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GW2 Out of the Shadows Achievements Guide

A guide to all the achievements in Out of the Shadows Living World Season 3 Episode.[toc]

Meta/Mastery Achievement

You only need to complete 18 of the 19 listed achievement to get this Out of the Shadows Mastery achievement, which will reward you with 10 AP and a Bloodstone Crown box where you can get an exotic helm for a weight class of your choosing (you unlock the skin for other weights as well). Since I was having trouble with the Reversal of Fortune achievement, I was able to skip it and still complete the Mastery.

  • [&CuEaAAA=] Bloodstone Crown (light)
  • [&CsoaAAA=] Bloodstone Crown (medium)
  • [&CsgaAAA=] Bloodstone Crown (heavy)


Story Instance Achievements

Most of the story instance achievements are pretty straight forward. I will mention the non-straightforward ones below.

Research in Rata Novus

You will need to do the beginning part of this instance twice to get all the achievements. Luckily it is very quick since the puzzle is at the very start.

Was it Blue or Red? – 1 AP

To solve the puzzle, press the following buttons on your skillbar (B = Blue, G = Green, P = Purple, R = Red,  Y = Yellow)

  • Round 1: YPRB
  • Round 2: RYPB
  • Round 3: YRBP
  • Round 4: PBYR
  • Round 5: GBRPY

Ain’t Got Time for This – 1 AP

Don’t solve the puzzle and defeat the sentry golem that spawns instead.

A Shadow’s Deeds

The Sky is Falling – 2 AP

You are able to do this the first run, but you won’t get the icon tell you if you failed the achievement until your second run so if you don’t get it your first run, watch for the new achievement buff icon on your second run.


What you need to avoid are those large ground AoEs indicated by orange circles. In most cases, you do have time to run/dodge out in time but beware of mobs that can stun you at an inopportune times and cause you to fail the achievement.


Confessor’s Stronghold

This instance is worth mentioning because it has two hidden achievements that do not count towards the meta/mastery achievement but give you 3 AP for those that like to do it.

Bloodstone Magic, Not Even Once – 2 AP


This hidden achievement is earned during the Justicar Adrienne fight. At 75%, 50% and 25%, she will become immune and start spinning in a circle around the bloodstone shard in the middle. You need to attack that bloodstone shard to gain the Counter Magic button in your hotbar and click it to activate a red beam between you and the shard. Then you need to run to the back of Adrienne so that the red beam pass through her shield and breaks her immunity. For this achievement, you need to break her shield before she completes a full circle of spinning around. Pretty easy achievement once you know what to do.


Take It Down a Notch – 1 AP


In the final fight with the Jade Construct, the Knights standing on top of the stadium will from time to time do a cheering animation. If this happens, kill them immediately with your ranged weapon for this hidden achievement. The achievement will pop up as soon as you kill the correct Knight so just prolong the fight and don’t bother killing the Jade Construct at all.


Bloodstone Fen Achievements

Insights/Dive Master

There are two Mastery Insights and a Dive Master achievement in this zone. You definitely need Updraft Usage and Bouncing Mushroom Mushroom but having Lean Gliding and Advanced Gliding will make things much easier as well.

Bloodstone Fen Insight: Fragmented Wastes – 1 AP, 1 Mastery


Bloodstone Fen Insight: Temple of Renewal – 1 AP, 1 Mastery


Dive Master: Just Dropping By – 1 AP

There is no water at the bottom, you are aiming for a mesmer portal.


Ghost Event Achievements

Ghost event chain occur on the left side of the map in Haunted Canyons. They occur at start of the night (check the HoT map timer, when the Verdant Brink night time events occur, that is when the ghost events occur).

The first event in the chain is an event to kill a bunch of spirits in the Canyon. After completing this event, you will get the events for the Lost Souls achievement.


Lost Souls – 3 AP

You will need to kill Savant Ehrin, Nyle the Compassionate, Ritualist Josa and Thief Lloyd. They spawn in sequence after the event to kill the spirits in Haunted Canyons. When one is killed the next one spawn. They all spawn in the Haunted Canyon area.

Savant Ehrin


Nyle the Compassionate


Ritualist Josa


Thief Lloyd


Grief Counseling – 1 AP, 1 Mastery

Alari’s event spawn once the Lost Souls event are done. This is a very short escort event and Alari runs fairly fast so it will be over in mere minutes. Once the escort finishes and you get the event reward pop up, type /yes in chat while Alari is talking and you will get the achievement.


