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SWTOR August Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR August Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 16
  • PvP Ranked Season 7
  • Events
  • Promotions
  • KOTFE bonus chapter (Shroud of Memory)

State of the Galaxy

  • DvL event legend achievement was bugged for some people and prevented them to be the first person to complete tier 6. Fix incoming next patch.
  • Chapter 16 pushed early due to them moving offices.
  • Pack Opening Experience – some mixed reactions. Opening packs feels slower, team is looking into potential changes. You can spacebar through the animations to make it go faster.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire ending – lots of things end up unresolved. It was an intentional choice. It is end of the KOTEF chapters but not end of the story. More resolution in the next expansion. We made lots of improvements in the next expansion based on your feedback.
  • Can confirm working on group content. Can’t release details or what type of group content.

PvP Ranked Season 7

  • Season 7 will end with launch of KOTET, which is coming with Fall. They couldn’t talk about Season 7 earlier since it was tied to the launch of expansion and they didn’t want to announce the expansion in advance.
  • Each reward tier receives stronghold decoration and title
  • Second tier reward – unique color crystal
  • Top tier reward – unique creature mount
  • Tier rewards and break down screens coming in September

Featured Community Contribuitors

  • Star Wars Academy – Subscriber milestone
  • SWTOR Central – Review My Stronghold
  • BadfeelingPodcast – Ben Irving interview on the fallen empire experience.

Star Wars Celebration Cantina

  • Probably the largest cantina in history
  • Voice actress for Vaylin was in the cantina.
  • Someone cosplayed HK-47 for the cantina.

Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • Expansion coming in the fall
  • Very excited, lots of huge thing happening. Can’t talk about the artwork either.
  • Full announcement for the expansion to be shared on New York Comic Con Cantina (October 6-9). Cantina will be around October 5 or the 6th and info will be released there.


  • New York Comic Con Cantina
  • Week of the 5th of every month – Featured Cartel Market Sales
  • Special promotions on your game launcher – these promotions are targeted and available to only a subset of players. Look into the launcher for these promotions.
  • 5-Year Anniversary Collage

HK-55 Bonus Chapter

  • Coming September 7
  • Play as HK-55 in a daring escape from the Shroud’s Secret fortress
  • Meet and recruit a new droid companion – Z0-0M.
  • “Super fun and entertaining”, less serious than the Outlander chapters.
  • HK-55 has been captured by The Shroud and taken to his secret fortress in an unspecified planet. It is up to you, HK-55, to escape from the planet.
  • New Alliance Alert – Bonds of Duty also coming Sept 7. Help Rusk clean up the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa. Encounter another infamous companion as well that you may want to brutally murder.
  • Teaser clip shown for HK-55 bonus chapter.

DvL event

  • DvL event will end right before the expansion release, probably 2 weeks before it as they need time to sort out the rewards.


August Producer Livestream Wrap-up | 08.11.2016, 03:49 PM

Hey folks!
For those who missed the stream and are looking for a wrap-up on what we talked about, here ya go!

State of the Galaxy

  • We are working to address DvL players who are unable to complete Tier 6 as soon as possible. We are aiming to have a fix in the next patch we release.
  • The team is looking through feedback on the new pack opening, and looking for places to improve. If you want to speed up the experience you can spacebar through the animation.
  • We know there has been some concerns about story elements that didn’t come to a close in KotFE. This was intentional as those story threads will continue into the future.

PvP Ranked Season 7

  • Season will end with the launch of KOTET
  • Each reward tier will receive a stronghold decoration and title.
  • Second tier will receive a unique color crystal
  • Top tier will receive a unique mount
  • Screenshots and tier breakdown coming in September

Featured Community Contributors

Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • Full announcement coming at NYCC in October

HK Chapter

  • Bonus chapter coming to eligible subscribers on September 7th
  • New Alliance alert for Rusk. Includes another Companion that players would love to kill…

Thanks everyone for tuning in!


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507 replies on “SWTOR August Producer’s Livestream Coverage”

YAY New FP Nim 8/16 mode Confirmed ! Woohoo !!! Plus new skins for Launcher ! More quality of life changes but 16p instances are still bugged ! GJ

Seriously Bioware, we have to wait one fucking month for the bonus chapter? Are you fucking trolling yourself??????

Except even Lost had more resolution at the end of each season. This didn’t leave “lots” of things unresolved. It left every single one of them. If you’re going to cliffhanger, you need to have something also end. Otherwise it’s just a plummet into a bottomless pit of nothing.

I’ve genuinely written and read better fan-fiction than what BW have come out with since SoR. I really don’t think they actually have any kind of plan for the story long-term and are just making it up as they go.

Aye, but that doesn’t make said survivor’s fate a cliffhanger. It just makes it ‘unresolved’. Cliffhangers are, at minimum, supposed to be dramatic.

thats how shitty garbage cliffhangers work
reall cliffhangers makes you wanting more not this vile trash of chapter 16

one could only hope. I’ve been wanting to kick him out of the airlock (or into lava) since my first bounty hunter.

I hope they give us the option to kill them both. They need to start killing some of these companions off. It is getting stupid.

I think they are going for Hunter Zolomans Zoom, as HK already has the red symbol and the yellow colouring. And “Z0-0M” is a grey-blue colour.

Mustgo can’t tell the difference from his ass an his mouth. They both spew shit, but 1 one is marked with a soul patch

I’ve remember seeing the Holiday Special when it was on, I’ll never see this HK mission. No interest in playing a whole chapter with temp abilities bar.

So we are not going to see a fix to the DvL Flashpoint Master screw-up until the next patch. So when is this next patch?… September 7th

Still no news on the Zenith mission (last recruitment mission datamined from KotFE) or Isaac “The Enigmatic Force Master,” who might have played a major role in a very recent recruitment mission 😉

Oh. thats interesting. I wonder… has anyone tried to let Guss return as a failure? If you lose the bet, Isaac says youll have to do him a favor, I was afraid he’d want a BJ but maybe you have to take him on a mission?

Hmm technically Bioware Starwars didnt start spiraling until Disney bought the franchise and disolved LucasArts. Just sayin’

Currently bioware by a large margin. That doesn’t mean Disney is hitting on all cylinder but bioware is taking the cake for screwing up such potential. Everything from the current singular poor story telling to the game engine and lack of group content in an MMO.

bioawre is worse by a large margin. Disney is still in the though but hasn’t dropped the ball like bioware.

Intentional story shitness, KOTET going to be better. Yeah right, in year from now you’ll be advertising season 3 in the same way. We paid for an expansion that didn’t deliver what you promised. Ever heard of first impression lasts longest. It’ll be bye bye from me after nearly 5 years of subbing.

More group content on the way, but can’t give details, unbelievable. I highly doubt we’ll see anything.

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt as they are clearly under huge financial constraints, EA just wanna milk this for as much as possible before they kill it.

But to intentionally not deliver the best story possible is unacceptable. We all paid for a product that they held back on. I mean we wouldn’t buy a car without seats or brakess, so why did we pay for an expansion that they deliberately didn’t complete fully. 🙁

How can you intentionally not deliver the best product possible in the hopes that people sub again for a year to get some gratification? What kind of business model is this? How to lose the most customers you can?

Making an intentional choice to resolve nothing and leave many people dissatisfied in your “big finale” is not smart storytelling.

Or because Bioware are no longer the company it once was now EA are all over them. Biggest mistake Bioware ever made letting EA take them over. They should have looked how other great game developers faired under EA e.g. Westwood Studios.

It’s what all the popular stuff does. Heck, just look at the “source material”…Force Awakens did the exact same thing. Should’ve been expected the moment they started talking about KotFE in the context of “seasons”.

Can argue that it’s not “good” storytelling…I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. But if you look at market results, I think it arguably IS “smart” storytelling.

Except these shitheads at Bioware forgot one thing: The hook to make us want to play KOTET. KOTFE was so dismal, the writing so amateurish and their much hyped “Choices Matter” having zero value that while chapter 16 left much unresolved, there really was nothing to make people get excited for season 2. More of the same? How on Earth is that appealing,

There’s a huge difference though: Force Awakens (which I enjoyed) only took me 2.5 hours to get through the story and cost me $8. KotFE took ppl around 16 hours annoyingly spread out over 10 months, and cost $130-150.

they just laughed amongst themselves like they were thinking ‘omg I can’t believe people are still paying for this shit’

Well I’ve unsubbed. My comments to BW were:

Almost everything pre 4.0 I enjoyed.

KoTFE was a huge let down and to see that you intentionally made it this way in the hopes that I’d subscribe for another year, is a breach of trust I cannot accept.

Follow my lead guys, let’s not allow them to get away with intentionally not making a product as good as possible 😛

My wife and I unsubbed last year with the actual 6 month sub we had expiring feb of this year. A sad moment but we love Swtor, not this abomination 4.0 turned it into.

did the decision regarding saving which two out of zakulans, pubs or imps mean anything???
I really hope they install a ‘skip KotFE’ option i dont think I can play through it again after my first 5 times.

It may well be possible in the future. You can get by without going to Makeb or shadow of revan if you hit 60ish fast enough.

CB: “What do we have for our winners Musco?”
EM: “Well, Boyd, we have….. A dirty Sock!”
CB: “Does it have HK-55’s face on it?”
EM: “You bet your sweet ass it does!”

For the most part, I’ve had a good few years playing ToR. I joined upon release as I was looking for my Kotor 1+2 fix and have enjoyed playing my part. The original stories were fun and I’ll probably play them again as preferred in the future as well as ROTHC and to lesser extent SoR.

But the quality has been dropping for a while and to hear this was deliberate was a kick in the teeth. They’ll get no more of my money as they aren’t doing their best with it.

This expansion, minus the features like level syncing, was absolutely awful. The story was abysmal, the world design was really lacking and unoriginal, I care about Vaylin more than any other character introduced in this expansion, etc. So many things wrong with this game now. Knights of the Eternal Throne better shape this game up or we will be looking at a new Star Wars MMORPG coming sooner than we may have thought.

I dont see why they would make another one when this would make 2 starwars mmos that failed. – and EA has exclusive license.

SWTOR hasn’t failed by a business standard. They are in the top five most successful money making mmorpgs globally in just about every report I’ve seen.

I agree with you about about KoTFE being awful, I however I’m also no fan of the level sync. I mean it is insanely easy to level to 50+ now, at least before it took a while to get there and you’d have to do some planetary arcs for additional XP. Now the game is way way too easy.

