GW2 Gemstore Update–Caudecus’s Weapons and Noble Folly’s Pass

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Lord Caudecus’s Weapons for 600 gems and Noble Folly’s Pass for 1000 gems.


Noble Folly’s Pass – 1000 gems

  • New area like Royal Terrace/Airship that provides all the crafting/banking stuff in one place. Also has the makeover NPC to view new hairs/faces.
  • It is a separate map from Verdant Brink, so players don’t have to worry about players in it scaling up meta events.
  • Two week version also available for 150 gems


Lord Caudecus’s Pistol/Sword – 600 gems

  • No special sound effect but does have a glowing bloodstone effect.
  • 600 gems for each skin

Lord Caudecus’s Sword Skin



Lord Caudecus’s Pistol Skin



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71 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Caudecus’s Weapons and Noble Folly’s Pass”

Does “seperate map” mean its just an instanced VB, or is it actually its own zone with very short loading time. If its a very small map with its own loading time then is great.

Looks like it’s in its own zone. If you watch the video you can see the entrance portal on there. So it’s basically like your own personal mini guild hall.

I would seriously doubt it loads it. The video doesn’t show any of the map completion info or anything else for VB, and there’s a portal so it’s pretty likely that this area is all it’s own instance.

I posted a new comment above, people get out of map and find the entire VB map rendered (except mobs and updrafts).

that_Shaman on reddit says:
“If you manage to break out of Noble’s Folly you’ll find a completely deserted Verdant Brink.”

So there goes the selling point of a quick load all in one area. 🙁

I don’t get why can’t they add makeover NPC to the previous 1k gem locations. I mean obviously to sell this new one, but they still sell the old ones from time to time, it’s just one extra npc.. *sigh* whatever.

My sad face when red glowing weapons are more important than that progress of the fractal backpack. They ‘forgot’ to fix the geyser in snowblind.

they should have recoloured the flames for pistol, bullets made from blood ruby but still sounds & looks like gun powder?? at least change the sound like the ley-line weapons

“Nobel Folly’s Pass … that provides all the crafting/banking stuff in one place.”

I honestly thought that’s what a guild hall was supposed to be, the one place for guildies to go to for all their inventory mgmt, banking, crafting needs, together with being a meeting place, “chill out” room etc. Well at least now know why the conveniently located crafting tables in the WvW borderlands map were really removed for.

Had hoped when the WvW craft tables were recently removed, a patch was in the works to place them for all the crafting discipline tables within the GH, guess that dream is dead. They not going to to do that when there’s a 1000 gem (= USD$12.50 or truckload of gold) option to be sold.

It’s also weird when you consider that their reason for not including crafting stations in the GH was because they “didn’t want to make cities irrelevant”. And yet if everybody bought this (or the Airship Pass), isn’t that exactly what would happen?

well, if they were included in guild halls, it would be free thus everyone would prefer that option over cities causing cities to really be irrelevant.

the airship pass has a gate of 1000gems which would turn most people off (not me though, i have one). even if long time players do save up gold to convert to gems and purchase the passes, the bulk of the newbies who have no gold or do not want to invest in gems would be running around in cities.

doesnt mean it’s not a cash grab. just that your logic is a little flawed.

these items are timed, and permanent ones are harder to come by, like the other similar passes, so it doesnt make cities irrelevant.

So one new weapon set and now these skins in the space of a week or so and they can’t do legendaries or more ingame drops? Losing a lot of respect for them.

Making the weapons is easy, that is why they put out a new set every month.

What takes time is scripting the long journeys to craft your own legendary weapon. These include, new interactable objects around the world, new npcs, new dialouge, new crafting, new collections, new mystic forge recipes, and tons of other items and interactions.

well that is their fault for designing such an convoluted clusterfuck of a system. I’d say 95% of players would be quite happy to go back to the vanilla way of getting a pre in the forge if it mean’t we’d have a new set of legendaries.

“I’d say 95% of players would be quite happy to go back to the vanilla way of getting a pre in the forge”

Fuck no.

its about the work and dedication put into these legendary weapons, if your just going to bs your way through the process then whats the point of calling it a legendary

You are missing the point of the new legendary weapons. You actually make them yourself instead of just buying on the trading post, because that is so legendary.

Yes and running to an npc and buying a useless trinket to complete a collection is EPIC isn’t it? Right up there were Frodo’s journey to get the ring!

Bad faith spotted. Anyway, precursor crafting (or a way to get a precursor without depending on mystic luck) arguably was one of the most wanted features from the start of the game (at least for those players who care about legendary weapons). Whether you like the current system or not is another problem.

