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GW2 Scrap of Paper Bloodstone Fen Achievement Guide

A guide for collecting all the scrap of paper for the various notebook/diary/memoir achievements in Bloodstone Fen.

There are hidden achievements in Bloodstone Fen that require you to collect pieces of a notebook/diary/memoir that appear as Scraps of Paper in the map. There are three achievements in total, each for a different book but the Scraps of Paper appears identical for all 3 books.

Once you find all 3 Journals, you will earn the Conspiracy of Dunces achievement, which will grant you a Bloodstone Dust and Dragonite Ore consumer. This item can be used 6 times a day to consume 150 Bloodstone Dust and Dragonite Ore per day, giving you in return green and trash items you can sell/salvage for mats.



Apprentice Kasandra’s Notebook


Video Guide (Clickable Timestamp available below Youtube page video description)


3. 0:08
4. 0:30
5. 0:57
6. 1:27
7. 1:42
9. 2:54
10. 3:18
11. 4:23
12. 4:45
13. 5:03
14. 5:28
15. 5:49

1. Apprentice Kasandra’s Diary (Incomplete)

Automatically obtained when you get any of the pages below.

2. 12 Phoenix, 1325 AE

This page should be right next to Depths of maw Waypoint. To reach this waypoint, you just drop down the big gaping hope in the eastern section of the map until you see a ledge filled with bloodstones.


3. 16 Phoenix, 1325 AE

Drop down from Ground Zero Waypoint, it is located slightly higher than the Depths of Maw Waypoint above the giant Bloodstone Stalagmite.


4. 29 Phoenix, 1325 AE

Take the updraft near Zealot’s Overlook waypoint, the notebook page is behind a tree stump on an island near and above the waypoint.


5. 45 Phoenix, 1325 AE

Same as last page, take the updraft near Zealot’s Overlook and take a 180 turn. The page is on the structure right above the waypoint.


6. 2 Scion, 1325 AE

Drop down from the previous page towards the huge gap in the map to the east of the map. You will find this page on the ground floor.


7. 7 Scion, 1325 AE

Drop down the big gaping hole and fly inward until you reach a little bone structure floating in the air.


8. 60 Scion, 1325 AE

From the Airship Waypoint, drop down to the ground level until you locate this page near the palm trees.


9. 27 Phoenix, 1326 AE

This page is on the same level as the last page, so just run SE from the previous page.


10. 65 Scion, 1326 AE

Start from Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint and use the updraft to head east. This page is on a floating island very high above the sky in the east end. It is basically where the Mastery Insight for Fragmented Wastes is located.


11. 52 Phoenix, 1327 AE

Not far from the Ground Zero waypoint, it is right next to a bouncing mushroom on the same level as the waypoint.


12. 12 Colossus, 1327 AE

Go back to the Airship waypoint and drop down. You will see a floating island right below that has this page.


13. 83 Zephyr, 1328 AE

Drop down to the ground floor from the Airship Waypoint until you see a statue on the wall. To the left of that statue is a page for the diary.


14. 73 Phoenix, 1328 AE

Short walk from the previous page


15. 13 Zephyr, 1329 AE

Drop down into the cave from Depths of the Maw Waypoint. It is on the floor at end of the cave.


The Memoirs of Justiciar Bauer


Video Guide (Clickable Timestamp available below Youtube page video description)


1-2. 0:00
3. 0:23
4. 0:54
5. 1:21
6: 2:04
7: 2:18
8. 2:39
9. 3:17
10. 3:42
11. 4:39
12. 5:07
13. 5:31
14. 5:55
15. 6:37

1. Justiciar Bauer’s Memoirs (Incomplete)

Automatically obtained when you get any of the pages below.

2. 75 Zephyr, 1325 AE

From the airship waypoint, drop down to the ground just east of the waypoint to find this page.


3. 86 Zephyr, 1325 AE

This page is high above Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint so take the updraft near the waypoint and either use the bouncing mushroom or another updraft to shoot you on to the building on top of the waypoint.


4. 24 Phoenix, 1325 AE

Use the two bouncing mushrooms next to Ground Zero Waypoint to shoot yourself high enough to reach this scrap of paper.


5. 42 Phoenix, 1325 AE

From Ground Zero Waypoint, head NW towards the high ridges. You will see two bouncing mushrooms to your right with the paper next to the bottom mushroom.


