GW2 Anniversary Sale in the Gemstore

GW2 is doing an anniversary sale in the gemstore with new deals everyday until August 28. Updated August 28.

[toc] It’s been four years since I first laid eyes on your shining faces, and I figure we should do a little something to celebrate. From now through August 28, keep a close eye on the Black Lion Trading Company for limited-time deals, discounts, and returning items. It’s a once-a-year blowout, so if you see that special something you’ve been waiting for, don’t let it slip through your hands!

I’m starting this party off right by bringing back the Lunatic Guard Outfit and Flame and Frost Dye Kits for two days only. Enjoy the convenience of the Merchant Express for 50% off, Caithe’s Bloom Dagger for 20% off, and the Exalted Glider at 15% off. Check back every day—you never know what I’ll dig out of the vaults or slash prices on.

Oh, and happy anniversary.


Friday – August 19

  • Exalted Glider – 340 gems (15% OFF)
  • Merchant Express – 17 gems each or 5 for 62 gems (51% OFF)
  • Caithe’s Bloom Dagger – 480 gems (20% OFF)
  • Lunatic Guard Outfit – 700 gems (available for 2 days only)
  • Flame Dye Kit – 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems (available for 2 days only)
  • Frost Dye Kit – 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems (available for 2 days only)

Saturday – August 20

Sunday – August 21

Monday – August 22

Tuesday – August 23

Wednesday – August 24

  • Character Slot expansion – 560 gems (30% OFF)
  • Additional Crafting License – 560 gems (30% OFF)
  • Mad King Dye Kit – 100 gems each, 5 for 400 gems, 25 for 2000 gems (20% OFF)

Thursday – August 25

Friday – August 26

  • Black Lion Chest Key – 93 each, 5 for 337, 25 for 1575 gems
  • Soul River Glider – 500 gems (available for 3 days only)
  • Bandit Sniper’s Outfit – 700 gems (available for 3 days only)
  • Living World Season 2 Complete Pack – 1280 gems (20% OFF)

Saturday – August 27

Sunday – August 28

All previous day sales and today’s sale are gone in 24 hrs.

  • Bank Tab Expansion – 420 gems (30% OFF)
  • Heroic Booster – 112 gems,. 5 for 476 gems, 20 for 1574 gems (25% OFF)

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134 replies on “GW2 Anniversary Sale in the Gemstore”

Bitching only works if you know some one in charge, but yea other than that bitching don’t help, but go ahead and bitch away… who’s gonna stop you ☺

Character slot, silver-salvage-o-matic and shared inventory slots. The only things left of interest to me. Seriously. I’ve started pouring gold into completing the old miniature achievements -.-

08/21/16 update!
Bag Slot Expansion 50% off 3x – 600gems(From 1200gems down to 600gems) <- Worth buying it!
Kasmeer Staff 20% off – 480gems(From 600gems down to 480gems) <- Not Worth if u have legendary staffs
Winter Solitice Outfit – 700gems
Mini Snow Flurry Dragon – 500gems

It’s important to note that the bag slot expansion applies to only a single character. PLUS, there is a limit of 9 purchasable at that discount–and that’s 9 total bags, not 9 sets of the bundle. I found that out the hard way. 🙁

I was just pointing out that the extra bags don’t apply across all characters. The bag slots arrive as items in your mail. So, you should be able to only use the ones you want on the characters you want and put the others in the bank to transfer to another character. I didn’t try that ‘cuz I didn’t realize the limit until it was too late, but I THINK that works.

Ah, cool. Knew that already. It’s a sucky move but then they’ve made similar sucky moves before (eg: with dye) in order to make money

i dont remember what the maximum is, but even if you cant use all three, since they arrive as items in your inventory, you can just give them to another character if the current one is full.

why are you trying to confuse players with your retardation.

It’s simple, you pay 600 gems and you’ll get 3 bag-slots for your current character that you use (while purchasing that item/s), the fuck is wrong with you, get some aid with that autism!!

It’s your own fault if you spam buy button without using your brain.

is it worth buying dat Captain’s Airship pass if u already have Royal Terrace Pass?

I guess i’m getting dat Wedding Attire Outfit even i hate outfits……

no, they’re functionally the same. There are now 3 ‘all-in-one’ areas, but they only look differently. Everything you can possibly need is in there, in any one of them.
But maybe if you got coins to spare you can always get one for the visual variation.

