Black Desert Merv’s Palette and Night/Day Vendors Guide

A guide to the newly added Merv’s Palette and Night Vendors with the Ninja/Kunoichi Patch.


Merv’s Palette

Merv’s Palette is a new Pearl Shop addition that allow you to use all the dyes in the game in an unlimited fashion for 30 days. You can either buy it alone for 1000 Pearls or buy it with the Value Pack (30 days) which give you more much benefits for only 500 Pearls more.

  • You only get 10 Bleach if you buy it with the 30 day Value Pack. If you buy the Palette alone you get 30 Bleaches.


Once you have unlocked Merv’s Palette, you can access it in the dye window (Hotkey J by default) by clicking this button, this will enable Merv’s Palette dyes, which includes all the dyes in the game. You can use the buttons to the right of that button to select the subset of dyes you like to use (i.e. Basic, Olvian, etc). Do not click the buttons to the left of it as they will enable the “normal” dyes that you own. Merv’s Palette dyes are not consumed on use.


Now here are the important things you need to know when using dyes from Merv’s Palette.

  • You cannot use normal dyes with Merv’s Palette (why would you?)
  • If you used normal dye previously on the items you want to dye, you must remove them by using bleach. The bleach from Merv’s Palette will not work so you must purchase and use normal dye bleach (luckily they are available for 1 loyalty each right now so buy all 20 of them if you can).
  • You do not need to bleach if you are just swapping around Merv dyes, however for whatever reason you use a normal dye again, you will need to bleach again.
  • Once Merv’s Palette expires, all the dye will be gone and your items will take on their original undyed colors (i..e same colors as when you first brought them). However the color information will be saved so if you get another Merv’s Palette, all the dyes will be restored.

Night Vendors


Night Vendors have been added to Velia, Heidel, Calpheon and Altinova. They sell you items only from 10 pm to 7 am at anywhere from 50-300% of the market price. You need to spend 50 energy per roll to see what item they will sell you.

  • Hebetate Tree Spirit’s Armor
  • Kzarka Longsword
  • Kzarka Longbow
  • Kzarka Amulet
  • Kzarka Axe
  • Kzarka Shortsword
  • Kzarka Blade
  • Kzarka Staff
  • Ogre Ring
  • Basilisk’s Belt
  • Giath’s Helmet
  • Red Nose’s Armor
  • Bheg’s Gloves
  • Muskan’s Shoes
  • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Blue Whale Molar Earring
  • Tree Spirit Belt
  • Centaur’s Belt
  • Ring of Cadry Guardian
  • Witch’s Earring
  • Mark of Shadow
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard bundle
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard bundle
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
  • Black Stone(Armor) Bundle
  • Black Stone (Weapon) Bundle
  • Black Stone Weapon

Here are some examples of the items and their prices (will vary for you)



The night vendor Patrigio can be found in the following locations.



Heidel (second floor of the warehouse)


Calpheon (hiding in a bush outside the house)




Day Vendors


Day Vendors are a cheaper version of Night Vendor found in the same cities. They will only sell you stuff between 7 am and 10 PM. They have a cheaper list of items and each roll only costs 10 energy instead of 50.

  • Bronze Hoe
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • High-Quality Carrot
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Assault
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Memory
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Precision
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Valor
  • Resplendent Diamond
  • Resplendent Emerald
  • Resplendent Ruby
  • Resplendent Sapphire
  • Resplendent Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Sharp Butcher Knife
  • Sharp Fluid Collector
  • Sharp Lumbering Axe
  • Sharp Pickaxe
  • Sharp Tanning Knife
  • Topaz

Here are some examples of items and their prices



The day vendor Morco can be found in the following locations.









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5 replies on “Black Desert Merv’s Palette and Night/Day Vendors Guide”

for the price of night vendor I dont think the max is 300%, I saw a tree armor for 350 mil, 95 mil is market max price x 300% = 285 mil, 350 mil is like 368% already

Also price varies only applies to Ring of Cadry Guardian and above on the list, mark, witch and everything else below have a fixed price. I believe mark and witch are always like 4 mil each

The price range is 50 to 300% as stated above, but referring to a static price [e.g. 95kk for boss armor (except Hebetate-> 125kk) & Kzarka; 25kk for a Basilisks belt or 150kk for any Dandelion]. Some items do have only a static price too (like e.g. The Blackstones, MoS & Witchs, oder blue value awakening wapons).

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