Black Desert Imperial Trading Guide

Black Desert Online guide to the various aspects of Imperial Trading added with Aug 10 patch.


Calpheon/Mediah Trade

All trade quests from Trade Managers in pre-Mediah and Mediah areas now rewards Calpheon or Mediah Trade seals when you complete them. This is just an added bonus to regular trading as you can now use these Shiny Golden Seals of either Calpheon or Mediah Trade to purchase items. Trade quests in Serendia, Balenos, and Calpheon rewards Calpheon Trade seals while Trade quests in Mediah rewards Mediah seals.


Shiny Golden Seal – [Calpheon Trade]

Exchange them at Harden the trade manager in northern gate of Calpheon

  • 100ea: Magic Hoe
  • 220ea: Fishing Boat Cargo Container of Abundance
  • 230ea: Fighting Spirit Hide Saddle
bdo-calpheon-trading-npc bdo-calpheon-trading-npc-2 bdo-calpheon-trading-npc-3

Shiny Golden Seal – [Mediah Trade]

Exchange them at Quinoa the trade manager in western gate of Altinova.

  • 230 ea: High-Quality Noble Wagon Cover
  • 240 ea: Fighting Spirit Hide Stirrups
  • 450 ea: Ancient Artifact China
bdo-shiny-golden-seal-mediah-trade-2 bdo-shiny-golden-seal-mediah-trade-3 bdo-shiny-golden-seal-mediah-trade-4

Work Supervisor

Workers now give Shiny Golden Seals of Worker Supervisor randomly whenever they finish a round of work. These seals are deposited in the storage of the city they call home. Higher tier workers (i.e. Artisan workers) seem to give more and goblins might be the best choice to mass produce these seals due to their fast speed.

Shiny Golden Seal – [Work Supervisor]

You can exchange these seals at Santo Manzi in Velia for items.


  • 500 ea: Abundant Fishing Boat Decoration
  • 600 ea: Steel Champron of Fighting Spirit
  • 600 ea: Steel Barding of Fighting Spirit
bdo-worker-supervisor-tokens-5 bdo-worker-supervisor-tokens bdo-worker-supervisor-tokens-2

Imperial Conquest

Imperial Conquest are seals you can obtained by killing the thieves that spawn and attack you when you have a trade package for you. All you need to do is to grab a trade pack from any trade manager and go to the spots marked with the bandit icon. These thieves are about level 50 and comes in packs of 3 or more. On average you will get one seal per pack so it can take a while to accumulate enough seals to trade in for items.


Shiny Golden Seal – Imperial Conquest

You can trade Imperial Conquest seals with Valks in Calpheon


  • 35 ea: Magic Butcher Knife
  • 35 ea: Magic Pickaxe
  • 150 ea: Light Storm Hide Stirrups
  • 200 ea: High-Quality Noble Wagon Wheel
  • 200 ea: Black Essence: Harsha (Helmet Magic Crystal, Max HP+50, HP Recovery +5, and Evasion +2)
  • 400 ea: Black Essence – Black Spirit’s Crystal (Secondary Weapon Crystal, Max HP +150, AP +5)
bdo-imperial-conquest-npc bdo-imperial-conquest-npc-2 bdo-imperial-conquest-npc-3
bdo-imperial-conquest-npc-4 bdo-imperial-conquest-npc-5 bdo-imperial-conquest-npc-8

Imperial Fishing & Training

You can now trade blue and higher quality fishes to an Imperial vendor in Velia and Level 15+ horses of any tier to another Imperial vendor in Calpheon.

Imperial Fishing

Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs can be found in Velia, Glish, Epheria Port, Splashing Point and Valencia City. They will take most blue/yellow fish you have at 250% trade bonus and occasionally give you Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Fishing] as well.

  • There is no distance bonus. The trade window may include a higher price since it factor in the distance bonus but you will only get paid the 250% trade value with no distance bonus.
  • You cannot bargain with the trader.

There is no distance bonus but you still need to have nodes connected or you will only get 30%. The freshness of the fish won’t matter for the silver value, as long the fish is not expired. Each trade also have a limit on how much of each fish (usually 30-40) they will take and this limit reset every few hours (assumption is randomly every 3-4 hrs). This limit is shared with other players so you  swap channel or NPC if you encounter a NPC that no longer takes your fish.


The Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs are located in the following locations

  • Karon in Velia next to the dock manager


  • Rai in Glish next to the trade manager.


  • Dius in Port Epheria next to the dock manager


  • Hirio in Splashing Point in Mediah next to the trade manager


  • Balleo in Valencia City next to the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC


Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Fishing] can be traded with Abelin in Velia docks for items.


  • 10 ea: Magic Fluid Collector
  • 200 ea: Ancient Slate Ornament
  • 250 ea: Light Leather Storm Saddle
  • 250 ea: Black Essence: Carmae (Weapon Magic Crystal that give Crit Hit/Attack Speed +1 and AP+2)
  • 250 ea: Black Essence – Addis (Weapon Magic Crystal that give Crit Hit/Casting Speed +1 and AP+2)
bdo-imperial-fish-trader-3 bdo-imperial-fish-trader-4 bdo-imperial-fish-trader-5
bdo-imperial-fish-trader-6 bdo-imperial-fish-trader-7

Imperial Training

Level 15+ horses of any tier can be traded for Shiny Golden Seals of Imperial Training at stables in major cities. Once you have the Level 15 or above horse inside a stable in one of the major cities, you will get the option for Imperial Horse delivery when you click on them. This will give you a number of Shiny Golden Seals of Imperial Training depending on the tier of the horse and a large amount of silver depending on the number of skills the horse has earned.

  • Tier 1 horses get 1 seal, tier 2 get 2 seals, and so on with Tier 7 horses earning 7 seals on trade in.


With the Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Training], you can trade them with the stable NPC Breesman in Calpheon north gate.


  • 2 ea: Magic Lumbering Axe
  • 2 ea: Magic Tanning Knife
  • 6 ea: High-Quality Merchant Wagon Wheel
  • 6 ea: Fishing Boat Prow of Abundance
  • 12 ea: Black Essence: Viper (Glove Magic Crystal, Attack Speed/Casting +1, Accuracy +2)

You can also exchange these seals for Camels at the stable vendor in Sand Grain Bazaar or Shakatu of Valencia

  • 5 seals give you the regular camel you get from questing when you reach 55+
  • 15 seals give you a Dark Brown Camel which has the same stats/skills as the regular camel just with a different appearance.
bdo-imperial-training-npc bdo-imperial-training-npc-2 bdo-imperial-training-npc-3
bdo-imperial-training-npc-4 bdo-imperial-training-npc-5

Imperial Delivery

This feature is currently a bit buggy with the Imperial Delivery NPC only showing up in select channels (Valencia 2 channels seems to have them at time of writing). Do not confuse the Imperial Delivery NPC with the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC, these are two different NPCs.

For Imperial Delivery you need to press ESC to go to the main menu and then click the new Trade Info button. The top section shows you the Merchant Event in which merchants in some areas will take all goods at 200% value if you have nodes connected to them. This isn’t related to Imperial Delivery and is just normal trading so I won’t go into it here.


Now the bottom section marked Imperial Delivery is our focus. You will see 5 NPCs, one in each region. They will take different goods that changes every few hrs from various places. You need to hover over the goods to see where you can purchase them. For example the Mediah Territory Imperial Delivery NPC wants Love Potion No.6 that comes from the Trade Manager in Olvia. Another way to see items that are available for Imperial Delivery is going to the individual trade managers and spot the Imperial Delivery in progress notification on the items.


You trade in the goods these Imperial Delivery NPCs want and in exchange for these goods they will give you silver and variable amounts of Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Delivery] which you can exchange for other items. For maximum silver gain you will need to connect the nodes just like regular trades. There is also a limit on how much of the items they will take, as indicated by each item’s trading interface. They will stop these items once that limit is reached. This reset every few hours but you can also swap channels.

  • There is distance bonus and you can bargain to get more than the listed price.