White Mantle Event Achievements

White Mantle can be found all over the map but the main event involving the Ghostly Justiciar occurs above Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint in the Colosseum of the Faithful which you can reach using updrafts near the waypoint.


Mantle Pieces – 5 AP

Kill 200 White Mantles in Bloodstone Fen, can be done anywhere really. You might get most of it done when you do the story instance achievements.

This Time, Stay Dead – 3AP, 1 Mastery

Kill the Ghostly Justiciar that spawns once you do the preevent to clean up the spirits around the Colosseum of the Faithful.It is unknown if the pre-event have a fixed spawn timer but seems to occur fairly often (about twice an hour).

Reversal of Fortune – 1 AP

This achievement can be a bit tricky to get. The Justiciar is suppose to do blue teleporting attacks once he reaches below 50% that ports players to the air. When this happens, you are suppose to use your aerial combat skills to hit the Justiciar for the achievement. However, in numerous Justiciar kills I havn’t seen this teleporting mechanic being used so this achievement can be annoying to get.

Jade Construct/Unbound Guardian Achievements

Jade Construct and Unbound Guardian events occur on the east side of the map, inside that giant hole in the ground and proceed all the way to the cave inside. It does not appear to have a fixed timer either but seems to occur at least once per hour.

From Ground Zero waypoint, you can glide down to the various platforms with Bloodstone Stalagmites. The Jade Construct event will occur at the highest platform first and your goal is to kill the construct before it consume the bloodstone. If this event is successful, it will occur again on a lower platform, and repeat itself 5 times.


Jade Carving – 3 AP

For this achievement you will need to kill 10 Jade Constructs. While the A Shadow’s Deeds and Confessor’s Stronghold story instances do have a construct inside them, it can be tedious to repeat them. Instead, you should do the Jade Construct event chain as a successful chain can have 6 Jade Constructs to kill.

Available Guardian – 5 AP

This Unbound Guardian, which is basically a clone of the Vale Guardian with very similar abilities, only spawn at end of the cave if all the Jade Construct events succeeds. The main difference compared to Vale Guardian is that it won’t have any split phases and anyone standing inside the green circle can use the Counter Magic skill to gain 200% more damage for a few seconds.


Misc Achievements

Conspiracy of Dunces – 5 AP

This is a series of 4 achievements that rewards a bunch of AP and a Dragonite Ore and Bloodstone Dust consumer item. Consult the guide here for all the details.

Magic Unbound: The Gathering – 1 AP, 1 Mastery

An achievement named perhaps after Magic the Gathering cards? Anyways for this achievement you just need to consume 10 floating unbound magic in the air under 60 seconds. Not a very difficult task and there is a pretty good spot from the Airship waypoint to do this. You will need to have completed Reaper of Magic story instance to be eligible to interact with the Unbound Magic.



Don’t Cross the Streams – 1 AP

This is a hidden achievement with a funny name. To get this achievement, you must first purchase Rider the Ley Line ability from the Unbound Magic exchange vendor at the Airship for 1000 Unbound Magic and 500 Bloodstone Dust. This will give you a #5 skill when you glide. Now, when you use a Ley Line, use this skill at the same time for a hilarious effect and 1 AP.


By Dulfy

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35 replies on “GW2 Out of the Shadows Achievements Guide”

“The Sky is Falling” – you CAN do it the first time, you just don’t have the qualification icon (did it myself).

PS: Another good spot for the 10-times-in-60-seconds achievement is the way down for the dive master achievement – there’s a “path” from over 10 magical orbs down to the mesmer portal, so you can easily combine both achievements.

Skill numbers for “Was it Blue or Red?” 1-2-3, 3-1-2 (didn’t need the blue at the end), 1-3-4-2, 2-4-1-3 and 5-4-3-2-1

Came here to say the exact same thing. The color order is YPR for the first, and RYP for the second; neither requires a fourth input in the sequence. Everything else is correct.

Best part of the “don’t cross the streams” achievement is why it was added.

Without the “hilarious effect”, the double ley-line broke the physics engine. The work around could be considered a fuse in an electrical circuit -.-

This achievement is a very loaded reference to the original Ghostbusters movie.