What the fuck is Bioware’s obsession with keeping everything so secret? They clearly have zero faith in their product and work otherwise they would give us info. They can’t even tell us what TYPE of group content is coming? What kind of utter bullshit is that? Every other mmo gives so much info months before their expansions are released. Swtor on the other hand…….

Maybe that’s why Swtor needs the cartel whales to stay alive while other mmo’s deliver actual proper content.

They’re “keeping secrets” because they don’t want to have to tell us there’s no operations and it’s another garbage FP. Heaven forbid they do something for the hardcore players. Casuals rule!!!!

They are keeping secrets because morons in the community can’t handle common setbacks.

BW used to be more open about what was coming down the road… but once they had to delay content (SoR… by a day or so) and the forums lit up with angry posts.

So, now they don’t announce anything until they are absolutely sure it’s a done deal.

There is a difference though. In this particular case they are trying to make it so people don’t have to deal with being disappointed over announcements that are later canceled.

Of all the things I don’t like that BW does, this is one I understand… because I’ve been there. You simply can’t tell people things ahead of time. Because the tiniest deviation causes large commotions.

Sure, they do get flack for things that they do that people don’t like. They can’t help that, only learn from it. But they CAN prevent people from giving them flack for things they DON’T do… by simply not telling people what they are going to be doing.

This is the gaming industry today. You think other game developers dont have to hear about it when they release garbage? They either need to put their big boy pants on or find new work

This argument is invalid. WoW Legion info was given out in great detail a year before the expansion release. The WoW community is larger and even more whiny and prone to be triggered than the SWTOR community and that doesn’t stop their devs from actually providing information on a near constant basis.

The difference is even though they occasionally don’t come through the WoW devs have confidence in their product. The SWTOR devs do not and have not for quite some time.

Omg white knight! You really buy all the bullshit they sell you? You think this is really about one day? All they have is BS an excuses

the backlash from sor didnt happen from the delay idiot but from all teh goddamn bugs sor came with and exploits
and bioware taking a vacation aka not fixing those issues right away they let those issues infect the game for atleast 6 weeks

All you just did was repeat what was said in that Dulfy post a few weeks ago that supposedly came from a dev convo. Anybody who was around during that timeframe knows it’s a lie. A total fabrication either on the “Q&A” submitter’s part or the dev they spoke to. Were there idiots complaining about the delay in the SoR announcement? Of course. But it was not a huge blowup and the negative reaction to the delay in information before the release of KotFE was far more aggressive.

If you’re going to defend SWTOR that’s cool but don’t just repeat misinformation you read a few Dulfy articles down the list.

In case anybody is wondering what the guy has in the crate he’s about to put into permanent storage, it’s labeled “OPS, FPs, & GENERAL MMO BITS”.

You know what’s sad…I have plenty of disposable income and have bought a few hypercrates since sometimes I get that bug, however if they would just copy/paste and already better system that Arena has made for GW2, BW would not only get to keep the lights on with Whale money, but they can also make real content by simply removing RNG/crates.

Just looking at the unlocking mechanic of the UI involved with the CM would just be economically sound to just price tag all of it and remove the gambling options entirely. Have weeks where certain groups of weapons/armor skins/mounts/toys/etc are cheaper and just make everything click to buy, make all the dye’s purchasable all the time, and remove the 24hr timer on times you decide to sell. Not only would you regulate the GTN as more will buy gold/platinum items bringing those who play the economy to lower credit pricing so everyone gets something “eventually”, and I would argue every sub at the time of putting in the “Vented Lightsaber” would have gladly bought the credits just buy that one item for 20$ rather just the Whales willing to gamble 50$ on a hypercrate.

The amount of money generated in GW2 keeps that game flourishing w/o using a subs & whale gambling especially when “everyone is buying stuff, there personal stories have continued 4+yrs, and every major patch they can afford to make actually group content.

Unsubbed for the first time in about 1-2 years. I think I’ll just wait till all the chapters are out for the new “expansion”. With no new group content in awhile $15 isn’t worth 30m-1hr of content that really boils down to 10m of cutscenes that apparently have no real effect on the story. It’s a decent story if played all at once for $15 bucks sure, but not broken up like it currently is.

Still haven’t fixed courting gifts, left alone even mentioned it since 4.1 hit.

I’ll resub this time next year and play KOTET through at once as well. I paid about £80-£90 for KoTFE and all I have essentially done in 10 months is play their pre 4.0 content.

Wow when I see it written down I realise what a mug I’ve been. No wonder Musco and co were laughing during the live stream.

Wow another 2 months of 0 content till an announcement of guess what? 0 actual content. Story is flavor, content is substance.

Think it’s time to just stop the sub model. Its like if diablo tried to have you sub at this point. Just charge for the episodic season passes. And keep working those cm reskins for the real $.

I hate being that negative guy, but BW really dropped the ball with this new approach to SWTOR taking it back to the roots of storytelling as said by it’s co creator at E3(2015), and really disappoints right from the geko with reusing
Darth Vitiate yet again, while turning his two children into saturday morning cartoon villains while you, the Outlander foil the scheme of the week in each chapter.

“Single Player Content/Story” is pretty lame by RPG standards. With all the promotional material leading up to KOTFE, and the fractured yet stabilized alliance between Darth Marr, Satele Shan, and you the protagonist are left chasing the old emperor only to encounter a new threat. The Trailer was awesome, until you don’t even get to engage in what would be a 5yr war against this new Empire, but instead your captured right away, frozen in carbonite, and the story just spirals into complacent hell of fetch quest to appease new and old friends to join your “Rebel Alliance”…..LOL

I have nothing nice to say about the story as it was nothing but a giant bait and switch from the promotional material. Like how cool would it have been for the Alliance after SOR to actually have to ban together and fight the Zukul head on as a General, rather playing as an underground freedom fighter. To compare with CATA in WOW for a moment as the dev team reshaped the old world to correspond with the damage DeathWing did, here in SWTOR The Zukul could have taken major cities. New FP’s could have been made from outpost,flag ships, and space stations conquered by Zukul and even operations to take back entire planets like Korriban & Tython with a climax of taking the fight to their home planet over throwing Zukul’s Immortal Emperor.

Arcann & Vaylin remind me too much of Skeletor & Evil-Lyn, they are campy, predictable, and pretty much a parody of every evil cliche brother/sister team w/o being incestious. I’m sorry, I use to love this game b/c it tried to capture the part of Star Wars not represented in films or cannon novels. The Old Republic was nothing but civil war, politics, and mass genocide. It’s gritty, dark, and full of mysteries surrounding the force and yet this is truly the “BEST” they can come up with. This is the worst use of a SW license for story telling since Forced Unleashed.

When they said they deliberately held back for next season, that was it for me. I mean why have I paid for story that they have intentionally not delivered, to get another year of sub fees, no way.

If KoTFE was good, I’d have happily continued my sub for KOTET. But no it isn’t so that isn’t gonna happen.

It’s kind of like ordering a meal at a restaurant and then only getting say 75% of it delivered, but they say you’ll get the full meal the next time you come. Why would you trust them return to that place?

Well I for one am not returning.

And what gets me is they shouldn’t HAVE to hold back. I mean they already held back everyones favorite companions and with Skadge/Rusk coming out next month all the annoying ones are back in our possession.

They probably should have stopped the expansion where chapter 9 was and just dished us out 1 FP, 1 OP, 1 BG, 1 SH and 1 new daily area over the course of the last year. And all would be cool.

The holding back makes so little sense, unless they no faith in the story. The way to attract and keep customers is to deliver quality product. That’s business 101.

Now I will except that in MMO the needs of their customers is vast ranging, from PvP to PVE and there’s the solo casuals. But really they’ve catered to no one in this expansion and deluded themselves in thinking everyone is happy.

I couldn’t agree more. Like Just say it BW….in 2015 BW had 3m on the main stage during EA’s presentation to just show the same trailer and say “May the Force be with You”…..Meanwhile 1 month later at PAX Blizzard spends 58m on stage using a freaking powerpoint presentation(no game footage) rattling off features, raids, dungeons, new class, new starting zones, artifact weapons, level 110, all on a goddamn powerpoint.

this game has no right to keep a secrets, especially when what’s left of the communities have to teach this new batch of players how to run FP/OP whenever your decisions as a company cause another long time sub to leave. Pretty soon SWTOR might as well rename to Whale Wars since that’s all this community is anymore. When your updates are just “new, innovative” ways to buy more shit that should be in the game already locked behind actually gameplay then what’s left for the long time sub?

I think at this point they have been cut down so much they don’t have much to talk about. Now that they’ve announced group content they have to figure out what it will actually be and how to pull it off.

If they weren’t afraid they’d lose their jobs they would most likely be on the forums yelling “Run, you fools!”. They are moving offices to a smaller place this does not show faith in the team growing again. EA has it’s profits from CM and that’s all they are interested in. They are making more off the tablet games now.

That’s the worst: we don’t get closure on anything because they want to grab us for the next expansion. Man, that’s a new level of low right there.

So in reality it’s not two expansions, it’s ONE EXPANSION split into two parts…

I tell you, I REALLY miss the days when we had proper expansions, with story, dailies and REAL Endgame material…

Tell you what’s gonna happen with me: I’ve been mostly unsubbed since last December. I subbed to get Vette (couldn’t resist that one) and to finish KotFE. I’m not even going to bother subbing for KotET, except when it ends. And I know A LOT of people ingame that are going to do exactly the same…

well at the moment it’s one expansion split into two parts, but who knows what they’ll say in another year from now when the choices are pointless and their story is another incoherent mess. Will it be a 3 or 4 part expansion, will they actually deliver some level of closure or keep it just out of reach so the masses keep subbing.

I’m also gonna sub this time next year and do the power run through as well. There is no way I’d consider subbing again until then.

I too am a fan of Vette but I couldn’t bring myself to do KoTFE on on my Jugg or Marauder as I had already gone with Assassin dark and Guardian light, and no way was I going through the whole thing for a 3rd time lol

That’s the thing that really irks me as well. I have 16 characters that I have done all content up to 4.0 on, ran SoR 16 times throughout last year. I’m a hardcore player, but KoFTE chapters 1-9 were so bad that I didn’t even start a 3rd toon going in the months of nothing until chapter 10.

