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SWTOR Celebration Cantina Q&A on Group Content

A reader has sent over this private Q&A he had with the developers with a focus on group content.

Information from Developers. (In no particular order and with no names). Some answers were paraphrased. Special thanks to the person who sent this in.

Q: “Why do so many questions go ignored for so long, it becomes hard to try and defend the dev team and Bioware. Why cant you just say ‘there will be more group content’ or ‘there will be more ops’ “

A: “It all comes down to Shadow of Revan. We announced we would release info on a new expansion and when the date of the announcement came, we had issues and had to delay the announcement. The negative reaction was off the scale and even though we announced the next working day, the damage was done and it overshadowed the entire release of Shadow of Revan and as a result it ruined the build up to the expansion. From then on we were no longer able to announce specifics in advance. So when we are not giving info or are staying silent on certain topics. This is the reason why. We know what everyone wants, and we try to plan ahead in the best way. Sometimes this means leaving one side of the game alone to catch up in another area that we need to work on. That does not mean that the other areas are not in our plans or that they are not being worked on. There are people at work in one room right now on one thing, other people in another room right now working on another thing and other people in other rooms working on other things. What can I say about new ops? Well Remember when for like a year all people asked about was ‘more pvp, more pvp, more pvp’ and then bang we released not one, but two new pvp’s…. he left that hanging for a moment and pulled a suggestive facial expression before we moved on.

This is by no means concrete confirmation of new ops or group content. But the suggestion is there and this is probably the best bit of information.

Q: “I know you can’t confirm anything, but if I was to go around telling people that it is ridiculous to think the game will never have new group content or ops, would I be right to say that or would there be a chance I could end up being proved wrong?”

A: “We can never say never, but we know what people want, we know what everyone is asking for but things take time and we can only focus on certain areas at a time. Things are always being planned ahead and like I said there are people right now working on things in a room somewhere. Can we always do what everyone wants within a timescale that keeps everyone happy? No. But that doesn’t mean that we are not going to get around to it. If the community asks for something and then it takes us six months to do that thing, but three months into that six month period the community start asking for another thing then we can’t just stop or divert away from the current thing. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t taken it on board or that we are ignoring you guys, these things take time”.

Q: “It must be hard to deal with the negativity sometimes when you know certain things but just can’t say anything”

A: “That is the hardest part of my job, I do sometimes wish that they could all see I am on your side. I’m like your mother f***ing soldier here fighting for what you guys want and need, but sometimes what they want and what they need are not hand in hand and we have to compromise or do our best to get to things in the right order. But man we want to get it all out there for you guys as best we can and say ‘here you go’

Q: “I have to ask, sorry and I know you will be sick of hearing this but will there be new ops?”

A: “Look, don’t worry man I will answer as best I can. Look, do we know that everyone wants it? Yes, do we want to do it? Yes. Are we able to do it? Yes. So why would we not? Look it takes time and it may not be as soon as people want but yes it would be crazy not to look at more ops. Just one thing at a time you know? But we look at the best way forward and how and when to change direction or add this or add that and we hear you, we really do and I can’t promise anything but if we don’t say we are doing something then it doesn’t mean we are not doing something”

Q: “When it comes to adding new classes, the stance has always been that it would be too hard to integrate new classes into the original class stories. So why can’t we simply have new classes that start from 60 + or whatever the cap would be at the time of release. Just like a level 60 token character starting from Kotfe is it now possible to add a new class that could start fresh from a future expansion?”

A: “New classes is something we have discussed for a long time. It’s something I think we all would like to do. But yes, adding them to the original story is something that would probably stop that from going forward. We have looked at lots of ways to do it and talked a lot about how we could add new classes. Adding them to later expansions like you suggest could work but then we would still have to deal with class balance and a lot of people may simply complain about new classes and not want them in the game due to balancing.”

Q: “Will future expansions all be episodic and released in monthly intervals?”

A: “Well we don’t know, I mean, we know it hasn’t gone down in the best of ways and not everyone likes it. Some people do like the format but were always looking at ways to improve and if we have to go back to one thing or try a new thing then that’s something we always look at.”

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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“We hear you, we know what you want…but we are all trying to keep a paycheck until the plug is pulled. So while you want new content, we just want a job….”

What makes you say that? This tracks about as well as the discussions I’ve had in person wit h the traveling devs, when I spoke with a number of them and Musco at last years SDCC cantina

Fake. Everyone knows they don’t give a shit about the raiding community, so even a slight hint at remotely caring is a sign of a false interview.

I have gotten clearer answers out of my three year old who was trying to cover up getting into the cookies. Thanks for um, clearing up nothing?

A class that use tech blade and tech staff would be cool. tech version of guardian and shadow or jugg and assassin

I love that idea Ahmet, literally bioware could make them mirrors of sin/shadow, jugg/guardian, and sent/mara. hell even go the route of a tech version of a sorc/sage. Hardest part would be coming up with ability names/animations and they could reuse all the values from the force class they are mirrored from!

The thing that amazes me is that these guys seem to think we only play their game, that we don’t experience other companies’ games that continually deliver content for all their player base, instead of doing just the one thing for this lot and months later another thing for that lot.

Really, if TOR is doing SO well, what about putting some of that money into doing more stuff?

We are well into a year and 7 and a half months since the last Op. It will be 2 FULL YEARS coming December…

I would think that was enough time to do something in that regard IF they really wanted to…

indeed 2 years even for interns would be enough time to create atleast 2 ops plus 4 flashpoints. would not be easy though since you will need a theme for it. and since i had my fill of skytroopers i dont want to see a flashpoint nor a ops full of them.

It is entirely possible the devs do want to put in more ops, fps and pvp. While I don’t know the actual finance methods used at BW:A it is likely that EA gives them money allocated to specific projects. They may have to pitch a project like ops to producers, who also look over metrics, and that could be where the problem lies. If they put in another ops and the community either ignores it, or reacts negatively towards it the producers will see it as a waste of money and end any financing in that direction. Also diverting funds allocated isn’t a realistic notion since it usually ends in terminations, reduced budget and more oversight from the higher ups.

This is just pure bs and fluff nothing more. They blame the negativity on the playerbase when they created it how many fucking server merges have their been? how many times did they fuck off with timelines and other stuff. I left after ilum when to shit im an open world pvp fan not this warzone shit fuck that instanced crap. They purposely threw away thier raiders/pvp’ers for “story” i have never seen a more idiotic move in my life. Its like car companies saying ok were getting rid of trucks suvs and only selling hybrids its the customers fault b/c they were negative about our company lolz

thats ea for you

It’s a shame they can’t cut the PR BS and be honest, because let’s be real, SWTOR has not been a game for serious progression content for a long time. If that’s what you look for in an MMO, you should have realized that long ago. Bioware clearly can only do so much with what resources they have, and trying to follow the WoW model of progression content and big expansions clearly isn’t something their not capable of. It’s not necessarily their fault, it’s just the reality. They can stick to their strengths and what’s in their capability with these single player monthly missions, or they can have a content drought entirely for months and only be able to manage a small expansion like Shadows of Revan. You just can’t have both. If Blizz, with the biggest dev team money can buy from their 5 million or so paying subscribers, needs a 6 month content drought to make their new expansion, what do people expect Bioware to be able to do?

Yeah, that seems to be the unspoken here: for whatever reason, they are deliberately understaffed. And not only this team, but Bioware has seen the exit of key creative people in recent years.

“It all comes down to Shadow of Revan. We announced we would release
info on a new expansion and when the date of the announcement came, we
had issues and had to delay the announcement. The negative reaction was
off the scale and even though we announced the next working day, the
damage was done and it overshadowed the entire release of Shadow of
Revan and as a result it ruined the build up to the expansion.”

When one bad day kills your expansion… then maybe you need to make better expansions.

” What can I say about new ops? Well Remember when for like a year all
people asked about was ‘more pvp, more pvp, more pvp’ and then bang we
released not one, but two new pvp’s…. he left that hanging for a moment
and pulled a suggestive facial expression before we moved on.”

they gave us 2 new very small maps an this guy acts like its impressive. wasnt really 2 new pvp’s. it was one new PvP an 1 new map. they were both small an have a circle theme. and I’m still not impressed.

I hope the free drinks were good. Because I can’t imagine the disappointment of any SWTOR fans spending money to go out there and hearing, well basically nothing.

The free drinks were fine, thanks. Two tickets per punter, each got you anything within reason from the bar. At London prices, that’s about £9.00 value. Plus a free t-shirt, poster and code card (with 450 CCs) for everyone who turned up. I’d have liked news, but I’d have expected whinging and bitching, so on balance they probably called it right.

You all need to read this fact: You put $200 million into the production and launch of the SWTOR, then see its population drop off a cliff 6 months after, forcing it into a F2P model with adapted Sub perks, and try to keep the standard of gaming when EA doesn’t want-to give you the resources you badly need.

Its just like any business having a bad turn; The Bank are unwilling to loan you as much based on your fall in business. Without the Cartel Market, the game would barely be able to pay for its staff. Running an Gaming business is serious money. It also a huge game of cat and mouse with the really good talent out there. If you cant pay for the ultimate pros, they will vanish like ninjas in the night.

I’m not saying any of our issues arent valid. However, you need to understand both sides of the story to argue without sounding like an asshat. Read up on the industry. Know the trends. Understand how new content goes through R&D. Lastly, give them a fucking break. They love the game just as much as we do.

You are absolutely right. I am well aware of that, I was here through it all.

Then oh why are we BOMBARDED with PR bullshit about how well the game is doing??? Because you can’t have it both ways:

Either your game is thriving and you must have resources; or your game is barely holding on, and you do what you can to keep it afloat.

I may understand their side… I don’t understand being bullshitted.

I think its more about Bullshitting Di$ney so they dont try to intervene. They shut down their own entire 2D animation department just because they had 2 bad films in a row. Of course, they couldn’t admit that the stories were bad ideas to begin with so It must be that people dont like animated cartoons anymore. Buhh!
So with that in mind… It’s important to keep the smoke and mirrors or we could lose the whole thing and be left with either no mmo or something much much worse.

Once I saw that you used a $ for the S in Disney I just KNEW you were a scholar. So clever. So edgy. So original. OH! If I may make a humble suggestion? Feel free to use it where you wish: Use K in place of a C or if you really want to be crazy a Z instead of an S. Your legitimacy will expand exponentially.

Once I saw you were dressed like Major Toht, I just KNEW you were a Nazi. But oh, a grammar Nazi! Wonderful.
Oh, you forgot a comma before “I just knew” after “C” and after “be crazy”
Get over yourself.

It may be more complex than that. EA probably receives the resources and sends BW:A their cut. It may not be PR spin to say that KotFE exceeded expectations. It could be quite profitable for them. However, most business executives won’t say now that this endeavor is profitable lets expand into the less popular realms. Unless BW and the community can demonstrate that the development is either self sufficient or profitable they will see it as wiser to either invest further in KotET development, or to spread out the resources between the already profitable/popular pieces.

ea considers tor a miss their own ceo said as much they honestly think story will save this game lol i dont see that working in the long run people sub to do raids and pvp whats left of those raiders/pvp’ers

You might be right, but that opens up a whole new can of worms:

If the game IS profitable by a large margin, then EA are pretty stupid not to invest in a cash cow. Instead we have WHOLE GUILDS leaving to other games because there’s no group content, who knows how many pvp’ers have left by now… It just doesn’t seem good business to me. Why alienate a faction of your PAYING customers? Yes, because raiders and pvp’ers are by a large margin subs!