Shiny Golden Seal – Imperial Delivery

Trade these tokens with Lamiro Ladans outside the northern gate of Calpheon


  • 250 ea: Fine Merchant Coach Cover
  • 250 ea: Ancient Kamel Statue
  • 300 ea: Feather Champron of Storm
  • 300 ea: Black Essence: Hysteria (Shoes Magic Crystal – Max weight +20 LT and Movement Speed +1 and Max Stamina +150)
  • 320 ea: Steel Horseshoe of Fighting Spirit
  • 400 ea: Clothes for a Fine Horse Trainer
bdo-imperial-delivery-token-npc-3 bdo-imperial-delivery-token-npc-4 bdo-imperial-delivery-token-npc-5
bdo-imperial-delivery-token-npc-6 bdo-imperial-delivery-token-npc-7 bdo-imperial-delivery-token-npc-8

Imperial Cooking & Alchemy

How Imperial Cooking & Alchemy Works

Imperial Cooking and Alchemy basically function identical so I have grouped them together. In each of the major cities in each region is an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC that will take certain packages you crafted using cooking or alchemy. You must craft the sub-ingredients first using normal alchemy/cooking tools in your residence and then use the processing window (L) and select either the Imperial Cuisine or the Imperial Alchemy Packaging option to make the final product that will be accepted by the delivery NPCs.

  • It is possible to proc a double sometimes when doing the processing to make the trade packages.


These trade packages will always sell at 250% and you do not need to connect nodes to the various cities to benefit from it. However, there are some restrictions on how and how much you can sell.

  • You can only make packages via processing to your maximum alchemy/cooking level. So if you are a professional chef, you can only make professional cooking boxes and below. You cannot make the artisan or master ones until you reach there in cooking levels.
  • There is a daily limit of how much you can sell, this is determined by your maximum contribution point (i.e. at 200 contribution point I can sell 67 items to these traders)
  • For each item, each NPC will only take 30 +/-7 (i.e. maximum of 37 or a minimum of 23). This number is shared between players for that NPC on that channel so if someone sold the same items before you get to that NPC and deplete the quantities, you will need to wait 3 hrs for the NPC to reset that particular item’s stock or swap to a different channel or go to a different NPC in the same channel.
  • There is no distance bonus. The trade window may include a higher price since it factor in the distance bonus but you will only get paid the 250% trade value with no distance bonus.
  • You cannot bargain with the trader.


Imperial Crafting Delivery NPCs

Olvia – Lotz Pavarotti


Heidel – Pasvinder


Calpheon – Bech


Altinova – Liff


Valencia City – Shandi Yut


Imperial Cooking Goods

Remember the cooking boxes you can make are restricted by your cooking level (i.e. professional chefs can only make professional boxes and below)

Item Trade Price (250%) Recipe
Apprentice’s Fried Fish Cooking Box 150,000 20x Fried Fish
(1x Fish or 2x Dried Fish, 3x Flour, 2x Deep Frying Oil)
Apprentice’s Boiled Egg Cooking Box 138,750 20x Boiled Egg
(3x Eggs, 6x Mineral Water, 1x Salt, 1x Cooking Wine)
Skilled Cook’s Meat Stew Cooking Box 195,000 20x Meat Stew
(5x Meat, 2x Flour, 2x Cooking Wine, 3x Mineral Water)
Skilled Cook’s Soft Bread Cooking Box 192.500 20x Soft Bread
(6x Dough, 2x Leavening Agent, 2x Egg, 3x Milk)
Skilled Cook’s Fish Fillet Chip Cooking Box 160,000 20x Fish Fillet Chip
(1x Fish or 2x Dried Fish, 3x White Sauce, 7x Flour, 2x Salt)
Skilled Cook’s Fruit Pudding Cooking Box 212,500 20x Fruit Pudding
(5x Fruits, 1x Cream, 3x Milk, 2x Sugar)
Professional’s Meat Pie Cooking Box 210,000 30x Meat Pie
(4x Meat, 6x Dough, 2x Sugar, 2x Olive Oil)
Professional’s Good Smelling Cooking Box 217,500 30x Tea with Fine Scent
(4x Flowers, 4x Fruits, 7x Mineral Water, 3x Cooking Honey)
Professional’s Omelet Cooking Box 205,000 40x Omelet
(5x Grains, 2x Olive Oil, 5x Egg, 2x Salt)
Professional’s Steak Cooking Box 242,500 20x Steak
(8x Meat, 2x Salt, 2x Garlic, 2x Red Sauce)
Artisan’s Meat Croquette Cooking Box 410,000 40x Meat Croquette
(8x Meat, 5x Flour, 2x Egg, 2x Cheese, 4x Deep Frying Oil)
Artisan’s Cheese Grating Cooking Box 290,000 40x Cheese Grating
(1x Grilled Sausage, 5x Dough, 4x Vegetables, 3x Cheese, 3x Red Sauce)
Artisan’s Desert Dumping Cooking Box 277,500 40x Desert Dumping
(6x Reptile Meat, 6x Dough, 1x Cinnamon, 2x Olive Oil)
Artisan’s Honey Wine Cooking Box 190,000 50x Honey Wine
(3x Cooking Honey, 2x Essence of Liquor, 2x Sugar, 6x Mineral Water)
Master’s Seafood Paste Cooking Box 325,000 40x Seafood Pasta
(2x Seafood or 4x Dried Seafood, 5x Dough, 3x Cooking Wine, 3x Garlic)
Master’s Beehive Cookie Cooking Box 362,500 40x Beehive Cookie
(4x Dough, 6x Cooking Honey, 2x Egg, 4x Milk)
Master’s Sute Tea Cooking Box 472.500 60x Sute Tea
(2x Tea with Fine Scent, 2x Butter, 3x Milk, 1x Salt)
Master’s Dark Pudding Cooking Box 472,500 60x Dark Pudding
(1x Oatmeal, 1x Pickled Vegetables, 5x Bird Meat, 7x Deer/Sheep/Goat/Cow/Pig Blood)
Master’s Meat Sandwich Cooking Box 480,000 40x Meat Sandwich
(1x Soft Bread, 7x Meat, 6x Vegetable, 3x Cheese)
Master’s Milk Tea Cooking Box 437,500 50x Milk Tea
(2x Tea with Fine Scent, 2x Flour, 3x Milk, 3x Cooking Honey)
Master’s Ham Sandwich Cooking Box 575.000 50x Ham Sandwich
(2x Soft Bread, 2x Grilled Sausage, 5x Vegetables, 4x Egg)

