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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales July 26 – August 2

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales July 26 – August 2


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103 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales July 26 – August 2”

Is that a joke? It is summer and they put the life day items for sale? Have they fired all of their modelling staff so they are not able to put some nice summer dresses etc. in their packages?

It is what Amazon has started the “Prime Day”. Which as Brian said is Christmas in July. Because retailers cannot have enough Black Fridays. Bio just copies everyone else.

This is proof that the game is ending before Dec, they want to sell as much as they can. This game is dead shut it down already!

I wasn’t playing last Dec, couldn’t you buy those things from the life day vendor for snow parcels?

Some yes but with the exception of the Vectron J0-1Y the items weren’t the versions you could unlock in collections.

Christmas in July, wtf!! Should have release rakghoul related items for the event @ discounted prices.

So this is what Christmas in the States feels like.
That’s not a Christams tree, This is a Christmas tree!

Went?? They haven’t returned in 2 years. It is poor little illegal immigrant Enrique (shhh don’t tell that braincramp Trump) who doubles as a janitor as well as swtor dev holding the fort.

Illegally crossing a country’s borders is a crime and you are covering a criminal. He will be deported and you will go in prison. You never know who is watching.

Doesn’t change the fact that illegally crossing a country’s borders is a crime. Regardless of how many memes or insults you can shove out.

Doesn’t change the fact Rump is a con man, racist and a liar. Just another politician playing the sheep, nothing new.

So your arguments to illegal immigration being a crime are insulting Trump’s character, well played.

I don’t care about illegal immigration because you all came here and stole it from my people. Guess what ass hat? You are the illegal immigrant. White people NEVER paid for the land they STOLE from both the Native Americans and the Mexican people. Texas ring a bell? Never paid for, stolen from another country. There is your argument for Rumps wall. Doesn’t change the fact he is still a liar, con artist and a thin skinned bully. His views don’t change who he is.

Now due to lack of arguments you declare you don’t care about the topic you started and go for centuries old history, again with personal insults. Keep going, your intellectual capacity amuses me. By the way I thought the views are quite important for a person of power, but you know better.

I stated I didn’t care as I never said a thing about immigration, I merely posted a comic which showed how I view Rump supporters. You support a thin skinned racist bully, that is your choice. I do not think such a person should be in control of this country and there we disagree. Cook up whatever arguments you like, this will not change.

But illegal immigration being a crime is not a cooked up argument, it’s law πŸ™‚

and it is the only argument you have. Go one back to your Rump shrine, you have no power here lol

You do know that subscribers and those with authenticators get cartel coins to use in the market… so not everyone is using real money on coins, alone.

Monthlong delays for first follower alerts and now a whole chapter, nothing but old crap on the CM, an entire event for regrinding old crap. Pvpers are pissed about no new maps, vets are pissed about lack of new ops, casuals are pissed over “choices that matter” being a lie. Not doing so great atm bioware, do better.

I’m sure those choices mattered to those who grinded Koth to level 50 only to lose him at the end of Chapter 10.

Really makes their $100 expansion worth it eh? I mean you could argue that money also gives you unlimited access to old content but in the end it feels like money wasted. I’m tired of EA dragging star wars in the mud with their cash grabs.

i got the first half of this ”expansion” for free with refer link πŸ˜€ so i didnt pay 100$ like most morons actually did.

“100$ Like most morons actually did.” Says the moron that doesn’t know that “$” goes in front of the numbers.

I…I have no clue what the hell this is about. Sure, having a few of the Life Day items like the Fireplace and Globe stands is awesome, and if you have a Yavin Stronghold the Stalactites are very cool…but why Life Day stuff now in July? Why such a big discount for the Visionary pack? Was there such a demand for a festive speeder that shoots snowballs?!?

I don’t get this sale at all. Tune in this weekend when they put out a Naughty Bit Armor Pack, starring such hits as Stylish Dancer, Dramatic Extrovert and Basic Underwear!

i know right, this whole thing feels weird… weirder than usual. man i cant wait for their 5 months 5 items 55 % lmao im so curious what iconic items they will put up.

pretty sure it will rub players wrong by 555% lol

They’re going to be taking the Visionary Pack off the Cartel Market soon — that’s why they put it on the 50% off sale.

I think I’ve just time jumped 5 months. . . oh, it’s inappropriate sale time on SWTOR!!
Is there anything in the Visionary Pack worth having?

Sure. A ‘Christmas in July’ Cartel Market items sale. But when it comes to NOT selling Fireworks Bundle during 4th of July weekend….????? Patriotism is thrown out the window….