ACTUALLY… Captain’s Airship DOES offer one exclusive thing… and that is the longest glide in all of Tyria 😉

Royal Pass is missing one thing, the daily activity [Keg Brawl etc] npc. I know Airship has it and probably the new location has it too. Not sure why they didn’t add this npc to Royal Terrace since they added the makeover npc anyway. So if you have only RT and it will be in daily you’re gonna have to walk all the way to LA for it. The new location unlike RT or AIrship is not in map but it’s an instance so shorter loading screen. Other than that it’s only a location of your liking.

We have only 6 more days of this 10 day sale and our complaint quotient is way off. No storage expansion or character slots yet? Should they discount the shared slots? Tell us how you feel.

Because I’m super pissed too. Sell me the Gadgeteer’s Gathering Package dammit.

Im with you mate… and when the bag expansion on discount it wasnt there on the promotion tab…

ZOMG BAG SLOT EXPANSION AND I JUST MISSED IT..! Man seriously… I’m bored as hell here… it wasnt there in the promotion tab in bl…

An old GW2 saying says: “One has to check the Dulfy to achieve the complex knowledge of GW2 updates. For man can easily miss an important information. Dulfy on the otherhand catches even the slightest change ingame.”.

I’m not sure if anyone else has this, but there used to be a option to buy gems through online banking. It’s suddenly gone now. First I had a few errors and now the option vanished alltogether. I don’t have paypal or a fancy credit card so besides gold farming my options are a little murdered shall we say. I’m quite sad about this really…I’m on a EU server too, not sure if it’s just us or whatever.

Cannot confirm this problem. I still have the online banking option as well as SEPA. Since I always used SEPA I can’t check, if online banking still works. SEPA definitely does.

What the fuck, I don’t have it either…thanks a lot anet, that’s the only way I could ever treat myself to gems.

Do you guys have the option to buy gem cards from game stores? Ex, game stop. I know its not the same as just doing it online, but at least you’ll still be able to get your gems that way if you can.

I actually just discovered that option today Aerin, thank you! Support hasn’t replied back so I’ll do it that way for now then.

Hmmm…that is a very good idea actually. My problem still hasn’t been solved but I’l try this, thank you.

it would take an extra several seconds.

im not being sarcastic or condescending towards dulfy, its just probably not something they thought about.

besides, its not that hard to scroll down, especially because a lot of us read the comments anyway

Dog bee carrier is cool, but it was bundled with the infinite coin, if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have gotten it.

I wish I could see into the future and know what’s going on sale each day. Holding back on spending in case specific things I want come up.

I’m glad I spent the time to max out all crafting professions to 500, as it makes it easier to make 20 to 35 gold a day, by crafting and selling ascended mats each day, with only about an hour of gathering lower tier mats.

Hahaha. If I could actually see into the future I’d quit playing GW and go full-time as an investor. Good luck to the courts getting me on insider trading when I play the clairvoyance card…

i use fine kits and mystic… if silver does come back i use it mostly for a convenience and for yellows

Captain pass is definitely my highlight, but picked up a shared slot for it and the crystal arbiter outfit since it was separated, still waiting for a bank tab. Tools will probably go on sale, but I picked those up last sale (super useful for alt farming with shared slots).

The dye sales are also nice because it drops the prices on the trading post.

The only thing I don’t like about the captains pass or royal terrace pass is that they don’t bring the characters back to the place that they were when they used it.

If they do, I would have bought them already.

Well, not much other choice now that they got rid of crafting stations in wvw. If you just need a bank/merchant use guild hall, wvw, or pvp.

As Damek321 said the features within are the same. I’d suggest looking on YouTube to get an idea of which you like the most visually. I also wonder if the layout is different in each? Some vendors might be closer together than in others…. Could save precious seconds when buying/crafting/selling?

The royal terrace is nicer looking, and the npcs are more organized, but aiship is much faster loading since its not a main city.

I had no idea the silver-fed SOM was a thing. Kinda feel cheated now having bought the Copper version on Thursday’s sale. 🙁

Don’t feel cheated, the Copper version is great for salvaging any item white/blue/green, while you’d use the Silver for yellow/orange.

You’d waste precious materials if you’d use the copper on yellow/oranges, and you’d waste too much money salvaging if you’d use silver on trash white/blue/greens.

