GW2 Bloodstone Sightings and Harvest Current Events Guide

There are two new achievements under General –> Current Events called Bloodstone Sightings and Bloodstone Harvest. You wil need to locate Bloodstone creatures and silvers for the achievements.


Bloodstone Sightings – 5 AP

1. Levvi’s Device

Retrieve this first item for the collection by visiting this location near Wyvern Cliffs in Verdant Brink. Interacting with the Consortium Tracker will give you this item in your inventory. Make sure to interact with the Bloodstone Silver nearby as well to unlock a second collection.


The way Levvi’s Device’s works is that when a creature shows up when you click on the device (everyone will see the same creature), go to the map specific for that creature and start killing regular creatures to help spawn it. So if the detector shows Moa, go to any of the Moa maps and start killing regular Moas to help spawn the Bloodstone-Crazed version. It appears the device will rotate through the creatures in a cyclic manner with a cycle lasting 3 hrs.

  • Moa/Devourer (1hr)–> Arctodus/Shark (1hr)–> Wyvern (30 min) –> Break (30 min)


Bloodstone Creatures

To locate these creatures, first you need to use the Levvi’s Device and double click it to see what creatures are on the rotation. Then go to the appropriate map and start killing the same creatures to get the Bloodstone version to spawn. There will be a map wide message when the creature spawns. Possible spawn locations taken from this thread by /u/delpahz

  • Moa/Devourer (1hr)–> Arctodus/Shark (1hr)–> Wyvern (30 min) –> Break (30 min)


2. Bloodstone-Crazed Moa

  • Snowden Drifts: [&BLkAAAA=]
  • Brisban Wildlands: [&BFQAAAA=]
  • Kessex Hills
  • Diessa Plateau


3. Bloodstone-Crazed Devourer

  • Drytop: East of Repair Station Waypoint [&BJcHAAA=]
  • Silverwastes
  • Blazeridge Steppes
  • Fields of Ruin


4. Bloodstone-Crazed Arctodus

  • Snowden Drifts: [&BJIAAAA=]
  • Lornar’s Pass: [&BCkBAAA=]
  • Gendarran Fields


5. Bloodstone-Crazed Shark

  • Mount Maelstrom: [&BNUCAAA=]
  • Frostgorge Sound
  • Bloodtide Coast


6. Bloodstone-Crazed Wyvern

  • Verdant Brink: [&BPsHAAA=]
  • Tangled Depths: [&BMwHAAA=]


Bloodstone Harvest – 20 AP


This achievement grant you the Bloodstone Visage armor skin, which has a pretty neat particle effect with sound. You will unlock all 3 armor weights upon receiving the item.

  • [&CvAaAAA=] Bloodstone Visage (light)
  • [&CusaAAA=] Bloodstone Visage (medium)
  • [&Cu0aAAA=] Bloodstone Visage (heavy)



Bloodstone Creatures

Unlike the Bloodstone Sightings achievement, you actually need kill these same Bloodstone creatures from the previous achievement. They are legendary in difficulty.

Bloodstone Sliver

1. Silverwastes, right on the SS Topsy-Turvy.

Right next to Drydock Grotto Waypoint in Silverwastes on top of the ship which you can climb up using the bridge that leads to the ship from the waypoint.


2. Frostgorge Sound: Found on Deep and Troubled Waters where the Voice Resides

Found on the Kodan ship near Ice Floe Waypoint


3. Blazeridge Steppes: This piece traveled with the current in Craze’s Folly

This is inside the secret area for the Craze’s Folly jumping puzzle but you don’t actually have to do the jumping puzzle as this piece si near the start of jumping part.


4. Brisban Wildlands: Found in Hidden Lake

Near the Hero Point, very easy to locate.


5. Verdant Brink: Nested somewhere in the Wyvern Cliffs

Same place where you found Levvi’s Device


6. Queensdale: Don’t let this disturb those who rest

Queensdale graveyard


7. Harathi Hinterlands: This one overlooks the battle from Overwatch Camp

A bit below the Overwatch Camp


8. Rata Sum: Err on the side of caution for this one.

Just above Metrical Court Waypoint upon a vine. Make have to do a run and grab for this one.


