GW2 Mass Rollback Required to Fix Soulbound Bug

The soulbound bug will require a rollback to fix that will take several hours.

This is an update to the situation where soulbound items have been incorrectly soulbound to the wrong characters. After further investigation we’ve determined that there is damage to almost all character records that were played this morning, not just to those who transferred soulbound items to or from a bank. To repair the damage, we will have to roll back the state of the game and characters to prior to this morning’s release.

No one wants to lose a play session’s progress. We apologize for this. I’m sure you’ll also have questions about exactly what a rollback means to you. The general answer is that everything about the game state, including things like trading post transactions, will be restored to how it was prior to this morning’s release. The only unusual case will be that if you purchased the game or purchased gems this morning, you’ll still get your purchase.

The process of rolling back and then validating everything to bring the game back up will take hours. We’ll keep you updated. There will be a period of time when these forums will be unavailable, but we’ll post updates through other channels.



As we previously posted, today’s release unfortunately contained a bug that damaged character records, and in response we’ve taken down the game servers and are in the process of rolling back the state of the game to where it was before the release.

We shut down the game servers at approximately 11:30 am PDT (18:30 GMT), and we’re rolling back the game state to 9:10 am PDT (16:10 GMT), so there’s a 2h 20m window where all changes to the game are being rolled back. Here are the details for what will happen to various changes made during that window.

If you created a new account during that time period, you’ll have to create it again. If you changed an account, for example changing your password or applying two-factor authentication, you’ll have to redo that change. If the customer support team changed your account for you, for example restoring it to you, they’ll redo that change over the next 24 hours.

If you purchased the game on an existing account, we’ll restore your purchase. If you purchased the game on a newly created account, you’ll need to recreate your account. We’ll contact you so we can restore your purchase after you have recreated your account.

If you purchased gems, we’ll restore the gems. If you purchased an item using gems, that purchase will be rolled back, and you’ll have your gems back. You can purchase again. If you purchased a sale item that’s no longer on sale, you can purchase again, then contact customer support for a refund of the difference between the current price and the sale price.

All in-game transactions are being rolled back, including transactions through the currency exchange, trading post, guild bank, and in-game mail. The trading post will come back online after the rest of the game does, and with buy and sell offers back where they were prior to this morning’s release.

Character progress made during the affected time period is being rolled back. If you had an extreme situation, for example you got a precursor from the mystic forge and then had that rolled back, contact our customer support team and we’ll try to help you.

Thank you for bearing with us through this process. We’ll be back online soon.



  • nadrian3k

    Good part is they are keeping us informed.

    Bad part is, IMO a blunder like this that takes away hours invested in this game by people..which may include achievement runs, raids and whatnot..maybe precursor drops, maybe chest farming runs for hours…and having lost all that progress, they should have announced some kind of compensation. That’s what a serious company would do anyway, that knows how to value their customers and more importantly value their time invested in this product.

    • Hixx

      I’m pretty sure there will be some kind of compensation.. they just don’t know in what way, yet. First priority is to fix the bug. I think then they will announce something shiny for the inconvenience.

      • nadrian3k

        Hope so….i actually got a phone call from a friend who got a precursor (underwater but still a precursor) drop in WvW. If they roll it back he will lose it. I don’t even want to know what other ppl lost.

        • Matthias

          3 asc armor chest drops. i think i’m going to lose my shit

          • lukewarmdog

            Well technically you already lost your shit. If by shit you mean stuff accumulated in an online game. On the other hand support will look into genuine losses and reimburse where appropriate so you might get your shit back. I guess that is winning.

        • Alot

          10 glorious daily achievement points. Gone forever.
          Excuse me, I must go morn.

          • nadrian3k

            Putting everyone in the same boat as you is kind of a limited way of thinking.

            • Alot

              I shall sail my paddleboat where ever I do please. As for these unspecified, salty eye’d sea dwellers who keep climbing into my boat, they welcome to either behave or abandon my vessel.

              • nadrian3k

                coolest story on the internet.

          • Dennis van Nierop

            Darn, you’re worse off than me. I lost the 5 hours I primarily spent AFKing around Noble’s Folly.