Spengler: There’s something very important I forgot to tell you.Venkman: What?Spengler: Don’t cross the streams.Venkman: Why?Spengler: It would be bad.Venkman: I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, “bad”?Spengler: Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping
instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed
of light.Stantz: Total protonic reversal!Venkman: Right. That’s bad. Okay. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.

Atm i have 23 finished acheivements from the tab, not finished Jade Contruct one and hidden one and still 18/18 =]

So, you probably can skip smthn else.

I’ve got 22 finished achievments and still 17/18, missing jade construct and hidden aswell plus the guardian achievment which i did kill it but no reward…

for the “Reversal of Fortune” achievement, join a low population map. The Justiciar tends to pop a lot of blue ports (under 50% health) and you can easily see them.

Yes. This seems to be a bit like Shatterer; when there are too many people, something may stop him using the skill.I killed the Justiciar maybe 8 or 9 times in “busy” fights, and didn’t see the skill pop once.

Then I tackled him late in the evening, with maybe other 8 people – and he used it 3 times. (I actually missed the first one – was mentally cursing because I couldn’t get to the circles in time. I shouldn’t have worried. The next two times, he popped one straight underneath me.)

There is one achievment missing (hidden achiev): Killing one of the add during the last story fight (one of the white mantle guy cheering during boss fight)

Episode: Research in Rata Novus
Step: Outsmart the Novus security system

(I completed this before coming here and seeing Dulfy’s answer, but truth to tell my brain doesn’t work well with the colour code and symbols. So…)

Mapped to the keyboard, the codes for the console are

Sorry – as others have said – the first two codes are only 3 symbols long. The last digits above are not needed.

Reversal of Fortune is fixed now.
Actually, it’s pretty hard to miss it during a successful event, he ports you up pretty often.

For “The Sky is Falling”, there’s an easy but somewhat slow way of doing it if you’re getting frustrated by stuns and stuff (or running out of endurance at the worst possible moment): Don’t touch the ground.

There’s two updrafts in the area, and you can stay up there pretty much non-stop except for some very brief stops to pick up the bloodstone fragments. Strafing runs will get rid of the various mobs eventually, and it’s FAR easier to not get hit by the big glowy circles of achievement denial.

Or, you know, have someone else complete it for you while you wait at the entrance.

That’s how we did it with a friend.

For “Was It Blue or Red”, as a help to the colorblind:

Stage 1: 123
Stage 2: 312
Stage 3: 1342
Stage 4: 2413
Stage 5: 54321

Can someone confirm if this is broken?

Available Guardian – 5 AP

This Unbound Guardian, which is basically a clone of the Vale Guardian with very similar abilities, only spawn at end of the cave if all the Jade Construct events succeeds. The main difference compared to Vale Guardian is that it won’t have any split phases and anyone standing inside the green circle can use the Counter Magic skill to gain 200% more damage for a few seconds.

Completed it 4 times now, still at 0%, been there from start to end (including doing preevents)

I did it today…got it first try. I wasn’t in a party….and most of what i did was fly+bomb the thing..not sit on the ground.

I did all the jade construct events and the Unbound Guardian event successfully but didn’t get the achievement either. We happened to have an arenanet dev playing with us who confirmed that it’s an open bug that they know about. Hope that helps – we just need to wait until it’s fixed.

Dulfy, thanks again to you and your crew for the awesome guides! Got to 14/15 on all 3 books and your help was spot on!! Keep up the great work.

Regarding “Bloodstone, Not Even Once” achievement, you should add the fact that its definitely referring to the meme of “Meth, not even once”, due to the fact that both are unhealthy drugs

Just a note that the White Mantle Knights do not start cheering until the Jade Construct boss is below 50% health, so if you’re wondering why the Knights never seem to do the cheer animation, that’s why. 😉

Thank you, I was wondering why I didn’t have a star on my story tab saying this chapter was completed. Never would have found the hidden achievement on my own.

“Ain’t Got Time for This – Don’t solve the puzzle and defeat the sentry golem that spawns instead.” isn’t descriptive enough. Sat there like an idiot purposely failing the puzzle waiting for the golems to spawn when all I had to do was choose the “Skip the puzzle” option of which I assumed would automatically solve the puzzle for me therefore not spawn golems and advance the story. However, it actually does spawn golems to kill for the achievement. Sometimes you need to be thorough with your guides common sense isn’t common.

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