9. Timberline Falls: If krait had legs..

Very top of the Krait structure, run up to the diving goggles location and then glide over


10. Mount Maelstrom: Southwest of the Maelstrom Core lies a crack in the volcano

Go up Magmatic Waypoint and climb the volcano. There will be a crack in the volcano you can glide down and grab the Bloodstone Silver


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65 replies on “GW2 Bloodstone Sightings and Harvest Current Events Guide”

To be honest I think it just spawns ontop of whoever kills the last creature needed to spawn it. It showed up just as I killed an arctodus way down south near the villige where all the arctodus’s are. South and west of lornars gate.

maybe coz she is canadian ?? idk, but i often misplaced promo and porn word in eng texts, and nobody cares 😀

was w8ing more than 1 hour at TD wyvern spawn place and it didnt spawn.
then wyvern disapear from levvi’s device :<

For those who don’t have HoT, can they still partially complete the achievements by doing those found in Core Tyria?

I think you may be able to start the collection but you won’t be able to finish since you have to go to verdant brinks…

yep, i can confirm this, at my non-hot acc I have Bloodstone Sightings unlocked in achievements, but Bloodstone Harvest I unlock by colecting first bloodstone, but for full achievement you MUST have HoT, coz some bloodstone are in maguuma.

How the fuck is it bad? Pay to support the game you like. HoT was 50% off not long ago. If you think that’s too much then you don’t really have a right to bitch about Anet not giving you free shit for being a F2P leech.

I think the wyvern overlaps with the arctodus/shark and runs for 1 hour (not 30 min) from 30 min into the arctodus/shark spawns

For those that are curious about the Maelstrom sliver. You gotta jump into the crack but once you do you gotta hit glide instantly in order to reach it. If you miss it its no big deal as you just gotta WP back for the short jog to it.

Ok. My take on it after I did eventually get all of the beasties for the achieves.

The nodes were easy enough to figure out and find. The beasties were dependent on on three maps in their cycles within various IPs. It looked like they spawned Moa/Devourer, Arctodus/Shark and then Wyvern. No idea of how the timing of the cycle between them works but I did see some overlaps. Some saw the Moa/Devourer up but could not find any maps where they had spawned. (this was over at least a half hour period possibly more after they showed on Levvi’s Device)

Lot of folk went to squads spread over the spawn maps but the spawns were IP based so if someone pinged a waypoint you potentially could still end up in an IP that either had not yet spawned a beast or one had already died – no way of telling. I got to one map a squad commander pinged only to find she was on another instance and luckily I was able to get there before the beastie died.

I like that Anet is trying different things. I think it is their hallmark that they are not afraid to try something and see how it goes and kudos for that. This one definitely needs some tweaks though.

If that’s the future of GW2 I am really sad. Meaningful updates 4 times a year and inbetween scattered pseudo events from the type of “Sit around for events and autoattack zerg them” or “Wait for Dulfy to tell me where to go on the map and press F”.

all this “weeks” events are moreless as “endgame”, where is expecting, that all players are bored, max out 80´s, so anet give us some “quick food” events for fun. I am working on 2 legendary, farm TONS of materials, actually i dont do anything else then farm fuck** wood, ore etc with all my 10 alts, I dont really need anything complicated, i enjoy this short events with decent rewards, which takes me 2 days and i can go back to my farming, and still, even this small/middle events move game story telling a little forward, so i am good with all of this.

Oddly, the excessive particle effect was probably left in so that people after just the red eyes (without a swarm of dots and chiming around the head) would have a superior option to purchase.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone actually want to pay for something that’s a free in-game reward for playing the game.

Incredibly generous helm reward.

My favorite part remains the approach for slaying bloodstone crazed creatures though:
There is a blood crazed moa on the loose, what do we do?!
Wait, what?

It’s 71% on that tier. if you look at the icon before the achievement name on her pic you can see the “II”, meaning shes at 71% on tier 2.

Killing the beasties might be a pain, but it’s very doable in a single go and the head gear is really cool and worth it for me.

I’m quite happy with it!

We had a break now.

We were waiting for Shark/Arctodus for 1h and then it appear that it was going to have a break -.- So lets wait 30 more min to see whats going to happen.