            Better ask for a refund.

            On a more related note, most MMOs ToS/ToC will have clauses that will not make them responsible for how you spend your time. So technically, they do not have to refund you anything. Or give you compensation for whatever time you ‘lost’ playing their game.

            And what are we complaining about here guys, come on. Literally ever played any other game? Blade and Soul for example, maintenance for 6 hours weekly. Guild Wars can have their little reset and a couple of hours invested lost, it’s still a huge difference compared to other companies out there on the market.

            • nadrian3k

              There’s a difference between planned and unplanned.

              • Dennis van Nierop

                This still doesn’t make them responsible for how you spend your time, and their ToS will confirm any kind of weird claim people might get in their head to ‘demand’ a refund. Even if they would be as nice as to give some kind of compensation, this would merely be a gift to appease people, but they are in no way forced to do so.

                And since you were commenting on Alot’s earlier sarcasm as a limited way of thinking. It’s quite a limited way of thinking you’re displaying yourself if you think a company is responsible for unplanned events, and having to make up to you for that.

                You should be glad they closed down their game this soon after it being discovered, instead of having this kind of thing going on for extended periods of time.

              • nadrian3k

                That’s the exact mentality that loses you customers..specially when you as a company are in such a shitty position confirmed purely by your $$ reports…numbers.

              • Dennis van Nierop

                I’m fairly convinced you have no regards to say anyone else is ‘limited in their way of thinking’. Pot calling kettle black mate.

                Have fun spending the rest of your hours online ranting about how the game took your precious time, then hopping on said game the second they post on their Twitter the game is up again.

              • nadrian3k

                Yes i am….someone just implied everyone is the same and lost just a few dailies through irony which is not the case. You are literally the definition of limited, if you limit the community of an mmo to your personal experience…irony/sarcasm or whatever you want to call it.

                Have fun spending the rest of your hours online ranting about my rant. You sir…are the definition of a hypocrite. Google it, then throw a comeback line.

              • Perkysaurus

                Tos has always been throw out of court as it violates most western countries civil rights. however they are free to terminate business with you. Quite honestly I dont care if the game goes away forever. it is a source of entertainment for me just one of many.

            • Alot

              All I want is a mail sent to me by Dessa, reminding me that she and her team take no responsibility for any injuries, trans-dimensional anomalies, or irreversible alterations caused by repetitive excursions into the fractals – with a note at the bottom saying it appears the mail was sent tomorrow?

              • Dennis van Nierop

                Darn it, what if I log back in and spend the rest of my GW2 life as a Moa.

          • Saoirse O’Dwyer (栗原美雪)

            Why not go eve first?

            • Alot

              Eve is for when you feeling overly smug about your achievements and need someone to smash the sandcastles built with your surplus ego.
              The rest of the time I prefer games I can make some degree of progress in – where progress has a definition besides the obligatory “I’ve decided this Eve manoeuvre constitutes progress”.
              Too bogged down for Eve at the moment. I’ll get myself kersploded at a later date.

          • Man

            not quite, every account only can get 15000 daily achievement points maximum. so you just get them 1 day later.

            but sure you still lose 2 daily golds. Gone forever.

            • Alot

              Those last 10 happened to be special to me. They will be replaced, but never the same 🙁

        • Dennis van Nierop

          It’s not a question of ‘if’ they will roll back. They will, such has already been confirmed.

          I’m actually interested in how many people will claim to have had precursor drops now that there has been a rollback announced. What, the first rollback in Guild Wars 2 history? [Not counting the ones in Guild Wars 1 obviously]. I’m betting all of a sudden claimed precursor drops were over 400% increased as well 😉

          • nadrian3k

            Welp..personally i didn’t get a pre drop..but what i did was waste hours completing maps and waypoints and such, having a day off. For me time is 10x more important then skins. I consider what i lost much more valuable then a pre.

            • Dennis van Nierop

              However, it is YOUR choice to spend your time in an online game. You play the game for no other real-life benefit than personal enjoyment and as such, no real damage was done. You’ve lost real-life time, sure. But you’ve decided to spend that real-life time in a virtual world yourself.

