GW2 Embellished Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Embellished Weapon skins gallery. This is a new set of Black Lion weapons available for 1 ticket each.

Embellished Axe


Embellished Dagger


Embellished Focus


Embellished Greatsword


Embellished Hammer


Embellished Longbow


Embellished Mace


Embellished Pistol


Embellished Rifle


Embellished Scepter


Embellished Shield


Embellished Short Bow


Embellished Staff


Embellished Sword


Embellished Torch


Embellished Warhorn

gw2-embellished-warhorn gw2-embellished-warhorn-2gw2-embellished-warhorn-3

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45 replies on “GW2 Embellished Weapon Skins Gallery”

These weapons look aweful texture wise. If they would look more polish golden like, they might be great. But not like this. And so many models are just remodels. I still dont know why they dont bring back GW1 weapon skins. I would love to see the celestial compass again. Even if it would mean gemstore. Thought how they always fuck up things, I dont know if that would be a good idea 😀

Where did you learn that cute little insult, reddit? Go back to your mountain dew-fuled trilby orgies you mongoloid.

When you wipe the cum of the arenanet employee you admire so much (hint: your his monica) from your face maybe you’ll be able to see again. Won’t that be special.

I might be ok with that sword if the gems didn’t look like they were glued on by a preschooler.

Or if there were no gems. No gems, please.

Yeah, the sword and greatsword have a nice shape to them, but they look like something I would’ve made in art class in like K or Pre-K…


Also I have I have been spoiled by most BL weapons skin since I find the lack of partical effects on these look really dull.

Yes I know not all BL weapons skins got flashy display but still it what made me drawn to some of the like the spectual set.

they should just start recycling the older sets at this point because if they keep this up with the sad sets, i’m never going to use all the bl tickets i have been accumulating. make the fused and zodiac skins have a return and then we’ll see people buy stuff

Oh God that is horrible, it looks like it’s made of dollar store white “marble”, cheap plastic and glass “jewels”…

I like them. If you want flashy jeweled weapons then these are perfect. Great if you are trying to make some kind of royalty-character.

thanks but no thanks… Nice general shape… but the little gems…. /yikes

/plays “Paint it black”

The shape of the sword and shield cool, but the color scheme and the the jewels kind of ruin it for me

i like the more elegant design. at least they dont have bulky flashy shit spewing out everywhere anymore.

…but yea, still not really fitting with any of my characters.

Still waiting for a decent Mace Skin since release, that doesn’t look like scepter or a lollypop…

if anything, there are too many scepters that look like maces. how can you look at and say that they all look like scepters? And of course a lot will kind of look like lollipops, that is the general shape of a mace. But there are some with rectangular heads rather than circular ones

These look a bit silly. Like someone’s taken some shiny stickers and put them onto otherwise perfectly functional weapons.

The person who had to create a name for these skins probably looked at these and said, “I don’t even know………a bit embellished maybe with the bedazzled jewels?”

Sad thing is I really love some of the designs of the weapons, and would buy them in a heartbeat if not for the FUCKING JEWLERY! The colors aren’t good for my chats either – they could totally reskinned it – give us like fire gems or something (like the ele headpiece thing), or remove jewels outright and recolor to black and maybe dark grey

IMO this is the ugliest set in Blacklion history, the placement of plastic jewelries (they don’t look like real) is awkward and make them look like toy weapons.

The weapon material itself is actually quite ok.

Yup, Bedazzled Weapon set would have been a better name. Worst set so far. Did they outsource their art department?

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