6. 7 Scion, 1325 AE

Directly below the airship waypoint on top of a blackish looking island


7. 12 Colossus, 1325 AE

From the previous page, drop down to the ground floor and look for a semi cave like structure where you can find the Scrap of Paper next to a rock.


8. 82 Phoenix, 1326 AE

From Airship waypoint, fly straight south and drop down to the ground level once you reach the edge. You will see the paper there.


9. 65 Scion, 1326 AE

From Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint, take an updraft north of it to shoot you up to an island just north of you with a bouncing mushroom.


10. 72 Phoenix, 1328 AE

From Zealot’s Waypoint, take the updraft nearby and user the bouncing mushrooms as you were reaching that Mastery Insight by Fragmented Waste. Right before the insight is an island with a ruined structure that has the page.


11. 48 Phoenix, 1327 AE

From Airship waypoint, fly south much the same way you were retrieving page 8 but before you reach the south end you will see a little ridge with a tree that has the page.


12. 31 Zephyr, 1328 AE

From Ground Zero Waypoint, follow the path to your right that leads downwards. As you run down the bend, be on the lookout for a scrap of paper to your left.


13. 74 Zephyr, 1328 AE

Fly north from Airship waypoint and drop down. The paper is at base of the statue.


14. 2 Zephyr, 1329 AE

Much like page 3, use the updraft near Zealot’s Overlook waypoint to get to the building above the waypoint. You can find this paper near one of the stairs leading down from the building


15. 14 Zephyr, 1329 AE

From Airship waypoint, fly to the SW corner of the map until you reach the waterfall.


Grand Savant Valis the Learned’s Research Journal


Video Guide (Clickable Timestamp available below Youtube page video description)


1-2. 0:00
3. 1:27
4. 2:01
5. 2:27
6: 3:11
7: 3:31
8. 4:27
9. 5:04
10. 5:40
11. 6:08
12. 6:53
13. 7:36
14. 8:00
15. 8:21

1. Grand Savant Valis the Learned’s Research Journal (Incomplete)

Automatically obtained when you get any of the pages below.

2. 86 Zephyr, 1325 AE

If you have Ley Line gliding, you can get this quick by using the ley line right outside Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint as it lead straight to the island with the paper. Otherwise you will need to take the long route by taking the updrafts along the way to the Mastery Insight for Fragmented Wastes and then take the updraft near the diving goggles to shoot yourself high enough to reach this island.


3. 14 Phoenix, 1325 AE

From the Airship waypoint, drop down to the ground level SE of the waypoint and you will see this paper.


4. 25 Phoenix, 1325 AE

From Ground Zero Waypoint, head directly across and you will find the paper on a ledge. Use the bouncing mushroom or leyline to boost you higher if needed.


5. 60 Phoenix, 1325 AE

From the Airship waypoint, head straight east until you reach an island with the strange markings.


6. 5 Scion, 1325 AE

From Ground Zero Waypoint, drop straight down until you come across a ledge with a large Bloodstone Shard. There is a paper in one corner of the ledge.


7. 40 Scion, 1325 AE

From the previous page, fly into the cavern below. Near the end of the cavern at one of the floating rock at the top is this paper.


8. 60 Zephyr, 1326 AE

From Ground Zero Waypoint, use the the chain of 3 bouncing mushrooms to shoot yourself high enough in the air to reach this paper.


9. 24 Scion, 1326 AE

From Airship waypoint, fly NE and drop down at the indicated location to grab this paper.


10. 65 Scion, 1326 AE

From Airship waypoint, drop all the way down until you reach the ground floor. The look for a paper at the marked location near the opening of a caveish like structure.


11. 45 Phoenix, 1327 AE

Fly east from Airship waypoint until you reach this island with the paper on it.


12. 2 Phoenix, 1328 AE

Pretty much same route as page 8 except this time the paper is by the vista


13. 70 Phoenix, 1328 AE

Jump down from Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint and you will find this paper on a ledge slightly above the ground.


14. 13 Zephyr, 1329 AE

From the last page, head toward the ground and go to the indicated location for this page.


15. 17 Zephyr, 1329 AE

Drop down from the Airship waypoint and this paper is on a root like thingie just above the ground.