WP for Arctodus @ Gendarran Frields: [&BIwBAAA=]
WP for Shark @ Frostgorge Sound: [&BH4CAAA=]

The Devourer @ Silverwastes shows up near the Dry Quarry POI ( [&BLQHAAA=] )

Is the GendarrAn Fields listing for Arctodus an error? I’m aware it even says this on the achievement ingame, but it wouldn’t be the first time an achievement is wrong.

There are no Arctodus on that map to my knowledge, nor anywhere near that waypoint.

It’s not an error. It just spawned for me after killing a regular bear near that WP. No idea why that counts as an arctodus, fck logic 😛

The Arctodus does spawn in Gendarran Fields, just south of the bandit leader spawn.

It’s not THAT far from the mountains for it to not make sense.

Was happy to get that skin, used it on my sylvari …. that clipping, can see the shiny eyes through its head -_-
I guess it’s something to do with graphic settings…

That’s how all Bloodstone themed things work. Look at the “Bloodseeker” focus, it’s deliberate.

Wanted to ask a couple questions.

Am I right in understanding that if I miss a specific spawn, I have to wait 3 hours before the next one? Like if I missed the moa, I need to wait 3 hours for the next moa?

Also, regarding the multiple map locations per spawn- does each mob spawn in all those maps at the same time? So for the moa, one spawns in each of the following maps each spawn window?

Snowden Drifts
Brisban Wildlands
Kessex Hills
Diessa Plateau

not exactly. they can spawn in each of those maps if someone kills enough of the mobs to trigger the spawn. but if no one goes to a particular map to clear the mobs, the bloodstone creature on that map won’t spawn. but it can. so the moa in your example can spawn on all 4 of those maps within the window, as well as spawn in multiple instances of the same map

we found where the shark can spawn in bloodtide
wp is stormbluff wp [&BKUBAAA=]
south of that in the water is a pirate ship with sharks and tuna. i killed 6 sharks and 1 vet shark plus several tuna. after 7th shark died, bloodstone shark spawned immediately. (i was alone for spawn)

when you use detector, its will show you upcoming creature, then you go to corresponding map and start killing mobs of same type as boss. with some lucky you will spawn bosses, i got achiev when i was even in that map, i dont need kill boses for achi.

but Dulfy says Moa/Devourer (1hr)–> Arctodus/Shark (1hr)–> Wyvern (30 min) –> Break (30 min), so you can ask, what bosses are dead inm apchat and manage correct time

I understand the concept. They monsters are always dead before I waypoint in. A timer would be useful to allow me to waypoint in and camp the map before the target’s spawn window appears.

Check the LFG listing for any squads running them. It’s what I did earlier today and got them all in a single cycle.

A bloodstone cloud appears in front of your character with a small miniature of the current animal rotation. That means you should start killing those animals in their spawning maps. If the creature has a skull above it, it means its already dead on this map. (but might be alive in another instance)

This achievement is a bit frustrating.

First, you’ll need to decipher how Levvi’s Device works. It’s best to stand somewhere where you can view the area immediately in front of your character and zoom up enough to see what happens. Immediately upon activation the device if all you see is a puff of pinkish smoke, then it’s not active. If you see a figure of a Moa (or Shark, or other creature) then that means it’s active but not necessarily that it’s present. You may have to kill a lot of Moas (if Moa was shown) in order to get the Legendary Moa to show up. If you see that the Moa has a skull it means it was recently killed. Sometimes you’ll see 3 different creatures at the same time; sometimes only one. It’s unclear whether you’ll see any reaction from Levvi’s Device if used on a map where these creatures don’t typically show up.

Second, as previously stated, you’ll need to go to the map where the creature shown is known to show up. Look around to see if you can see it already active. If not, you may have to kill a number of the appropriate creature before the Legendary version shows. Make sure you check each map possibility in question as if it’s already up elsewhere it probably won’t show up on yours.

Third, the event seems to start shortly after the hour. From what I saw at the time I did this, the Moa showed up at 2AM, 6AM, 10AM, 2 PM, 6 PM, and 10PM Server time, or 4 hours apart. The Shark started and hour later than the Moa, etc. There was a 4 hour gap between Moas, and so forth.

Darn nuisance for an otherwise simple achievement.

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