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SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage

SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage. This panel will explore the minds behind EA’s Star Wars games including the future of SWTOR.

Watch Live at 2 PM Eastern (6PM GMT)


Non SWTOR Stuff

  • 2:06 – Mark Hamil is talking on the stream, not related to the EA Star Wars panel at all.
  • 2:11 – They are calling off Mark Hamill to start the EA panel now
  • 2:15 – Same EA Star Wars trailer shown in E3 2016
  • 2:19 – Bunch of EA directors/producer on stage now, including James Ohlen. Others includes Director of Battlefront, Executive Producer of Star Wars Galaxy of Hero, Director of Lucas Films game team, Senior Visual Director of upcoming Visceral Star Wars game.
  • 2:24 – Battlefront – Great launch, lots of players. Lots of feedback and listening to players. Added new maps, new missions and new customization options. Adding new skirmish mode where you can do alone offline or with a friend. It is coming out next week. Some expansion packs are coming out as well. We started with Outer Rim, and then released Bespin expansion. We also announced the third expansion pack, the Death Star. 4th expansion coming as well as the X-Wing VR mission.
    • Teaser trailer for the Death Star expansion shown.
  • 2:29 – Galaxy of Heroes – EA’s mobile turn based strategic game. Out for only 8 months and already becoming one of the most successful Star Wars games on mobile.  They are planning to add in Rogue One characters to the game. Added guild and raids to the game.
    • Teaser trailer for the new raid shown.
  • 2:36 SWTOR starting now


  • KoTFE was very well received. Great expansion with some amazing moments. We are giving out Chapter 1 of the expansion for free today.
  • Bioware is hard at work, we have something big planned for SWTOR later this year just like every year.
  • Trailer shown of the past 5 years, suppose to have teaser of what is coming up next.
  • Knights of Eternal Throne confirmed as the new expansion coming Fall 2016. Only teaser pic shown at this time.
  • Website for the new expansion:


  • Some interesting stats shown
    • 87 million characters – 8.4 million Imperial agents, 12.9 million Jedi Knights, 12.9 Million Sith Warriors, 8.6 Million Republic Troopers
    • Over 340 hrs of voiced storytelling, 47% embracing the darkside, 53% channeling the light
    • 1.5 billion played hours

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

163 replies on “SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage”

I don’t think he even knows…he’s probably just improvising because EA/BW are late 😉

I definitely feel like that wasn’t planned. Or they wanted him for five minutes and got… what felt like an hour.

Edit: but that’s not to say it wasn’t appreciated, the man is awesome.

How about no? I like the game. But that was weak. If you can’t handle my opinion, that’s your problem.

Are you a special kind of slow or something? I didn’t say the expansion was weak, I said press conference about it was weak.

I fail to see how playing it changes the fact that the tease was weak. We already knew Season 2 was coming and we already knew the name! They didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know!

Choices dont matter, why do they keep saying they do? The story ends the same no matter what you do.

Cause Bioware…..Mass Effect devs said the same thing for years then magic boy and his 3 choices showed up and proved that your choices dont actually matter.

It was confirmed by the Star Wars twitter account awhile ago, which is out of sync with the stream.

Given that at the Producer Livestream they made a lot of noise about players should see this, I think we were all expecting something that we didn’t already know was coming.

We have no reason to be optimistic given how this last year has been. We can say what we want, that’s the point of a discussion page.

You don’t understand, it isn’t about KOTET. It is about the fact they told us stuff we already knew.

Yes we are optimistic, maybe after 2 years be new MMO content, i know is it madness, that we want new MMO content for MMORPG game.

Guess it’s the end for the game.
Presentation was so bad – the could literally say “We are done”

Ops are dead. They do not even have an Ops Designer anymore. That person left to work on another game and the role has not been filled.

They’re happy with how the game is doing and by most accounts it’s more profitable with this business model. Why would they go back to something that was less successful? This way is easier, cheaper, and the majority seem happy.