And KotFE was well received, I know that. It was the ONLY time in YEARS that I saw the servers with Heavy, Very Heavy or even Full a couple of times. But now? Servers barely break Standard population… And it’s been that way for many months now…

I don’t know how this company is run, but based on statements and interviews it seems like each department gets a budget allocated to them. So in theory that money would be split between pvp, raid and story content based on however BW monitors the internal population.

As far as alienating a population of users it usually comes to an issue of practicality. If they can’t see a section of the game able to profit or at least recoup development costs they shut it down(GSF). They won’t use more profitable pieces to cover the expenses as that is the idiom “throwing good money after bad.” If they aren’t currently looking profitable(nearly 2 yrs since new content) then whoever controls the purse strings would have to be convinced that it is an investment that will be profitable if taken care of this time.

Agreed on server pop, last time I saw Heavy was when they released Vette and Gault. The opaqueness of the facts is what leads to this whole spiral. Both sides use the limited information to prove they are correct and BW usually exacerbates the matter by patronizingly saying they listen and are reacting behind the scenes.

how many times i have i heard subs are skyrocketing! the game has millions of players and all this fluff yet weve seen server merge after merge guilds falling apart and this stupid idiotic event really says it all. do not give these people 1 penny of your money

I don’t envy these developers. You couldn’t ask for a less appreciative, more greedy, more abusive audience than the venomous scuts they have to listen to pissing in their ears, day in and day out.

Between getting very little resources from EA, but being demanded to get more money from the subscribers with little to work with. and then trying to appease everyone with said little resources, but always have one group or another mad about the lack of challenging progressive operations/flash points/ galactic star fighter /war zones/story content. saying that Bioware is stuck between a rock and a hard place is a gross understatement.

Its easy to demonize Bioware and blame them for everything, when they’re trying to make 10 gallons of lemonade from a half eaten ham sandwich from the CEO of EA. if Bioware had their way, and with moderate resource (unlike the very little they get from EA), we would have gotten almost everything we would want in SWTOR a year ago.

in other words, the fact that they had to withheld the sames of the people they were interviewing shows that EA has Bioware on a very tight leash, making Bioware have a tighter hold on its devs and other people. artists in shackles and chains cannot make great art. want to send your hate to someone, send it to EA.

cant stand the heat gtfo the kitchen and dont make promises that they cant deliver on and likely wont have that golden shower ear going on.

thats a 2 way street these devs think their rocks stars well their not ive met them in person and they really believe this game is a wow killer and all this its quite dilusional. They have destroyed thier own game and want to blame the community? for thier fumbles and fuckups give me a break

In a sense I agree and I also disagree.
All the “Devs” could be a bit better about their Hubris and take a card form some other MMO’s and humble down. Look people screw up – they are human. But to not get out ahead and say “Hey – we hit a problem and unfortunately its one we can’t fix immediately. Therefore we will need to postpone what we thought was good launch window. On the other hand, This other project we are working on seems to be moving faster so we are going to try to release this one instead.” is what is hurting them. That and the fact that they try to claim a shit sandwich is tasty.
My personal GFY moment to the Devs was over the whole Crafting fiasco. It was obvious that the dataminers hit it square in the head, yet what doe the Dev’s do – Threaten to ban anyone that discusses it. They could have taken the moment to go out ahead of it and discuss some of the crafting changes and not be “Look – we thin we know what YOU want so now give us your monthly sub and let us tell you what to like”. Overall, some of the changes were good, but it was the simple “We know what you want” crap that drove me crazy.
Again – its like this weekend. Game takes a shit with the login servers and not even the 3rd string flunkie is posting an update. Are you telling me the entire dev team was off getting drunk in Europe? That might explain why some content its getting done…

Maybe if they weren’t so wank at their jobs the fanbase might be a little less angry all the time :’)

The cantina took place during Star Wars Celebration in London, since EA was there to briefly talk about the upcoming games and their current games thet took the oppertunity to do a Cantina.

“New classes is something we have discussed for a long time. It’s something I think we all would like to do.”

“XYZ is something we have discussed for a long time. It’s something I think we all would like to do.”

How often will this morn dev team repeat this useless bullshit, over and over again? We hear this shit now for years about every possible topic!

I can’t help but laugh.

I thought according to Bioware at E3 2015 everyone said they wanted more story.

So which is it?

BS new classes can be added to existing classes tree lines. Like marauders who use backwards lightsaber stance, or for juggernauts since no one plays anything but immortal or vengance, strip the 3rd tree and do it. They give excuses but overlook the easiest solutions.

even with these money hungry packs if your gonna just keep pumping out ugly ass armors at least make ONE piece of the armor look good to give a reason to get it. 80% of the cloths in this game no one will ever wear. Half of the crap outfits i get from crates i just throw away because I WOULD NEVER WEAR THEM ON ANY CLASS. Just so much could be done, but they’re just trying to make all the money they can before the game is dead.

The class tree line doesn’t have to do with why they don’t want to add classes. It has to do with adding a class story with voices. The cost and time it would take would be huge. I guess they could piggy back another class story, and use the same voice, but then everyone would complain.

And not everyone cares about group content. It’s nice to have solo flashpoints, but nothing drops from any of them. No deco’s no nothing so its a pointless “gotta clear this for no reward:” Most people play this game solo till a certain point. And even at end game people want solo content that may be harder but still gives you something besides a few creds and a normal crystal which does no good at end game besides buying and reselling comp items with…

And for those of us who could Solo group content you nerf’d the fuck out of it all. I could solo tacticals with no problems untill you implemented the enemy auto-leveling. Basically since 4.0 bioware has nerf’d everything a solo player can do that is geared and skilled enough to be impossible.

“We announced we would release info on a new expansion and when the date
of the announcement came, we had issues and had to delay the
announcement. The negative reaction was off the scale and even though we
announced the next working day, the damage was done and it overshadowed
the entire release of Shadow of Revan and as a result it ruined the
build up to the expansion. From then on we were no longer able to
announce specifics in advance”

So it’s the community’s fault that Bioware can’t internet properly?

Fuck you too.

according to them people want to be flooded with cartel market crap and 5 minutes or less of story a month.

Truth. The secret is to find the hidden bonus metal hallway that looks slightly different from the 1,000 other hallways you run down which leads you to the Sky Trooper control ship. If you blow it up it knocks them all out of commission, just like in Episode I. No Sky Troopers = 5 minute chapters per month (and more time to open chance cubes.)

Here is a novel idea…. slow down on the dang CM stuff. Then, maybe then, you can pump out new content that everyone wants!

2 years with no new meaningful endgame content, after they’ve promised in the past that such a thing would never happen again. Lord of the Rings Online got a new raid before this game did. I’m sorry, but either say there’s going to be at least one or two new operations/flashpoints/anything that will be done when they’re done but you’re shooting for X timeframe, or none at all. Stop stringing people along with vague assurances you fucking snake oil salesmen.

Sick of this shit. Their entire idea of endgame in the KotFE expansion has been farming 5 year old heroics and grinding 250k influence with companions/influence with alliance commanders when it clearly fucking means nothing, as is evident by Chapter 15 and what happens with Scorpio even if you have max influence.

“It’s done when it’s done” That’s the best line in this whole thread. When the servers drop they tend to say “We don’t have an ETA” So why not do that with new content? Just say we have 2 pvp maps, 1 FP and 1 OP in development with no ETA. And if anyone asks about it at cantinas just say “When its done”
I seem to recall ID software taking that stance quite a bit back in the day. Worked fine for them.

I can live with that. We are working on this, this, and this… don’t ask when it will be done. But it WILL come.

i remember thier whole point of using the hero engine was that they could drag and drop content into the game very fastly that turned out to be a lod of bs

‘It’s done when it’s done’ doesn’t inspire anyone to stay subbed. It could be done in a month, or a year. Not knowing means people will just go elsewhere in the meantime.

so what im reading is FOAD all you people who wants actual MMO content.. and Hey we gave you not 1 but TWOOOOOOO pvp maps LOL… also there is a person or persons working in a room, separate from each other.. so the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is putting on the cartel market thats why they fuck so much shit up eh? Glad i stopped subbing for this game awhile ago.. because these developers know fuck all, and cant produce a godamn single bit of MMO content to save their life… Look at Wow a fucking 12+yr old MMO now producing Double the amount of content this game does.. i LOL

Because people want to see it improve because they love the IP, but are frustrated at BW’s continued mismanagement?

Why are you asking this? Are you really that stupid and unabl to understand the different oppinions of people?

maybe people are hoping to, you know come BACK to playing the game they enjoyed at one point, possibly invested years into, etc? so you check for news to see if there are any improvements and.. nope. people are likely commenting here, because you need active subscription to comment on official forums and because they keep moving discussions of this nature into obscurity of “off topic forums (assuming it doesn’t get deleted outright, or closed)

I hope that the upcoming chapter is the last for Arcann. Because when his arc is done he will be released as a costume and I loved wearing a mask like that in Kotor so I want it nao

Is Arcann HK-55? No, he isn’t. So you don’t want his items to wear. Stop lying and align with the metrics and surveys!

Who do I contact to get my Q/A uploaded? This individual is not providing accurate answers. I just got back from London and this was not what I was told. Maybe this person was coming off as a prick so he got wrong information.

Dulfy, do you want me to post here or email you? It’s nothing huge, but I had confirmation of new MMO content to drop with KOTET. A new flashpoint, end of Ranked season, and an operation early next year.

You are claiming to know the accuracy of other peoples discussions?
You are claiming it is false then state what you learned as which sounds to me EXACTLY they same sort of thing..
and FYI the swtor post on the new expansion confirms new content. You are not saying anything new.

What a load of shit they do not know what the player base wants their absolutely clueless. Its just like i said the guys have messiah/god complexes and want to have their asses kissed well there not gods or rockstars their devs who suck horribly. I find this article offensive this is just total bs lol. As for negativity their the ones who created it and destroyed thier own game and they expect people to be happy about things? They destroyed companions absolutely ruined them and do i really need to go into this “event” which was sold as a new event lol. This just confirms how clueless these people are. They purposely chose to give up thier raiding community thier pvp community for “story” then they say thiers “maybe” people working on it in another room hahaha how fucking stupid do they think people are hahaha /smh

No they do know what we want but they aren’t going to give it to us because it doesn’t sell more CM stuff.

that cartel market is what they consider the “game” to be. Overall its why im in sto and swg emu. As long theres stupid enough people to fall for this crap theyll get by

Yet you still like to follow threads about the game…

You’re one of those people who gets beat up by their ex and keeps coming back lol

He’s more like the ex that stalks her afterwards, hoping with every bite of food she takes she’ll choke to death…


no i more like the guy who makes 10 to 15 grand an hour at a canabis ranch in colorado here looking at my phone dinging from stupid tools who post on here

says the tool who wastes time using my name and hiding like the rest of the bitches here who claim to be “fans”

“We announced we would release info on a new expansion and when the date

of the announcement came, we had issues and had to delay the

announcement. The negative reaction was off the scale and even though we

announced the next working day, the damage was done and it overshadowed

the entire release of Shadow of Revan and as a result it ruined the

build up to the expansion. From then on we were no longer able to

announce specifics in advance”

Until this I thought the reason for the HK55 companion return was the most disingenuous babble I’ve heard from devs. Overshadowed the entire SoR release? LMAO. If they really feel that way they need to get a damn grip. That reaction was nothing compared to the negative build-up to KotFE after they dropped news of an expansion in June and then said absolutely nothing for months…which they’ve now turned around and done again.

