GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Bloodstone Weapons Skins Gallery

A gallery of the new GW2 Bloodstone Weapons available with the August 23 Game Update.

Special Effects

  • Unique draw sound
  • Warhorn has a special sound when blown, very deep like a Rhino farting.
  • Torch also have a special ambient sound when drawn.
  • The bloodstone is slightly animated and has a slow flow effect.

Video (timestamp available on youtube page)


Bloodstone Axe Skin


Bloodstone Dagger Skin


Bloodstone Focus Skin


Bloodstone Greatsword Skin


Bloodstone Hammer Skin


Bloodstone Longbow Skin


Bloodstone Mace Skin


Bloodstone Pistol Skin


Bloodstone Rifle Skin


Bloodstone Scepter


Bloodstone Shield


Bloodstone Short Bow Skin


Bloodstone Staff

gw2-bloodstone-staff gw2-bloodstone-staff-3gw2-bloodstone-staff-2

Bloodstone Sword


Bloodstone Torch


Bloodstone Warhorn


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47 replies on “GW2 Bloodstone Weapons Skins Gallery”

A decent set.

While red isn’t my colour but I guess I would go with the axe for my warrior (red theme armour).

So, people cut by bloodstones and then killed become eternally bound to the stone – which makes for a really cool sword, and a really stupid long bow handle -.-

“Repeat after me: “Inspired by bloodstone.” I don’t want any
more investigators in here giving me the stink eye. Do you think I’d
sell weapons made of actual bloodstone? I don’t even allow the dust on
the trading post! The deep red is a good look, though—very classy.” – Evon

For around 3 years I’m asking for smaller weapons and now I see this.. holy shit this set is big! Like the rifle for humans could easly be held by charr and look normal.
They do look cool but, way too big to walk around with it.

I personally think pistols should be bigger. They may seem unpratical but it’s so damn hard to see any detail on pistols. It’s bad enough we have so few cool skins for them.

Shame is – it a cruciform not a linear set of blades…
looks faintly ridiculous (top heavy and not elegant at all ) on anyone fighting with the staff. Once again a set with a beautiful sword and very little else… ok, the warhorn may be interesting for some necro builds

Some decent designs here except for the GS the blade is too short but the sword looks gorgeous will go well with my revnant.

It almost touches the floor and has more reach than most blades in the game.

‘Blade is too short OMG literally unplayable’!

I believe they meant the blade is too short in ratio to the entire length of the weapon…which is just an aesthetics opinion. They in no way implied it was ‘unplayable’.

I love most of these, but the clipping on that focus is unacceptable. Its a shame too, because I use Dagger/Focus a lot and that dagger would look great on my necro.

I like the Bloodstone Shield and Torch, but everything else is pretty meh to me. Still, as I always say, more options is never a bad thing.

I think that this sound and weapons doesn’t match together, as if something activated…it just makes weapons look lame, overall, weapons look cool and expensive and i like how guns look like, but that sound…

Black lion tickets from black lion chests… But tbh its better just to wait 2-3 weeks and buy them for 50-60g

Why should price get lower? In 2-3 weeks people won’t be able to abtain them anymore via bl tickets so shouldn’t the price get higher?

The price gets continuasly lower until the new weapons come out and the ticket price of the former increases. That leaves a 2-3 weeks window when the prices drop.

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