Christmas isn’t American, so can’t really compare it to 4th of july πŸ™‚
but yeah, this is some very weird timing

Oh no, I need no imaginary voice from beyond to be kind, moral and not kill/torture/subjugate those that do not agree with me. You keep your god, I have no need.

No anger, cannot accept what you all call god. The book you all claim as holy word is a collection of human works, filled with lies, misinformation, misogyny and worse it is is often used to justify the horrible treatment of people that are different. It makes me sad that such primitive things are being used to justify hate and intolerance in the name of a ‘kind and loving god’.

As an atheist, you give the rest of us a bad name. Nobody gives a shit.

Just go back to Reddit and wack each other off about how religion is ruining your special time in mom’s basement

Funny as I don’t remember you being part of that conversation. Have my own place and have for many, many years. I have studied religion so your dig about giving atheists a bad name is funny to say the least as I know of what I speak. Live in your delusional world if you wish, just don’t get bent out of shape that others don’t look at it the same as you. A good day.

No, people do give a shit!……..And, it’s people like you that claim and make statements about others, that no one really gives a shit about!..You are part of the bigger problem. So go crawl back under your rock and stfu while people talk to one another.

Funny thing about morality, it’s a religious concept.

Hmm I like that woman with big boobs and huge ass. I think I’ll drag her to my cave and have my way with her.

Hmm that guy from other tribe took my woman with big boobs and huge ass. I think I’ll go kill him and eat him.

Hmm that cow looks tasty I think I’ll kill it and eat it.

Hmm Grog took my cow and ate it. I think I’ll go kick him in the nuts till he pisses blood then I’ll eat his dog.

Morality isn’t a religious concept, it’s a social one. We made certain rules when we decided to live together in a society. Religion is more of a morality concept than the other way around. πŸ™‚

Morality is not a social concept. If it was all morality in a society would be the same. Some people in American society believe pre marital sex is morally wrong, some believe it is not morally wrong. Some people believe the death penalty is morally wrong and some don’t. I could go on. Most of these things are determined by religious beliefs, not societal.

Hell, some people even think ANY kind of sex is wrong!

But yeah, morality is a lot closer associated with religion than anything else. Some societies believe having several wives is moral, while our western civilisation CLEARLY doesn’t lol…

True, those couple of examples are based on religious views, but morality has nothing to do with religion. Religions are created to enforce specific moralities, but the morals themselves are adopted when we want to be a part of a collective group.

Going with your example, pre-marital sex isn’t taboo to those who aren’t religious, but murder and rape are morally wrong, no matter who you are. I’m not religious, does that make me immoral? Nope, not at all.

Religion is not a moral concept. The greatest conflicts we have today in our world come from religion. When we took upon ourselves to go East and “educate” the “infidels” there was no morality to it. When the “infidels” came back at us, there was no moral in that either.

Religion is a system based on premises of action-reward and the refusal to admit we’re just mortal shells. You do good, you go to Heaven. You do evil you go to Hell. All on the premise to have a “soul”, or a spiritual form that lives on after we die.

In fact, society gradually has been correcting wrong premises instituted long ago by religion. I’m amazed at the fact that the current Pope admits that gay people can go to Heaven as well. Just consider that not long ago women and black people weren’t allowed to vote, because they were thought of as inferior.

If anything, religion has held back a free-thinking, freer society from evolving.

That’s just my take on the matter. I really don’t think this is the place for such a discussion, but hey, here are my 2 cents…

Actually, the New Testament Christianity concept is simple. Believe in God and grace covers your sins. It plainly states we all are fallen and can not be perfect. Seems like you are reacting more to what uninformed zealots say about heaven/hell versus what the letters say on the subject.

Well, I was speaking in general terms, which is never good because the particulars are… well, particular lol! But yes you’re right, the New Testament does state that. You are imperfect and Jesus saves in the end. One of the more positive outlooks to come out of religious doctrines…

Understood. The whole deal with zealotry is frustrating. Seems like folks on both sides of the argument want to punish each other!

What you stated is entirely accurate. What I meant by “religion is a morality concept” is that people created religion to enforce their specific morals on others by using a “reward” system. I agree with you fully, even if my wording wasn’t exactly the same. πŸ™‚

Then why even have the “mas”? Why not say Merry Winter Festival or some such? You are still acknowledging Christ wraith the “X” you’re just trying to remove it.

Happy Festivus, for the rest of us!

I am sooooooo very excited!!! Can’t wait to get on and max my credit card out buying these goodies!! Thanks Bioware!

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