Basically, the Silver Fed-o-Matic replaces Mystic Salvage Kits/Master Salvage Kits. Personally, I seem to have more Mystic Forge Stones than I ever have need for, so I’d even consider the Silver Fed-o-Matic redundant, but I DO own the Copper one, as it replaces those 25-use kits you’d burn through like crazy.

I’m glad you said that. Just ran the numbers and actually I can see the benefit of having both – plus at 15s for 25 uses I’d be saving copper plus the hassle buying the kits. I have a hundred or so MF Stones (sounds like you have way more) but have never bothered looking into their uses! I’ll have to give that a Google. What do you use yours for?

I use my Mystic Forge Stones to craft Mystic Salvage Kits [these have 250 uses per], and has the exact same % rate as the Silver Fed-o-Matic.

These things only cost a cute 3 Mystic Forge Stones per 250 charges:

And let’s be honest, if you have four of those in your inventory, that’s 1000 charges. How soon does one expect to be out of 1000 salvages used only for rares/exotics. I mainly farm map metas and lv40 Fractals, and mine still seem to last quite a long time.

Silver Fed-o-Matic is nice as a convenience item, but what it replaces, isn’t as convenient as the Copper Fed-o-Matic. Silver replaces Mystic Salvage Kits, which have 250 uses per, and you won’t burn through as fast, as you won’t find yourself sitting on 250 rares/exotics that soon. The Copper however, replaces a 25 uses per kit, which you’ll burn through for just about anything that drops.

Well that’s completely sold me, I appreciate you explaining and sharing that info! I’m going to make one of my own and save the gems for something else special! Thank you.

Why would you use mystic salvage kits on exotics when you can use your stockpiles of black lion salvage kits?

Because I do not have stockpiles of Black Lion Salvage kits?

The ones I had I used on exotics that were sold so cheap, the runes alone were worth more, sold runes, kept ectos and other stuff myself.

Copper is best because it means stupid fricking green runes and sigils to throw away manually after salvaging all your garbage drops.

Correct. And even keep checking all tabs. Because items that are on the TP rotation don’t always display on the main promo page either

Not possible I play everyday and check gem store few times a day. Either you think of different armor skin set or trolling me right now.

Not trolling. If the game didn’t automatically delete mail from the Gem Store after you accept the items, I would be able to say exactly what day it was. But it was definitely within the past 2 months since I started playing again.

You’re 100% sure it was Phoenix? Not Phalanx or something like that? [the skin I’m talking about is the one that Kasmeer wears] I swear I log in everyday for past half a year. And the only time I didn’t log in for a whole day was like 3 weeks ago.. was visiting a family since it was summer and all.

Correct – the Phoenix armor that Kasmeer wears, I use it on my mesmer.

If you don’t wish to wait for a discount, you can still get it now full price on the gem store. Probably better than any risk of it disappearing entirely.

Aren’t you a happy little bear right now?

I see the Phoenix Light Armor Skin on the BLTC for 800 Gems 😉

Eh, a lot of items get re-introduced during sales. Anyways, so you’re waiting a whole year for a perma item to be discounted? Good luck with that, I can see why it has you all frustrated.

Perhaps just drop the extra 100 or less gems you’d save during a sale, as you’d make that amount within a day anyways.

3x Bag Slot Expansion and 2x Bank Tab Expansion… Needed that for a long time! But they didn’t put the Storage Expansion though… 🙁

I have had my 14 bank tabs forever, I wish Anet wasn’t so dumb and would allow more than that, mo tabs, mo money (for Anet)

No, because the extra costs for servers and development will not be covered by you and like 3 other people who want to buy 14+ bank tabs.

Development? Uhm everything is there already!!! Servers? Also already there!! There is no extra cost, just more possible profit for Anet. And there are tons of people who want more than 14 bank slots. Just STFU when you don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about.

“All previous day sales and today’s sale are gone in 24 hrs.” Guessing this means the sale period is over? 🙁

Aha lawl, I got myself a extra Bank Tab and now the bastard’s on sale. XD Oh, well might as wel grab another one. 🙂

Let’s see…gem conversion rate was about 210 gold per 800 gems before this…so a bank tab at 600 gems would have been about 157.5 gold…I saved 6 copper because of this sale! Thanks Anet!

^This. Smart people buy stuff beforehand 😀 Especially when it’s practically 100% sure that there’s gonna be a sale.

wat did u think would happen during a sale? Of course the gold to gem rate would fluctuate.
If u dont want to support the devs by using real money to buy things, dont complain when u dont get much of a gold discount for a convenience item in a free game.

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