GW2 Upcoming Items from August 9 Patch

A list and gallery of upcoming items from August 9 patch. Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s thread.



[&CvUaAAA=] Staff


[&Cu4aAAA=] Longbow


Anniversary Packs

  • Anniversary Backpack and Mail Carrier Pack
  • Double-click to choose an exclusive city-themed backpack and receive an anniversary mail carrier.

Divinity’s Reach Rucksack – [&CvIaAAA=]


Hoelbrak Mountain Pack – [&CuwaAAA=]


Rata Sum Apparatus – [&CuoaAAA=]


Grove Hydria – [&CvYaAAA=]


Black Citadel Engine – [&Cu8aAAA=]



These are the new Bloodstone Dyes in the gemstore for 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems or 25 for 2500 gems.


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74 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from August 9 Patch”

Agreed! The others are lackluster or have better themed backpacks already, like the plant one for example.

I have Mawdrey that is much cooler looking and has some story to it.

Yeah i agree, also where’s the lions arch backpack for those who consider themselves a resident of that city rather than the home cities?

That would be cool. And while I spend most of my time in LA, I actually consider Ebonhawke to be my adopted home. Ebonhawke backpack plz?
Well, I can dream…

ebonhawke needs some love too i agree…maybe one day they will do something in that area that will finally help ebonhawke become the awesome community hub it deserves to be.

Yeah, you’ll probably have to take a starter city backpack for the next 5 years – with the lion backpack appearing 6 years from now -.-

Probably they will be given out for the 4th anniversary, but your character need to have 4 years to reclaim them. That said you will be able to get them too, but in 4 years unluckily. The rewards are set for certain “age milestones”.

It might not be that onerous. It’s possible it’s contained in the 4th year Birthday Gifts and every single character who hits 4 years old gets to pick one.

Been here since launch actually. 😉 And still, you never know. I would never have expected the 3rd year birthday gifts to include free gemstore dyes, some of which could fetch prices of several hundred gold. (True, you couldn’t sell the dyes, but it meant that players who wanted them no longer had to spend huge amounts of money to get them or gamble with BL Keys.)

That was really cool, I have to admit. But it was also a calculated move on Anet’s part to destabilize certain market values (namely the blacklight as well as electro blue and pink dye prices). Generally, Anet doesn’t want players to accumulate too much gold (without buying gems to do so, of course). That’s why they introduced so many gold sinks to the game around the time of the HoT release.

I seem to remember there being something about them not wanting to focus on new legendaries for a bit after the tiger bow. Those are skins from Guild Wars, and I’m guessing they’ll be gem store items.

Think not. I mean, the longbow could be, but a 2nd staff would be pointless. Probably just skins that will be aviable in the future.

The Divinity’s Reach Rucksack, for spotting those who haven’t figured out what’s going on after 4 consecutive years -.-

It may just be a model that appeared in the game files, which might not be linked up to a known in-game item yet. Sometimes these things sit around in the client for a long time before Arenanet does anything with them. For example, either Nevermore or it’s precursor was datamined way back in 2013, and we just didn’t know what it would eventually be.

why cant they make skins like these more often, except better back pieces… gw2 has changed so much its not even fun anymore pvp is lame now too

People say PvP is lame because they don’t like the meta or whatsoever :v but in the end PvP didn’t change much from beginning, just switched from a “full dps” setup to a more varied one with bunkers, supports and so on.

I hoped the backpiece are per character than account when we recieved the mail. I am torn between Asura and Charr at the moment althought Char kinda look like the machined Shield.

I kind of wish they bring back all the Luxon and Kurzick armor sets as Outfits considering Anet is going for all the Outfit sale stuff now.

Chances are if you played for 4 years you got your hands on much better looking back items. These should be rewards for the 1st birthday. The cake gun was awesome though.

I have the Ascension, the Grenth and Lyssa backs, the Exalted back and the Dynamic Tempered one. No way I am using any of the above.

That bow… For the first time I actually wish my ele could use bow. The staff and backpieces do not appeal to me. Dyes are lovely.

didn’t know that blood (-stone) is that purple! Serious only 2 of those colors deserve to be in that dye kit

yeh i see what you mean. only 2 of them are actually red and if they wanted to use purple they could have atleast used the same color as jade constructs have. but it looks like those dyes shimmer a bit which is neat. they might have had the idea of ‘dye mixed with bloodstone dust’

Rata Sum backpack looks the best imo, although the Black Citadel one ain’t bad either. Grove and Hoelbrak are ok depending on how your toon looks. The Divinity’s Reach one is hideous… like wtf were they thinking? The only way that would look good on a toon is if you modeled your toon to look like a cockney hobo from the 1920’s!

I’m going to be very disappointed then if I walk into the Maguuma with it and it DOESN’T one shot devour these things.

The staff is called “the envoy staff” while our legendary armors are called “envoy armor”. Wonder if the armor will look similar?

I love the look of that Sylvari backpack! Looks like one of those stinky flowers though? Those flowers that have a deep sack are stinky in real life usually I think lol

Why would you expect it on aug 11th? It is most likely coming on a Tuesday in the form of a gemstore item or a craftable recipe.

To be honest I am not sure if I prefer a gemstore item or a 250 Charged Lodestones + 250 Amalgamated Gemstones + 250 Spiritwood Planks + 250 Runes of the Druid craftable item.

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