Actually it isn’t a problem its an opinion, he doesn’t like the system, too bad for him.

Except it’s not just an opinion, it is a problem and thus a fact. We’re not getting anymore legendaries because “it’s too much work”. Too bad for all us huh?

Not sure why you want to speak for 95% of the players while you are just stating your own opinion. Imho some of the new legendary collections are quite original and funny to complete.

Anyway, why do they prioritze development of cash-shop skins over new legendaries? To make money maybe.

I think you’re just missing the point completely. You also must have missed the absolute shitstorm that cancelling/postponing the legendaries caused within the GW2 community, so much so that Anet had several blogs and developers explain why and apologising. So no, I’m not just speaking for me.

I like the designs of both the sword and pistol, but they’re far too large for my character. (A common problem with many weapons. They look oversized compared to the build of the character.) I mean, that sword is obviously meant to be a rapier-style design, and yet the sword is basically as tall as the character herself.

If you think wow started this “trend” then you are young 😛

“Big weapons” .. “90% tits 10% cloth” female armors … these are “asian country” trademarks. It’s been in every mmo ever made….MU Online, Lineage 1,2 and many more from back then.

Daggone shame. The GW2 team is good at making realistic stuff when they try (I still use mostly the Ascalonian Protector armor). Why isn’t there any demand for things that look like actual weapons and armor?

You know, getting tired of the Gemstore.

We have a dungeon called Caudecus’ Manor already. You’d think that skins related to Caudecus could be acquired there.

At what point will ANet start adding lore appropriate skins into the world to be found, instead of bought?

A dev already replied to this (sort of)
They said that making new gear is a lot of effort, so they’re saving that for living world and expansion patches. Regular patches will mostly serve bug fixes and gemstore updates.

Remember, that the gemstore is what’s keeping the game B2P

it is lore-appropriate, since this is the stuff hes using RIGHT NOW in the living world. putting it in the dungeon doesnt make any sense since that happened years ago.

and while the effort is mostly for armor, its true they dont want to just shit out skins with every update. theyll probably add more significant skins later as the season nears its completion.

The reason people liked to use WvW’s crafting/banking stuff because they can go back to the original place after things is done. Not the case for Royal Terrace/Airship/Noble Folly . May be buy it just for collection when it is in discount sale.

That is what i like to know…
Can you go back to your original location by leaving the instance?
It could be (made) possible, if it is on a seperate map and not in VB itself.

Can someone add these Information. How you enter/leave

They are actual zones and not instances, like your home instance for example. So sadly, you can’t hop in and hop out.

well they have a home portal stone that lets you hop in and out of your home instance, so its not outside the realm of possibility

I do like that revolver. Very tempting.
If it didn’t have the glow effects, I’d buy it for my Thief in a heartbeat.

If you don’t want the effect the check out the Aetherized Pistol skin or even crafting one of the ascended ones. They’re all the same base revolver model.

I just can’t wrap my head around of how messy and chaotic the Noble’s Folly looks. I paid € 12,50 for it and feel slightly disappointed. Why did they even put the mf on a ledge :S

I glanced over it. I guess it was a bit of an impulsive purchase since I felt I was missing out by never buying a Royal Terrace or Airship Pass previously.

I feel that I have conquered fashion. Fads lie dead at my feet and the dusty circus garbs adorning my troop of mass murderers have greater sentimental value then the characters themselves.

I’m sitting on a suspiciously large mound of gems at the moment – without a single endeavour worth squandering them on -.-

I still remember the very first fad…

Arah armor, with a combination of Illumination, Abyss, and Celestial dyes 🙂 the good old days!

I feel the exact same way and see no reason to ever buy gems again, I really can’t remember the last time they made something outfit,armor, weapon related that I actually wanted to buy….
RIP fashion wars.

Well, I would never buy an outfit or a glider so that cuts me out from about 90% of their gem store updates. The shared slots look interesting but I am not sure at 200+ gold apiece it’s worth it.

They are. If you a long time player of guild wars (or plan on playing a long time) the biggest issue you will face is ensuring you can stuff all the loot on the floor into your backpack – which fills up absurdly fast these days. Being able to share junk consuming items (infinite salvagers, resource eaters) across all your character’s improves the flow of gameplay dramatically.

To each their own I guess. I would never pay 700 gems/200 gold for one single slot of space. Perhaps if they agreed to refund the salvage-o-matics that I have for all my playing chars.

Sword has very sweet model if you are running for duelist style, but is horribly oversized. Maybe it’ll look better on my asura 😛

Actually, everything isn’t very close compared to Royal Terrace, and its a VIP area, the 1000 gems is the same for the other 2 areas.

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