              • nadrian3k

                Yes and my choice should not be hindered by the developers and their mistakes..don’t you say?.

              • Dennis van Nierop

                I can’t say they hindered anyone. They noticed bad coding that slipped into their product, decided to take it offline and fix it. As is the proper way to do it.

                However, your comments have made your stance towards Anet and the game in general fairly clearly, so I wonder why you don’t just play something you actually enjoy? Unless, of course, you’re one of those people that just nags, because they like nagging.

              • nadrian3k

                I said what they did is right in fixing the bug (as i clearly said in my first post and you clearly selectively-read)…but doing this, taking out the progress of N ppl because of an in-house blunder, and not offering compensation based on some random shit like “we are not obligated too” to me shows this company just doesn’t care. Yes you are not obligated but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it.

                As for me personally don’t worry i play stuff i like, you don’t need to tell me what to do 😉

                This game is not an mmo anymore. I do maps from time to time and dailies that’s it. If i wouldn’t receive anything i wouldn’t mind at all. I am talking about the active customers not myself. I couldn’t care less about a few gems or whatever….but i do care about the principle behind it.

          • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

            i don’t think they re unable to keep a log of what everyone get, or not, after patch 😉

            • Dennis van Nierop

              However, going through said logs would take them forever, because if this didn’t, they could’ve just rolled back the effected items and saved themselves a lot of people QQ’ing right now. Besides, people will still falsely claim that they had a precursor drop, just for the QQ’ing value, both here and on Reddit, as ironically enough, in the last hour or so I’ve read about 4 people losing their precursor due to this, which seems a bit steep considering the normal RNG involved 😉

              A complete rollback with a no-exceptions policy would be the only effective way imho.

              • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

                yep…seems that the no exception policy is the best way and ppl have to live with that.

    • BobbyOrr

      I just think about how this would have gone down in SWTOR. They wouldn’t pay attention to the community yelling about the bug for 2 weeks. They’d acknowledge it in 3-4 weeks and fix in a month or two….maybe.

      This sucks but its the unfortunate correct way to handle it.

      • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

        oh man you really bring back to me bad memories about this swtor crap 😛

      • Fred Garvin

        Truth. Ops are bugged and the world event doesn’t work? We’re on vacation. See you in January.

    • minion_condi_necro

      Compensation isn’t in their nature. Several times I’ve lost items due to bugs, and they wouldn’t replace it claiming it would potentially influence the market. At least a gemstore item as compensation would be reasonable, but they seem to be against giving out free shit as compensation.

  • ggwp

    Oh my, I just lost my pre-legendary, nice.

  • Damonwex

    What’d i miss?

    • Dennis van Nierop

      Patch happened. Bug slipped in that made exotics that were soulbound forget who owned them, making them non-usable anymore. If you would have put them in bank during this time, they would be unretrievable, as you would not have a character set that owned them.

      That happened, and the rush for Destroyer Cores [entire hype going on about Primordus weapon collection and the new Scythe], which also got reset, so after the game gets the message it’ll be up again, tons of people will flood the market with Destroyer Lodestones buy offers, trying to merch.

  • Voreo Sabrae

    White Mantle Appearence Pack as compensation would suffice :>

    • Ares Zax

      Hehe, I’d support that. 😉

  • Nitrobacter

    I would like to know how far back they will rollback… Its a difference if my friend only lose the ascended chest he found in the fractals just after the patch or if we lose one or more days of playtime…

    • Dennis van Nierop

      They’ve already stated that they will have the roll-back up to when the patch was released. So it won’t be multiple days.

  • Aerin

    They’ve answered that (either facebook or twitter) it’ll be right up to the patch, so anything after patch will be gone. If you bought item via gemstore, you’ll have to hang on for a while cause they have to re-validate all the orders.

    • Matthias

      I don’t know if many would share my opinion but i’d rather have a few accidentaly soulbound exotics that i don’t care about that much anyway since they’re either easily replaceable or just used for the skin which i can transmute, than lose all my drops and achievements i’ve made

  • Raizel

    Think if someone dropped a precursor xD

    • Dennis van Nierop

      For the odd cases of legit claims, I’d feel so sorry, but then again, it has become easier over time to get Legendaries, so I’m guessing if you’re familiar with the game a couple of years back, it would’ve been worse to lose it at that point [literally the only way to get pre’s was through drops].