Well, if this turns into a 3-part expansion with nothing else delivered for the duration, I might finally call it quits for good…

The thing with Vette that made sub was getting her on all those different classes other than Jugg. I started imagining my Slinger (Smuggler for me is the comic relief of the game) with Vette and I could not resist lol…

Man, you have more endurance than me. I did it on 8 of my 24 lv65 toons, in various states in the story, and I had enough lol.

I would only want Vette on my Jugg (i think I went light and romanced her and not Jaesa) just to see if there was any additional conversation as we were married. Turns out there is, I YouTubed it 😛

I wanna do it through on Agent as well, romanced Kaliyo on my Operative, Hunter to see my buddies Torian and Gault (as well as Mando chapter) and Trooper to see Jorgan and Havoc. But I won’t to KoTFE again so I YouTubed these as well to see the additional dialogue.

Yeah thank God for Dulfy and Youtube: I don’t even have to play KotET to know how it goes loooooooool…

Suppressing fire… click to loot. repeat 10 times. Watch 15 minute cutscene. See ya next month!

For the record the additional dialogue you get when you meet former companions is as I suspected not worth the whole run through, unless you really wanna Kiss Vette again 😛

I’m 50/50 as whether to role with Jugg in my remaining sub time in this regard 😀

You know, as it happens, out of those 24 toons I have only ONE is a Jugg, and it’s a Light-Side female tank lol… So to kiss Vette I would have to roll another Warrior in a different server, but as the game stands that’s about as much excitement as I can have right now, so maybe I’ll do just that… 😉

Don’t forget to bang her prostitute sister first.
Oh and lady Grathan, Vette loves to watch when it asks.

Omg… Guys, please stop! Or I’m going to login to TOR and roll a Warrior just to bang EVERYBODY!!! LOOOOOOL!

the funny thing is for LvD i’ve started all 8 classes again and gone with them all female. I did the Warrior first a few weeks ago, Quinn made my skin crawl :/

That’s another sub for me: if I get to kill Quinn in KotET I’ll sub… Yeah, definitely worth a sub… I’ll kill him 24 times, and maybe I won’t be satiated…

I’ve wanted to kill him for over 4 years, I’d probably cry tears of joy if I actually got to do it. 😛

Dark Marauder was the first character I went with and completed, over 4 years ago now, wow. I still remember hitting 50 and thinking it was a massive achievement 😛

It was! Are you kidding??? It used to take forever AND a week to level those toons… And do EVERY SINGLE QUEST UNDER THE SUN!!! (Suns if you were on Tatooine…)


I wasn’t kidding, that was one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve ever had on this game, reaching 50 with all 8 classes, I’d still rank as the best. That took me ages. Makeb was already out for months when that happened, so I had to try to get them all to 55 then lol

I remember having to do heroics because I wasn’t high enough level for Makeb. So long ago it seems like another game….and I guess in effect it is.

here here brother, it was indeed another game ago. We may get hate as there were points when the game needed players, ‘the good old days’ as I refer to them, could be frustrating as finding players to group wasn’t an easy task.

But this was my game. I was at university when it launched and my housemates played WoW which I didn’t even want entertain. I chose to play SWTOR and possibly queue for hours for FPs if guidies weren’t around.

This is why I feel so let down at the current game direction. I was there at the beginning, I was there for ROTHC and SoR and I thought I’d be there at the end. I cannot however accept the version of the game they are delivering and it breaks my heart.

You’re not being negative at all when there is nothing positive to focus on with the game’s current state.

I know they are two vastly different MMOs, but thanks to SWTOR’s quality going down the gutter, I have returned to WoW after almost 2 years away. And damn, but I do not regret the decision. There’s regularly delivered content, there are people all around me that I can interact with, and – believe it or not – there’s also much better story telling than SWTOR currently has. Which says a lot about how lousy BW is at writing…

I’ve never played WoW but a couple of my Uni mates play and love it. I may give it bash after my sub runs out. Until then I have progression Ops and the thankless task of being a GM. Currently trying to hold my guild together is like trying save a sinking ship 🙁

it boggles the mind doesn it what is the point of a fucking guild if theres nothing to do? pretty stupid to sacrifice thier raiding community for these carebears and thier “story”

I’ve done the same thing and haven’t regretted it. I’m super excited for Legion! I gave up on swtor about 5 months ago. I got tired of paying 15 bucks for lousy single player content and followed my guild mates to wow and have been enjoying it over there.

Yeah, same here. I’m still desperately hoping for BW to make the game fun again (read: release more group content and up the quality of their “BW story writing” but for now I’m sticking with FFXIV. Even though your character doesn’t say a single line in the game I felt more connection to her in Heavensward than I did when I played up to chapter XV with my beloved Sith Inquisitor. It’d really, really sad.

So much this. They think just because there’s VO or cutscenes that instantly makes it a great story. They’ve forgotten that the biggest thing that makes you want to invest time and money into a game is feeling that you’re actually experiencing events in the game not just watching them. With no new areas to explore freely and lack of new content to explore with other human beings, SWTOR lost its core.

Glad you’re enjoying FFXIV. I played for a few months earlier this year and while it didn’t hook me to play full-time, I thought it was really good.

Sort of did the same thing, jumped to WoW, then I decided to try out ESO, and now i’m having a blast there. Both games are far better at putting out content, and agree with the story part for the more recent xpacs/dlc’s in all 3 games.

There’s an alliance alert in a month where it’s only a chapter for subscribers? Does that mean they’ll continue to do alliance alerts between KOTFE and KOTET? That would be great to get back companions while waiting for the expansion.

I know some of my favorite comps won’t be coming back soon because they’re romances, but if I could get Tanno, Skadge, Theran, and other non romance companions back during the break I’d be happy with that.

Tanno is dead for most players. I doubt he’s coming back. Those that spared him will probably just get mail from him from time to time at best.

The alliance alerts are for companions with zero impact on the story, so they could put in an alert for just those that didn’t kill him. Also choices are supposed to matter, so if you chose to kill him, then its your own fault you won’t get the alert.

And again the alerts don’t matter, so it’s not like you would be missing out on anything special, just a companion that if you were willing to kill, why would you want to do his alert to get him.

You smell that? Yes it’s nerd rage and tears. This forum never ceases to amaze me when it comes to complaints. Oh wait you gonna say “Well if I pay for it I have the right” which you do have the right but shouldn’t you be contributing to the community instead of bitching all the time, or my favorite one “That’s why I don’t play anymore/unsubbed” But you still post on swtor forums?????? Or Radom meme picture all over the place.

The problem is that we posted countless proprosals to improve the game and we were never heard, instead, we got spitted in the face. You’re only worsening the game being a bootlicker.

Ahh yes I’m the bootlicker, who are you Captain Jack Sparrow? Didn’t know we had pirates who posted on these forums. Where is this proof that you posted to the SWTOR team on improvements? Possibly other people but I highly doubt it was you cause yeah I mean anything that anybody says on the Internet is true right? Plus with a profile pic like that you are far from being a Darth…just saying

Ah yes I can see you lack in the art of argument so you resort to elementary tactics ” I know you are but what am I” deal. It’s ok little kid don’t want your brain to hurt too much when it comes to thinking. Also you didn’t suggest anything lol. You still haven’t shown proof of this improvements. Yes yes let the butt hurt flow thru you ^-^ v

Well, if you insult me just for this account, I would be crazy if I trusted you the name of my Swtor account, and if you’re so happy with the game, why you are in this forums instead of playing it? 🙂

Once again I can see your drunk and posting Radom stuff lol. Like I know you want to win this argument but it’s not gonna happen. Just quit while your not ahead lol.

Are you reading yourself? You’re so empty of arguments than you’ve to do personal attacks LOL

Stop feeding that idiot troll. He will just keep talking shit with nothing good to bring to a debate. Just ignore his idiot ramblings

Whatever the hell you are smoking by all means share so ANYONE can understand what you are braying about.

First of all Mr. El Pollo Loco smoking has nothing to do with posting. Second why are you even trying to defend everyone?Third Im guessing you like donkeys since you love to use the word braying. I’m sorry do you want to be dub the White Knight today? If you want attention just ask it is as simple as that 🙂
Please reply back with a witty respond or White knight comment. Hail the White Knight Chronicles Don Loco aka Mr. El Pollo Loco

Oh little child, your attempts at humor need some polishing. I don’t defend everyone, just those that are not trolls. If you actually read what I post (unlikely as trolls generally don’t) you would find I am FAR from being a white knight for this train wreak that was once a half decent game. Enjoy 🙂

Just another dude bro thinking he is king shit of turd hill because he can gank lowbies in pvp lol.

well It’d be hard to demonstrate proof as they haven’t asked the playerbase for what they wanted since around 2012. I’m inclined to believe that most posters have at least put something on SWTOR.COM forums suggesting improvements. They are just ignored however.

You can only post white knight remarks on everything else is considered inflammatory an they delete it.

And you get points and a warning. I read the forum for entertainment most of the time. You all think this forum is salty? Ye gods but TOR forums are trying to double for the Salt Flats lol

Aww man. Ive been missing out. Gotta get on some tor forums. I’m trying reddit now since they claimed to read reddit specifically in the stream

They DID ask. They asked about the comp nerf, 60 or 70% of the people that voted said they wanted the comps as they were…

They went and did a “BW nerf” anyways, like the Operative healer nerf, And originated a shitstorm the size of Austin, Texas.

Of course, they had to go back to a mild nerf, which was what they should have done in the first place…

Yeah cause making an account with a profile pic is brave? Like seriously that’s not even your real picture lol how does that’s make me pathetic lol. Also that’s not your real name as well lol. seriously little Darth your argument is invalid

Seriously you are making no sense lol? So why make the argument on how I don’t have a profile pic/account and now you said “Not more invalid than yours” Really? Do you even read your own post? Obviously not lol 😉 Go home little Darth your drunk

You can smell nerd rage and tears? Are you using the Force? Oh wait… We all use the Force, even non-Force users, right? 🙂

But I agree with you, there’s nothing to complain about here… Because there’s nothing to complain about!!! Absolutely nothing, no new information, as usual…

You just don’t know for how long I have waited for someone else to write it. It became so popular to whine about this game in every SWTOR theme

I unsubbed for 6-7 months, and during that time I continued to check in here and post consistently. Because I love Star Wars, and love the setting of this game, and love its POTENTIAL. Just because I unsubbed due to them screwing over the game and me hoping for change, doesn’t mean I need to stay away completely.

People are still fretting over guild transfers and server mergers?

Wake UP. You are nobody to these companies. You do not MATTER to these companies.

EA is only focused on selling the product.