I unsubbed in December after I believe they flat out started lying to the player base and I didn’t like the direction the game went with. I’ve seen nothing to indicate it’s changing at all. I might sub for 1 month just to finish KOTFE but with the Legion expansion dropping I highly doubt I’ll want to take time away from WoW to play a half-baked MMO with what I feel is a mediocre story and even more mediocre on-rails gameplay.

Maybe you’re new to SWTOR; hence your enthusiasm at that live stream and the game in general. Give SWTOR a chance? I played every day for nearly 2 years. Guild officer, Ops leader, etc, and loved every minute of it. Right up until they stopped producing new content that would allow me to actually explore the world and play with large groups of ppl. The game is a shell of it’s former self. Nothing new to explore, only 45 minutes of hand-held gameplay in episodic monthly content chunks; a format I despise with a passion.

Don’t like WoW? That’s cool. Every game isn’t for everyone. But saying SWTOR is better than WoW is a joke. Bro.

“Every game isn’t for everyone. But saying SWTOR is better than WoW is a joke.” Trol-lo-lo?
I can tell it like that “saying WoW is better than SWTOR is a joke.”

SWTOR is a great game for people who joined in last year (or people who left early on release), lots of content to do for them.
Being myself a 5y old player game has almost no new things to do (a 1h chapter and a recruit mission once a month is not satisfaying)

Its your choice, really, but WOW is ugly. And I don`t see much MMOs with good storylines or with any story at all

Personally, I think WoW is gorgeous in its own way and its world on a visual level is 10x more immersive than SWTOR. Only reason I mentioned it at all is because at one point I for sure was going to sub in August to play thru Chapter 16 but I really just doubt I’ll have the enthusiasm for it now. Maybe much later in the year.

As for story, I really enjoyed most of the storylines in SWTOR while leveling and appreciated the voice-over work, something that SWTOR hands-down does better than any other MMO. But story doesn’t trump good gameplay. Never has. SWTOR used to have both. Now it’s trying to survive on just story and micro-transactions. No thanks.

I hope SWTOR continues to do well so ppl who enjoy it can keep playing it. When I log in I tend to just get annoyed at what isn’t there which is why I stopped playing.

I played WOW for around 3h, not impressed, deleted without hesitations, it have nothing to offer but characters that makes you puke by just looking at them. I`m not wasting my time playing it, or writing bullsh*t about it in WoW forums and chats, I will not log in that game just to write crap about that game in game chat, I`m not reading news about it. Its as simple as that about games I dislike too much things about or stoped enjoying.

I just don`t undertand all that crap people are giving that game. Whats the point? Is it some sort of mainstream?

Well I played SWTOR for 2 years, still talk to my guild mates, and keep up on news because I spent so much time in SWTOR and read gaming news in general. So I’ll comment whenever I like.

The second part of your comment is not even a fully realized thought. Which game is “that game”? As for “Is it some sort of mainstream?”, I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.

Totally this. This is how I feel. I know where my money is going. To my fav game studio of all time. Blizz.

Which doesn’t mean Ops. Star Fortresses are group content. Heroics are group content. Would love to see more Ops but there are zero indications they are returning.

Let’s also keep in mind they turned all Flashpoints into Tacticals or even Solo where the Story was important. I think any group content going forward now is either going to be a quick tactical Flashpoint like Star Fortress or on rare occasion a warzone.

Yes, it could be anything. It could be 20 ppl standing in a circle throwing a thermal detonator at each other until it explodes. I’d put my money on that before another Op.

Eventually, folks like you won’t have anyone left to throw your ‘stop crying’ BS at. Because everyone will be gone, and the game will close.

The moment that game will close, I will just find another game, its as simple as that. But I will never waste my free time on whining about the game I dislike, I better play the game I actually like and enjoy

But you’re wastng your free time responding to people whining about it. So you’re pretty much wasting it all the same

You’re not ‘spanking’ anyone. You’re just illustrating your woeful understanding of why people are complaining in the first place.