      Still, blows nonetheless.

      • Ast1000004

        If you have proof, write to support, very high chance you will get it back.

  • narg

    i think 2nd quartal financial report was not going so well, what i think it will be … 😀

    • nadrian3k

      Did u expect a different financial report after such a huge drought in content? This game has bigger content droughts then the lifespan of some games.

      • Dennis van Nierop

        Yet you’re still playing and complaining about this. Ironic.

        • nadrian3k

          Barely playing anymore. Just doing maps and dailies. If you consider that playing in an mmo, that means the therm mmo completely lost it’s meaning.

          Whatever you say, numbers are numbers and they never lie specially when they come directly from the company that basically owns ANet.

          • lukewarmdog

            and yet you are still doing those things and posting here..

        • Los Pollos Hermanos

          What’s ironic about it? There is barely any new content to play. Are we supposed to keep saving Tarir every day? Or zerg-auto-attack Bloodstone Fen events for 3 months until the next update?

          • Dennis van Nierop

            Read his/her/it’s further comments. Openly complaining about a game, yet still pouring all your free time in it, is just complaining to complain.

            And wait, what, are you seriously asking if you should farm in an MMO? How dare you. I was under the impression this just had a single player campaign.

            There’s plenty of things to do in the game besides farming, and there’s enough content available to switch around from. However, people will always complain, so why even bother I guess.

          • narg

            actually, yes, that is what you should to do, defend tarir 100 times is achiev (i have 6) bloodstone farm for ascend ring, trinket, backpack and new nod in home instance req lot of bloodstone and 20k+ magic (i have 2k and 200stone) etc etc, i finish my third legendary, so i dont care about content anymore, just farm mats, and waiting for new LS and i am fine with that

          • Shaggy

            i manage not to farm much at all. nothing is requiring you to play the game in the drought every single day. do the content, take a break. talk to friends. help them out. or hey just play something else. watch a show. comment on dulfy. id rather have the game be like this than the ridiculous and headache-inducing gear treadmills and repetitious quests that WoW forced into every orifice.

          • Play World vs. World and PvP… people who play only PvE are such annoyances with all their complaining about content drought and crap like that

  • SAL

    Can they just get rid of soul-binding already, and make every soul-bound item account-bound instead? What’s really the point of soul-binding an item to just one character anyway? It’s just annoying, stupid, and pointless… and now apparently causing mass glitching on top of that.

    • Dennis van Nierop

      Of course the recent events have yet again spawned a burst of topics like these on the Official Forums and Reddit, but I don’t think they’ll consider this.

      Besides, we’re only talking about Exotics here if we’re talking about soul-binding, which to be honest, probably isn’t gear you’ll be running with longer than a couple of weeks and costs about 5-10G? Eh, maybe I just got too used to end-game. The only soulbinding thing that annoys me is the Experimental Rifles, wish I’d just be able to transfer those amongst accounts instead of having to buy stacks on all of them.

  • Alot

    So listen closely kids. It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, so long as you tried. Unless they role back the servers. Then it doesn’t matter if you tried or not.

    • Dennis van Nierop

      No, this is unacceptable.

      I will have my daddy’s lawyer contact your company to refund me my 6 hours of time I’ve spent behind my computer.


      • Alot

        You know this ends with a restraining order on your computer, right?

        • Dennis van Nierop

          No, no, not the computer, please.

          I would have to go outside, and physically rant about things that bother me, and possibly ending up with a bloodied nose. :'(

  • Amodin


    • narg

      aaand, Gary was right

  • Capt Nuken

    My blood stones are boiling and ready to explode …just think if the New York stock exchange or any stock exchange performed an update with results like this… a player I am a stockholder …I want to see the post mortem

  • palehorse

    lol just reading the comments it seems that morning every man and his dog got a precursor drop.. funny that isnt it..

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Well I didn’t but I am still pissed off that my progress from last night is wiped. Doesn’t have to be a precursor to be annoyed about this.

  • Fred Garvin

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