To them. You are just one of those pawns who spends $15 for 30 minutes of new content every month. They have your money and your time playing, that is all they care about.

You spent money? So did 10 million others. You are not special, they care nothing about your guild, friends, or game. They only care about their product.

So you forked over extra $ to purchase packs of recycled digital items to stroke your virtual ego as you show them off to the remainder of your friends that play.

THAT is exactly what EA wants. When this stops, EA may bat an eye and say. “OK, lets see what we can do to make people spend money again with as little effort from our part as possible”

The game won’t change. EA won’t change. You will not have your voice heard. You will just continue to do what you have always done. Play the game, spend money, repeat.

This is correct, so the only way to incite change is for us to stop paying. I fear that if we all stop paying they won’t re-examine the content they’ve delivered, they’ll just kill the game. But KoTFE was such a bad expansion that they’ll get no more of my money.

The HK chapter takes place on Nar Shadda, the writing has gotten so bad that the Guss Tuno recruitment basically spilled the entire scenario. This is my prediction, not a fact.

Guss’s master is the shroud or an agent of the shroud and Guss has a big mouth, yes he is involved. Even your Voss alliance member mentions it.

Sana-Rae, not Rokuss. And my source is the cut scene with her at the end of the mission. What she says about Guss’s master has me convinced.

She just said he (Force Master) saw her when she was having her vision of Guss. She also says he is very powerful. Sounds closer to Valkorian than The Shroud.

In Guss’s mission, the Force Master reveals that his name’s Isaac if you ask at the end. Also, you refer to him as a Jedi Master, but he claims he was never knighted. Isaac sounds like he’s a Jedi dropout like Guss, yet he actually has great ability in the Force.
According to datamined info, there is an alliance recruit on Nar Shaddaa called Isaac “The Enigmatic Force Master,” who uses the same model as the Force Master, meaning he could be a companion at some point.

Overall, none of this information suggests that Isaac is connected to The Shroud. He just sounds like a more powerful and mysterious version of Guss. As a final note, The Shroud and his agents rely on technology, not the Force, meaning Guss or Isaac wouldn’t work with him.

Agreed, the Force Master has nothing to do with the shroud, I completely fail to see the connection.

My guess is he’s a powerful force-sensitive who was trained outside the fairly one-sided Jedi order. It’s quite possible that he was at one time a student of Tasiele Shan.

Tasiele Shan is the mother of Satele Shan and questioned the status quo of the Jedi order, in particular its policies around attachment and marriage, similar to how her ancestors Revan and Bastila had done in the past. She was exiled for years so that she could meditate on her ‘mistakes’ but when the order found it was time to retrieve her, she had left the planet, leaving only a book with ruminations on both the lightside and darkside of the Force.

This book, Aspects of the Force, The Light and the Dark, is later found on Odessen when Satele went there to meditate and teach the outlander.

According to datamined info, the HK mission takes place in an underwater base and an asteroid base on The Coil, which is in the Outer Rim (location mentioned in Coil codex entry). There is no Nar Shaddaa nor Guss in the mission.

At the moment, the only other new mission on Nar Shaddaa is “Deep Strike” (Zenith’s mission).

“infamous companion as well that you may want to brutally murder”.
Malavai? Koth (probably not)? Skadge? Oh, oh, I know – Corso!

Who was the last datamined alliance alert? I know it was a counselor companion, but I can’t seem to locate whether it was Theron or Zenith.

Don’t like Theran but Zenith isn’t someone you’d want to murder far as I know. This description seems more likely to fit Skadge.

This one is referring to Skadge. However, Ji’inx has mentioned dataminera in the past and said that there is 1 more alert after this and I can’t recall if it was for Tharan or Zenith. Probably Zenith since it is the same va for Shan but wasn’t sure.

Yeah, Zenith’s is the only missing one after this one gets launched. And it was cool, the two of you have to destroy a Star Fortress above Nar Shaddaa. (again?).

Because it was such a great event the first two years they had it? But seriously, I can’t find where it was, but they said in a stream or something that DvL took the place of the nightlife event this year.

new content… ops………new fp……………..nooooooooooo……..we need more cartel marcet items and singl player content………in MMO……….hmmmmm…….oooooookey

Hmm… “Can confirm working on group content. Can’t release details or what type of group content.”
I can’t tell will it be bad or good content, but they confirmed it

They said the exact thing word for word from Julys stream. Exact words. Comparing the last 3 producer streams i have a very big feeling it is going to new flashpoints and not ops based on their desire to appeal to the single player kotor base they have birthed from kotfe. Gotta face the music at some point…

Why not have the possibility of soloing ops with lesser rewards? If we will have it as sm/hm/nim for groups with way better rewards

I was talking about solo with lesser rewards + group sm/hm/nim with good rewards. Not solo -only (that one will be really stupid and pointless) or group -only

As weird as the idea sounds, I’m fine with that. The only thing I hope they *don’t* do is the revan solo. 10-15 min of life practicing your rotation, no thanks, I’ll go bash a dummy

nah it’ll be an op with a solo mode, with the better rewards for solo play! kinda like eternal championship! (that was such a huuuge mistake..)

On the note of missed opportunities with the Eternal Championship… it really was a huge mistake. They SHOULD have done: A solo mode like they have, a 4-man FP style version, and lastly an 8 / 16m ops version. They already had it all set up… all they had to do was spend a little extra time balancing a more challenging ops version of it. And that wouldve gone a LONG way to helping the current ops situation. It wouldve been fun, even. Sadly, they didnt care I guess.

They could’ve at least an put an Operations mission quest line by the reward bin. Could’ve said something like ‘So Mysterious Stranger you managed to defeat Zotar, but the challenge doesn’t end there, The Reps/Imps still have many enemies, check out the terminal in The Gav Daragon/Ziost Shadow for more information’.

Then maybe the new players would get the Operations bug and they’d voice their discontent at the lack of any new endgame content in the future.

Seems to me that BW wants the old guard gone and want to replace it with players happy for just story.

In principal, I have no objections to solo Ops with lower rewards, HOWEVER, this game has already really pushed SP content to the point that group content is struggling. Offering up solo Ops would just mean that much less interaction between players, which is supposed to be the point in a MMO. They should have been building ways to encourage MORE interaction not less.

They have dumbed combat down to the point I literally AFK’d during a solo FP and came back to full HP and the boss nearly dead. That shouldnt happen, solo mode or not. Game is catering to people who are incapable of pressing a couple keys….

They made a big mistake overpowering companions (it came from a person who is not all that good player) and that droid helper, as a result too easy solo fp’s.
Why do you think group content is struggling? Outside of lack of new content I mean. If we speak about group content we can’t forget about gamers themselves. What do you think they are doing with new to SWTOR people who doing something wrong in operation? They pretty often bashing them around, calling them names and/or kicking them from group without bothering to explain that fight. So they prefer to do needed fp alone then do it with the group. It scares new people away. Old gamers want people who know all fights = no chances for new people at all + the lack of new pve content… well, I hope you got my point

I understand that the main reason is the lack of new group pve content, but some people should look at themselves before blaming anyone else

The problem lies in the basic understanding of the mechanics of gameplay.

Pre 4.0 you’d learn the mechanics through FPs whilst levelling. Tank goes in and creates threat, DDs take out weaker enemies first and Healer keeps Tank alive. Therefore when players advanced to Ops there would be that basic understanding in place upon the knowledge of bosses can be built.

Now all FPs are tactical, meaning there are mostly 4 DDs doing them. Yes some get popped with healers and tanks, but mostly its 4 DDs. So now new players do not understand the basic principals of combat. This is only made worse by having every companion you recruit be a default healer. I’m willing to bet new players rarely change them from this, so even when levelling their healer prevents their deaths if their tactics are floored.

It was far better when companions had their role designated. Firstly no class got their healer first, so you’d learn how to keep yourself alive better. Secondly it made you consider which enemies to take down first and where you’d need to stun and CC.

I run a fair amount of SM Ops as I have around 6-7 regulars in my guild, so we tend to PUG at least 1-2 per run. It is extremely frustrating when DDs jump in ahead of the Tank. I do not advocate name calling or kicking as I believe in teaching as I myself wasn’t always an expert. But some people cannot be taught and blame healers and tanks despite their obvious mistakes, so I can see why some groups do kick.

Overall Level sync and the change in companion roles plus being able to super charge companions is creating a new generation of players that are simply not up to the challenge of Operations even on SM. I can’t remember the last time I successfully completed Rav or ToS with players I’ve pugged.

Now consider this, BW is currently marketing this as being story driven and hence basically a solo game. Are they intentionally making the new players worse so that when these players try Ops they find it to hard and quit and hence they never complain about the lack of endgame content? Are loyal players essentially being forced to leave in the search of new group content in other MMOs so that BW will never have to consider delivering new group content and can focus all their energies on CM reskinning?

You know we can’t be 100% sure until we see at least more details about that content. It’s too early to whine about it even for hardcore whiners

To be insane is to do the same thing over and over again with the same results. I continue to be insane if i have to continue to take their word on content since 4.0… its the same shit results everytime ive taken their word, especially regarding choices matter.. still waiting.

Or you can be more reasonable with your wishes knowing they can’t do this or that.

Just to let you know, I’m not excusing them for the lack of new fps and operations. They can do a better job and have the resources to do a better job

Therein lies the rub. They CAN but are REFUSING to do so. Less effort is needed to pump out the Cartel Market dreck as opposed to any new ops and the like. “Exciting, New, Wonderful….” they can throw all the adjectives they want at it but sprinkling sugar on a turd doesn’t turn it into a brownie.

It’s def a new FP. Or they would just say new ops to save themselves. I think they embarrassed themselves badly with how bugged ToS and Rav was.

Can’t even confirm if they’re working on ops or not, just hoping that promising ‘some new group content’ will keep those few raiders who still play around. Remember when they said no more than a year between ops again? How foolish we were for believing that.

As foolish as you still holding out hope on this cannot be revealed group content promise. One thing is for sure, if there isn’t an ops (which i doubt, my bet is this group content will be some shitty eternal championship remake to allow groups or some new grouped star fortress type thing) in KOTET, the remaining raiders left in swtor will finally accept defeat and quit.

Bioware will not come through. The fact they won’t reveal a single iota about it proves they know the player base will hate it and just hope yet another vague promise will keep more sub $$$$ rolling in.