Imperial Alchemy Goods

Remember the alchemy boxes you can make are restricted by your alchemy level (i.e. professional alchemists can only make professional boxes and below)

Item Trade Price (250%) Recipe
Apprentice’s Alchemy Box 150,000 20x Clear Liquid Reagent, 20x Pure Powder Reagent
(1x Salt, 1x Purified Water, 1x Sunrise Herb, 1x Weed)
(1x Sugar, 1x Purified Water, 1x Silver Azalea, 1x Weed)
Apprentice’s Elixir of Wings Alchemy Box 195,000 10x Elixir of Wings
(2x Silver Azalea, 1x Ash Sap, 4x Troll Blood, 5x Purified Water)
Skilled Alchemist’s Elixir of Seal Alchemy Box 167.500 10x Seal Elixir
(3x Dwarf Mushroom, 1x Birch Sap, 4x Wolf Blood, 5x Purified Water)
Skilled Alchemist’s Elixir of Energy Alchemy Box 207,500 20x Elixir of Energy
(1x Pure Powder Reagent, 4x Fox Blood, 3x Purified Water, 2x MP Potion (Small))
Skilled Alchemist’s Elixir of Mentality Alchemy Box 205,600 20x Elixir of Mentality
(1x Pure Liquid Reagent, 5x Ash Sap, 3x Purified Water, 3x MP Potion (Small))
Professional’s Secret Alchemy Box 265.000 10x Elixir of Swiftness, 10x Elixir of Wind
(1x Legendary Beast’s Blood, 5x Arrow Mushroom, 5x Birch Sap, 2x Powder of Darkness)
(1x Wise Man’s Blood, 5x Fortune Teller’s Mushroom, 5x Pine Sap, 2x Powder of Darkness)
Professional’s Sturdy Alchemy Box 252,500 10x Worker’s Elixir, 10x Fisher’s Elixir
(1x Sinner’s Blood, 6x Silver Azalea, 4x Ash Sap, 2x Powder of Flame)
(1x Wise Man’s Blood, 6x Sunrise Herb, 3x Fir Sap, 2x Powder of Flame)
Professional’s Elixir of Amity Alchemy Box 255,000 20x Elixir of Amity
(1x Legendary Beast’s Blood, 5x Fire Flake’s Flower, 6x Ash Sap, 3x Black Stone’s Powder)
Professional’s Elixir of Demihuman Hunt Alchemy Box 315,000 25x Demihuman Hunting Elixir
(1x Sinner’s Blood, 4x Arrow Mushroom, 4x Fir Sap, 3x Black Stone Powder)
Artisan’s Grim Reaper’s Elixir Alchemy Box 375,000 15x Elixirs of Grim Reaper
(1x Oil of Fortitude, 6x Pure Powder Reagent, 4x Sky Mushroom, 3x Monk’s Branch, 3x Trace of Origin)
Artisan’s Precious Alchemy Box 375,000 15x Elixir of Thorns, 15x Elixir of Will
(1x Tyrant’s Blood, 7x Dry Mane Grass, 5x Birch Sap, 4x Black Stone Powder)
(1x Pure Powder Reagent, 4x Sunrise Herb, 6x Wolf Blood, 3x Purified Water)
Artisan’s Elixir of Sky Alchemy Box 550,000 15x Elixir of Sky
(1x Oil of Tranquility, 6x Pure Powder Reagent, 5x Emperor Mushroom, 3x Bloody Tree Knot, 3x Trace of Ascension)
Artisan’s Elixir of Carnage Alchemy Box 525,000 25x Elixir of Carnage