Which should come as a surprise to no one.

Keep telling yourself that, nothing will change. And no, I will never understand, why people are wasting their time if they have so much things they dislike about that game

No, its yours. You have too much free time so you have a lot of time to whine about the game you dislike…. I think I`m jealous.

Point is you’re no better. Literally, instead of playing the game you enjoy, you’re using that exact same “free time” complaining about complainers. I don’t think you’re really understanding this, but I digress. Continue telling others about how much “free time” they have when you’re right there with them, at the exact same time

Missed again. I`m doing in community about the game I like and enjoy playing. Yes, I was unable to play, but I have that problem fixed now. But you people are being a complete losers

I wasn’t whining. Simply pointing out that saying “group content” does not mean Ops and hasn’t for a long time. James Ohlen stated again during this stream that their focus has shifted to RPG and story. It’s going to remain there as long as they are in this chapter-per-month mode (which I feel will be until the game ends.)

We are quickly coming up on a dark time. A contentless swath between monthly releases and “Coming Soon”, and this really was the time to scrape together every drop of confidence inspiring tease they could. They gave us a picture, possibly a shot of the HK chapter…not sure. C’mon Bioware try harder.

They dont need to work harder.. they are making money hand over fist with the cartel market. A business only works harder when they lose money.

Glad to be a sounding board for your rhetoric, but I said “try” harder, not “work”. I understand they are probably working as hard as they are able. But their marketing efforts are shit.

Ok, we all knew about KOTET. I undertand that nice trailers will be closer to release but that teaser could be done better for such event.

I hope they have good reasons but I think it have something to do with the fact we are not finished with KotFE yet

Don’t get your hopes up about the cantina event either. It won’t be any more informative. Now if Chap XVI was already complete we may have got more info but since S1 is not done yet I already expected them to reveal next to nothing about the future. Stay tuned and keep buying those hypercrates. We love you.

Did you have a presence at the cantina Dulfy or will any potential news from that be coming via other sources?

We’ve had level cap increases and new species, it’s time for a new class…and maybe is teased in that pic, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Wouldn’t put it past them to have an Advanced Advanced Class… and merge all four into some Outlander, saber wielding freak.

Doctor Oggurobb raided the Fatality and scavenged all the leftover HK-51 parts (which he painted to look like HK-55). He then grafts them onto the Outlander creating a General Grievous/Doc Ock looking class that uses all weapon forms simultaneously.

The only purpose for a new level cap increase would be new ops/progression gearing. They won’t do a new class, we know that. All we’re getting is another “follow this hallway story” which if anything like KotFE, will be disappointing.

“They won’t do a new class, WE know that”…We do? Not saying I think they will, but there’s no way for “us” to know, “we” don’t work there.

Well, technically they have said multiple times that they are never going to add a new class to the game, it is too much work and they are happy with what they have. Feel free to search the forums for it.

Been following the game and forums since the website was first created, and I have never seen any mention of this ever. Don’t really care to do a search, because even if they did say something like this, that doesn’t mean they won’t change their mind…it wouldn’t be the first time. 😉

New class probably needed to be part of the story, its too much to do for dev team. It is still possible but lets say very unlikely. Another thing, maybe its possible to add 4th adv path to every class, but its need to be balanced, again its hard to do.

We know within reason. It would take a huge development cost with relatively low payback. They haven’t demonstrated any interest in doing development which takes investment that won’t generate significant income. In fact, they are thriving off of rehashing old content. I feel fine with my statement. If you truly believe a new class is coming, I have a bridge to sell you.

This. You hit the nail on the head. They’ve waved the white flag on SWTOR being an MMO. The only reason they don’t come out and bluntly say it is because they’d definitely lose some ppl. Low dev cost, keep revenue coming in, smile and carry on.

