Black Desert Ninja and Kunoichi Update Events

Here are the details on the two new events that went live with the Black Desert Ninja and Kunoichi game update.

Greetings Adventurers,

With the release of the Ninja and Kunoichi patch two brand new events will go into effect.

1. Fun In The Sun

  • Start Date: July 21st 10:00 UTC
  • End Date: August 31st 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

During the event players will receive daily gifts for logging into the game, however unlike previous events you are not required to log in consecutive days in a row. Players must only acquire a total of 30 days logged in, out of the 42 days the event will be running.


Event Rewards


You may claim your reward daily, upon logging in you will be greeted with a screen that contains the above listed items. Simply select the reward that is available from this screen to receive the item.

2. Colors of Summer

We’re happy to announce alongside the introduction of Merv’s Palette, players will be able to participate in an additional month long event “Colors of Summer”. To allow players to explore the full potential of the dye system, the following will go into effect at the conclusion of July 20th’s maintenance:

Bleach (Loyalty)

  • May be purchased up to a maximum of 20 per account for 1 loyalty each.

Bleach (Pearls)

  • Will be on sale for 50% off (50p → 25p) from July 20th through August 3rd.

As always we hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert Online and wish everyone the best of luck on their adventures, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.


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