GW2 Verdant Executor Outfit and Shining Blade Backpack/Glider

GW2 has released the Verdant Executor Outfit and the Shining Blade Backpack/Glider combo for 700 gems each.


Verdant Executor Outfit (700 gems)

Dye Pattern
















Shining Blade Backpack/Glider Combo (700 gems)



Glider (Dyeable)




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41 replies on “GW2 Verdant Executor Outfit and Shining Blade Backpack/Glider”

Ah! I was wondering what Canach new armor is since I didn’t recognise the parts used in the Sylvari culteral armours set!

Ok… I’m SO getting that glider set.

Now if only they can remake the old Shining Blade costume/outfit like they did the White Mantle costume/outfit….

The set is retarded…no doubt about it. I pity the fools who buy it.

The glider on the other hand looks cool..specially because it has a standard look not only just a “fly look”. I approve

You are autistic as fuck for saying that. Go be a lil fagbitch somewhere else. Let others continue to enjoy the gem store offerings.

Learn what “autistic” means? With your half-intelligible comments I bear witness to its meaning. I can tell the way you live your life defines the word. Clearly, you are autistic.
“The set is retarded”
“specially because it has a standard look not only just a ‘fly look’ ”
LOL Please do the world a favor and don’t leave Queensdale, baby boy. Wheelchair vegetables are more competent than yourself.

Talk about extreme selective reading…. i pity you.

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Let that be a lesson to you, little one.

yesss the Asura gets the female version of the outfit. This is the first outfit I’ve genuinely sort of wanted.

That glider may be the most beautifully designed thing I’ve ever seen in any movie or game! With all the uninspired BL weapons and gem store skins that have come out lately, this one has just blown my mind. I’m getting this!

Another ugly outfit… you’d think with it being summer time they’d come out with something summery & beautiful that shows our tattoos and glow patterns & fur patterns but noooooooooooo lets not give people a reason to buy or spend gems,I guess I’m ok with that. Still disappointing though, what’s fashion wars without fashion ☹

You’d better be okay with that, because no one gives a fuck what you think. Just because you’re entitled to your opinion doesn’t mean you have to be such a lil bitch about it. Could you be any more of a whiny fuck?

And here ladies and gentlemen we have either a angsty 13 year old or a very very sad adult who is being exactly what they are complaining about. *slow clap* Well done Josh

You look like the worst Sam Smith cosplayer I’ve ever seen. Who let you out of your cage? That’s a bad inbred, bad!

I just hope the real Anet sees his comments at some point in time so they know some one is slandering their name in such a manner & making their company look bad, I’m pretty sure there’s laws against that, and I don’t care if he is a kid, there’s no excuse for impersonating some one and slandering their name like he’s doing.

Slander is a statement or statements falsely said. You mean libel! If you can even call it that. Anyway, I’m drinking blue goose with Anet CEO Mikey O’Grady erryday and we’re rolling fat cheeto blunts 9 to 5, so come say hello. My boy Scooby just got an internship at Anet so now we guilding real hard real smooth-like. Also, I hate you. “Another ugly outfit”? How many mirrors have you broken lately? Keep your negative shit comments on the work the devs do out of here. If not for the gem store you’d still be splashing around in Caledon getting eaten alive by the grubs.

So what you are saying then is Anet knows how you talk to their customers and other people while pretending to be an Anet employee and they are ok with it ? In case some one wants to show others any of these comments for whatever reason.

I AM Josh Davis. Deal with it. I’m not at work, so I don’t have to uphold any company policy while I’m not there. Do I have to disclose whether or not I’m even with the company? Of course not. Believe me, don’t believe me. Fine. Go ahead and keep trash talking our glorious gem store. The engine that continues to bring in revenue for your next favorite game’s expansion. Oops, I mean I’m NOT Josh Davis.

I find it very hard to believe some one who actually works for Anet would disgrace their company & make it look VERY bad by talking to and harassing people the way you do… call me crazy but yea that’s not something professional people who like their job would normally do. And people aren’t trying to trash the gem store they are just giving criticism, every one has the right to say whether they like something or not and give suggestions on what they might should think about making to please more people and get more revenue.( It’s a fantasy game, shouldn’t people have cosmetics they actually like?) The way you’re acting and treating people is horrendous and inexcusable and is NOT helping Anet in the slightest bit, quite the opposite actually. I mean you might piss some one off bad enough that they advertise your comments in a lot of places where the company wouldn’t want them. You never know, stranger things happen.

Although I’m not a fan of outfits, I rather like the Verdant Executor outfit. It’s nice to have another “plant armor” similar to the Cultural armor for Sylvari. Our options for those are really lacking.

I like the way the Shining Blade glider’s “wings” open, although not the backpack itself. (Looks WAY too bulky.) Still, more choice is always good.

Agreed. It’s a pretty nice sylvari outfit. It it were an armor I would have bought it on login. Outfits though… not sure.

Yeah, I’m still undecided if I’ll actually get it. I’m still holding out hope that we may one day see a full Toxic armor set.

I’M SO PISSED!! Why do girls get this awesome outfit and male characters get a BORING AND PLAIN ONE. suck suck suck

Please either
1) deal with it, and maybe question your life choices
2) bite your pillow in frustration

If you are with Arena Net, that is pretty funny. I was just making over the top comment for fun. My real request is simply that there are some non dudebro type effeminate guys who would like some extra frills and style to their outfits.

Then voice your real request instead in ranting childlishly before you do. please.

Your argument is valid. But you have to actually MAKE it to be heared…

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