Didn’t even come close to the nightmare that happened around the Slot Machine Nerf (dun dun DUN!) That one had the forums in such an uproar my sons asked how old the people were playing the game due to the quality of the comments… 🙂

LOL… That was a shitstorm if I’ve ever seen one… And yes, I was one of those guys complaining, my slot machine sits as a decoration in my NS Stronghold to this day… But I’ve hidden it in a remote, out of sight room… Just looking at it gives me the chills…

I was one of the lucky ones. Made millions selling my extra slot machines right after they came out and then spammed the thing for several days. I still have Jawa mats piled up in my cargo hold.

Agreed. Feels more like threats when they say shit like that, same with the slot machine after they totally destroyed it. ‘You reacted like X so now we won’t do Y’

They could be candid and honest and admit that this game is run by EA accountants, but they’d probably get fired..
They’d LIKE to do alot of things but getting money for anything not cartel market is a real bitch and they have to pick their battles.

I’m gonna have to call BS. I would need some sort of proof that these statements came from SWTOR dev’s. Sorry, but any troll that is trying to up his game could make this shit up. I’ve seen “fanboi’s from hell” try to sell off their wild imaginations to get the gaming community because SWTOR is their life and without it they are lost lonely and depressed. Anyway, I just popped in to give my 2 cents, see ya next month…

If it was attention seeking then surely the “reader” would have wanted their name plastered all over it. And I do not think for one second that Dulfy would have posted it without knowing it is from a reputable source.

I can only speak for my wife and myself, and we don’t care for PvP one bit, FPs and Ops maybe a little, but what we DO care about a lot(!) are new planets (no rails, but wide open areas to explore), new story content that can be played and experienced together(!!!) and not like it is now, that story runs in its own instance that only you can experience alone. And, in the case of KotFE, doesn’t make any sense if you’re not playing a force adept.

THAT’s what WE want. What others want? I don’t really know.

Neither do BW 😛

But yeah, I don’t know many people in-game who feel any more than ‘ok’ about the way things are currently, even those (like myself) who mostly care about the story.

Oh and that’s another fine example of BW’s mindless game options: you cannot do KotFE with another person. That one is just epic…

Myself, my brother and my sister-in-law are in pretty much the same boat. My brother just purchased a sub to unlock all content and has pretty much stopped at chapter IX(I think) he basically just plays with me or his wife on star fortresses and arena. He doesn’t plan on finishing until the 11th.

Just b/c BW %&$§& up the announcement of the announcement of SoR (that was incredibly unprofessional) they won’t talk about details of future expansions at all? Sounds like a BS excuse. It makes BW look even worse than just admitting, that there will be no new group content at all.

Its like reading an interview with trump. Many words, no information whatsoever and many excuses not to give any information. This is why devs get so much deserved shit because they dont share information.
Look at eve online and how the devs tell players about new content regularily without being dicks about it.

Everybody is bitching about new raids and I’m just here like: Meh, I like trains.

I understand people being passionate about a game, but I do not understand people throwing money at them if they’re not satisfied with the product.

It’s like eating sushi all day long even if you don’t like to eat raw fish, yet you keep doing it and then complain about the fish being raw and how you’d love to eat a gigantic steak instead. What’s your fucking problem?

Nop. You’re missing the point. Thing is, the game (till SoR) was releasing group content on a constant basis, which was making people that likes to raid happy. Now it’s been more than a year and a half, and we still have no idea if they’ll ever come up with other group content. How can you not understand that it’s frustrating for people who play (and pay) mostly for that type of content? You must be one dumb raw fish haha 🙂

I’m sorry if you’re dumb.

I’m in for the story. Raided in 2.x and 3.x, got what I wanted from raiding, got my titles, got my mounts, got my achievements, got everything, then left raiding and went with story. I’m fine with the game as it is in 4.x and will most likely not change my mind once 5.x approaches.

You’re the one missing the point here. If the q&a is legit, (And it was somewhat confirmed on Reddit it is) then they clearly admitted that they can’t do more than one thing at once. It’s either only story, only pvp or only raids. They admitted of not being able to develop all three main aspects of the game at the same time anymore. The reasons why things are like that are unknown to us, but the reality is what it is.

It’s pretty clear that 5.x will be another story-centered expansion, with new raids to come only in 2018 (Maybe). So you can take that raw fish and eat it. Or puke it out of your sorry mouth and leave because if you stay and complain, it’s on you.

Yes. Trains are glorious. Best thing that has ever happened to the public transport infrastructure.

To me this reads like “We’re not allowed to tell you when we’ll release new ops, because stupid new marketing rules after the last shitstorm when we missed a promised release date, but we’ve been working on it since quite some time.”

What’s more: They obviously don’t have enough people to work on different areas of the game similarly. Which to us as players and members of the game’s community means: Be responsible in saying what you wish for and think about your own priorities before you say something.

I think we’ve gotten into this situation, because a lot of people were saying “We need more story”, meaning, they wanted that IN ADDITION to steadily released group content. We now know, that doing the one thing will basically slow down other things close to a standstill. So you should always make clear what your priorities in the game are and clearly say how a wish or a suggestion you utter ranks in that list of priorities.

Funny thing is I don’t even remember any bashing at all BEFORE SoR was released. At least not compared to what has happened over the last year with KOTFE. So if the driving force for the direction of the game was the avoidance of negativity, wouldn’t that mean that they can never repeat the process they followed with KOTFE?

Not to mention its the last real expansion we have had. Jeez i wonder why they don’t want to repeat it???

I know right? We had 2 new ops, Ziost, Rishi, Yavin, fun gameplay, even an interesting story.

Instead they will basically repeat KOTFE with KOTET… they couldn’t even bother to come up with a more inspired name..

They’re just trying to milk that KOTOR cow for as long as they can. Some idiot even yelled out “KOTOR 3!” during the SWCE live stream. It could be “Knights of the Festering Ass Warts” and some players would love it.

The one thing that bugs me about the comments I’ve read is this…

You all are demanding more content. Berating them for being slower than Blizzard which is true in some points, but still the fact to me is you are not giving them enough time to work with their limited resources (probably not that big of a dev staff). Don’t get me wrong, I am not defending them, they certainly could improve.

They want to make this game best they can (which I applaud, it shows effort) and they don’t want to f**k it up. Some might have forgotten that if things are rushed, bugs are to be expected (ex: the meat tree in SoR). If BW conformed to the demands of the players now and gave us new ops, they certainly be bugged up so much it would be unplayable.

Before anyone goes off half-cocked, I know a year and 1/2 between new raiding content is a long time. They concentrated on one aspect, they hoped you’d like. Giving you a little something at least while they concentrate on building new ops (which is TIME consuming).

Patience is a virtue that can be well rewarded and for certainly willing to wait so they dont f**k things up with RUSHED ideas.

P.S. I agree the shit costumes need to go….get some fresh ideas in there.

Man-hours. If they reduce the number of people working on something, the time required to complete the same amount of work is going to increase. And EA management have been steadily pulling people from BWA, little by little, until it all finally comes crashing down like a fucking Jenga tower.

However, has your sub fee been lowered? No? Then now you know what people are pissed about. Not really a problem that can be solved with ‘patience’.

First of all, the first part to your comment is spot on. Reducing manpower increases time required. The 2nd part makes absolutely no sense. 15$ a month is a perfectly reasonable sub fee. From a business standpoint, they are using the same monthly price as a lot of other games (to compete). Not everything can be free or low priced. Grow some sense.

So getting proggressively less for the same amount of money is ‘reasonable’ to you? You do realize that your supporting this shit favors anti-competitive practices as it indirectly punishes developers that strive to give you better value for your dollar, right?

$15/mo is peanuts to me. I spend at least that much each month in the GOG store, and my backlog is now beyond the point where I’ll ever be able to catch up. I stopped subbing because the idea that I’m getting ripped off while some corporate dirtbag presents record profits for the semester to the board pisses me off to no end. It hurts players and it hurts developers.

Without the Bioware name and the Star Wars license behind it, this game would have collapsed a long time ago.

Yes, exactly. The same monthly price of games that deliver actual MMO content on a periodic basis.

15$ a month for actual content is a bargain. 15$ a month to play KotFE is not. And there are options out there that deliver…

I mainly agree with your sentiment. The problem that I have with KotFE is, that it really is an effort to prop KotOR 3 on an MMO, with MMO simplification on top of it.

This could only fly in their face. For a real SP-RPG it is too simplistic, and the campaign doesn’t make no sense whatsoever for non-Force users. For a MMO-campaign it is too single-player oriented. You can’t do sh.t in a group (if you prefer it that way).

It’s neither fish nor flesh. That is my biggest complaint about KotFE.

We’re trying to understand why thier resources are so low? If you listen to them all the numbers for swtor are up as far as subscriptions go and people playing. They cant have it both ways.

It’s been 2 years now, and you’re saying give them time? The forums, reddit, fan sites just like this one you write this on all WANT group content not story time scripted event hallway shit. 2 Years is a long ass time to go without any new PvE content, hell it was like 2013 until just a few months ago since they even added new PvP maps. PvE probably fucked at this rate. This game has only held on because its cashing in on the wanna be Kylo Ren weapons/outfits on the CM. Sad but true really. At least get your shit together though about saying to be patient, when it’s already been 2 years.

see my problem is… why is the team so small? forget Blizzard, SWTOR according to them has bigger playing base than TESO, and yet TESO gets meatier content updates every few months nowadays including bug fixes, AND has far less restrictive subscription system (and another reason i bring up TESO is because its also story driven and fully voiced). are they lying about how profitable the game is? or what? and thing is… content in KOTFE is lets just say, not robust. the only thing that gets regularly updated is cartel market fluff which incidentally, while TESO has, it doesn’t get updated nearly as much or not even remotely in a quantity that SWTOR does. which makes one wonder… is THAT what they are spending their resources on? instead of playable content? yes, before people saying that not the same people work on cartel market stuff vs playable content, WHY are there so apparently relatively few people working on playable content?

it seems like their priorities are in milking the game as much as possible, not creating the best game possible at this point.

I think the major reason for the less restrictions in ESO vs SWTOR is you have to buy ESO, not the case with TOR. It’s $40 on Steam, not sure on the price on ESO’s website, it’s down for maintenance at that moment.

Steam is not the best option, you can get the game and the latest expansion for around 30€ (sorry I’m European) in other sites… I know, I’m buying 3 accounts: one for me, and 2 for 2 of my kids… And you only have to pay it ONCE… You can have some sort of Premium account for an extra sub, but you can play the game just fine with the account only…

it doesn’t explain why the content is being produced at a higher rate though if the claim of TOR being a bigger game with larger player base is accurate. in TOR, you used to have to buy expansions anyways, and now you have to subscribe to gain acess to chapters (not to mention all the restrictions that cannot be removed with unlocks).

hell – pure free to play game like Neverwinter seems to be getting meatier upgrades than TOR is. I’m sorry but one time purchase price just doesn’t account for the difference, ESPECIALLY since ESO periodically goes on 75% off sale bringing it down to a $15 purchase… exactly the same amount you would have to pay to unlock content in SWTOR beyond base game (if you are just starting out) or just unlock the most recent chapters if you have been playing for a while.

one really has to wonder with what the heck is going on behind the scenes here. oh and… yes, I know Star Wars license is expensive. but its also not up for renewal for what.. 4 more years? not to mention that it looks like EA basically has the license for ALL games, so the cost is not all on bioware when it does come up for renewal. so current costs of maintaining the game don’t have much to do with licensing.

