GW2 New Hairstyles July 26 Update

GW2 has added some new hairstyles with the July 26 update. 3 for each race.


Human Female


Human Male




Sylvari Female




Sylvari Male




Norn Female




Norn Male




Asura Female




Asura Male



Charr Female




Charr Male




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Hmm, post isn’t complete, but at least 2 of the human styles are already available to norn. Anet is stretching the concept of “new”

Well, many people were requesting hairstyles from the different races. We know they’re working on new ones, so that’s just some fan-service.

they couldve done that sooner then or in between patches, all this time waiting for new haircuts and we get swaps. Super.

They are literally just swaps between Norn and human ones. They could have made them all work for both races instead of releasing 3 each.

Well there is that. My earlier criticism was perhaps too rash. For the most part the human/norn hairstyles are some of the better ones. Can anyone comment on the sylvari?

Really love the Sylvari Braid. Might need that for my Ele <3 The other Sylvari Hairstyles remind me of some of the crazier Charr ones lol.

I hope for more Sylvari hair that looks like the middle one. Long, human looking hair made of plant material.

I would love if they add afro hairstyles. There are just a few, extremely poor afro hairstyle, they could improve it.

It seems like the new hair style for Norn and Human are just swapped, or available for their respective race.

ROFL xD this is disasterously epic, sylvari got some crazy anime theme going on there. charr skrillex wobwobwob, and that slick asura john travolta. and beware of the new norn meta female flowery hair.

Haven’t heard of the disasterously epic crazy anime theme but maybe pinecone head series was good?

is it needed totalmakeover for this hairstyles? i mean, at least those that have been swaped shouldnt be needed

If you are only doing the hairstyle then you only need a kit for that not a total makeover kit.

2nd human female officially stolen from norn female

again both male and female asuras share same hairstyles..

I don’t see a problem in opening up existing hairstyles to more races/genders.
I wish whoever is designing the charr hairs would chill though.

Why are people upset that norns got human hair, and humans got norn hair? I’m mad they didn’t do that EARLIER. I made a norn just for the hair, and now I realize I could have just made a damn human.

I do like the norn hairstyles on human females BUT
there were certainly prettier human female haristyles for the norn females ._.

norn females are so pretty yet they rarely get nice hair.. sigh

Hate all of them, there all the same. 🙁 Male and Female for almost all races look the exact same. Come on man

Yeah, who would want the hairstyles available for both genders, they should’ve made them locked to one or the other, THAT would improve the game for sure.

Human male and female get 3 unique hairstyles per gender, no shared.
Norn [big humans] also get 3 unique hairstyles per gender, no shared.

See the difference?

Yes, Humans got old Norn hairstyles, Norns got old Human hairstyles, non-humanoids got completely new hairstyles.

I’d say it’s pretty fair.

It’s official, human female meta has been “nerfed” (balanced):

“Due to balancing issues, Side of Head Hair Flower is now available to Norn Females. Reduced the overall effect of looking like everyone else by 20% but averaged out by an exponential increase in Norn Females using Side of Head Hair Flower.”

Dulfy, I thank you very much for the overview of the new hairstyles (and for all the other guides you have done, great work !). Could you precise which hairstyle is copied from another race and which are entirely new hairstyles (also which other race and if the hairstyle is shared by both genders) ?

I hate them all too… BUT, I am still a fan of diversity of hairstyles and faces, so I welcome any additions to the hairstyling kit. I will not choose them, but I’ll be happy to see others wearing these (none of them are offensively awful, except for maybe that hairsweep charr…)

Honestly? I’m ok with the swaps, Sylvari is as always great (really creative stuff, gj), Charr is meh (not for me), but what about Asura? Male Asura – 2 and even 3, I get it. But you expect me to believe it someone will make PRINCESS male Asura? 😮

Asura are comical midget piranhas, half I’ve seen are edgelords, the other half are comedic troll characters. Besides, have you SEEN the people that play this game?

That said, it is pretty wtf.

I just simply wish for more longer hair styles. Both non and tied up long hair. Too many short hair styles. Lol.

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