Black Desert Maids and Horse Appearance Coupon Guide

A guide to the maids and house appearance change coupon added to Black Desert Online with the August 3 patch.



Maids are a new feature/convenience item available exclusively from the Pearl Shop. You can buy them for 1200 Pearls each, which is about $10-12 USD. There are two kinds of maids, storage and transaction. One will allow you buy//sell items via the marketplace from anywhere in the world while the other allow you to retrieve/store items in the storage in your current territory (i.e. Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon etc). In addition to the two kinds of maids, there are three different appearances for the maids: Chiara, Listi and Irene.


Once you purchased the maids in the Pearl Shop, you must go to your residence in any major city (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia City only) and place them in your residence like you would place a piece of furniture. They will then pull out a broom and start walking around.


Once you put down a maid, you will see the new maid interface to the left of your screen. This interface shows you their residence and the cooldown left before you can use them. As you can see on the screenshot, both maids are still on cooldown. Once their cooldown ends, they will be in standby and you can click on either the storage or the marketplace button depending on which maid you purchased. This will open up the regular storage or marketplace interface.


There are a couple of important things to note about the maids

  • They are like furniture items, you can place them into any residence you own in the major cities (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia City only) and can be used by all the characters in your family. Also like furniture, they can be picked up from one residence and moved to another. Do note that there is a 20 minute timer after you place them in a residence before they start “working”.
  • Once they are placed into a residence, they can be used from anywhere in the world (ignore the territory restrictions on the tooltip, it doesn’t apply to the NA/EU version). However, depending on which territory you are in, they will access that territory’s major city’s storage/marketplace (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia City). So for example if you are in Balenos near Olvia, you can call on your maid stationed in Heidel to access the Velia storage since Velia is the major city in Balenos.
  • Storage Maids can store/retrieve only 1 or 1 stack of item (non-trade item) weighing less than 100 LT (tooltip is wrong once again, it is not 50 LT) and there is a cooldown of 20 minutes before it can store/retrieve another item. Storage maids can also retrieve/storage silver as long the silver amount is under 100 LT (about 350k silver).
  • Transaction Maids can only buy/sell one item for you on the marketplace with a cooldown of 20 minutes as well. The maids will use the money in the storage of the major city of your character’s current territory. So if you are in say in Balenos, it will funds from Velia Storage, Heidel storage if you are in Serendia etc.
  • If you have multiple Storage/Transaction maids, you can store/sell more items as each item only use up the cooldown of 1 maid. So if you have 20 storage maids, you can certainly store 20 items or 20 stacks of items at once.

Horse Appearance Change Coupon

There are two version of these Horse Appearance Exchange Coupon, the regular version that just change your horse’s appearance for 600 Pearls and a Premium version that also give your horse a chance to gain a new skill or more horse XP when you use it to change your horse’s appearance.


The Premium horse coupon cannot learn the following skills however. These skills are the skills that T8 horses can learn a “super” version of once they have the basic version of the skill so it could be reason why they are excluded.

  • Hindpaw Kick
  • Forepaw Stomping
  • Instant Acceleration
  • Lateral Movement

Once you have purchased the coupon, put your horse into the stable and click on the change appearance button.


This will give you a selection of appearances you can apply to your horse. The first option you will see are the Special Appearances. Every horse will have the same 10 options and these appearances are exclusive to the exchange coupon.





However, you can also change your horse to the appearance of any lower tier horse. Tier 7 horses for example, can get the appearance of any Tier 1-6 horse.


Using the Change Appearance button will consume a regular version of the coupon while clicking the Premium Horse Appearance button will consume the premium coupon that also have a chance to gain addition skills or horse XP.

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10 replies on “Black Desert Maids and Horse Appearance Coupon Guide”

Thank u so much! IS there ANY impact on color breeding as a result of using the appearance ticket? I DO think it effects the sellling price of the horse on the market place too. I checked to see and it said my T7 would sell for 35,000,000. BUT, i didnt check right before buying the ticket. – however, i’m guessing it does.

Maids in the same house share a cooldown. I have 2 maids and when using either of them, the CD is in effect for both. I haven’t yet tried to move them to a different house to see if the CD is separated. I plan to try it today to see what happens…

When you place them in a house. They have a 20 min cd before been able to use them.

so if you moved them and place them in another house, wait 20 min again before been able to use them.

Can i revert back to the horse’s original skin if i use appearance change coupon? For example i have 2 coupons the first i used for other skin because i cant pick the same skin, then after that i used the second one to choose my original horse skin, is it possible? Reason is i really love the skin but i wanna try to get the skill cos my horse already 30, TIA

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