If the community behaves like a group of immature children, they should be managed like a group of immature children.

They should be managed like the paying customers they are. The larger the business, the more obnoxious people that will have to be dealt with. With something online, add even more to that. The answer isn’t to grow more silent and obtuse about the future. Transparency builds trust, unless you have nothing to show….

Translation: We not planning in horizon of one year release ops, fp, but we can’t say it, because people maybe cancel sub.

Most have already lost faith and unsubbed anyways, most have come to terms that SWTOR is not an MMO to play if you want to raid and group up to do content.

The guy is right in blaming SoR but he’s being overly diplomatic about it.

I don’t really remember a backlash to info that didn’t materialize in the SoR cycle.

I remember BW doing everything to cater to the hardcore raiders with 2 nim ops only to see the 1% creme a la creme feck of into the sunset after doing it and the rest of the “hardcore” moaning no end how the content they wanted hard was just too bloody hard. Oh, and sub retention was piss poor.

Tecnically there were no NiM ops released in SoR expansion though I do understand HM versions of Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice were referred to as “hardmare” by more than one ops player.

You remember wrong.

As was already stated bellow, there were no NiM Ops in SoR.

Furthermore, you seem to forget, or “remember wrong” that Revan was bugged! Yes, that’s right, the pinnacle, the climax of that whole expansion was released with a bug that didn’t allow you to finish the freaking thing.

It was hard, yes. But not for the right reasons. Those 2 Ops HEAVILY PENALISED melee classes. THAT’S why it was hard, if you didn’t have a ranged class you were in deep shit.

Furthermore, you have absolutely no way to tell that sub retention was poor, so I won’t even bother to comment on that…

That Revan fight tho…. Some people figured out a way to make him glitch out in a way that prevented the game breaking glitch from occurring, thereby making it possible to finish the fight. Killed him on the 10th try or so with those tactics, was pretty fun even if it completely killed any kind of immersion….

I heard about that one, but I never did it with the glitch. I waited until the bug was corrected and did it.

I was so pissed when I found out it was bugged that, just had to get the quest done… Finished him with 2 toons, then I waited with the others since at that point I was fed up with the skill training costs that were to be removed a few days laters, which IIRC coincided with the patch

Oh I feel you man… I was pissed out of my mind, but I waited for the correction. And on some toons I chose the Daily thingy where you killed Revan solo… Which was ALSO bugged, but only for the first week or so, if my memory serves me well… lol…

Well, compared to wotlk and cataclysm from wow, both which I played on release day, let’s just say that revan wasn’t quite as polished as those two….

Or had anywhere near the same amount of content for that matter….

I never played WoW… I just wish BW changed “Early Release” to “Beta Test Week”… It would be more accurate, as we can all testify… loooool

WoW was fun, but played it too much. Thing with BW is that they’re the company who made some of my favourite RPGs of all time: Baldur’s Gate 1&2, NWN, KotOR, DA:O, all the ME games (despite the “ending”). And the 1-50 experience in TOR matches that standard, but everything from Revan and onward is just so much less than their previous standard.

They really should’ve just made KotOR 3 in a new engine, with proper development time. Focused on the story, characters and allow the players to make actual choices like in past games. Instead of this expansion where they try to shoehorn a single player experience into a multiplayer environment and ending up with a half-assed expansion which lacks the strengths both from of a regular RPG and an actual MMO…

You’re preaching to a converted here, I’ve stated many times that other than Bethesda, Bioware were the go-to guys for Rpg’s… And don’t forget to put Jade Empire in there too! 😉

I liked RotHC, loved Oricon. SoR was good from a playing point of view, but I just wish they had left Revan alone. That moment in KotOR when you take off the mask… Man, I get chills to this day! I literally COULD NOT stop playing that game, I think I logged in 34 or 36 hours STRAIGHT! And then after a quick rest I went in AGAIN… But this time I took breaks lol…

I’m saving my opinion on the current expansion for when I do a sub to finish this story off. I have some problems with the story, but overall I have to do it all in a row to really form an opinion.

But yeah, they’re trying to do some kind of hybrid of this game that I don’t think will work…

Yeah I’ll probably do a one month sub at some point to play the stories too, played up to ch 10 or 11 so far. Only that now it’s pretty far back on my list of games to play. Fell in love with ESO, and when that grows old, gonna play through Legion then. And when the new Torment game is released, it’ll be on the top of my list of games to play as PS:T is still my favorite game of all time.

A hybrid could work for swtor, but it’d require a lot more resources and content for it. And probably a new engine as well, which feels more like a pipe dream than a realistic expectation.

Don’t want to count the hours spend with BW games, but it’s definitely too many 🙂 But we still have a few good devs, Obsidian and InExile mainly. FO4 was crap, so not sure how well Bethesda will do in the future.

I thought they were punishing melee on purpose. Later added HMFP and Ops all seemed to favor the ranged dps with their mechanics.

there was no backlash from the delay
the backlash happend with all the goddamn bugs that came with that expansion

ravager exploit
revan final mission where you and a whole group of npc take him down for that sweet lame ass cutscene
the meat tree anyone?

Bottom line: BioWare Austin is understaffed and underfunded to maintain a game of such scale. It is not their fault, it’s the fault of their overlords. But me as a customer didn’t feel obliged to keep paying over an year for the eventuality that one day in the future, unspecified when, we may get something, unspecified what.
Meanwhile for the same time period Blizzard is producing an expansion that has more group, pvp, solo, world, vanity, music, story than SWTOR had for triple that time combined.
BW Austin don’t have the manpower, don’t have the money, EA pulls everything and wants to profit with minimal investition. So pay your subscription, buy items from the CM and show them off on the fleet. And by not talking about -anything- they are working on, they keep the illusion and bait of something coming one day in the future.

Exactly. All the while we are told to regard KotFE material as Endgame, although our characters have nothing to do when the monthly episode ends.

All this time we get the PR propaganda that the game is doing better than ever, sub numbers are at their highest… well, put your money where your mouth is. Show us that content can and will be delivered.

Until then, my money is staying where MY mouth is: in my pocket.

Got to agree I resubbed when they finally got EC out. I let it lapse and brought it back to wrap up the last couple chapters and event.

But I think after it runs out again next month I will be out until I see something worth returning for on the horizon. Honestly I finished Conquest before this current year and while I am still running that for the guilds I am in there’s not much else I am doing. I still do GSF but like PVP most of the really good hardcore players are gone.

Your mouth is in your pocket? You better not open it, you’ll end up swallowing lint. Ack! Ack! Lintball!

Sounds like the same. Beat around the bush but guess what! You’ll get the new season of episodic content with moar HK-55. A joke but really this is what I’ve heard since January this year out of Bioware Austin. I don’t think this game will ever have new group content, they struggle to meet deadlines now for the episodic stuff pushing it back and what not. Just look at the Eternal Championship, prime example, that could’ve easily amounted to a new raid instead it’s worth a couple time play through just for the achievements if you care enough, the rewards are worse than what you can do by running a low effort story mode operation.

Why you create a dubious event short before the cantina event with the only substance to create 5 character and after reaching 50+ delete them?
That reminds me to Lady Gaga who wrote her fanclubs manipulated youtube links to raise their clicks.

Now you get the echo from your paying customer for your years which only focus on our money.
Some companys should make only phone games not anymore.
I don’t care any more content, excuses, announcements or promises. But I care that you try to betray our children, with unfinished games which only used as honeypot to sell.

I can’t believe how the employees can sleep at night.

If any parents ask me for games i will recommned Blizzard to them.

“An immature child”

Does this Q and A not underscore the disconnect between the player base and the developers? I think it does. From what I can recall, The SOR backlash resulted from the expansion being released in a heavily broken state, and then Bioware basically saying “we’re on vacation so there won’t be fixes until…next year” or something similar. I don’t really remember too much more about it outside of that. In another vein, I find it somewhat interesting that they are saying “we can do all the things”, but then justifying their inability to touch portions of the game for extreme periods of time. People do want PvP, we want operations, we want flashpoints, we want story, we want GSF updates. But, as with anything and everything all the response is: “coming soon TM”, and nothing which goes hand in hand with creating issues between themselves and the community. Compounding that general idea is that they have said so many things that they’ve backtracked on or gone completely the other direction the first chance they got (best example are operations: no we won’t go that long wtihout…but then next chance they get they go back on what they say). Again, creating more and more angst because they allow themselves to fall deeper into the whole regarding their perception.

Add to it again that they seemingly go to each extreme when they update, and they add to their perception problem. Now, when we want to know what direction the game is going in, they do a stream that only talks about what’s been done up to that point with no notice of the future. I think they’re on the right track communication wise with explaining things in more detail (which I find great), but they still refuse to provide a more concrete idea of what that direction for the game is. Keeping the people in the dark only fuels the angst even more. Moreover, the fact that they seemingly misinterpret their own metrics, but cling to them like glue, is a problem. They fail to adequately understand the “why” with their numbers. They’re stuck staring at the tree instead of looking at the forest. I want to make an analogy here, but I can’t seem to decide on the right one.

Now they’re attempting to push the blame onto the player base’s shoulders completely from what it feels like from this Q and A. It’s a two way street. They’ve done just as much to feed the disconnect. None of this stuff is new either. This communication problem has been an issue for a long time.

New “epic storytelling” does not end game content make…

Maybe if you start KOTFE at 60 and have no datacrons and have no companion influence… then I could call KOTFE content gaming. As it is, most minibosses are not even a full dps rotation. In fact, we don’t even need to dps, just aggro the whole room and alt+tab back when the companion is done.

As it is now, our subscription gets us 10 minutes of low budget CGI multiple-choice dialog and 1 hour of mindless rocketboost and trashmobs.

To be honest, some KOTFE was mildly interesting and/or challenging but in the end i always have the same conclusions; that this KOTOR content is not what we pay monthly MMO subscriptions for and that my characters have not had a meaningful end game challenge in far too long.

We need new “epic gaming content” not just story… k’thnks-bye

oh, and blaming the community backlash for lack or dev communication… basically means… “because we were unable to respond to SOR questions we will now give you nothing to ask questions about.”

Lol. Give us things that cost money that you get from us. Until then I will not give you the money to do so! Rabble rabble rabble!!

You also realise that they get their funding from E.A. You want the game to improve, but when you unsubscribe, that tells e.a. that you don’t care about the game at all. That increases the likelihood that SWTOR will end, rather than improve the way you want. Coubterproduction!!

Not with EA loss of money is the only thing they understand and will never use any extra money swtor makes to improve the game because regardless the CM whales will keep funding them.