By Dulfy

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33 replies on “GW2 Scrap of Paper Bloodstone Fen Achievement Guide”

YES! There’s blue circles that spawn during the fight and spread out. Sit in them to get teleported upwards, then glide and shoot Justicar from the air.

Yeah. Down in the jungley canyon area where the ghosts spawn at night, there’s an event where you need to escort one ghost to kill some White Mantle. She’s the one you need. After the event completes, she realizes things are kinda weird and asks you if she’s a ghost. That’s where you use the /yes emote.

This one is not working how guide shows. I am missing 2/13/15 from 3rd books and noone of the pages was found at lsited places.
Each page adds random number to the achievement :<

Worked perfectly fine for me but i was only missing 2 pages and found them where the Guide showed them.

Grand Savant #7: If you’re too low to reach the scrap, back up the slope east of the Temple of Renewal POI there’s a bouncing mushroom. Engage your glider at the top of the bounce and then push forward, steer past the right side of the rock in directly in front of you and land on the rock with the scrap.

man i love stuff like this. tying the lore into this sort of minigame (as opposed to arbitrary masks and coins before it) and telling us what the white mantle was up to, and how they reacted to the dragons’ deaths? i love it. i might actually go through the effort to find them all.

I started out thinking that this was a one-scrap-per-location, but as I did it more, I ended up under the impression that they spawned randomly over time as I was sure I picked up more scraps in places I had checked before. Interesting to know that this was wrong. I guess my perception was just rubbish lol

This will probably be the first dulfy guide I don’t use. I’m going to be spending so much time on this map I’ll probably find all the pieces without it -.-

Though I must say, it is a Conspiracy of Dunces indeed. I always wondered why the exalted said they were into preserving Tyria as opposed to just saying they liked killing dragons. While the Anet team has stated that the blood stones were used to hide magic from the dragons (and yes, arguing with Anet announcements makes one feel silly), these notes leave me with the impression that the blood stones weren’t to hide magic from the dragons but instead to prevent too much magic from being released into Tyria each time the elder dragons were slain.

The placards around Tarir say how the last time the elder dragon’s rose, the old races didn’t have enough resources around to make new blood stones – and they were freaking out about it. It always seemed odd to me that they needed bloodstones when the dragons are perfectly killable when understood (which the old races did). Then we see what happens when multiple elder dragons die. The magic released from 2 elder dragons caused a magical overload. The leylines came to life, magical constructs such as golems have started malfunctioning and an existing blood stone literally burst trying to contain the ambient magic.

I’m left with the impression that Tyria in it’s natural state has so much magic that it would be inhospitable to small life (or at the least very unfriendly). The elder dragons contain the bulk of the magic by devouring it and release the magic when killed. When all the dragons are dead I think there are supposed to be blood stones to house the majority of the magic, slowly releasing it back into the world till such a time that the elder dragons rise to safely nom it again. So after Primordius is slain, I suggest wearing grounded boots.

Whelp, this is far as I came without a guide,
I said I wouldn’t use the guide, but after scouring the map in full, three times, I think I’ve found all I can find without slapping myself on the head going ‘OOH, THERE IT WAS!’

I only need 1 more #86 but it’s not there where the guide says it is… (hm)
btw: thanks the guide, except this one it’s very usefull 🙂

there are two #86 papers in two different locations:
1. Grand Savant Valis the Learned’s Research Journal (Incomplete).
2. Justiciar Bauer’s Memoirs (Incomplete)

Is there a reason why i’m stuck after completing the first book ? I can’t find any other scrap of paper.

Anyone else notice locations or required pages for certain books changing? All 3 of my books have some different pages that are required, and not all the locations had the pages listed though they did have some page. Just wondering what’s going on.

Hey Dulfy. Not to be “That guy” but in the Apprentice Kasandra’s Notebook locations, the guide says 29 Phoenix, 1325 AE and should be 26 Phoenix, 1325 AE. Also, 45 Phoenix, 1325 AE should be 42 Phoenix, 1325 AE.

So strange. The video you linked is not 86 zephyr and the one Dulfy linked is. Something seems wonky with all these pages as if it’s different for some people.

At least for me that video you linked was not 86 zephyr but a different one.

I wonder if there’s an issue with IDing in the game and maybe it’s different sometimes for other people. I remember looking for hours on this one. :/

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