Even though Amy couldn’t reveal much since the new game is still in development she was still more informative than the TOR portion lol

That had to be embarrassing to be honest. To be forced up on stage to talk about SWTOR with absolutely nothing to say about it. I feel bad for the guy who spoke on behalf of the SWTOR team.

Why do I have a weird feeling that Thexan’s going to come back (possibly as the guy in black in that image), and that it’ll have something to do with that Zildrog nonsense? Okay, that’s probably a stretch, but not using Thexan at the very least would be a waste. I’ma wait and see.

I love BW and I love this game, but KotFE didn’t really live up to itself. The first 9 Chapters started what could’ve been a really awesome scrappy crew/fledgling rebellion story, but they kind of tanked it with their whole Companion-centred one-off episode approach. They ignored entire subplots and totally forgot about anything Gravestone-related.

I still love KotFE, but it could have been so much better. Let’s hope they’ve learned something by the time KotET comes around.

I’m on the opposite side of that coin. For me, the quality of story-telling and the episodic nature of KOTFE have been head and shoulders above the quality of anything we had in the game at release or any of its previous expansions. It has kept me hanging on every month and playing consistently for the last year straight through (and consistently subscribed for the same amount of time). That is a mark of success.

Well, I can’t say that we’re necessarily agreed on all of that. I adore FA+SoR, but yeah, it was flawed. They pretty much gave up on GSF as soon as they released it,which is unfortunate since it could’ve been one of the best things in the game. Makeb was good but the stories have even less replay value than SoR and KotFE combined.

KotFE is great and I love it. It just seems to me that they got to Chapter 9 and then decided to go off in a completely different direction with the telling of said story. It was kind of disappointing to get that far and be so invested in all of the mystery, and then have all of it completely forgotten in favour of a few brief glimpses at a war that we never get to appreciate the scale of, and a bad guy who gets reduced to an idiot stuck on his throne being stereotypically villainous.I’m sounding more vehement than I mean to, but you know what I mean.

A lot of that can be blamed on the limitations of their chosen medium, I think. It’s hard to tell a galaxy-changing story when you can’t change the galaxy around the player. In my mind, I think KotFE might have been more feasible, conceptually, if it had been a combination between an expansion and a single-player sequel. IE, allow player to copy/’plug’ SWtOR characters into KotFE to play as the Outlander in an environment where the galaxy can actually be presented as being at the mercy of the Eternal Empire, while not actually altering that character’s data in the SWtOR main game. Or even just as a straight up sequel MMO with character imports.

I dunno. I’m just spitballing. It’s hard to say for sure what would or could have been better. I think they’ve done a fantastic job with the box they put themselves in, or that EA put them in, but I think it could have been a much more immersive experience.

For sure, but also the guy in black is wearing some very Zildrog-y duds. Take that and consider Senya standing there and the obviousness of Thexan’s return, I think that there’s a pretty clear correlation.

Thexan = Zildrog. Or at least related to Zildrog.

Just like Arcann is basically a gorilla. Don’t deny it. You totally see it too.

Conveniently left out the word “multiplayer” when saying the game was an “online roleplaying game” and “oh, I should mention you can play with other people too”

So nobody at Team BioWare has ever heard of public relations, advertising and marketing?

Just some guys coding, and no clue what this strange being called “player” is?

well, he wasn’t lying, it was well recieved by all the RPers and people who don’t play group content

I thought the raiding community left already. Even back when we got semi-frequent Ops/Fps, it got stale fast.

As a HM/NiM raider I know the feeling, most of the people in my guild and other good raiding guilds are all planning to leave if there isn’t a new raid out by Feb at the latest

Bullsh*t. RPers hate KOTFE.
First of all, how am I suppoused to RP anything when plot and state of the Galaxy changes constatly? I have a friend who was RPing a Knight of Zakuul – she has no-f*cking-idea what to do now. Like, her character was against “userper” Arcann, but now what? Since Throne is taken by SCORPIO?
Second of all, Bioware just ignores RPers. No new emotes, no new RP features. I mean, it’s… what? Two years since we last time seen emotes? We have /chicken, but we don’t have /handsbehindback. Really, Bioware?

that guy hosting is wickett in rotj lol wish they had someone talk besides james i have to take a shit but ill sell you this first ohlen. So all i got out of this presentation is a rehash of what tor is and a picture of an upcoming xpac lmao /smh

Yeah, he was really low energy, and it really didn’t seem like he accomplished much there. Basically just told everyone what they already knew. I liked the midget though, he reminds me of one of the teachers from harry potter.