That type of attitude gives them carte blanche to continue putting out poor quality. EA isn’t hurting for money to invest in the future of SWTOR. They simply just don’t want to. Better to put out these monthly snippets of blandness and rake in cash via the CM.

no it tells ea that your not going to be shit on contribute to bieng shit on or abused. Vote with your wallet supporting them does nothing but continue this behavior with them. Would you give a drugg addict drug money? no same thing

I expect a new ops every expansion (1/year) and a single wz within that timeframe. If they really knew what we wanted and claim only needing 6 months to make these things then why is it so hard for them to do. They gave us an expansion of 20h+- of new story and that was the content for a whole year. Maybe i’m just retarded but if you make a 12 chapter story, release it every month include one ops and one wz for the content for that year, this would appeal to the majority of players and isn’t an impossible task.

I’d be happy with that. That would appeal to just about everyone I think. IF they continue on with the current style of release on new chapters many more will do what I did and many others have done. Unsubscribe and wait for the full release of ALL the content. Sub for 30 days maybe more and then knock it all out. People are already saying both here and on the official forum that servers are dying. This could also be that it’s still somewhat recovering from server transfer tokens being sold really cheap on the store but I think it’s because of the whole episodic content release style.

Simple math. Are you going to pay $180 for a year subscription to play a game once a month or pay 15$ and get it all at once?

One non buggy SoR type expansion every year to 2 years would keep the community happy. Plenty of everything for everyone an i bet people would even pay 60 bucks if it was polished on release.
If the plauer base is up an the subs are up then there is no excuse

One expansion every two years? That would not keep the community happy, look at all the bitching now about “no new content after the final chapter for four months”. It wouldn’t matter if it was bugg free that would be the end of the game.

If I remember correctly the big issue was not the announcement of SoR but the bugs that came with it for its release, anyone remember the Ravagers exploit? How long did it take for them to fix that. To blame community for that, and not realize you messed up shows how disconnected they are to the player base.

That was what the dreck storm was about, not that the missed release by a day. Talk about trying to climb out of a cesspool and claiming you smell like roses.

Indeed, they ended up releasing SoR close to the holidays, with a bunch of game breaking bug (like the single player Revan fight), and the fixes varied between a few weeks and never.

Let’s also not forget how they screwed over all of us who pre-ordered SoR: We essentially paid to be beta testers for a buggy expansion, and the best part was that the total cost for training class skills was well over 1m credits, which at the time was a lot, that we who preordered has to waste on our toons. Only for Bioware to remove the cost in time for the release to everyone else a week later. And we weren’t reimbursed in game for the credits we wasted on it. Think that was the point where I stopped spending any real money on the game except for the sub, until i quit altogether.

It didn’t get fixed right away cause they were on xmas vacation as i recall. Which is obviously the communities fault. First off we paid our subs for years grudgingly forcing the devs to release new content. Because mmos made by real game developers were also coming out at the same time the devs were forced to work at a normal rate an thus needed a vacation. Since the community discovered the devs shotty work aka the rav exploit it was decided then to not release new ops. Damn you community!

yeah how fucking stupid is that xmas shit the one time of the year you want to sell things and get the word out and these fucks go on vacation LOL

Question to Bioware Dev ”is the sun outside today?”

Dev ” We do hope the sun is out but sometimes you can not predict the weather ”

”Yes but IS the sun out TOday?”

Dev ” Sometimes we think the sun will be out but then you get rain and sometimes clouds and sometimes even snow”

”IS THE SUN OUT TODAY just answer the simply question!! ”

Dev ” Us at Bioware everyday hope and pray that the sun does come out and we continue to support good weather coming your way”

”ARRRRRGGGGGHHH why why why (sob) won’t they answer (sob) the question”

It was explained why. The toxicity of the community is the reason. Players have nobody to blame but themselves.

Nope it was because BW screws up a lot and they fear monetary loss from those screw ups so they just don’t say anything.

Don’t be a fanboy all your life. It’ll achieve nothing. You wont be thought of any better for it. You’ll earn nothing. No mysterious cartel coins in the email.
Its a waste of your time.

Kissing ass only achieves shit on the lips.

I guess using our brains makes us “fanboys”. Strange though how doing so doesn’t get me all angry, upset, and self entitled resulting in rage.

Not only does doing so result in a happier life, but there far less stress. Which drastically reduces any major health issues. If you’d rather be an angry stressed out person, so be it.

if you were using your brain you wouldnt be here sticking up for a game that shits on its customers and abuses them. If you want to latch on to ea’s pant and be fanboi so be it

If you were using yours you’d stop posting and following things about a game you clearly don’t care about.

says the guy posting. fyi i dont even have to visit the site i have an app setup that sends posts to my phone so i dont have to do shit but look at my phone dinging lol /smh

He’s supporting the game. It’s logical he’s still on this site. You’re just here to constantly whine, while you could just move on. HK47 is in the right here.

says a guest how many times do i have to say i dont even have to visit the site lol

what is it to you? just curious? i play gw2 and bdo what is this obsession with my posting here do you see me asking why your here or that idiot? i could care less im not here to start fights on guest accounts like these bitches.

Lol. Ah. Continued childish taunts. Go ahead. Keep them coming. I’ll sit here and watch you make a fool of yourself. *pulls out the popcorn*

And in the end, the real troll was @rebuilthk47:disqus all along. Stirring up people’s egos while freeing his own–the ultimate win. And yes, the stress-free life is real nice. 😉

You sure love to tell people how you don’t visit this site, yet you have “an app set up that sends posts to my phone.” You don’t care enough to visit and read what Dulfy posts but you will waste your time talking about a game you hate and don’t play? Do us all a favor and turn it off. Ohh wait, you can post what you like where you like, and as long as you like. We’ve heard it all before.

i dont like to tell people but when stupid bitches like yourself on guest accounts constantly say the same thing to me over and over like you do ill tell you it how it is. Its not my fault you waste your time coming here on a guest account like a bitch to give me shit and start a fight with me. What is it to you anyways whether i post or i dont? ive heard it all before to

ROFLMFAO!! Waste my time here on a guest account! Talk about wasting time you are the biggest time waster here. You are so full of shit “I don’t even visit this site” “there is more to this site the Star Wars” “I have an app that alerts me to posts” “I don’t like to tell people but I can’t let it go”
You have stated how you don’t play this game and that you want it to die. That is the very definition of a TROLL. You have absolutely no reason to be here other then to troll.
I’d trade you for SpruceCycle in an instant.

like i said waste more time fool… Yes this site is more then tor ya know. As for trolling id say your the offspring of sprucecycle you hide like a bitch come on here to do nothing but troll then grandstand on me for what you do.

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I dont need a reason to be here theres no requirement i play tor or the mmo’s on this site.

I trade you for bantha poo at least i can use it for fertilizer and its worth something

Really? It wasn’t? The developers have been raging self entitled rude little kids? The developers are unrealistically expecting things to be done and given the instant things are asked for? The developers sent themselves death threats for the reasons I just mentioned?

You might want to rethink that logic. You’ll go places when you do.

yes REALLY ive met the devs i was in alpha of tor up to beta and live. These guy think there rockstars and obsessed with outdoing wow. Have you met them? I have i know what im talking about.I dont expect things to be done instantly but i dont care to be lied to constantly and have smoke blown up my asshole like you do. So YES their the ones who created the negativity with thier lies and bullshiting people everyone heres caught on except for you apparently.

For starters, they insanely overstated the episode pre SoR.

Second, the actual fact is that they just messed up back then and after that they just stop even trying.

Now they overstate and misrepresent a specific episode anyone even hardly remembers now amongst all their mishandlings when it comes to communication to serve as an excuse for their own shortcomings (if we believe the Q&A being reliable, which i’m inclined to… afterall is on the very same line of the rest, just slightly more open… in the end all sums up to a lot of “teasing” without ever coming up with anything in concrete).

Wouldn’t you do the same when self entitled players harass, stalk, and send death threats to your whole family, just because the game didn’t meet their expectations?

while ill agree threatening families isnt cool or right how did we get there? they should just go to the police if thats even true at all. Secondly like ive said all the negativity was created by the devs/ea they have lied bullshitted crapped on the playerbase and then they blame them for thier self created shitstorm give me a break

He didn’t use that as an example for a reason but another one, a fairly common and irrelevant that he just overstated for effect.

The death threat episode (related to the marauder/sentinel balance) happened way later than the episode he cites and ultimately put virtually the whole community on the side of the devs, not against.

Oh that’s right. The balance was the cause of that. Either way, those events of what happened with SoR and on did lead up to that as players didn’t exercise self-control, but instead let their anger control them.

This has no basis, you are just buying the lame devs excuse. After that incident what happened is that devs started to insert some explanations for the reasoning behind each class change, that got quite a lot of positive feedback, even a few players noted that though they were against (those) changes, they were appreciating the transparency and those explanations. Just go check it by yourself cause all that is on the official foruns and since those stem from official statements from the devs, you can fairly easily find it via devtracker. More communication and more transparency leads to better relation between devs and the community. They chose to do the opposite (to tease all the time and be very, very vague or cease to communicate altogether for long periods of time) for whatever reason and now are blaming the community for it… terrible!


Or, I’m putting myself in their shoes and thinking about what I would do.

Yes, transparency is great. I remember it and miss it dearly. Unfortunately it’s not possible all the time. That’s not an excuse, that’s just fact. It is possible that they have a lot of things that they are working on and don’t want to get player’s hopes up, then suddenly they can’t deliver. If they did say more, players would be then raging about not being given a release date, start claiming that the developers said it would be released at a certain time, however vague.

And then what if something goes wrong and it can’t be released? Players will rage about that. But players are now raging about them not getting hopes up (mostly because players don’t have any idea of what it’s like to make content for a game like this). This game takes way more to work with than WoW or STO (now THAT is a game with issues). So yes, the community is to blame for the reasons I’ve already stated.

Then you have when they do say something, it is released, and players finish it. They’ll rage again about not having enough content.

As the dev said, you can’t please everyone. That is an impossibility. The thing people need to understand is that making assumptions and being cynical when NONE of them work there is detrimental and does no good. “They’re lying about x.” = Cynical Assumption.
“They’re choosing to do x because y.” = Assumption.

Give the benefit of the doubt, or look to the past and see that, despite all the foolish raging about no content, they said there was more coming, and it did.

Patience. We will get our information. We will get our content. But they can only dish out certain things at a time.Yeah the wait sucks, but you’ll all live.

I get and understand criticism. I understand you’re frustrated. But I don’t rage about it because I don’t let it control me. I become content with what I have and roll with it patiently waiting. Being content doesn’t mean lying down and letting them get away with doing nothing. I’m just happy with what I have and don’t let the current wait bother me. It’s really easy, if you want to. Do I get bored sometimes? Yes. So I play something else for a bit. Sometimes I just fiddle around in TOR. I’m an altoholic so there’s that too.

I mean really, if they’re not going to do anything, they can’t lie about it. Their Evil Arts overlords won’t allow it, and it’s illegal to do so.

TL;DR: Just read it. It won’t take you that long. Or don’t. Whatever. I don’t care. I’m done. I did my part. I tried to help better the community.

This line of reasoning I can understand, and respect. I may not fully agree with it, but I gotta give it to you, there are some valid points. This is not White-Knighting.

Yeah, in the end it’s only a game. If we take a step back and use reason, there are more important things in life ( well, for me at least…)

There are hints in this Q&A about the frustration behind the dev’s words. I get that.

What saddens me is that if I really use reason, there’s no point in getting all flamed up, because there are companies doing more of the sort of game I’m after. Granted, it’s not Star Wars, but I can look past that.