(1x Oil of Corruption, 7x Pure Powder Reagent, 6x Tiger Mushroom, 3x Spirit’s Leaf, 3x Trace of the Earth)
Master’s Elixir of Detection Alchemy Box 705,000 20x Elixir of Detection
(1x Oil of Storms, 6x Pure Powder Reagent, 3x Truffle Mushroom, 2x Old Tree Bark, 3x Trace of Savagery)
Master’s Elixir of Death Alchemy Box 775,000 35x Elixirs of Death
(1x Oil of Tranquility, 6x Clear Liquid Reagent, 2x Ancient Mushroom, 7x Ash Sap, 2x Trace of Death)
Master’s Elixir of Golden Hand Alchemy Box 1,107,500 50x Golden Hand Elixirs
(1x Oil of Storms, 4x Clear Liquid Reagent, 4x Fog Mushroom, 3x Trace of Hunting, 6x Fir Sap)
Master’s Elixir of Frenzy Alchemy Box 560,000 30x Elixir of Frenzy
(1x Oil of Regeneration, 5x Clear Liquid Reagent, 5x Cedar Sap, 3x Trace of Battle, 2x Ghost Mushroom)
Master’s Elixir of Penetration Alchemy Box 507,500 25x Elixir of Penetration
(1x Oil of Corruption, 6x Clear Liquid Reagent, 3x Bluffer Mushroom, 5x Pine Sap, 3x Trace of Violence)
Master’s Elixir of Assassination Alchemy Box 505,000 25x Elixir of Assassination
(1x Oil of Regeneration, 5x Pure Powder Reagent, 4x Amanita Mushroom, 2x Red Tree Lump, 2x Trace of Memory)

Imperial Cuisine and Alchemy Seals

You can exchange the Imperial Cuisine Seals with Pasvinder in Heidel

  • 250 ea: Ancient Kamel Statue
  • 280 ea: Light Leather Storm Barding
  • 400 ea: Black Essence: Cobelinus (Armor Magic Crystal – Max HP+100, Weight Limit +20 LT, Damage Reduction +2)
  • 400 ea: Horse Trainer’s Clothes
bdo-imperial-cooking-token-trader bdo-imperial-cooking-token-trader-2 bdo-imperial-cooking-token-trader-3

You can exchange the Imperial Alchemy Seals with Lotz Pavarotti in Olvia.

  • 220 ea: Ancient Artifact Pot
  • 250 ea: Black Essence: Hysteria (Shoes Magic Crystal – Max weight +20 LT and Movement Speed +1 and Max Stamina +150)
  • 320 ea: Light Steel Storm Horseshoe
bdo-imperial-alchemy-seal bdo-imperial-alchemy-seal-2 bdo-imperial-alchemy-seal-3

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40 replies on “Black Desert Imperial Trading Guide”

I think there might be a way to exploit worker seals via 1 round tasks. Like set a worker to make one Blackstone powder, not a full load of his max stamina. Does that yield a seal?

If it does, I bet it is an exploit and gets patched fast.

That makes sense and is a good way to handle what I had guessed at. I wonder if worker luck plays a role or not. Would be annoying to test given the best way is one type of worker per city and all my cities have mixes of worker types.