I love the part where Mustgo is talking about the cartel market experience. You know that great thing they spent time on that they are now suggesting you just space bar through… anyways he slips an says something along the lines of we have seen your suggestions and we are working, and then corrects hims self an says the CM team is working on it.

Come on mustgo. Enough with the charades. Everyone knows you guys are the only teams. And most of your time is spent on the CM. Thats why you guys had to move offices. People where having trouble telling the difference between you guys an the rest of the empty space

Shouldn’t THE PRODUCERS of something have more information about the product, if they do a stream for their customers.

This is 3 fanboys making fun on the camera.

Group content eh ? Improved LFG experience in the same vein as Pack Opening Experience…witness a series of awesome animations that will put you into the LFG queue.

You know, when someone says “a lot of huge things” are happening, that could be a reason to get excited but with BW I never know if it means that or if they are going to release a few more over-sized (huge) weapon skins via the CM…

Judging by experience for the past 5 years: they never delivered anything huge but disappointment. Why anything would be different now?

On this we agree whole heartedly. I have rarely seen devs give such a tiny amount of fucks for their players and a community rep so out of touch with the player base.

I remember a time when Makeb, Oricon, CZ-198, Forged Alliances, even Rishi, Yavin and Ziost were released along with new content, and they were not making a big deal about it, at least not as they do now… and guess what, that content was actually either good or great. So, no I don’t think it has been only disappointment for 5 years, but it has definitely been very underwhelming lately…

“Working on group content” = All former FP’s and OP’s with be scaled to the new level cap, including the loot after a delayed patch…

Or they just increase the cap but don’t add any new skills which wouldn’t surprise me at all. They just increase the level req for the unlocks in the talent tree. Which was pretty much what they did for KotFE….

I got insider info actually. The group content is really going to be awesome and lots of people will come back.

So the new thing is:

Group pack opening. You can watch others open their parcks in group convesation mode. You can gain social points and LS or DS points depending of your reaction to the rewards. Like your friend gets an unique epic mount from a box, you can choose “No way, fuck you man, P2W fucker” which awards DS alignment points, or you can choose “Oh wow, wish I had that too, so cool >.>” for LS points. Or you can buy packs yourself directly from the conversation windows so your friend sees YOUR pack opening. Awesome, isn’t it?

Sadly, I absolutely garuantee they had considered making it a group activity. They probably just had issues with the logistics of it, and abandoned it. I can’t prove it, but it so sounds like something they would do these days.

It’s cause they can’t get the 3d aspect to work yet. They heard dota2 has a 3d spectator mode an since thats not an mmorpg either they figured swtor must have it. At all costs. It isn’t like true 3d but its like 3d room with a 2d tv…its pretty close. And for the first time ever the cartel market will sell something non digital. The hk almost 3d headset. Game will still be f2p but without the headset you wont be able to space bar through the new and improved cartel market group content experience.
And in even more exiting news if you stay subbed till november 2017 the tv in the almost 3d viewer will be a curved tv. Making the almost 3d experience 2.5d or something like thats. Idk they really aren’t good at anything at bioware let alone math. But Taint says its 2.5d so Mustgo will regurgitate it without conscience. Cause if lying is your job then it makes it ok.
Once again bioware is pleased to announce that this is the best thing to happen to any mmo ever. And just wants to thank you. Without ignoring the community for the last 4 years they could have never reached such a game breaking milestone

“Very excited, lots of huge thing happening. Can’t talk about the artwork either.”

Sigh. After all these years, all these live streams, they still havent learned how to actually gather interest for the game. They use the EXACT. SAME. WORDS. every time they have something new. “We are super excited!” “Big things are coming!” “Oh boy, this is going to be the biggest thing yet!”

Except, it rarely is that exciting. And them saying those same words over and over, just make me sigh in frustration, not get excited for the future. Show something. Talk about things coming up, these new ideas. Had you TALKED about the new cartel market idea AHEAD of time, we could’ve told you it was mostly a waste of time, and you could’ve stuck to the best features of it (The legacy CM storage, is pretty sweet! Animations.. meh… I give zero crap.)

If you tell us you have a FP coming to fill the group content void, then we could tell you that we need OPS not FP’s, and that its a bad idea. Listen to the community you supposedly listen to and care about.

I love this games world too much to walk away for good, came back after over 6 months away which helped me to enjoy it again, but its going to quickly go down hill with this same crap….

As if it was the artwork gamers really wanted to talk and hear about. Single player story – Terrible. New group content for almost 2 year – Not happened. Constant bug to important parts of the game – Always and with fixing spanning month(s) out if ever.

SWTOR takes the cake for games that are holding on because it Star Wars and Star Wars only. Any other game would have long since died. The power of it just being Star Wars is huge but damn bioware has failed this game.

One needs to ask, how much of the failure is because of EA’s purse strings being tightened?

Honestly, I don’t feel EA wants to properly maintain a MMO, too much work, needs too many resources. EA is about quickly flipping titles, especially their sports titles and tend to release other titles in piss poor shape..

Lol, their excited about the Artwork for KoTET, they should be more worried about their career prospects after the drivel they’ve churned out and called a ‘story’.

Was on progression last night and we all decided to call it a day, that’s 7 friends I’ve lost thanks to this fiasco. Thx BW.

People, you really should see the signs by now. If they say: “New group content, but can’t say what type it is.” This means it will NOT be an Ops. They aren’t stupid. They know that Ops is what the few remaining raiders actually want, but they no longer have the resources (people) or the skill to make that happen. So they try to milk as much money out of you people by not clearly stating that it won’t be an Ops. You have to see that by now.

My guild has left the game around Chapter 10 because we are a PvE guild with some RP and were tired of being ignored by BW and most of us have gone over to WoW and we are enjoying every minute of it. Not only did we have an enormous amount of content to explore, we also joined right in time to enjoy all the pre-launch things for Legion. The event we have gotten two days ago has added more epic moments and more fun then the entire KOTFE and that was just a very small piece of what Legion will be. It will give (at launch) 2 new raids with 17 new bosses, 10 dungeons and more.

I did watch the chapters here on the site of course to see what I am missing and not once did I feel that the story was worth subbing to the game again. The story itself is weak at best, some chapters were obviously just fillers to give you a companion back, just so you could then go back to ignore them. The interaction with companions is nearly zero, the love interests get a 10 second scene (if you are lucky and your love interest did return at all) and the reaction of old crew members seems to boil down to: “Oh you’re alive? Huh. Let us kill Skytroopers.”
And this is the FOCUS of SWTOR now? This is what they sacrificed all other content for? What they destroyed many old guilds for?
Bioware Storytelling. Hah! Comparing this to games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age (with which the Austin branch had NOTHING to do btw) is an insult.

So I implore you. Vote with your wallets. If you feel as dissatisfied as me and my guild, unsub and play a better game. Give up waiting on them to add new content, as long as they see that people stay around for their empty promises, nothing will change. Maybe the loss of another 1000 subs will make them realize what they have done. Unlikely though it may be.

Already did. My guild went from well over 500 to less than 30 now. We were a PVE/RP guild and we really did our best to adapt to the new set. However single player on rails (CHOICES MATTER!) made any group RP near impossible and still keep in the story line. MMO was shot quietly behind the chemical shed when this farce known as KOFE was crapped out.

“DvL event legend achievement was bugged for some people and prevented them to be the first person to complete tier 6. Fix incoming next patch.”
No, you added the hm fp’s to the requirements for legendary tier, but forgot to actually check who had it completed already. This isn’t some accidental bug affecting some players at random, this is just sloppy work.

The HM fp requirement was always there. Some people did it on their dvl chars and didn’t get it to flag. Hell, my achievements show I don’t have but 2 level 65 classes and I have em all. They are just lazy at a lot of their programming. Guy in my raid was laughing at me when I was on my level 65 op and it showed I had not completed a level 65 agent 🙂

The hardmode flashpoints wassing listed in the achievement for the lady tier of DvL, they added that in last patch, it’s even in the patch notes. However they were to lazy to retroactively grant that to people who did it while it wasn’t a requirement yet.

Nono, that’s not what I mean. The achievement was there, however the final achievement, called Dark vs. Light Legend or something like that, has all the achievements in the tier listed as requirement. That is where the achievement for hm fp’s was missing. So you could see the achievement, it just wasn’t needed.

Sounds interesting….erm I mean DARE THEY give us the promise of new content without exactly detailing the content so I can moan about the content before it may or may not appear.
*shifty eyes*

They also said we wouldn’t have to ever go more than a year without new ops. An then promptly recycled the old ops

They’ve been doing Kotfe because a a year or so ago everyone was moaning about more story content and character progression when we were awash with the new Rishi and Yavin ops and the Forged alliance story and Fp’s.
They did Zoist
New Stronghold updates.
Loads of QOL improvements
The they did the massive 4.0 changes.
Then Kotfe.
People are never going to be happy. I personally hate KOTFE but i’m not going to bitch about how they spent my money on this shit, I do other stuff.
SWTOR is so massive you can set your own goals whether its OPs progression, PVP, PVE, legendary status by completing all chars stories, Bounty board, starfighter, too numerous to mention reputation and planetary goals to complete, datacrons, Rahkgoul event, Gree event etc etc.
If your only here for ops with your chummys then your not gonna stay unless you get 3-4 new ops a year which m8 aint gonna happen.
You say recycled op’s i say they made ops more fun and approachable by players of all levels (except EV and KP) which are still real easy.

3-4 ops a year. Thats laughable. Id settle for 3-4 bosses a year. And at what point did this game not include story? Everything in this game comes with a story. Im sorry you buy the BS, but i don’t.
They have a story mode, a hard mode, and a nightmare mode for all those ops. If ops weren’t approachable then they never will be. No need to take it out on the people who put a little effort into learning their class before theu make 10 others.
Ya there’s plenty to do. But after 5 years of recycling it some people get bored.
And I’m not your m8

An op has to have a story behind it and that takes time to do that (story progression, planet, creatures etc) not to mention all the other things they’re doing at the same time.
People wanted more story so they gave them more story.
If they gave you 1 op a year you’d be at the front of the queue moaning mate and you know that.
Unfortunately M8 your one of those folk who think this game was put there for your entertainment only and if they don’t get what they want then the toys leave the pram.
I want an op, we all do and it will come after they finish all this KOTFE/KOTET piss.

Explains why you keep believing their dreck lol. Suckers, they buy whatever you shovel on them and smile.

No, means you haven’t a clue about history. People often tried to sell suckers the Brooklyn Bridge to the point it made it as a slag saying all across the country. However I can see that books and you are no more than passing acquaintances so all I can feel is pity.