Thing is, I DON’T WANT to look past that. And to be honest, after almost 2 years… Yeah, patience is wearing REALLY thin on my end…

Why are you acting like that wasn’t a isolated incident because it was but you are acting like it happens all the time.

this is some superfanboi crap ive asked the same thing and when im at the con next week if tor has there stand there im going to ask them about this in person i dont buy this crap if it is true the police should involved but other then that i stand by what ive said is that ea/devs have self created the toxic community theyve destroyed that game runned off thier raiding community/pvp and focused on 5 minutes of story a month and think thats worth 15 bucks a month give me a break

I’m not. All the rage and anger and lack of self-control lead up to that incident. Players are failing to realize this and are going right back to their ways risking it happening again.

I said that after that they have even more right to do what they’re doing. What good did all the anger do? Nothing. What good did all the rage do? Nothing. What good did the eventual stalking and death threats do? Got bad people in trouble, traumatize the developers and their families, but nothing with the game.

Rage, anger, being rude, that does nothing. It will NOT get things done faster nor will it make content better. It doesn’t work for little kids, it doesn’t work for teens and adults that act like little kids. All it does is degrade your public image and your health.

That’s what I’m saying.

Yes but it’s all because BW failure at launching shadow of revan and then taking a vacation while they knew the game was bugged as hell that shows a massive lack of responsibility that their paying customers deserved to have proper service after being sold a product.

Let me clarify, I don’t disagree that they messed up with the content having been broken in SoR. Those things happen, but it wasn’t fixed for quite some time either. The E.A. overlords are the most likely culprits (they were at launch, and have been for many other games). This is the only MMO that I know of that E.A. funds. So it is most likely their fault. The effects of launch being bad are still being felt, though not as much now.

Yes, I don’t like the silence either. I would rather they be less vague myself. But I understand where they’re coming from. They’re scared of the community after what happened. Calling their wives and children. Emailing their whole family. Death threats to the whole family. Some were even seen stalking the developers and their families. They have every right to be more silent than they’d like to be. But it is for their own safety.

Anybody that fails to recognize this has issues and a lack of care for the lives of others. To anyone like that: Shame on you!

do you have proof of this?i havent personally seen or heard anything like this and i will ask the devs myself at comic con if they go this year or do thier across the street deal like they normally do. EA has always had horrible pr in regards to tor but i stand by what ive said i have met the devs and they do act like and think their rock stars and are obsessed with outdoing wow and making tor an star wars wow which thier still trying to do.

“Let me clarify, I don’t disagree that they messed up with the content having been broken in SoR.”

I was talking about the pre-SoR episode he cites on the Q&A and how he is misrepresenting it and overstating it for effect, so to blame the community for their own shortcomings.

“They’re scared of the community after what happened. Calling their wives and children.”

Again, this was a later episode that put virtually everyone on the devs side, not against. This is not what he is talking about there…

I don’t even remember this death threat thing you guys are talking about. Was that at a cantina?

No. Cantinas were always civilized as far as I know. It was an isolated episode related to marauder/sentinel balance that the whole community repudiated.

Look, even going as far as I possibly can about criticising the game, the buck stops at threats to personal life/family.


That is TOTALLY inadmissible. There is NO reasoning to threaten the families of other people, no matter how right you think you are about a COMPUTER GAME.

Having said that, I totally stand by my criticism of the way the game has been developed. We as a community CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for the actions of some very clearly unbalanced individuals.

We may rant, moan and whine, and that’s ok in a free, democratic society. You may like my opinion or not, and that’s fine as well.

You CANNOT threaten, stalk or terrify other people. That’s a police case, and I hope those mentally retarded people get prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law.

I agree completely. Unfortunately the innocent must suffer because of those unbalanced individuals. They cannot risk problems because of them. The only way that will stop is if the unbalanced become a minority. But more and more every day they become the majority.

All of those guys are gone. They have been gone for at least 3 years. Bioware had *insane* turnover the first year, and then when EA kicked Mythic it made it worse (In terms of turnover)

The original dev team (the one from 08 and 09) wanted something unique, they didn’t want WoW in space. I remember in 09 when they announced that SWTOR wouldn’t have dungeons at all, and how much screaming and whining there was then. And then the rumors that EA had Mythic step in and “redesigned” the game made people happy. Except that didn’t work, they tried that tact for over a year, and it was probably the worst year the game had. I often wonder what would have happened if they gave their interpretation of what an MMO should be. The game would have released at least one year earlier. It probably would have made the Bioware RPGer fanbase a ton more happy than TOR ever did in the beginning. It would have pissed off the WoW/EQ/etc MMOer, but no game since WoW has been able to make it based on that, so not a whole lot of loss there.

yes im well aware of this everytime ive gone theres been different people there lol not all though

The developers do not communicate jack shit with anyone publicly until it’s 90% done. This is what pisses us off. They assume that we’ll bite their heads off for not finishing on time or something being up to snuff, but we do that now over them not saying anything anyway. Would be better for them to give us their roadmap like they had been in the years prior. Leaving the community in the dark out of fear of disappointment is just causing a drought and a bunch of hatred from many players.

Uh. The community? Excuse me, I don’t remember giving the devs any shit. I don’t see why the community at large deserves to be punished with silence and a non-stop stream of irrelevant PR-talk because a minority are “raging self entitled rude little kids”.

Really, that’s just a cheap excuse to avoid openly saying something that most people won’t like, or being accused of being bold-faced liars later.

Ah, who cares. I’ll go back to Age of Decadence, and check back here in 4-6 months. Have “fun”.

Dev “We are nearly finished our work. Im glad to present you all something. It comes all together and it will be great!. Exclusive features awaiting you to choose your Destiny! Be subscriber at morning to join the adventure!”

Next morning:” “.” .. Where is the sun?”

Dev “We finally present you the moon! Look at the stars and choose your side!”

“Why did you removed the whole sun?”

Dev “New subscriber get a travel to the moon! Be subscriber today!

“But the sun wasn’t bad why did you removed it?

Dev ” We do hope the sun is out but sometimes you can not predict the weather ”

… X_X

Actually I asked them that once in a support ticket just to see what kind of response I would get. (I work for a webhosting company. In this industry, it’s a running joke that you submit such a support ticket to see what kind of response you get if you think another company is just closing tickets without looking at them. Or to test response time.)

Took them 2 weeks to respond and it was the copy and paste about finding a new bug.

1.A Boring.

2.A boring.

3.A Boring.

4.A …can’t promise anything”

5.A Boring

6. “Well we don’t know”

Lol. A lack of empathy will cause anyone to have a bad time. So does being cynical. Empathy and give the benefit of the doubt. Acquire some. For your health.

Though I can’t say if I agree or disagree w/ Burritos on any of those points, I spent all my benefit of the doubt I could give the game. I am all fresh out. I use to defend the game a lot just because of ‘benefit of the doubt’ and all it brought me was disappointment. Now that live free of it and just know they will keep going further down a path of self destruction (a tad dramatic, perhaps) I don’t even stress it and so far its doing wonders for my health (no joke).

You guys do realise some dev back in Austin, Texas is getting is getting his ass kicked right now, right??? lol…

Why would he be getting his ass kicked? He didn’t give up any information. If anything he’s probably getting a promotion or a pay raise.

With the PR nightmare THIS is starting to turn into, they’ll probably decide to stop having cantina’s now lol

I feel for you devs. And I understand. Keep up the hard work. There are many of us silently waiting patiently. We’re not all impatient twits.

It now seems so long ago that guilds and progression groups were operations minded. We’re talking pre-guildships and conquests. Sure we all want those easy 224’s when EV & KP are preferred but the player base isn’t really there for anything more complicated than that.

Have any of you tried to do Tactical/Flashpoints in group finder for LvD? It’s a level of frustration that makes sane people log off. The people who had the skills to do the pve group content are not playing this game in any large numbers. It would be folly to cater to the operations people who don’t play SWTOR anymore. Easier and cheaper to focus on PVP and Galactic Starfighter (Harbinger) and those player bases are still in the game.

That is because most people that had the skills for pve content already moved on long time ago. They made the game so easy no one bothers to learn mechanics anymore. Group content of this game is long dead. Good luck resurrecting it..

Exactly, oh and thanks for replying to my thread that must’ve stopped it from being deleted like the other ones recently posted.

Tacticals ruined group content, simple as that. As soon as the Holy Trinity was out the door group playing was dead.

The nicest experience I had recently was doing Czerka Core Meltdown in a Tactical. We get to Enhanced Duneclaw and sure enough if you get clueless players it’s a wipe.

I had taken my Madness Sorc (BEFORE the nerf) and we had a Jugg dps. Sure enough, the other two guys died. But the Jugg and I kept at it, just for the hell of it.

Between the two of us we killed the sucker! It took forever and a day, A LOT of off-healing from me, and great usage of def cd’s from the other guy, but we did it.

So you see, great players still exist out there, somewhere. If you find one, keep in touch.

I’m not entirely sure this is as accurate as you might think. Judging by the popularity of Hayete’s HM guides, there’s still a sizable raiding community inside the game. It’s true that NiM guilds are way down in number, I’m not entirely sure I’d go so far as to say progression oriented guilds aren’t there in a decent amount. Basing things on group finder groups could also potentially be a mistake as well since the trend of players who have no clue what they are doing in flashpoints has been established well before raiding was even left to rot. It wasn’t that long ago that PvP was in the same state, but as it stands now the pvp community is back (to a degree).

I fully agree! I leveled 2 toons to 65 for the “event” and the only time i actually had a challenge was with baddies in tacticals. I mean seriously, with all that kolto lying arround… hard to understand how it can be so difficult. Then someone would bail and we’d pop a companion and just LOL through the rest.
The content has for quite a while… not helped new players to L2P. I long ago gave up on GF for HM FP. Unless the FP is 3/4 guildies it’s not worth the risk.

But this is the game they have now created… everything that is not a HM FP/OPs offers almost no challenge to help new players advance or give old players a challenge.

It can be the most epic story in the universe…. buy what is my incentive to actually care if the big scary boss in the dialog can be solo’d by my ship droid?

For the love of RNGeebus, please make the next content level with us somehow!

Yeah, it is very frustrating when you are in a pug in CZ in the desert biodome and there is a sniper that plants himself right next to the kolto and won’t click it, even after 3 wipes.

No, if you really want to have a laugh go PUG on some Ops.

That’s really funny. Or sad, depending on how you wanna look at it.

It doesn’t take much… Just wait ’till the first Boss. When you see dps jumping at him before the tanks… Hell, even before a RC (that’s Ready Check for all you non-Op people)… Omg it’s so funny to watch them die a horrible, lonely death.

Tactics? Mechanics? That’s a COMPLETELY alien concept to these guys… Nevermind tank swaps, aggro drops, cleanses, kill order, don’t stand in stupid… the list goes on…

They don’t even know about their class. Dps on tank stance, or healer cylinder… I had one Commando guy that was dps on Combat Support Cylinder. I made the mistake of pointing it out to him, and he was actually rude to me! loooool… He said, and I quote: “this one looks better…”

You see, people don’t know and they don’t care! When I started sure enough, I was carried through my few first Ops… But I was humble and willing to absorb EVERYTHING these guys that were incredible players had to say to me.

Those days are gone. Forever…

Haha, I also had a player doing the whole “I charge in before anyone else can” routine playing as a tank on healer stance and never even once using heals (even on himself) and after I took a min or two to calmly explain the basic mechanics and how to improve, I was actually cussed out and he immediately quit even though he had caused the entire team to wipe almost 3 times in a row.