Just reading your guide. Very nice work, thank you. I wanted to add that you can get a camel with Shiney Golden Seal -[Imperial Training] at Boulder Outpost, also.

Thank you! It looks like this update makes trading-heavy gameplay worthwhile again, given the silver returns for commodities tended to be pretty shite up until now.

I am not sure I understand Imperial trade at all… I mean, Imperial fishing… with 250% bonus, why would you ever sell any fish anywhere else? I don’t get it.

only a certain amount of said fish can be sold at one time and from what ive heard about korea is the fish are typically always oversold or close

The Imperial trader only takes some sorts of fish. All gold and some blues, but no greens or whites. So you literally cannot sell everything to them.

Are the alchemy and cooking limits exclusive, or if I sell say 67 boxes to the imperial cook and I have 200 CP can I also sell 67 boxes to the imperial alchemy trader?

Training: Horses “sold” for seals receive 50% of their market value. Sold via Horse Market, you receive 65% (both are impacted by value pack, making them 65% and 85.5%)
As mentioned many other places, seal items require additional seal items or memory fragments to repair. They also don’t work as sets with earlier pieces, so the Prow isn’t faster without the 220 Calpheon Trade seal and 500 worker seal boat items.
These also provide additional upgrading difficulty, with Horse/Vehicle gear going +9 => +10 allowing fails beyond 30 (Was able to go from 52 to 61 on the Prow of Abundance, though I wouldn’t expect this to be common, as it later upgraded at 26)

What costume should we wear to make the boxes? Are they based on Cooking/Alchemy exp, or Processing exp?

On the Dark brown camel for 15 trading seals. Its actually slightly quicker than the normal camel at 101% starting stats. Not sure if they gain stats quicker either but I will upload a screenshot of a max level dark brown camel if anyone else has a normal level 20 to compare with.

“This is normal trading so I won’t go into it here”

So where do you go into it? I only ask because you’re the only guide that even references it’s existence, and I have no idea what it is.

Yes, this. I’ve been trying to find an answer on this for months. Every time I try to visit the merchant, everything’s always normal price. I have no idea what’s special about the Merchant Event at all…it shows 200% or greater on all goods, but when I look through the quotation board, I only see regular prices on everything. I’ve tried to walk up with various trade goods and none of them have an offer over 200%. I try googling “Merchant Event” with Black Desert and this is truly the only thing that mentions it. I’m at a loss.

Also, I found it listed as “Hot Time Trading” in the forums and it states the following:

Every once in a while, there will be a global announcement indicating that a town is buying goods for 200% of their value. This form of trading is rather simple. Before the allotted time or quantity runs out, sell any trade goods into the indicated town. Like any other forms of trading, a node must be connected to that town to profit from it. Due to the irregularity and random placement of these events, it is not wise to actively seek this trading method out unless it happily falls under a specific happenstance where the town is already connected in your node setup.

I honestly don’t think I’ve missed the quantity running out every time. 😛 Is this just broken?

Yeah, same here. I’ve even tried both ways, selling items from that merchant and to that merchant. There doesn’t seem to be any way of getting a 200% price on anything.

Is it just me or do you make more by selling the cooked items on the marketplace? Example – Ham Sandwich sells for 20,224 on mkt, if I make 50 that is over 1 million. The box only gives me $575K. Am I missing something?

Only the lower level imperial cooking stuff are worth it, the artisan/master ones rarely as they require too much of the expensive stuff. Of course you also have to see if the food sales on the marketplace

Ok, thanks. It appears the boiled eggs, omelets and honey wine are good deals right now. Some of the ones such as soft bread etc… are good too, but they require milk and that stuff is too much of a pain to get. Anyone find a node for milking cows let me know 🙂

Do different Imperial fish take different fish or are they all linked and identical across velia/eph/mediah/glish/valencia. Not sure whether I should just change servers right away when they dont take em or run to another one first.

Get these by selling any horse level 15 or above to the stable in any major(?) city. Be sure to click the “Imperial Training” button, not the normal horse market.

Horse tier = number of seals received, so a T3 horse will give you 3 seals.

How come these don’t mention how to get the calphion trade quests for the trade seals going if bean to every trader and no one has the trade quest for calphion trading I’m at a loss .

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