As if you had a clue just because of where you live? Oh thank you for the best laugh yet! Priceless!

Ya typically everything you described is considered an expansion. Like all the other true expansions that came before this. Getting end game content in an mmo is not a privilege. Its a staple.
Once again sorry you buy the BS but i dont.
And I’m not your m8

What to do M8 is hibernate in between the content you like then don loco and the others moaners will wake you up and you can rock an op together.
Sorted m8.
I have a life in between stuff I like, play other games do stuff with the family etc.

Oh child, how little you know. I haven’t touched the game in over six months, just nothing there to hold even five min of interest. Many of the people ‘bitching and moaning’ are people that really love the game and want this company to get their collective heads out of their ass but fear this will never happen. You go on doing your troll thing though it tis a sad, little thing.

Nope they’re all the same as you, basement paladins who troll these boards and see who can bitch the most.
Walk outside into the sunshine m8, you’ll feel better for it.

To use Obi-Wan’s logic. Who’s the bigger whiner, the original whiner or the one whining about the whiner?

Oh I just love it when people that can’t make their arguments stand resort to personal offence and personal life innuendos, as if you knew the guy you’re answering to…

It’s really cool… IF you’re a 5 year old.

If you can’t read it’s not my fault.
Check the posts above mine and see and see who’s being childish.
Your comment is as irrelevant as usual Paulo.
*golf clap*

Thx, but I don’t golf.

Although I might consider it… It must be a hell of a lot more exciting than playing TOR right now…

Oh and I did check. I can read just fine. But getting my head around the garbage you write can be difficult at times, I give you that…

But hey, I enjoy a challenge now and then… Gives me a chance to be irrelevant…

Awww. Someone has never been good ops so he lashes out where he can. Makes excuses where he cant.
I raid 2 nights a week for a total of 4 hours a week. Its no worse then any other hobby like pool league, softball, or bowling. And less time then golf. And my raid groups been solid since SoR. I make no apologies for being bored of the current bosses. Nor do i think its extravagant to ask for 1 raid a an expansion plus a world boss plus a stand alone raid boss. I pay the same 15 bones a month you do.
And do you know whats sad about you leveling pros. You’re just a bunch a haters. At no point during any ops persons rants do they ever try to claim theres enough story. Too much story or we need less story. Sure a lot of people think this kotef was garbage. But everyone does. Nah but when we ask for more ops its some how a slight at you. But i can tell what the problem is. I could tell by the chumms comment earlier. You got no friends an therefore you can’t endgame. So you’re just gonna hate on people who can.

And I’m not your m8. You don’t have no m8’s

Sorry I was out gathering sticks for you hibernation pod.
I think don loco is gonna warm it up for ya.
You mad m8?

You should have got on those ops when they weren’t level synced. They would have been real aproachable then. But you were too busy pissing an moaning about how hard Bulo was an you need more story.

I’m not your m8

In it since month one and all op’s HM completed before level sync with my guild.

Is that what the problem is? You never get to finish the story cause there’s always been a ops at the end of the story.
Do you need help getting your taun taun?
I know. With a a game so vast. With so much to do. Its so hard to find 7 other people who can devote an hour of their time to 5 raid bosses.
I can help you get that taun taun.

I could use your help, I’ve been trying really hard recently trying to get my “don don”

Only salty people that had spent a lot of time playing KOTOR 1 and 2 were moaning about Shadow of Revan, and everyone I know actually liked the way that the story was given. With 4 new flashpoints, then Rishi and Yavin (2 planets with actual content, not a linear boring story on Zakuul that gives you no reason to return there), then the fight with Revan AND 2 operations in which you can also fight Revan, and then Ziost.

All this, was a lot more interesting and fun that the fiasco with KOTFE. All the content you mention, has been completed even by casual players, since years ago. Starfighter? Seriously? Gree and Ragkhoul events for the 15th time? “Planetary goals”? Wow, I thought you’d at least have arguments to support a game that has been a joke since KOTFE was released…

Want to help him get his taun taun? He saw on swtors advertisement that some like 40% of the mounts were taun tauns and he’s still on Brontes. If only the ops were more approachable. Thank god for mastery. No matter how much aim his sniper had he always missed. I mean he rolled all his stats into aim an the sniper still missed!

A joke doesn’t even begin to describe the direction they’ve taken the game. After 4 years of subbing I would at least thought they’d consider what their playerbase would want when they made KoTFE but alas, they’ve gone after the Kotor fanboys and told their loyalists to fuck off.

This is not how to grow a business, you always make sure the needs of your existing customers are met.

I also hate KoTFE but have continued my sub throughout the year in the hopes that the final few chapters would at least improve.

By my reckoning i’ve spent around £80 – £90 on KoTFE but basically spent 99% of my game time playing their pre 4.0 content.

Ops were more approachable to players at the start of 4.0 and I saw an increase in runs in my guild, but this has dropped off considerably recently, especially since they broke the mechanics of a few and didnt fix for a few weeks.

At the end of the day, it’s a well and good advertising on story and focusing on attracting the old Kotor players this way, but to essentially stick their middle finger at their loyal playerbase and not deliver anything to keep their interest is an outrage.

Well, lets see:

Ops – check
PVP – Don’t really like it, so I’ll pass
PVE – check
Legendary status – check
Bonty board – check
Starfighter – are you serious??? (and that’s also PVP, by the way…)
Planetary goals – pretty much checked. Except the PVP ones
Datacrons – checked last century
Events – check, except the abortion of the L vs D “event”

The problem with your comment is a common one, I see many people do it. It’s called “generalisation”. You open a bag, and put everyone who doesn’t see things your way in the same bag.

And the problem with this game is that it lacks DIRECTION. So people wanted more story (Ops are story too, and no Op has ever seen the light of day without some Single Player story coming along too). They gave them more Single Player story.

But now it seems they are working on group material because, and I quote: “they know what people want”.

See right there? LACK OF DIRECTION. When this game had a direction (about the time of RotHC) I was pretty happy with it. I didn’t come here pointing out that something was wrong because it had a sense, a common thread.

But you see, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I waited to see where this “Story” business was going to.

And you know what? The REAL problem here is that the story is crap. EVEN THE PEOPLE THAT WANTED MORE STORY DON’T LIKE KOTFE!!!

As I have stated MANY times in this site:

Single player story has limited to no replay value. It’s not my opinion, it’s a FACT. The ONLY way to replay SP story is to roll another character, and that’s what I’ve been here saying since the Great Casual vs Raider War erupted in TOR. We have our lv 65 rotting away because there’s nothing to do! NOTHING!!! ZERO!!! NADA!!! NIENTE!!! NICHTS!!! RIEN!!!

So please stop generalising and open your eyes to the growing wave of dissent around this game.

It’s swtors new 3d viewing experience. The only way to see how great the game is to shove your head directly up your ass. Then it all makes sense

LOL, this entire live stream was one big jerk off session. All three of these guys seemed drunk. My guess is the only reason they did it was so that they had one more opportunity to push their shitty gambling packs for all of the kiddies with mommy’s credit card. FUCK OFF.

Fuck you, these guys work their asses off to get us new shit every month. You should be greatful and spend more money on packs, that way they can use that funding to work even harder( if that’s even possible, they’re doing a fantastic job) it’s people like you that are ungreatful that ruin it for all of us, if you don’t like this game then fuck off and play something else you piece of sith. As for me I’m about to spend $300 of my moms hard earned money from working two jobs so that I can get some new cool gear and enjoy these new animations that the devs have given us, I might even get the saber I wanted so I can sell it for 85 million on the gtn. If you’ve read this far I will tell you that I’m not being serious and I hate this game as much as you do. FUCK OFF bioware you lazy drunk shitcunt greedy fucks!

We are paying them for their “hard work”. We paid for the game. We paid for subs. We paid for Xpacs. We paid for their cartel coins and what do we get in return? Character Perks that unlock with Cartel Coins, PER CHARACTER. We get Dyes that aren’t even in collections so they can rape little kids for their money. We get tunings that aren’t in collections. We get GAMBLING PACKS with a .000000001% of dropping anything. DO NOT BUY PACKS!

No mention of some kind of server consolidation in a game. Most of the servers are so sparsely populated you’ll never get a pop for Ops, PVP, or FP’s. Only on Harbinger can you still play GSF.

The thing is if the story was superb they could almost justify not delivering any new group content. All resources that don’t go into CM reskinning clearly go into solo story so therefore they should make it great, keep people wanting more, they should not intentionally disappoint their customers so they sub again in the hope of some future gratification.

So to give no new Ops or even FPs and then intentionally hold back on story so the masses pay for another year is the most ridiculous business model a MMO can surely have.

How can they attract new customers or even hold on their existing customers this way? It’s baffling.

Its the only way they can get people to resub im guessing. I’m sure they do see a lot of these forums an know people are just going to unsub after the season. I wonder how much they are going to lose between now an november which im sure is what they mean by fall. Or early December. You know that early late access

Well after more than 4 years I cancelled last night. I cannot hear anymore of ‘excited’ and ‘new group content coming soon’.

I would’ve happily continued paying if the story had been good, most of my time goes on pre 4.0 content but even if it’s all solo story, if that story was worth paying for I’d pay and still play the old stuff to pass my time. But for them to intentionally hold back is a breach of trust I cannot accept. Why did I pay for this expansion if all the good things happen next expansion? What they advertised was different to what they delivered.

And who’s to say in a years time that won’t be spouting the same drivel ‘we held back in KOTET to make KO*** amazing’, no, I’m out. Had a good few years playing but the quality has declined so much recently.

“They should not intentionally disappoint their customers so they sub again in the hope of some future gratification”
This. Seems to me they have it backwards. If they gave me gratification with a kickass story, I would actually be more gung-ho to sub than I am sitting here watching Arcann get away for the 3rd time and going “umm wut?”

Falling rocks 1st time.
Knocked off platform to a very very very long fall second time.
Shot in head, falling debris 3rd time.
Oh, and you can’t shoot worth a damn no matter how good of a pilot you are, 4th time.

Yeah on my DS Assassin I’ve tried to kill to kill him at every possible opportunity. Now I didn’t expect to be able to kill him until the final chapter, but to see him get away twice in Chapter 16 was a real slap in the face.

I mean the whole point of the story was to kill/imprison him was it not? All the way through they talk about the final confrontation with him and whether I’m prepared and whether I’ll kill him or not. Even Lana says it’s her destiny getting me to him just before the fight. So her destiny is essentially pointless.