Reminds me when I was in a Tactical FP as a vanguard tank with three people that queued as DPS. One of them was also a vanguard but he had Ion Cell on instead of a DPS one. Two of us told him that either he was in the wrong cell if he was a DPS or he should have queued as a tank. He told us that he kept better aggro with Ion Cell on. My jaw just dropped. Is this guy kidding me?!?! We were in Blood Hunt so I told him that he could have all of the aggro that he wanted. I was being sarcastic. The other player voted to kick him. It was a unanimous vote. I really don’t like the idea of tactical FPs because newer people to the game don’t learn how to play their roles properly.

Man, I got a serious repertoire of stories like that. It never ends.

One time I did Manaan on Tactical. 3 dps, one Operative healer. Cool, right? Best next thing to the Holy Trinity.

First Boss and NO heals for anyone. The 2 other guys die, I didn’t because of Madness Sorcerer survivability. I realised the Operative was no healer, rezed one of the 2 dead guys and we managed.

We asked why he queued as healer if he obviously was dps.

And this is where the shit always hits the fan. This guy… He replies it’s none of our business how he queues in GF, there are kolto stations, we died because we couldn’t play.

I proceeded to explain to him that if someone queues as a healer, the other members of the group expect… well, heals! And told him to shut up and get on with the FP, or I would initiate a kick vote.


I have two Sages – one is a healer and one is a DPS. Ran one tactical with my healer. I had everyone at almost full health during the FP but they still hit the kolto stations. Was 90 to 95 % not good enough? With my DPS Sage my group kept wiping because there was no communication or coordination. One group member blamed me stating that I wasn’t healing everyone. Dude, I’m not a healer! And then I left the group. SMH

So the lack of announcements has been our fault partially yet it’s also the devs fault.

Players ask for content>Devs promise announcement that gets delayed far a day> Players freak out and rage>Devs get nervous about announcements>Players get angry, demand more content>Repeat

Yes, and I have used this pic used this for about 16 years in many sites If you are younger than me I got dibs.

Just bow down to the wisdom of your elders Sith Lords. Kids these days. No wonder we kill all our aprendices when we can.

I messed up the date. Still used it forever > And Your nick inspires no confidence in anything you say.

Hey, I was just teasing, I’m fine with your picture, shows you have good taste… Na boa… 😉

“Q: “It must be hard to deal with the negativity sometimes when you know certain things but just can’t say anything”

A: “That is the hardest part of my job, I do sometimes wish that they
could all see I am on your side. I’m like your mother f***ing soldier
here fighting for what you guys want and need, but sometimes what they
want and what they need are not hand in hand and we have to compromise
or do our best to get to things in the right order. But man we want to
get it all out there for you guys as best we can and say ‘here you go’”

i don’t think i need to say anything…

Complains over complains about … where’s my NEW pvp content … my NEW raid content … my NEW story content … my NEW companions … my NEW GSF stealth ships … my NEW classes …

I don’t need anything new as long as the old bugs from many years, some (most?) even since release, have been patched up and corrected.

Bugged achievements. Not available achievements (e.g. the flying java if you entered the game after sommer 2012). Missing content from the beta (e. g. mandalorian enklave sub-story on pub Taris). Bugged codex entries. Unavailable codex entries (where’s a legacy codex?)

And return of some of the real good pre 4.0 game “parameters”: unique companions (being either DD or Tank or healer (yes, you could swap tank/dd or heal/dd … but make them unique again and completely unique beeing either tank or dd or heal). Having real need for several companions for fullfilling the required roles.

Return of companions on the player ship (no ghost town like ship anymore). Give REASON to the player ship by removing the magical teleporting stone from heroic 2. Let players fly to the planets, pick up the heroics by hand …
If someone wants magical teleports well go to Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy. This is SciFi, blasters, spaceships, and some nothing-for-good religious themes (aka the force).

The whole game has just become some children toys. Everything fast available. Fast leveling. Easy mobs … even level-synched I can run around on chapter 1 level nacked, only with MH, and not even getting a sweat fighting even bosses there.

At the moment I’m still supped. Don’t like the restrictions of being prefered. And those 13 Euro/month are nothing at all. But I don’t like the way the game is going. And if Star Citizen should finally arrive and be at least half as good as it is actually shown … by by SWToR.

And what about Treek? She’s a mess right now, useless as healer or as tank… I think dps is ok, but Treek was the best tank in the game! AT LEAST make her as good as the rest of them…

I bought her, but never used her due to her annoying voice, so I can’t compare her to others.

Her voice is annoying, yes. But the worst was the bug heal that she had, it kept going on and on… I HATED that heal… But she was an awesome tank, better than most players, I tell you…

Not a software bug, an actual bug lol… she had an insect that she would send to enemies, after that the first group member to take dmg would receive a heal from that bug…

I agree 100% with you in this. Only thing I would add is to let people group up for KoTFE. Doing the chapters solo is boring. Plus I won’t take characters that I don’t play as well through the story. I’m sure my God like companion won’t let me die but running through the fights by myself will take longer.

Don’t you dare touch my teleport you instance and lag loving son of bitch. Don’t make grinding harder.

This reminds me of Turbine. The company had a policy that nothing, ever, anywhere, was allowed to shed even the smallest bit of negativity on the company’s image.

People crying in the forums is fine, but if it becomes… that’s terrible.

Better to be absolutely silent and ignore anything, than say something that could potentially, maybe, end up with a slightly negative news article.

Which in my opinion, is a stupid approach to take.

People are saying how bad this Q&A is. Let me remind you all what is says at the top of the page, “A reader has sent over this PRIVATE Q&A”. This was a private conversation, there are no names, this is in no way official from BioWare. For all we know this was someone trolling us. Just think before you get your panties in a bunch.

The Q&A hardly says anything we don’t know or heard already by other (offcial) means. It all sums up to two things:
> Blaming the community for their own shortcomings;
> Content wise, a lot of “teasing” but nothing concrete;
It all sums up to a lot of BS. And blaming the community is an uterly lame excuse for their decisions about communication, taken for whatever reason. Anyone that follows the official foruns can note two things at least:
a) people compare well the communication pre-SoR with the communication pre-KotET (what they overstate and misrepresent as a debacle is almost an oasis of information compared to their current approach, that as cause way more complains);
b) a number of players have been noting and appreciating the added information and transparency that they have been adding up lately when they do class changes.
It’s pretty clear that the community gets more on their side and the environment and relationship is better when they are less vague, more forthcoming and more transparent and not the other way around, the way they chose and that creates a bad climate. SWTOR history shows it itself, we can also realise it from other online games with similar communities.
As for the rage, complains for the game not meeting their expectations and all, that happens a bit everywhere, its part of the mmo and online gaming scene (is BW in the wrong business?). They just chose an approach that makes it worse (they even got to the point of teasing and making fun of the community in some episodes like telling the players to learn to play and stuff like that). There history communication wise have been terrible and they have been blaming the community for it all along. Nothing new here really!

OMG! It’s not a Q&A. It was a private conversation between two people. It’s not in the least bit “official”. This is not BioWare saying any of this. If anything, they said even less then this, they literally said nothing. That fact that there are no names attached to this leads me to two options,
One, this is all made up by some troll that just wants to stir the pot.
Two, this “information” was given on the condition of anonymity and therfore was never meant to be shared with the public.

My point is everyone is getting all bitchy about “information” that was never given by BioWare.

So this is either made up but more of the same, or isn’t and though said in private, is the same kind of BS said in public by “official” means.

What was your point, again?

These answers were not given by BioWare, and everyone is acting like they are. People are raging against BioWare for something they didn’t say. Where did they say this stuff? They didn’t, there was no Q and A. If people want to bitch about not getting info that’s fine. But don’t go around bitching that they gave a non-answer in this “Q & A.

Honestly, you are either in denial or, even worse, you have an agenda.

1. You don’t have a valid point since the issue didn’t stem from this, where have you been? Even if this was made up, it doesn’t really matter since it doesn’t turn BW less vague or more forthcoming.

2. The article doesn’t present anything of relevance that we didn’t already know or heard via “official” sources (in streams, devtracker, announcements, announcements of announcements and open letters).

2. Doesn’t seem to be made up though (read dulfy or the reddit thread about it with comments from people that was there).

I’m done with this discussion.

The person who sent me the Q&A sent me in a pic of them taking a pic with the developers at the London Cantina. Also parts of this Q&A was overheard and confirmed by multiple people that attended the cantina so it is not made up,.

Nothing wrong with posting it here even though it doesn’t say much. But some ass hat took it over to the official forum where it definitely doesn’t belong lol.

You get used to it. You can take it all the way to arbitration and still can’t get them to provide a straight answer.

Nick, you don’t even play anymore so shush. Also, if it was quite informative if you read through the lines. 😛

” There are people at work in one room right now on one thing, other people in another room right now working on another thing and other people in other rooms working on other things.”

I guess the Ops room was having no people working in it. 😀

I dont know guys and whit the respect you deserve, you have “double moral” a long time, previous the expansion of Shadows of Revan many people get crazy about the flaspoints and ops, and a lot of they want those misions doing solo, now you have the options except in ops and many people get angry and crazy for that, now the pvp a like a lot and see how many people want a new pvp, i like the new one and see a lot of people playing pvp, but Bioware add the option to change the spec pvp to pve in all servers and when i change to pvp i see how many people are in pve 50 people and in pvp 10 or less that is crazy, well i not trying to be a “killjoy” but is my opinion XD.
lol also i remember when people say, hey make its anoying see people see, skip skip skip when a triying to see the cutsecene. Well uff any things so say but how i said is a opinion XD

it sucks that the way the game is makes new classes getting added in so hard but I think Sub-classes could work, i mean you could bring in new sub-classes to the existing classes that could be vastly different in play style then the previous ones without having to come up with new stories from lvl 1. with new classes what would you even make anyways? we already got jedi/sith troopers, BH, smugglers… what else is there that would be cool to play as?

Dathomir Witches/Warlocks.

But that would require BW to put on their thinking hats and actually do an expansion heavily featuring Dathomir. The class could be a specialisation you could take in that expansion. I don’t think creating a class from lv 1 is doable.

Also, I’m not sure that would be viable lore-wise… Bu it’s something I’d really like to see.

1. Don’t answer questions and get flamed.
2. Make an extra effort but get flamed when things are delayed, flamed when things change, flamed when things don’t change, flamed for not hyping up new content, flamed because new content failed to live up to overhyped expectations.

It is a tough choice. I’ think I’ll go for option one and just accept the occasional launch of new content as surprise mini-treats.

Its funny, they basically blame the community. But I remember SoR, and that was released in a very buggy state (i.e Ravagers exploit). If I also remember correctly, they did nothing about the bugs for three months, I think that is what led to the major uproar over that expansion not the delay. Your comment is so true, they are blowing smoke up everyone’s ass including their own with this shit.

Ravagers exploit, ToS Revan was bugged… Single-Player Revan was also bugged, but only for the Beta Test… Oh sorry, Early Release week, if memory serves me well…

There are people that remember BW…

“and I’m being paid to type this right now because I’m at work, killing time while I look like I’m working…”

YES! The only way I would be more proud is if you had been typing it on a smartphone while taking a dump at work. To be paid for posting on a videogame website AND enjoying some stall time is truly the makings of a glorious day at work! Bravo, good sir.