SWtor’s “BIG Announcement”: Next expansion is coming the same time the as the previous 2 years

The only big Star Wars themed event per year, and these morons have NOTHINg to promote. This is a level of failure nobody can beat!

Whis is like a big Microsoft event is happening, and the Windows 10 team enters the stage and says: we are working on stuff. And now watch a video about Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP. Aren’t they awesome?!

How is it possible that these guys still have a job? There are so many people who could do this way better, but these incmopetent guy sit there and can’t even get their game promoted on the most important event for their franchise.

So this game isn’t getting anything new for another 4-6 months besides one short story and an HK themed joke story? WTH!

Well, we do get the final chapter, the bonus chapter and the missing alert missions (I hope) in one month. The 3 month brake is good for doing the DvL event and getting my other toons to the end of the KOTFE. Work prevented me from keeping up with the chapter releases on all classes, limited myself to only two in the last months. I welcome it, since I wouldn’t want do play the expansion on only two toons again.

You honestly think it’s going to be on the 1.5 month end of things? I sure hope you were not thinking along those lines given bW’s past releases.

“We decided to do a more of a focus on the story aspect of the game.” TRANSLATION: We decided to turn our MMO into a single player game with no MMO related updates or patches. Operations, and ranked pvp rewards? Naw, you get a HK poster because screw you!

I agree, I’d rather get something than nothing, but it really doesn’t seem like much, and no one really asked for it TBH. Infact during a dev stream the devs were talking about how everyone was mad that we weren’t rewarded a HK reward. This simply wasn’t true as nearly everyone in the chat screamed that they didn’t give a crap about the silly rewards. It was so bad that they turned that chat off and went on with their day acting as if nothing happened lmao.

First People cry swtor is not kotor 3. Bioware turns swtor into kotor 3 with solo focused, story based gameplay-people start crying that bw is killing the mmo part of the game. Decide on one thing, will ya?

We wanted KotOR 3 because the group elements were badly implemented at the start. Then they upped the quality of endgame content and people found out it’s not so bad. But now both the story and the raiding (PvP has been the same thing for a long time, one warzone every 2 years is a fucking joke, and don’t get me started on GSF) have degraded. So yeah, gg Bioware, let’s see if this game lives through 2017.

They cant, the only thing that gives them meaning in their meaningless lives is becoming a critic to every thing bioware does.

people want KOTOR 3 because it’s a singleplayer game that you buy once. Then maybe buy some dlc. Not the singleplayer that you Need to pay 15$ monthly.

You don’t need to pay $15 monthly. It’s like getting the game for free and then paying $15 for the DLC when the season is complete.

On a side note am I the only person that is bugged by these people that don’t seem to know that the “$” goes in FRONT of the numbers? I see it everywhere.

I never said in my comment that I wanted KOTOR 3. I see that you’re relating this comment to those many people who wanted KOTOR 3, so you see the irony in my comment. I’m just pointing out how they haven’t released hardly anything MMO related lately. I like the story, and I’m glad they are doing their job on it, but it’s sad to see that they haven’t made any room for hardly anything else.

I’d like to see them do a new cinematic trailer for the next expansion. They have the money.

I cringed at the whole thing.
Talking about swtor is like remembering that one ex that you had to break up with because it wasnt working out.
I feel so betrayed.

they got rid of it there paper engine couldnt handle it why they have warzones with smallscale pvp pretty sad

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