Now what really made me angry is that I have no choice as to whether to finish him or not (falling debris, thx again BW) but Senya finds him and can kill/save him. So the choice that should have been ours, is taken by a NPC.

In fact most of the key choices in the story are made by the NPCs. Jorgan and Kaliyo go to Zakuul and tear things up whilst we are stranded in the Odessen wilderness. Surely they’d come find the Alliance commander while such an important mission is taking place? Lana, through her contacts, decides on making the Alliance and we don’t. Lana also recruits Koth. Senya and T7 and comes to saves us and then prevents us from fighting Vaylin in Chapter 3. In Chapter 8 Senya chooses to fight Vaylin by throwing us away. The list is endless.

The more I think it through, the more

“Trust us it’s going to be huge, it’s gonna be great, believe it. You’ll be amazed how it will turn out. No I’m not going to give you the details but it’s going to be great! Trust us, we know about being great, we pat ourselves on the back all the time!”

Indeed. I hear those words to that effect constantly coming out of the tv and they fit so well with the dreck EAware has been ‘giving’ us. Just a lot of noise and air, signifying nothing of substance.

You got to wonder if someone at EAware is a fan of Trump cause they both spout utter bullshit, proclaiming what they do is amazing and will fix everything yet reality shows otherwise.

Makes you wonder how long even the Bioware fanboi’s can keep defending Bioware and their utterly shit “expansions”. First they all proudly boasted how Bioware will make sure choices matter in the final 6 chapters….or not. No now it will be in KOTET. Wonder how many seasons it will take for even the most pitiful fanboi to admit Bioware is phoning it on and only cares about the CM.

I fear it’ll be too late and they’ll have driven too many of the players that supported them during these during the first 3-4 years away by the time they realise the direction they’ve taken game has been a massive mistake.

Now I can understand why they went after these fanboys’ money. Lots of people are still after KOTOR 3. But to essentially cater solely to these is like sticking your middle finger up to your loyal customers – loyal customers that have paid their wages for the last few years.

Choices do matter. Koth! You kill people he leaves… and in the finale he betrays you and steals the Gravestone.

Yup you go ahead and hold onto that little sliver of hope. Just remember people were saying that same shit after chapter 10 and the fanboi’s were proudly saying how sure they were that choices would matter in the remaining 6 chapters.

While you’re at it, why not look at the purpose of each chapter and see how it made fuck all difference. Let’s see, just to name a few: Obtain the Gravestone and it is hardly used and then so easily stolen (what the fuck were everyone on the ship doing to allow that to happen), Obtaining the Spire schems did fuck all, make a weapon against Arcaan that isn’t needed in chapter 16 nor was needed in the first fight since we beat him easily as it was and of course raid his treasury and for what? Just to fill a chapter and get nothing from it? Wow!! Hard to pretend choices matter when you see the truth and not see through blinkered fanboi eyes. :p

Ahhh yes the only response a blind fool fanboi has left in his ever emptying arsenal. Nope. Don’t hate the game. Not at all. I love SWTOR as my legacy would show given how many achievements etc I went out of my way to complete along with the rest of the game. No fanboi, while I love SWTOR, I despise what KOTFE/4.0 did to it along with how shit the actual story/content is. Players wanted more CLASS stories, not this shit one size fits all story. Try playing the expansion with a non-force using class and see how bad it is for players who love those classes. Even force using classes are ignored for this generic “Outlander” story.

Which he’ll end up doing because you didn’t shoot at Senya and her beat puppy boy. He’s a emo space jockey at best.

“some concerns about story elements that didn’t come to a close in KotFE.”

Can you name one story element that actually DID come to a close in KotFE?

Let’s take a look:
1. Valkorian is inhabiting the character’s body/psyche…. still there. No information given about this.
2. The Zakuul empire beat the Republic and Sith Empire… still in conflict. No resolution.
3. Arcann was trying to kill the character to get at Valkorian… Arcann is still alive (even though players were clicking madly on the “kill” button… twice)
4. Vaylin vs. Senya… No resolution.
5. Scorpio takes control of the Gemini fleet… Scorpio and the Gemini are still out there. No resolution.
6. The character was on ice for five years and lost contact with his/her crew… still a lot of MIA companions with no definitive answer on when they will return in the story. Nor any resolution to 99% of the romance story lines.

So, in summary, the the three main things that TOR had going for it were destroyed with KotFE. Fully voiced companions… gone. Eight unique stories for the classes… gone (and not even one good story to replace those). Choices matter… um, not even close. Characters that chose to kill Arcann in the fight or when Senya was fleeing with him were not allowed to follow through on their choice. Big failure on Biofail’s part all around with KotFE.

Since a lot of the recruitment missions in KOTFE have a silent outlander where you just choose what to say and there is no voiceover, they can’t really say it’s a “fully voiced mmo” anymore either. Which originally when the game launched was a big deal because no mmo had been that way berfore.

BTW the Season 7 rewards are actually gambling packs. You get x number of packs per tier. You can then buy packs for comms. Also, like a week after the season ends they’ll sell the same packs on the Cartel Market for like 400 CC each. Great job PvPers!!!!!

well, at least I get to meet up with Rusk, and best of all I’ll get a chance to mount Skadge’s filthy head on my wall………..on second thought I don’t want his ugly mug on my wall so I’ll just chop off his limbs and feed him to some rakghouls, a cruel thing to do to rakghouls but I don’t care!!!

LOL, I’m sorry but I can’t think of any other good brutal means of killing him that wouldn’t be torturous to the thing killing him

He bullies his way onto your ship. Also, pretty sure he’s raped and/or dismembered people. He’s also very rude, lacks any morality, and probably stinks.

Taken from Reddit (not my post):
“He’s an immoral douche that insinuates he wants to rape/assault a female NPC and possibly Mako, and then muscles his way onto your ship no matter how much you object.”

You would think one of your many force users would be able to detect Koth within 50 miles… but that would mean you could control anything.

Totally forgot about that. During his recruitment he is a terrible monster and yet during interactions he loses most of his menace. He doesn’t become a good person, but it had been so long between Belsavis and doing his interactions that I found him tolerable.

He’s best for characters that are terrible people or are chaotic evil.

I’m definitely getting him back for my BH because I want to have all of the original companions for their respective classes. My Warrior is bloodthirsty (chaotic evil). However, my Inquisitor and Agent are pragmatists (lawful evil), meaning they would only use Skadge as an expendable pawn, but would never trust him as an ally. On the other hand, there’s the Republic loyalist option (“Provost Marshal” Rusk). I guess it’ll come down to my Imps getting Skadge while my Pubs get Rusk.

Another great example of choices mattering.

BH – This is my ship and I’ve previously killed a man in front of his family. You’re not becoming a part of my crew! Period.

Skadge – Yes, I am

BH – OK, here’s your room. Do you need anything else? Snacks or perhaps a neck massage?

Is that supposed to be ironic? Cause in many of those instance we had choices, but people complained that their choices mattered too much and Elder Game RPers would be at a disadvantage since they had to get rid of companions for there RP, but would be at a disadvantage for crafting since they had fewer crew members.

Honestly, its not clear if he is a rapist or a sadist. Could be both I guess. Though if he can put up with Mako he deserves a medal. That’s one annoying girl.

Because he is an A-hole and he insulted Mako. but that’s just my opinion, you can have if you wish 🙂

Not sure which one I want to do more horrible things to, Quinn or Skadge. Pity I can’t have them both in the same cage. That way I could pop them in and out of the air lock for a few hours making them suffer 🙂

im not sure whats more sad the comps bieng taken away and given back as “content” or that people are excited about getting something back that was thiers in the first place lol

Not excited as I don’t play anymore but given the chance to kill off Skadge and Quinn I would gladly pay a months sub just for that. Really hated those two characters.

This is the most sad thing of all. I mean if I don’t start KoTFE and I havent on most of my toons, I can log right now and play with Skadge and Rusk, I don’t have to wait or ‘earn’ them again.

How can they possibly advertise these stupid recruitment missions that have absolutely zero impact on the story as ‘content’, it’s an absolute outrage.

and another thing, why do I need the best part of 40 companions? I can only use one at a time and send 6 to craft/missions. On my Knight, my companion page looks like a classroom list. Plus the dead ones on my Inquisitor show up, with a note saying I killed them lol.

One of the best posts yet on the official forums about this I think….

“Its almost impressive to expect nothing and still get let down when it comes to bioware streams. This was just a waste of time and air.”

Welp gang. Cya on other games this ones going to tank. Servers are already dead this summer, only will get worse when winter time hits and the lack of content and any of that being Group. Enjoy S7 pvp against the same premades and people every day on the harbinger which is basically the last stand for this game. Musco on Snaves show a few months ago announced nothing new for the PvE scene. Sad truth.

Many servers ARE dead. (Dead as in, less than 10 people on the starting players, and less than 20 on the fleet during peak hours).
Maybe he missed his chance to change.

Harbinger the other Fri night, APAC prime, 70 people on fleet. Never seen it that low, been playing for years. I think there’s only a couple of APAC raid teams left that are halfway competent. So yeah, until new Ops land the game will remain domain of new players learning the ropes in a nerfed environment that will ensure they remain shit.

I found this on and found it appropriate when watching these three stooges do a live stream:


1. Someone who does not pay any attention to what is going on around them.

2. Someone with no logic or common sense.

Only companion I would love to have murdered is Koth. (And Kaliyo but the fucking option was already there and I fucking missed it…)

Agreed, Koth is a naive and constantly whining idiot. Hope he dies, preferably painful death.

Kaliyo is fine though.

It still matters. The terminal is non-cannon. They are not brought back for the story; they are still dead/exiled/gone. The terminal is there for those that would still like access to the companions for various reasons (i.e. Rank 50 crafting companion, Agent wanting to keep their class companions etc.).

Pretty sure you will be able to kill him initially in KotET, but then Vitiate later resurrects him when Bioware go “oh crap, we sorta need Koth for this chapter”…

If you pick Jorgan and Havoc Squad to assault the Relay station in Chapter 12, and at the end you tell her not to interfere in their situation, she does it anyway… so, it’s insubordination. So when they return, at the end of Chapter 13, you can either forgive her, banish her or hill her.

“Can confirm working on group content. Can’t release details or what type of group content.”

Lol, sure we believe you. Unless they openly say what the “group content” is, I’m going to assume it is one of two things.

