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GW2 New Voice Actor for Male Charr Players

GW2 is using a new voice actor Lex Lang for male charr players due to the previous voice actor unable to continue.


Those of you who explore Tyria as a male charr may notice a change in your character. Our previous voice actor, Ron Yuan, was unable to continue in the role for scheduling reasons, so we have a new voice actor in our Commander ranks, and we’re excited to welcome him to theGuild Wars 2 family.

Lex Lang has joined the Guild Wars 2 cast as the new voice of our male charr player character. Lex is a talented and experienced voice-over artist who has also worked on Titanfall, Crash Bandicoot, the Mass Effect series, and many other games and TV shows.

He’s very excited to be taking on such an important role for Guild Wars 2. Please join us in welcoming him to our team!

IMDB page for those curious about this voice actor’s previous roles.


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3 replies on “GW2 New Voice Actor for Male Charr Players”

The hellfire achievement greaves still turn charr feet into human feet and there are only 2 armor pieces in game which cover a charr’s neck – so as far as representation goes, you’ll forgive me for saying male charr’s haven’t found their voice yet -.-

Kind of a shame it doesnt come with a meet’n’greet with his ingame voice. They did that for a lot of characters when gw2 first came out

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