’t defeat the world bosses soloing or paying cartel package price of 5,400 being forced into a guild where they talk religion shit all the time or bag out the other guy who has a mental illness.

    Overall contents of the game is great.

    But level sync was and is stupid for soloing.

    • HighBrow

      If you’re in one of those guilds that sends blind guild invites to anyone who isn’t guilded, then yes, those guids are consistently a waste of time. But not all guilds are like that and not all are a waste of time. Try not to generalize. Generalizations tend to make one look ignorant.

  • Darklord

    the other thing is the stupid kicking players out of operations or flash-points just because you consider the other gamer not up to your standard is the other reason why so many gamer leave these guilds and quit this game.

    • Talsakun

      I disagree. If you are ignorant or bad at ops and flashpoints, you have to stay away from pug groups and progression guilds.

    • HighBrow

      You have to realize that some people simply aren’t good at the more demanding parts of these games, like ops/raids. If you’re not good at it, you have no business ruining the experience of other players with your ineptitude. You may think that’s elitist, but it’s just common sense. If you suck at something, either figure out why and get better or GTFO. Sadly, many don’t like either of those options so they just stay until their badness becomes too much to bear and they get kicked. Now you don’t have to be an ass when you give them the boot, but if you can’t pull your weight, you don’t belong there.

  • Jerkmylightstick

    I wish they would hurry and burry this damn game and get on with something better. Im so tired of this company sending out new content when the game clearly sucks. I want to know how long it would take the games player count to simmer down to a crisp fuckin 0 if they made a kotor 3 or when visceral gets their head out their ass and does something with this ‘AMAZING’ game….

    • Yes.. Just darn sad that Evil, Half Blind & Super Greedy EA has their hand wrapped around SW Franchise so strongly atm. That makes it harder for some good Companies to start Developing great new Star Wars Game. Shame that Disney Scrapped Lucasarts before they were able to finish SW 1313 :/ Square Enix might be good company to create some fine SW Game with nice storytelling..

      Shame that Eaware is working with Swtor.. Square Enix might’ve been better choice for it.. Like it’ve thought for years & easy to think so after been SE Crew Fan for yeaaars. Wish u nice gaming wherever that is 🙂

      • Cassandra Drake

        this is KOTOR 3, its been KOTOR 3 since launch. There is no single player KOTOR 3 and if you think Bioware and EA are going to release one after SWTOR, you are dreaming. Mass Effect is their new space opera franchise and the chances of them coming out with a new KOTOR is about the same as Rockstar finally releasing RDR for PC.

        And seriously? Square Enix? a company that has been retexturing the same game for 20 years and reconfiguring the story the way a high school student plagiarizes off the web and changes 2 or 3 words thinking it will fool the teacher. Lightsabers would be the size of a car door if SE got their hands on Star Wars, Revan would be an androgynous and massively emo teen with girlfriend issues (you know kind of like Anakin from the prequels) and cut scenes would take 90 minutes.

        SWTOR could have been better, the Hero Engine is 80% of the problem with this game, Had they written a new engine from scratch to encompass all that is great about Star Wars, added some meaningful space combat, even open world space with player ships etc. Then we would be talking. But we have what we have and Ive gotten more than my $1 per hour of entertainment benchmark from this game and free content is always a plus.

  • Noyjitat

    I hope I get my apprentices back in this expansion. Of all the classes played how the heck do you forget to include the most popular and most played classes companions? They did give vette back but she rarely speaks. It’s all lana, theran and the new characters.

    Oh here’s a wookie with some overused pre recorded barks and growls and sounds like any other wookie (no voice acting required) or another character that speaks huttese. Come on bioware…

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