GW2 Gemstore–Storm Bow and Emissary’s Staff

GW2 Gemstore was updated today with the Storm Bow and Emissary’s Staff skin for 600 gems each.

Storm Bow – 600 gems

  • Longbow Skin, available for 7 days only
  • Has a storm sound effect when drawn and modify certain skill sounds.

gw2-storm-bow gw2-storm-bow-2


Emissary’s Staff – 600 gems

  • No special sound effects
  • Available for 7 days only

gw2-emissary's-staff gw2-emissary's-staff-2


By Dulfy

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47 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Storm Bow and Emissary’s Staff”

They actually discarded further development of legendaries, so chances are good those were intended to be their skins

they alrdy released a shortbow and staff so why would they working on another legendary shortbow/staff??

Animated bits, particles effects and modifications to weapon skills. Good think they don’t leave splotches while you walk or they’d cost as much as legendaries -.-

I mean, I srsly don’t get it: people are complaining because these weapons are not legendary? I’m so sorry (no, I’m not rly) if I really don’t care about crafting a legendary. Thanks Anet tho, for giving me the chance to be eligible to participate in Fashion Wars by spending real money on the gem store.

As I knew,they said the legendary weapon is not finish, but now it appear on the gem shop as skin.

This is not good, feel like cheating, disappointed.

It is about he promise and trust

These were never intended to be legendary weapon skins. They haven’t cheated you. They didn’t finish them and then release them for gems – these are remakes of old GW1 skins. Chill 🙂

As I knew,they said the legendary weapon is not finish, but now it appear on the gem shop as skin.

This is not good, feel like cheating, disappointed.

It is about the promise and trust.

Bought it?

Good, spend money encourge them to do it again, if you don’t might.

Ehm… reading that post hurts. You should work on your english, guest dude. Nevertheless legendary is not just about the cool skin. If I skip the special effects like footstep particals and glowing weapon, it is a weapon, that raises respect among players (at least the new legendaries). When you meet someone who has for example Nevermore, you know that this person put a lot of effort (and money) into getting it (since you cannot buy it). So it has bigger value, than just pitiful nice looking skin of storm bow that you got for your pocketmoney. Everyone can have skin for 600 gems, including newbie player. Legendary is not so easy to get.

And by the way, if I recall correctly, Anet stated, that they do not have a time to create new legendaries at this moment. It is also possible, they came up with a few ideas for new legendaries, but decided that they aint good enough and threw them away. BUT, istead of just destroying that concept completely, they used what they had to make an enjoyable skin. I do not understand why is that a problem.

Quit judging something, that you know very little about.

People who criticize the writing skills of people who don’t speak English as a mother tongue are literally the worst. You, Me. You are literally the worst.

He literally isn’t. You literally are. While he went on to present actual arguments and his remark about that guy’s English skills was in passing (and VERY well founded btw), your entire comment is dedicated to attacking him.

So you are literally the worst.

And guest – how can you be sure these are indeed legendaries?

It doesn’t matter if the criticism was in passing, it was still extremely rude. Heaven forbid someone’s first language not be English and they still want to participate, way to create a welcoming environment. There was no reason to say anything about his grasp of the English language except to be a jerk and that is indefensible.

I didnt ment to be extremely rude,… but nor polite… I just wanted to point out that there is an issue with his level of language.
By the way neither am I english native speaker…. This world is full of people who wants to present their opinion. And to know how to use the language in which you are trying to present it, is at least a little sign of intellect (ESPECIALLY if you aint native speaker).
He is trying to complain about people who developed something as mathematically complicated as GW2, yet he cannot use English in at least understandable form.
And i am tired of thickheaded people whining about everything they dont understand.
So yeah, if you take it like that…. ill rather stay a jerk towards stupid people with arguments that are completelly out of place with a little hope that they will actually take something from my comments to their heart and actually improve themselves.

They already released the second legendary staff, Nevermore, before they decided to put them on hold so obviously the new gemstore staff was not intended to be released as a legendary.

It’s the scavenger hunt aspect that was the issue rather than the designs, anyway.

Nice skins but i won’t buy craxy expensive gems for skins, it’d have been nice if those had been craftable skins :/

Because they need to make money. I’d rather that there’s exclusive skins that you have the option to pay for vs having a subscription.

subs are cheaper. You used to get a full game with a sub and only pay for expansions. Now you pay for extra stuff in the cash shop…you don’t have to but if you want the options you’ll spend a LOT more in the cash shop than a sub ever cost. So I really don’t see what’s great about this model.

Yes if u have it and can spend it u will, no1 makes u do it tho, and content which imo is what makes or breaks a game for me is NOT attainable trough cashshop exclusive buys, not talking about expansions, but even living story, just be there when its out and u get the episode for free. no harm in getting the game going on vanity items alone id say. Also on sub games like wow for example, you HAVE to pay 12e a month plus a shop on top of it, which from time to time will offer mounts and pets for 20e or 10e. Totally optional and so is the gw2 shop, without the monthly fee though.

Anyway all has been said about it b4 and this model wont change because of it, just another 2 cents added.

Both are cool. Would have been nice if the staff had some custom sound like the bow has…nevertheless i pitty the fools who went for legendaries..because these look 10x better hahaha.

Im a bit sad that the bow does not have specialized arrows to make it actually 100% awesome… its a nice skin but I dont think ill buy it simply because there is no effects on the arrows themselves.

The staff I would totally buy for Rev, and Daredevil, ele, honestly it would look nice on any profession you stick it on.

Just a minder to anyone who is looking at these two items;

They are actually remakes of items from GW1. If you read the post at the GW2 website, the article actually jokes around about this.

So while they are cool skins, they weren’t meant to be legendary weapons in the first place. Still pretty awesome to have back, though.

i bought the storm bow and it doesnt have the thunder clous sound effect.. only electric effect when u shoot not when u draw the bow i want my gold back… 🙁

You can probably email support and get a refund. Though, be aware that I think there is a limit on how many refunds you can do per account.

Before any of that though, make sure you have things like particles and stuff turned up in your options. Might be why you’re not seeing certain effects.

Meh, was expecting them to be cheaper. Doesn’t look like 600 gems worth of effort to me, regardless of them being “remakes” of Guild Wars 1 skins — one would think that them being fairly old would warrant better, consumer-friendly items. I’m all for spending gems on Guild Wars, but they really oughta do something about these ridiculously high prices and lack of sales.

Better than an outfit that feels like a lame excuse for an armor, or continuously re-hashed weapons *COUGH CAUDECUS WEAPS COUGH*

Not worth to those who don’t have gems to spend cause they will always say something even if really worth it.

I’ve missed my storm bow from back in my GW1 days. Now we just need the Mursaat bow and I’m set. Fractal bow is close but dammit it’s not the same.

It’s a shame the Storm Bow doesn’t shoot lightning bolts instead of arrows, but that would probably make it too much like a Legendary.

I bought the bow because I thought the sound is like that in dulfy video, thunder sound but it doesn’t have sound at all like that shown in video. I tune up all the sound in the option and no such thunder sound

alright I figured sorry. the maxed effect volume and sound quality to highest, lowered environment volume and etc

still u need to max the effect volume to hear such as that in dulfy video. when u are in battle all other effect from other players will make it annoying and cover up the bow’s effect

Warning to players: Dulfy video for the bow is misleading, no description on the sound has been maximised to focus on the bow sound effect, and is unrealistic in usual game play to play with that setting. because all other weapon and attack sound from other players will be overwhelming with this sound setting

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