1. A lie, wouldn’t be the first time.

2. More awesome new group content like the DvsL event. (sarcasm for those too dense to notice)

Would you believe them if they said they were working on a new Op? No. You would say “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Get off your high horse.

If they would say “we working on new ops, but it’s tied to story, so we can’t reveals more” than I would believe them, and many players too.

If they said they were working on a new op I personally would have no reason to not believe them. But the vagueness is the problem and has always been the problem with everything. It isn’t how you market your product. You be straightforward and direct with your customers, not run them around in goddamn circles.

If they said, “Guys. We know you want group content. We’re working on it. Ideally we have (insert number here) flashpoints and (insert number here) operations in the pipeline, but cannot commit to that number yet. Furthermore we don’t have a solid release date at this point, but be assured we are working on it. It will be done when it’s done.” I’d respect that. Instead it’s vague bullshit. When they say they can’t discuss what kind of group content that worries me. Heroics are classified as group content, and I personally do not want to see heroics in this game anymore. Star Fortresses are also group content and they’re boring as shit to do.

They’ve promised in the past that there would never be another cycle like this with no new operation content, and they broke that promise. What kind of trust does that inspire in their userbase? What kind of message does that send? It inspires zero trust and sends a message of contempt. That isn’t how you run a business that is reliant on a monthly payment.

Well, that’s just not true. They did promise that there would never again exist a one year interval between Ops. I can’t locate that in the nightmare that is the site, but that statement was made. I remember it quite vividly…

It’s one year and 8 and a half months right now… But hey, who’s counting…

I stopped counting about a year ago when it was clear they were done with operations and just trying to string progression raiders along.

Bioware is notoriously not in the habit of making “promises” about anything, much less a specific timeframe for content. If you’re going to say it happened you’re going to have to show the evidence. I watched the streams. I followed the Dev Tracker and simply don’t recall any promise ever being made. It’s this urban legend that won’t die after 2 years from that conversation I linked above.

You can use Google to search SWTOR.COM and input custom timeframes. I don’t know how to do that on mobile but on PC you can set timeframes.

There was also this post:

Yeah I know… I’ve tried to find it, it was around the time that SoR came out. I can’t find it, so I can’t corroborate it existed. Maybe it was deleted? But I can’t corroborate that either, so I’m back at square one.

Sorry, not trying to pick on you or anything. But you’re right, without the evidence I’m just blowing smoke up my own arse lol…

So yes, for practical terms let’s admit it is urban legend. The fact that we are possibly going to have a 2 year interval between Ops is not though. Even without the “promise” (for whatever those “promises” are worth), it’s bad enough for me…

[Heavy Sigh]…….I would appreciate it if, you would refrain from telling me my opinion.

I totally refute your asinine assertion that I “wouldn’t believe them if they had told us the new group content was an Operation.” I would have said it’s about bloody time they pulled their heads out of their arse.

But as Patrick Bateman pointed out they may not even be making an Op. And even if they are with as much info as they gave, the work could have been started yesterday and won’t be finished for another year.

There will never, NEVER, be more then token group content, like heroics, that is all, they do not have the staff to create anything other then crappy non star wars story.

Everyone staying with SWTOR for new OPs/Group content is wasting their money!

They cannot say anything because the game is in limbo, they cannot say x content is coming then shut the game down or go into maintenance mode. Also, the only reason KotET is even being made or part of it, is because they have the voice overs already done.

SWTOR is an embarrassment to Star Wars and MMO’s, not because star wars or mmos are bad, but because EA/BW didn’t spend the money to properly design and develop it. KotFE was not the success you all think it was, at first it was before and right at launch, since then, is another story.

But hey keep sending them money via subs and CC’s, maybe the next Star Wars MMO can be just as crappy (since KotFE) and other mmo’s can monetize the same way and give no content as well.

have a great day!

most likely its something like Championship or Fortresses. they are technically group content, even if they really are soloable. if it was flashpoints or ops, they would have said as much.

@dulfy very curious to get your opinion on the state of the game/what keeps you playing. I find it hard to believe you still enjoy running the same content for the past 21+months with nothing announced or in dev for new content.

Borrowed this as it fits these three knuckleheads. “KOFE has been a great success! Everyone loves it!”

I’m okay with that right now. After maxing out the Tatooine and Rishi strongholds, I don’t think I have enough decos left to max out a sixth location.

We have enough Strongholds as it is. The dev team’s list of ongoing priorities should be: 1. Fixing Bugs, 2. Producing New PVE Solo Main Story Content, 3. Producing New PVE Group Content (FPs & OPs), and then everything else.

The pack opening and the item stash were the solution for people getting their dark vs light pack items to their other toons and at the same time not taking up inventory space. So believe it or not, it was something the people kind of asked for.

The storage space piece is fine, I’m more than happy with that (too bad I can’t put the content of those boxes I’d opened prior to the patch, I could use the XP boosts on the new toons). But the box opening “experience” is a joke, working on that piece was a complete waste of time, I doubt anyone asked for a new interface with animations.

I may be wrong but I think they have different teams for things like SHs and bugs. So doing SHs may not get in they way of fixing bugs

you can only get credit for 4 of the 5 strongholds towards conquest as it is anyways. So any additional ones is just cosmetic. Not saying it wouldn’t be cool to have one on Manaan or something, but I’d rather get some new substantial content over a new SH

“New Alliance alert for Rusk. Includes another Companion that players would love to kill…” Malavai *cough cough*

It won’t be Malavai – he’s romanceable, and all of them have been released during chapters (do a quick tally if you doubt my claim). My money’s on either Skadge or possibly Tanno, but probably Skadge.

Ehm, other than Vette, Kaliyo, Torian and Jorgan, which other love interests have returned?
I haven’t seen Ashara, Andronikos, Mako, Jaesa, Vector, Ensign, Felix, Nadia, Elara, Kira, Corso, Risha or Akavi returning as part of the story or an alliance alert.

They haven’t said anything for certain, but there should be at least 8 given that the HK chapter and rusk recruitment is supposed to tie us over until season 2 which is also the end of the event. There may or may not be more weeks than that depends on the official release date – which, based on recent releases, will probably also be late. So I wouldnt worry too much.

“New Alliance Alert – Bonds of Duty also coming Sept 7. Help Rusk clean up the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa. Encounter another infamous companion as well that you may want to brutally murder.”
Farewell Quinn….

If i’m allowed to give Quinn a slow painful death with the SWs to finish the job from the class story where I couldn’t make the choice I wanted with the bastard, I’d actually sub for another month just to do that. Not a quick lightsaber off cam death, or a wimpy force choke death, but a proper “Baras in a particulay vengeful and sadistic murdering mood” kind of death.

‘New Alliance Alert’ lol – recruitment missions masquerading as content. This has to be far the biggest kick in the teeth Bioware could deliver.

I have recruited every possible companion, destroyed every Star Fortress and completed all ‘Specialists’ to 20. Not only to they do these have zero impact on my Alliance in the story, I have around 35 companions and no use for them. I can only send 6 to craft/missions and use one in a fight. Why do I need so many? Can’t even talk to them like I can on Original Stories. Ridiculous.

So why did Bioware bother with the ‘Alliance system’ when this has no bearing on anything in KoTFE story. Surely the resources that went into this idiot thing could have been used to give us an Op or 2??

I’d have much preferred a new Op than having 30+ companions to choose from. I’d happily accept the story mandated companions and a new Op and FP :/

Your empire would probably be taken more seriously if they learned how to capitalize their name correctly. Or is it referring to just a random black serpent anywhere? If that’s the case may I humbly suggest changing the name to “Empire of that black serpent.” Then you have a conversation starter.

“Wait, which black serpent?”


I didn’t click your video. Sorry. Too busy washing my socks and using a toothbrush to clean the bottom of edge of my kitchen cabinet drawer handles.

Just Empire of the Black Serpent its basicly a name i came up since i love snakes 🙂 wich is why

Really? Corso’s only crime was being kind of a redneck. Your energy would be much better spent hating Skadge, SCORPIO, or Quinn 😛

Just play as a female and he stops bitching about hurting women, also one of the best companion lines in the game, “Now you’re dumb, ugly, AND dead.”

No, he doesn’t. He still whines about “hurting” women even when my pc is a woman and is killing women who are trying to kill her.

So the whole thing was just filler build-up for next time… hang on. Ultimately pointless sequel bait instead of a contained story, various PC characters got replaced with the one ineffectual doofus who accomplished next-to-nothing, any ‘choices’ went nowhere.

Aw crap, the “BioWare storytelling” they were “returning to” was just Dragon Age 2 all this time. Goddamnit…

They probably just didn’t know yet if KOTFE would get enough following and probably had to shoehorn a cliffhanger into the story three quarters down the road. It’s not uncommon for in example show writers to write a proper series finale, only to have to scrap it because the hosting channel wants another season, ending up with a somewhat lackluster season cliffhanger.

My guess is they want to insert a you-know-who (spoiler) companion down the road, on a path of redemption, a sort of “what if Vader had survived and decided to clean up his on mess” scenario.

Why do I have a gut feeling that it’s Malavai Quinn who picked the winning side, again, being Vaylin’s fleet commander and toyboy?

No, you have it wrong. When Quinn finally DOES arrive he will be on your side. THEN he’ll betray you to Vaylin.
But yeah, I can completely see Quinn doing that.

Y’all worried about some shitty stories and what shitty companions you get back after KOTFE was a gigantic disaster, should be worried about the game being dead because at this rate there won’t be a SW:TOR you know and love in the next year or two with the lack of MMO aspects to the game on all levels, I mean one class balancing patch this year alone, that’s pathetic let alone that PvE has been neglected so long AND PvP basically is dead too since it took so long to get S7 started. This games pretty much been dead during the entirety of the summer, more dead than I have ever seen it and with no new content period probably until next year due to delays it will just get worse. If there wasn’t a CM to make you look like Kylo Ren and new movies it would be far worse off, but don’t worry that shit will fall off, StarWars or not.

Through your hate or love of this game your money still feels the same to bioware, so keep giving it to them while whining about this game and they will keep making me expansions! Thank you sooo much all you negative crybabies for providing my entertainment 😉

I hear the next stream will be mustgo emptying one bioware garbage can after another on the floor. Every once an a while he will say something like “this is the best can yet!” At the end he will pick out a bunch of soda cans an say “choices matter.” Right before he throws the cans back into the huge pile of garbage

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