I agree 100% with you, if you fucking Mr. BioWare cant entertain us with new content, just fucking close this piece of shit outdated game, oh wait you can’t, because u seek for money lust, fucking morons, if even DICE (ikr its FPS studio but still) would take the charge of this game, they would made it so popular that may equal to WoW population.

the backlash didnt happen becuz of the delay, but because the expansion was so riddled with bugs.
ravager exploit that lasted weeks
last fight with revan was broken you could not finish it
meat tree thingie
and the damn fact that bioware took a vacation while these bugs were happening.
and htey have the balls to blame the players for that crap fuck them.

I here thought Warcraft players were the biggest whiners. We could be given 10 new Ops tomorrow, and redesigned, balanced, easy and fun PvP system with at least 10 different maps, and you people would still bitch about something as simple as “The color of that light bridge on the pathway “Y” in Ops “X” was blue instead of RED. Fuck u Bioware”

They do what they can. If that not good enough, then simply walk away. Its like a bad relationship that you are too pussy to just leave. Man up and shut up.

Not only unsub, but uninstall it. Block any SWTOR, Bioware, or EA traffic on any social media sites you use. Go to a hypnotherapist and be ticked into forgetting the game. Move to Mars in a ultra secret NASA project you know exists.

Bottom line is either quit playing the game, or continue to let the game play you. Quit the moaning. Quit the childish bullshit. Play the game or walk away, its that fucking simple

I love when I see people whining about what they see as whining themselves. Irony in action, you just can’t beat that comedic effect.

People could stop complaining about swtor, start loving the recycled content, and accept the drivel Bioware/EA dish out in both information and “new” game content immediately, and “you people” would still bitch about someone saying something as simple as “I didn’t like xyz.”

When did having an opinion that differs from your own become a crime? Why is it childish to state that you don’t like a product that you are required to pay for or changes to a product you once liked but are liking less with each change?

How about if you don’t like someones opinion about swtor don’t read it. As soon as you see you don’t like it skip past it to the next post. Or if that is too much for you, quit reading the forums. “Its like a bad relationship that you are too pussy to just leave. Man up and shut up.”

The whole “If you don’t like it then move on” argument is the biggest joke on these forums. If all of the players who have ever posted a negative comment about swtor left? Lol, there wouldn’t be much player base left.

That’s really reductive on your part. And wrong. In oh so many ways.

I obviously won’t speak for everyone, but the main reason I bitch and moan it’s because this is the ONLY Star wars MMO out there. If I want to turn on a lightsaber I don’t have much of a choice.

The game wasn’t always like this. Maybe we voice our discontent because we hope it could return to what was PRESENTED to us when we started playing.

If the game’s good enough for you, if you like it like this, then fine. Enjoy it.

You have no authority to ask people that DON’T not to say so. Nor does anyone else. In a democratic system, being in a minority DOES NOT diminish your RIGHTS to voice an opinion.

The contrary to that is a dictatorship.

I value my freedom, so I will continue voicing my opinion as I see fit.

If you don’t like that, block me. It’s in YOUR right as well not to listen to what I say…

Can i take the toons I’ve been working on for the last five years with me? Oh i can’t. Then they need to make a better game an you need to stfu. I’ve been paying the same fee for the last 5 years an the product has become increasingly shittier. When they offer me a cheaper sub fee due to their sub par performance then ill stfu.

Lol you have no one to blame but your self. If it has gotten shittier and you still pay that is your fault. They are not forcing you to pay. Everyone knows that when this game does shut down you can’t take any of it with you. So just end it sooner then later. Just remember this WWSD. What Would Shawn Do?

that sounds like cowardness to me if when something’s not as you like, you turn back and go away …
an adult way is to face truth and communicate, express your disagreement and not just leave away ..
the core of SWTOR is story … well .. just like the others MMO in fact
but swtor still stay an MMO as only Solo content is release for 1 year…
yes we’ve been warn, so can’t we still be unhappy and why could we not say it ?

we are kind of hostage as Swtor is the only MMO left in StarWars lore
and we just want the BEST for the game we enjoy to play and want to express what we think could be greatest way to make it happen

(i say “we” cause I’m quite sure not to be alone)

a simple graph that illustrate the contents’s constant decline …


I agree with watchman too. Stop moaning, play the game as it is or go elsewhere. Your life and time is too short to spend it moaning about what in essence is just a fun, silly game to distract you from life’s realities.

that said, I feel guilty ‘cos I was one who was against the episodic stuff, mainly because I wanted a new planet to explore like hoth, and the episodes lasted like 3-4 hours each. I still like both aspects, it’s just sometimes you don’t want a story mode moment, and want to be just grinding for a few hours on hoth.

I’m not arsed about ops and was like “FFS stop asking him about ops. yet again! like they never heard you the first million times.”. It’s those who shout the loudest trying to get what their minority wants done first – ignoring the quiet, happy paying majority and also what might be best for re-building the franchise after 5yrs. Those whiney ops guys don’t understand, nor care about that.

Like most mmo”s after 5yrs people move on to new mmo’s and the dev’s need to evaluate that and try to get other mmo’s players back to SWToR. Ops are never gonna do that. It’ll stop the whiney ops guys leaving, that’s all. New mission content, hopefully a new planet and the episodic, almost Kotor aspect will get new people in. The cutscenes I love, it’s what makes SW. It’s different to other mmo’s. I would just like less linearity and more freedom to decide on the day what aspect of ToR I will play Inc more downtime non-fighting stuff. episodic play stops that. And it’ll never be ops nor PVP for me.

Are you reading what you write? I’m sorry but it doesn’t seem so.

The paying majority? If you are not aware, Ops guys like me and pvp guys are, by definition of the game’s rules, subs…

Re-building the franchise? Oh you mean they need help managing a STAR WARS MMO??? Oh that’s really difficult… Imagine how the other companies that don’t run the SW license are doing now…

Ops are never gonna do that… Well, you might be right… What I KNOW is that RIGHT NOW we have entire guilds leaving the game and going guess where??? To MMO’s that have endgame group content… I don’t know about pvp but I guess it’s not brilliant on their end…

Hell man, you’re writing on a site that has some new people doing the Class Guides because the older guys stopped playing! AND moved on to other games loooool…

I want something to do once the monthly Episode ends. It might not even be Ops. If it’s ANY interesting I will do something else. But please, get me SOMETHING to do. And yes, I play other MMO’s. I find it amusing how you people think we ONLY play TOR, like a marriage to a computer game. I play other stuff man. Fact is, TOR could be SO MUCH BETTER than that other stuff… But it’s not.

I’m not moaning, but I don’t think its bad to ask for new ops either. They’re still by far my favorite part of the game, and getting a group of 8 or 16 guildies working together to achieve something is still a great feeling.

All the demanding, threatening, and whatever else people do is clearly not sensible. But I think politely asking if we could have a new ops is fine, and I still hope we’ll get one. I know it’s not the main priority, and we were a bit spoiled with 9 ops in the first three years, but one operation a year, for example at the start of every new story season, should be relatively doable, and I think it would make a silent majority of raiders pretty happy.

Other companies actually Value you their customers like FFXIV which constantly creates content for everyone every 3 months because Yoshida values everyone and people should want that quality of customer service from BW too but too many people like you just let them slide and accept being ripped off.

For all the money and time the devs swear they are putting into this game there is a frightful lack of anything beyond the current “do everything all over again just because” and a hour chapter of “choices matter” on a rail. Yes the game is wonderful but so many of us are at the point of not even bothering to play, just hoping against hope the devs might actually keep a promise. So far they have failed horribly and due to that people have a damn good reason to be pissed.

Dulfy, you’ve allowed a developer to have their say on their side of the issue. How about an article from a former paying client who’s tried to get them to deal with an account issue for two years and received nothing but bigotry from EA/Bioware?

I love this game, but if I had an unresolved account issue for two years I would have quit long ago. It’s time to cut the cord and move along.

I’m still waiting for chat/speech bubbles or overhead chat text, as they are so badly missed for communication in the 3D enviroment. Did they mention anything about them?

Ermm it is feedback. They look fan sites like this and others. Theyve said so in posts on the swtor website.

They have acknowledged all of the “bitching” on here multiple times. Recently with the Q&A. While some may disagree here, the Forums are somewhat dead if you compare it to the past. There is a reason why the support forums were moved to EA. They just can’t keep up with all the posts on the Forums anymore. Sites like this are a much better way for them to get feedback. You have more veteran players complaining here than on the forums and they should be an influence to Bioware.

This is good. Actually got a laugh out of me. Thank you. Been a rough month in the real world, and I needed the laugh.

I’m not a fully pro-Bioware person. I hate pretty much everything else has complained about. However, I know people in the gaming industry from multiple major companies. I listen to them bitch that they cant provide the game all of us want. Not just the players, but the Devs themselves. As a good person once said, and my mom loves to repeat “You can’t get blood out of a turnip” IE you will never get everything you ask for. Now, I understand it would be cool if even the smallest things are fixed or even acknowledged. I’m right there with you. We use different path though. I continue to play the game because at this point (3 years in, 19 characters later, roughly $2000 in CC and sub fees paid), I’ll tough it out hoping that Bioware will survive and SWTOR with it.

Paulo hit the nail dead center when he said I have no right to ask other people to stop bitching. Thats 110% correct. However, just like the rest of you, I have my opinion too. So, with that I’ll continue to speak from a more neutral place while you all shit all over Bioware for not doing enough.

I never took you for a White Knight. You don’t always agree with EA/BW. I remember posts where you were fully against things they did.

Having different opinions is good. And although there were points where I did my share of “F*** U” BW posts (namely the LvsD “Event”), I would like to be regarded as someone who contributes to the general discussion, and not someone who hopes this game burns to the ground.

As long as we respect each other, things will be cool. Disrespect towards one another, that takes us nowhere.

Remember, most of us STILL like the game. That’s why I bitch anyways. Otherwise, I would have done as you said in your previous post and would have moved along long ago…

I been playing this game for a very long time and i have sent in ticket after ticket after ticket about things and they never get solved they send me some bull shit reply and close the ticket. Like for instance they posted that we would get 500 free cartel coins as a subscriber reward it said quote ” Fight Arcain this month with 500 extra cartel coins” I never got these coins I have sent in tickets and the guy played dumb ass with me saying you get you cartel coins on so and so day. i sent back another ticket saying I an not talking about the damn monthly cartel coins and i told who ever about the post about arcain and the extra 500 CC I was told i would get them on so and so day but i never seen them

Information from Developers:
1)What can I say about new ops? Well Remember when for like a year all people asked about was ‘more pvp, more pvp, more pvp’ and then bang we released not one, but two new pvp’s….
2)We can never say never, but we know what people want, we know what everyone is asking for but things take time and we can only focus on certain areas at a time.
3)If the community asks for something and then it takes us six months to do that thing, but three months into that six month period the community start asking for another thing then we can’t just stop or divert away from the current thing.
4)So why would we not? Look it takes time and it may not be as soon as people want but yes it would be crazy not to look at more ops. Just one thing at a time you know? But we look at the best way forward and how and when to change direction or add this or add that and we hear you, we really do and I can’t promise anything but if we don’t say we are doing something then it doesn’t mean we are not doing something”

My question: This means no new ops before 6 mounths or 1 yearcause they are doing something else?

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